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#1132 02/21

issue one thousand one hundred thirty-two thursday, february twenty-one, mmxix

“8 MONTHS” Telefilm / Lifetime 02-14-19 ê

629 Eastern Ave. Suite A103, Toronto, ON M4M 1E3
PHONE: 647-253-2467 FAX: 647-253-2468
STATUS: March 5 LOCATION: Toronto
PRODUCER: Mary Anne Waterhouse - Kyle Clark - Lina Wong
DIRECTOR: Jeffrey Hunt LP/PM: Moe Rai PC: Dave Wilson 1AD: Daniela Barbosa
PEACOCK ALLEY 358 Dufferin St., Unit 110, Toronto, ON, M6K 1Z8 416-479-9292
When Alex Cooper was fifteen years old, life was pretty ordinary in her sleepy suburban town and nice Mormon family. At church and at home, Alex
was taught that God had a plan for everyone. But something was gnawing at her that made her feel different. These feelings exploded when she met
Yvette, a girl who made Alex feel alive in a new way, and with whom Alex would quickly fall in love. Alex knew she was holding a secret that could
shatter her family, her church community, and her life. Yet when this secret couldn't be hidden any longer, she told her parents that she was gay, and
the nightmare began. She was driven from her home in Southern California to Utah, where, against her will, her parents handed her over to fellow
Mormons who promised to save Alex from her homosexuality. For eight harrowing months, Alex was held captive in an unlicensed "residential treatment
program" modeled on the many "therapeutic" boot camps scattered across Utah. Alex was physically and verbally abused, and many days she was
forced to stand facing a wall wearing a heavy backpack full of rocks. Her captors used faith to punish and terrorize her. With the help of a dedicated
legal team in Salt Lake City, Alex eventually escaped and made legal history in Utah by winning the right to live under the laws protection as an openly
gay teenager. Alex is not alone; the headlines continue to splash stories about gay conversion therapy and rehabilitation centers that promise to "save"
teenagers from their sexuality. Saving Alexis a courageous memoir that tells Alexs story in the hopes that it will bring awareness and justice to this
important issue. A bold, inspiring story of one girls fight for freedom, acceptance, and truth.

“12 MIGHTY ORPHANS” Feature Film 02-07-19 ê

9200 Sunset Boulevard Suite 331, West Hollywood, CA 90069
PHONE: 424-355-0110
STATUS: April 24 LOCATION: Fort Worth, TX
PRODUCER: Michael De Luca - Angelique De Luca - Houston Hill - Brinton Bryan - J. Todd Harris - Camille Scioli-Mcnamara
WRITER: Ty Roberts - Lane Garrison DIRECTOR: Ty Roberts LP: Paul Davis
SANTA RITA FILM CO. 7300 Cooper Lane, Austin, TX 78745 512-799-9540
More than a century ago, a school was constructed in Fort Worth, Texas, for the purpose of housing and educating the orphans of Texas Freemasons.
It was a humble project that for years existed quietly on a hillside east of town. Life at the Masonic Home was about to change, though, with the arrival
of a lean, bespectacled coach by the name of Rusty Russell. Here was a man who could bring rain in the midst of a drought. Here was a man who, in
virtually no time at all, brought the orphans' story into the homes of millions of Americans. In the 1930s and 1940s, there was nothing bigger in Texas
high school football than the Masonic Home Mighty Mites―a group of orphans bound together by hardship and death. These youngsters, in spite of
being outweighed by at least thirty pounds per man, were the toughest football team around. They began with nothing―not even a football―yet in a
few years were playing for the state championship on the highest level of Texas football. This is a winning tribute to a courageous band of underdogs
from a time when America desperately needed fresh hope and big dreams. (April 24 - May 31)

“35 ANOS” Series / Prime Video

1620 26th St. N. Bldg., 4th Flr, Santa Monica, CA 90404
PHONE: 310-573-2305
STATUS: August 26 LOCATION: Mexico City
PRODUCER: Alejandro Garcia
When Marcela Beltrán - a young police officer in Mexico City - realizes that the rape case she is investigating has similarities with other tasks over 35
years, she decides to look for the agents who were in charge of the inquiries in the different periods of time. Thus, a serial rapist who was never
apprehended manages to unite - without intending to - four people from the most diverse backgrounds, ages & characteristics, who are given the task
of closing this issue once & for all. Alfonso Santos, 78 years old, Ángeles Martín del Campo, 56, & Juan José Ochoa, 42, get, led by Marcela, find the
person in charge. The man confesses & accepts eighteen of the nineteen reported abuses; all, except the rape suffered twenty years ago by the current
senator of the republic Carmen Guerra. But before the newly created team can thoroughly interrogate the rapist, he appears dead in his cell. This is
how this intrigue is triggered that leads them to join efforts & contribute the experience of each one, in search of answers & getting justice done. They
will do everything to solve the murder of the rapist & to find the person responsible for the violation of Carmen Guerra. On the way, however, the pieces
move & not necessarily everything they thought happened the way they thought. A world of women trafficking surrounds them. A complicated city,
where femicides are on the rise. Cases, seemingly unrelated, in which they must work that are providing new clues to meet their objective. A universe
where the richest men in the country, the interests of power & the needs of the most unprotected converge.

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