Compare the author point that the

marketing department is obsolete

with parallel

organization structural initiative in the management of quality. How would marketing organize itself without a department? Marketing plays an important role in making the consumers aware of the products and services. The major function of marketing is to satisfy the customer needs. It can play an important role in what the customer wants and how the company can do this. It has the connectivity function in society because it matches the supply and demand. At business level, marketing functions to integrate the departments of the company. In this way company integrates to serve the market. It also functions to see the accessibility of the customers to products and services. By having a marketing department, an organization could gain several benefits from it. If a company was launching a product for example; before the launch, the market research team would need to review the market and possibly send out surveys or sign themselves up to consumer opinion websites to gather people s views about the product idea. Information gathering is the key within this side of the marketing department as any feedback from consumers would allow the company to see whether a product would be feasible or not within the market. Sending out samples for people to test and requesting for feedback is also an effective marketing and information gathering strategy.

The marketing department plays an important role within any business type and without them; the company may not be as successful nor be able to compete with other companies in the industry like the author s statement of marketing department is obsolete .

But an organization could make their marketing management become successful without having a marketing department to manage their marketing activities by using two ways, which are using other marketing company to help them in managing their marketing activities. This other company is also called virtual marketing department. Virtual Marketing Department provides B2B and B2C business development, distribution and marketing solutions. It offers full capability from bespoke strategy through to end-to-end project implementation. It outsourced

Very simply put. Second way is to use e marketing. retaining current business and developing its brand identity. E Marketing is the process of marketing a brand using the Internet. e marketing or electronic marketing refers to the application of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media and more specifically the Internet. It includes both direct response marketing and indirect marketing elements and uses a range of technologies to help connect businesses to their customers. E Marketing encompasses all the activities a business conducts via the worldwide web with the aim of attracting new business. By using E Marketing. It also make a full range of marketing expertise from developing strategic and marketing plans. a company did not have to build a marketing department because their marketing activities are made online which could shorten their cost of support and interim management for both pharmaceutical companies and healthcare agencies. save energy and time. to campaign management and implementation. .

In relationship marketing the situation is different. the customer will evaluate the service they are experiencing and build a long-term judgment about the firm. Every service organization regularly understanding their opportunities to personally interrelate with their customers through frontline employees. When several firms can provide a similar technical quality. a phrase that entails the important responsibility they be able to participate in the success of the corporation.How your organization does enact its relationships with its customers? Think particularly about moment of truth . grows in importance. Hence. During these interactions. The benefit sought by the customers are embedded in the technical solution provided by the product. The customer interface is broader. other than perhaps the corporate or brand image in some cases.knowledge. is the dominating quality-creating source in transaction marketing. The customer will not receive much else that will provide him with added value. in relationship marketing the functional quality dimension grows in importance and often becomes the dominating one. and the firm has opportunities to provide its customers with added value of various types (technological. High performance firms have educated their frontline people not only to aware these moments of truth. or what the customer gets as an outcome. . managing the interaction processes becomes imperative also from a quality perception perspective. but to also utilize them to positively persuade their clients. the technical quality of the product. the customer perceived quality is an important purpose of the customer perceptions of two magnitude: the effect of the result or the technical explanation and an extra effect based on the customer s perception of the several connections with the organization (moments of truth). Thus. Based on a model of total perceived quality by Nordic School of Services. the second quality dimension. information. etc) Hence. These outstanding communications have been labeled the "moment of truth". A transaction marketing approach includes no or minimal customer contacts outside the product and other marketing mix variables. social. how the interaction process is perceived.

Customers that feel cherished and valued from the start will have a strong affinity to come back for future business. conveys a sense of community that most people respond to. they will pay exacting interest to the particulars of this contact. smiling and speaking in a positive. Relationship marketing by working towards improving profitability based on exploiting its relationships serves this financial performance objective of marketing strategy. With first parody being very powerful and long-lasting. positive impression that can translate into higher retention rates. Relationship Marketing is profitable when customers are willing to stay with suppliers for a long period of time. Many clients in this situation are alert that they are occupied in a new experience. . friendly smile and direct eye contact with the customer makes a lasting. The most effective step management can be take to maximize their advantage with the moment of truth is to make their employees aware of how their behavior influences customer satisfaction. Many service employees simply don't make this connection. enthusiastic manner will usually stimulate a feeling of customer satisfaction. A warm. it's crucial that the employee put their best.One example of a moment of truth frequently happens during the customer's first encounter with an association. Simple sign like making direct eye contact. Addressing the customer by name. whenever appropriate.

even if marketing mix management is dying. Discovering Value 1. that could be considered by an organization which is: A. Positioning: psychological value and Share-of-Mind Space B. With the growing of Internet information revolution. relationship marketing. the exploitation of the Ps has altered. In relation to the product. fulfillment & replenishment. People: stakeholder value. the marketing mix paradigm could not be last long or dying due to the four P s. 3. However. Marketing merit a new perspectives. Passion. CRM. Philosophy. greater customization of the products to customer needs. knowledge management. and Customer Experience 4. Before the marketing mix there were other approaches and now time has made this approach less helpful other than in specific situations. Predictive analysis: marketing information. and Purpose 2. There are several additional P s had been introduced by Parimal Bhagat. which are more market oriented and less controlling. sourcing & procurement. Delivering Value 5. Processes: Managing the Value Constellation: integrating product planning & development. 2004. The four P s then need to be replaced.Is the marketing mix paradigm dead or dying? What might such paradigm shift mean in organizations of the future? From the author s point of view. the Internet leads to faster discovery of customer needs. . and where the customer are the central point. this does not mean that the four Ps and other concepts of the managerial approach such as market segmentation and the marketing concept would be less important than before. then new paradigms have to come. Marketing mix as a general perspective evolved because at one time it was an effective way of describing and managing many marketing situations. faster product testing and shorter product life-cycles.

Paradigm shift are needed in the future and new paradigms have to come. economic. negotiations. Consumer are more educate. Philanthropy: CSR. Persuasion: communicating value to stakeholders. cultural. Performance and Profits: Return on Marketing. 10. the growth of the Internet had been treated as another marketing channel.6. dynamic pricing. . creating evangelists. the way in which we practice and teach marketing has adapted to meet the growing needs of the e-consumer. technology in strategic planning. Managing Value 8. their need and wants change thus an organization must shift their marketing practices from traditional marketing to relationship marketing. Pricing: economic value to stakeholders. and environmental sustainability. 9. social. In this new era. integrated marketing communications. building and protecting brand and corporate equity. globalism and cultural sensitivity. C. Measuring Marketing Productivity. 7. Prescient Prescriptions: ethics.

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