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Senior Capstone Product Proposal Form 2019 

Student Name  Sara Guaracha  Class Period  3 

Research Topic  Encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone and be more 
open to new experiences.  

Thesis Statement  By stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new things, it might open 
What you intend to prove   our minds to new, more interesting, and life changing ideas. 

Description of Product  I want to encourage others to     

step out of their comfort zone 
and experience new things in 
the community.  

Form of Product  ❏ Video/Documentary/YouTube Channel 

(Highlight all that apply)  ❏ Creation/Art Work/Tangible Item 
❏ Education 
❏ Service 
❏ Social Media Campaign (must include another selection) 
❏ Other 

Please explain your  I am going to visit either the local library, the city’s website, or the 
product (with specific  City Hall to view community calendars which shows upcoming 
details?)  events or things to do in the area. I will also visit some places in 
Riverside I’ve always wanted to go to but never got around to doing 
so. I​ will be sharing my different experiences and thoughts by blogging 
on social media and post around 10 to 15 pictures and/or video clips. I 
plan on gaining about 15 different followers to see the places I visit. ​I am 
also going to be travelling to Israel and I want to capture some 
pictures of the places I visit and the cultural differences between 
Israel and America. I want to add this into my project to show how 
amazing it is to travel and that in doing so it might cause us to want 
to learn more about the community we live in. I plan on doing 
research on Riverside Community College’s study abroad program 
and share with the class a different alternative to travel in case 
they’re not able to do so otherwise. I also plan on contacting 
someone from the Study Abroad Faculty at Riverside Community 
College to possibly do an over-the-phone interview and share their 
experience with the class. Then I will add in one last post on my 
social media profile to express what I learned from the whole 
experience and to show how important and exciting it is to step out 
of your comfort zone.  

Describe the connection  My research shows how important and beneficial it is to step out of 
between your research  your comfort zone and open your mind to trying new things. It 
(annotated bibliography)  expresses how to become a tourist in your own community and 
and your product.  shows that you don’t have to travel outside of the country in order 
to experience new and different things. But, if you are fortunate 
enough to travel often, the articles I found express mental health 
benefits it provides. It also shows different ways to find things to do 
in your city in case you’re ever wondering what there is to do in the 

How will you display this  I will upload screenshots of all my social media blogs to my digital 
in your digital portfolio?  portfolio. The blogs will contain photos and/or video clips of my 
experiences and what I got out of them.  

Estimate the number of  With a combination of attending events and visiting places, I 
hours needed to  estimate myself to spend around 17 to 20 hours on this project.   
complete ALL of the 
items on your to do list 
(page 2) including your 
final product. Y
​ ou must 
document at least ten 
(10) fieldwork hours 
outside of class. 

Explain how you will  Pictures, short video clips, and blogs. 
document each and 
every step for 
completing your product 
(journal, blog, video blog, 

What do you hope t​ o  During the course of this project I hope to learn how to break out 
learn​ during this  of my comfort zone and try things I normally wouldn’t. I hope to 
process?  learn how to have more fun in my own community and learn 
different and interesting things about Riverside.  
My To Do List 
Below list the steps and timeline you will ​attempt to​ follow to complete your product. As you complete 
the product,  
make additions or subtract steps as you go if and when necessary. ​The log will be turned in on March 
18, 2019! 

Steps  Completed by Date 

1. ​Go to city hall or local library to view community calendars.  2/11 

2. Do research on RCC’s study abroad program  2/13 

3. ​Call to see if you can do an interview with a study abroad student or faculty 2/14 

4. Attend an event on the community calendar  2/15 

5. Visit Riverside Heritage House  2/16 

6. ​Attend another event on the community calendar  2/18 

7. Visit the Riverside Food Lab for the first time  2/20 

8. Visit some sites in Israel  2/23 

9. ​Take photos of some of the cultural differences between Israel and America  2/27 

10. ​Visit a historical site or building in the city of Riverside and do some 3/11 
background research on it  
11. Experience taking a train to Los Angeles, blog about experience (will go to this city to show that by touring
your own community, it will make you more interested in touring and getting to know more about other
communities.) (Completed By Date: 3/9)
12. Visit Griffith Observatory or find different things to do in Griffith Park (Completed By Date: 3/9)
13. Upload screenshots of blogs to digital portfolio (3/14)
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Accepted As-Is     

Accepted With Modifications