His mother always used to pick him up from school. School begins at 8:30. I'll see you afer school.

He's one of my old friends from school. Children start school between the ages four and five. 'école quand ils ont quatre ou cinq ans.

Les enfants commencent l

Their kids are away at school now. Leurs enfants sont parti s à l'école maintenant. She was going to school in Boston. Elle était allées Do you know the Harvard School of Public Health? Connaissez-vous « Harvard School of Public Health » ? After two years of medical school, I thought I knew everything. Mom studied in a language school in Brighton. Which school of motoring should I choose? I can get some work done while the kids are at school. We've got two children at school, and one at university. Sandra's not in school today. Are your boys still in school? Cassatt was an American member of the French Impressionist School. There are two main schools of thought on the subject. I remember some of the tales of the old school. I saw a school of whales. --Did you go to school in Paris? Some of the children had not attended school very regularly before. Children in Britain start school when they are five. He left school when he was sixteen. His parents sent him to a private school. Universities want to encourage more applicants from state schools. He was educated at a private school. He went back to his old school to give a talk to the children. They sent their kids to the local school. The school is both a boarding school and a day school. A nursery school is a school for children between the ages of three and five yea rs. More than 90% of children are registered for infant school, where they experienc e a gentle transition from family life to school life. Their children are still at primary school. He answered that he had not even finished elementary school. Progress in language acquisition at primary and secondary school should be devel oped. When Sebastião was at high school, he used to be one of best learners in drawing a nd on sport. In Europe comprehensive school systems still work. Ulle Schröder studied romance and politics and holds a degree as grammar school te acher. --Most school students have musical interests of some kind.

Visits to the school library are conducted every week and students are welcome a t the library at anytime. She had to be back in time for the school run. The trip will take place during the school holidays. Quadrilha is danced across Brazil every June: from school playgrounds to the Pre sidential Palace.She met some old school friends. He was still wearing his school uniform. .

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