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“I am not a product of my circumstances.

I am a product of my
decisions.” ― Stephen R. Covey

Teresa Nuñez Lourdes de la Fuente Nina Garcia Doug Tolman

Principal Dean Assistant Principal Assistant Principal

Table of Contents


Letter from School Administrator 4

Mission Statement 5
School Colors 5
School Mascot 5

People Who Can Help You

Your Principal 5
Your Assistant Principals 5
Your Academic Dean 5
Your Counselors 5
Your Librarian 6
Your School Nurse 6
Your Teachers 6
Your Teacher Specialist 6
Your Secretaries 6

General and Miscellaneous Information

School Hours 6
School Business Office Hours 7
After-School Program 7
Change of Address 7
Conference 7
Early Pick-Up 7
Field Trips 8
Lunchroom Procedures 8
Birthdays and Deliveries 8
Bicycles 8
Bus Riders 8
Lost and Found Items 8
Cell Phones/Personal Electronic Devices 8
Responsibility for PED’s 8
Opportunities for Parental Involvement 9
School Closure Information 9
Tutorials 9
Visitors 9


Academics 9
Homework 9
Report Cards and Progress Reports 10
Attendance 10
Excessive Absences 10
Excused Absences 10
Makeup Work 10
Tardiness 11
Unexcused Absences 11
Emergency Drills 11
Fire 11
Lockdown 11
Administration of Medication 11
Distribution and Consumption of Medication 11
Immunizations and Medical Examination 11
Student Illness 12
Activity Eligibility 12


Student Conduct 12
Graffiti 13
Bullying 13
Public Displays of Affection 13
Discipline Referral 13
Student Discipline Policy 14
Student Dress and Grooming 15
Uniform Guidelines for 2018-2019 16
School Bell Schedule for 2018-2019 17
School Academic Calendar for 2018-2019 18
School Map 19
Handbook Receipt 20

Letter from School Principal
August 2018

To the Students and Parents of Besteiro Middle School:

This handbook is designed to provide helpful information, enabling you to make the best
of what the school has to offer. Please read it with care; we encourage each family to
review it together. Although Besteiro Middle School encourages the development of
individual talents and respects the right of every student, there must be commonly
accepted standards of behavior and communication for our school to function optimally.
These standards are published in this handbook. The school assumes that you will read
them, understand them, and, by your presence in the school, intend to maintain them.
We expect each member of the community to embrace the spirit as well as the letter of
the law. Students are encouraged to monitor their behavior by asking themselves if their
choices are in line with the established sense of community.
Rules and expectations simply impose limits; they do not define mature behavior. The
school believes that respect for other people, honesty, and courtesy are fundamental and
the expected standard for behavior. These, coupled with an attitude of cooperation and
mutual understanding, make for an enjoyable and creative community life. This is what
we want for everyone. We trust that each student will help in making this a reality. It is
our hope not only that you will learn much while at Besteiro Middle School, but also that
you will make friends, grow in spirit as well as in wisdom, and enjoy yourself.
Like any good school, Besteiro Middle School is always evolving. Teachers experiment
with new curricula, and deans modify programs to suit the needs and interests of an ever-
changing student body. Every year the Besteiro Middle School Student/Parent Handbook
is reviewed and revised to reflect those changes. So even if you’re a returning Besteiro
student or parent, we encourage you to peruse this book again. The care that goes into
creating and editing the handbook reflects the thoughtfulness and creative thinking that
goes into designing the entire middle school program.
Wishing you a successful school year,
Mrs. T. Nuñez,

Mission Statement

Besteiro Middle School fosters a unified community of LEADers and learners dedicated to
inspiring success and fostering responsible citizenship.

Vision statement

To build and sustain a culture that provides a nurturing environment, where all stakeholders collaborate
to ensure safety and academic achievement for all by practicing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens:
Being proactive,; Beginning with the End in Mind; Putting things first; Thinking win-win; Seeking first to
understand; Synergizing; Sharpening the saw.

School Colors
Navy Blue, Gray, and Gold

School Mascot


People Who Can Help You


The principal is responsible to the superintendent of schools for proper administration of Besteiro
Middle School. It is her duty to organize, supervise, and administer all of the affairs of the school as they
affect students, teachers, and parents. She will be glad to help you with any of your problems.

Assistant Principals

The assistant principals work directly with the principal in the administration and organization of the
school. They are in charge of attendance and handle the routine discipline problems. They handle the
day by day operation of the school.

Academic Dean

The academic dean works with the principal to ensure that students are offered high quality instruction
and appropriate rigor in their courses. It is her duty to do benchmarking testing for the campus and
assist teachers in creating a classroom environment that is learner centered and engaging.


One of the many roles of the school counselor is to provide guidance and counseling services to all
students. Counselors assist students in goal setting, academic/career planning, problem solving/decision
making skills, and a developing awareness of self and others. All information remains confidential and
parents/guardians may be contacted if harm to self or others exists, safety issues arise, or sexual contact
is disclosed. Parents/guardians may contact the counselor regarding their child’s developmental


The librarian will assist in the orientation and use of the library as well as utilizing our technology
resources for research purposes. Before, after, and during the school day, feel free to consult the
librarian so that you may use the library more efficiently.

School Nurse

The school nurse is available to help students at school with medical needs and will work closely with
parents/guardians and physicians in administering prescribed medication.


Our teachers are specialists in their field in which they teach and will work with our students to achieve
academic and STAAR success. The teachers are given the responsibility for teaching our students the
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Our teachers provide tutoring to support academic success in and
environment of Learning for All. Our teachers are classroom leaders and are charged with the
responsibility of supervising and directing all students in the pursuit of their education.


Our secretaries work under the direction of the administration. All of the secretaries carry out the
important clerical functions of the school and assist students, parents/guardians, and community
stakeholders in matters concerning attendance, report cards, etc.

General and Miscellaneous Information

School Hours

School begins at 7:25 a.m. and dismisses at 2:50 p.m. Students should not be in the school before 7:00
a.m. Students should be picked up no later than 3:15 p.m. unless participating in extracurricular
activities or tutorial classes. Upon arrival at school, students are subject to school policies. Students who
arrive to school are to remain on campus once they arrive in the morning. Any student that leaves
campus without being signed out of the office by an authorized person will be subject to disciplinary
action. If an emergency arises and you need to make special arrangements, please call the school office.

School Business Office Hours

All school business should be conducted during the regular business hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Appointments are strongly encouraged.

After School Programs

Besteiro Middle School offers after school tutorials and extracurricular activities for our students. All
students participating must have a permission slip on file to remain on campus after school. All
unsupervised students will not be allowed to remain on campus after 3:15 p.m. and will need to make
transportation arrangements in advance to be picked up immediately afterschool each day. Students
leaving campus (to the park area) will not be allowed back into the campus.

Change of Address

When families move during the course of the school year, it is critical that they notify the school office
of this change so that the school can maintain necessary and appropriate contact with the family. If you
move during the course of the year, please submit all pertinent information to the school office prior to
the move.


The staff is always happy to discuss the student progress or address any question during planning time
or during a schedule time before/afterschool period. Parent may request a conference at any time by
emailing teacher directly or contacting the school to make an appointment.

Early Pick-Up

It is imperative that students attend all schedule classes on a daily basis but if an emergency arises,
students will be allowed to be picked by an authorized person on the student release form, therefore
the importance of having a release form on file in the front office and proper identification (ID) to
expedite the process. Doctor appointments (therapy) should be scheduled afterschool hours, when
possible. Do to student safety, students will not be allowed to leave campus after 2:15 p.m.

Field Trips

During the school year, teacher may schedule educational field trips. Trips will be announce in writing in
advance by the teacher or school office. A permission slip must be signed and returned to the school in
order for the student to attend the field trip. The permission form will provide details of the trip
(destination, times, transportation and cost).

Lunchroom Procedures

All students will enter and leave the cafeteria in an orderly manner. Duty personnel will dismiss students
by tables. Students may not leave the cafeteria before permission is granted. Occasionally parents may
bring lunch to their children; however, as per Child nutrition Department guidelines, parents may not
bring lunch to other students. No celebrations are permitted in the cafeteria (e.g. birthdays) Food and
drink items brought in from an outside vendor/source may not be shared with other students. To ensure
that other student do not feel uncomfortable or left out, parents who bring outside food and drinks are
invited to each lunch with their children at a separated table in the cafeteria.

Birthdays and Deliveries

In an attempt to minimize interruptions of the learning environment, we do not deliver items directly to
students. We recognize that middle school students are going to forget things. We will gladly accept
items such as glasses. For all other items, the student is expected to come by the office between classes
to retrieve their belongings. We will not call students out of class. This procedure helps the school
maintain an academic environment and is effective in helping students practice personal responsibility.
Flowers, balloons, birthday presents etc. will be held in the office until the end of the day when students
can pick them up to be taken home


Students who ride bicycles to school must walk bicycles to and from the bike rack while on school
property. The school cannot assume responsibility for damage or theft of student property. Use of lock
up chains is required for all bicycles. Bicycles should never be chained to any item other than the bicycle

Bus Riders

Students are eligible for BISD bus transportation based on their address. All bus routes and assignments
of students are done through the district’s transportation office. Students are expected to ride the bus
assigned to them by transportation. Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Students may be assigned a
specific seat on their bus.

Lost and Found Items

Items that are lost or found can be turned in or looked for at the office. Students are reminded to check
the lost and found for any missing items. Students should report all lost items to the office immediately.

Cell Phones/Personal Electronic Devices

Personal Electronic Devices (PED’s) must be turned off and not visible during the school day. Students
who violate this policy will be subject to escalating consequences which might include confiscation of
the device and require a parent to pick up the device.

Responsibility for PED’s

If a student brings a cell phone to school, it is the student’s responsibility to keep the item secure. The
school will not be responsible for cell phones/electronic devices that are damaged, lost or stolen;
however as with other personal property brought to school, administrators will conduct investigations
as time permits in an effort to recover lost/stolen items or to determine the person(s) responsible for
damages, and will assess discipline as appropriate.

Opportunities for Parental Involvement


Parental involvement is vital to the success of the school. Parents can get involved by becoming a
volunteer by submitting an application with the parent liaison.

Mrs. Rosaelia Salinas

Parent Liaison Contact Information
Office number: 956-544-3900

School Closure Information

In the event of inclement weather, please tune in to local television station for the list of close schools.
Parent may also check the Brownsville ISD website at In addition, parents will receive a
school messenger via your telephone notifying them of school closure. Make sure that your telephone
numbers are up to date in the office.


Tutorial is offered to all students. Students who are not picked up by 3:15 p.m. will be asked by
administration to attend tutorials. Tutorials are offered Monday through Thursday.


Besteiro welcomes parents/guardians to visit our school. For safety, all visitors, including parents and
guardians, are required to report to the office upon arrival and departure. A “visitor” badge will be
given to each guess, which is to be worn at all times within the building. Students not enrolled at
Besteiro are not permitted to visit unless accompanied by an adult.



Please refer to the Brownsville ISD Grading procedures guidelines found at


Teachers may assign homework to aid students in the progress of their studies. It is useful to reinforce
daily lessons, to build good study habits, and to provide opportunity for parent involvement in student
learning. Therefore, we encourage parents to provide a suitable environment for the completion of
daily homework. Parents are urged to monitor their child’s work daily. The parent should help the child
to become responsible in returning the homework completed on time. Parents are encouraged to find
time each day to discuss what their child learned at school.

Report Cards and Progress Reports

Report cards will be issued/mailed at the completion of each six weeks grading period. Progress reports
will be sent home every three weeks. If your child receives a grade lower that a 70, please contact your
child’s teacher to set up a conference with him/her.


Attendance at school is not only Texas State Law but necessary for academic and STAAR success.
Student attendance will be rewarded throughout the year through various methods. Attendance is vital
to success. Parents are requested to schedule family vacations during school vacation periods. A student
is expected to be in attendance except when ill or when unable to attend because of emergency
circumstances or a death in the family. When students are absent from school, it is critical to notify the
school of the absence and the reason. Also note that picking up a child early on a regular basis results in
missed opportunities for learning. Unless the principal has granted approval because of extenuating
circumstances, a student will not regularly be released before the end of the day.

Excessive Absences

Any student with excessive absences will be submitted for court proceedings and is subject to retention
at the end of the school year.

Excused Absences

In order for an absence to be excused for any reason, the parent must provide an excuse to the
attendance clerk Ms. Lucero Garcia. The excuse must contain the child’s name and school ID number,
dates absent and reason for absence. Student is responsible to pick up a re-entry slip upon return.
Possible allowable reasons for an excused absence are: student illness (written notice required
maximum five per semester) medical appointments, death in immediate family or other emergencies.

Makeup Work

Please refer to the Brownsville ISD Grading procedures guidelines found at


Students arriving after 7:45 a.m. are considered tardy. Students must be in the classroom when the
tardy bell rings. Students will be subject to consequences for excessive tardiness. Each teacher will
monitor the tardies for his/her classes. The first tardy will be warning from the teacher. The second
tardy will result in a teacher and student conference. The third tardy will result in a phone call from the
teacher. The fourth tardy will result in a teacher and parent conference. Any subsequent tardies will
result in an office referral with appropriate consequences.

Unexcused Absences

Any absence which the school does not receive proper justification will be unexcused. Students risk
losing credit for excessive unexcused absences.

During the school day, students must be signed out through the office by an authorized
parent/guardian. No student is to leave the school premises without first obtaining permission from the
office. It is essential that the school be aware of a student’s location at all times.

Emergency Drills

School staff is trained in procedures that are practiced regularly in order to be prepared in the event of
an actual emergency. Should an actual emergency arise, parents are asked to follow instructions of
school personnel.

Fire-In case of fire, it is imperative that the building be emptied quickly and calmly. Fire drills will be held
on a monthly basis during the school year to practice clearing the school quickly, and teachers will
instruct students on proper procedures during a fire.

Lockdown-May be implemented in situations involving intruders.

Health and Safety Issues

It is of utmost importance that Besteiro Middle School provides a safe environment for our students.
Because of this commitment, the following rules will apply:

Administration of Medication:

A form must be on file in the nurse’s office to administer medication. Forms are available from the
nurse. The school nurse will be responsible for administering the medication. Students are not to carry
any medication (prescription or over-the-counter) on their person.

Distribution and Consumption of Medication:

Parents are requested, whenever possible, to schedule medication to be given at home. If medication is
needed to be given during school hours, parents must provide a medical form available with the school

Immunizations/Medical Examination

Current immunization records must be on file for every student by the first day of the school year. If not,
the child will not be allowed to attend.

Student Illness

If a child has been ill during the night or became ill upon awakening, please do not sent the child to
school. Students with low-grade fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or other acute symptoms will be sent
home. If a child becomes ill after coming to school, the parent will be contacted.

If the parents cannot be reached by phone, the emergency contact person(s) listed in the student file
will be called to pick up the child. Please maintain accurate and current information for the emergency
file. Any addition or deletion for emergency contact person(s) should be given immediately to the
school office.

Extracurricular Activities

Student Activities-Opportunities for Student Involvement

Statistics show that overall student success in school is closely related to the student’s involvement in
school activities. Besteiro offers programs in athletics, choir, band, drill team, cheerleading, student
council, Spanish club and more. Students are encouraged to get involved.

Activity Eligibility

In order for students to participate in extra activities they must be academically eligible and in some
cases go through a tryout process. Refer to coach requirements which may be more detailed.


Student Conduct

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to themselves, their
parents, and school. This expectation applies to all student conduct regardless of whether the students
are in school or at school activities as well as the time they are away from school. Students and parents
understand that the school reserves the right to impose discipline including expulsion, based upon
conduct which occurs outside of the school.

Each student is expected to:

• Demonstrate courtesy and respect for others, even when other do not.

• Behave in a responsible manner, always exercising self-discipline.

• Attend all classes, regularly and on time.

• Prepare for each class; take appropriate materials and assignments to class.

• Meet District and campus standards of grooming and dress.

• Obey all campus and classroom rules.

• Respect the rights and privileges of other students, teachers, and other District staff.

• Respect the property of others; including District property and facilities.

• Cooperate with or assist the school staff in maintaining safety, order, and discipline.

• Adhere to the requirements of the Student Code of Conduct.


Folders, backpacks, school property, body parts, and/or personal property displaying obscenities,
alcoholic beverages, narcotics, controlled substances, gang related materials or any design or inscription
that administration determines to be unacceptable are not permitted at Besteiro Middle School. These
items will be confiscated and documented in the student’s discipline record.


BISD is a bully free zone. Bullying of any type will not be tolerated. If a student believes that he or she
has experienced bullying or has witnessed bullying of another student, it is important for the student or
parent to notify a teacher, school counselor, principal, or another district employee as soon as possible
to obtain assistance and intervention. The administration will investigate any allegations of bullying or
other related misconduct.

Public Displays of Affection

Embracing, holding hands or kissing or other displays of affection are not accepted practices anywhere
on the school campus. Lack of cooperation regarding this policy will result in disciplinary action.

Removal from the Regular Educational Setting

Discipline Referral:

A discipline referral occurs when a teacher sends a student to the principal’s office as a discipline
management technique. The principal/assistant principal may then employ additional techniques. A
conference will be held with the student, where the appropriate administrator will inform the student of
the misconduct for which he or she is charged and consequences. The administrator will give the
student an opportunity to give his or her version of the incident and the following consequences could
be assigned:

• Removal to another appropriate classroom (in team suspension)

• In-school suspension (ISS)

• Out-of-school suspension (OSS)

• Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (BAC)

Student Discipline Policy

The disciplinary goal of Besteiro Middle School is for each student to achieve the ability to govern
themselves from within. As the student’s ability to govern themselves in this way increases, there is less
need for imposing rules and regulations upon them. We believe students should show respect for both
parents and teachers. Staff and parents working together to teach and train our children to do what is

Expected behaviors include:

• Coming to school in uniform with necessary supplies on time every day

• Completing all class and homework assignments

• Respecting staff, students, and facilities

• Following all school rules in and out of the classroom

• Remaining on school grounds at all times

• Leaving at home all items that impair their ability to be successful in school (electronic

Discipline actions that may be used includes, but not limited to:

• Warning: Teacher will talk to student and explain his/her offense

• Call to parents

• Detention: Lunch or after-school

• Student conference with administrator

• Parent conference with administrator

• Suspension: in and/or out of school

• Removal to alternative campus

Note: School administration reserves the right, based upon the particular facts and circumstances, to
render any punishment it deems necessary. By listing these possible disciplinary actions, the school, in
no way, implies that some or all of these will be utilized in a specific situation or prior to suspension
and/or removal.


Student Dress Code

Brownsville ISD policy requires that all middle schools implement a standardized attire requirement as
designated by the respective campus administration. Besteiro Middle School logo is optional, though
other words, emblems, or insignias are not permitted on any item of clothing.

Any jacket or sweater that does not comply with the dress code, must be removed before entering the

Students not complying with the school uniform code may be removed from the regular school setting
until the parent is contacted and able to provide appropriate attire. Students will not be allowed in class
until uniform is in compliance with the dress code. We acknowledge that students form close
relationships. When those associations/friendships are expressed outwardly by wearing or displaying of
jewelry items or accessories that standout from the general student body disciplinary action may ensue.
Final determination of acceptable dress code and grooming rests with the principal or her designee.

Note: Besteiro Middle School is not responsible for items that are taken up due to non-compliance
with dress code.

Grooming and Accessories

• Shorts shall not be so short as to cause a distraction

• NO baggy pants or shorts, all pants must be worn with the top around the wearer’s waist
and must be covering under-garments

• NO torn jeans or other garments

• NO low cut shirts or blouses

• Articles of clothing which display gang symbols, obscenities, drugs or alcohol are prohibited

• Hair and facial hair will be properly groomed.

• Distracting hairstyles and/or hair colors will not be permitted

• No exposed tattoos

• No body piercing will be permitted (Earnings worn by male students will not be allowed.)



• 8th – Gray • Blue or Khaki pants or shorts

• 7th – Gold • No sweatpants, leggings or legging-type
• 6th – Navy Blue pants
• Collar shirts used Monday through • No torn jeans
Thursday • Pants are to be worn at waist level (no
• College shirt is optional for Thursday sagging allowed)
• Friday – may use a spirit shirt (must • Pants are NOT to be rolled up from the
contain school insignia) bottom
• Undershirts must match the appropriate
shirt color by grade level


• 8th – Navy blue • Solid basic color – black, brown, or white

• 7th – Navy blue (no open-toe or open-back shoes
• 6th – Navy blue allowed)
• Must be solid color (no words, insignias • No crocs or slippers are allowed
or designs)
• Jackets having hoodies are NOT allowed
• Sweaters over the uniform are NOT
• No scarves


• Students must have their ID’s with them • Facial piercings are prohibited
at all times • Rosaries are not allowed
• Incoming 6th grade students get 1st one • Boys – earrings are not allowed (covered
free or uncovered)
• Replacement ID – cost is $5.00 • No visible tattoos allowed
• No mohawks, hair color or designs that
distract from the learning environment


• Must be clear or mesh • Not allowed at campus

• If lost or stolen, campus is not

School Bell Schedule

School Academic Calendar

School Map


___________________________ _____________________________
Print Name of Student Campus

___________________________ ___________________ ____

Student’s ID # Homeroom Teacher Grade

We acknowledge that we have received a copy of the Parent / Student Handbook for Besteiro Middle
School for the 2018-2019 academic year, and we understand that students will be held accountable for
their behavior and will be subject to disciplinary consequences as outlined in this handbook and the
Student Code of Conduct. It remains in effect during the regular school year and at all school-related
events and activities outside of the campus.

I have read, understood, and will abide by the policies and procedures as outlined in the Besteiro Middle
School 2018-2019 Parent / Student Handbook.

________________________________ __________________________
Print Name of Parent/Guardian Phone Number

________________________________ _____________________________
Signature of Parent/Guardian Signature of Student

________________________________ _____________________________
Date Date


This form will be kept on student’s disciplinary folder along with SCOC.