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DATE: 11 April 2017 (Friday, 8:00a.m. to 8:30a.m.)

MULTIPLE CHOICE: Shade the letter that corresponds to the correct answer.

1. The minimum area and dimensions shall be maintained from a point above the shower drain outlet
to a height of _____ with no protrusions other than the fixture valve or valves, shower head and safety
grab bars· or rails.
a. 1.76 meters b. 1790 cm c. 1.80 meters d. 1.78 meters

2. Any public space, public park or thoroughfare less than three (3) meters but not less than two (2) meters
in width dedicated for public use.
a. Street b. Avenue c. Alley d. Boulevard

3. A 45° wye fitting is equivalent to

a. 1/6 wye fitting b. 1/4 wye fitting c. 1/8 wye fitting d. 1/16 wye fitting

4. A metallic sleeve, caulked or joined to an opening in a pipe, into which a plug is screwed that can be
removed for cleaning or examining the interior of the pipe.
a. plug b. End-cap c. Ferrule d. Flange

5. A pipe which makes an angle of more than 45 degrees from the vertical axis is considered.
a. Horizontal pipe b. Vertical pipe c. Sloped pipe d. Diagonal pipe

6. All pipes passing through of under cinders or other corrosive materials shall be protected from external
corrosion by encasing with ___.
a. Jute sack b. Polyethylene sheet c. Polyvinyl sheet d. Propylene sheet

7. In the plumbing code, the following plumbing unit fixtures includes, except;
a. hose bibb b. urinal c. water meter d. floor drain

8. a pipe connecting upward from a soil or waste stack below the floor and below horizontal connection to
an adjacent vent stack at a point above the floor and higher than highest spill level of fixtures for
preventing pressure changes in the stacks..
a. Loop Vent b. Local Vent c. Yoke vent d. Main vent

9. Who is the only person allowed to file an application at the Office of the Building Official?
a. Registered Master Plumber c. Building Owner
b. General Contractor d. Construction Manager

10. The critical level marking or backflow prevention device or vacuum breaker is a point established by the
a. Testing laboratory c. Inspector
b. Health officer d. Manufacturer

11. Accessible toilet compartments shall have a minimum area of _____________.

a. 1.50m x 1.50m c. 1.80m x 1.50m
b. 1.70m x 1.50m d. 1.70m x 1.80m

12. Material not listed in the plumbing code for use in water piping.
a. Plastic b. Galvanized iron c. Aluminum d. Asbestos
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Prepared by: Engr. Jonathan D. Cabardo, RMP, EnP, ASEAN Eng.

13. The horizontal piping of a drainage system which starts from the end of the building drain and which
receives the discharge of the building drain and conveys it to a public sewer, private sewer, individual
sewage disposal system or other point of disposal.
a. Building Drain c. Building Sewer
b. Private Sewer d. Building Subdrain

14. Fixture connections between drainage pipes and water closets shall be made with
a. Hot poured compound b. Flanges c. Sealant d. Bolts

15. Any of two or more similar adjacent fixtures which discharge into a common horizontal soil or waste branch.
a. Bathroom c. Quarter Bath
b. Battery of Bathroom d. Battery of Fixtures

16. Void between pipes and sleeves through concrete floors in the ground shall be appropriately sealed with
a. Concrete b. Non Shrink Grout c. Bitumen d. Plumber’s Putty

17. Also called as "sitz" bath;

a. Bibb b. Bidet c. Faucet d. perennial spray

18. No dry or chemical closet shall be installed in any building unless first approved by the ___.
a. Building and safety office c. Zoning administrator
b. Health officer d. Building Engineer

19. A non-watertight lined excavation in the ground which receives the discharge of a sanitary drainage system
or part thereof, designed to retain the organic matter and solids discharging therefrom, but permitting the
liquid to seep through the bottom and sides of it.
a. Privy b. Privy Vault c. Cesspool d. Septic Vault

20. Which of the following is considered suds-producing fixture/appliance?

a. Bathtubs b. Kitchen sink c. Washing machine d. All of the these

21. The public sewer may be considered as being not available when such public sewer is more than ___ from
the proposed building.
a. 91 m b. 81 m c. 71 m d. 61 m

22. An approved plumbing fixture or device of such materials, shape and capacity to adequately receive the
discharge from indirect waste pipes, constructed and located to be readily cleaned.
a. Interceptor b. Receptor c. Catch Basin d. Clarifier

23. IPS means

a. Internal pipe size c. internal plumbing system
b. international pipe standard d. iron pipe size

24. No pipe shall be directly embedded in concrete and masonry wall without ____
a. Pipe sleeve b. metal sleeve c. metal support d. pipe casing

25. It shall be supported at intervals not exceeding 1.2m at center with rigid vertical back-up
a. lead pipe b. g.i pipe c copper pipe d plastic pipe

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Prepared by: Engr. Jonathan D. Cabardo, RMP, EnP, ASEAN Eng.

26. Threaded plastic pipe shall be ___ minimum wall thickness

a. Schedule 20 b. Schedule 40 c. Schedule 60 d. Schedule 80

27. Bell and spigot and hubless pipe shall be supported at _____or closer.
a. 1.20m b. 1.50m c. every storey d. every other storey

28. The national plumbing Code was made as a referral code of the National Building Code. This latter code
is known as:
a. PD 223 b. PD 1096 c. PD 1081 d. PD 856

29. No building sewer be installed under or within ____ of any building or structure
a. 1.2m b. 0.60m c 1.5m d. 0.30m

30. Such pipe or piping 102mm or larger in diameter may have a slope of_____
a. 2% b. 2 ½% c. 1% d. None of the Choices

31. Construction documents presented with a permit application may be required to provide information on
a. The direction of flow
b. The quantity of flow at a specific time of the day
c. The individual plumber who will install the plumbing system
d. None of the above

32. It is a pipe installed to vent a fixture trap and which connects with the vent system above the fixture served
or terminates in the open air.
a. Dual Vent b. Unit Vent c. Common vent d. Revent Pipe

33. No drainage or vent piping shall be drilled and tapped for making connection thereto, and no
_________shall be threaded.
a. Black iron b. plastic pipe c. Gi pipe d. cast iron soil pipe

34. ASTM stands for:

a. American Standard for Testing Materials
b. American Society for Testing and Materials
c. American Standard for Testing and Materials
d. American Society for Testing Materials

35. There is an existing building and the owner has a new two storey building near to the existing
Building the owner ask the master plumber how the septic tank works?
a. Connect to the existing ST
b. Provide a new ST tank separate to the existing
c. demolish the old ST and built new one
d. Provide a small cesspool

36. A site plan will normally show the location of _______________.

a. The proposed water service c. Both A & B
b. The proposed sewer connection d. Either A or B

37. It shall be supported at each storey or at maximum intervals of 3 meters on center

a. Cast Iron pipe b. copper tubing c. plastic pipe d. screwed pipe

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Prepared by: Engr. Jonathan D. Cabardo, RMP, EnP, ASEAN Eng.

38. All horizontal drainage pipe shall be run in practical alignment and at uniform slope between manhole of
not less than ________toward point of disposal
a. 25mm /m 2% slope c. 50mm/m 2%slope
b 20mm/m 2% slope d. 75mm/m 2% slope

39. What is the other word for plumber’s friend?

a. Journeyman b. Pipe fitter c. Force Cup a. Apprentice

40. Which of the following is prohibited fixture inside public toilet?

a. Slop Sink b. Bidet c. Faucet d. Drinking Fountain

41. Horizontal drainage line connecting to vertical stack shall enter through ______
a. 30deg and 60deg wye branches c. 45deg and 60deg wye branches
b. 90 degrees elbow d. 45deg with longer sweep

42. Vertical installation of double sanitary tee may be used when barrel of the fitting is at least _____ size
larger than the largest side inlet.
a. Two pipe b. Double pipe c. One pipe d. half

43. A registered Master Plumber shall not injure falsely or maliciously, directly or indirectly, the reputation of
another registered Master Plumber by reviewing his/her work for the same client unless the professional
services of the former have been officially terminated and all professional fees have been fully paid by the
a. Code of Ethics # 4 c. Code of Ethics # 5
b. Code of Ethics # 6 d. Code of Ethics # 3

44. No water closet or bidet shall be set closer than ___ its center to any side wall or obstruction.
a. 0.375 m c. 0.500 m
b. 0.400 m d. 0.575 m

45. Water closets should be computed as ___ fixture units when used in determining septic tank size.
a. 4 b. 5 c. 6 d. 7

46. What is the minimum of number of water closet required at elementary school for female comfort room if
there is 8 water closet, 2 Lavatories, 4 Urinals for male comfort room?
a. 8 WC b. 10 WC c. 12 WC d. 14 WC

47. Gutters in public or gang shower rooms shall have rounded comers for easy cleaning and shall be sloped
not less than _____ percent toward the drains.
a. 1% b. 2% c. 4% d. Any of the choice.

48. A beginner at the trade who usually serves for 3 to 5 years as helper to a journeyman.
a. Apprentice c. Asst. Plumber
b. Asst. Journeyman d. Pipe Fitter

49. Waste discharge by water closet is?

a. Liquid waste b. Solid waste c. Water waste d. Urine

50. The minimum pressure that should be maintained for fixtures containing flush tank supplies shall be?
a. 10 psi b. 8 psi c. 15 psi d. 20 psi
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Prepared by: Engr. Jonathan D. Cabardo, RMP, EnP, ASEAN Eng.