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The Geology of Colombia Book

Conference Paper · August 2017


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3 authors, including:

Jorge GÓMEZ TAPIAS María Fernanda Almanza

Servicio Geológico Colombiano Servicio Geológico Colombiano


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The Geology of Colombia Book

Gómez, J.1, Almanza, M.F. 1 Ochoa, A.2

The Servicio Geológico Colombiano (SGC) has the aim to publish a book that compiles
the up-to-date geological knowledge of Colombia, throughout the geological time
recorded in the rocks and deposits of the country (Mesoproterozoic-Holocene). The
Geology of Colombia will be a peer-reviewed edited book, sponsored completely by the

The “Radiometric Catalog of Colombia in ArcGIS and Google Earth” (Gómez et al.,
2015) shows that from 2007 to 2014, the 46% of the total radiometric datings of
Colombia (2043 of 4427 datings) were performed and allows to figure out that volume
of geoscientific production has raised notoriously in the last years, thus this is the right
time for Colombia to publish this book.

Editors are looking for ended original research or compendious that resumes a
researcher(s) work, in such way the most prominent researchers on the Geology
of Colombia with regional significance or on key geological events were claimed to
publish about diverse geology fields such as Regional Geology, Petrology, Geophysics,
Structural Geology, Volcanology, Quaternary Geology, etc.

Most of The Geology of Colombia will be written in English, which significantly expands
the quantity of geoscientist could read it, as well it will have free distribution and
will be at the SGC web page for free downloading, which increases the probability is
read and cited. Lastly, the book will be sent to the majority of libraries of Colombia
and partners countries in the World, and will be presented and handed in national
and international geological scientific meetings (Colombian geological congresses,

1  Servicio Geológico Colombiano, Dirección de Geociencias Básicas.

Santa Marta, Colombia Agosto 30 - Septiembre 1, 2017

international geological congresses, GSA meetings, IUGS meetings, Commission for
the Geological Map of the World meetings, etc.).

The editors are Jorge GÓMEZ-TAPIAS, coordinator of the Mapa Geológico de Colombia
Working Group of the SGC, Secretary General of the Subcommission for the Geological
Map of World for South America and the co-coordinator of the Geological Map of South
America 5M; María Fernanda ALMANZA-MELÉNDEZ, M.Sc. candidate, geologist and
copy editor at the Mapa Geológico de Colombia Working Group, and Alberto OCHOA–
YARZA, Geosciencias Básicas Director of the SGC, author of 36 geological sheets at
scale of 1:100 000. In addition, 6 specialists (geologists, graphic artists, designers,
photographer and linguist) will be working on the editorial processes improving texts
quality (thematic copyediting in English and Spanish), graphic design (figures and
tables, copyediting, layout) and photography.

On the first hand, the reviewers are geoscientists and editors of geosciences journals,
such as prof. Víctor RAMOS (editor of Journal of South American Earth Sciences), Cees
PASSCHIER (editor-in-chief of Journal of Structural Geology), David BUCHS (Cardiff
University) and Agustín CARDONA (Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Medellín).
On the second hand, invited authors, mainly Colombians, are the responsible of the
most important current paradigms of Colombian geology such as Carlos JARAMILLO
(Smithsonian Institute), Andrés MORA (Ecopetrol), Camilo MONTES (Universidad de
Los Andes), Agustín CARDONA (Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Medellín),
Mauricio IBÁÑEZ (Rochester University), Jorge Julián RESTREPO (Universidad Nacional
de Colombia Sede Medellín), Henry HOOGHIEMSTRA (University of Amsterdam), etc..
As well, it is expected to publish 26 research of the Servicio Geológico Colombiano
working groups, leaded by Gabriel RODRÍGUEZ (Temas Especiales en Geología), Maria
Luisa MONSALVE (Geología de Volcanes), Myriam LÓPEZ (Tectónica), Jorge GÓMEZ–
TAPIAS (Mapa Geológico de Colombia), etc.

It is expected 64 papers will be sent by October of 2017. The delivery of the book will
be in August, 2018. •

1108 Santa Marta, Colombia Agosto 30 - Septiembre 1, 2017

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Gómez, J., Montes, N.E., Alcárcel, F.A. & Ceballos, J.A. Catálogo de dataciones radiométricas de
Colombia en ArcGIS y Google Earth. In: Gómez, J. & Almanza, M.F. (Editors), Compilando la geo-
logía de Colombia: Una visión a 2015. Servicio Geológico Colombiano, Publicaciones Geológicas
Especiales 33, p. 63-419. Bogotá. 2015.

Santa Marta, Colombia Agosto 30 - Septiembre 1, 2017

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