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Our Mission: To love Jesus Christ and to share His Love

Our Vision: To be a Christian community where Christ is transforming lives
East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church Volume V Issue 7 February 17, 2019

Pastor’s Corner

As we roll into mid-February, I am pleased to report that two of our staff members, Bethany Mills
and Rachel Thompson, have successfully made the transition to Rachel taking on the
congregational care duties of the church. Rachel has committed to attending the 8:30 am
service at least twice per month to interact with members and friends who attend that service
and she may be contacted through her phone extension (570-421-3280 ext 1011) or by email
( Rachel would love to hear from you and welcomes any congregational care needs
you or your family have. I will also be glad to pass on any of these concerns to Rachel.
As Bethany has officially stepped out of Congregational Care, she will now begin the necessary training needed
to become our Director of Communications. Taking on a myriad of responsibilities, such as overseeing all
internal and external communications, Bethany will shortly manage the following platforms in collaboration with
Staff, Communication, Worship Planning: Sunday morning announcements, the e-news and the Trumpet Call,
all social media, promotional signing and banners, and much more. During this time of training, it's important to
remember that Bethany’s “Office Hours" are primarily by appointment, and that her availability for additional
projects will be limited until her training is complete (end of March). Despite that seemingly long wait, I know
firsthand that Bethany is excited to begin working with our leaders and teams to rethink, refresh and revitalize
ESUMC’s communications! To schedule an appointment with Bethany, please email
We are now just a week away from the Special General Conference of the United Methodist Church, held in St.
Louis from February 23-26. The sole purpose of this conference is to (hopefully and prayerfully) plot a way
forward in unity concerning issues related to human sexuality. A special time of prayer will be held Saturday,
February 16 in our Sanctuary beginning at 10:00 am. I hope you’ll be able to come by the church between 10:00
and Noon, but if not, please take some time at home to offer your prayers, and on each day leading up to and
during the General Conference. I was pleased to see that the entire first day of the conference, February 23, is
devoted to prayer for what will follow. If you’d like to see the conference in real time throughout, you may go to and follow the links to the live feed. Finally, please pray for our Eastern PA delegates as they
prepare and as they take important votes. They are, Clergy: Dawn Taylor Storm, Joe DiPaolo, Jeff Raffauf,
Lydia Munoz, Bob Wilt (alternate). Laity: Judy Ehninger, Jane Bonner, Clarita Krall, Krystl Johnson, Lenora
Thompson (alternate).

Blessings in Christ, Pastor Jim

The February meeting of the OK’S was postponed due to icy conditions. The program we had
planned will be March 13, at 11:30. Please plan to bring your own sandwich and beverage,
desert will be provided.
Please call if you plan to come so we can plan accordingly and also, if we should need to
contact you. Call Karen Dudley at 570-424-9896 or Erma Powell at 570-421-1422. Thank you!

In April, five new Stephen Minister

Trainees will begin their journey as
commissioned Stephen Ministers. As Coming Sunday May 5th:
such, we will be seeking to place them
into caring relationships. If you’re in
need, please consider how a Stephen Annual Cantata, both services
Minister may help you. Contact Peggy
Strack 570-856-2131 for more info.
MARCH 30, 2019
Hello ESUMC family! It’s me again, Ken Brown,
reminding you that it’s time to sign up for the church-wide
retreat. This is a special day for our church family. A
time to come together; old and young, traditional and
contemporary worship styles and even those of us who
“bounce” back and forth. A day set aside to just sit at the
feet of God together with our friends in Christ. A time to
relax and enjoy each other’s company as God lifts our
spirits. So stop procrastinating and get on board.

Here is what you need to know about the retreat:

It’s at the Pocono Plateau on March 30, 2019 from

9 AM to 7:15 PM. Food Needed for Bring a Friend Sunday!
Lunch and dinner are included. Ages 0-3 are free,
A delicious meal is being planned for our
ages 4-11 are $10 and ages 12+ are $30. Great
congregation and guests on Sunday,
location, the youth have their own leader and
March 10th after the 10:45 service. Meat and a few
space and children workers are available.
sides are being prepared by chef Ana, but help from
You can find the information on the church web site or
you would be greatly appreciated! Would you bring
pick up a flier in the church.
a salad, side dish or dessert to share? Signup in Fellowship
You can sign up on-line or at a table in Fellowship Hall
Hall, indicating what you will bring! Many hands make light
every Sunday until the Deadline of March 20th.
See you there. Sign up today! Ken Brown
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It’s Not About YOU!
Wow… That statement sounds abrasive! But it’s true.
The Caring Caller Program at ESUMC relies upon each
of us completing the Yellow Attendance Card and placing
it in the collection plate/bag when we are in a church
service. Then an Office Volunteer enters each of our
attendance records in a church-wide computer program
and notes the service we attended, as well as if we
attended the Discipleship Hour. Written prayer concerns
and interests shared for serving are distributed to
appropriate Staff persons to follow up. Information on the
cards help the church keep updated stats, etc. But more
importantly, a report is created on the data that informs
What's all that 'Not A Fan' stuff about at Church?" OH, BOY! Are
us of who has NOT attended services for four or more
we glad you asked! You see, it isn't WHAT we're not a fan of, but
rather WHO!!! weeks.
Why is this important? First, a trained team of Caring
Did you know that at least twenty times in the New Testament, Callers is assigned to contact the people on the report so
Jesus issues a compelling and challenging invitation to "FOLLOW that they know the church family cares. Secondly,
him?" That's right, we’re to FOLLOW him! callers find out if there may be a need that the church
family may fulfill.
And that's not "follow" Him like we subscribe to follow movie
stars, models, trends and events on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. So, please take the time to complete the Yellow
We're talking about literally following in Christ's footsteps as His Attendance Card with your name, date, and the time of
believers! You see, Christ doesn't want the occasional, enthusiastic the service you attended. In doing this, you are helping to
admirer. He's not looking for His #1Fan. He wants you to become a identify who is missing in our church family so we may
COMPLETELY COMMITTED FOLLOWER. reach out and say, “We Care at ESUMC!”
Based on the engaging approach of Kyle Idleman, this one-of-a-
kind Small Group Study examines what it means to truly "deny
ones self" and FOLLOW Jesus, no matter what the cost. With a
direct frankness you’re not likely to hear in Sunday school class,
Kyle humbly encourages us to take an honest look at our relation-
ship with Jesus. His call to follow may seem radical to us, but Jesus
desires it for every believer. Join us for this refreshing, new Church
-Wide Study starting March 10th!!

Care Packages

Now that all the kids have started their spring

Care Packages
semester it is time to start our spring collection for the
college and military care-packages.
Twice a year, our church sends just over 50 students
and soldiers a small package to let them know we are
supporting and thinking of them. We are currently
collecting $10 gift cards to include in our packages. If
you would like to show your love to our students and
military personnel, please place gift cards in the box in
Oberholtzer Hall or in Sunday’s offering plate.
United Methodist Community Top favorite include: Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks,
Prayer Meeting Wawa, Turkey Hill, Friendly’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s,
and Panera among many others.
Join us February 16th, 10-12 noon in the If you do not have time to pick up a gift card, we will
ESUMC Sanctuary for a Community Prayer also be accepting donations to use towards gift cards.
Meeting led by Pastor Paul Crikelair. As a Let’s show them that we are thinking of them as
They continue on in their studies and service.
United Methodist community we will be lifting our prayers for the
We will be collecting through Sunday, March 17.
denomination vote taking place later this month. Come and pray
Any questions email Sue Mertz at:
with fellow United Methodist clergy and members for the future of
our churches.


(570) 421-3280
Hours: 9am to 1pm
Monday thru Friday

Jim Todd
Ext. 1014

Church Administrator
Jill Teaford
Ext. 1015

Administrative Assistant
Kathy Ravago
Ext. 1010

Director of Spiritual Life &

Bethany Mills
Ext. 1023

Director of Student Ministries

Scott Kuhnle
Ext. 1013

Director of Children & Family

Erica Dorsch
Ext. 1017

Director of Traditional Music/

Pauline Fox

Director of Contemporary
Doug Malefyt

Director of Choir
Joe Dorsch

Director of Bells
Chris Perfetti

Director of Congregational
Rachel Thompson
Ext. 1011
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Financial Secretary/IT Support
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NA: Mon-Sat, 12:00 to 1:30 PM Just for Today; Traditional 8:30 AM Audio/Visual Technician
Wed, 6:00 to 7:30 PM New Beginnings (Women) Contemporary 10:45 AM Charles Rajnai
AA: Thurs & Sat, 8:00 to 9:00 PM Keep It Simple Sunday School 9:45 AM
Saturday, 5:30 to6:30 PM. Discipleship 9:45 AM Facilities Manager
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