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Visualizing Voting Rights

1. What is the term for the rights she wants?

2. Which amendment granted her these rights?
3. What two other amendments granted similar rights?
1. Based on this cartoon, what do you think was once a requirement to vote ?
2. Do you think all voters had to meet this requirement? Explain.
3. What is ironic about the Voting sign and the two poll workers?
4. Which Amendment/Right is represented in this cartoon?
A. Poll Tax
B. Women’s Suffrage
C. Voting Rights Act of 1965
D. Civil Rights Act of 1968
1. Who is on the left in the cartoon(think symbols that represent the United States)?
2. Who is on the right in the cartoon?
3. What is the person on the left handing to the person on the right? And what does this
paper mean?
4. Name the Amendment you think is being represented in this cartoon.
1. Lists the rights in the First Amendment that allow these protestors to express their
2. List four demands being made by the protestors.
3. From the list above, which two acts do you think were a result of protests like this one?

1. What type of Americans do you think wore these buttons?

2. What was going on in American History at the time this button would have been
worn(late 1960’s-early 1970’s)?
3. Symbols like these eventually led to which Amendment?