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Human Rights Council Complaint Procedure Form - You are kindly requested to submit your complaint in writing in one of the six official UN languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) and to use these Ianguages in any future correspondence; - Anonymous complaints are not admissible; - __Ittis recommended that your complaint does not exceed eight pages, excluding enclosures. - You are kindly requested not to use abusive or insulting language. 1. Information concerning the author (s) of the communication or the alleged victim (s) if other than the author Individual [<) Group of individuals NGO Other [| Last name: ...Ng..... First name(s): ...Giap Hon. Nationality: ...Singapore... Address for correspondence on this complaint: . Tel and fax: (please indicate country and area code) . E-mail: ..nggiaphon@gmail,com. Website: ... Submitting the complaint: On the author’s own behalf: [<) On behalf of other persons: |__| (Please specify: ....... Py Il, Information on the State concerned Name of the State concerned and, as applicable, name of public authorities responsible for the alleged violation(s): ...UN, UNHCR, Anténio Manuel de Oliveira Guterres GCC GC Filippo Grandi... TIT, Facts of the complaint and nature of the alleged violation(s) f ‘The complaint procedure addresses consistent patterns of gross and reliably attested violations of all human rights and all fundamental freedoms occurring in any part of the world and under any circumstances. Please detail, in chronological order, the facts and circumstances of the alleged violations including dates, places and alleged perpetrators and how you consider that the facts and circumstances described violate your rights or that of the concerned person(s). Fraud in UN/UNHCR Lrefer to UNHCR file reference 815-00791696 and registration 815-15C00884 regarding the above matter. ‘The following is stated: 1 My RSD interview was conducted on 10 June 2016, 2 years earlier than originall cheduley 2. At the end of the interview I was told my application would be approved. 3. On 12 January 2017, my application was inexplicably and unconscionably denied with frivolous excuses. | 4.Burthermore, | was treated like a criminal in the rejection of my application by a protection | assistant who spoke English with a heavy Singaporean accent, 5, Subsequent to my approaching the local chapter of a pro bono legal aid organisation headquartered in the United States for assistance and submitting to them for review a 15-page draft appeal including an expanded section on my military service, | was told to drop "conscientious objection" because UNHCR had just implemented a new ruling limiting appeal submissions to 10 pages and that UNHCR would stop reading after 10 pages if | persisted in submitting "conscientious objection". 6. On 17 February 2017. after submitting my appeal and posting a redacted copy of iton my facebook page. I emailed both UN's Office of Internal Oversight and UNHCR's Inspector- General Office with the same. 7. From February 2017 through to February 2018, for more than a year, | reposted my appeal letter daily on high traffic facebook pages. including most of UNHCR's country pages. | 8.In March 2018 and through May 2018, after being stonewalled by UNHCR and prevented from obtaining an outcome on my appeal, | carbon-copied UNHCR's response to most countries’ parliament. judiciary and newspaper, again keeping UN's Office of Internal Oversight and UNHCR's Inspector-General Office in the loop. 9. At the end of October 2018. | initiated legal action to repudiate Agreement No. 3703 in the Administrative Court of Thailand. On 8 November 2018, | day after I posted on my facebook page the Court’s acceptance of my case for consideration, I was contacted by UNHCR to attend another interview during which a certain Mr Swarnabh, an Indian-looking and sounding official of indeterminate nationality, probed me about my childhood | and other imelevant issues related neither to my application, UNHCR's criteria for refugee | assessment nor the fraudulent acts committed by UN and UNHCR, further reinforcing the ent decrepit, nefarious, despicable and fraudulent state that both UN and UNHCR are in: the nature of this highly abnormal and unlawful interview, both for its timing and content consists of UNHCR being the fraudulent party. knowing that a case has been filed in the | Administrative Court pertaining to its fraudulent acts. under the cloak of the Refugee Convention and pretense of refugee assessment, lured me inside the UN Building in Ratchadamnoen to fish for information to use against me and perpetrate my continued and ongoing persecution, making open threats of negative assessment against me for my ssedly non-cooperative behaviour, thereby intimidating and coercing me into givi as much information as I possibly could. ‘These concerted actions by UN and UNHCR to persecute me by burying me under "first come-first-served" indicate a gross violation and suppression of human rights. in particularly with respect to Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution, ‘Thank you. IV. Exhaustion of domestic remedies se 1- Steps taken by or on behalf of the alleged victim(s) to exhaust domestic remedies~ please provide details on the procedures which have been pursued, including recourse to the courts and other public authorities as well as national human rights institutions', the claims made, at which times, and what the outcome was: \determinate... 2- If domestic remedies have not been exhausted on grounds that their application would be ineffective or unreasonably prolonged, please explain the reasons in detail: | access to legal representation, * National human Fights institutions, established and operating under the Principles Relating 10 the Status of National Insitutions (the Pris Principles), in particular in regard to quasi-judicial competence, may serve as effective means of addressing individual human rights violations. 3