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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of companies are on the "Don't Test" list?

The list includes companies that make cosmetics, personal-care products, household-cleaning products, and other common household
products. In the U.S., no law requires that these types of products be tested on animals, and companies can choose not to sell their products
in countries such as China, where tests on animals are required for cosmetics and other products. Companies on this list should be
supported for their commitment to manufacturing products without harming any animals. Companies that aren't on this list should be
boycotted until they implement a policy that prohibits animal testing.

The list does not include companies that manufacture only products that are required by law to be tested on animals (e.g., pharmaceuticals
and garden chemicals). Although PETA is opposed to all animal testing, our quarrel in those instances is less with the individual companies
and more with the regulatory agencies that require animal testing. Nonetheless, it is important to let companies know that it is their
responsibility to convince the regulatory agencies that there are better ways to determine product safety.

All companies that are included on PETA's cruelty-free list have signed PETA's statement of assurance or submitted a statement verifying
that neither they nor their ingredient suppliers conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or finished

How does a company get on the list?

Company representatives interested in having their company's name added to our cruelty-free list(s) must complete a short questionnaire and
sign a statement of assurance verifying that they do not conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for ingredients, formulations, or
finished products and that they pledge not to do so in the future. PETA will then add qualifying companies to our pocket-sized Cruelty-Free
Shopping Guide, our Shopping Guide brochure, and our online searchable database of cruelty-free companies.

How does a company license PETA's cruelty-free bunny logo?

Once certified as cruelty-free, companies also have the opportunity to share their cruelty-free commitment with consumers by licensing our
cruelty-free bunny logo for use on product labels and promotional materials. This step helps consumers identify cruelty-free products at a
glance while shopping. For a one-time licensing fee of $100, our logo may be used on companies' products, literature, in-store displays, and
websites. To meet individual design needs, the logo may be used in any color combination or in black and white. For companies that sell an
entirely vegan product line, a version that reads, "Cruelty-Free and Vegan," is also available.

For more information or to request the necessary paperwork, please e-mail

How do I know that these companies really don't test on animals?

Companies are putting their integrity on the line when they respond to consumers. A company that has publicly announced an end to tests on
animals and states in writing that it doesn't test on animals would face a public relations disaster and potential lawsuits if it was caught lying.

What about a product whose label says, "No Animal Testing," but whose
manufacturing company is not on PETA's "Don't Test" list?
Labels can be deceptive, so be careful. No specific laws exist regarding cruelty-free labeling of products, and companies may not have the
same high standards as PETA when labeling their products. PETA's requirements include ingredients, ingredient suppliers, formulations, and
finished products. A company that claims not to test on animals but that doesn't appear on PETA's list may have eliminated tests on animals
for finished products but not for ingredients. If you communicate with a company that claims to be cruelty-free but is not on our list, please
ask for a statement in writing and send a copy of the statement to PETA. We will contact the company to see whether it meets our
cruelty-free criteria. Meanwhile, PETA recommends purchasing only products made by companies on our "Don't Test" list.

What if a company isn't on either of PETA's lists?

Some companies have refused to respond to specific questions about their testing practices. It appears likely that these companies do test on
animals at some stage of product development, and their refusal to clarify their testing policies appears to be an attempt to mislead

Other companies may be new. If you find a company not included on our lists, please share the company's contact information with PETA so
that we can contact the company directly.

Why do some companies' product labels say, "No Animal Ingredients," when, in
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fact, the products contain beeswax, lanolin, whey, etc.?
Some companies are not educated about or sensitive to the suffering of animals in the production of certain products that do not involve the
actual slaughter of animals. PETA attempts to educate these companies, but some have persisted in inaccurately labeling their products as
free of animal ingredients, even though honey, lanolin, etc., are animal products. Please read the entire label before believing such a
statement. We also encourage you to voice a complaint to these companies. For our list of animal ingredients and their alternatives, please

How often are PETA's product lists updated?

PETA's online "Do Test" and "Don't Test" lists are updated frequently to reflect additions (e.g., if we are informed of a new company's policy
prohibiting animal testing), deletions (e.g., if a company that doesn't test on animals is purchased by a company that tests on animals or if a
company goes out of business), changes in contact information, etc.

PETA's printed version of the Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide is updated approximately twice a year and is based on the most current
information available at the time of printing. The animal testing policies of companies can change after any given edition is printed.

PETA reserves the right to choose which companies will be included, based on companies' policies. Inclusion on any list is not an
endorsement by PETA of a company or any of its products. Please contact PETA if you have any questions about the status of companies
that are listed or if you know the address of a company that is not listed.

The following companies manufacture products that are not tested on animals. Those marked with an asterisk (*) manufacture strictly vegan
products made without animal ingredients, such as milk and egg byproducts, slaughterhouse byproducts, lanolin from sheep, honey, or
beeswax. (For a list of animal ingredients and their alternatives, please contact PETA or visit Companies without an
asterisk might offer some vegan products.

Some of the company names are followed by the name of their parent or subsidiary companies or by examples of products manufactured by
that company.

To shop for cruelty-free products from many companies on our list, please visit the online PETA Mall at For every purchase
that you make, PETA will receive 5 to 10 percent at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your commitment to being and buying

V - The company makes or sells strictly vegan products.

L - The company has licensed PETA's official cruelty-free bunny logo.

M - The company is a PETA Mall partner, and shopping at this company provides PETA with additional support.

VL enamour
L Ïgra Skincare +353579322817
VL kme pure
rShave 718-706-1300
L .kc. by keracare (Avlon Industries)
New! ?ura?uova
L 100% Pure 510-836-6500
VL 1121 Apothecary 480-779-8071
V 123 Revive (American B International)
VL 180 Innovations
V 1944 Vegan Skincare 412-519-0759
L 19th Volume Cosmetics Corp.
VL 21 Drops
V 23 Beauty Limited
L 28 Litsea
L 2nd Love Cosmetics
3:27 Cosmetics
L 3107 Skincare
L 3rd Rock Sunblock 757-486-2088
L 4Beauty Group
V 4mula 215-413-1300
VL 4naturalpets
V 4organic

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L 4U2 Cosmetics (+44) 203 667 8883
5 Star Shave Club
New! VL 707 Flora
V 786 Cosmetics
VL 9 Goddesses
VL A Perfume Organic 917-670-2738
VL A Touch of Class Beauty
New! L A Wild Soap Bar
VL Abbey Jade Cosmetics
L Abby Rose Skin Care
VL Abhati
VL Abicu
L Able & Aware 1-800-787-1609
VL Abloom Skin Care
V about face skin protection
V About Me
Abra Therapeutics 1-800-745-0761
L Absolute Green 1-800-596-0766
Absolute Miracle 619-280-4040
L Absolute New York
V Absolute Soap (Product Body) 561-907-7627
L Abstrax Labs
VL Abyssal Japan Co.
V Acquarella Polish 1-888-679-1798
Active Concepts 704-276-7100
Active Micro Technologies 704-276-7100
L Acure (Better Planet Brands) 1-877-902-2873
L Adplie et Cie
L Adaline & Co.
L Adelinda Cosmptica Natural
VL aDesign
L Adesse New York
VL Adorn Cosmetics 61398084422
V ADVANAGE Diversified Products 1-800-323-6444
L Advanced Cosmeceuticals
L Adwin Korea Corporation 82 - 2 - 566 - 7456
VL Aenea Cosmetics 0207 6271500
V Aesthetica Cosmetics
V Aether Beauty
L Affinage Professional
L Affirm
L AffirmCare
L Affordable Mineral Makeup 1-866-549-3393
VL Africa Organics (The Esse Trust)
VL After Inked, LLC 561-208-1516
L Afterglow Cosmetics 1-866-630-4569
L AG Hair Cosmetics 1-866-924-4247
VL Agatha Ruiz de La Prada
L Agera Biotech
L Agilise Cosmpticos
VL Agnes dos Santos
VL Agua de Nube
L AhpNaturals

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L Ahal (Laboratorio Biocosmptica S.A. de 52+8341844728
VL AHIMSA apothecary
VL Ahimsa Essentials 480-256-9895
VL Aim HI Every Day
V Aimpe de Mars
L Ainterol Natural Products +66802202446
VL AJ Pure
VL AKayStyle 248-705-6277
VL Akhal Beauty
VL Akita Brands
V Alamar Cosmetics
Alba Botanica (Hain Celestial) 1-800-227-5120
VL Alchemy Holistics
VL Alchemy Oils
VL Alchimie Forever 1-877-920-7546
V Alexami Cosmetics
L Alexis Vogel 1-800-908-7801
Ali's Natural Health Products
L Alighten Natural Skin Care
L Alima Cosmetics, Inc. 503-659-0033
V Alimeri
L Alison Asia Pacific
V All Care Products
V All Good Scents
V All Heart Cosmetics
L All Terrain 1-800-246-7328
L All-Nutrient (Chuckles, Inc.) 1-800-221-3496
Allana Naturally
Allens Naturally 1-800-352-8971
VL Ally's AromaRemedies 773-860-6933
VL Allyoos
Almo Nature 390-102-5354-00
V Aloe Plus
Aloe Up 1-800-950-2563
Aloette Cosmetics 1-800-256-3883
V Aloha Nani
L Aloxxi International 818-390-9662
ALPAYA Dermaceuticals 0212 500 4 360
L Alpen Secrets 514-335-3030 4002
Alpine Soapworks 775-313-4726
L Alpine White
V alquimiainsole
VL Altair Beauty
L Alternity Cosmetics
L Altilis Beauty
L Altresso
alva Naturkosmetik
V Alvin Connor 44 (0) 151 448 0368
VL Alya Skin
V AMAL Cosmetics (Madeleine Blair S.L.)
VL Amal Oils 305-741-2625
Amalia Skincare
VL 519-252-1628
L AmandaSteene 289-828-5015

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New! Amandine Sol Botanicals
VL amatera
V Amazon Premium Products 1-800-832-5645
Amazonia Skincare
V American Formulating & Manufacturing 1-800-239-0321
American Safety Razor 973-753-3000
VL AMETSA Cosmpticos
Amika 718-599-1375
L Amly
L amo como soy
V Amoha Wellness
L Amon & Anis
VL Amor Luminis
Amore Pet Foods 1-866-572-6673
L Amorus USA
VL Amour Your Body
L Amplify Cosmetics
VL AmvwCosmpticos Naturais
VL Ananda Natural Soy Candle Company
L Anastasia Beverly Hills 310-474-4300
Ancient Formulas 1-800-543-3026
V Ancient Secrets 1-877-263-9456
Andalou Naturals (888) 898-6955
VL Anderdogs
Aneley Cosmetics 718-928-5723
V Angel Minerals
Angel Shave Club
Angelus Cosmetic
VL Angie Watts Naturals 929-269-2887
Aniise Natural Skincare and Cosmetics 310-474-7700
L Animal Human Alliance
VL Anisa International
VM Anise Cosmetics 305-937-1202
VL Anjolie 914-478-8825
L Anokha Skin Care
Anthony Brands 1-866-268-4669
Anti-Aging Hair Treatment
L Antonia Royale Cosmetics 917-670-8617
New! L Antonin .B
V Anumati Naturals
L Ao Skincare
L AOA Beauty
Apeiron Naturkosmetik
Apothecary Shoppe 1-800-487-8839
L Apotheke 718 596 1534
L Apple Island Naturals
L Applied Beauty Products (Baobab Group)
VL Apricot
L Apriori Beauty
VL Apsara Skin Care 1-888-977-4724
Aqua Dessa 510-814-9030
VL Aqua Natural 01933 441818
VL Arabella Cosmetics

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VL Arabellaz
L Aranya Holistic Skincare
V Arata
VL Arbonne International (Groupe Rocher) 1-800-272-6663
Arbor Organic Technologies 704-276-7100
VL Arctic Fox Hair Color
VL Argabody
L Argan Republic
Arganat Inc. 514-941-6955
V Argand'Or
Argital 0932-777176
VL Arielle Morimoto Cosmetics
VL Arilan Skincare
Arissa Studios (Beauty 21) 909-945-2220
VL Arnasa Naturels
V Aroma Bella 1-800-760-7779
Aroma Crystal Therapy 1-877-537-9211
Aroma Naturals 949-263-1400
L Aroma Roots 1-800-892-1288
V Aroma Selena
V Aromacare Victoria 03 9572 4791
L Aromafloria 1-800-424-0034
L Aromaland 1-800-933-5267
Aromaleigh, Inc. 843-681-4716
V Aromatherapy by Whole Spectrum 727-289-2614
L Aromatika
VL Aromi
L ART Cosmetics
L Artemis Life
Artemis Pet Food 1-800-282-5876
L Artist Couture
L ArtOnIt Makeup 1-888-893-8380
L ArtPOP Cosmetics
V Arvesha Ayurvedic
Arya Laya
VL Aryuna
L As I Am
V Ashba Botanicals
VL Ashi Therapy 828-898-5555
VL AspenClean 1-855-925-9900
VL Astonish Cleaning Products 01274767440
At Last Naturals 1-800-527-8123
VL Atara Collections
VL Atara Cosmetics
L Ataraxia Cosmptica Vegetal
L Atelier Populaire
V Athar'a
Atlanta Bath Company
VL Atomic Makeup
VL ATTITUDE (Bio-Spectra)
V Au Natural Organics Company
VL Au Naturale Glow 703-863-4251

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Au Naturel Botanicals 503-430-7865
VL AuiNatural
Aubrey Organics, Inc. 1-800-282-7394
Augisa & Co. 1-877-284-4728
VL Augustus BioMed 1-855-802-2280
Aura Cacia 1-800-437-3301
VL Aurae Natura
L Aurelia Probiotic Skincare
Auromqre Ayurvedic Imports 1-800-735-4691
V Austin Rose 1-800-292-6339
Australian Bush Flower Essences
L Australian Gold
L Australian Native Botanicals
VL Autumn Bear Botanicals
VL AVA Haircare (949) 752-1885
Avalon Organics 1-800-227-5120
L AVANT Skincare
Avasiare Professional Skincare and 214-691-1700
L Aveda (Estee Lauder)
L AveSeena 706-250-1132
V Avigal Henna 1-800-722-1011
VL Aviva Labs 1-888-692-8482
L Avivi (Younger You) 1-800-379-7760
L Avlon Industries
V Avocado Dreamin LLC 760-451-9422
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L Avril
L Awake (Tarte Cosmetics)
Awakening Mineral Therapies 1-800-200-6546
L Awakening Spirit 303-518-1638
VL Axiology
VL AYA Cosmetics
L Aya Natural
VL Ayda
V Ayluna
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Ayurved Pratishan
V Ayurveda Holistic Center 516-628-8200
V Azafran Organics
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Azmira Holistic Animal Care 1-800-497-5665
L B Like Bamboo
New! L Bpsame Cosmetics
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VL b.tan
V B4 Brands 1-888-667-6066
L B4U Laboratories
VL Baba's Bath and Body

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VL Babo Botanicals 1-877-537-2226
L Baby Bat Beauty
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L Baby Mantra
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L Bad Habit
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VL BAE Vegan Perfume
New! L Baharat
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Bare Skin Bar
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Basht a Cosmetics
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L Basic Vigor Nutraceuticals
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Bath & Body Works (L Brands) 1-800-395-1001
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Bath By Bettijo 1-877-528-1584
Bath Island 973-556-5475
Bath Petals, Inc. 1-888-228-4738

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L Bathtime Baby & Bathtime Kids 480-391-8711
Baudelaire 1-800-327-2324
L Bawaw
Baylis & Harding
VL Baz Cosmetics
V Bazil Essentials 805-748-5372
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VL Be at One
VL Be Aurora
Be Green Bath and Body 508-965-5033
New! V Be Humane
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Be Natural Cosmetics
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L Be Simple
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L Beach House Group
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Beau & Ginger
L Beaumont Products, Inc. 1-800-451-7096
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BeautiControl 972-458-0601
L Beautifek
Beautiful Earth +27 (0)83 320 3202
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Beautiful Souls Aligned
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Beauty Bliss Cosmetics 509-392-5419
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L Beauty Glam
L Beauty in the RAW
L Beauty Plus Global, Inc. 626-303-8886
VL Beauty Sanctuary Cosmetics
VL Beauty Secrets Minerals Makeup 954-562-5559
L Beauty Treats 1-800-631-0888
V Beauty Without Cruelty (UK, Europe, & 014-732-7150
Rest of World)
V Beauty Without Cruelty Products for North 1-800-824-6396
American Customers
V Beauty.Happiness.Healing
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VL BEAUTYLOPE Pure & Vegan Halal
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VL BEB Organic
L BeBella
L BECCA Cosmetics (Estpe Lauder)
V Bedrock and Bloom

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V Bee Beauty (Gratis)
V Bee Kinder
L Beecology 440-786-7650
L Beefayre + 44 (0) 1858 43 44
L BeeFriendly Skincare 1-888-702-2950
L Beesline
V BeeSweet LipBalm
V Begley's Best 818-333-3685
VL Beihao Bio
L Belegenza 760-518-8823
VL Belisama Candles 07544 892810
Bella Bardot 1-855-946-4723
Bella Lina Bath
L Bella Luccq 1-800-485-3079
VL Bella Nail Lacquer
L Bella Organics
L Bella Vi 647-579-2497
VL belladonna soaps
V Bellami
VL Bellavida Lipstick Company
belle & bianca 781-690-3307
Belle et Beau
Belle's Botanicals 530-345-9898
BelleMer Laboratory
VL Bello Moi 561-654-8463
V Ben & Anna
L Benecos (Cosmondial)
L Benton
VL Besiata Beauty
L Bespoke Europe
VL Bestowed Essentials
Better Botanicals 1-888-224-3727
L Better Nature
VL Beverly To 5th
L Bhoga
VL Bhumi Makeup Brushes 702-750-2410
VL Big Moon Mountain 224-623-1025
L Biggs & Featherbelle 443-928-4724
New! L Billy and Belle
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Bio Creative Labs 562-988-9490
VL Bio Extracts (NB Labs) 44 (0)203 325 7458
V Bio Pac 1-800-225-2855
L Bio Radiata
Bio Sakure
VL Bio Takara +62-281-628333
V Bio-Kleen 269-567-9400
L Bio-T
L Bio-Therapeutic
VL BioBella 040-430-5213
L BioClarity (Adigica Health)
VL Biocoiff
V Biocosmptica Jpnak Chile

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V Bioethique Organic Cosmetics 1-877-255-3332
VL Biofilia 32 311 8793
VL Biogar
V Biogime International, Inc. 832-813-7201
V Biokleen 1-800-477-0188
VL Biolumin
L Bioreline
V biOrganics 01905 570670
VL Bioskin
VL Biosol Tech Corp +886-2-22988500
V Biotica
Biotone 619-582-0027
VL Biotonique
VL Birch3
Biss 25
Bite Beauty
VL Black Country Balsam
V Black Dahlia
Black Label Cosmetics
L Black Magic Concepts 1800 469 006
VL Black Moon Cosmetics
L Black Radiance 909-595-8898
L Black Robin
V Black Tai Salt Company 201-546-0933
L Black Tie Cosmetics
L BlackwoodkÄ „For Men
VL BLAKECO +61 423 870 411
L Blaq
New! VL Bleach London
L Blessed Beauty
L Blessure Serum
L Bleu Lavande
V Bleulight
L blinc 1-877-454-7763
VL Blisque
L Bliss
VL Blissby
V Blissoma
L blk Cosmetics
L Blooming Lotus 1-866-444-4735
VL Bloomtown
V Blu Ink Nail Lacquer 202-492-7444
VL Blue Beautifly 610-212-3121
V Blue Moon Candles 951-675-8386
V Bo-Po Nailpolish (Worx Toys)
Bob's Red Mill
L Bodhi + Sol 855-499-0022
VL bodisafe beauty(Garden Art Innovations) 1-855-321-8445
Body & Face St Cyrus 01561 378811
L Body & Soul
L Body B Beautiful
Body Be Silk
VL Body Bistro 310-859-8788

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V Body Crystal, Inc. 714-848-4582
Body Essence 208-336-4522
Body Essentials Aromatherapy 407-744-9873
L Body Fantasies
Body Scentsations 805-212-1075
Body Sense 1-888-788-5237
Body Time 1-888-649-2639
VL Body4Real
L Bodyceuticals Organic Bodycare 425-491-8354
L bodycology
VL Bodyenrich 07932 711244
BodyHonee 18773163107
L Bodyography (Robanda International) 619-276-7660
V Bodyshine Organics +91 9824286834
V Bold For Men 1-877-265-3489
VL Boldface Makeup
VL Bombom
Bon Ami/Faultless Starch 816-842-1230
L BONA FIDE beauty lab
VL Bonbon
VL Bonicca 1-866-855-2111
L Bonita Cosmetics (NONO Cosmetics) 626-333-8868
V Bonji
Bonne Bell 216-221-0800
VL Boo Bamboo
VL Booda Organics 1-800-355-6924
L BOOM by Cindy Joseph
L Boosh
Born Biotics
VL Born Skincare
VL Boshemia
L Bosley Professional Strength
V Boston Baked Bonz 781-752-4040
Boston Creations
VL Botini 03 9380 8529
VL Botanical Babe
VL Botanical Republic
L Botanical Skin Works 410-675-2006
Botanie Soap 406-728-7627
VL Botanika
L Botaniq Formulations Limited
New! L Boticario Group
L Boudica 647-693-0041
VL BouGie Natural
VL Boulder Baby Co
VL Bounce Curl
L BPerfect Cosmetics
L BR Naturals 705-436-7627
L Branded J Collections 818-501-5222
Branding Boulevard 1-866-632-2583
L Brandless 415-237-6640
Bravo Raw Diet 1-866-922-9222
Brazen Cosmetics
L Brew City Botanicals 414-418-9561
VL Brian Blessed
V Brianna's Handmade Soap
L BriConti

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VL Brillant Silver White (DHS Marketing) 61354521532
L Brite Organix (The Department of Brands)
VL Brittanie's Thyme 1-866-824-9431
Brocato International 1-800-243-0275
L Bronx Colors k¼³Urban Cosmetics
VL Bronze Babe
VL Bronzed Envy
VL Bronzo Sensuale 1-800-991-2226
VL BROO 828-505-4440
Brooklan Tree 61 082 83466826
L Brooklyn & Bailey
VL Brown Bag Botanicals 916-455-2448
VL Bruja + Co
VL Brush Addict
L BrushBox
VL BRYT Skincare 0203 289 5363
L Bua Organics
L Bubble & Bee Organic 801-560-7899
VL Bubble Nut Wash
V Bubble Shack Hawaiian Soap Company 808-341-0143
L BubbleOff! 07865000886
VL Bubbles Galore
VL Bubbly Moon Naturals
L Bubs and Scrubs 267-935-9199
VL Buck Naked Soap Company 226-749-3130
L Buckaroo Organics 406-282-7119
L Buckley & Phillips Aromatics 03 9735 3755
L Buddha Beauty
L Buff Bomb Bar
VL BugMace
VL Bulles&baume
L Bumble and Bumble (Estee Lauder) 1-800-728-6253
VL bumpcology
Burns Pet Health, Inc. 1-877-983-9651
Burt's Bees (Clorox) 1-800-849-7112
VL Butter Angels Handcrafted Skin Care
V Butter Babes Organics
L butter LONDON
V Butterwhips
VL By Noussou
L By Playground
L ByNoor
L Byrde + the b
VL Byron Bay Skincare +44 7477 102719
L BYS Cosmetics
L C & Co.Š
VL C.Lavie Cosmptiques
C.O. Bigelow (L Brands) 1-800-793-5433
V Cactus & Ivy 864-445-9494
Caeran 1-800-563-2974
V Caitlin's Super Natural 503-680-5419
L Cake Beauty (Marc Anthony)
V Caked Makeup
L Calena

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L Calgon
L California Baby 1-877-576-2825
V California Cove Designs 949-481-4507
V California North 415-331-1633
California Tan 1-800-786-2273
L Camassia ECO
L Cameleon BV 317-435-9611
L Camille's Closet 1-800-705-4266
CamoCare 1-800-22662273
L CAMP Skincare
VL Candles with a Cause 1-888-543-2949
V Candy Kisses Natural Lip Balm 212-726-0714
VL Cane and Bliss
VL Canisfair
CaniSource 1-888-347-3523
L Cannabliss Organic
L CannaSmack
L Cannuka
L Cantu Beauty
V Capelli by Monash
L Capilatis 5411-4001-3750
VL CARE Natural Beauty
L Carelia Petits Natural Care 93 143 53 57
L Caribbean Tan
Carina Corporation 604-985-5120
Carlson Laboratories 1-888-234-5656
Carol's Daughter 1-877-540-2101
L Carter Beauty Cosmetics
VL Cash & Co.
VL Castle Rock Essential Products
Caswell-Massey 1-800-326-0500
VL Catherine Guymer
VL Caupe Cosmetics
Caveman Naturals
V CEÍ BO Cosmetics
VL Cebra ethical skincare +44 1223 92 6781
L Cedar Creek Essentials
VL Ceela Naturals 1-800-624-4532
L Celavi
VL Celeb Luxury
VL Celebrity Brite
V Cellar Door Soap 313-473-0143
L CelleClp
VL Cellogica
VL Cellu-cup
L Ceramiracle
V chaaboo
Chalet Cosmetics 210-829-7700
VL Chantael Pure Beauty
L Chantecaille Beautp 1-877-673-7080
L Chariot (Moonalis)
V Charisma Skincare
V Charity Wicks
V Charleston Botanicals
L Charlotte by Charlotte Russe
L Charlotte Cook Cosmetics

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V Charlotte's Bum Butter
VL Charly Baron Mineral Cosmetic
V Cheeky Cosmetics 250-212-1673
Cheeky Maiden Soap 205-668-9999
L Cherry Blooms
L Cherry Culture 1-800-503-0688
VL Cherry Essentials
L Chi Chi Cosmetics +61-3 9248 9888
Chic Bean (Pink Espresso)
V Chile Salud Natural
L Chlorophylla
Cholayil Pvt. Ltd + 91 - 44 - 6677 160
L Chris Farrell Cosmetics
L Chrislie Formulations 1-800-710-0915
L Christen Dominique
L Christina Fitzgerald
Christine Marie Cosmetics 617-244-2356
L Christine Valmy
Christine's Garden of Beauty
L Ciatp
V Cindy Jackson 208-340-0200
L Cinema Secrets 818-846-0579
L Circa
V Citra-Solv, LLC 1-800-343-6588
L Citrus II (Beaumont Products) 1-800-451-7096
L Citrus Magic (Beaumont Products) 1-800-451-7096
L City Beauty
L City Color Cosmetics
VL Civant Skin Care
VL Clpmence et Vivien
L clariSEA 973-240-7697
VL ClarityMD
L Clark's Botanicals
Classic Beauty 1-888-274-1517
V ClavpBody Care International, Inc. 480-575-4315
VL Clay Lotus
VL Clean Coconut
V Clean Kids Naturally 1-800-497-6419
V Clean Machine
L Clean Skin Club
CleanLife Products (No Rinse 1-800-223-9348
VL CleanWell Company 415-839-6393
VM Clear Conscience 1-800-595-9592
L Clearly Natural Soaps (Beaumont
VL Clearwater Botanicals 612-720-2884
Clemantines soap & more
Clientele 1-800-327-4660
VL Cliganic
Climb On Products 1-877-966-2600
VL Clove + Hallow
L CLT International 416-686-1783
L CMD Naturkosmetik
New! V cn innovations
L CNC Since 1971 (Stephie & Joe)
L Coastal Classic Creations 650-728-7029
VL Coco & Eve
VL Cocoa Bee Soap Company
Last updated on 02/15/2019 Page 15 of 67
V Cocoa Brown
Cocoa Pink 813-866-8455
L Cocofixation
L Cocokitty Beauty
L Coconut Health & Healing 0411 597 727
VL Coconutty Ltd.
VL Cocoon Apothecary 1-800-920-0754
L Cocunat
VL CODE Beautiful
Codi International BV
L Colab (SLG)
Colbert MD Skincare
VL colibri cosmetics
V Colonial Dames 1-800-774-6441
L Color Kill
Color Me Beautiful 1-800-265-6763
Color My Image 703-354-9797
Color Oops
New! Colorbar Cosmetics
L Colorevolution 1-866-452-656
L Colormates Cosmetics
VL ColorProof Evolved Color Care 949-706-8300
VL Colors of Nature
L Colour Junkie Cosmetics Limited
VL Colour Me Bronze 0403 604 796
V Colour Punch Beauty
L Coloured Raine Cosmetics
L Coloured Raine Cosmetics, LLC
L ColourPop Cosmetics
Columbia Cosmetics Manufacturing 1-800-824-3328
VL Colure Hair Care 1-888-265-8731
L Comeitto
Comette Cosmetics
VL Community Cosmetics
L Completely Bare
Complex Beauty
L COMPTOIR DES LYS 33 02 41 55 66 65
Conair 1-800-726-6247
L Conceal Skin
Concept Now Cosmetics 1-800-262-1215
VL Concrete Minerals
New! L Confident Beauty
L Conscious Choice
L Conscious Cosmetics
L Conscious Skincare +44 1239 712720
L Control System Professional
L Coola Suncare 323-463-1853
Copaw ba 32-87-64-84-20
CORAL Skin Care 604-428-4287
L Corinda Couture 347-637-8381
L Corpa Flora 514-376-9436
L Corrective Skin Care 1-888-278-7546
Cos Pro Labs

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New! L Cosmpticas Panal
VL Cosmptiques etymologie
CosMedix 1-800-676-9522
Cosmetic Junction
VL Cosmetica Natural Kuyay
L Cosmeticon
V Cosmetics by Tanders0n
L Cosmetiques Laudun
VL Cosmic Tree Essentials 902-488-0415
L Cosmopharma 08-584500 58
L Cotton On
L Cotton On BODY
Country Comfort 1-800-462-6617
VL Country Goddess
V Country Save 360-435-9868
CountryPet Pet Food 1-800-454-7387
V Countryside Herb Farms 1-800-447-8901
VL Coutiver
L Cover FX Skin Care 416-665-7444
V coXistence soaps
VL Crabtree Lane
VL Crazy Cat Lady kÄ „Concoctions
VL Crazy Rumors, LLC 1-877-786-6776
VL Creative Soul Cosmetics
VL Creo Care 805-801-3589
VL Crimson Catz
L Crofasi Cosmeticos
V Crown Royale, Ltd. 1-800-992-5400
V Cruelty Free Girls
VL Crystal Bar Soap, Inc.
V Crystal Body Deodorant 1-800-829-7625
Crystal River Soapworks
Cuccio Naturale 1-800-762-6245
L Cuepido Cosmetics
VL Cuerpa
L curata
VL Curl Collection
L Custom Candle Co.
Cycles of Life 1-800-498-6640
VL CYRÊNE 0090 212 694 94 52
L D&C Organics
L D. Benoit Cosmetics
L Daily Defense
VL Daisy Nail Products
L DaLish Cosmetics 647-438-6329
L Dalla Makeup
Dallas Manufacturing Company 1-800-256-8669
L Danai's Beauty Box Company
Dancing Dingo 512-401-3404
L Darcy's Botanicals 678-521-7074
VL Dare to be Young 318-742-5202
Darling Naturals Company 1-888-958-6779
VL das boep
VL Dashbo
L David Babaii 1-877-323-9243
L David Jones Beauty

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VL Davroe 1300 328 763
VL Dayla Cosmetics
VL Daylily Paris
V DayTox
L DBS Basics (Empresas DBS)
L DBS Cosmetics (Empresas DBS)
L De Castaxas y Amores
VL De Vermalle
VL De'Flora
VL Deadly Sins Cosmetics
V Dear Earth (Unived)
VL Dearest Fannie
L DEBBY (DeborahGroup Spa)
L Deck Of Scarlet
L Deep Steep 1-888-577-8337
VL Deepa Lashes
VL DefineMe Fragrance
VL Delia Organics
L Della e Delle
New! VL Dental Delight
L DENTAL-Kosmetik
V Deodorant Stones of America 1-800-279-9318
VL DEP Makeup
VL Derma Solutions
derma-e Natural Bodycare 1-800-521-3342
L DERMAdoctor
L DERMagic Skin Care for Animals 1-877-814-7497
L Dermalogica (Unilever) 1-800-345-2761
VL Dermarose Skin Revitalized 1-866-396-6046
VL Dermaspa
Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories 1-800-552-5060
L Dermelect Cosmeceuticals
VL DermOrganic Laboratories 1-800-662-7839
VL Dermotechnic Beauty Systems
Desert Essence
DesertPea Skin Care
L Design Essentials
New! VL Design.ME
VL Dessine moi un savon
L Destiny Boutique 858-761-6045
L DevaCurl 212-274-8686
V Devance Cosmptiques
DeveloPlus 951-738-8595
L Devinah Cosmetics
VL Devita Natural Skin Care 1-877-233-8482
Devoted Creations 1-800-488-5524
Diana's Naturkosmetik
Dickinson Brands, Inc. 1-888-860-2279
L Die Kosmetikbude
L Dieteticos Intersa SA
VL Dimension Nails
L Dimpleskins Naturals 604-759-0049
VL Dinga Bear 604-846- 8880

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V Disguise Cosmetics
VL Dixie Bits 917-275-3994
L DLS Cosmetics
V DN Cosmetiques
L DNA Cosmetics
VL DO Naturals 1-855-289-3657
L Doc Johnson 1-800-423-3650
VL Doctor Rogers
L Dogchies
L Doll 10
VL Dollylocks Organic Products
L DollyMoo 973-865-4134
VL Dolphin Organics 1-855-289-3657
L Donna Marie Beauty Products 202-203-0636
Doori Cosmetics
Dope Soul Organics
V Dose of Colors
VL Double B Tailored Beauty
L Doucce
VL Douces Angevines
L Dove (Unilever)
VL Down to Earth Handmade Products 732-930-0635
L Dr Roebuck's
Dr. A.C. Daniels, Inc. 1-800-547-3760
L Dr. Alkaitis Organics 916-617-2345
VL Dr. Berrettini's Mendocino Minerals
VL Dr. Botanicals
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps 760-743-2211
VL Dr. Danton
V Dr. Denese 201-227-1649
L Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare 1-888-830-7546
VL Dr. Dewy
VL Dr. Glam
Dr. Goodpet 1-800-222-9932
Dr. Harvey's 1-866-362-4123
L Dr. Hauschka Skin Care 1-800-247-9907
Dr. Herbals
L Dr. Hess Products
VL Dr. Jacobs Naturals
V Dr. Jon's Handcrafted Soap Co.
Dr. Ken's (Floss & Go) 1-877-356-7746
V Dr. Loretta Skin Care 305-433-1822
Dr. Perry Skindustries 1-855-940-1900
V Dr. Sager's HomeoTherapeutics 1-877-572-4377
Dr. Severin +49 69 34877869
VL Dr. Sharp Natural Toothpaste 305-857-0990
V Dr. Singha's Natural Therapeutics 1-800-856-2862
L Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions 1-800-355-4485
L Dr. Spray's
L Dr. Teal's
New! L Dr. Tung's
L Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Care
VL Dragun Beauty
L Dread Head HQ 1-877-719-8078
VL Dream Hair Keratin (Pro Beauty 1-844-483-0044

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L DreamCatchers
Dreamy - Handmade Bath and Skincare
Drenary L & Co. 410-571-4815
L Drew's Honeybees
VL Drift and Sparkle
V Dropps (Cot'n Wash) 1-800-3559274
Dropwise Essentials 1-866-418-1682
L Drugstore
DRUIDE 1-800-663-9693
VL Druydqs
VL Drylock Technologies
Duchess Cosmetics 253-970-1340
dulce miel
L DuoLife
duross & langel 215-592-7627
L DuWop Cosmetics, LLC 1-866-613-8967
Dynamic Innovations 1-855-834-6363
Dynamite Marketing, Inc. 1-800-697-7434
V Dypp NZ
L E's Garden Naturals
E. Burnham Cosmetics 847-647-2121
VL E.L.F. Cosmetics 1-800-231-4732
VL Each&Every
V EarSox
V Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc. 1-877-489-8807
L Earth Conscious
V Earth Diva Cosmetics LLC 360-441-5562
V Earth Friendly Products
L Earth Love Cosmetics
Earth Mama Angel Baby 503-607-0607
V Earth Origin
Earth Princess 778-242-8371
L Earth Scents
Earth Science 1-800-347-5211
L Earth Science Naturals 1-800-347-5211
V Earth Solutions 1-800-883-3376
Earth Spirit Natural Home 250-701-9170
Earth Vibes
Earth's Beauty 1-888-586-9719
VL Eartha Botanicals
VL Earthly Body 1-877-324-4367
V Earthnicity Minerals 0203 1371416
L Earthwise 1800 806 342
L Earthwise Beauty 1-800-773-4810
L East Amber
Ecco Bella Botanicals 973-655-9585
L ECHOstore
VL ECO Minerals 612-800-61180
VL Eco & more
Eco By Sonya
VL Eco Chic Chick
VL Eco Concepts 1-888-326-6278
Eco Design Company 1-800-621-2591
VL Eco Dogs and Cats 949-484-4230
Eco Lips, Inc. 1-866-326-5477
V Eco Living Store
VL Eco Orange
L Eco Tan

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Eco-DenT International 1-888-326-3368
L Eco-fin 1-800-558-5571
L Eco-Me 626-798-8300
VL ECO. Modern Essentials
Ecochi 64 9 434 8125
VL EcoCompounds 805-477-9810
L Ecoflora Cares
L Ecologic Cosmetics
L Ecologica Skin Care
L ecostore 649-912-1792
ecoStore USA 248-499-6051
VL EcoTools
Ecover (SC Johnson) 1-800-449-4925
EczemX 602-909-6981
L Eden Organyx
V Edens Garden's Essential Oils 949-388-1999
V Edimi 1-888-362-8425
New! VL Edit Beauty
L EFM Skinscare
VL egreeno
L Egyptian Magic Skin Cream
L Eigard Essentials
VL Einhorn +49 (0) 176 102 217
VL ekoWorx
El Sol 3547 422594
VL Elate Clean Cosmetics
L Elave Skincare
VL ELDE Cosmetics +47 915 260 80
VL Eleccio 267-677-1050
Electric Body 1-877-317-7546
L Elegant Touch
L Elegant Trio Colors Corporation
VL ELEPHAS (Connected Beauties)
L ELESSENTIAL botanicals
VL ELEWA Natural
Elin Bianco 305-848-3546
VL EliRose Skincare
VL Elixery 1-888-439-8333
L Elixir Treatments
Elizabeth and James Fragrances
Elizabeth Grady Face First 1-800-322-4257
Elizabeth Jane Natural Cosmetics (EJNC)
L Elizabeth Mott 1-888-639-8807
V Elizabeth Van Buren Aromatherapy 1-800-710-7759
L Ella's Botanicals (416) 588-2069
VL ella+mila
V Ellingwood Soap Company
L Ellis Brooklyn
L ELLIS FAAS Cosmetics +31 20 638 3636
V Ellovi
V Eloise Beauty
ELON Nail & Skin Essentials 1-800-414-3566
V Elta 1-800-633-8872
VL Elysius

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Emajne 0433 667 770
VL EMANI 951-735-8787
VL Embellish Skin Care 1-800-240-5304
VL Embellished Unlimited 404-337-1434
VL Emerald Forest (Natural Tropix 760-633-0110
V Emerita 1-800-648-8211
Emily Skin Soothers
New! L Eminence Organic Skin Care
V Emita-Natur
VL Emma Jean Cosmetics
VL emmetts haircare 1-800-600-3914
V Empyrio Provence Aromatiques
VL Emporio Natural
L Empresas DBS
VL Enchanted Polish
V Encore Soaps
VL Energie Fruit (Beaute Resort)
L Enessa Organic Skin Care
V Enfusia 1-866-681-0732
V Engelshaut Cosmetics
L English Rose Cosmetics +44 0-118 956 8251
L Enlite
VL Enphasis
VL Entivita
VL Envy Tan 1-866-368-9826
L Envyderm Cosmetics Company 1-877-500-3438
Enzoskin 702-416-6715
EO Products 1-800-570-3775
New! V Eora Brasil
V Epiphany Soapworks
L Episencial 1-800-690-1610
New! L EQ LOVE Cosmetics
Equinature 508-234-8389
L Equus Mare
L Era Organics
L Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics 612-913-0355-2
L Erin's Faces 917-701-0644
L ErzulieŠNatural Cosmetics (Progress In 774-365- 4064
L eSalon 866-550-2424
L eScential Wellness 905-634-8222
VL Esensi Botanical Skincare
V Espt ritu del Bosque
Especially Hair
New! L Espigas
VL Espinache
New! L EssantpOrganics
VL Esse Organic Skincare (The Esse Trust)
L essence
Essence of Vali, Inc. 212-242-0576
Essential 3 1-888-482-7662
Essential Aroma
L Essential Blends
Essential Oil Company 1-800-729-5912
L Essential Oils
L Estelle & Thild
Esutras 847-885-6252
Last updated on 02/15/2019 Page 22 of 67
V Etani Soaps
L Ethical Body 604-947-0292
New! VL Ethical House
V Ethically Eco Limited
L Ethically Organic
VL Ethique
VL Etude Outdoor
L Eugqne Perma
VL European Perfume Works Co.
V Eva Jenae Naturals 937-203-8296
VL Evande Facial Care 1-888-382-6336
L Evangeline Skin Care
Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Co., Inc. 1-800-288-6796
VL Eve & Rose
L Eveline Cosmetics
L Evelyn Iona Cosmetics 1-888 320 2421
VL Everdry
L Evergreen Consumer Brands
Every Body Ltd. 1-800-748-5675
L Every Man Jack
Everyday Esthetics 412-716-4825
L Everyday Happy 1-844-805-0626
Everyday Minerals 512-586-3026
Evio Beauty Group
L evo labs
VL Evolve Skin (703) 554-3510
Evy Jo & Co.
V Extraordinirios Luxo Natural
VL Exuberance International Inc. 1-877-231-6607
L EYEMIMO -888-723-2219
L Eylure
VL FtOR Mineral Cosmetics
Fttere Gutes
V F.U.N Lacquer
L Faber-Castell Cosmetics
L Fabuluzz +44 (0)1639 641687
L FACE Atelier 403-301-3391
L Face Candy
L Face Food 978-697-2590
New! VL Face Halo
L FaceBase Cosmetics
VL FaceCase
L Factorie (Cotton On)
Fair and Flawless 516-333-2999
VL Fair Squared 022116816347
VL Fairy Girl
Faith Products, Ltd. 011 44 16 1764 2555
V Fanciful Fox, The 570-558-3001
VL Fantastic Hairdresser Products Ltd. (0) 208 827 1659
VL FantastiKa
VL Farm Dog Naturals 615-281-9735
L Farmaervas
Farmer's Daughter Soap Company

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L FarmHouse Fresh Goods 1-888-773-9626
L Farmstead Apothecary
FastFill Pack
Fatale Skincare
Faultless Starch/Bon Ami 816-842-1230
VL Faux Features
L fave4 haircare
Favor Care Organics 317-641-4835
VL Feito Brasil Cosmeticos
Feline's Pride
VL Feral Cosmetics
VL FERI Flawless (GWT Corp.)
L Ferm
L Fernberry (Little Green Ferns Limited)
L Ferro Cosmetics 1-800-210-3787
L Fetch...For Pets! 212-244-2456
L Fevour Cosmetics 1-888-573-0339
New! VL FEY Cosmetics
L FiberGuard
VL FiiLiT Parfum du Voyage
V Filabp
VL Filigree Parfums
L Finally Pure 907-373-0785
VL FINE Deodorant
V Fine Oils
L Fiona Stiles Beauty
VL Fire & Ashes
L First Aid Beauty
VL Fit Kit
Fitne (Logocos)
VL Fitz & Ellen Beauty Co.
L Fivesso 407-757-5758
L Fizzy Bella Bath Boutique 928-774-1717
VL Flawless
L Flawless Spa Treatment Mineral 021 2080683
V Fleabusters/Rx for Fleas 1-800-666-3532
V Fleet and Flower
V Fleur de Point
VL Flickable 1-888-205-2211
L FLiRT Cosmetics (Estee Lauder) 1-866-887-8884
V flor cordillerana
L Floralia Organics
VL florapothecarie
Florere, Inc. 818-709-1341
VL Florida Salt Scrubs 754-214-9379
L FLOWER 2126745555
V Flower Essences of Fox Mountain 413-238-4291
VL Flurifresh (Alphamed) 612-974-8000-7
VL Flux Botanicals
L Flying Squirrel Co.
V FNBrilliant
L Fontella Cosmetics
Food Lion 704-633-8250
V For My Kids 972-740-6913
VL For Your Nails Only

Last updated on 02/15/2019 Page 24 of 67

VL Forage Candle
V Forage Soaps
VL Forest Heal INC.
Forest Nymphs 714-661-6392
Forever Flutterings
Forever New Company 1-800-463-2273
V Forever New International 1-800-456-0107
Formula X
Forza de Vie
VL Foster Naturals
Fouka Organic Cosmetics 210 2718668
L Found Coffee
L Four Cow Farm
VL Fourth Ray
VL frnn krlmer
V Franche Chiral Skin Care
L Frangipani Body Products
Frank & Rose
VL Frank T. Ross (Nature Clean) 905-940-1107
VL Franklin & Whitman
V Free of...Bath & Body Care 1-888-869-6198
Freeda Vitamins 1-800-777-3737
L FREEDOM Naturals 1-800-279-7284
Freeman Beauty 310-446-9300
VL Fresh Face Skin
VL Fresh Monster
L freshmade organics
V Freya Botanica
VL FreyForMen
Fromm Family Foods 1-800-325-6331
Frontier Natural Products Co-op 1-800-669-3275
Frownies (B&P Company) 1-800-648-6891
Fruit of the Earth 1-800-527-7731
Fudge 61 2 9982 0111
L FUN Girl Nail
L Fun'Ethic
VL Function of Beauty
L Fundamental Earth 1-888-851-2055
VL Furless
L Furry Naturals
L Fusion Of Color 773-634-9731
V Future Skin +91 11 30152550
VL Fyve, Inc.
L Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. 1-800-497-6419
VL Gaea Lash
L Gaelle Organic
VL Gaffer & Child
VL Gaia Retreatment
VL Garbo & Kelly 1300 427 697
Garden Botanika 1-800-968-7842
L Garden City Essentials
Garden Girl 781-559-3331
L Garden of Eve Skin Care 1-800-329-4748
Garmon Corporation 1-888-628-8783
V Geekyclean
VL Geltor

Last updated on 02/15/2019 Page 25 of 67

L Gemnora
Gemstone Organic 224-201-0600
VL Genuine Glow
L Georganics 01444831193
L Georgie Beauty 229-977-2290
VL Geraldine Pierre Skin Care
German Bart Company
L Giella
Gilden Tree, The 1-888-445-3368
VL Ginga 1-800-565-1350
L GIO Cosmetics
Giovanni Cosmetics 1-800-563-5468
VL Giraluna Cosmptica
VL Girlie Tween
VL Give Naturals
L GKhair (Van Tibolli) 1-305-390-0044
VL Glacier
L Glam and Glits 661-393-4800
L Glam Factor (Empresas DBS)
Glam Nation 305-299-6995
VL Glam Rock Nails
L GlamFam
L Glamlite
VL Glamour Dolls
V Glisten Cosmetics
V Glitter Glitter Cosmetics
L GlitterDaze Cosmetics
Glo Cosmetics
L Glo Skin Beauty 1-800-903-4321
VL Glory by Nature
L Glow Concept
V Glow Naturals
VL GlowGenics
Gluten Free Beauty 828-316-9512
V GLYDE Health 1-866-590-9626
VL GlyMed Plus 1-800-676-9667
VL Go Green Makeup
L Go Nurture Enterprise
L Goddess Cosmetics
VL Goddessy
Gogreenman Beauty Products
L Gold Haircare
L Golden Door
VL Golden Path Alchemy 310-403-5044
Golden Pride/Rawleigh 561-640-5700
VL Goldenlin
V Goldwin Products
L GOLGI 401-663-5522
VL Good & Clean Skincare 07 3103 3600

Last updated on 02/15/2019 Page 26 of 67

VL Good Dye Young
L Good Feeling Products
VL Good Girl | Good Boy
L Good Home Company 1-888-442-2862
VL Good Lab
L GoodFibers USA
Gosh Cosmetics 1-888-352-8629
V Gourmet Body Treats 512-222-7943
VL Gr8ful 305-321-6911
VL Grace + Tonic Botanical Beauty
L Gracie & Bella
VL Grancia Organics Stockholm
L Grande Cosmetics
L Granola Culture
L Grateful Body Skin Care 1-800-600-6806
Great American, The Wholefood Farmacy 1-866-550-8638
V Green and Colour
VL Green Babies (MZB) 718-472-7571
Green Beauty Cosmetics 719-256-5330
V Green Body Green Planet 651-628-0286
V Green Cure Wellness
VL Green Destiny Beauty
V Green Forest 1-888-478-8131
Green Girl Basics 614-263-3938
VL Green Hare Mud
L Green Keratin
L Green Olive Soaps
VL Green Ritual Organics 006-143-0670-413
L GreenOcto
L Greenology Products 1-877-473-3650
GreenTripe.Com 1-877-635-0724
VL Gregory Dylan Skincare
L Grounded Sage Skincare
L Guidotti Cosmetics
VL Guiltless Skin
L Guize Face FX 302-231-1332
L Gunilla of Sweden 1-866-551-5505
Gustavo Cosmetics 1-800-583-2231
VL GWA (Girls With Attitude)
VL Gypsy Juice
VL Habit Cosmetics
Hair Rules 1-866-797-8537
VL Haleys Beauty
Halo, Purely for Pets 1-800-426-4256
L HAN Skin Care Cosmetics 1-800-887-8523
L HANA Organic Skincare 206-395-9760
L Hanalei Beauty Company 1-888-639-8807
VL Hanami Cosmetics
VL Hand Over Heart
L HandMade Beauty
VL Handmade by Samantha

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VL Handmade Heroes +65 6801 0678
Handmade Natural Beauty 608-782-7627
L Handmaids Cosmetic
VL Hands on Veggies
Happy Dog Food 1-800-359-9576
L Happy Hippo Bath Co 1-403-887-7177
L Happy Me Skincare (PEY Beauty and 1-877-346-5893
Health, LLC)
VL Happy Skincare 02 4957 5774
V Happy Spritz
VL happybrush
L HappySkin
V Harbingers of a New Age 406-295-4944
VL Harriet Herbery
Harvey Prince 212-679-0700
HATHOR Aroma Cosmetic
V Hawaiian Resources 808-636-2300
Head Organics 1-800-432-3787
VL Heal Gel (Heal Care Products) 0800 0053300
L Healing Scents 815-874-0924
L Healium Hair
VL Health 2 Humanity
L Healthspecialty (Cosmolara) 1-888-267-6652
V Healthy Times 858-513-1550
L HeartNSoap
Heliotrop (Logocos)
VL Hello Products
VL Hello Simple
VL Helpo Solutions
L Hemp Hemp Hooray 61 8 8391 5150
VL Henna Color Lab 1-888-502-2510
Henri Bendel (L Brands) 1-800-423-6335
V Hera Organics
L Herb Stop 1-877-345-4372
Herbaderm Natural Products +972-3-7315030
Herbal Clear (Distributed by The Aurora 1-800-318-3934
Group, Inc.)
L Herbal Essentials 971-4-3790878
V Herbal Me
herbal MINERAL 408-446-8400
Herbal Products & Development 831-688-8706
V Herbal Strategi +91 80 23431723 /
New! V Herbalistica Skincare
Herbalix Restoratives 1-866-387-4222
Herbaliz 334-356-4500
Herbaluna Naturals 256-605-0523
V Herban Cowboy 763-656-7423
Herban Lifestyle 1-877-380-3562
VL herbanluxe
VL HERBATINT (Antica Erboristeria)
VL Herbera Biocosmptica
L Herbfarmacy +44 (0)1544 327371
VL Herbivore Botanicals
VL Herbs + Oils Bath
L Herbs and Bees
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L Hercules Beard Co.
L Hercules Man
VL Here We Flo Ltd
L Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics
L Hey Honey
Heymountain Cosmetics
VL Hibisco Cometica Vegana
VL Hidden Cosmetics
L High Endurance Cosmetics
V Hillinger Cosmetics
L Hims
V Hippy Heaven Natural Beauty 040-358-7209
L Hippy Paste
VL Hippy Pits Natural Deodorant
HobpLaboratories, Inc. 1-800-528-4482
Hoke2 1-877-438-4652
L Holi World
L Holistic Beauty 411
Holistic Blend 1-800-954-1117
V Holistic Body Care 949-388-3800
L Holler & Glow
VL Hollywood Style USA
V Homemade Betty
VL Homestead Body
Homestead Candles 314-399-4028
VL Honest Earth Candles
Honest Kitchen, The 1-866-437-9729
V Honesty Cosmetics 0044 1629 814 888
L Honey Belle
L Honeybee Gardens 610-396-9225
V HoneyChile HairLove
VL Hoopla
VL Hopkins Development Limited
New! Hopsford
L Hot Tot 720-295-1744
V Hothouse Botanicals 480-993-2309
L Hourglass Cosmetics (Unilever) 310-392-7799
V Hugo Natural Products 818-576-9917
L Huiles & Sens (Laboratoire Centiflor) 04 90 36 22 03
L Human Nature 632-931-5787
V Hund & Herrchen
VL Hurraw! Balm 406-730-2571
V Hush + Dotti 203-505-6967
VL Hush Brands
VL Hydrophil
L Hygieia
L Hynt Beauty
VL Hypnotic Skinessentials
L Hyssop Beauty Apothecary
L I AM Cosmetic
L I Am Selfcare 1-866-327-5405
VL I Love My Muff 604-240-2179
I Woke Up Well Distributing 615-562-3141

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V I.V.A Inc.
VL IAH Cosmetics +55 11 3744-2200
V Iba Halal Care
VL ibeauty 1-888-236-6811
L IBY Beauty
L Iconic London
V Iconic Luxury Nail Color
VL Idee Pure
L identity1 425-748-1418
V iGlow Cosmetics
VL IGXO Cosmetics (It Girl Beauty)
VL iHeart Nature
VL iKoo-Brush
Il-Makiage 1-800-722-1011
L iLevel Lab
L Illamasqua 44 (0) 844 984 1700
VL Illumai
V Illuminare Cosmetics 1-866-999-2033
ILONA 1-888-384-5662
Implkt Organic
V Impel Pet Care
New! VL Imperial Bioscience
VL IMTEK ( 1-888-866-6367
VL IMWE cosmptiques
L in Harmony
L In The Buff Makeup
VL Inahsi
L Inc.redible
VL Indemne
VL Indie Blends
L Indigena Skincare
L Industrias T. Taio 323-938-8886
V Infused by Maya
VL Infusion Breast Care Botanicals
V Ingenue
L Inglot Cosmetics
V Ingredients Matter
VL Inika Mineral Cosmetics 02 4283 1043
VL Ink and Ocean Botanicals
VL Ink Nurse
VL Inkas' Balm
V Innovative Formulations 520-628-1553
L Inoar
VL InstaCure
VL Instinctus
L Institut Claude Bell (33)
VL Institut' DERMed Clinical Skin Care
VL Integrity Naturals
VL Intelligent Elixirs
VL Intense Formulas
VL Invogue
L Ipswich Bay Soap Company 978-412-8121
VL Isabella's Clearly
ishop4beauty 702-510-7475

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VL Isla Apothecary
VL Island Blush 011-599-542-0095
L Island Joy Sugar Scrub
VL It Balm
L IT Cosmetics 818-358-4327
V iThrive Labs
L ittse
VL Iva Natura Organic Cosmetics
Ixmucane Skin Care
L IZBA Nature
J Beverly Hills 1-800-980-0098
VL J Bloom Cosmetics
L J Lash (New World Beauty) 9099890100
L J.Cat Beauty
J.Lynne Cosmetics 480-840-1701
V J.R. Liggett, Ltd. 603-675-2055
J.R. Watkins (Watkins Incorporated) 1-800-243-9423
V Jabon Natural Company 612-817-7200
L Jabones Art
VL Jack and Jill Kids 917-576-9745
Jack Black 1-877-766-3388
VL Jack's Soap 818-441-3597
Jacki's Magic Lotion 541-858-3313
Jackson Sage 804-306-3726
L Jacq's Organics 407-715-7442
VL Jade Lilly
JAM Cosmetics 1-877-387-4801
James Austin Company 1-800-245-1942
VL James Robert John
L Jamieson Laboratories 1-800-265-5088
Jane 1-877-438-5263
L jane iredale k¼³THE SKIN CARE 413-644-9900
Jasmin Skincare Organics
Jason Natural Cosmetics 1-800-527-6605
VL Jax and Cali
VL Jax Wax
L JB Cosmetics 1-800-748-5168
L JB Lashes
L JDEZ Beauty
Je'Ane LLC 337-286-9020
Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy 415-564-6785
VL Jeffree Star
L Jenulence 732-447-3663
V JePop
L Jersey Shore Cosmetics
Jess' Bee Natural Products 614-784-8565
L Jesse's Girl Cosmetics 919-693-9620
Jessica McClintock 415-553-8200
Jessicurl 707-826-1415
Jheri Redding 1-800-726-6247
L Jillian Dempsey
JKosmmune 301-250-4490
Joe Blasco Cosmetics 1-800-634-0008
John Amico Expressive Hair Care 1-800-676-5264
VL John Julia
L John Masters Organics 1-800-599-2450
VL John Tsagkaris
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V Johnny Concert 201-741-6525
L Johnny's Chop (SLG)
L JOKEN All Natural Skincare 902-794-2284
Jolen Creme Bleach 203-259-8779
Joli Natural Skin Care Products (03) 9798 6284
VL Jolifine
VL Jolii Cosmetics
L Jordana Cosmetics 1-800-726-4147
L JOSeE Organic Beauty & Perfume +85281229423
Jospphine Cosmetics
VL JoShik Polish
L Josie Maran Cosmetics 323-461-6512
L Joss+Lyn
JR Farm
Juara Skincare 212-228-9601
L Jubel Oils
L Juice Beauty, Inc. 1-415-457-4600
L Juice Organics 1-877-473-0236
VL Juka Cosmetic
V Juka d'Or
L Julep Beauty
V Julian Rouas Paris Inc. 310-467-6630
VL Julisa
Junoon Ventures (0832) 3290803
VL Just One
L Just Skin Food 1-866-263-0592
V Justine le Guil
V Juveniis
VL JV Cosmetics
VL Kahuku Natural
L Kaia Naturals, Inc. 416-929-3236
VL Kaieteur Naturals
V Kaike
V Kaleidoscope Cosmetics
V Kalentin
VL Kalliste Organics Inc. 914-574-5467
L KALU Cosmetics
L KalVera Skincare
L Kama Natural Soap 1-250-653-9921
VL Kani Botanicals
VL Kanvys Cosmetics
L Karemi Cosmetics
Karen's Botanicals 610-926-6169
L Karethic
VL Kari'T Care
L Karity
VL Karma Organic Spa 201-920-0296
L Karmela Cosmetics
L Kasnoff Cosmetics
Kat Burki 1-888-881-7677
Kat Von D Beauty
New! VL Katari
L Katavi Botanticals 27 44 870 8305
L Kate Ryan Skincare 1-877-854-1346
L Kate Somerville
V Kate's Magik 520-743-1486

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L Katherine Cosmetics
V Kathority
L Katmand~ 229461327
Kaunis 1 310 918 1628
VL Kavella
KBS Cosmetics
Keeki Pure & Simple 616-308-3033
L Kelley Quan New York 646 470-1261
L Kelly Teegarden Organics 818-887-1883
KENDO Beauty Group
Kenic Pet Products 1-800-228-7387
V Kenisha Handcrafted Natural Products
Kenra 1-800-428-8073
V Kenson's
VL Kept Non-Toxic Beauty 250-885-1823
L KeraCare
V Keshi Organics 041-146-8027
V Kester Black
VL Kett Cosmetics
L KEVIN.MURPHY 393-139-099
L Key Brands International 626-337-5200
V Keys Soap 1-877-878-4082
L Khome Cosmetics
VL Kia-Charlotta
L Kiara Sky Professional Nails
V Kimberly Sayer of London 917-767-8035
L Kina Cosmetics
Kind Beauty Collective
V Kind Candles 503-602-7523
VL Kind Organic
VL KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen 1-877-546-3797
King of Shaves 212-590-2471
VL Kingdom Plantae
L Kinky-Curly
L Kinloo
VL Kirei Cosmetics
V Kirk's Natural Products 1-800-825-4757
VL Kisanii
L Kiss Products 516-625-9292
L Klasme (Monkyi Importaomo and
Exportaomo Ltda Company Group)
KLASS Cosmetics
VL Klean Sweat
VL Kleem Organics
L Kleeneze 01254 304171
New! L Kleine Auszeit
VL KLM Cosmetics
L Knotty Boy Natural Dreadlock Care 1-877-456-6889
L Knours
Know Better Pet Food 1-866-922-6463
L KO Cosmetics
VL Koa + Roy
Koche 1-240-389-4258

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L KOHA Beauty
VL Kohl Kreatives
VL Koils by Nature 1-866-597-1115
VL koko
V Kokoa UK
L Kokokahn 813-451-8175
VL Kokoro, LLC 714-836-7749
V KolorsbyK
L Kora Organics 029-979-5672
VL Kore Natural
VL Kosmatology
L Kosmea Australia
VL Kosmolife
VL Koya Natural Skincare
L KPS Essentials 866-512-7713
L Krave Cosmeceuticals 63906-4707-949
L Kristin Ess Hair
V Krya Consumer Products +91-44 4204 9292
Kryolan Professional Make-up 1-415-863-9684
V KSA Jojoba 818-701-1534
L Kspark
L Kueshi
VL Kumari LLC 434-242-4684
L Kund-In Biocosmetic Co., Ltd.
L Kurlee Belle
V Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink
VL Kuru
V Kuyen Rayen Cosmptica Artesanal
VL Kylie's Professional +61 (07) 55764599
VL Kym Pristal Pte Ltd
VL Kypwell
VL Kyra's Shea Medleys
L'anza Healing Haircare 1-800-423-0307
VL L'uvalla 323-876-5623
L.A. Colors (Beauty 21) 909-945-2220
L.A. Girl (Beauty 21) 909-945-2220
VL La Bella Pink 503-914-6589
L La Bulle de Maryse +32 496 480 728
VL La Folie des Senteurs
VL La Ishi 303-601-7284
V La Maison Du Papillon
V La Mia Bella
LA Minerals 409-681-4068
VL La Natura
L La petite lavande (Angara d.o.o.)
VL La petite main
L La Riche
La Saponaria
VL La Savonnerie du Nouveau Monde
La Senza (L Brands) 1-888-527-3692
L La Vie Celeste Skin Care 1-866-921-9594
VL LabCare Cosmetics
VL LaBoom
New! Laboratoire B Blanche

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VL Laboratoire Beauterra
VL Laboratoire Bio Collow
L Laboratoire INSPHY 04 67 107 110
L Laboratoire Nature 1-800-463-7249
L Laboratoire Phyto-Actif 05 56 07 00 70
L Laboratoires Lea
VL Labotp 01 45 48 97 48
VL Lady & Skin Co. +82 -2-2607-1517
Lady Burd Cosmetics
Lady Godiva Beauty
L Lady Green (LYSEA)
V Lady of the Lake 541-469-3354
L Laila London +44 (0) 151 207
Lakon Herbals 1-800-865-2566
Lalabee Bathworks 250-575-2323
VL LalaLucia Fresh Beauty
V Lamas Beauty 1-877-604-6521
VL Lamazuna 336 71 60 73 30
VL Lamiya Beauty
VL Lan Cos
V LaNatura 1-800-352-6288
VL Land Caring Inc.
Lander 616-532-1700
L LaPurre
L Laritelle 1-844-524-2572
LaRocca Skincare 818-748-6114
V Lash and Crown Beauty
VL Lash Department
L LASplash Cosmetics (Jon Davler, Inc.) 626-941-6558
L Lather 1-877-652-8437
L Latika soap 512-719-3302
L Laugh To Win
V Laughing Devil Designs
VL Laura Lee Los Angeles
L Laura Sanchez Makeup
V Lauren Adorn
Lauren Brooke Cosmetics 801-901-0832
VL LAURENA Cosmetipack e.K.
L Lavoris
VL LAW Beauty Essentials
L Lawrens Cosmetics 305-597-6410
VL LC Productos
L LCB Cosmetiques
VL Le Blanc 1-800-814-9274
VL Le chaudron jPlumes
V Le FP Green Body Care 603-765-0003
VL Le Jardin De Lilith
V Le Labo 212-219-2230
L Le Mieux 1-888-327-8188
VL Le Prunier

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VL Le Rouge Franoais
Leac de-un veac
L Leaf & Stem Naturals 1-844-910-3966
VL Leap Organics 617-401-2146
L Leaves Of Trees 1-888-544-7292
VL Leclaire Beauty
L Led Laboratyrio de Evoluomo
Leeor Skincare
VL Legendary Apothecary
VL Lemon and Beaker
L Lemongrass Spa Products 303-838-6336
VL Lemonhead.LA
V lenz Naturkosmetik
L LEO - Lavender Essential Oils
L Les Artistes de Nature
VL Les Happycuriennes
L Les Naly
VL Les P'tites Coquettes
V Les savons de Brocpliande
Les Soins de Jacynthe
L Less is More by brandhuber & trummer +43 (0) 1 907 45 05
VL Let Natural Cosmetics
VL Let NaturMakeup
LeTellier Skincare
VL Lethal Cosmetics
V Level Naturals 323-352-8108
L Lexagirl Naturkosmetik
L Leyton House Professional
VL LI Pigments
Liberty Natural Products 1-800-289-8427
L Libras Botanicals
Liebesgut Tiernahrung
L Life Choice 1-866-226-1722
V Life Skin Care
V Life Tree Products 1-800-824-6396
L LifeCell (South Beach Skincare) 954-674-2397
VL Lifepure
VL Lifestyle In Green
VL Lifetherapy
LIFTREAT (A Natural Choice)
V Light Mountain Natural Hair Color 262-889-8561
VL Lilitu 07534-909-608
V Lillian Organics 971-238-2945
VL Lillydoo
L Lily Lolo 44 (0) 1482 640619
Lily Organics 1-800-333-5459
Lime and Lotus Organics 843-214-2997
VL Lime Crime Cosmetics 1-888-408-4576
VL LimeLily Cosmetics
L LIMPETS organic grooming
VL Linden & London
Ling Skincare 1-888-815-5464
L Lip Smacker
L Lip'Shining Marketing 1-877-777-3024

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V Lip-Ink International 310-414-9246
L Lippy Girl Cosmetics 1-888-707-8767
VL Lips N Tips Cosmetics
L Liquid Soap Products 1-800-458-7627
L Lisa Hoffman Beauty 310-442-2655
V Lisa Nail Lacquer
VL Lisa Rabbit
Little Barn Apothecary 678 825 5393
VL Little Fillips
V Little Fudges Beauty Shop
L Little Green
VL Little Heaven Cosmetics (Smaragdus
Little Innoscents 040-733-2778
Little Moon Essentials 970-879-6711
VL Little Owl Soap 732-395-7627
Little Pearl Cosmetics
VL Little Rabbit
VL Little Sleepy Head 1-855-534-4550
L Little Tree Organics
L Little Twig 310-648-7985
L Liv-skin
VL Live Love Polish
V Live Native +44 (0) 1599 530
VL Live Ultimate
L Lively Up Your Breath 800-520-6176
L Living Proof
VL LivOliv Cosmetics
VL Lix Organix 604-846-8880
Liz Earle (Avon) 1-800-515-5911
VL Llakolen
VL LMP Santp
V lndagare Natural Beauty
VL Loa Skin Care
V Lobob Laboratories 1-800-835-6262
VL Loella Cosmetics
VL Logic Products 1-888-997-4442
L Logona (L'Oreal) 1-888-502-1671
L Lola's Handcrafted 813-965-5250
L LomaŠHair Care
L London's Pedisoaks
Londontown 212-889-2800
VL Long by Valery Joseph Haircare
VL Long Lashes
L Look Good Feel Better (Bespoke Europe)
VL LookpCosmetics
VL Lore Originals
V Loren's 2 Scents
V Lotion Glow, LLC 909-947-3292
L Lottie London
Lotus Body Botanicals 1-866-568-8726
Lotus Brands
V Lotus Garden Botanicals 207-294-2284
V Lotus Love Beauty 619-295-5565
Lotus Moon Natural Skin Care 1-888-762-2667
Lou Lou Lips
Louis Widmer SA
New! L Love and Green
VL Love Beauty & Planet (Unilever)
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L Love Beauty Alchemy (505) 510-1522
New! VL Love Child Labs
New! Love Home and Planet (Unilever)
L Love is More by brandhuber & trummer
VL Love isk¼æpet vibrational healing
VL Love JJ
Love Nature LLC
VL Love Sun Body
V love veganics
Lovegrove Essentials Skin Care
VL Loveless Soap
VL Lovely Day Botanicals
L Lovely Lady Products 970-372-3044
V Loving Naturals 315-378-6775
L Lowen's Skincare 403-969-6173
VL LS Apothecary
L Luana Organics
V Lucky Chick
Lucky Kitty
L Lucky Scruff
Lucky Tiger 1-800-844-3707
L Luka Cosmetics
V Luka Derma Line
V Luminess Air
VL Luna Bronze
VL Luna Nectar Organics
L Lunar Beauty
VL LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs
VL Luscious Cosmetics
LUSH Cosmetics 1-888-733-5874
VL Lust 64 7 847 8350
VL Lust Cosmetics
L Lust Naked
VL luv child inc.
L Luv Mineral Cosmetics 678-964-5881
L Luvia Cosmetics (Vico GmbH)
L Lux Aromatica
V Luxe and Nature
VL Luxe Beauty
New! Luxederme
Luxgiere Skincare
VL Luxie
L Luxuria Cosmetics
VL LUXURY COSMETICS 385-51-371-418
V Lydia's Organics 415-258-9678
L Lyfe Tea 931-854-9439
L Lynex 1-800-268-8088
V MÊTAMOUR Skin Care 805-845-8306
V Mqre Cie 1-800-832-4544
VL Mplange d'Orlpans
M.E.G. Gottlieb Diaderma-Haus
VL M.O.T.D Cosmetics
V M3K Beauty 424-278-8324
L Ma Sista Stuff

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V Ma Vie Cosmetics
L Maslle
Macbrook & Co.
V Maclaren North America 1-877-442-4622
L MaCosmetoPerso (Laboratoire Centiflor)
VL Mad by Nature
VL Mad Hippie
VL Madam Glam
MADE BBB 818-521-3757
Made By Wunder
L Made from Earth
VL Made in Youthland +351 21 274 13 87
New! VL Made Simple Skin Care
L Madison New York Cosmetics
VL Maelove
VL Maggie Anne Beauty
Magic of Aloe 1-800-257-7770
V Magick Botanicals 1-800-237-0674
VL Magik Skincare
L magnolia flower
VL Magpie Bath
L Magwayen Organics
VL Mahina Beaute
Mahogany Naturals
L Maia's Mineral Galaxy 301-979-9159
V Maid Organic 860-550-1120
Maine Coast Herbals 603-554-7020
VL Maine Island Soap
VL Maison de Chanvre
VL Maison Meunier
VL Makai Cares
V Makana Soaps
VL Makana Studios
L Make Up & Make Out (Factorie)
Make-up Actie
New! L Makeup A Murder
L Makeup by Mer 786-399-6490
V MakeUp Doll Cosmetics
L Makeup Geek
VL Makeup Weapons
V Making Makeup
L Mala od lavande (Angara d.o.o.)
V Mala Sivana
VL Malcolm's Miracle 832-771-6371
VL Malibu Fragrance
VL Malibu Wellness 1-800-622-7332
L Malin+Goetz
Malva Cosmptica Natural
Mama Knows Best
Mama Zebra Cosmetics
New! Mamabali
L MamaSuds
V Mammoth American
VL Manqge Botanique
L MandrpSkincare
L Mango Madness Skin Care 1-877-789-2301
L Manic Panic 1-800-956-2642

Last updated on 02/15/2019 Page 39 of 67

VL ManiPure 1-800-684-1707
Manscape Supply Co.
L Maple Holistics
Marc Jacobs Beauty
V Marcal Paper Mills 201-796-4000
L MareLuna Essentials
L Maria Nila
L Marie Hunter Beauty
Marilyn Miglin Institute 1-800-662-1120
New! VL Marisol Paris
Mark & Chappell 1-866-547-3368
V Markazen
Markus Mhle
L Markwins International 909-595-8898
VL Marlay Cosmetics
L Marley Natural Products
Martina Gebhardt
VL Marulala +49 (0)175 2725279
VL Mas Newen
V Masada 1-800-368-8811
New! VL Masarrat Misbah Makeup
VL MaskerAide
Mastey de Paris 1-800-6-627839
L Maui Soap Company 808-442-2755
VL Mavericks
L Max & More 00-31-654738150
V Max & Ruffy's 703-465-4481
VL Max Green Alchemy, Ltd. 415-863-4155
Max und Moeter
V Maxim Hygiene Products 1-888-956-2946
L Maxus Nails
VL Maya Cosmetics
New! V Maya Naturalnie
V Mayashanti Naturals
VL Mayie
V Mayoress Cosmetics
Mbeze 715-297-8642
L McArthur Skincare
L MD Complete
MD Formulations 1-800-451-3940
VL MDacne
L MDSolarSciences
VL me & you. body
VL Me! Bath 323-931-0934
Meadow Lake Farm Honeybee Products 330-569-7006
VL Meanail Paris
VL Mechaly
VL MediterraneankÄ „Tan, Wax & Beauty
L Medusa's Make-Up 773-929-3937
V Mega Disposables S.A
Mehron 1-800-332-9955
L Mei Yin Naturopathics 602-317-6709
VL Melanie Mills Hollywood 818-248-5565
VL Melanoboost
VL Melchior & Balthazar
VL Melissa Weinberg Tanning & Beauty

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VL Melixir Vegan Skincare
L Melt Online Sales
VL mem Cosmpticos 55 5653 3709
VL Men's Natural Care Products
V Meow Meow Tweet
New! Mercedes Blends
Merry Hempsters 1-888-7333-645
V MERS Razor Works
V Method Products (SC Johnson) 1-866-963-8463
Mexysol Cosmetics
L Mi-Me Handmade Bath & Body
V Mia Rose Products, Inc. 1-800-292-6339
VL Miau Lash
L Michael Todd 772-800-7654
Michelle Beverly Hills
Michelle Lazir International 909-796-3100
L Micki Song Cosmetics
VL Micro Beauty Essentials
Midnight Scentworks
New! L Midori Family & Midoricide
Miessence 617-5539-2011
V Mighty No Bitey
L Mikayla Beauty
L Mila Coco
L Milani Cosmetics 1-866-789-8002
V Milcu 951-479-8213
L milk + honey
VL Mill Creek Botanicals 1-866-447-6758
VL Millenia Productions (316)-425-2500
VL MILU Cosmetics
L MINATA Skincare
L Mindi Walters Skincare
VL Mine.Tan.Body.Skin
L Mineral Air (Ya-Man)
V Mineral X Factor Cosmetics
VL Mineralissima 31 23 7516332
L Mionee
L Mirenesse 039-330-1990
VL Misaki Soap & Co.
L MisMacK Clean Cosmetics
L Misoves 1-855-647-6837
L Miss Fame NYC
L Miss Magoo's
L Miss Selby's Soap 513-217-0333
VL MissChief Cosmetics
VL Mitty
VL Mixaroma 305-443-4848
L Mixed Chicks 1-877-888-0480
L Miya Cosmetics
L MJ Studios Pro Cosmetics Canada 306-570-4119
VL MO Nails
V Mocha Whip
L ModaCapelli
V Mode de Vie 1-800-474-4303
L ModelCo 61 2 8354 6700
L Modere 1-877 663 3731

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VL Modern Hippie
VL Modern Mermaids 1-888-646-9990
V Modern Minerals Makeup
VL Modish Polish
VL MOGI MOUSSEŠ(Brooklyn Funk Factory) +1-718-624-0651
VL Moist Towel Services
L MoisturColor
V MOMMA - Ministry of Mineral Makeup
L Mommy Makeup
L Mommy's Bliss 1-877-457-4955
L Mon Shampoing
Monavp 410-534-1058
V Moni & Co.
VL Moni May Cosmetics 1-866-629-3561
LM Montagne Jeunesse 1-800-552-5742
L Montes Botanicals
L Moo Moo's Signatures
VL Mooi Cosmetics
VL mooi lab
VL Moon Glimmer Cosmetics
VL Moon Mousse
L Moon Rivers Naturals
moon souls
L Moonlight Radiance Artisan Soaps Market 561-503-8986
L Mor Skin
VL Moringa for Life EPZ Ltd.
V Mormaii
VL Morning Blossom Studio
VL Morpho Cosmetics
Morrocco Method 805-534-1600
VL Mosaic Soap Co.
L Moshos Garden
V Moss Botanicals 805-705-8227
L Mother Mabel's 207-377-2486
Motherlove Herbal Company 970-493-2892
VL Mountain Girl Soap And Sundries 530-472-1684
Mountain Ocean, Ltd. 303-444-2781
Mountain Spirit Botanicals 305-456-1700
VL Mr DeFrance Candle
Mr. Peanut's Premium Products's
L Mr. Smith
Mrs. Meyers Clean Day (The Caldrea
VL ms. Artisan
L Mt. Sapola
L MUA Makeup Academy
VL Muddy Body
L Muk Haircare 1300 678 264
L Mulberry Skincare
VL Mullein and Sparrow
VL MuLondon
L MuMe
VL MUN 646-847-7663
VL Mundo Botanica 410-522-5151
L Murad LLC 1-888-996-8723
VL Muskaan Makeup
V MUSQ PTY LTD (08) 8333 1070
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VL Muylinda Collection
MVSingh Trading
My Blend (Clarins of Paris) 1-877-252-7167
V My Konjac Sponge 312-493-6064
M My Lip Stuff 302-945-5922
L My Looking Glass
My Very Own Soap Shoppe
VL My. Haircare
MYA - Make Yourself Authentic
L MyChelle Dermaceuticals 1-800-447-2076
VL myRapunzel
myrto naturalcosmetics
Mystic Wonders 1-888-452-4968
VL MySweetiesCandles
Nabi Cosmetic 323-780-4989
L Nabla Cosmetics
Nablus Soap Company
L Nad's
L Nad's for Men
Nadina's Cremes 1-800-722-4292
L Naikid, Inc.
L Nail Butter (Naturally Me Beauty) 706-389-0486
L Nail HQ (Bespoke Europe)
Nail-Aid 305-937-1202
VL Nail'd at Tiffany's
VL Nailberry 020 72253116
L Nails Inc.
L Naissance
VL Naked Earth
L Naked Princess Worldwide 310-271-1199
VL Nalena Aurveda
L Nanacoco 1-267-677-1050
VL NannaJuanas
VL Nanshy 44 3333 440975
L Naobay
L Nardo's Natural 1-813-400-3687
V Nasce, cosmptica natural
VL Nasty Woman Cosmetics
Natrlich Anna
V Native Touch 919-447-1000
L Native Unearthed
VM Natracare 303-617-3476
L Natura
VL Natura Pur
Naturade 1-800-367-2880
Natural Animal Health Products 1-800-274-7387
Natural Bodycare Co. 310-323-2125
L Natural Charisma
Natural Chemistry 1-800-753-1233
L Natural Dermatology
L Natural Logix
New! VL Natural Roots
V Natural Salt Lamps 1-866-497-0274
V Natural Scentzations 416-615-1957

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L Natural Wunderz
V Naturally Be-Youthiful
VL Naturally Beautiful Organics
VL Naturally Fresh Crystal Deodorant 1-800-653-4006
Naturally Maine 207-602-9565
VL Naturally Uncommon
L Naturally Wild Artisan Soap and Bath
VL Naturavit
VL Naturbrush
L NaturChem S.L
V Nature Brite
VL Nature Clean 416-282-1107
L Nature Loves You Skincare
V Nature Works Laboratories
V Nature's Alchemy 1-877-263-9456
Nature's Beauty Mix
V Nature's Country Pet 619-230-1058
Nature's Emporium
VL Nature's Fusions Essential Oils
VLM Nature's Gate 1-800-327-2012
V Nature's Inventory 1-866-775-2009
Nature's Miracle 1-800-645-5154
Nature's Plus 1-800-645-9500
NATURE'S WAY Ayurvedic Products 0091-40-23730275
VL Nature's Weeds
L Nature's Baby Organics 1-888-902-2229
V Naturel O Galop
L NatureLab
VL Natures Basics by Ava
Natures Bath Bliss
V Natures Magic Skin Care 231-735-4475
VL Naturkosmetik Salzquell
VL naturmaedchen
Naturopathica 1-800-669-7618
L Navajo Skin Care (Maison de Navar) 512-266-6100
VL NAVEEN +886 2 8967 8953
VL Navy Professional
V Naya
VL Nazan Schnapp
VL NB Solution
VL NCI Natural CosmeCeutics Industry 0800 117 0800
VL NCLA 310-691-4790
L Nealy Naturals
VL NeedCrystals (JMB Products) 619-422-7576
V NeemAura Naturals 1-800-824-6396
VL Neeta Naturals
VL NeilMed Pharmaceuticals 1 877 477 8633
VL Nemat International 1-800-936-3628
VL Nero Cosmetics
Nettie Scrub
VL Neuma Beauty 1-800-333-0707
VL New Age & Co.
New Chapter Extracts 1-800-543-7279
L New Directions Aromatics 1-877-255-7692

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V New Generation ADVANAGE G (RNC
Sales of Tampa Bay)
L New Heights Naturals
L New Look Cosmetics 818-576-9888
VL New World Cosmetics
L New Zealand Natural Skincare Limited
Newman's Own Organics 203-222-0136
L NF Skin
New! L Nicka K New York
VL Niir
VL Nilotic
VL Niora 1-800-882-9887
VL Niu Smile
VL Niucoco
VL No Bull Beauty
No Common Scents 1-800-686-0012
No Gray Quick Fix
No-Ad Suncare 1-800-715-3485
L Noctua Diem 1-888-885-1185
VL Nokomis Naturals
L Nomad Cosmetics
VL Nooda srl
VL NOOMI Stockholm
V Nordics Bamboo
VL North American Hemp Co.
VL North Coast Organics 312-725-4389
VL Northern Star Cosmetics
L Northport Naturals
L Norvell 1-888-829-2831
L NOTE Professional Cosmetics
Nothing Nasty 0845-450-8982
V NOTO Botanics
L Nougatine Paris
VL Noughty haircare
VL NovAurora Organic Skin Care 303-499-3150
L Nubar 1-800-552-4769
Nubian Heritage (Unilever) 631-842-8800
NuCelle Inc. 1-800-877-3141
L Nude by Nature 1300 795 003
New! VL Nude Envie
Nudi Point
Nueco (Prodena Natural laboratories Pty
L Nuestra Tierra Cosmptica Ancestral
VL Number 4 Hair Care
L NuMe 818-756-5306
L Nurture by Nature (NxN)
L Nurture My Body 1-888-339-3376
L NutraLuxeMD
Nutri-Vet 1-877-729-8668
NutriBiotic 1-800-225-4345
Nutrimetics 612-9818-9011
V NuTru, Inc. 847-251-0513
V Nuts Organic (+44) 07979605349
VL NuVsio
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VL Nuwena
Nuzzle by Beaute Marketing 1-866-689-9533
L Nvenn
NYDG Skincare
VL nyl skincare 267-352-3511
L Nyme Organics
NYR Organic (Neal's Yard Remedies) 1-888-697-8721
L NYX Los Angeles Inc. (L'Oreal) 323-869-9420
NZP Naturals 303-506-8979
L O Naturals
VL Oak and Ashland
VL OBIA Natural Hair Care
Oblige By Nature 1-888-367-2529
L oBoticirio
VL Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Inc. 212-675-2572
New! L Ocpane
L Ocean Potion 1-800-715-3485
L Ochi Hemp
VL October Fields 207-465-5355
VL Odacitp 1-800-809-8714
VL Odeene
L Odylique
L Offspring Natural
V OFRA Cosmetics (877) 652-9888
L Ogee 888-376-8037
VL Oh, Si Belle
VL OhMyGlitter
VL Oil of Angels
VL OilivingLife
L Oilogic Essential Oil Care 1-888-645-644
VL Ojavan Products 801-392-5896
VL OKOKO Cosmptiques 514-912-9998
Ole Henriksen 1-800-327-0331
L Olie Biologique
V Olivella (Umbria Olii International USA)
Olivia Care 310-649-4593
Olorun Skin
VL OM made
Oma's Pride 1-800-678-6627
VL OMIT Headcare
VL Omoils
V Omved +91-22-28203154
V One Cure
L One Day Bio Cosmetics
L One Earth Organics
VL One Group Biologique
L One Love Organics 912-434-4242
VL One Therapy 01 6877198
V One With Nature
V One You Limited
L Onesta Hair Care 1-877-542-5300
Onesta Organics, Inc. 619-295-1136
L Onirica Cosmetics
Only YOURx Skin Care 1-800-877-4849

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L ONLYESS +33 (0)6 51 86 89 53
L OntkOrganix
VL oOlution (Seed to seed) +33 09 83 71 34 74
Opas Soap 805 323 6727
L Opulence Cosmetics 613-943-14480
L Opulent Essences
VL OPV Beauty
VL Oral Fitness 1-877-866-8447
VL Orange-Mate 1-800-626-8685
VL Orchard Harvest Soap Co.
V Orea Skincare
L Oregon Soap Company 503-493-4151
V Orenda Skin Care
VL Organic and Nature 516-825-2851
L Organic Colour Systems 44 (0) 1590 646462
V Organic Grooming 952-303-4516
V Organic Harvest
Organic Make-up Company Inc. 905-497-9295
VL Organic Rosehip Skincare 075-523-9100
VL Organic Skin by Myriam
L Organic Tan 403-690-3824
Organic to Green
Organic Trader Canada
Organic Way (Oway) 1-888-213-4744
VL Organically Epic
VL Organicum (Isikterapi) 90 216 360 13 11
VL Organik Orangutan 07917 733127
Organix South 1-888-989-6336
L Organoderm Skin Care 1-877-967-4266
V Oribel Organics
L Orico (London)
VL Original Good Goods
L Original Mineral
Original Moxie 734-480-8096
VL Original Sprout... 805-462-0330
Orlane, Inc. 1-800-535-3628
L ORS Hair Care
V OSEA 1-800-576-6732
VL OSEA Malibu 310-589-1942
V Oshadhi USA 1-800-225-6111
VL OshunRa Vegan Beauty
L Osmia Organics 970-510-6610
L Our Planet Soap Company
V Outside/In Cosmetics 604-846-8880
VL oVertone Haircare
VL OVO Skincare
VL Oxbloode
V Oxyfresh Worldwide 1-800-223-7374
VL Oxygenetix 1-888-500-1672
V Oyana Body Care
L Pr Minerals/PhR Complexion Authority 1-866-787-0022
VL P.R.M.I.T Beauty
Pa DOG`s Warenhandels
L Pawma
L PAAVANI Ayurveda 530 346-3729

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VL Pacha Soap Company
VL Pachamamaw +33 (0)6
VL Pacifica
V Painted Lips
VL Paivl
V Pallas Athene Soap 619-548-2378
L Palmetto Derma
VL Paloma Belle Organic Skincare 770-677-0300
VL Panda Bambu
Pandora's Products 631-889-3471
Pangea Organics 1-877-679-5854
V Paper Street Soap Co. 631-255-0783
VL Para-Sol Cosmetics 8188544817
VL Paradise Candles of Hawaii 808-778-3674
V Paradise Skin Co. 413-586-9990
L Parasol
VL Parcel and Root
VL Parker & Co.
L Partly Sunny by Susan Grace 206-466-2479
V Patch Me Up Organics 1-877-728-2487
VL Pato Pato
Patricia Allison Natural Beauty Products 1-800-858-8742
Patricia Wexler M.D. 1-800-756-5005
Paul Labrecque 1-888-757-2566
V Paul Mazzotta 610-376-2250
Paul Mitchell Systems 1-800-321-5767
Paul Penders 604-966-9688
Paula's Choice 1-800-831-4088
New! L Paws Beauty
V PAZ ARTESANAL 664-579-9396
VL Peace Love TSD
L Peace Out Skincare
V Peacesake
Peachy Clean Soap
Peachykeen Organics 08450707282
V Pear Nova
VL Pelle Beauty
L People for Plants
VL Per-fpkt Beauty 1-888-737-3358
V Perennial Soaps
VL Perfect Glow Sunless
V Performance Brands Inc. 954-423-4161
L Persona Cosmetics
VL Perssential
Pet Chef Express 604-916-2433
PET fit
Pet Guard Inc. 1-800-874-3221
VL Petit Lapin
Petit Zebre Suisse AG
L Petite 'n Pretty
L Petunia Skincare
VL Pewilben
V Pharmacopia 1-877-389-9898
VL PharmaFAP
V Pharmagel International 1-800-882-4889

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VL PHB Ethical Beauty 01242300396
L Phenic Natural Skincare
VL Philips Own Apothecary
L Phils Kosmetisches
VL pHresh Deodorant (Sparklehearts) 714-397-9291
L Physicians Formula 626-334-3395
V Phyte Club
New! VL Phytema
L Phyto Laboratory
L PIBU Beauty
L Pickle's Potions and Lotions
L Pierre Renp
V Pilot Corporation of America 203-377-8800
VL Pinch (Orquidea Enterprises)
L Pink Horizons Botanical Skin Care 646-504-7546
Pink Posh Fox
V Pink Quartz Minerals
L Pink Sugar Cosmetics
VL Pink Wipes 604-346-9236
New! VL Pinkar
L Pinky Rose Cosmetics
VL Pinrose Perfumes
L Pinup Balm 1-877-597-4687
VL Piora
V Pip's Cosmetics
VL Pirouette Brushes
VL Pitahia
V Pittstown Soapworks 908-730-8631
V Pixie Potions
VL Pixllady Cosmetics
L Plain Jane Beauty
New! VL Plaine Products
V Planet 1-800-858-8449
L Planet Botanicals 1-877-204-2075
V Planet Eve Organics 61 2 800 77503
L Plantactive Blend
VL Plantioxidants
VL Platinum Makeup
Platinum Skin Care 1-800-917-3155
V Plum Goodness
L Plume Cosmetics
VL PNK DiGGER Cosmetics
V Pok¼„tion Naked Essentials 1-888-423-4747
L Poise Makeup Professional
VL Polished by KPT
L Poofy Organics 201-438-6800
VL Posh & Pander Soap Co. 352-364-2337
VL POSH Beauty Essentials
Posh Brats
L Positively Organic Skincare
New! VL Potion Natural Skincare
VL Pour le Monde Parfums
VL Pour Moi Beauty 909-243-1456
New! VL Pour Vos
V Pradiance Skincare
L PRAI Beauty
Prakriti Herbals
VL Pranaa Products

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VL Preen Kit
VL Premae Skincare
VL Premiere Products Inc. 1-800-346-4774
Preserve Products 1-888-354-7296
Prestige Cosmetics
L Pretty Ink...Nail Polish
L Pretty Vulgar 1-877-298-1362
VL Previse DermApothecary
L Priia Cosmetics 610-438-8223
L Prima Makeup
Primal Pet Foods 1-866-566-4652
VL Primary Syn 1-888-796-6377
Primavera Life
V Princess Bunny 305-204-0427
Principal Secret 1-800-545-5595
L PRIORI Skincare (SkinSciPac)
VL Prism Polish
VL Pristine Beauty 919-610-1953
L privp 906-424-4577
Pro Pet
Pro-Tec Pet Health 1-800-443-5327
VL Probiotic Group
L ProclpCosmetics
Produits Artpmis
V Professional Pet Products 305-592-1992
Profusion Cosmetics 909-591-5678
Promo Lip Balm 604-639-8828
L Prose
L Protek Products 1-888-776-8351
L Provida Organics
V Prtty Peaushun 1-866-467-7889
VL Psoria Pure (Liquid Innovators) 203-651-8809
L Pulpe de vie (Bio Provence) +33 (0) 4 91 11 88 8
L Pulsaderm
L Pulse Cosmetics
L Pump Haircare
L Punkinbutt
Pur Hair
L Pura Botanica 954-418-2188
L Pura Botanicals
VL PURA D'OR 1-888-651-0514
VL Puracy 1-800-769-5038
L Pure & Basic Products 1-800-432-3787
VL Pure & Gentle Soap 830-379-1937
VL Pure Aloha Pets
L Pure Anada 1-866-569-2714
VL Pure and Honest
L Pure Aura
V Pure Ayre 1-877-787-3297
VL Pure Botanic Vibes
L Pure by She She 936-900-4914
VL Pure Chemistry S.A.S.
Pure Enchantment 1-877-772-0779
VL pure glam (Organic Beauty Now) 1-866-202-2818
VL Pure Green
L Pure Hair Food
L Pure Haven Essentials 401-289-2900

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L Pure Jali Organics
Pure Life Soap Co.
VL Pure Light LLC 1-888-236-7519
L Pure Natural Cosmetics
V Pure Pups
L Pure Silk
VL Pure Skin Food (Vegan Blatt)
V Pure Touch 707-887-7300
L Pure|Energy Apothecary
L PureCeuticals 1-800-564-5668
VL PureOlogy (L'Oreal) 1-800-331-1502
Puretopia 61 2 8709 8800
L Purfectly Chic by Kate Johnson
L Puriosity
L Purple Essentials
L Purple Prairie Botanicals 320-558-9010
L Purple Taxi 1300 699 111
L Purr Candles
L Pursuit of Cleanliness (MultiFarious 802-297-7627
Publica Group)
VL Pyore Skincare
V Pyur 626-298-6749
VL Q-Essentials
VL q.c. naturals 724-572-7546
New! L Qalin
VL Qamare' +41 61 322 80 00
VL Qualerex Beauty
VL Que Origin
VL Queen B
Queen Helene 1-800-645-3752
V Queen of Wands Cosmetics
VL Queenie Cosmetics
VL Quintal
VL QyC Mexico +52 55 3553 9820
RhTS Cosmetics
R.D.M. Care +91-9953358605
V RabbitMama Cosmetics 0400 388770
VL Radha Beauty
VL Radiant Glo
RADIUS Corporation 1-800-626-6223
L rae & co
L Rae Cosmetics 512-320-8732
Raen 0 212 241 41 14
Raffaele Ruberto
VL Rain Lillie
Rainbow Research Corp. 1-800-722-9595
RainShadow Labs
V Ramy Beauty Therapy 212-684-9500
VL Rascal + Friends
V Raven's Creek Natural Company
Ravenwood Gardens 607-222-2318
Raw Advantage, Inc. 1-866-331-5185
VL RAW Nails
V Raw Nature Company
L Raw Sugar (Bolero Home Dpcor)

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New! V Rawgaia Superfood Skincare
Rayito de Luna
L RBF Skincare
VL RCMA Makeup
VL Ready to Shine
Real Purity 1-800-253-1694
VL Real Techniques
VL Really Good Skin Care 425-829-4684
L Rebel Athletic
L Recipe Products
VL reCLAYm beauty
Recycline 1-888-354-7296
L Red Aspen
L Red Flower 646-957-4699
VL Reficis
ReGenesis (Athena Cosmetics)
Reico & Partner Vertriebs GmbH
Rejuva Minerals 352-483-5308
Rejuvi Laboratory, Inc. 1-800-588-2279
VL Relogy Acne Treatment 216-214-7930
L RemqTerre
L Ren Clean Skincare (Unilever) +44 (0)20 7724 2900
Renee Rouleau Skin Care 1-888-211-7560
L Republic Nail
VL Resibo
VL Retreatment +61 2 6687 1216
L Reversa (Dermtek Pharma)
RevitaLash Cosmetics (Athena Cosmetics) 1-877-909-5274
L Reviva Laboratories 1-800-257-7774
VL Revival Soap Project
L RevivSerums (Astonishing Developments) 1-844-738-4873
L Revolution Beauty
V Rhone Botanicals 617-650-4255
V RIA Beauty
L Riche Organics
RICHFEEL Health and Beauty
V Ringana
L Rinse Bath & Body 404-556-8067
VL Rise & Shine Naturals (Glam Goes Green) 647-282-3494
Rituel de Fille
L Ritzy Mash
L River Veda
RJ Mineral Cosmetics 088-240-0635
Rockstar Cosmetics 580-933-6377
Rocky Mountain Soap Company 403-678-2678
L Roil
L Room 88 Soap 714-602-8815
V Root Science
New! Root&Beyond
L rooterra organics
V Roots
V Roots Down
V Rosana La Vegana-Veggie Rose
VL Rosco Imports E.U
VL Rose and Jeanne
Rose Gold Skincare
VL Rosemira Organics 707-824-2907
L Rosenserien

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V Rovie Cosmetics 0272869549
VL Roxz Cosmetix 604-846-8880
L Royal Albert
VL RS-Beauty
L Rubella Beauty AD
L Ruby Cosmetics 07557 785632
L Ruby Rose
VL Ruchy Skincare
L Rucker Roots
L Rude Cosmetics
VL rue Santp
Rusk 1-800-873-7875
Rustic Art +91 83084 56956
VL Rustic MAKA
L Ryan Scott 1-855-527-7727
VL Snper
L Sttrynu
L S.W. Basics 646-568-4006
VL Sa'de Nacole Cosmetics
L Saach Organics
V Saba Laagro
VL Sabreen Cosmetics
L Sacred Balance Limited
L Sacred Healing
VL Sade Baron
VL Saesilro
VL Safe House Naturals
VL SAFE N BEAUTIFUL PC +30 210 9590522
L Sage Skin Care
L Sageborn 406-585-8282
L Saints & Sinners Haircare
L Saison Beauty
L Saiya Minerals
VL Salam Collections
L Salem Essentials and Apothecary
L Sally's Organics
L Salon Selectives
L salonsystem
VL Salt Way
L Salus Natural Bodycare 719-685-1121
L Sam Marcel Cosmetics
V Samana Naturals
V Samantha Sona Ethical Beauty
Samantharoma 1-800-682-1259
L San Benita
VL Sanctuary Products
V Sanctum
VL Sand & Sky
VL SanDee Professional HD MakeUp
L Sanoll Biokosmetik GmbH
SanRe Organic Skinfood 941-400-3577
Sans [ceuticals]
Sans Age Skin Care 310-275-7567
Sans Skin Care Without Chemicals
V Santa Fe Botanical Fragrances 505-474-0302
V Santaverde

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L Sante (L'Oreal) 1-888-502-1671
VL Sapo All Natural
L Sapona
VL saponisphqre
L Saponista's Artisan Soap +44 7713 124768
VL Sappho New Paradigm
V Sappo Hill Soapworks 1-800-863-7627
L Sapun Ta' Malta
VL Sara Beauty
New! L Sara Happ
L Sara Hill Make-Up
VL Sarah Jean
VL Sarah&Son
V SARAH'S SOAPS 905-246-5652
VL Saranghae
VL Sarya Couture Makeup
L Sashhh
Sasy n Savy 61-295-3440-77
Satin Hair Color
VL SatinNaturel
Saturated Colour Cosmetics +44 (0) 1277 840666
Saturn Petcare
VL Sauberkunst
L Savoir Faire Cosmetics 1-800-765399
L Savon Du Bois 905-999-1204
VL Savon Stories
VL Savonnerie Aubergine
L Savonnerie de Bormes
VL Savons Zpbulles
VL Scandle Body Candle 940-239-7538
Scents of Well Being 1-800-355-8428
VL Scents the Moment
L Scentsational Soaps 863-605-4820
VL Scentspraytions
L Scentuals Body Care
Schiff Products 1-800-444-5200
V Schmidt's Naturals (Unilever) 503-473-3997
VL Schraiber 114184-4522 0800
L Scott Cornwall
Scripted Scents
VL Scrub Love
L Scrub Me Joe
Scruples Professional Salon Products, Inc. 1-800-457-0016
VL SDK Cosmetics
L Sea-el Corp
V SeabuckWonders
V SeaChi Organics 760-320-3122
V Seal The Deal
Sean John (Estee Lauder) 1-866-547-5322
VL Seaside Medical Technologies
Seaside Naturals 1-800-870-1697
VL Seasons KISS
VL Sebbag Essentials 323-945-6496
L Sebona Naturals 941-429-5893
VL Secret in-a-Tube 1-800-906-7679
VL Secret Mask by Phytomineralis
V Secrets Cosmptiques
VL Seebinger Hemp 505-206-2331

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V Seed and Soul 021-022-51145
VL Seed and Sour
VL SEEH Skincare
VL Sekala
Selona Beauty 1-866-456-0136
L Sen Organics
L Senelle Cosmetics
L Sense-Organics +44 (0)20 7253 9896
Sentio (563) 468-3056
VL Senz Cosmetics
VL Sepai
VL Sequoia Ayurveda 514-885-9805
V Sequoia Tree
VL Sereul Cosmetics
Serf to Surf Products 604-669-2207
Seri Naturals 0115762233
VL Serum No. 5
V SerVaas Laboratories 1-800-433-5818
L Sevani 610-260-9930
V Seventh Generation (Unilever) 802-658-3773
VL Sevessence
VL Sevi Cosmetics 410-522-5151
VL Sevie Natural Skincare
VL Sexy Healthy Earthy
Shahnaz Husain +00 91 11-49000999
L Shankara, Inc. 1-888-626-4363
L Shany Cosmetics 281-873-7507
Shay and Blue
L Shay J Cosmetics
V She Zen Beauty 310-384-0250
VL Shea Kiss
L Shea Moisture (Unilever) 631-842-8800
L Shea Shea Bakery
Shea Terra Organics
L Shea-Janee 973-477-4220
V Shear Miracle Organics 1-888-223-7986
SheAyurvedics Skin Care 267-716-0749
VL Sheer Lust 1-844-772-5900
L Shelby Naturals
VL Shelley Skin Care
V Shello
Shemen Amour USA 518-290-7721
V Shen & Sam Co. Candles
VL Shery' Nail Lacquer
V SheShe CoCo Organic Products
VL Shezaadi Cosmetics
ShiKai Products, Inc. 1-800-448-0298
VL Shilop
VL Shimmer Me Gorgeous
Shiny Leaf 1-888-882-2041
L Shira Esthetics
V Shiva's Delight
V Shontal Cosmetics
V Shramik Naari Sangh (Sa-Ni-Sa)
L Sia Botanics
VL Sibu Beauty 801-542-7500
VL Sibu Seven (Sibu Beauty)
Sidlab Haircouture 503-358-0782

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VL Sienna Byron Bay 612 6680 2743
VL Silinova
New! VL Silk and Bubble
L Silk Naturals
L Silkience
VL Silky Polish
L Simi Essentials
L Simple (Unilever)
L Simple Nature
L Simple Suds
L Simpler Stuff
V Simplers Botanical Company 1-800-652-7646
VL Simplicite Skin Care
VL Simplifeied
Simplifica 1-800-985-3121
L Simply Saidah's Natural Skin Care
Simply Shea by Ashley
L Simply Skin
Simply Soap 1-888-575-7627
New! L Simya Evi
L Sinsation Cosmetics
V Sipping Prettea
VL Sir Richard's Condom Company 1-855-303-7722
SIRCUITŠCosmeceuticals Inc. 1-888-661-4544
VL Sirrah
L Siscom de Argentina SA
V Siskyn Skincare Oils
V Sister Suds 1-609-200-9107
VL Six or Less
L Six Sassy Sistas
VL Sjolie Tanning Products 1-888-495-6064
VL SK Pure Essentials
L SKA Enterprises 708-496-8025
VL Skin 2 Skin Care 1-877-754-6790
L Skin Actives Scientific 480-813-5633
V Skin Candy
V Skin Care for Athletes (Morning Indigo) 919-285-9364
V Skin Craze
V Skin Delicious Body So Fine 916-317-3223
New! L Skin Drop
L Skin Junk
L Skin Nation Beauty
L Skin QR Organics (Argania) 1-800-889-3952
Skin Scholars
L Skin Spin
Skin Trip Australia
L SkinAgain 1-877-754-6769
VL Skincare CJSC 7-495-785-24-77
L SkinCatering 413-282-8772
L Skincential Sciences 4084837583
V SkinEQ
L Skinfix 1-866-927-2783
VL SkinnySponge

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VL SkinOMs
L SKINourishment 1-877-966-2600
V SKINthings (Schnitzler Concept GmbH)
L Skintoxicated
V Skinvac +65-96922619
L Skinveda (SASA Cosmetics) 1-888-807-0109
L Skinvolve
L skoah 1-888-697-5624
VL Skout's Honor
L Sky Organics 888-899-9305
VL Skylar Body
VL skyn ICELAND 1-888-333-7596
L SkYnYzYn (Ridiculously Good, LLC.) 513-622-9074
Slatkin & Co. 1-800-756-5005
L Slay Cosmetics
L Sleep Over Stick
V Slimtum
L Smashbox Cosmetics (Estee Lauder) 1-888-763-1361
Smell This! Aromatherapy 604-957-9984
L Smile Sciences
L SmileSwag 1-866-253-3553
V Smiling Buddha
Smith & Vandiver 1-800-722-1434
VL Smo International 1-888-560-1689
VL Smooth Summer Tan
New! VL Smudge Skincare
VL Snails Child Nail Polish 0030 210 9590522
SNS Eternal Youth 962-658-1192-6
VL So Bohqme Cosmptique
L So Eco (Bespoke Europe)
L So Rad
L So Susan Cosmetics
V Soap and Pamper
VL Soap Candy
V Soap Goddess 972-627-0080
VL Soap the Earth 818-889-6234
VL Soap-Dodger 07855768045
L Soapbox Fox
VL SoapBox Soaps 347-762-7269
VL Soapnut Republic
L Soaps Lotions & More
L SoapTherapy Naturals 818-823-1568
L Soaptopia 310-663-6479
V Soapwalla Kitchen
V Soapy Soap Company 812-269-8812
sober care
VL SoCal Cleanse 1-888-441-4345
V SocialEyes
L Sodasan
VL Soi-Bio
L Sojourn Beauty 760-918-0397
Sojourner Farms 1-888-867-6567
L Solpo Organics
L Solpsence
VL Solaire Pty Ltd +61 3 5245 8367
L Solay Wellness 847-676-5571
L Soleil Toujours
Solgar Vitamin Company 1-800-645-2246

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Solid Gold 1-800-364-4863
VL Solrae Sunless Tanning
V Sombra Cosmetics 1-800-225-3963
L Sonage
V Sonoma Soap Company 1-800-824-6396
Sonya Dakar 1-877-727-6692
L Soothing Essentials
V Sophia's Naturals
Sophyto Organics 1-877-696-7426
L Sorella Apothecary
L SOSU by Suzanne Jackson
L Souji
VL Soul Beauty
L Soul Candy Skincare
V Soul Flower
V Soul Organics Company
Soulflower +91-22-42731239
V Soulful Brows
L Soulful Hippie
V Soulstice Spa 1-888-988-7685
VL Sound Earth, LLC 1-888-608-9678
V Southern Comforts
L Southern I.Q. Naturals
Soya System 314-428-0004
L Spa Haus
Spa Vivent
L Spacio Natural
SpaGlo Beauty 973-636-0083
V SpaRitual 1-877-772-7488
V Sparkle Products 1-877-225-3865
VL Sparklehearts 714-399-9291
L Speakeasy Cosmetics
New! VL Spectra Cosmetics
VL Spectrum Collections
V Spice Cosmetics 931-542-7320
L Spinster Sisters
VL Spirit Cannabis
VL Splash of Scent
Splat Hair Color
Splurge Cosmetics +(91)-9619742707
L SportFX
VL Sposie
L SprayTans 1-877-263-6331
Spring Rain Botanicals 905-892-2944
VL Squalan Natural Health +31 (0)6 24 55 74 94
VL Squeeze Pod (Garrity Innovation) 1-855-779-7637
V Squid Balm 818-205-4832
VL Sri Skin
SSChic Boutique 1-954-406-4236
L St Ives (Unilever)
St. John's Botanicals 301-262-5302
VL ST. TROPICA 702 920 0232
V Stached Polish
Staedtler, Ltd. 011 44 1443237421
VL Star Remedies B.V.

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V Stark Skincare 438-875-9115
V Starrily
L Starskin
Ste. Anne's Skin Nourishment 1-888-346-6772
VL Steiger Naturals
Stella & Chewy's LLC 1-888-477-8977
V Sterling in Blue 410 353 7424
STIKS Cosmetiks
L Stila Cosmetics 323-913-9443
VL Still Standing
Stolat Organics 603-659-7946
VL Straightforgood 425-954-5541
New! L Strong Cosmetics
L Strut 365 (European Wax Center)
L Studio 10 01483-272310
L Studio 64 (Empresas DBS)
Stuff for Sprouts LLC 484-341-8632
VL Stylush 267-428-7895
L Subtle Green
VL Sucremor
VL Sudsatorium
VL Sugar and Oats
V Sugar Phat
V Sugar Pie Spa Company
VL Sugar Venom Eco Cosmetica
Sugarpill Cosmetics
V Suite Eleven
V Sukha Cosmetica Vegana
Suki 1-888-858-7854
L Suki Suki Naturals
L Sum-Bo-Shine 1-800-963-3730
Summer Sunshine Organic Body Care
VL Sun & Earth, Inc. 1-800-298-7861
V Sun Putty (Universal Platinum) 1-800-341-2541
SunCat Natural Mineral Makeup 503-440-3095
SunFeather Natural Soap Company 315-265-3648
L SunFun Sunscreen
L Sunlight Botanicals
Sunrider International 310-781-3808
L Suntegrity Skin Care 310-391-8420
VL Sunumbra
L Supergoop! 1-877-564-7330
L SUPRE (Cotton On)
V Sur Australis
L Surya Brasil 718-267-9696
VL Susan Brown's Baby 480-212-0049
L Susan Thompson Cosmetics
Susan's Soaps & More 972-452-8965
VL Sustainable Youth Products 732-654-0329
V Swagger Cosmetics
VL Sway Company
Sweet Breath 1-800-600-2861
VL Sweet Home Organic Cleaning 1-844-461-8718
Sweet Pea Products 248-736-9649
Sweet Spot Labs
VL Sweet Willow
L Sweetsation Therapy 561-248-9933
V Swipes 954-247-9269

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VL Swiss Clinic Distribution
VL Syzygy Cosmetics
VL tlzo bath co.
L Tawla
VL Takko Lacquer
V Tales of Nature
VL Talia Skin Care
VL Taller Agustina
V Tallulah Jane Natural Perfumes 646-259-5595
VL Talon Polish
Tammy Taylor Nails 1-800-938-2669
L Tampa Bay Tan 1-800 895 5956
VL Tan By Lucy Lane
L Tan Frenzy
VL Tan Tootie
L Tanceuticals 1-800-994-3752
L TANfinity
VL Tanique 301-992-5148
VL Tanning Essentials (Machiaj Laboratories) + 61 3 9463 8999
L TanOrganic (Beauty Results) 387-225-0973
L TanTowel 1-888-826-8695
L Tarte Cosmetics (Kose) 212-677-3385
V TASH Cosmetics
VL TaShea Naturals
L Tasneem Cosmetics
L Tata Harper Skincare
L TATCHA 1-888-739-2932
VL Tattaloo
L Tatteeze (Glass Orchid)
L Tattoo Defender +39 04221991338
Tattoo Goo 1-877-251-9882
VL TattooSalbe
TaUT by Leonard Engelman 1-800-438-8288
L Tblogs
L Tease Botanix Skincare +64 (0)7 570 0971
V Teckelklub
Ted Baker 212-590-2471
VL TellurideGlow
VL Tender Essence
L TenderLeaf Natural Products
Terra Beauty Products
VL Terra Dolce 1-888-693-6523
Terra Firma Botanicals 1-800-837-3476
Terra Naturals 1-888-298-3772
Terra-No 918-827-7705
TerraNova 1-800-966-3457
VL Terre De Mars
VL Terre Mere Cosmetics
Terressentials 301-371-7333
Texas Natural Supply 512-266-9465
L Texture Release
Thayers Natural 1-888-842-9371
VL The 7 Virtues 902-446-0400
L The Aroma Shoppe
V The Australian Eucalyptus Oil Company
L The Avo Tree

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V The Bearded Brotherhood
L The Bearded Man Company 01322 401583
VL The Beauty Archive
L The Beauty Crop
VL The Best Deodorant In The World
The Body Shop (Natura Cosmeticos) 919-554-4900
The Buddha Beauty Company
The Caldrea Company (S.C. Johnson) 1-877-576-8808
L The Chemical Free Me
VL The Clean Life Company
VL The Collective Cosmetics
L The Crayon Case
V The Designer Lash Company
VL The Divine Company 1300 416 100
VL The Elegant Elephant
L The F.C. Sturtevant Company 1-888-871-5661
VL The Fox Tan
VL The Glow up By Angie
VL The Good Oak Soap
VL The Granola Goat
The Grapeseed Company 805-456-3655
VL The Great Canadian Hemp Company
The Green Beaver Company 1-888-666-1206
VL The Green Cricket 1-877-476-2758
L The Green People Company +44 (0)1403 740350
L the healing garden
VL The Healing Hut
L The Hive Botanicals
VL The Holistic Health Co.
The Holistic Science Co. 619-365-9708
VL The Homemade Organics Company
L The Honest Company 1-888-862-8818
VL The Humble Co.
L The Laughing Mermaid Soap Co.
V The Lemon Tree Soap + More
L The Little Alchemist 041-033-7116
VL The Mighty xo
L The Model Handmade
V The Moisturizers Co.
VL The Mom Balm
V The Naked Villain Society
The Narwhal and the Manatee 989-971-9027
VL The Organic Republic
L The Organic Skin Co.
VL The Outpost Beauty
New! L The PhRE Collection
V The Paige Collection
L The Pure Oil Company
L The Purist Collection
L The Purple Goat
New! VL The Quick Flick
L The Retro Company Group
VL The Rosehip Specialists Pty Ltd 1800 851 888
V The Saint Louis Soap Company 417-551-2581
VL The Salve Shoppe
V The Scent Dispenser
V The Solid Ink 786-216-6360
VL The Sunshine Brit
V The Vegan Glow

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L The Vintage Cosmetic Company
VL the wellbeing doctor
VL The Wild Rose Soap Company
Thembisa Products
VL Thera Wise 1-888-488-1808
L Therapy and Essence
VL Therepe Organics 1-877-590-6434
V Thesis
VL Thirteen Organics
VL This is L. Inc. 213-935-0843
L This Works
VL Thrive Causemetics 888-804-4318
V Thronjuwel (IN Innovation und Natur)
Tiaki Natural Chile
TIANA Fair Trade Organics +44 0 20 8427 1695
V Tick Tock Naturals
VL Tidy Thyme 518-813-7366
V Tiferet Aromatherapy 262-889-8561
VL Tiger Lily Beauty Bar
VL Tigress Beauty
L Tilvee 1-800-479-0758
Timberwolf Organics, Inc. 407-877-8779
L Tina's Topicals 212-980-1353
L Tints of Nature 01590 613490
VL TIO +49 30 54629810
Tipanie Natural Cosmetics
L Tolly's Treatments
VL TOM Organic
L Tom's of Maine (Colgate-Palmolive) 1-800-367-8667
New! VL Tommi Skin
L Ton Savon 1-866-977-7627
Too Faced Cosmetics (Estee Lauder) 949-553-4431
L Toosh
VL Tossd
L Total Beauty Network
V Total Shaving Solution 1-800-540-8865
V Total Skincare Solutions
VL Touch and Such
Tova Corporation 1-800-852-9999
VL Tower28 Beauty
VL Town & Anchor 773-234-0506
L Townley, Inc. 212-779-0544
VL Trqs Spa
L trqStiQue
Trader Joe's Company 1-800-746-7857
Treaclemoon (Vendoleo)
Treat, Inc. 503-286-9276
VL Tree To Tub
L Treefort Naturals
L Treelogy
L TREEO the soap company
Tressa 1-800-879-8737
VL Trevor Sorbie
L Trewax (Beaumont Products) 1-800-451-7096

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TRI Hair Care Products 1-866-644-7373
L Tri-Coastal Design 1-800-278-9218
L TriDerma
Trillium Herbal Company 920-746-5207
L Trinity Haircare 06133 573019-99
L Trish McEvoy 1-855-559-8800
V Tropic Skin Care
L Tru Fragrance and Beauty 1-800-443-3000
True Blue Spa 1-800-756-5005
VL True Brands
L True Glue 647-955-9733
L True Keratin 1-866-571-5486
L TruKid 510-463-2676
L Truly You
V Trumount Cosmoceuticals +91-20-64005582
L TruSelf Organics
VL TRUTH Š(TruthGirl) 980-322-9245
V Tsi~La Organics 215-750-9996
VL Turnrow Bath Body & Home
VL Twig and Leaf Botanicals 303-656-6135
VL twig leaf flower
VL Twig Skin+Body
VL Twinkle Apothecary
L Twist Body Brands 303-375-3318
Two Blooms Design Studio
L Two Old Goats
VL Twoone Onetwo
L typo (Cotton On)
L U-Makeitup (Pure Rock Mineral
L Uberliss
VL Udo Walz
L UEW Haircare
VL UGLY by Nature (Zoee Group
VL Uglyroach
Ulei de Lux
V Ultimate Life, The 1-800-843-6325
L Ultraceuticals
VL UltraRadiance by SkinVac MD
L uma cosmetics
VL Umberto Giannini Haircare
VL Umbria Olii International USA 201-408-4715
L Un Air d'Antan
Un-Petroleum 1-800-227-5120
L Unani
L Uncle Funky's Daughter 713-249-3819
VL Undead Inc
VL Underground Cosmetics
VL Unearth Malee 1-888-614-7175
Unicure 1-888-864-2873
VL Uniful
L Unigroup ApS +45 70222818
Unite Eurotherapy 760-585-1806
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UnWash (Athena Cosmetics)
VL Unwined by the Sea 910-232-4480
V Up To Beaver
Upper Canada Soap & Candle Makers 905-897-1710
L Upperline and Co.
VL Ur Makeup
LM Urban Decay (L'Orpal) 1-800-784-8722
V Urban Essentials
VL Urban Veda
UV Natural Sunscreen 617-3299-7055
L V Sachar MD
L Vpgptalement Provence
M V'TAE Parfum & Body Care 1-800-643-3011
V V-dog 1-888-280-8364
VL V.I.P. Soap Products
V'Lumine Cosmetics (Athena Cosmetics)
Valana Minerals 1-877-727-5533
L Valentia 866-422-7005
L Valganics
L Vamoosh (Cares Laboratory)
VL Vanilla Reef 310-433-9773
L Vanilla Sugar
L Vanity Planet
L Vasanti Cosmetics
L Vatea
VL Vayyu
VL vBeaute
VL VE Cosmetics
L Vet se Beauty
V Veco Natural +353 851 378 897
V Vedge Candle
VL Vegan Beauty Cosmetics
VL VEGAN CPH Cosmetics
V Vegan Dog Delights
V Vegan Mania 09 50 43 41 45
VL Vegan Skin Care
VL Vegan Tree Owl +613 8370 5315
V Veganbunny
V Vegane Pflege 062237299587
VL Vegani Limited
VL Veganup by Heike Kaufmann
VL Vegenero +357 99667331
L Veggie Wash (Beaumont Products) 1-800-451-7096
VL Vegs Co.
VL Velveit Cosmetics
Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrfumery 510-528-8040
VL Velvet Report
L Velvotan (SLG)
VL Veoli Botanica
VL Verb Products 1-877-886-7080
L Verdant California
Verde Jaboneria Artesanal C.A.
VL Verdura NaturAlternatives
VL VERED organic botanicals
VL Verite Spa Organics 770-944-1308

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Vermont Soapworks 802-388-4302
Veterinarian's Best 1-800-866-7387
L Vice Cosmetics
V Videlina Natura
V Vidhyanjali
V Viganshit
Villainess 931-209-3261
V Ville De Fleurs 07703 343 575
L Vine & Co
VL Vingt
VL VIP Jolie
Virginia's Soap 1-800-563-6127
Visan Pet Nutrition
Vital Earth Traditions 360-840-0613
Vital Essentials
Vital Goods
L Vitality Institute Medical Products 310-587-1910
VL Viva Terra Limited
L VivaMK
VL Vive Cosmetics
Vixen Girl Beauty
VL Void Beauty
L Volition Beauty
L Volto Urbano
V VonBlCosmetics
L VOYA Organic Beauty
W.S. Badger 1-800-603-6100
L W3LL People 512-366-7963
W7 Cosmetics (+44)1753 639130
VL Wabi-Sabi Botanicals
V Wachters' Organic Sea Products 1-800-682-7100
New! V Wailani Beauty
VL Wakaya Perfection 1-877-925-2921
Waliwa Amazonian Natural Products 571-540-5707
Wanderlust Cosmetica
L Wanderlust Group
Warm Earth Cosmetics 530-895-0455
VL Wash with Water
Watermans Applied Science 949-596-0080
V Waverly Color Co. 410-235-9770
L Wawaza +81-985-550088
L Waxelene 415-453-1500
V Well-in-Hand 1-888-550-7774
VL Wellness Prioritized
V Welstar Organics 1-800-893-6008
L Werfzeep
Weruva 1-800-776-5262
L West of South Skincare
L wet n wild (Markwins) 909-595-8898
VL Wheesht Masks
VL Whip-It Inventions 1-800-582-0398
VL Whispering Tulips

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L White and Elm 9709809519 www.
V White Lotus Cosmetic Acupuncture 07 3868 3856
VL White Rabbit Skincare
Whole Foods Market, 365 512-477-4455
L Wick'd Confections Candle Company
VL Wikkid Polish
L Wild Beaute
Wild Haven Botanica
L Wilder Skin Co.
VL Wilderness Soap Co.
VL Wildling
VL WildMint
VL Williamspro HD Cosmetics
Wind River Herbs 1-800-903-4372
VL Wingme Cosmetics
VL Winter Organics
WiseWays Herbals 1-888-540-1600
VL With My
L WODA European Natural Skin Care
V Wolf & Pine Soap Company
Womankind 608-648-2316
New! VL Wonderwash International
VL Woodsman Skincare
VL Woodstock Herbal Products 1-855-573-1273
L Woosh Beauty
V World Famous Tattoo Ink
L World Organics
Worry Free Pedi
Wuff & Mau Heimtiernahrung
VL Wyld Skincare
Wysong Canada 1-800-748-0188
Wysong Corporation 1-800-748-0188
XCD 212-590-2471
V Xenna Corporation 1-800-368-6003
VL XLR8 Cosmetics
VL Xotic Naturals (Younez International) 832-212-3649
L Xtend-Life Natural Products
L Xtreme Beauty International 1-877-920-2878
L XXL Cosmetics
VL Xyrena
L Y-Not Natural 618-209-1267
V Yadkin Valley Soaps
V Yakshi Naturals 1-800-682-9224
V YARD Skincare 0432 281 618
VL Yarok Hair 212-876-4293
V Yaya Maria's
Yes to Carrots 1-888-929-3786
L YG Laboratories 1-800-999-4569
VL Yin Yang Skincare 0199 382 2800
VL YMH Beaute Co.
V Ynna's Cosmetics
L Yoppie
VL Yorba Organics 941 313 8735

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Yoreganics 401-965-8338
VL Yorkshire Artisan Crafts
L Yoshimomo
L You and Oil
VL You Are Cosmetics
L Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics 1-800-216-6133
VL Youthfulvigour
VL YumpBlush 1-888-697-8225
V Zabana Essentials
L ZANZI Beauty
VL ZAO Essence of Nature
VL Zen Society
VL Zenful
VL Zenii
L ZENMED 1-877-647-4242
V Zensation Beaute 310-550-1904
VL zenzitude
VL Zerran International Corporation 1-800-626-1921
VL Zeva Organics Limited
L Zi Zai Dermatology 1-877-409-4924
Zia Natural Skincare (Hain Celestial) 1-800-334-7546
VL ZolaTerra
L Zone Luxury Beauty
Zoo On Yoo 630-904-3585
L Zorah biocosmptiques 1-866-977-5461
L Zosimos Botanicals LLC 301-775-2914
VL Zue Beauty 800-983-0441
L Zuii Organic 1300 984 491
L Zuzu Cosmetics 1-800-497-6419
VL Zyderma 4164506639

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