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Silicone Tire Shine and Protectant HI-700

This 20% silicone fluid emulsion provides cleaning, shine and protection for tires,
dashboards and other car surfaces. The ViscOptima™ PL provides a highly stable emulsion
at low additive levels, and the NatSurf™ 205 ensures both good cleaning and even

Product Functionality % W/W

Water Solvent 79.1
NatSurf™ 205 Detergency, wetting 0.5
350 cSt PDMS Silicone Fluid (Momentive) Shine 20.0
ViscOptima™ PL Thickening, 0.4

In a clean vessel equipped with a mechanical stirrer, add water followed by NatSurf 205,
then stir until uniform. With rapid stirring, add silicone fluid, then slowly add ViscOptima PL
to the mixture. The emulsion will gradually thicken to a white creamy consistency as the
ViscOptima disperses. Stir an additional 30 minutes to allow complete thickening.

Viscosity: 1,550 cP (#5 spindle, 50 rpm)

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