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In my effort towards the realization of my internship work, 1 have drawn on the

guidance of many people for which 1 am glad to acknowledge.

In particular, I would like to take the opportunity to express my honor, respect, deep
gratitude and genuine regards to my guide, Dr.M.MANJUNATH, Department of Civil
Engineering, KLE’sDr.MSSCET Belagavi, for his esteemed suggestions, sincere efforts and
inspiration given to me in completing my internship work.

I would also like to thank Dr. V. D. Gundakalle, PG Coordinator,Department of

Civil Engineering, KLE’sDr.MSSCET Belagavi, for informing us regarding the guidelines
and circulations from the university and encouraging us in completing the internship report.

I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. R. V. Raikar , Professor and
Head of the Department of Civil Engineering, KLE’s Dr.MSSCET Belagavi, for her valuable
advice, encouragement, help, guidance and untiring support throughout the development of
this internship work.

I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. B. G. Katageri, Principal, KLE’sDr. MSSCET

Belagavi, for extending all the help and granting me the permission to carry out my

I would like to thank Er. Sudhir K Shirsagar, structural engineer at Structechno

Consultants Pune, for giving me an opportunity for an internship and for their valuable
advice, expert guidance and unceasing support at all stages during the course of study.

I am also thankful to one and all to who directly or indirectly encouraged me to

complete this internship.



Abstract Page No

1. About the company 01

1.1 Introduction. 01
1.2 Major Projects Handled. 02

2. About the department 04

2.1 Preliminary Design of Structure. 04
2.2 Structural Analysis and Design. 04
2.3 Drafting in Autocad. 05
2.4 Preparation of Report. 05
2.5 Estimation of the structure. 05

3. Task Performed 06
3.1 Projects Handled. 06
3.2 Project 1: G+2 School Building. 06
3.2.1 Details About Structure. 06
3.2.2 Structural Modelling. 07
3.2.3 Load Calculation. 08
3.2.4 Design of Column. 09
3.2.5 Design of Beam. 10
3.2.6 Design of Slab. 13
3.2.7 Autocad Drawings. 15

3.3 Project 2: G+3 Nursing College. 17

3.3.1 Details About Structure. 17
3.3.2 Structural Modelling. 17
3.3.3 Load Calculation. 19
3.3.4 Design of Column. 20
3.3.5 Design of Beam. 21
3.3.6 Design of Slab. 24
3.4 Project 3: G+2 PU College. 26
3.4.1 Details About Structure. 26
3.4.2 Structural Modelling. 26
3.4.3 Load Calculation. 28
3.4.4 Design of Column. 29
3.4.5 Design of Beam. 30
3.4.6 Design of Slab. 33

3.5 Project 4: Residential House. 35

3.5.1 Details About Structure. 35
3.5.2 Structural Modelling. 35
3.5.3 Load Calculation. 37

4. Site Visit 38

5. Specific Outcomes 40
5.1 Technical Skills Developed 40
5.2 Non Technical Skills Developed. 40
5.3 My Experience in Organization. 41

The internship as a whole contains four chapters in which I have tried to

explain my four months of internship in my hosting company. The content of all
chapters is explained thoroughly and it is obtained by working under
STRUCTECHNO Consultants.

`The report contains various details. In the first chapter, I have explained about
the company profile. In the second chapter I have explained about the department in
which I have carried out the 16 weeks ofmy industrial training. In the third chapter, I
have explained about the tasks performed by me and the type of projects I was
involved with, it’s design philosophy, analysis, design and detailing. The last chapter
contains the outcomes or thhe reflections of the industrial training.