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Morales, Michael Lance November 14, 2018

Class Time: MWF; 11:05 A.M-12:05 A.M

Reflections on The Invincible Link Between Mathematics and Theology

By Ladislav Kyasz

At first, I was quite doubtful and hesitant if there is any way that we can link

mathematics and theology in a way that both of them are of different field. One follows a

certain type of dogma while others are proven with sets o theories and principles.

However, I know that there is a bridge that can connect the both them and can be

proven in a scientific basis to make it much more clearer to understand and inculcated

in the minds of the person.

As I have delved into the article by Kyasz I have further noticed that there are

some mathematical foundation of theology which makes them a superb evidence for

their relationship. These are, the concept of infinity or what in the article said Apeiron,

the randomness of an event or Tyche, the unknown or Arithmos, the space or Kenon,

and last is Kinesis or Motion. All of this are uniquely created by the Greatest

Mathematician, God.

The relationship between God and Mathematics can be explained on his creation

especially from his special creation, the man, where the concept of Mathematics began

and we start to ponder it ourselves. We would be inclined to say that God created

mathematics except that mathematics is not a thing but it is part of the truth he

enveloped on the Genesis. God states what's true for his all creation.
Therefore the word "Truth" can be inclined on both mathematical and theological

thoughts. They are alike in that concept in a way that mathematical truth is part of the

truth that God has created, where all human beings are capable to delve within its

beauty and foundation in order - to attain happiness and maintain a strong foundation in

the society. Nevertheless, truth can sometimes be of different usage to their own

respective fields. Theology answers the call for the belief of the person to God and how

their beliefs can be used to synchronize to the reality. Mathematics on the other hand

are based on arguments and proofs that varies from time to time and can be logically

proven by a scientific basis.

These are the two differences of the two subject, Mathematics and Theology.

They have its own similarities and differences as well. Both of them can be used to

achieve Eudaimonia, a sense of satisfaction to humankind. That's why we must be

thankful that we humans are always fond improving ourselves which would eventually

help us to know what we are and our relationship with God. We are so blessed that God

made us in His own image.