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Nouns ~age Verb Noun break breakage cover coverage pack: packege post postage store storage wreck wreckage Adjective Noun short shortage val Verb Noun (dis)approve _(dis)approval arrive arrival bur burial deny denial dismiss dismissal propose proposal rehearse rehearsal remove removal renew renewal revive revival survive survival -ance Verb Noun annoy annoyance (dis)appear _(dis)appearance attend attendance disturb disturbance endure endurance enter entrance ignore ignorance inherit inheritance perform performance rely reliance resemble resemblance RK resistance signify (in)significance tolerate (in)tolerance Adjective Noun arrogant arrogance distant distance (unimportant (un)importance (irrelevant —_(ir)relevance reluctant reluctance ence Verb confide depend differ exist insist obey occur offend persist recur Adjective absent (incompetent (in)convenient evident innocent intelligent (im)patient present violent ey Adjective Gn)accurate (inadequate bankrupt (in)decent (in)eflicient (in)frequent immediate infant intimate (iterate pregnant private proficient redundant secret urgent vacant Noun pirate -dom Adjective bored free Noun confidence (in)dependence difference existence insistence obedience occurrence offence persistence recurrence Noun absence (incompetence (in)convenience evidence innocence intelligence (im)patience presence violence Noun (in)accuracy (inadequacy bankruptcy (indecency (in)efficiency in)frequency immediacy infancy intimacy (literacy pregnancy privacy proficiency redundancy secrecy urgency vacancy Noun piracy Noun boredom freedom wise wisdom Person Abstract noun king kingdom star stardom -ful Noun Noun (Quantity) arm armful cup cupful fist fistful hand kandful house kouseful room roomful spoon spoonful -hood Person Abstract noun adult adulthood child childhood father fatherhood man manhood mother motherhood neighbour neighbourhood* parent parenthood woman womanhood *neighbourhood part of a town or city where people live Adjective Noun ely likelihood -iety Adjective Noun anxious anxiety notorious notoriety sober sobriety various variety -ity Adjective Noun (un)able (inability (in)active (in)activity complex complexity credible credibility curious (unequal Gn)equality (un)familiar —_(un)familiarity ferocious ferocity (inflexible —_(in)flexibility (informal (in)formality generosity hostility immune immunity intense intensit major majority minor minority im)mobile __(im)mobility objective objectivity (un)original ——_(un)originality personal personality (un)popular (un)popularity prosperous _ prosperity (im)pure (im)purity (in)secure (in)security (in)si (in)sensitivity severe severity imilar larity imple simplicity (in)sinecre (in)sincerity stupid stupidity subjective subjectivity (inyvalid (invalidity -ing Verb Noun advertise advertising build gather gathering like liking live living meet meeting record recording say saying set setting suffer suffering, -ment Verb Noun achieve achievement (dis)agree (dis)agreement amaze amazement amuse amusement announce announcement argue argument arrange arrangement commit. commitment content contentment develop development disappoint discourage embarrass employ encourage disappointment discouragement embarrassment (un)employment encouragement entertain © govern improve invest involve judge judgment manage measure move (re)pay punish refresh replace require retire settle treat -ness Adjective (un)aware careless close (un)conscious deaf eager (ineffective (un)friendly great hard hopeless (un)selfish thorough tired useful weak -ship Person champion companion Friend leader member owner partner scholar sponsor entertainment excitement government improvement investment involvement judgement’ management movement (re)payment punishment refreshment replacement settlement treatment Noun (un)awareness carelessness closeness (un) consciousness deafness eagerness (in)effectiveness (un)friendliness greatness hardness, seriousness stiffness thoroughness tiredness usefulness weakness Abstract noun championship ship companior friendship leadership membership ownership partnership scholarship sponsorship** “scholarship money given to someone to help pay for their studies. “sponsorship money given to someone/an organization to help pay for something, e.g, an event Adjective Noun hard hardship -sis Verb Noun analyse analysis base basis diagnose diagnosis emphasize emphasis -sion Verb Noun collide collision comprehend comprehension conclude conclusion confuse confusion convert conversion decide decision divert diversion divide division erode erosion evade evasion exclude exclusion expand expansion explode explosion include inclusion intrude intrusion invade invasion persuade persuasion supervise supervision -son Verb Noun compare comparison -ation Verb Noun adapt adaptation administer administration apply application combine combination compile compilation consider consideration expect expectation explain explanation ientily identification imagine imagination inflame inflammation enjoy enjoyment in! orm information inspire interpret observe prepare present publish (dis)qualify realize resign vary -tion Verb accommodate (re)act associate collect, complicate compose (dis)connect contaminate demonstrate direct evolve hesitate imitate inhibit investigate (de)motivate operate perceive, predict prescribe receive recognize reduce repeat (dis)satisfy (resolve subscribe substitute th Adjective broad deep long strong true warm wide young inspiration interpretation observation preparation presentation publication (is)qualification realization resignation variation Noun accommodation (rejaction association collection complication composition (dis)connection contamination demonstration direction evolution hesitation imitation inhibition investigation (de)motivation operation perception prediction prescription reception recognition reduction repetition (dis)satisfaction (resolution subscription substitution Noun breadth depth length strength truth warmth width youth Verb grow cure Verb close compose depart expose fail Please proceed sign ad Adjective difficult (dis)honest poor safe (un)certain Verb discover enter People -ant Verb apply assist confide consult contest defend inhabit occupy participate -ar Verb lie Verb represent -er Verb employ lecture manufacture present read research win Noun growth Noun closure composure departure exposure failure pleasure procedure signature Noun difficulty (dis)honesty poverty safety (un)certainty Noun discovery entry Person applicant assistant confidant(e) consultant contestant defendant inhabitant occupant participant Person representative Person employer lecturer manufacturer presenter reader researcher winner vian Noun Person comedy comedian electricity electrician history historian library librarian mathematics mathematician music musician politics politician ist Noun Person bicycle cyclist environment environmentalist motor(car) motorist nature naturalist novel novelist psychiatry psychiatrist ‘science ‘scientist specialism specialist violin violinist or Verb Person act actor collect collector communicate communicator compete competitor conduct conductor contribute, contributor demonstrate demonstrator distribute distributor instruct instructor invent inventor spectate spectator Nouns formed with up, down, in, away, out, back up- upbringing upkeep uprising uproar upset upturn down- downfall downpour downside downturn -down breakdown