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Motivation and Commitment of Studies Continuation

Dear Sir or Madam,

With this letter I want to explain my motivation to continue my study for a higher degree. I finished
my undergraduate studies in Physics Department (Reactor Physics Research Division), Institut
Teknologi Bandung (ITB) very successfully in 2005 for a total of four years. I recognized nuclear
science when I took Nuclear Physics class, however I find it out in more detail after attending
Reactor Physics class. I chose to study further by attempting it as a thesis topic of my
undergraduate final project. My Undergraduate Final Project‘s entitle "Neutronic, Thermal Hydraulic,
and Thermodynamic Analysis in Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Design" was granted by grade A,
whereupon my overall performance was above average hitherto.

I was furthermore granted with a full scholarship for Master Degree Program from ITB. In my
graduate courses I focused on development of simulation code for reactor analysis. My master’s
thesis entitle “Development of Integrated Computer Code for Preliminary Design Study of PWR
Nuclear Power Plant” was again granted by grade A. I finished my master program in February 2007
as the best master program graduate for March 2007 graduation at Physics Department ITB, for a
total of three semesters.

I had a very good knowledge in reactor physics and computation, so that I was promoted as a
lecture assistant at nuclear laboratory to guide students in doing practical study related to reactor
physics classes, such as Nuclear Instrumentation class (to assists students to use Single and Multi
Channel Analyzers/SCA/MCA) and Reactor Physics class (to assists students to use Standard Reactor
Analysis Code/SRAC).

Other activities that I followed to improve my nuclear knowledge is attending as presenter as well as
being a member of organizing committee of several international seminars hosted by ITB, such as
Annual Physics Symposium 2004 (APS 2004), Asian Physics Symposium 2007 (APS 2007),
International Conference on Advances in Nuclear Science and Engineering 2007 (ICANSE 2007), etc.

Utilization of nuclear energy, which is one of the most important knowledge of mankind, is waiting to
be explored furthermore by formal or informal ways that are related and support each other.
I believe that nuclear is one of the most promising future source of energy, so that I am very
interested to join the international community of world class nuclear scientists, for making nuclear
energy systems as backbone for sustainable development of the world. Past my degree I am
planning a career in nuclear industry or in university.

Your university is a worldwide known and reputable, international orientated university and it would
be an ideal place for my doctoral study. The consequent demand to educate for a successful career
accommodates me very much. The program offered fit very well with my hitherto existing studies,
my educational background, my interests and my abilities. Studies at your university would
furthermore, due to the internationality of the school, provide an insight into nationalities and
cultures throughout the world. This would open up new and diverse perspectives and is would
broaden my horizon with supposedly grandiose experiences.

I hope with this letter I revealed my impetus and my desire to continue my study in an amazing
country at a unique university. I feel confident that my qualifications are more than sufficient and
that I am able to meet the postulated and the forthcoming demands.

I enclose a curriculum vitae, please contact me if you require any further details or documents.
I hope to hear from you in the near future.

Yours faithfully,

Syeilendra Pramuditya

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