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Ginger Bowler

Ginger Bowler, ThD, PhD, CBI is a native of New Orleans,

Louisiana who now lives and works outside Boulder, Colorado.
She is the protégé of the renowned healer and Master Herbalist,
Hanna Kroeger, ND. Having traveled with Hanna Kroeger and
studying with her for 12 years, Ginger took over Hanna’s teaching
schedule when Hanna passed away peacefully in 1998 at the age of 84. After Hanna’s
passing Ginger earned her doctorate in Energy Medicine from Holos University Graduate
Seminary in Missouri where she did her Doctoral work on Hanna Kroeger’s teachings. In
addition to teaching Hanna Kroeger’s work, she has taught BioGenesis, Quantum
Biofeedback Certification, L.E.D. Light Therapy Certification programs and has reached
a degree of mastery in understanding the whole energy phenomenon and how this
translates and relates to the human condition.

She is the executive producer of New Dimensions in Healing Yourself, a 2 hour

film/DVD with the world renowned healer, teacher and author, Hanna Kroeger. Ginger
Bowler is the author of Listening and Communicating with Energy” and “Hanna
Kroeger, Natural Healer.”

With a Doctorate in Energy Medicine, Dr. Bowler is passionate about understanding

energy and how this understanding affects the quality of life on all levels. This is her
reason for all of the products and educational programs she offers—because of her belief
in how they positively impact the quality of life for people. She has presented seminars
for 28 years and has been in front of approximately 500,000 students/ participants as an
instructor/ presenter at conferences, webinars, seminars and guest events across the globe.

Her work and her “Understanding Energy Model” have been presented in board rooms,
schools, corporations, Complementary and Alternative Health programs and homes.

She was cited in a number of works which is best summed up with a note from Kim
Evans - APRN, CNS-BC, ANH-BC, CNAT of The Institute for Integrative Medicine
“I teach, apply and use Dr. Bowler’s Energy Model daily in my personal life and
professional practice at the Institute for Integrative Medicine in Louisville,
Kentucky. Her work is an integral piece in my elective course at Bellarmine
University’s nursing course for the RN to BSN program titled, ‘Holistic Nursing/
Integrative Medicine: merging the past and future into present day nursing.’ We
use both her Energy Model as well as the Body Self Alignment procedures.
Ginger’s classes will make you laugh, cry and will transform every aspect of your
mind, body and spirit. She is one of the most informative and entertaining
speakers I’ve ever experienced and I’d put her up as one of the best in the
Ginger talks about herself:
I am at my happiest when I am teaching/ speaking on topics that make a
difference and help humanity have a better life. My happiest time, professionally,
is teaching and making learning fun and applicable to everyday life. I use stories
to make a point that the listener will remember and access later on to use in their
own lives.

My passion and strength is making the popular topic of "understanding energy"

easy to understand and apply. I have come up with a very simple model for
understanding this whole “energy phenomenon” and applying it simply to ones
life and work. This is a topic which I have been asked to present across the USA,
Canada as well as in S. Africa, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the UK.

My book, "Listening and Communicating with Energy," is the story of me chasing

healers around, especially Hanna Kroeger, trying to understand what they
understood so well--but was elusive to me. I finally got it and I share it. I know
why we are all participating in these healing fields and what the goal is and the
simple way to get there. It’s all energy and the game is to get to the light (Lighten
up!) Let’s have some fun and learn this together.

BOARD Member for the Following:

• Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences (
• Voice for H.O.P.E. (Healers of Planet Earth) (

1992-2002: Owner/ Founder: Southern Herb Co., Inc. a National Wholesale Distributor
of Nutritional Food Supplements and Products with locations in Ft. Walton Beach, FL
and Madison, WI servicing the Eastern USA.

2002: Asset sale of Southern Herb Company in Madison, WI. We sold the distribution
end of the business and maintained the educational arm. We also had a corporate name
change to “Palo Bowler, Inc.”

1999-2003: Graduated from Holos University Graduate Seminary in Missouri


2003: Started Energy Medicine Ministries/ Energy Events as a division of Palo Bowler,

2006-2011: Palo Bowler, Inc. opened a division of The Quantum Academies in Boulder,
Colorado. Ginger was a Quantum Academies Instructor and Administrator for the
Indigo/SCIO biofeedback device.

In 2010-2011 Marketing Director for BioGenesis, LLC in addition to running Energy

Events in Louisville, Colorado, USA.
2011-Present: Palo Bowler, Inc d.b.a. Energy Events; Energy Events Global, LLC d.b.a.
Light Energy Training Seminars (L.E.T.S) Co-Founder and Instructor
inLight Medical Distributor in the U.S.A.

Dr. Ginger Bowler, PhD

26 Garden Center; Suite 3B
Broomfield, CO 80020
720-331-4385 (cell/text)