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DalekoArts (DELL-uh-koh), an ensemble theatre

company, works with professional artists to pursue
impactful, live performance in our community of
New Prague, Minnesota and the surrounding region.

Our purpose is to decentralize professional theatre in
Minnesota by increasing engagement and opportu-
nity in New Prague and the surrounding area. It is our
dream that New Prague will be a known destination
for quality performing arts and arts education.

DalekoArts was founded in 2012 by theatre artists
Ben Thietje and Amanda White as a way to help de-
centralize professional theatre in Minnesota.

New Prague was chosen as the company’s home due

to the community’s extraordinary interest in theatre,
the regional growth and development it has experi-
enced in the last decade, its relative proximity to the
Twin Cities, and its close ties to the founders.

“Daleko” — a Czech word meaning “far away” — re-

flects New Prague’s strong bohemian roots, its spa-
tial relationship to the cultural hub that is the Twin
Cities, and the ensemble’s desire to step back and
examine the world f rom a new point of view.

DalekoArts is a member of the Theatre

Communications Group (TCG), the national
organization for the American theatre.

DalekoArts is a proud member of the Minnesota

Theater Alliance.

“I have to have a choice.”


Theater is an art form that constantly explores the simple but grand ques-
tion of “What if…?”

What if two kids f rom warring families fell in love? What if you had to pay
to pee? What if alley cats could sing?

In Constellations, we get a chance to ask “What if….?” dozens of times, and

in each one we witness a different outcome. Some are sad and some are
sweet. But each one is beautifully possible. I’ve been charmed and heart-
broken many times over as we worked on the show. It’s been a tremen-
dous gift to re-awaken my curiosity over a long slog of a winter. I hope it
does the same for you.

Nick Payne
Amy Rummenie
Kayla Dvorak Feld
Patrick Kozicky*
Stage Manager
Sarah Perron
Scenic Designer
Sydney Achler
Lighting Designer
Courtney Schmitz
Costume Designer
Sara Wilcox
Sound Designer/Composer
Peter Morrow
Props Designer
Sarah Salisbury
Robin McIntyre
Scenic Painter
Sydney Achler
Dialect Consultant
Keely Wolter
Intimacy Choreographer
Callie Meiners
* denotes company member
KAYLA DVORAK FELD Excellence), The Three Musketeers,
The Sexual Life of Savages, Gross
Marianne Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar
Kayla is a Twin Cities actor and Wilde, Eurydice, An Ideal Husband,
teaching artist returning for her reasons to be pretty, Saboteur, af-
third show with DalekoArts. She ter the quake, The Crowd You’re In
was previously seen in Our Town With, Mojo, Squawk, Caligula, Ama-
and Wait Until Dark. Kayla has also zons and Their Men, William Shake-
performed with companies such as speare’s Land of the Dead, The
Theatre Unbound, Chameleon The- American Pilot, Fat Pig, 1926 Pleas-
atre Circle, Walking Shadow The- ant, 10-Speed Revolution, and The
atre Company, The Winding Sheet Lives of the Most Notorious High-
Outf it, Yellow Tree Theatre, among waymen.
others. Coming up, you can see
Kayla in Theatre Pro Rata’s My Sis- SARAH PERRON
ter in this House this coming June. Stage Manager
In her f ree time, Kayla enjoys sleep-
ing, climbing, and staring lovingly Constellations is Sarah’s f irst pro-
into her dog’s eyes (not all at the duction with Daleko and so is very
same time). happy to be here. Sarah’s Twin Cities
credits include Minneapolis Musical
PATRICK KOZICKY Theater, Artistry, The Orchard The-
Roland ater Collective, Lyric Arts, Minne-
sota Jewish Theater Company, The
Patrick is delighted to be working Illusion Theater, and The Dowling
with DalekoArts again. He has per- Studio at The Guthrie (plus many
formed with DA in Middletown, A more). She holds degrees f rom Nor-
Chris Smith Carol, Adventures in mandale College and Minnesota
Mating, Another Main Street Holi- State University, Mankato. By day
day, Our Town, Main Street Holiday, Sarah works as a restaurant man-
The Philadelphia Story, and The ager in Minneapolis and is super
Odd Couple. He also directed Dale- grateful for her coworkers who are
ko’s production of Rancho Mirage. always so flexible in allowing her to
Previously, he has performed with pursue her art. Also a big thanks to
The Children’s Theatre Company, family and f riends who put up with
Walking Shadow Theatre Compa- all the crazy hours she keeps.
ny, Park Square Theatre, Theatre
Unbound, The Mechanical Division, SYDNEY ACHLER
Theatre in the Round Players, Youth Scenic Designer/Painter
Performance Company, and The
New Theatre Group. Patrick would Syd is thrilled to design her ninth
like to thank DalekoArts for inviting show with DalekoArts! Based in Chi-
him into their family. He also thanks cago, Syd is an ensemble member
you, for buying a ticket and sup- with (re)discover theatre and The
porting local art. Last but not least Comrades. Upcoming productions
he thanks Dan for making the best include Dead Man’s Cell Phone and
stir-f ry ever. See Dan for recipe. Roast, The Comrades; The Wizard
of Oz, Windy City Performs; and
AMY RUMMENIE The Tempest, Commission Theatre.
Director She received her BFA f rom Illinois
Wesleyan University. Many thanks
Amy is pleased to return to Dale- to B&A for always making sure Min-
koArts with this intricate and inti- nesota still feels like home!
mate drama after directing Proof
in DA’s very f irst season. Amy has COURTNEY SCHMITZ
also directed The School for Lies for Lighting Designer
Park Square Theater, assistant di-
rected at the Guthrie Theater and Courtney earned her MFA in light-
Children’s Theatre Company, and ing design f rom the University of
is a founding member and Co-Ar- Iowa in 2009. Since relocating to
tistic Director of Walking Shadow Minneapolis in 2012, she has de-
Theatre Company where she direct- signed locally with Yellow Tree
ed, Equivocation, 21 Extremely Bad Theatre, Collective Unconscious
Breakups, Red Velvet, The River, Performance, Workhaus Collec-
The Christians, A Midwinter Night’s tive, nimbus theatre, SPARK the-
Revel, The Coward, The Whale, Ga- atre + dance, 20% Theatre Compa-
briel (2015 Ivey Award for Overall ny, and Bucket Brigade Theatre,
among others. Previous designs Eclectic Edge Ensemble, Alterna-
with DelakoArts include Wait Un- tive Motion Project, as well as being
til Dark, Stones In His Pockets, The an Assistant Stage Manager at Ted
Complete Works of Shakespeare Mann Concert Hall. On top of all of
(abridged), She Loves Me, Godspell, that, Sarah is the Production Man-
and City Council Christmas. ager for The Haunted Basement.
SARAH WILCOX Robin graduated with a BFA and an
Costume Designer MFA in Theatre Design and Stage
Technology f rom The University of
Sara is pleased to be working with North Carolina at Greensboro. Since
DalekoArts once more; previous 1991 Robin has designed for a variety
credits include She Loves Me, The of local theatres including Lakeshore
Rink, and Proof. Sara’s costumes Players, Mounds View Community
have also been on stage recently Theatre, Park Square Theatre, The
in If/Then and Winter Wonderettes History Theatre, Actor’s Theatre, The
at Lyric Arts, Cardboard Piano and Flying Foot Forum, North Star Op-
Might As Well Be Dead at Park era, The Phipps Center for the Arts,
Square Theatre, Beehive, Guys And local colleges, and many local high
Dolls, Life Could Be a Dream, Snow schools. For 10 seasons Robin created
White & the 7 Vikings, and many hundreds of sets for both main stage
other productions at Old Log The- musicals and Black Box theatre pro-
atre, The Christians, Gabriel, The ductions at Bloomington Civic The-
Coward, and other shows at Walk- atre and Art Center. He is currently
ing Shadow Theatre, and various f reelance designing in the Twin Cit-
other productions in the Twin Cit- ies and working with The University
ies. Sara holds a BFA in Costume of Northwestern in St. Paul.
Design f rom DePaul University.
PETER MORROW Dialect Consultant
Sound Designer Keely holds an MA in Voice Stud-
/Composer ies f rom the Royal Central School of
Peter has been working as a com- Speech and Drama in London. She
poser and sound designer for the has served as a voice and accent
last twelve years. He moved to the coach with HBO, the Guthrie Theater,
Twin Cities f rom Dublin, Ireland in Park Square Theater, Jungle Theater,
August 2012. Since moving here he Children’s Theater Company, Theater
has worked with many companies, Latte Da, Artistry, the University of
theaters, and artists including New Minnesota/Guthrie BFA Actor Train-
Native Theatre, Placebase, Artist- ing Program, St. Olaf College, and
ry, Interact, Theatre Latte Da, Pills- many others. Keely was named a 2018
bury House, Pangea World Theatre, Best Vocal Dialogue Coach by Laven-
zAmya, Hiponymous, Threads, If rah der Magazine for her work on Artist-
Mansour, The Playwright Centre, ry’s Awake and Sing.
and Macalester College. In Dublin,
he worked primarily with the com- CALLIE MEINERS
pany Brokentalkers, devising new Intimacy Choreographer
works that have toured extensively. Callie is a theater artist based in the
Peter is delighted to be back in New Twin Cities. She primarily works as
Prague for his tenth Daleko show. a Director, but also as a dramaturge
and intimacy director. She has pre-
SARAH SALISBURY viously worked with DalekoArts,
Props Designer Walking Shadow, Chameleon The-
Sarah is overjoyed to be back for her atre Circle, Fortune’s Fool, Devious
seventh Daleko production. Past Mechanics, and Freshwater Theater.
credits include Stones in His Pock- Thanks to Amy, Patrick, and Kayla for
ets, The Rink, The Complete Works their trust on this project. And thanks
of William Shakespeare (abridged), to her huzband Cody and fur-baby
Middletown, She Loves Me, and Sirius.
Godspell. Sarah is also a stage man-
ager for such companies as Jag-
ged Moves, Rhythmically Speaking,
FRIEND Duayne & Dianne Chad & Kyle Wieskus Dennis & Winnifred PRODUCER
up to $99 Malewicki Gretchen & Garrett Simon $5,000 - $9,999
Anonymous Gregory McClenahan Ykema Donald & Lisa Simon Brad & Kytyn
Richard & Angie Matt McNabb Anita York Greg & Ginny Schoenbauer family
Andersen Callie Meiners ADVOCATE Spurlock ARTISTIC
Emily Rose Skinner & Florence & Dave $100 - $249 D.R. Svobodny DIRECTOR’S
Gregory Angel Minar Anonymous Mike Swan CIRCLE
Sheena Arias Amy Newton Amy & Darrin Ahrens Shelly Tietz $10,000+
Greg & Jymme Bark Tom Nieman Joan Anderson Marsha & Tom Topka Betty Jean Smith
Kate Barr Dan Norman Angonimous Thanh & FrankiJo Tran MARQUEE CLUB
Vickie Novak Audrey & Bob Austin Bob & Mary Vanasek $10+/month recurring
Bill Belkengren gift
John & Ann Berg Brandon & Gina Jean Bartusek Mary & Jerry Walerius
Mark & Mary Bartusek Anonymous
Jeff & Deb Bergeson O’Connell Bill & Carolyn Audrey & Bob Austin
Nancy Besse Vicki Palmer, in Kris Beatrez Wehrmacher Jean Bartusek
David Beukema memory of Frank Beyonce Judith & Dennis Bill & Mary Kay
Jane & George Deierling Joan Bohnsack White Bergevin
Brezina Dann Peterson Jeannie Buckner Joe & Mary Widmer Cary Coop
Renee Brinkman Matthew Peyer- Rev. Kevin Clinton Sara Wilcox The Deihls
Anne & Sean Byrd Stensrud Chuck & Kate Croatt Richard & Cathy Shelbi Eckman
Carol Coburn Nathan Peyer- Terry & Valerie Wornson Beth & Jerry Geis
Don & Judy Conn Stensrud Drommerhausen Dick & Mary Zweber Andy Giesen
Patrick Pribyl Shelbi Eckman PARTNER Donna Giesen
Jaslyn Dobrahner Eric & Lois Hyde
Kristin Dohm Amy Prochaska Jill Evans & David $250 - $499
Debra Que Christensen Anonymous Mike & Terri Jacobson
Pj Doyle Kallal family
Robert Droddy Kendra & Paul Jane Fox, in honor of Bill & Mary Kay
Steven R. Gernes Christine & Tom Karki
Janeil Dropik Rasmusson Bergevin Vonnie McWilliams
Gary Eagen Paul Reyburn Paul & Angie Frykman Steve & Elaine Dr. Tim & Deb Miller
Linda Ebersole Kimberly Ries Lizzie & Bobby Bruchman Dave & Florence
Karen Eckman Alice & Massimo Gardner The Deihls Minar
Steve & JeNean Ronconi in honor Beth & Jerry Geis Marv & Kim Deutsch Sean & Jamee O’Neill
Erickson of Armando Harlow Andy Giesen Mike & Terri Jacobson Kathy O’Neill
Songe Family Ronconi Donna Giesen Duane & Amy Jirik Scott & Jennifer Pierce
Doug & Lori Faust Sue Ruprecht Joan Goggins Murphy Family Valerie Reiter
Christi & Chad Ryburn Mark Goodman & Joann & Jim Petersen Lou Ring
Kayla & Jonathan Feld Grif & Jenny Sadow
Karista Filopoulos Rita Sapp Debra Buss Virgil & Deb Pint
Richard & Joanne Bob & Barb Gullickson Debra & Fred Savage Jen & Greg Sayler
Edward Flathers Brad & Kytyn
Mike Fotis Sayles, in memory of Heid Family Roy & Lori Seurer
Thomas Herrmann Schoenbauer family
Jane Fox Frank Deierling Rodney & Darlene Pete & Heather
Phillip Galligan Rebecca Schaecher Jerry & Cathy Seurer Schuller
Janice Geis Jill Schafer Herrmann Kim & Eric Snyder Rodney & Darlene
Michele Germscheid Ann Schoenbauer Wayne & Kathleen Anthony Sofie Seurer
Werner & Kathy Sandra & Larry Hines Ron & Kathy Sofie Roy & Lori Seurer
Giesen Schoenecker Teresa Hopke Pat & Margaret Greg & Ginny
Cynthia Giles Carol Schwie Cynthia & Joe Hrabe Sullivan Spurlock
Maggie & Matthew Jennifer Shepard Eric & Lois Hyde STAGE MANAGER Marge Sticha
Ann Marie Simon David & Susan Karan $500 - $999 Mike Swan
Goldade Marsha & Tom Topka
Sharon Simon Lana Knoke Anonymous
Peter Gudlewski Brad & Deb Yopp
Cassy Simon Ari Koehnen Daisy Babione
Jill Gunderson-Gernes BUSINESS
Debra Skluzacek Linda Maloney John F. Bigelow
Robin Gunning
Jen & Troy BOOM! Theater FRIENDS
Keri Guthridge Megan Smith in Back & Neck Clinic of
memory of Betty Jean McDonough The Frank Deierling
Jason & Kacey Hamlin New Prague
Smith Vonnie McWilliams Memorial Fund Goldsmith Eye Care
Mary Hanson-Busch
Tommy & Denise Dawn Meyer Kathy & Renae Gage New Prague Floral &
Lisa Haugen
Spies, in memory of Laura Meyer Pamela Geeding in Such, Inc.
Linnea & Jim
Frank Deierling Judy & Ted Nelson memory of Uncle Jim Nick Slavik Painting &
Hautman in honor of
Michael Stevens Kathy O’Neill Jim & Sandi Jensen Restoration Co.
Grandma Thietje
Norm & Bernadine Bruce Olness Stephanie Kivi Pool & Spa Patrol
Janet Havlicek
Sheryl Hennen Sticha Marvin & Mary Peters Barb & Chuck FRIENDS OF
Terri Sticha Scott & Jennifer Pierce Nickolay FRIENDS
Julie Stroud Larry & Carol Pint Jim Scharback & Gail
Jeremy Sundheim Todd & Mary Kay Weiner
Mary Higgins Ettlin’s Cafe
Miriam Swenson Proshek Phil & Leanne
Mary & Kevin Higgins German Days, Inc.
Laura Tahja-Johnson Greg & Sally Scheiber
Nickie & Paul Hill New Prague Chamber
Tim & Laurie Thorp Rademacher Toby & Nicole Thietje
Keith Hovis of Commerce
Pamela Tietz Valerie Reiter Franny Tuma New Prague Fire
Gemma Irish DIRECTOR
Jane Isaacs Greg Trettel Whitney Rhodes Department
Stefeni Tupy Grif & Jenny Sadow $1,000 - $4,999 FRIENDS OF
Carol Jackson Anonymous
Brianne Jirik Sandra Vanden Einde Jen & Greg Sayler FRIENDS SERIES
LuAnn Villwock Patricia & William Mike & Bonnie SPONSOR
Jared & Erica Fullerton
Kamrowski The Vilt Family Scheidt Bruzek Funeral Home
Wesley Volkenant Robert & Tami Christine and Tom DALEKOARTS
Margaret Kartak
Heather King Alex & Kate Wagner Schmitz Karki SEASON
Jennifer Waller Steven & Connie Alecia & Josh SPONSORS
Barbara Droher Kline Scharback family Giesenbräu Bier Co.
Lenore Krava Anna Weggel-Reed Schoenbauer
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Fred Kreider Amy “Aim Face” SUPPORT
Michaela Kronlage Hannah Weinberg- Kristin & Nick Schroers
Pete & Heather Schuller Surber Debra & Scott
Mike Lagerquist Goerger
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Matthew Lasch Lisa Widmer
Erin K. Shadwick Brad & Deb Yopp Foundation

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