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Subject : English

Class : Year 4
Language proficiency : Intermediate
Number of pupils : 30
Date / Day : 22nd October 2010 / Friday
Time : 9.00 am – 10.00 am (1 hour)
Theme : World of Knowledge – Giving Directions
Topic : Lost
Focused Skill : Writing
Integrated Skills : Listening, Speaking and Reading
Learning Outcomes : 4.8 Give accurate information when writing messages, instructions, simple reports, and
when filling out forms.

Level 2
4.8.2 Write simple sentences with word and picture cues.

Lesson Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
1) Seek, name, identify and refute statements pertaining to Tom’s house
2) Find out and describe location of, and directions to Tom’s house
3) Give and follow directions to Tom’s house
4) Write a description of a house
5) Answer wh question based on the picture clips
6) Read and respond to questions orally and in written form based on the text
7) Identify and write new words or vocabularies from the text.
8) To create a similar short text related to text given.
Educational Emphases:
• Moral values – know other places, helpful, thankful
• CCTS – thinking skills, express themselves creatively in simple language, sequencing
• Multiple Intelligences – intrapersonal, interpersonal, visual-spatial, verbal linguistic

Language Content:
Grammar – simple present tense,

Teaching Aids : Picture clips, Worksheets

Previous Knowledge : The students already have simple knowledge about public transports and public facilities.

Anticipated Problems : Time management – students probably exceed estimated working time.
Usage of L1 – students will probably use L1 to discuss in groups.
Stage Content Teaching and Learning Strategy Rationale
1. Set Induction Wh- question: 1. Teacher shows a ‘Birthday Party’ To arouse the pupils’
(5 minutes)  What is this? invitation card from Tom to Bob. interest.
 When do people 2. Teacher gets the class to read the To get the pupils ready for
usually give invitation out loud. the lesson.
invitation cards? 3. Teacher asks the students to study the
map in the invitation card.
2. Pre  What is the picture 1. Teacher shows picture of Bob and Tina To develop the pupils’
(10 minutes) about? lost in search for direction to Tom’ interest towards writing and
 What are they house, and introduces today’s lesson. to provide them with some
doing? 2. Teacher elicits responses from pupils information about the picture.
and writes them on the board.

3. While Whole class activity 1. Pupils study the picture and dialogue To enable the pupils to
(30 minutes) (Individual, group and silently. identify the details in the text.
class discussion) 2. Teacher distributes Worksheet 1 to the
Wh- questions: pupils. (Scanning)
Why 3. The pupils listen to the teacher’s To check their understanding
Where instructions and then do the task given of the picture and situation.
When individually.
Teaching aid: Printed 4. Teacher gives jumbled sentences in an
dialogue and picture envelope. Pupils read the sentences and
sequence them according to directions to
(Worksheet 1) Tom’s house. (Sequencing)
5. Teacher distributes Worksheet 2. The
pupils listen to the teacher’s instructions
and then do the task given individually.
6. Teacher discusses the answers with the
pupils orally.

4. Post Whole class activity 1. Indicate the route to Tom’s house on the To integrate reading and
(10 minutes) (Worksheet 2) map on the blackboard. listening skill.
2. Pupils rewrite the sentence in the right
order. To develop CCTS among the
3. Discuss other route to Tom’s house. pupils.

5. Closure  Can you tell me the 1. Teacher recaps the lesson by To inculcate what has been
(5 minutes) shortest way to highlighting the main points of the taught in class.
Tom’s house? directions to Tom’s house.
Moral values: To refresh pupils’ memory of
Being hardworking, today’s lesson.
politeness, respect for
others, tolerance,
community awareness,
gratefulness, co-operation.