Certified & rated in accordance with ARI standard 810-95

700/500 lbs/kg. ARI 900/700 lbs./kg.


69/31 55/25

• Produces up to 55 lbs. of crystal-clear, gourmet ice in 24 hours • Stores up to 28 lbs. • Energy Saving System that optimizes cycle efficiency and ice quality, while reducing energy consumption and cutting operating costs. • Durable stainless steel construction. • Power cord for quick installation.

WARRANTY See your dealer for complete warranty details. • 3 years parts and labor on all components. • 5 years parts on the compressor and condenser.

Crystal Clear Gourmet Cube
Size: 1”W x 1 1 Diameter: 1 /4”

Built-in Convenience
Under counter bar installation puts the ice where it is needed. Legs allow for cleaning below and aisle ventilation.


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Scotsman is proud to announce that we are ISO-9001:2000 Certified

Rated in accordance with ARI standard 810-95

/kg.95 7 43/64 41.0 – Model Number CSE60A-1A Condenser Unit Air Basic Max.scotsman-ice. Scotsman remote condensers are designed for outdoor installations./kg.0 3/4 2.0 16 1/8 6.4 2 1/2 5. Volts/Hz/Phase Circuit Breaker HP 115/60/1 15 1/4 Circuit Wires 2 *Bin capacity rated in accordance with ARI Standard 820-95. Refrigerant: R-134a LEGS SUPPLIED: Four plastic legs screw into mounting plates on cabinet base. Extended periods of operation at temperatures exceeding limitations constitutes misuse under the terms of Scotsman Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. Scotsman’s ice machines are not designed for outdoor installations. SU-E60 10M 9-C 775 Corporate Woods Parkway • Vernon Hills.70C) 1000F (37. 90°F/70° F 17. Machine requires voltage indicated on rating name plate. 28/12 Unit: 18˝ x 201/2˝ x 287/16˝ • E-mail: customer.0 2 3/8 ELECTRICAL CORD 15.0 2 3/8 EXHAUST AIR 6. Failures caused by improper voltage are not considered factory defects.5 6 7/64 1. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice. Potable Condenser 90°F/70° F 90°F/70° F 49. Provides 6” minimum height.Ice Machine Specifications 2.70C) 120 PSIG +10% Consult Your Local SCOTSMAN Representative At: Y O U ’ L L V A L U E T H E D I F F E R E N C E TM . Fuse Electrical Size or HACR Comp.3 Water Usage Gallons/100 lbs.service@scotsman-ice. IL 60061 • 1-800-SCOTSMAN • Fax: (847) 913-9844 Visit our website at: . IMPORTANT OPERATING REQUIREMENTS: Air Temperatures Water Temperatures Water Pressures Electrical Voltage Minimum 500F (100C) 400F (4.0 3/4 6. All units with stainless steel finish.40C) 20 PSIG -5% Maximum 1000F (37. resulting in a loss of warranty coverage. Circuit Ampacity C0RD Shipping Carton: 24˝ x 21˝ x 31˝ Shipping Weight lbs. 105/48 Power Consumption KWH/100 lbs.0 2 Installation Note: Allow 6” minimum space at back for utility connections All models: Dimensions W x D x H: without legs (Add 6˝ height for legs): Bin* Capacity lbs.

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