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Section –A (One word/line Answer) [10x1=10]

(a) What is E-Agriculture?
(b) RAM is considered ……… memory.
(c) The base of the hexadecimal number system is………..
(d) The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data
in Excel is called a...........
(e) The first generation computers used ____________ for
(f) For commercial applications we used _____ language.
(g) Give some name of agriculture base mobile application?
(h) MS-DOS is a ___________ type of operating system.
(i) ROM can only perform _______ operations.
(j) What is DBMS?
(k) Define WWW?
(l) Give the name of open source and close source OS?

Section –B (Short Answer) [2x5=10]

2. Explain the expert system for agriculture?

3. Explain the internal and external commands?
4. What is difference between CUI & GUI?
5. What are the roles of Decision support systems in
6. Explain the Preparation of contingent crop-planning using IT
7. What is Use of ICT in Agriculture?