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Juan F. Garcia =» Ee February 14, 2019 ‘Mario Rodriguez Mayor ity of Premont 200 S. W. 1" St. Premont, TX 78375 Dear Mario Rodriguez: Please accept this as official notice of my resignation as Chief of Police for the City of Premont Police Department. As you know, over the last three months, the city council has had many differences of opinion regarding the way the police department operates, work schedules, and goals for the Police Department. Our conflict has affected my ability to manage thePolice Department and has left me and many of my police officers feeling uncertain about the future of the department. It is clear to me that the city council and | will not be able to resolve our differences, Therefore, | feel that resigning is the best option for me. I would like to thank Mayor Mario Rodriguez, Councilman Andy Garza, and Councilwoman Irma C. Martinez for supporting me and my police officers of the Premont Police Department. As for Councilwoman Norma Tullos, Councilwoman Crissy Martinez and Councilman Richard Belasquez, | would like to thank you three for making my decision to leave the police department a whole lot easier. You all got what you wanted. in my opinion, the City Council needs to get educated on how the Law Enforcement system works and stop micromanaging the Police Department on assumptions. If you don’t know how the system works then ask and listen to what they tell you and learn from it. We put our Peace Officer licenses on the line when you ask us to do things that are unethical or just plain against the law. You are putting the Police Department and the City of Premont in a liability situation when you remove or change things without consulting with a professional or getting legal advice. This Council has behaved badly towards me, my police officers, and even the city staff. You hold personal vendettas against people and make everyone pay for it just because you don’t like that certain person. But in the end, the only people you are hurting is the citizens of Premont. You need to have your priorities straight and get that chip off your shoulders. Remember that no one is above the law. You will pay for it sooner or later when you violate the law. Mario Rodriguez February 14, 2019 Page 2 Again thanks for the ‘Opportunity to serve the City of Premont and | hope you will find someone tolead the Police Department without being interfered with, Don’t be surprised if you end up losing all your officers. The problems not the police officers. its people representing the City that is making the officers look bad. Our own people that are supposed to be there for us are hurting us. We not only have to be watching over our back from the criminals but also some of the council members that are just following the officers around. | have yet to hear anything Positive about the Police Department. Everything that we do is wrong but they never tell you the full story about what they are doing on a daily bases that impedes the operations of city hall and the police department. ‘want to thank the Officers that have worked under me. Don’t let anyone tell you different. You all are outstanding police officers and | commend you for serving and protecting the citizens of Premont despite all the bashing that certain council members have said about us. Always remember why you are here and that is to protect and serve the citizens of Premont, It's all about the citizens in our community, not us. May God continue to bless my brothers and sisters in blue. Keep up the great work that you do! My last day with the City of Premont will be Monday, February 18, 2019. | would be happy to meet with you at your convenience to discuss the transition of my duties to my successor. Sincerely, F. Garcia