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code and the contact symbol are shown

GB Functions in the correct position (open or closed). A1-A2 The strain relief clamps of the
23 001 004 - 1 RV = off delay
AV = operate delay
The clock symbol flashes while the set
time is elapsing and the remaining time
t t 15-18
! terminals must be closed, that
means the screws must be
Digital settable multifunction AV+ = operate delay additive is shown. tightened for testing the function
time relay MFZ12DDX-UC TI = clock generator starting with Safety in the event of a power failure: of the device. The terminals are
EW 15-18
open ex works.
with 18 functions impulse The set parameters are stored in an t

TP = clock generator starting with EEPROM and are therefore immediately

Only skilled electricians may install pause available again when the power supply A1-A2
this electrical equipment otherwise IA = impulse controlled pickup delay is restored after a power failure. AW 15-18
there is the risk of fire or electric (e.g. automatic door opener)
shock! IF = pulse shaper
Typical connection
EW = fleeting NO contact A1-A2
AW = fleeting NC contact EAW 15-18
Temperature at mounting location: t1 t2

-20°C up to +50°C. EAW = fleeting NO contact and fleeting

Storage temperature: -25°C up to +70°C. NC contact
Relative humidity: ARV = operate and release delay ARV 15-18
annual average value <75%. ARV+ = operate and release delay t1 t2
If N is connected,
the zero passage ARV+ = Same function as ARV, but after
1 CO contact potential free 10 A/250V AC. ES = impulse switch
switching is active. an interruption of the operate
Incandescent lamps 2000 W*. SRV = release-delay impulse switch
delay the elapsed time is stored.
Standby loss 0.05-0.5 watt only. ESV = impulse switch with release
delay and switch-off early- ES = With control impulses from 50ms
Modular device for DIN-EN 60715 TH35 the make contact switches to
rail mounting. 1 module = 18 mm wide, warning function
and fro.
58 mm deep. ER = relay
SRV = With control impulses from 50ms
With the Eltako Duplex technology the ON = permanent ON
the make contact switches to
normally potential-free contacts can still OFF = permanent OFF and fro. In the contact position
switch in zero passage when switching With TI, TP, IA, EAW, ARV and ARV+ 15-18, the device switches auto-
230 V AC 50Hz and therefore drastically functions, a different second time can be matically to the rest position
reduce wear. Simply connect the neutral entered also with different time ranges. 15-16 on delay time-out.
conductor to the terminal (N) and L to
Setting the times and functions: The LCD ESV = Function same as SRV.
15 (L) for this. This gives an additional
component to be changed is selected by Additionally with switch-off early
standby consumption of only 0.1 Watt.
pressing the MODE key. The component Description of functions warning: approx. 30 sec. before
Universal control voltage 8 to 230 V UC. time-out the lighting starts flicke-
accessed flashes. Press the SET key to A1-A2
Supply voltage same as the control ring 3 times at gradually shorter
change the component accessed. This RV t
voltage. 15-18
time intervals.
may be the function, the time ranges, time
Both functions and times are entered at T1 or time T2 (on TI, TP, IA, EAW, ARV ER = As long as the control contact is
the touch of a key and indicated digitally and ARV+ only). Pressing the MODE key A1-A2 closed the make contact reverts
on an LC display. Only two keys are terminates each input. Once the time has AV 15-18 from 15-16 to 15-18.
required for this purpose. t
been set with MODE, no more components
When setting the time all values can be * The maximum load can be used
are flashing. The timing relay is now AV+ = Function same as AV. However,
entered within preset time ranges (0.1 to starting at a delay time or clock cycle
ready to operate. Press the MODE key after an interruption the elapsed
9.9 or 1 to 99 seconds, minutes or hours). of 5 minutes. The maximum load will
again to restart the input cycle. All the time is stored.
The longest possible setting is 99 hours. be reduced for shorter times as follows:
entered parameters are retained if they
600 settings are possible. The time A1-A2 up to 2 seconds 15%, up to 2 minutes
are not changed using SET. 25 sec. after Must be kept for later use!
setting is continuously displayed digitally. TI 15-18 30 %, up to 5 minutes 60 %.
the last operation and if the component We recommend the housing for operating
t1 t2 t1 t2
By using a bistable relay coil power loss still flashes the input cycle is automati- instructions GBA12.
and heating is avoided even in the on cally terminated and the previously made Technical data
mode. changes lapse. A1-A2
The switched consumer may not be Supply voltage and 8..253 V
Functions of the LC display: If the ON or TP 15-18
control voltage AC
Eltako GmbH
connected to the mains before the short t1 t2 t1
OFF function was selected, no time is dis- D-70736 Fellbach
automatic synchronisation after installation Supply voltage and 10..230 V
played, only ON and OFF and a contact +49 711 94350000
has terminated. control voltage DC
symbol in the correct position. On all A1-A2
By using a bistable relay coil power loss other functions, the set time, the function IA 15-18 Rated switching capacity 10 A/250V AC
and heating is avoided even in the on code and the contact symbol are shown t1 t2
10/2012 Subject to change without notice.
mode. in the correct position (open or closed)