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These monthly Walking Magazine columns help show readers how to take command of their

health via relatively simple combinations of exercise, diet and some supplements. When done
carefully, using good science and lots of patience, the outcomes are sometimes spectacular.
Let me tell you about Craig’s success story to illustrate how things can be turned around for the
better following years of steadily deteriorating health (Permission granted to use Firstname and
treatment details) .

Craig’s main health issue was an unhealthy and elevated cholesterol profile that was first
identified in his late 20’s. He came to see me after observing the gradual transformation of one
of my clients; and an unwell acquaintance of his, into a trim Latin Dancer.

Craig had been on cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) for 2.5 years. Although cholesterol
reduced from 7.0 to a healthy 4.5, his general state of health was steadily deteriorating. His
muscles were weak and they hurt. Although he tried; regular exercise was a chore with little to
show in the way of benefit. His waist was bulging. Energy was low. He described himself as
a “sweet toothed lump”. He was only 41 years.

When he came to see me in October 2009, the first action was to commence a 14 day
detoxification diet, complete a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and encourage early morning walks
to stoke the metabolic fires for the day. He voluntarily opted to stop taking statin drugs.
Statins have a number of damaging effects deep inside the body that, in my experience
more than offset any possible benefits of reduced heart attack risk. The muscle damage and
fatigue that is associated with this class of drug is caused principally by depleting the body of
Coenzyme Q-10. Incidentally, more than any other muscle in the body, the heart needs high
levels of Q-10. Q-10 is essential for cell metabolism, including strong muscle contraction and
endurance. Muscle damage by statins is reported more often by physically active people for
this reason. There was little doubt that this drug was the cause of the discomfort and fatigue
that Craig was experiencing daily. He immediately began a course of Coenzyme Q-10 to
reverse the suspected depletion.

He has also been getting weekly massages to relieve the numerous knotted muscles. The
legs, particularly the calf muscles, were a mass of painful knots that hindered walking and other
exercise. This has been a long and painful process of rejuvenation for Craig; but the end result
is strong and supple muscles that make exercise a joy.

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis report indicated a number of subtle things going on that
might be contributing to Craig’s health issues, including the underlying cause of his unhealthy
cholesterol profile. For cholesterol to be healthy, there needs to be a delicate balance between
a number of minerals, including magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese, chromium and selenium.
Please refer to the “Nutritional Elements” charts which show Craig’s readings in November 2009
and the followup test June 2010 after several months of dietary and supplement intervention.
The charts demonstrate subtle improvements that have translated to the maintenance of
cholesterol at just over 4.0 total without medication. Previously, his cholesterol exceeded 7.0
without medication. Craig will continue to monitor his cholesterol with regular blood tests.

Interestingly, the second Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis shows that he is now excreting some
lead. This is a welcome finding, indicating health is being restored. We are exposed to toxic
elements such as lead, mercury and arsenic from sources like tuna, treated timber and even
lipstick, hair dye and paint. The ability to neutralise and excrete these as quickly as they enter
the body depends on our general state of health. As Craig’s health has improved, it appears
he is cleansing his body of lead which may have been accumulating over many years. Even
tiny amounts of lead may harm the nervous system, inflame the arteries, cause joint pain and
encourage osteoporosis by displacing calcium. We just don’t want any lead in the body at all.

Craig’s change in body composition has been dramatic: He has had to buy a whole new
wardrobe! Gone is the gut which has been replaced by a slim six pack. Body weight has
dropped about 15kg down to a lean 75kg. Fatness has dropped from over 20% to an athletic

Craig has a renewed zest for life; he is now a daily walker and weekly participant in the strange
art of traditional sword fighting. Sword fighting was previously heavily attenuated due to his
constantly suffering muscle and ligament strains while swinging broad swords and rapiers
overhead. This is no longer the case.

Have no fear, Fair Maiden in distress - Craig is galloping to the rescue!

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