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, develop your skills and achieve your goals. It is a valuable resource for your journey through the learning experience.
Chris Twine, Director, Student Support and Development

Academic Year 2010–2011

Student Handbook

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Welcome to the University of Birmingham
Whether you are new to higher education or returning to study, this handbook will be an invaluable resource to use during your time at the University of Birmingham. It contains advice on money matters, accommodation, study skills and careers support. There is information on your Guild of Students, guidance on support networks and services, and the facilities on and around campus. By taking advantage of all that the University has to offer, we believe that you will develop lasting learning, social and personal skills. Please make time to read through all sections and understand their implications. Even if it seems rather remote at the moment, you will need to make sure that you read the sections on examinations, assessments, regulations and procedures, so that you know what is expected of you at key times during your university career. The University expects all of its students to be aware of their responsibilities and rights, so together we can maintain the high academic quality and standards of our programmes of study. You will also have received a student diary that contains essential information to guide you through your first year. The Welcome website, which can be found at, will provide helpful information to supplement the student diary and is updated throughout the year. I very much hope that you will enjoy your time at Birmingham. Professor Adrian Randall Pro-Vice Chancellor, Teaching, Learning and Quality

4 Contents 1 Student Handbook 2010–11 Equality and diversity statement Equality and diversity 8 Equal opportunities 9 Harassment 10 Health and safety 10 Student Charter Support services Academic and Student Administration Student Funding Office Counselling and Guidance Students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties Mental wellbeing Accommodation Services International Student Advisory Service (ISAS) The new points-based immigration system: information for visa-national students English language support for international students Guild of Students Health care Dental care Meningitis Drug and alcohol policy Nursery Chaplaincy 13 4 2 3 18 20 20 21 22 23 23 Money matters Payment of tuition fees Continuation fee for doctoral researchers Payment of residential accommodation fees Council Tax Electoral roll Student Finance England Maintenance grant Additional financial support Obtaining outside employment Celebrating and recognising achievement International students Student development and study support Learning at Birmingham Tutorial arrangements The University Graduate School Your personal development and career Careers and employability Computing services and facilities Library Services Guide to Effective Learning (GEL) English language support 40 40 40 41 41 42 43 43 45 45 45 5 48 49 49 50 51 54 57 60 60 24 28 28 33 34 34 34 35 35 6 Examination and assessment Examination dates and procedures 62 Mitigations 65 Medical certificates for illness during examinations and other times 66 Appeals 67 Doctoral researchers: thesis submission and examination 68 Statements and transcripts 68 .

Student Handbook 2010–11 5 7 Regulations and procedures University legislation Academic duty and attendance Discipline Fitness to practise Complaints procedure Mitigation and appeals Data protection Copyright and photocopying Security Leisure activities The Vale Village and The Hub Sport Campus treasures (museums and other attractions) Barber Institute of Fine Arts University of Birmingham collections Special Collections Lapworth Museum of Geology Winterbourne House and Garden Music in the University 9 72 72 73 73 73 73 74 75 77 Preparing to leave the University Temporary or permanent withdrawal 94 Graduation 95 Staying in touch 96 Managing your money after graduation 97 Visa and immigration advice 98 Maps and directions The Edgbaston campus University locations The Selly Oak campus Directions 10 8 80 81 83 83 84 85 87 88 89 102 104 105 106 107 Index .


Equality and diversity statement .

As a member of this community. The University therefore views very seriously any act of intolerance or unfair discriminatory behaviour towards any member of the University at any time. to be part of our community. accountability.pdf Equality and diversity The University is committed to ensuring and promoting good equality and diversity practice. and the difference in cultural and social backgrounds across the University.bham. details of which can be found at www. It means: p Ensuring that you are treated fairly and with respect people’s difference and individuality p Celebrating cultural diversity p Supporting individual and group needs p Having zero tolerance for any act of unfair discrimination and harassment p Acknowledging . external affiliations and complaints give our community strength and vitality and helps us to be both intellectually challenging and stimulating.8 Student Handbook 2010–11 The University of Birmingham and its Guild of Students are working towards a truly inclusive community The University and its Guild of Students are committed to creating and maintaining a peaceful. religious and spiritual beliefs of our staff and students. The diversity of age. intolerance or harassment. We expect all staff and students to be able to The University has a Freedom of Speech Code of Practice. freedom of speech. speech and belief. respectful and supportive learning environment. you play a significant role in upholding these values. and which strives to protect its members from any form of intimidation or violence. constitution. learn and relax without fear of prejudice. gender. which respects and defends freedom of thought. membership. charitable finances. work. sexual orientation and political. You should be aware that there is in place between the University and the Guild of Students a Code of Practice pursuant to the requirements of the Education Act 1994 (section 22(3)) regarding arrangements with the Guild on issues such as status. This means more than mere compliance with the equality legislation.

colour. p e impact-assess our policies and procedures to ensure no one is treated adversely W because of them. p e encourage you to let us know if you have particular support needs. age. .bham. we are working on a timetable to ensure this process is systematically approached.bham. p We work with the Guild of Students to stage events that celebrate diversity such as a multicultural week. Further information on our p We encourage you to tell us what you think and inform change. or the awarding of any Degree. p We work with local community groups to ensure inclusiveness and representation. p We encourage you to participate or join one of our Guild groups outlined on pages 28– www. race/ethnicity and gender. or the appointment or promotion of staff. or. generally. ethnic or national origin.equality. p We publish a diversity newsletter showcasing how we challenge stereotypes and celebrate difference. Remember. race. W always ensure that you disclose any issue to us which might hinder your successful progression on your chosen programme. in the execution of any of its Objects as laid down by the gender and disability equality policies can be found on the website. disability. programme experience.Student Handbook 2010–11 9 How does the University work towards achieving these aims? p We aim to make sure all students feel included in the University experience and have the necessary information to make positive choices and contributions to student life. You can tell us at any time and your disclosure will be treated in confidence. Currently. p We monitor student Equality and diversity statement Equal opportunities The University’s commitment to equal opportunities is laid down in its Charter as follows: Section 13: No discrimination on the grounds of political opinion. The results of these assessments will also be available on our website. Diploma or Certificate. religion or sexual orientation shall be exercised by the University in the admission of students. marital status. gender. Equality and Diversity Adviser (students) Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 3247 Email: equality@contacts. retention and destinations by the equality strands of disability.

As a minimum. confidence. Health and safety We are committed to providing you with a safe and healthy environment in which to live and The University’s Health and Safety Unit maintains an extensive website which sets out specific health and safety policies and guidance and gives a wide range of advice and information.10 Student Handbook 2010–11 Harassment We believe that harassment pollutes the working and learning environment and has a detrimental effect upon wellbeing. or on the grounds of disability. behaviours which may be considered harassment. We are committed to creating a working and learning environment free from harassment and discrimination in which all www.bham. If you think that you may have been subject to harassment. Further details can be found in the University’s Harassment and Bullying Policy. whether employees. If you have any concerns you should first contact your supervisor or may also be unlawful and those who harass others on such grounds may be subject to prosecution.intranet.hsu. students or visitors to the University. will be subject to investigation which may result in disciplinary action. We all have health and safety responsibilities. or if you have been accused of harassment.shtml . as well as the procedures for addressing harassment. The Harassment Advisers Service is also able to offer support and advice to any person involved in an allegation of harassment.intranet.bham. including the definition of harassment.intranet. health. morale and performance of those directly affected by such behaviour or who are witness to www.bham. students and visitors to the University are treated with dignity and respect. Staff or students who harass others. you should read the ‘General Guidance’ notes on the Health and Safety website. you may need support and advice – the Harassment Advisers Service is recommended as the first source of support and advice for anyone who believes they are being subjected to harassment. where you may also find some of the ‘frequently asked questions’ Learn more You may have additional needs with regard to safe evacuation from buildings for which a personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) may need to be developed. and a responsibility to not act in such a way as to endanger yourself or others.bham. The Health and Safety Unit can be also contacted for advice on specialised including dismissal or www. Harassment on racial or sexual grounds.



Student Charter The Student Charter outlines your rights and responsibilities as a student and acts as a signpost to all the information you may require as a student. The Student Charter has been developed by the University and the Guild of Students and is a clear statement of intention and expectation. .

and have an opportunity to comment on. developments in the University and the Guild of Students as well as matters that specifically affect their programme of study and the services that they use p Be represented by the Guild and be able to participate in its democratic processes and make use of its services and facilities p Learn Learn more www. skills and competencies p Receive effective and timely feedback on their academic work p Be a member of a university that strives to provide a safe and healthy place in which to work and study and which considers the impact of its activities on the environment and on the local community p Have access to professional welfare services which are designed to support students who are experiencing difficulties that impede their study p Receive clear information on tuition and accommodation fees and advice if applying for student loans. its environment.bham. understanding. the local community or those who work or study at the University p Engaging with the University in formulating their own education and career goals and in monitoring their progress towards these goals p Participating in the University’s culture of learning which is based upon critical inquiry. and improve their debate and self-motivation p Pursuing their academic studies in a diligent. honest and professional manner All students are entitled to: within a framework that facilitates enquiry-based learning and helps them achieve the learning outcomes of their programme of study p Be treated with respect and tolerance in an environment in which academic goals may be pursued without fear or intimidation p Have access to appropriate learning resources and support so that they can take responsibility for their own learning. access to learning funds or other student funding p Be informed of.studentcharter.14 Student Handbook 2010–11 All students are responsible for: p Making the most of their programme of . their university experience and the other opportunities that the University has to offer p Complying with the University’s policies and procedures p Acting as responsible ambassadors for the University through their good conduct and by ensuring that their actions do not have an adverse impact on the University’s reputation.



Support services Academic and Student Administration Student Funding Office Counselling and Guidance Students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties Mental wellbeing Accommodation Services International Student Advisory Service (ISAS) The new points-based immigration system: information for visa-national students English language support for international students Guild of Students Health care Dental care Meningitis Drug and alcohol policy Nursery Chaplaincy 18 20 20 21 22 23 23 24 28 28 33 34 34 34 35 35 .

fitness to practise. and is a central point of contact for student advice and academic committees. Services provided are: p Student Records – as well as liaising with the appropriate member of staff in your school. examination irregularities and grievances to Council Learn more www. plagiarism.bham. student-related .ac. it will be necessary to consult or inform the relevant student records team for the following reasons: – If you need to change personal details such as your name – If you wish to change module Student Handbook 2010–11 Academic and Student Administration The Academic and Student Administration (ASA) Division co-ordinates ASA enquiry services A counter service is available for queries regarding: Tax exemption certificates p Payments for charges other than tuition/accommodation fees ( p Examinations and Congregations – co-ordinates the University’s Examinations and degree congregations p Student Conduct and Appeals – manages procedures and processes concerning primary appeals. transfer to another programme of study or withdraw from the University (whether temporarily or permanently) – For transcripts and statements about your programme of study Any changes to contact details should be submitted online via the student portal www. discipline fines and replacement certificates) p Proof of registration letters (including letters to open bank accounts) p New and replacement University identity cards p Statements and transcripts p Collection and receipt of Access to Learning Fund forms p Collection and receipt of forms and information for all ASA teams (eg.bham. research thesis submission. requests for changes to module registration and student room bookings) p Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) request forms for visa students p Council Learn more www. senate review. discipline.bham.

CPD and Collaborative Student Records Team Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 2765 Fax: +44 (0)121 414 7927 Email:– Student Conduct and Appeals Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 7684 Fax: +44 (0)121 414 3689 Email: Doctoral Research Student Administration Team Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 2588 Fax: +44 (0)121 414 7927 Email: PGRStudentrecords@contacts.30pm Wednesday: www.bham.bham. For degree congregation queries please contact: Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 7174 Email: graduation@contacts.00pm Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 3091 Undergraduate Student Records Team Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 6790 Fax: +44 (0)121 414 7927 Email: Handbook 2010–11 19 Academic and Student Administration Edgbaston www.00am– conduct@contacts. Thursday: 9.30pm Friday:– Examinations and Congregations Office For examination queries please contact: Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 3814 Email: Postgraduate Taught. C Support services Aston Webb Building Opening hours

Counselling is an opportunity to talk to someone impartial who will help you explore any thoughts. The Service offers specialist help and confidential counselling if you are experiencing practical welfare.20 Student Handbook 2010–11 Student Funding Office The Student Funding Office manages both University and external funding for www.bham. For Referrals to Counselling and Guidance are accepted from: p The GP (Doctor) with whom you are registered p Tutors p Other campus welfare agencies We encourage self-referral and the majority of service users do self-refer. including government support schemes.bham. emotional. psychological or educational scholarships. providing financial support and advice to applicants. prizes and the Access to Learning Fund (ALF). The service also provides an online forum. Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 7391 Fax: +44 (0)121 414 6637 Email: financialsupport@bham. Student Support and Development Counselling and Guidance The Counselling and Guidance Service complements the support and guidance systems within schools and colleges. students and staff. Q-Chat. The Office works closely with Academic and Student Administration. There is a well-stocked resource centre which offers a range of self-help material. feelings and behaviours that are causing you problems. the Finance Office and the Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) in the Guild of Students. It is completely anonymous and available at any bursaries. for students to discuss issues around sexuality and gender. Learn more www.moneymatters. counselling may also provide a form of support during a difficult period. The service also offers an online self help programme called ‘CalmYou’.

or you may have a hidden condition and feel that it will not affect your ability to do a particular course. When applying for a programme with fitness to practise criteria (eg. However. mental health and other health conditions). page 22.30–5. Many students ask whether they should tell the University they have a disability (including specific learning difficulties. You may have a visible impairment but feel unhappy about putting personal or medical details on your application. you could risk losing your place if you are not honest about a disability. . we feel it is important that you are aware of support that could be arranged for you should you need it. We suggest you tell your supervisor or tutor in the first instance.30pm and 1.00pm (Monday and Thursday evenings until 8. especially those with specific learning difficulties (SpLDs) including dyslexia and dyspraxia or mental health conditions. or when completing a health questionnaire. including specific learning difficulties. If you are in receipt of Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA). do not regard themselves as ‘disabled’. You can also talk to a member of the Disability and Learning Support Service. We realise that many students. Similar support is available for students with mental health conditions – see ‘Mental wellbeing’.00pm Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 5130 Support services Students with disabilities. mental health and other health conditions We welcome students with disabilities.00am–5. please tell us so we can better support you. medicine).Student Handbook 2010–11 21 Counselling and Guidance 3 Elms Road (green zone G4 on campus map) Opening hours – Term-time Monday–Friday: 9.00am–12.00pm for pre-booked appointments only) Vacations Monday–Friday: 9. We positively encourage you to tell us that you are disabled at any point during your time at the University.

However. We offer a completely confidential service and may be able to arrange the following: p Individual student consultations p Provision of a Student Support Agreement p Specialist advice on assistive software and equipment and accessible formats p Loan of assistive equipment p Screening if you think you may be dyslexic or dyspraxic p Study skills advice p Non-medical helper scheme to provide student note takers. if you are currently managing or have previously managed a mental health difficulty. or as a result of a situation in which you find yourself. It is advisable that you let the University know as soon as possible. This can arise from the exacerbation of an existing mental health difficulty.bham. on exams or wellbeing p Advice on application for the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA) p Information (building G4 on the University map) Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 5130 Email: disability@bham. for example. advise on and liaise with internal and external agencies. for some students it can at times become difficult. social services. They will work with you to produce a Student Support and will help plan your own responses to stress triggers and managing crisis/relapse . You are advised to register with a local GP at the earliest opportunity. The Mental Health Advisers have a wealth of experience. or are worried about your wellbeing. readers and mentors p Workshops. This will often be the quickest route to accessing specialist services if necessary. for example. A range of support services are available to help you succeed on your course. mobility and Braille maps p Email distribution lists to keep you up-to-date with service developments p Liaison with your tutors to help arrange. accessible course materials and exam accommodations where appropriate p Liaison with other University Mental wellbeing Your time at university is often said to be the best years of your life. such as Accommodation Services p Liaison with outside agencies such as health. and the voluntary sector Disability and Learning Support Service 3 Elms Road.22 Student Handbook 2010–11 The Disability and Learning Support Service provides a range of services for students.

who are registered with the University or in the process of applying for a course or exchange ISAS also offers advice to students’ dependants.bham.00pm Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 8000 www. . If we are unable to offer the accommodation of your choice you will have the opportunity to request a transfer to alternative University accommodation at any time throughout your Advice is offered free of charge and without discrimination. every effort is made to meet your accommodation Accommodation Services Experienced and knowledgeable staff can advise and assist you with your housing enquiries. whether you are looking to apply for University-owned and managed or privately-owned accommodation. Edgbaston. require advice with a tenancy International Student Advisory Service (ISAS) The International Student Advisory Service (ISAS) provides a range of advice and support to international students and EEA nationals. so please feel free to make the most of their skills. this does not include third party providers accommodation via nomination agreements.bham. and members of University staff who work with international students.Student Handbook 2010–11 23 Support services Mental Health Advisory Service 3 Elms Road (green zone G4 on campus map). Resident student mentors are also available if you have any queries or concerns about University life. Accommodation Services staff based in LIVING on campus and on the residential sites are there to provide help and advice.accommodation. knowledge and support. Birmingham Email: Mentalhealth@contacts.bham. Accommodation Services @ LIVING University Centre Monday–Friday:–5. In terms of University are looking for a transfer or need to report problems with repairs.

bham. p Any information which suggests that a student is breaching the conditions of their leave to remain within the UK. The University is required to keep: p Copies of each student’s passport and UK immigration status document p Each student’s contact details. and students will be required to leave the UK and then submit a new Tier 4 (student) visa application in order to be able to return to the UK and resume their studies at the end of their Leave of Absence. the University of Birmingham has legal responsibilities towards the UK Border Agency in relation to all visa-national students who study here. as a result of insufficient academic progress and/or poor attendance – the Code of Practice on Reasonable Diligence is available here www. We publish a termly newsletter and communicate regularly with the international student community via the email messaging service ‘Interlink’. We offer an information service at our reception desk and confidential one-to-one appointments with an adviser for urgent cases. by email. and address in their home country p A copy of the Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance Students are strongly recommended to contact the International Students Advisory Service (ISAS) for advice about this. p If the duration of a student’s programme shortens. a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) will be issued. to applicants once they have unconditionally accepted their offer to study at the University. for non-payment of fees. p If a student is excluded from the University for any other reason than given above. p If a student fails to show Reasonable Diligence and is withdrawn from the University. Student visas are not valid for these periods of interruption. covering a wide range of topics affecting international students. including UK residential address and telephone number.24 Student Handbook 2010–11 There is an extensive website and suite of information guides.pdf p If a student temporarily discontinues their studies due to taking an authorised Leave of Absence. . where applicable The University is required to report to UK Border Agency: If a student does not enrol on their programme in a timely fashion. The new points-based immigration system: information for visa-national students Under the new points-based immigration system. in most cases within two weeks of the start date of their programme. p For new students coming to the University of Birmingham.

ISAS can send your application to the UKBA on your behalf if you use the ‘Batch Scheme’. Students wishing to change programme within the University do not need to seek permission from the UK Border Agency. in the Aston Webb Building. The University strongly recommends that you use ISAS’s services when making your student visa extension application. Students should ideally begin this process three months before their current visa expires. To use the Batch Scheme you must have prepared your application completely and in advance. A new Tier 4 application must be submitted and approved prior to being able to move to a new sponsor. Student Visa Extension Applications The International Student Advisory Service (ISAS) is here to advise you on the student visa application process and is the only department within the University qualified to provide immigration advice. the student’s leave to remain in the UK will be amended accordingly. You should start preparing your student visa extension application three months before your current visa expires. Support services . prior to making a final decision. complete the long application form and book an appointment to see an International Student Adviser.Student Handbook 2010–11 25 A CAS is a unique reference number that is now required for all new and extending Tier 4 (student) visa applications. will need to complete a CAS request form. and we therefore recommend that students considering such a move seek advice from the International Students Advisory Service (ISAS). The Batch Scheme is the safest and most reliable way of submitting your visa extension application. but the University will update the UKBA on the change and if the new programme is shorter. available from the Enquiry Services Desk in C Block of the Aston Webb Building. This may cause difficulties for students being able to maintain their studies within their original timeframe. Students who wish to change institution need to receive permission from the UK Border Agency before starting their studies at a different institution. Students needing a CAS to extend their leave to remain in the UK. This allows time to collate all supporting documents.

Welcome International In order to help new international students settle into life in Birmingham. In a recent survey 93% of students said they would recommend Welcome International to other Immigration Advice and Services The ISAS advisers are qualified to offer immigration advice and services relating to specific immigration categories including: visitors. health care. Bringing your family to the UK We offer information and advice on how to apply for visas for family members and can also provide information to assist families upon their arrival. The comprehensive ISAS guide ‘Bringing your family to the UK’ contains all of this key information. postgraduate medical and dental students. students. Finance We can advise prospective students of the cost of living in the UK and provide information on sources of funding and scholarships and offer advice in the case of financial difficulty. education and working in the UK. the OISC Guidance on Competence and the Association of International Student Advisers (AISA)/UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) Code of Ethics for those advising international students. student dependants.bham. ISAS advisers are expected to comply with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) Code of Standards. visit www. and non-EEA family members and offer annual workshops on Post Study Work ISAS advisers can also help students clarify tuition fee status and eligibility for student support. The ISAS advisers are the only University personnel who are authorised to give any form of immigration advice and are regulated by the Immigration Services Commissioner. Over the weekend prior to Welcome International. domestic workers. we run an orientation programme called Welcome International. we organise an airport collection service from specific airports. This information covers areas such as childcare. student EEA nationals. .26 Student Handbook 2010–11 Learn more For more details on the Student Visa Guide.

uk Learn more Support services How to contact ISAS International Students Advisory Service (ISAS) Student Support and Development 1st Floor.00am–4. Email Advice Service If after visiting our website and using our information guides you still require further information.bham. Living in the UK We provide a range of support and information to help international students settle into Birmingham and university life.00pm .ac. Advisors check emails on a regular basis therefore you should receive a response relatively Opening hours Monday–Thursday: 9. For more information about these briefings please refer to the ISAS website. United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 8464 Fax: +44 (0)121 414 3850 Email: isas@contacts. B15 2TT.Student Handbook 2010–11 27 Working in the UK We offer five ISAS briefing sessions on ‘Working in the UK after your studies’ during the academic year. and other useful information. This includes how to open a bank–5. C Block Aston Webb Building.00pm Tuesday: 11. registering with the police. Edgbaston. registering with a–5.bham. Please email isas@contacts. University of Birmingham.00pm Friday: 9. Birmingham. you can email us and an advisor will respond to your query.

Meetings are open to all students and are advertised on www. who meet eight times a year to discuss proposals by Guild members. Westmere (G15 on the University map) Edgbaston Park Road Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 5697 Email: Gail Horton: p. there will always be a team of 28.g. Most importantly.bham. Being a member means that you are entitled to a wealth of benefits. How does the Guild work? The most important thing to remember about the Guild is that any student at the University of Birmingham can bring about . Learn more www. listening and reading skills. These classes cover topics like academic English. EISU staff also offer free individual tutorials to help you improve your written English.guildofstudents. or you want to change something or make it better. Any student can make change by voting for what they believe in. via an election or University-wide ballot (otherwise known as a referendum). EISU also organise day trips to places of historic and cultural interest like Oxford. local community or the government. speaking. your membership is the key to making sure that the University focuses on one area – students. Any student can submit a motion to Guild Council whether they are an elected councillor or Guild of Students Welcome to the Guild of Students – your Students’ Union! Every student at the University of Birmingham is automatically a member of the Guild of The motions that are passed are given to the Officer Team to take action.28 Student Handbook 2010–11 English language support for international students All international students are welcome to attend the free English classes held in term time by EISU (English for International Students Unit). grammar and thesis writing. training and a whole range of opportunities. York and Bath. The Guild represents all students to the University and the world beyond.000 people standing shoulder to shoulder with Guild Council Every student is primarily represented by their Guild Councillors. which means when you’ve got a problem. entertainment. and any student can contact a member of the Officer Team to ask them to represent their views to the University. advice.horton@bham.

Each Officer has a different role. and 11 part-time officers (non-sabbatical officers) who fulfil their roles alongside their studies for a year. and it is the Guild that is a member of the NUS. Transgender and Queer Students (LGBTQ) Officer p Satellite Sites Officer p Womens Officer p Postgraduate and Mature Students Officer p Anti Support services The Guild and NUS (National Union of Students) The Guild of Students is an affiliate to the National Union of Students (NUS). the press and students with confidence and credibility about the issues that students face today. This strength means that the NUS can speak to government. The Team is made up of 18 officers. Bisexual.Student Handbook 2010–11 29 The Officer Team The Officer Team is voted in by you. . Sabbatical Officers p President p Vice President Democracy and Resources (VPDR) p Vice President Education and Access (VPEA) p Vice President Housing and Community (VPHC) p Vice President Sport (VPS) p Vice President Student Activities and Development (VPSAD) p Vice President Welfare (VPW) Non-Sabbatical Officers Racism and Anti Fascism Officer p Ethnic Minority Officer p Community Action Officer p Disabled Students Officer p Ethical and Environmental Officer p Home Students Officer p International Students Officer p Lesbian. Gay. seven full-time officers (sabbatical officers) who take a year out of their studies to work full-time at the Guild. every year in March. Its member unions represent about 5 million students. The NUS is a federation of students’ unions around the UK and it represents 98% of all students. not Birmingham students themselves. which is listed below. and it is their role to take the Guild forward in their specific area to improve the student experience.

As the Guild is a member of NUS. we can make real change to student life and beyond with the Officer Team being supported and trained by national experts. If you have strong student representation. Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) The ARC is a professional. which is far stronger than everyone acting individually. Without the NUS our lives would be much more expensive. It could also be because of something incredibly positive – you have a great idea for how to improve life for yourself and others. With this weight behind each and every student. you have access to a clearly defined channel through which you can initiate change. . The NUS is the largest student organisation in Europe. or you have a particular talent and want to find an outlet for it. Guild membership benefits and services As a member of the Guild. Why do you need representation? Whatever the circumstances. all members of the Guild are entitled to a NUS Extra card. offering national benefits. It might be in the face of a negative situation – maybe you don’t have access to the resources you need to perform at your best on your course or maybe your accommodation is not what you expected.30 Student Handbook 2010–11 The NUS has had significant victories. you’re unsure about renting a house. immigration questions and academic queries and has a wealth of information to help and support Guild members. and this would make coming to university even more dependent on how much you have and not how much you know. The NUS Extra card is a discount card owned by NUS which is available exclusively to students at a cost of £10. you will wish that something was different or could be changed. and those who represent you can find the most effective way to turn your thoughts into action. having problems with a landlord. So if you need directions. All members therefore have a single unified voice. there are a range of benefits available to you. housing problems. however big or small the issue or query is. These range from our welfare services such as the Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) to entertainment and societies. It was the leading force which won exemption from Council Tax for students. struggling with finances or an academic issue or if you just want local transport information – the ARC is there to help when you need it. peer-led service offering advice and help on issues that students face. at some point during your time at University. As a Guild member you can come to the ARC for advice and help on anything during your time at University. The ARC is able to advise on financial issues.

learn something new or just get involved in student life – there is a group for everyone. Your Mentor will visit you every few weeks and drop by to see how you are getting on. Student Mentors provide a friendly face to help you settle into student life and deal with the challenges that university life can bring. All jobs advertised at the Job Zone are student friendly. financial worries. Whether you’ve got a problem with flat mates. This gives you the opportunity to meet various employers who come to the Guild to recruit University of Birmingham students for part-time work. Mentors are fully-trained. academic concerns or just need someone to listen. you benefit from this scheme by having a team of Student Community Wardens who work actively in the area to make it a better place to live. offering access to hundreds of part-time and temporary vacancies. the Guild Theatre Group and Support services . you can call upon your Mentor. and are supported by a team of professional staff. Student Mentor Scheme The Student Mentor Scheme is the Guild’s welfare support system in University accommodation. Community Warden Scheme The Guild’s Community Warden Scheme helps address issues particular to Selly Oak. meaning employers understand University commitments enabling you to select jobs that can fit around your timetable and studies. employment information and advice. Student Mentors are students who live in residences and are employed to provide welfare support to fellow students. appearance and safety of the area so that student and non-student residents feel a sense of community and pride in the area and live happily and healthily alongside one another. Student groups. With groups such as Burn FM (the Guild’s Radio Station). societies and associations. The Wardens can provide information about issues that may well affect you. As a student living in Selly Oak. They also hold recruitment days and Guild Job Fairs throughout the year. So whether you want to meet new people. it aims to improve the environment. The Job Zone provides information about employment issues. societies and associations As a member of the Guild you have access to over 190 student groups. A Mentor is also on call every evening in term-time in the event of a welfare problem. Every student in University accommodation has a Mentor. and offers drop-in sessions covering various issues such as tax advice. Working closely with other local agencies. help with your CV and help from a local job centre advisor. continue a hobby or skill.Student Handbook 2010–11 31 The Job Zone The Guild’s Job Zone is the student employment service available to all Guild members.

being an admin assistant to helping organise events. The Guild also puts on large-scale events such as the Freshers’ Ball.guildofstudents. you will also benefit by receiving full support from the Guild – you will have access to all the information you need. refugees. Postgraduate Valentine’s Ball and Grad Ball amongst others. IT and website support. fundraising. . With over 200 volunteering opportunities for you to choose from. working in your local community to working for a national charity – there really is something to suit everyone’s interests and availability. children. Student Rep elections will be scheduled by your school for the start of the first term. They ensure that your views on your academic experience at University are voiced and acted upon. check out the Guild website.32 Student Handbook 2010–11 Paintball Society to name but a few – there are a range of opportunities for you to get involved. something that employers are always keen to see on your CV. Student Reps focus on the standard of education delivered by the University. Entertainments Members also get to take advantage of the social side of being at University. you can get involved in a whole range of areas varying from teaching local children sports to teaching English in Cambodia. make sure you vote. guidance from a fully-trained and experienced support team and opportunities to attend free training and development sessions. Projects include mentoring. and there have also been evenings featuring celebrities from favourite shows. sports coaching. The Guild understands that everyone has different tastes and puts on a variety of regular entertainments evenings such as jazz and comedy nights. end of term parties. marketing and publicity. The Guild has previously put on entertainments evenings which have seen the likes of The Automatic and The Fratellis perform. teenagers. and at the very least. You should strongly consider standing. asylum seekers. where staff really care about student safety. the elderly. Being in a student group offers you more than just the activity of the group – it also helps you develop new skills. such as Karl Kennedy from Neighbours. Guild Awards. the homeless and people with disabilities or learning difficulties. Volunteering There are many different things to do and learn whilst volunteering at the Guild. A list of all our groups is available via By being in a student group. As a member you can benefit from the great prices that the Guild offers plus the added benefit of knowing you are going out in a safe and secure environment. adults. For a full menu of opportunity. You can volunteer with people of all ages and backgrounds. and conservation amongst many others. running a play scheme. Student Reps Student Reps are student academic representatives. teaching. and they play a vital role in ensuring your education is everything it should be.

SHAC.bham. Select either ‘GP’ or ‘dentist’ using your accommodation post code or – alternatively – the University of Birmingham’s (B15 2TT). Learn more Support services Useful Guild contact details The ARC Telephone: +44 (0)121 251 2400 Email: thearc@guild. The NHS website can help you find medical practices and Nightline Open: 6. The service charges no fees to student tenants and only advertises accredited landlords who sign up to a code of Student Mentor Scheme Telephone: +44 (0)121 251 2395 Email: there are a range of retail outlets specially selected to cater for students. gifts and souvenirs are also available featuring the prestigious University of Birmingham crest. Zest is your first port of call for any University and Guild related Health care We strongly recommend that your register with a local doctor within two weeks of arrival for the duration of your course. a branch of STA Travel and studentdevelopment@guild. The increasingly popular ‘University branded hoodie’ has become an essential. opened in December Email: Student– Job Zone Telephone: +44 (0)121 251 2505 Email: jobzone@guild. Learn more www. Societies and Volunteering Telephone: +44 (0)121 251 2424 Email: volunteering@guild. a letting agent for students wanting to live locally in private National Union of Students Also in the Guild is a Spar shop.nhs. guaranteeing the quality and condition of housing.bham. while stationery.bham.bham.bham.Student Handbook 2010–11 33 Shopping Inside the walls of the Guild .

34 Student Handbook 2010–11 Dental care If you are 19 years of age or older you do not automatically receive free NHS dental care. If you require dental care and have not got a HC2 Certificate yet. especially amongst 18–24 year olds.nhs. All students up to the age of 24 should also request this vaccination from their GP if they have not been vaccinated so far. The University in no way condones the misuse of drugs or alcohol.pdf . and the ensuing risks and problems alcohol can cause to all students and staff. The University has a commitment to enhancing the health and safety and wellbeing of students and recognises the risks that may be caused by the misuse of alcohol. you must pay for your NHS dental It is only valid for six months and requires re-application after that time. Learn more www. regardless of their age. Learn more www. drugs and other substances. which will entitle you to financial assistance with NHS charges. You can apply for a HC2 Certificate by completing an HC1 form. or breaches of the law. you should ask your new GP to give you this vaccination. and will balance disciplinary action with appropriate support for students who misuse If you keep your receipts you can obtain a refund of your charges when you receive your certificate. The application process normally takes up to six weeks and is means-tested. which is available from your dentist or Guild of Students. Drug and alcohol policy The University recognises that alcohol and drugs will play a part in the lives of some people and will be sympathetic to problems arising from misuse of these substances whilst not condoning this. ALL non-UK students should ask for the Meningitis All new undergraduate students should have received a meningitis C vaccination. If you have not been vaccinated. Please note.bham. the HC2 Certificate also entitles you to free prescriptions and eye tests. You may be eligible for an HC2 Certificate. The Advice and Representation Centre at the Guild of Students can give you further information. It also recognises the current national focus on binge

and the differences in cultural and social backgrounds across the University. The chapel is open during the day for quiet prayer and reflection. The Elms Day Nursery 33 Edgbaston Park Road. religious and spiritual beliefs of our staff and students. Birmingham. B15 2RS Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 8118 The Oaks Day Nursery 10 College Walk. . and is the contact point for any of the team of chaplains who are available to anyone seeking spiritual or pastoral advice and support. Multi-Faith Chaplaincy The University Multi-Faith Chaplaincy is located at St Francis Hall (Building O2 on the campus map) just behind the Guild of Students. Selly Oak. Birmingham. The day nurseries have received good OFSTED reports and parents are welcome to visit the day nurseries by appointment. The early years curriculum is informed by the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. irrespective of religious faith and background. located just below the Rendezvous Café. The building is the centre for the practice of the wide variety of religions represented on campus. and Oaks Day Nursery (80-place nursery for children aged six months to five years) situated near the Selly Oak shopping centre. The wide diversity of political. There is also a chapel on the Selly Oak campus. supported and encouraged by qualified staff. B29 6LQ Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 7999 Support services Chaplaincy Religion on campus The University and its Guild of Students welcome staff and students from all religious and spiritual backgrounds. give our community strength and vitality and help us to be challenged and stimulated both intellectually and spiritually. It is available for all students and staff.Student Handbook 2010–11 35 Nursery The University has two day nurseries: Elms Day Nursery (114-place nursery for children aged six months to five years) situated adjacent to the main campus. It is based on children learning through play in an organised learning environment.

lopolito@bham.36 Student Handbook 2010–11 Sharing Sanctuary Sharing Sanctuary is a Chaplaincy initiative for international students of any age who leave behind a situation of conflict in their home .uk Chaplaincy Administrator Email: Margaret Healey Pollett: +44 (0)121 414 8153 k. Entry is free and all are +44 (0)121 414 8898 f. whatever your faith Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 7000 Fax: +44 (0)121 414 7002 Full-time chaplains Anglican Catholic Revd Nicholas lo Polito Father Julian Green Sister Anna O’Connor Methodist Jewish Revd Kara Cooper Rabbi Fishel Cohen +44 (0)121 414 8151 n. Every Tuesday in +44 (0)121 414 8150 +44 (0)121 414 4395 Learn more there is an opportunity to socialise with people in a similar position in the Rosa Parks room (1st floor of the Guild).ac.cohen@bham.

uk +44 (0)121 414 7000 +44 (0)121 643 3888 +44 (0)7941 501210 Handbook 2010–11 37 Other recognised chaplains Baptist Buddhist Buddhist Christian Science Elim Pentecostal Hindu Revd David Bird Mr Keith Munnings Phramaha Laow Panyasiri Mr Brian Weatherhogg Revd Maldwyn Jones Dinesh Chauhan Dr Rama Sarma Karri Indian Orthodox Jewish Progressive Lutherian Muslim Fr John Varghese Rabbi Margaret Jacobi Pastor John Evenson Adviser Dr Aqil Chaudary Miss Taslim Rashid Revd John Nankivell Chris Martin Anna Baker Revd Simon Ramsay +44 (0)121 427 4794 +44 (0)121 745 1079 +44 (0)7931 532006 +44 (0)121 68 4827 +44 (0)121 243 1560 Orthodox Christian The Society of Friends Unitarian .uk +44 (0)1922 633451 +44 (0)7811 197580 +44 (0)1905 763575 +44 (0)121 471 1133 +44 (0)7711 712708 r.


Money matters Payment of tuition fees Continuation fee for doctoral researchers Payment of residential accommodation fees Council Tax Electoral roll Student Finance England Maintenance Grant Additional financial support Obtaining outside employment Celebrating and recognising achievement International students 40 40 40 41 41 42 43 43 45 45 45 .

February and May Learn more www. you may pay by three termly direct debit instalments in .as. we provide a range of payment options. If you have any queries regarding the amount of the fee or your contract. and this will be reviewed for subsequent years. Aston Webb Building). you will receive a discount of www.5% (applicable to certain payment options) p You can pay by direct debit instalments over the duration of your course with each annual fee being split over eight monthly instalments between October and May p Alternatively. visit our website or the Cashiers Counter within the Finance Office (ground floor. Learn more you will be required to pay a continuation fee in each academic year until such time as your thesis is submitted.accommodation.pdf Payment of residential accommodation fees Fees for University accommodation are payable in advance.bham. Learn more These allow you either to pay your fee in full before or at registration. The continuation fee for the 2010–11 academic years will be £125. please contact the Accommodation Services@LIVING in University Centre. unless you have chosen to pay by direct debit instalments (number dependent upon terms of your contract) or to spread the cost over manageable instalments by direct If you have any queries regarding the payment options available. B Block. p If you pay your tuition fees in full before or at Student Handbook 2010–11 Payment of tuition fees If you are paying your tuition fees direct to the Continuation fee for doctoral researchers Once you have completed your formal period of registration and transferred to writing-up status. Information is available relating to writing-up status and payment of the continuation fee.bham.

Learn more www. To notify your local council go to www. or in a house where everyone is classed as a full-time student for Council Tax purposes. Download and print off the self declaration form for Council Tax exemption purposes. It is your responsibility to notify your local council that you are a full-time student and reside in a property that is occupied only by students and that you wish to be considered for Council Tax Exemption.Student Handbook 2010–11 41 Council Tax If you live in University accommodation. You can be registered where you live at home and at . But Money matters Electoral roll The University will forward names of students in University-owned accommodation to the electoral roll.bham. Generally in a shared house (even where separate tenancy agreements are in force) the presence of just one non-student renders the house liable for 75% of the usual Council Tax for that band of property. this is a legal How that is paid is for agreement between the occupiers. The rules are different if you live with someone who’s not a full-time student – but your household could still get a discount. if you do not live in University-owned Learn more www. Please note: if you are a student living away from you can only vote once in any single election. you will be exempt from paying Council Tax. It is your to ensure that you are registered on the electoral roll in the location that you wish to vote. you can register to vote at more than one address.

gov. You should therefore apply for support to the agency that covers your relevant area. The Student Loan Company support package includes the following: Support for full-time UK and EU home students: Tuition fee loan A tuition fee loan enables students to borrow anything from a pound up to the cost of their tuition (maximum of £ If you want to talk to someone about student financial support. Support for full-time UK students only: Maintenance loan More commonly referred to as the ‘student loan’. .42 Student Handbook 2010–11 Student Finance England Student Finance England is the service managed by the Student Loans Company (SLC) in partnership with local authorities and the government.290 for 2010–11) to pay their tuition fees. The tuition fee at the University of Birmingham for the academic year 2010–11 is £3. If your loan is approved the money will be paid directly to the University. students can take out a loan to help them cover their living expenses whilst at university.290.30pm Financial support for students who normally reside in The loan is paid in three instalments (normally one payment per term) directly into your account. Wales and Northern Ireland can differ from what is available in England. Learn more www. apply for finance online and keep track of your payments. There are a number of financial support packages available from the government to assist you with the cost of higher education. If you are a full-time student from England you can use its secure system to help you work out the financial support you will get. All students can apply for 72% of the loan available and the additional 28% will be means-tested based on your household income.00am–5. please call: Student Finance England Customer Support Office Telephone: 0845 300 50 90 (local call rate charges apply) Opening hours Monday–Friday: 8.00pm Saturday–Sunday: 9.00am–8.

000.564 £1.290 tuition fees who are from lower income families. you will receive a grant of £877 if you: p Are a You are advised to read the Terms and Conditions for this award which opens as a separate document from this page.bham. if the University does not receive your financial details by this date no award can be made. Please note: You will need to have made an application for statutory support by 31 May 2010 in order to be awarded a Birmingham Grant and Scholarship.001 and £50. . From September 2010. If your household income is below £25.170 or less.838 £2. you will receive a maximum grant of £2. full-time undergraduate p Are eligible to pay fees at the rate of £3. If you qualify.386 parents home £3. You can apply for the grant at the same time as you apply for maintenance and tuition fee loans.763 £1.290 p Are living in the UK p Have applied for financial assessment through your relevant SLC agency p Have successfully achieved a place at the University You do not need to apply for the Birmingham Grant.Student Handbook 2010–11 43 away from home Maximum 72% non income assessed 28% income assessed £4. the University will notify you of your award in writing.950 £3.075 Money matters Maintenance grant The maintenance grant is a non-repayable award from the government to help support students having to pay £3.020 you will receive a partial grant.906. If your residual household income is between £25. Additional financial support The Birmingham Grant The Birmingham Grant offers additional support to all students whose household income is £36. Learn more www.

If you qualify. Access Course applicants will not be eligible for the purposes of this scholarship.44 Student Handbook 2010–11 The Birmingham Scholarship The Birmingham Scholarship recognises the achievement of students from lower income backgrounds who perform extremely well in their A levels or equivalent qualifications. this will give qualifying students £2. Undergraduate students must have taken out the maximum student loan that they are eligible for before they can receive an award. Please note that the award of a scholarship is not based on UCAS tariff points. you will be notified of your award in writing by the University. Students who meet the criteria for a Birmingham Scholarship and who successfully achieve a place at the University will be awarded £1. or DDD in BTEC Other examinations may be considered. All applications are means-tested and not all applications will be successful. Combined with the Birmingham Grant. You do not need to apply for the Birmingham Scholarship.193 per year.bham. Learn more For more information and an application . Access to Learning Fund (ALF) The Access to Learning Fund is provided to the University by the government to assist home students (both full-time and part-time) who are facing financial hardship. You will receive a Birmingham Scholarship if you: p Meet the criteria for the award of a Birmingham Grant p Achieve a minimum of AAB at A level.316 for each year of study. Students can apply at any time in the academic year but are encouraged to apply before their personal financial circumstances become unmanageable. please visit www. Awards are offered as grants and therefore do not have to be They are intended to assist with living costs and are not provided to pay tuition fees. more than 34 points in the

For more details and an application form visit You are encouraged to discuss the appropriateness and extent of outside employment with your academic tutor or All jobs are checked to ensure they do not exceed 16 hours per week. Learn more www. as well as within the The University is registered with the US Department of Education to participate in the Direct Loan Program which enables American and Canadian students to take out US loans to fund their Money matters Celebrating and recognising achievement Scholarships The University of Birmingham recognises the achievement of students and offers a number of scholarships including: p Subject-based scholarships p Music scholarships p Sport scholarships Learn more www. It is your responsibility to determine the extent of any paid employment you may wish to undertake. Learn more International students Scholarships The University offers a number of scholarships to international students to assist them with the cost of tuition and these are administered by the International .Student Handbook 2010–11 45 Obtaining outside employment We recognise that many students need to undertake paid employment in order to fund their helps you find part-time work in the city. run by the Guild of Students in partnership with the University Careers and Employability Centre. Job Zone.bham.

uk/international . However. Contact and further information International Student Advisory Service (ISAS). first Floor. relatively minor financial hardship with the provision of a one-off award or loan of between £100 and £1. These are limited funds and are not intended to address long-term or significant shortfalls. You should make an appointment to discuss your situation with the International Student Advisory Service (ISAS). The University aims to alleviate short-term.46 Student Handbook 2010–11 International Hardship Award We would always advise students to make realistic financial provisions before beginning their even the most well prepared students may find themselves in unexpected hardship at some point during their studies that they have not budgeted for.000. Situations may vary considerably and each award is considered on a case-by-case www. Aston Webb Building Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 8464 Fax: +44 (0)121 414 3850 Email: isas@contacts.bham. The award is not intended to cover tuition fees but may be used to assist with living costs. C

Student development and study support
Learning at Birmingham Tutorial arrangements The University Graduate School Your personal development and career Careers and employability Computing services and facilities Library Services Guide to Effective Learning (GEL) English language support 48 49 49 50 51 54 57 60 60


Student Handbook 2010–11

Learning at Birmingham
We welcome students who are keen to be challenged and eager to think for themselves. We stimulate natural curiosity and enable original ideas to flourish through dialogue and debate. At Birmingham learning is a conversation, not simply a lecture. Our teaching and learning We will facilitate your transition into our enquiry-based learning culture. This means that you will experience a range of teaching methods and research strategies that aim to challenge and encourage you to develop your own ideas, through reading and independent research, discussion and collaboration with others, reflection and analysis. Lectures are intended to give you food for thought. They are an opportunity to listen to our academic staff sharing their knowledge and discoveries with you. You are expected to build on this foundation by further reading around your subject and using your discovery and analytical skills to critically evaluate the information you receive. Seminars and supervisions offer you the opportunity to discuss and develop your ideas in small groups and to listen to the ideas of others. Tutorials and supervisions may be in small groups or on a one-to-one basis and they will allow you to reflect on your progress. Self-motivation, setting yourself realistic goals, managing your time effectively, and the ability to reflect on what and how you learn are all qualities and skills that will help you be more successful. These independent and transferable learning skills are also highly valued in today’s competitive and fast-changing job market. You can begin to take control of your own learning now. Read our Guide to Effective Learning at If you would like support to improve your learning skills speak to your tutor or supervisor who will be able to advise you on the wide range of support available to you. Learn more

Student Handbook 2010–11


Pre-arrival/early induction We will try to ensure that your transition to university life is as smooth as possible. We provide information to help you to prepare for your arrival, with checklists to enable you to record some of the practical things that will help you to settle quickly into university life. Make sure you attend your school/department welcome programme. You will receive details of these directly from your school. This is your chance to learn more about your programme of study and meet your lecturers and fellow students in your school, so don’t miss it. Visit the Welcome website to complete registration before you arrive, access a wide range of helpful information and to view an up-to-date timetable of induction events. Learn more

Student development and study support

Tutorial arrangements
Tutorial support arrangements are made within each school. You should be allocated a personal tutor or supervisor (or equivalent) that is usually the first line of support and guidance for students. All schools have appropriate mechanisms for monitoring student progress. Regular meetings are held to review progress and to plan for your > > future at University and beyond. A resource called > Progress> is made available to you to assist in your development and will be progressively included within discussion at progress review meetings. Academic or personal matters may be discussed with the personal tutor, or with any other member of school staff. If appropriate they may refer you to other University services for their specialist help.

The University Graduate School
The University Graduate School brings together all doctoral researchers (all those registered on a research degree eg, PhD, MPhil etc) registered at the University. It supports and promotes the doctoral research community within and outside the University. Led by the Director of the Graduate School, the University Graduate School works closely with colleges sharing expertise in researcher development and delivery of a range of events and activities for doctoral researchers throughout the year.

The University Graduate School website acts as a hub of essential information for doctoral researchers on a range of topics such as personal skills Your personal development and career Careers and personal development There is lots going on outside the lecture room and by getting more involved you will lead a fuller life and develop a wide range of The University Graduate School recognises that doctoral researchers form a diverse community. even when enjoying yourself. Learn more www. but also because a significant proportion are from college and University levels. They manage the doctoral researcher Skills Development Programme and. The Postgraduate and Mature Students Association of the Guild and the International Relations Office provide a range of activities that you may find useful. The University Graduate School runs induction courses for newly-arrived doctoral researchers and provides them with other introductory information. regulations. by working closely with providers such as the Learning Development Unit (LDU) and Academic Practice and Organisational Development (APOD). the student representation system.50 Student Handbook 2010–11 The University Graduate School’s aim is to ensure that doctoral researchers are equipped to do the highest quality research during their time at Birmingham and have the skills needed to pursue successful careers. careers support and activities for doctoral researchers taking place throughout the University and the UK. not only because in some schools a high proportion are part-time and/or mature doctoral researchers. The University Graduate School reports directly to the Graduate School Management Board. In this way. they support and provide a diverse portfolio of skills training and development opportunities at school. members of which include representatives of all colleges as well as service providers and the doctoral researcher body. all doctoral researchers should feel that they are a valued part of the University community with a distinct voice and contribution to university life. www. The wealth of opportunities that are on offer means that you can gain valuable experience and improve your job prospects.

Birmingham offers an enviable range of ways in which you can make yourself employable. making applications. reference and takeaway information to help you research the options available to you. Options include: career planning. Learn more www. Services include: p A comprehensive range of online. Use our resources to find out more about career options. Employers are looking for students whose experience and skills make them outshine everyone else. You will also have the opportunity to talk to employers face to face and increase your understanding of different occupational sectors. Information and advice is available at any point during your studies.bham. p A comprehensive programme of events including recruitment fairs and employer presentations and interactive . p Access to a great range of online vacancies for summer work and placements. So we know that a degree from Birmingham and the skills you will learn here will put you in a strong position to compete for graduate jobs and higher level These are run centrally or may be tailored specifically for your school. p A range of practical workshops and talks to help you through each stage of your career planning and job search process. as well as permanent jobs for when you graduate.Student Handbook 2010–11 51 Stand out from the crowd You will be one of thousands of graduates from UK universities. Your chances of getting what you really want will be enhanced by the depth to which you research your options and plan and prepare while you are here. postgraduate study. success at interviews and mock assessment centres. leadership and commercial awareness. designed to develop your work-related skills such as teamwork. Within six months of completing their studies 96% of our students are either employed. in further education or overseas. and gap year so you need to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market. Student development and study support Careers and employability The Careers and Employability Centre (CEC) can give you valuable help and support in researching and choosing what you will do next. p Individual advice and guidance on how to make effective applications for the options you aspire to. and help with making proactive and speculative applications where these are more relevant.

For these reasons you need to allow plenty of time for graduate career planning. and we work with a range of employers to create opportunities for you. Work experience and placements At Birmingham we encourage you to gain relevant and challenging work experience to help prepare for your future Personal Skills Award (PSA) Over 270. don’t feel anxious about it. Learn more www. We advertise both graduate and work experience opportunities through our online vacancy database. and there’s no time better than your first year to start thinking about it. If you don’t yet have a strong sense of where your career is leading you. teamwork and the ability to work under pressure and to think and learn independently. Have you thought about how you will compete in the job market? Employers aim to recruit graduates with a broad portfolio of skills. .000 students graduate per year. Remember how far in advance of starting university you began researching your options and finding out how to apply? The choices available to you after graduation are far broader and the applications processes more varied. This will help you plan how you will gain the skills and experiences that will make you more attractive to employers. but do start researching opportunities and considering your options. The requirements for a successful application are usually much more diverse as Their advice is that you will need to demonstrate that you have developed a wide range of personal skills at university.52 Student Handbook 2010–11 Career planning Planning where you want your degree to take you is an important consideration. the CEC can help you learn more about summer internships and part-time work experience. As well as supporting you to find year placements. such as There are funding sources to support low paid or voluntary work experience.bham. Initiatives such as our Personal Skills Award (PSA) help you to achieve this breadth in your curriculum vitae.

com/jobshop Volunteering As well as being fun and Presentation Skills and Leadership and Teamwork Skills. volunteering and sporting activities. voluntary work can give you relevant training. The Guild of Students organises a great range of voluntary Student development and study support The Job Zone Job Zone offers you access to hundreds of part-time job opportunities that will not only earn you extra Learn more In addition to taking modules such as Project Management Skills. you can also gain recognition for your work experience. It is taught alongside your main degree course and gives you new transferable skills that are essential in the workplace.Student Handbook 2010–11 53 The PSA programme develops your interpersonal and study skills. but help you gain some valuable workplace skills – even though the job may not be quite what you aim to do long term. Learn more www. . www. mentoring and seed-corn funding.bham. learn about starting a business and meet other like-minded people at EI.guildofstudents. there are lots of opportunities available to you to try out your Start your own venture Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EI) supports student enterprise through its incubator facilities. insight and experience of work roles that may be relevant to your long-term goals. The PSA is popular and places are limited so apply early.guildofstudents. If you are a student at the University.

Shakespeare .uk) prior to the start of each academic year. Ironbridge Institute. Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 9009.wireless.ask4. Wireless network access is also available at other sites.bham. open from July to October. If you need any assistance please contact the Web Registration Helpline. You will also need an Ethernet cable to connect your PC to the network. Learn more www. This will allow you to use the self-service facility to reset your password. Using the internet in halls Internet access from your University hall of residence is provided by an external company. You will be given a CD on arrival at your hall which tells you how to install the correct software to access the internet from your costing around £ Learn more https://biis. ASK4. Dental School and the Shackleton Halls of Residence. For new students this is provided in your registration pack.54 Student Handbook 2010–11 Computing services and facilities Username and password You need your username and password to register for your course at the start of each year. Once you have logged in you should set up your Secret Passkey. Learn more Wireless network The University uses leading-edge technology to provide secure wireless network access across the whole of the main Edgbaston campus.bham. which you can purchase from ASK4 when you move in. including Selly Oak campus (Westhill).uk You will need to register for your course online through the student portal (

30pm p Friday: p Monday Log a call via the Web at any time – 24/7 Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 7171 (NOT for web registration queries) Web registration helpline: +44 (0)121 414 9009 For on line help and to log a call: www.Student Handbook 2010–11 55 my. Contact us for help if you have any computing related questions and issues.30am– Telephone or call in person at the Main Library: to Thursday: Student development and study support Email and filestore Your University email account will be ready after your initial registration.00pm p Saturday and Sunday: 10. giving you a single point of access to information and and your personal mailbox can hold up to 100 megabytes of emails.00am–6. IT service desk The IT service desk is based in the Main Library and is the single point of contact for all your computing needs. or to report faults.itservicedesk. Useful portal links include: p Email p eLibrary – your gateway to electronic information resources p elearning environment p Web CT – online course materials p Campus news Learn more is the University’s portal. which can be accessed from most University public cluster PCs.30am– . You will also be allocated 100 megabytes of personal network file storage called the U: my.

and breaches of these can constitute a disciplinary offence.56 Student Handbook 2010–11 Computer regulations All students are bound by the University’s computer regulations. hacking and Computer facilities There are dedicated computer facilities on campus for you to use. downloading and copyright. Computer clusters p Barnes Library p European Resource Centre p Learning Centre p Main Library p Mason Lounge p Medical School West Cluster p Orchard Learning Resource Centre p Poynting Physics p Sport and Exercise Science p Strathcona Learning suites Kapp p Chemical Engineering p Nuffield Learning Centre p Strathcona p Gisbert Learn more www. Included are regulations on the use of email. plasma and security of computer information. smartboards.clusters. indecent and defamatory material and messages. Learn more www. use of specific systems.bham. screens with overlays and cluster These include ten computer clusters and four learning Computer clusters share the same desktop features and a wide range of software.shtml . Learning suites provide computers plus facilities for group work with flexible seating arrangements. These apply to all computer users and to all computer equipment within or operated by the University. offensive.

Learn more www. The software is available in the Assistive Technology Booths in the Main Library and Orchard Learning Resources Centre and includes: p Speaking scanning software and scanner p Voice recognition software p Braille translation software p Braille embosser.bham. Selly Oak campus. Philosophy. Physiotherapy and Sports Science p Education Library p European Resource Centre – European languages. literacy and screen reading software.shtml Student development and study support Library Services Libraries and subjects There are ten subject-specific libraries based on the Edgbaston government and politics p Harding Law Library p Main Library p Orchard Learning Resource Centre – Psychology. World Religions. This includes screen magnification software. Nursing. Access to other software is dependant on individual needs and follows a referral to the Disability or Learning Support Team. p Barber Fine Art Library p Barber Music Library p Barnes Library – Medicine. Main Library Support for assistive technology and access to the facilities can be requested from the Assistive Technology Officer. Birmingham City Centre and Stratford-upon-Avon. Main Library and Orchard Learning Resources Centre. Religious Studies.clusters. Biosciences.Student Handbook 2010–11 57 Services for people with disabilities – assistive technology Many of the computer clusters have a large monitor and at least one height-adjustable desk. Assistive software is installed in almost all computer clusters. including those at the Learning Social Sciences and Humanities p Ronald Cohen Dental Library – Dentistry and Biomaterials p Shakespeare Institute Library .

You may be entitled to use our book fetching services or to have books on loan for longer than normal. It gives details of our print and electronic Accessing resources The library catalogue can be accessed both on and off the campus. Learn more Learn more www.library.bham or from the library web pages.elibrary. Please ask staff in the library you are . All our documents are available in accessible databases and Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 5828 Services for people with disabilities Library Services offers support to people with disabilities in a number of ways.58 Student Handbook 2010–11 Opening hours and accessing buildings Each library operates their own opening hours with controlled access systems which you will need your University identity card to www.library. Learn more http://libcat.bham.bham. The eLibrary provides access to our electronic collections including ejournals. Learn more Library help You can send the library an instant message (and receive an instant answer) using the Just Ask! service available via my.library. We can also help by undertaking photocopying for you or providing you with coloured copying paper if required.

essays and/or dissertations enabling you to make the most effective use of the information resources Training Training and development opportunities are available in the areas of Information Technology and Information and Research Skills. there are subject and database guides to help you to identify useful information sources. advice. Learn more www. In addition to guides to particular . these are available at libraries and resource centres and on the Library Services website. These can be delivered either through face to face training courses. Support is provided via individual information clinics as well as open and bespoke training programmes.bham. project www. Both printing and photocopying are paid for by adding credit to your University identity card via terminals located in: p Barnes Student development and study support Library School p Chemical Engineering Learning Suite p Education Library p Electrical Engineering Learning Suite p European Resource Centre p Business p p p p p p p Main Library Mason Lounge Law Library Learning Centre Orchard Learning Resource Centre Sport and Exercise Science Strathcona Subject support Professionally qualified and experienced specialist subject staff are available to give help.skills. support and documentation to students and staff undertaking research. blended courses or from the Institutional Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE).library. Courses available range from Microsoft Office applications to statistical and reference software.Student Handbook 2010–11 59 Photocopying and printing All of our libraries and resource centres have copying/printing facilities.library. We provide a comprehensive series of publications to help you in your research. Learn more www. English language support The English for International Students Unit (EISU) provides free English language support to international students and visiting scholars. students perform better at university if they have well developed study skills.bham. This is delivered via free lunchtime classes in term-time and individual help which is available all year round on an appointment Contact Westmere (G15 on the University map) Edgbaston Park Road Telephone: +44 (0) 121 414 5697 .ac. However.60 Student Handbook 2010–11 Guide to Effective Learning (GEL) The ability to study effectively is a skill that many students and lecturers take for granted.eisu. International students are also welcome to come to Westmere at any time during the year if they would like advice about any aspect of their English. GEL aims to help you develop study skills and covers a range of areas such as: p Essay writing p Examination preparation p Oral presentations p How to get the most out of your lectures Learn more Learn more www. research shows that regardless of the qualifications obtained at school or college.

Examination and assessment Examination dates and procedures Mitigations Medical certificates for illness during examinations and other times Appeals Doctoral researchers: thesis submission and examination Statements and transcripts 62 65 66 67 68 68 .

Learn more www. and that the examinations for these modules have been scheduled. You must ensure that you are available for the entire four-week main summer examination Every effort is made to ensure that there are no changes made to the final examination In exceptional circumstances however it may be necessary to make changes to the final timetable. It is your responsibility to ensure that you know when and where your examinations are taking place.bham. Final examination timetable Your final examination timetable for the main summer examination period will be available from the Student Portal at the start of the Summer As there will inevitably be a number of changes to the provisional timetable over the Easter vacation. You can download your final examination timetable from either the Student Portal or from the Examinations and Congregations Office website www. therefore you should wait for the final examination timetable before confirming your examination dates. by Student Handbook 2010–11 Examination dates and procedures The main summer examinations The main summer examinations for 2010–11 will be held between Monday 16 May and Friday 10 June 2011 (including Saturday examinations).as. you will be notified in writing. Please note that the provisional timetable will . times and Provisional examination timetable Your provisional examination timetable for the main summer examination period will be available from the Student Portal at the end of the Spring Term. If any such changes affect you. you will need to check the final examination timetable carefully.bham. The provisional examination timetable allows you to check that you have been correctly registered for each of your modules. therefore please check your University email account regularly. You will be notified by your college of any examinations falling outside this period.

bham. You must ensure that you are available for the entire supplementary examination period. Learn more then a personalised examination timetable confirming your examination arrangements. If an additional time allowance or access to a PC to complete your examinations forms part of your Student Support Agreement (SSA). in C Block of the Aston Webb Building at the beginning of the Summer Term. is charged for this service to cover administrative costs. Your personalised examination timetable should be collected from the Enquiry Services Desk .uk/exams Alternative examination arrangements The Examinations and Congregations Office centrally manages examination venues for students requiring additional time allowances and/or use of a computer. may be permitted to undertake any necessary supplementary examinations in their home country. will be provided.Student Handbook 2010–11 63 Supplementary examinations The University’s supplementary examinations (resits) for 2010–11 will be held between Monday 22 August and Friday 2 September 2011. payable by Monday 18 July Learn more Overseas sittings are subject to approval by your college and therefore cannot be guaranteed. This concession also covers EU students normally domiciled outside the United Kingdom. A fee of £100. Students classified as overseas. Please note that overseas sittings are not available to students going on holiday or working Examination and assessment Religious observance Students unable to sit examinations during both the main summer and supplementary periods due to religious observance should notify the Examinations and Congregations Office by Friday 11 February 2011. for fee . Your final examination timetable for the supplementary examination period will be available from the Student Portal during the first week of August.

64 Student Handbook 2010–11 Medically supported examinations service The University has an agreement with the University Medical Practice (5 Pritchatts Road.bham. Proven incidents of examination irregularity may lead to expulsion from the University. under examination conditions. however this is dependent on assessment by the medical professional on duty. project. Before any assessment period you should refer to the Code of Practice on Conduct of Centrally Co-ordinated Formal Written Examinations and the Undergraduate Assessment Protocols or Postgraduate Assessment Protocols.pdf www. Learn more www. Students taken ill during the course of an examination will be offered the opportunity to continue their assessment at the University Medical Practice if they so wish. Edgbaston. module or Students who feel they have a medical condition which requires support during the course of their examinations should contact Disability and Learning Support Services in the first instance and in good time before their examinations. or (b) the fabrication of data or results submitted in connection with any assessed essay.pdf Examination irregularities An examination irregularity is defined by the University as: (a) any attempt by a student. B15 2QU) to provide medical support during each of the University’s examination periods to those students who meet relevant thesis. Temporary disability If you find you have a temporary disability during either examination period please contact your school immediately (remembering to obtain and submit any appropriate evidence of the medical condition).ac. to obtain an advantage over their fellow students by seeking to enhance their performance by having with them in examinations material or information not specifically sanctioned by the relevant question paper rubric.

uk/code/plagiarism.pdf Examination and assessment Mitigations While studying. unless they were very exceptional circumstances. and will not be disclosed to other students. or any persons in your school who are not members of the Mitigations Panel. Your Mitigations Officer will give you a new deadline to submit the evidence You must provide independent supporting evidence (such as a medical certificate) with the Mitigations ‘to take and use another person’s ideas or writings or inventions as one’s own’. When considering members of your family. You may want the Board of Examiners to take these factors into consideration when making recommendations about your progress or results. To submit mitigations you must complete the University’s Mitigations Form and submit it to the Mitigations Officer. The process for dealing with this is called mitigations. If you are unable to provide evidence by the prescribed deadline you must submit the form without it. The Mitigations Panel will consider your case and make a decision. The University takes any form of cheating or plagiarism very seriously. and at the very latest by the prescribed deadline set by your school. according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Learn more www. Detailed guidance on the issue of plagiarism will be available from your school. The Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) in the Guild of Students can provide advice regarding mitigations. Your mitigation is treated as sensitive www. not just examinations.guildofstudents. it is possible that you may become ill or suffer some other misfortune that may adversely affect your performance in any kind of assessed work. means. Penalties include expulsion from the University. If you feel that any significant adverse circumstances have affected your performance you must inform the Mitigations Officer in your school as soon as realistically possible.bham. which will be provisional pending the future receipt of evidence.Student Handbook 2010–11 65 Plagiarism Plagiarism. the University will not normally consider as ‘new evidence’ mitigations or other information that could have been brought to the attention of your school or department .ac.bham. Learn more www.

the University introduced a new system of medical certification for students. Copies of mitigation should similarly be sent to both departments. which is based. With this in mind. This will generally be through a Notification of Mitigations form to which the completed medical certificate should be attached as supporting evidence and submitted as per the arrangements in your school. Students on BA Joint Honours programmes should ensure that both departments are kept informed of any absences. contributing to progress to the next year or to final degree classification). or during the period immediately surrounding the submission date for a significant piece of assessment (ie. Blank University of Birmingham medical certificates are available from schools or from our website. Tutors and Examination Boards will normally accept only University provided medical certificates.66 Student Handbook 2010–11 Medical certificates for illness during examinations and at other times In 2002. you will be expected to provide a medical certificate for any form of illness and to make your school aware as soon as possible. on self-certification. If you are a sponsored student you should check whether . and certainly before the meeting of the relevant Board of Examiners. diabetic complications or anorexia you may also need to request a medical certificate (category 3) depending on the impact on your studies At examinations times. it will be your responsibility to keep a tally of your days of absence p For an illness which lasts more than five consecutive days you should obtain a medical certificate from your doctor (category 2) p For prolonged or ongoing problems such as depression. the following forms of certification will be requested if you have to take time away from your studies during normal periods: p For minor/short-term illnesses totalling less than ten days in any academic year you should complete a self-certificate and forward it to your personal tutor/supervisor as soon as possible (category 1a) p If your illness exceeds a total of ten days in any academic year you will be expected to produce a medical certificate from your doctor for any subsequent illness (category 1b). The Examination Board will consider carefully whether the illness could reasonably be expected to have affected your performance and how it should take this into account. of the impact which you believe this illness has had on your performance in the assessment. primarily. Medical certificates will also be required for requesting allowances such as short extensions for minor problems occurring away from the main examination periods. at the time of other assessments requiring attendance. Most programmes of study are designed to take account of minor illnesses and occasional periods of sick leave should not affect your ability to complete your course. You should consult your mitigations officer for the exact procedures within your school. chronic fatigue syndrome.

as. it may also be appropriate to consult them p Further information about the appeals procedure is available from the Academic and Student Administration Division p Particular attention should be paid to the Code of Practice on Primary Appeals Procedures Learn more www.pdf Examination and assessment Appeals Following your examinations. or in the case of doctoral researchers the examiner of your thesis. If you have to withdraw temporarily from your programme of study on medical grounds (a leave of absence). You must complete the written submission form and submit it. and any other recommendation that has an adverse effect on your Handbook 2010–11 67 or not your sponsor requires information about any periods of absence which you may have to take. Boards of Examiners. but only if you have valid and genuine grounds upon which to appeal. will make recommendations about your progress and results. early August and October. Appeals are then reviewed by the Prima Facie Panel who make recommendations to either reject an appeal or refer it for a full hearing. Should an Appeal hearing be required you will have an opportunity to present your case in to the Student Conduct and Appeals Section by the specified date. Your Board of Examiners may recommend that you should withdraw from your programme of study or repeat the year as an internal student or be awarded a qualification different from the one you expected. together with supporting evidence. You have the right to appeal against these recommendations. you are encouraged to seek assistance from the ARC as soon as possible. Advice p When preparing an you will be required to produce a medical note before resuming your studies.bham. as there may be a waiting list p Advice may be available from your personal tutor p If you have previously been in contact with the Counselling and Guidance Service about any of the issues raised in the appeal or matters that may have a bearing upon . Learn more www. Appeal hearings are normally held during late July. Your school will then respond to your appeal through the Student Conduct and Appeals Section.

with which you should become familiar. .ac. If you commenced your studies in 2002–03 or subsequently. during and after the submission and examination of your thesis. you will be provided with one copy of the official transcript free of charge when you have completed your programme of study. Please note that statements are different from transcripts in that statements report only limited details and do not include any details of academic achievements or progress. the oral examination. This information has been brought together in a student guide to the ‘Submission and Examination of Research Degree Theses’.68 Student Handbook 2010–11 Doctoral researchers: thesis submission and examination If you propose to present a thesis during the coming session you are reminded that you must enter for the examination by completing and returning a Notice of Intention to Submit/Resubmit a Thesis form at least three months prior to when you intend to present your work. what you have to do before your degree can be formally conferred on you and more. Learn more www. It also includes all of the forms that you will need to complete before. The guide contains details about For the academic year 2010–11 the fee for dealing with a transcript request will be £5 per copy. codes of practice and other forms of Statements and transcripts If you are a student or an alumnus of the University of an explanation of the recommendations that examiners might make about your thesis. you are entitled to request specific written details about your academic studies or your registration at the University.graduateschool. the appointment of examiners. Please note that this fee may change. If you commenced your studies at the University prior to 2002–03 and are still in attendance at the University. you will be provided with one copy of the official transcript free of charge when you have completed your programme of study. Statements are issued free of charge.bham. You are strongly advised to obtain a copy of this guide well before you propose to submit your thesis for www. There is a great deal of information about these processes in University regulations. The submission and examination of your thesis is the culmination of your studies for a research degree.

you will need to order via the University Online Shop by following the links from the Academic and Student Administration transcript web pages. To order an additional transcript for study subsequent to Handbook 2010–11 69 To order an additional statement. please fill in the Statement Request form available from Academic and Student Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 3091 Fax: +44 (0)121 414 7927 Email: .uk www.


Regulations and procedures University legislation Academic duty and attendance Discipline Fitness to practise Complaints procedure Mitigation and appeals Data protection Copyright and photocopying Security 72 72 73 73 73 73 74 75 77 . www. www.shtml Academic duty and attendance Debarring and reasonable diligence Students who do not observe reasonable diligence in their approach to their academic studies may be debarred from assessment in a module or be asked to withdraw from their programme of study (See Regulation 7. www.72 Student Handbook 2010–11 University legislation The University’s legislation consists of its Charter. most students and staff are affected directly only by the Ordinances and Regulations.bham. which contain more detailed provisions related to employment of staff. benefits and particularly relevant are Regulations sections 5–8. Ordinances and Regulations. Please ensure you are familiar with these Regulations before you come to the University. discipline and the University estate. Whilst the Charter and Statutes are at the top of this hierarchy and address matters of institutional governance and programmes of study. By completing your online registration you are agreeing to abide by University legislation. Statutes. Further information on the reasonable diligence procedures can be found in the Code of Practice on Student Attendance and Reasonable health and safety.8 and contact the Academic and Student Administration Division for further information). A formal written warning may then be issued. The student will have a right of appeal. reminding the student of the requirement to show reasonable diligence. the school may convene a panel for the purpose of deciding whether the student should be required to withdraw from a programme or be barred from assessment in a module.pdf .as. All members of staff and students are subject to the If the student still fails to show reasonable diligence. they will be invited to attend an interview with the Head of School or his nominee. If there are concerns about a particular this can be found on the web on the Legislation website (address below) Codes of practice It is important that you are aware of the details of the codes of practice that relate to you in order for you to evaluate that you are receiving the correct level of assistance. www. This includes mediation (which is also available earlier in the procedure) and consideration by a Complaints Review Regulations and procedures Fitness to practise Students registered for programmes of study which are subject to fitness to practise procedures may be treated differentially to other students of the University if their actions call in to question their professional competence. where students believe that their concerns have not been addressed to their satisfaction at the first stage. which is . Students are also required to comply with University regulations and codes of Mitigation and appeals We have procedures for mitigations and appeals.bham. without recrimination. www. particularly towards fellow students and members of staff of the Please refer to pages 65–67. www. To address these circumstances. Further details of student rights and responsibilities are in the Student Charter. The University aims to deal with a complaint Complaints procedure The University recognises that there may be occasions when you feel that your legitimate expectations are not being met. The procedure is divided in two stages: the first stage encourages you to seek resolution of your complaints as close to the origin of the complaint as possible. formal stage provides a mechanism for the review and resolution of complaints. the University has a student complaints procedure.bham. the second.Student Handbook 2010–11 73 Discipline The University expects students to behave in a responsible accessible and follows the principles of natural justice. and which complies with national guidelines. or where misunderstandings or concerns about the nature of the University’s provision occur. and in a timely manner.

examination marks and fee payments. Other data will be added to the record. Information taken from the application form and also information supplied by the individual at registration is added to the record.bham’. relevant and not excessive p Accurate p Not kept longer than necessary p Processed in accordance with the individual’s rights p Kept secure p Not transferred to non-European Economic Area countries without adequate protection When an individual applies to be a student at the University. They must ensure that changes of address etc. are made via the student portal ‘my. for security and for disciplinary matters) Student obligation: students must ensure that all personal data provided to the University is accurate and up-to-date. the eight data protection principles. for example. Higher Education Statistical Agency Information may be sent to University areas beside a student’s own department where these provide a service. staff and other individuals on a regular basis. a record is created on the central student database. which will be used to access facilities at the University (the electronic photo used on the card will be kept on record and used for identification purposes by schools/departments. These require the data to be: p Fairly and lawfully processed p Processed for limited (defined) purposes p Adequate. . For example: p Library Services to provide email addresses and access to library facilities p The Guild of Students as students are automatically members of this (students do have a right to decline membership and should notify the Guild if they wish to do so) p Accommodation Services for the provision of accommodation p The University Alumni Association – details are forwarded following graduation p Estate Management to provide identity cards.74 Student Handbook 2010–11 Data protection We process data on students. The University has a data protection policy that ensures members of the University comply fully with the Data Protection Act 1998 and. The data will be used in the following ways: p To administer the education process p For carrying out research in order to improve services and courses provided p For marketing purposes by sending students literature on possible future courses p Provided to other bodies in accordance with statutory and government requirements eg. details of the courses being studied. in particular.

uk/data_protection_policy Regulations and procedures Copyright and photocopying If you write some original This means that. enclosing a cheque for £10 made payable to ‘The University of Birmingham’.legalservices. The Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 says that it is okay providing you are copying only an ‘insubstantial amount’ and you make just one copy for personal use or non-commercial research. if you include an original illustration with your text you have separate rights in respect of that. European and US publishers. you do so for the purpose of ‘research or private study’.bham. Learn more www. the same rights apply to the works of others. The University has signed photocopying licences with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and the Newspaper Licensing Agency. However. then they can take legal action against you for infringement of their copyright.Student Handbook 2010–11 75 Rights to access Staff. and if you copy their work or download their material from the internet without their permission. in law. or all books and equipment have not been returned to the University. Examination marks Students will be entitled to information about their marks for both coursework and examinations as part of their tutorial support. The University aims to comply with requests for access to personal information as quickly as possible. The University will make a charge of £10 on each occasion that access is requested. and possibly paying you for the right to do so. These rights continue after you are dead – the executors of your estate can charge for the use of your material up to 70 years after your death. which act on behalf of many UK. the lyrics to a song or music then you have copyright on that material and legal rights as to what you can do with it. The Data Protection Act cannot be used to obtain earlier access to examination marks than would arise as part of normal University procedures. but will ensure that it is provided within 40 days. . accreditation or references in the event that the full course fees have not been paid. students and other users of the University have the right to access any personal data that is being kept about them either on computer or in certain files. nobody can copy your work without your say so. In fact. The University may withhold certificates. So how does this affect you as a student at the University? When you copy pages from a book or a journal which is still ‘in copyright’. Permission to copy can be granted on a ‘one-off’ basis or in the form of a licence to copy from a range of material on a regular basis. Requests should be made in writing to the Data Protection Officer.

kendall@bham. it also provides links to the CLA and the NLA and other agencies which have granted the University licences to copy. then you must check this out first to stay legal. if you want to do any copying that might take you outside the fair dealing limits. to give out to your friends for example. You can also read the notices posted by most photocopiers on campus if you need reminding of the limits when you are waiting to copy. limits etc. with details of material covered. If you do want to take multiple copies of a journal article. then you are best advised to check the website www. or risk legal action.76 Student Handbook 2010–11 . So. one short story or poem not exceeding ten pages in length OR no more than 5% of any published edition above. and the publisher has to be a member of the CLA scheme (which should cover the majority of them). and copyright law in general. so if you want to scan copyright material. There are other guidelines as to what is fair dealing. whichever is the greater. but if you stick to those limits cited above then you are unlikely to have the copyright owners take legal action against you. For any other information on how the licence affects Besides giving general advice on most aspects of copyright. The licence still applies to photocopying only. or on copyright in general. Copying up to those limits is known as ‘fair dealing’.ac. The key point about the CLA licence is that you are now allowed to make multiple copies rather than just a single copy. then you still need to get permission from the copyright for mounting on a web page for instance. contact Legislation Manager. what is insubstantial is not defined in the Act but what has become accepted as ‘insubstantial’ is defined as: p Up to one complete chapter of a book p Up to one whole article from a single issue of a serial publication or in a set of conference proceedings p The entire report of a single case in a published report of judicial proceedings p In the case of an anthology of short stories or poems. When it comes to the full terms and conditions of the licence. there is a lot of ‘fine detail’ involved. The limits as to how much you can copy from a journal or a book are about the same limits as fair dealing. Library Services Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 4749 Email: Malcolm Kendall: m.

it is not returned to the finder. (internal telephone 44444 or external telephone +44 (0)121 414 4444).uk .uk In the event of a serious accident or any other emergency.00pm Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 3111 Regulations and procedures Car parking Student parking is available on the South Car Park or Pritchatts Road Car Park on a pay and display basis. which is open 24 hours a day. The Centre is located at the rear of the Aston Webb Building. There are a limited number of car parking spaces on residential sites and students in University accommodation are not encouraged to bring their vehicles. Lost property The Security Centre houses the University lost and found property office. Please telephone prior to reclaiming your property. Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 2623 Email: between the Great Hall and B block. Application forms are available from the Academic and Student Administration Division. Found cash is paid into the University account. Learn more www. Unclaimed property will be retained for three months before disposal to charitable organisations. It is accessible via the front entrance to the Aston Webb Found property should be handed in to the Security Centre (or to the security desk in the foyer of the Medical School). If you wish to use these car parks you should fill out an application form. or from the University ring road.00am–5. those concerned should telephone the University Security Centre. Lost property Monday to Friday: 9. Security staff will send assistance and contact the emergency services if required.Student Handbook 2010–11 77 Security The University has set out its objectives for the management of security on campus in the Students’ Charter.studentcharter.

you would be wise to obtain insurance cover against loss or theft of your belongings or other items in your possession (eg.78 Student Handbook 2010–11 Insurance The University cannot take responsibility for your property and. . if you have not already done so. You will be able to get advice from the Insurance Office in the Guild of Students. library books) whilst at University.

Leisure activities The Vale Village and The Hub Sport Campus treasures (museums and other attractions) Barber Institute of Fine Arts University of Birmingham collections Special Collections Lapworth Museum of Geology Winterbourne House and Garden Music in the University 80 81 83 83 84 85 87 88 89 .

rolls and wraps if you need to grab something in a hurry. Breakfast is served from 7. including two catering outlets. Fusion Fusion is a self-service style food court serving freshly prepared hot and cold food Monday to Friday. It is home to 2. Lunchtime service starts from midday and the choice varies daily with Chicken Joes. 365 days a year.750 students and has several large scale events throughout the year including ‘The Vale Fireworks’ in November and ‘Vale Festival’ at the end of each academic year. The Hub has many facilities. then Rio’s also serves a range of delicious homemade cakes and cookies.30am with both traditional and continental breakfast offered to eat in. Rio’s Rio’s is a quality coffee shop. homemade soup and delicious desserts to round your meal off. cappuccinos and lattes on The Vale. cash machine and Bar One. . Fairtrade products are also served in all of our outlets.80 Student Handbook 2010–11 The Vale Village and The Hub The Vale Village The Vale Village is around a 15. nice walks and its own lake. For something a bit more substantial try a panini or freshly made baguette with the filling of your choice. Catering outlets There are two catering outlets in The Hub: Fusion and Rio’s. manned reception for the residents staying on The Vale Village. or takeaway if you need to grab and go to lectures. pizzas. a Costcutter shop. It also has a 24-hour. The Hub The Hub is at the heart of the Vale Village and is open to all students the University of Birmingham and their guests and occupies the whole ground floor below Shackleton. Thursday roast and jacket potatoes being the most popular last year.30pm and offers a traditional home-cooked menu. There’s always an extensive salad bar and a selection of fresh sandwiches. term-time only. If you want to treat yourself with your espresso. With plenty of main courses to choose from – at least one of which is vegetarian – an extensive fresh salad 20-minute walk from the main campus and is set in a relaxing conservation area with lovely views. Dinner is served from 4. (Fusion and Rio’s). serving the best hot chocolates. it’s a very popular place. curries.

which are always popular. if that’s not sufficient. Whatever your interest and ability. Leisure activities Sport University of Birmingham Sport (UBSport) University of Birmingham Sport (UBSport) is within the top four universities for sport in the UK. Bar One Bar One is open seven days a week during term-time and it is everyone’s local on The Vale. where many facilities are based and where you can find out how to become a member and get involved. eggs. The Munrow Sports Centre on the Edgbaston campus is the hub of UBSport. fresh fruit and vegetables. but watch out for great special offers that make your precious money go that little bit further. Get involved – become a member University of Birmingham Sport enjoys some of the best sports facilities of any redbrick university in the country. From absolute beginner to world-class athlete. make new friends. Bar One hosts a legendary quiz night on a Sunday with over 550 people entering the first one last year! The Hub and the Vale Village provide a secure and safe environment to relax and socialise in. . party till the early hours at the weekend! The drinks are competitively priced throughout the year. get fit. The range of high quality services are supported by an extensive range of indoor and outdoor facilities. UBSport offers you huge opportunities to excel and grow with one of the most comprehensive sports programmes in higher education. feel good and study better. play some pool. you will meet new people. Entertainment There is also regular entertainment at The Hub with big name acts like Scott Mills and Ralph Little having previously appeared live on stage. Various live bands throughout the year and special theme nights give you the chance to dress up and let your hair down. All are competitively priced and there are fantastic special offers. Costcutter is open seven days a week in term-time and more limited hours in vacations. You can chill out mid-week. with specially-trained staff who understand the needs of students and their friends all in a friendly and relaxed environment. watch your favourite sport on either of the two big screens or.Student Handbook 2010–11 81 Costcutter The Hub has its own mini supermarket that sells a wide selection of products from cleaning materials to bacon.

Sports clubs UBSport has achieved a top four ranking in the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) competition over the last 18 years. our Performance Sport team is there to ensure you’re always at your best. on site physiotherapists. hosting an interdisciplinary support service for elite sports men and women. a state-of-the-art 3G pitch. We also have our very own centre for outdoor pursuits in the Lake District. Intra-leagues The Intra-leagues provide term-time competitive fun without the commitment of regular training and culminates with the annual Summer Sports Festival. clients can easily and quickly access experts in all areas. You can sign up with a group of friends. Incorporating the high performance laboratory. dance studio. canoeing and much more. a variety of pitches including grass. where you can try your hand at windsurfing. As well as a wide variety of fitness. athletics track. dance and yoga classes.82 Student Handbook 2010–11 Facilities With a superb fitness suite with cardiovascular. synthetic. giving you the chance to learn a new sport or improve your existing skills. The Raymond Priestley Centre. Performance sport If you are a sports club member or a sports scholar. resistance and extensive free weights equipment. sports and gymnastics halls. Active Lifestyle Active Lifestyle is one of the largest programme of its kind in the country. badminton and tennis courts. a team from your hall of residence or join one of the existing teams to play against others in the league. and a boat house. a department. squash. Each club has a qualified coach. there’s also a comprehensive range of sports courses on offer. national and inter-varsity competitions there’s going to be something to satisfy your competitive streak. . sports masseurs. isokineticist and performance gym. dojo. has access to sports science support and affiliation to the sport’s governing body. you’re sure to find something which appeals at UBSport. With over 40 clubs representing the University in regional. provides regular training and fitness sessions. a 25m swimming pool. abseiling.

providing a comprehensive package of support and financial benefits to meet the needs of the individual the University has a surprising variety of attractions to suit all tastes and interests. We have sculptures dotted about campus. drawings and Royal and Ancient Golf Performance Programme and the Paul Weston Triathlon Scholarship. and you can see their major works here at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts. Leisure activities Learn more www. Below is just a flavour of the diverse nature of our collections. important historical collections in our schools. Turner. A veritable roll-call of the biggest names in the history of Western art. Gainsborough. Manet and Magritte. workshops. and a continuing programme of exhibitions. Housed in Birmingham’s finest Art Deco building. festivals. Renoir and Rodin. .Student Handbook 2010–11 83 Scholarships The University’s Sport Scholarship Programme is one of the best in the UK. containing an internationally important collection of Roman and Byzantine coins.bham. the Barber was awarded the title Art Gallery of the Year in the most recent edition of The Good Britain Guide and with good reason.collections. family activities and other special events. concerts. lectures. minerals and Barber Institute of Fine Arts Monet. Degas and Van Gogh. Learn more www. there is also the stunning coin gallery. modern murals and an extensive collection of fossils. The Barber is perfect for a peaceful lunchtime break or as somewhere to bring family and friends. Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).uk Campus treasures (museums and other attractions) From the Art Deco splendour of the Barber Institute of Fine Arts to the seasonal glories of the Winterbourne Botanic Garden. Botticelli. ‘One of the finest small galleries in Europe’ – the Observer. We hope that you are encouraged to explore our treasures for yourselves. As well as the outstanding collection of old master and modern paintings. Rossetti. Rubens. The Scholarship programme supports four schemes: University of Birmingham Sport Scholarship Scheme (UBSport).

The University’s art collection began to develop when the University commissioned portraits of retiring Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors over the 20th century. Contact Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 7333 Email: info@barber.00pm Sunday: 12. The main collections range from the recently redisplayed archaeology collection to the historic physics instruments and medical waxes. Most of these hang in the Aston Webb Building.00am– Admission is free University of Birmingham collections While you are studying here. .84 Student Handbook 2010–11 The Barber Institute of Fine Arts Opening hours Monday–Saturday: given by the artist to mark the University’s Centenary in 2000. There is also a fine range of sculpture to be found as you travel around campus. to Sir Eduardo Paolozzi’s Faraday at the West Gate. Old and new are on show. The collection has grown through commission. Simon Packard and John Bratby RA.barber. loan and gift to include a wide variety of styles and genres of work. Those in teaching rooms can be viewed by appointment with the department opposite the Guild of Students. ranging from landscapes by Roger Fry to allusive and symbolic paintings by Sonia Lawson RA. The artworks and collections are displayed in public spaces and teaching rooms.00pm Location The Barber Institute stands immediately inside the University campus at the East Gate. from the rediscovered marble bust of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1895) by Onslow Ford in the Heslop Room of the Main Library. and paintings and prints by artists such as Hughie O’Donoghue. Other works include murals by Peter Lanyon and John Walker.00noon–5. purchase. take some time to discover the diverse collections of art and artefacts in several of the buildings and departments on campus.

3rd Admission is free Opening hours Monday–Friday: 10. learning and teaching agenda by collecting and making fully accessible all collections and seeking to acquire material which ties into this agenda.medicine. Arts Building Medical Waxes Collection Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 4104 School of Medicine www. Our manuscript and archive collections include: p The Mingana Collection of Middle Eastern Manuscripts: designated as a collection of National and International Importance p The Church Missionary Society: contains the earliest recorded documents from pioneering explorations into Africa and Asia p The Chamberlain Collection: the papers of Joseph Chamberlain (Secretary of State for the Colonies.Student Handbook 2010–11 85 Historical Physics Instruments Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 4565 School of Physics and Astronomy.iaa. be amazed by the beauty and elegance of Persian manuscripts dating back to the 12th Danford Collection Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 5128 Centre of West African Leisure activities Special Collections Explore a wealth of treasures in Special–5. The Special Collections and Archives of the University of Birmingham consist of approximately 120.bham. 1895–1903 and founder of the University) and Austen Chamberlain (Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Arts Building www.000 pre-1850 books dating from 1471 and some 3 million Special Collections is responsible for directly supporting the University’s research. 1924–29) and Neville Chamberlain (Prime Minister 1937–1940) . browse through some of the greatest books ever published including first editions of Charles Dickens and magnificent works from the printing press of William Morris lavishly illustrated by Edward Burne-Jones.historycultures.00pm (by prior appointment) Archaeology Collection Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 5497 Department of Ancient History and Archaeology School of Historical Studies. Poynting Building have the chance to read Neville Chamberlain’s personal thoughts about his meetings with Hitler during the Munich crisis of 1938.

the Complete Works (1616) of Ben . You will need to show a valid student card so that we can confirm your details. p Disabled Users : For more information please check our web pages . Learn more www.special-coll. two copies of The Temple of Flora (1799– 1807) by Robert Thornton and comprehensive collections of the works of Joseph Priestley and D H Lawrence p The Hensleigh Wedgwood (1803–1891) collection. the Birmingham School of Printing. photographs and manuscripts Our rare book collection includes: p Important first editions. such as De Humani Corporis (1543) by an important philologist. grandson of Josiah Wedgwood and cousin and brother-in-law of Charles Darwin – includes Johann Schilter’s monumental folio celebration of Germanic culture Thesaurus Antiquitatum (Ulm. and the Italian printer. the Kelmscott Press.bham. Please enquire for further details.86 Student Handbook 2010–11 p The Avon Papers: papers belonging to and about the life of Anthony Eden (Prime Minister 1955–1957). including material about the Suez Crisis p Noel Coward Collection: personal diaries.special-coll. You will need to register on your first visit so that we can issue you with a Special Collections 1728) p Major collections relating to the history of printing including publications from John Baskerville. p Web Access: Our web page is the main point of access to find out about Special Collections. p Teaching Sessions and Talks: Special Collections runs a variety of sessions tailored to the needs of students or groups. Giambattista Bodoni of Parma Using the Collections p Access to Special Collections: We welcome all students to use Special Collections at the University of Birmingham whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate.

Our mineral collection contains 15.00pm Leisure activities Lapworth Museum of Geology Want to travel back over 4. We also have outstanding collections of fossil fish from around the world. The museum is named after Charles Lapworth.00am–5.bham.5 billion years without leaving Birmingham? The Lapworth Museum of Geology.00am–5. and specimens from the Coseley coalfields which reveal the time that humid swamps of From further afield there are beautifully preserved crustaceans.00am–5. fossilised footprints from Shropshire let you track some of the very earliest land animals. and weird and wonderful animals from the world-famous Burgess Shale of British Columbia which show what life was like 510 million years Opening hours Monday: 10.00pm Friday: 9.Student Handbook 2010–11 87 Contact us Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 5839 Fax: +44 (0)121 471 4691 Email: special-collections@bham. and giant dragonflies covered the Midlands. the largest collection of fossils.000 specimens from all over the world which display a stunning variety of colours and exquisite crystal forms.00pm Thursday: 9. Plus.lapworth. the first Professor of Geology at Birmingham and one of the most influential geologists in the late 19th and early 20th century. Come to the Lapworth Museum and take a trip through time! Learn more www.00pm Tuesday to Wednesday: 9. minerals and rocks in the Midlands brings together internationally important specimens and unique local collections to explain the history of the Earth. insects. when Central England lay beneath a tropical sea. We have some of the finest fossils from the Wenlock Limestone of Dudley.00am–7. fish and pterosaurs from the Solnhofen Limestone of .

R4 on the campus map) Admission is free Winterbourne House and Garden Winterbourne is a stunning Arts and Craft house and garden that forms an oasis of tranquillity at the heart of the University campus. Learn more www.00–5. Gallery and Plant Sales area as well as a busy programme of adult education courses and public events running throughout the year. streamside planting and secluded woodland walk.winterbourne. The property was built in 1903 for Birmingham industrialist John Sutton Nettlefold of the GKN screw-making dynasty and his wife Margaret Chamberlain. From May . Boasting over 6. Winterbourne House will also be opening as a heritage attraction. who designed the beautiful seven-acre garden. the Grade II listed garden holds many attractions to look at – including a unique sandstone garden.00am–5. Gift Shop.00pm Location The Lapworth Museum is located in the Aston Webb building (A-Block.00pm Saturday – Sunday: 2. Winterbourne also has a Tea Room. a hazelnut tunnel. revealing what life was like for the families who lived at the property during the height of the Arts and Craft movement. striking colour-themed Opening hours Monday – Friday: 9.000 plant Student Handbook 2010–11 Contact Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 7294/6751 Email: lapworth@contacts.

org. and Fauré Requiem. they take place in the first week of term. Works performed recently include Bernstein Chichester Psalms. brass band. Leisure activities School of Biosciences Music in the University The University of Birmingham enjoys one of the liveliest music-making scenes of any campus with a wide variety of groups. jazz orchestra and saxophone ensemble. Full information can be found on the Society’s website and specific questions can be emailed to ums_pres@hotmail. We organise two symphony orchestras.30–9. others are open to all.00pm Seven days a week Admission £ a brief summary is given here. . It is conducted by professionals and members of the Music Department staff. Some ensembles are auditioned. Chamber Choir (unauditioned) Normal Rehearsal Time: Tuesdays 7. at which you can find out more about the various ensembles we organise. a symphonic wind band. large choir.00am–4. Free on weekdays to University staff and students. chamber choir. Auditions If there are auditions for the ensembles listed.00pm October-March: 10. We also have a stall at the Societies’ Fayre.30pm This large choir of approximately 200 voices gives two concerts per year in either Birmingham’s world-renowned Symphony Hall or the recently refurbished Town Hall. University Music Society (UMS) This is the biggest music-making society in the Opening times April-September: 10. societies and ensembles based in the Guild and elsewhere. Please visit the websites at the end of this section for more information.00am–6.Student Handbook 2010–11 89 Contact Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 3003 Email: enquiries@winterbourne. the main audition day is Wednesday 6 October 2010 but the arrangements for each ensemble vary.

30–9. Symphonic Wind Band (un-auditioned) Normal Rehearsal Time: Mondays 7. each one gives one concert with the University Choir (see overleaf) and one concert on its own. woodwind and percussion players and gives two concerts per year jointly with the Brass Band.30–9.90 Student Handbook 2010–11 University Philharmonic Orchestra and Symphony Orchestra (auditioned) Normal Rehearsal Times: Wednesdays 2. Brass Band (un-auditioned) Normal Rehearsal Time: Wednesdays 7.00pm (Philharmonic) and Thursdays 7. . The orchestra gives two lunchtime concerts per year.00–5.30pm This small auditioned ensemble gives at least two concerts per year in a mixture of formal and informal settings. the audition for the two main orchestras serves as the audition for this ensemble too.30pm This is a student-conducted ensemble of brass. and is conducted by professional conductors and members of Music Department staff. playing a diverse selection of music from Holst’s Military Band Suites through to Harry Potter and Star Wars. it gives two concerts per year.30–9.00pm This small orchestra is run by the Department of Music but non-music students are welcome to join.30pm (Symphony) We run two full-sized orchestras of equal standing. conducted by professionals or professionally-coached students.30pm The Brass Band is a recently-founded ensemble but has quickly established itself. Jazz Orchestra (auditioned) Normal Rehearsal Time: Tuesdays 7. Works recently performed included Elgar’s Enigma Variations and Vaughan Williams’ A London Symphony. from traditional brass standards to film music and arrangements of pop classics. directed by students and shared with the Wind Band (see below) and plays a wide variety of music.00–7. University Chamber Orchestra (auditioned) Normal Rehearsal Time: Mondays 5.30–9. It plays a wide variety of music from early jazz classics of the 1920s and 30s right through to recently composed and arranged numbers.

00–7.bham. It gives two concerts per year and also sings regularly in churches and cathedrals. Learn more Other music-making The UMS is not the only society on campus devoted to music-making: there are several more societies based in the Guild of Students (pages 31–32). www. Learn more www.00pm This chamber choir (up to 30 people) is run by the Department of Music but is open to singers from all parts of the University. University Singers (un-auditioned) Normal Rehearsal Time: Thursdays (more general information about music-making in the University). rehearsal venues and concert dates).Student Handbook 2010–11 91 Saxophone Ensemble (un-auditioned) Normal Rehearsal Time: TBC This is the latest UMS ensemble to be established and comprises saxophones and saxophonists of all shapes and sizes playing a wide variety of purposely arranged and composed where and how to (all UMS ensembles including details of .ac.


Student Handbook 2010–11 93 Preparing to leave the University Temporary or permanent withdrawal Graduation Staying in touch Managing your money after graduation Visa and immigration advice 94 95 96 97 98 .

you are advised to make an appointment with the International Students Advisory Services (ISAS) to discuss your situation in confidence. the Student Funding Office or the Department for Work and Pensions. the immigration regulations state that you should be in full-time education for the duration of your stay. of your student financial support and only very limited state benefits are available to students who are expected to return to full-time study. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your accommodation contract. the Guild of you will be informed of your Early Release Application and who withdraw from the University. A proportion of your tuition fees may be refunded. You should consult the relevant Student Records team (see page 19) if you wish to temporarily withdraw (or take a leave of absence) as you will need to complete and return the appropriate form. as there may be implications for your visa status. either permanently or temporarily. In accordance with the new points based system (Tier 4 – Students).bham. If you are an international student and hold a student visa (or residence permit). will be reported to the UK Border Agency.94 Student Handbook 2010–11 Temporary or permanent withdrawal Temporary withdrawal/leave of absence If you need to temporarily withdraw from your studies for any reason. any international students who have been issued with a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS). Accommodation withdrawal If you are due to withdraw or take a leave of absence from University you must fill in an Early Release Application form which can be obtained from Accommodation Services. before the end of the 2010–11 session. If you are considering permanent or temporary withdrawal. you are strongly advised to consider the possible financial implications. Please complete the appropriate ‘Application to Permanently Withdraw’ form depending on whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate taught student at www. Once we have confirmation from your department. All students are strongly advised to speak to their Personal Tutor before completing the form. . You may wish to seek advice from your and return your identity card. Any refund will be in line with the current University regulations. you must give written notice to the relevant Student Records team in the Academic and Student Administration Division. or all. Permanent withdrawal If for any reason you decide to terminate your registration before the end of the 2010–11 session. You may lose some.

uk/graduation . including ticket allocation. Failure to confirm attendance by these deadlines may result in a delay to your graduation as a place cannot be guaranteed for any student completing their invitation after this deadline. If you choose not to attend your Degree Congregation and graduate in absentia. and that you wish to attend your Degree Congregation in person. All eligible students should confirm their attendance by 15 October for the December congregations. It is strongly advised that you check the Examinations and Congregations Office website regularly during the academic year of your graduation.bham. date and time of your ceremony and gown hire/photography arrangements. This service opens in February for the July Degree Congregations and in September for the December Degree Congregations. Doctoral researchers tend to graduate at the next round of Degree Congregations following the submission and assessment of their theses. and 1 March for the July congregations.Student Handbook 2010–11 95 Graduation Students graduate from the University of Birmingham via a Degree Congregation held in either the December or July of each academic year. This brochure will contain all the information you will require for Typically most undergraduate students choose to graduate in July (following their summer examinations) and most postgraduate taught students in December (following completion of their programmes of study in September). Preparing to leave the University Congregation dates for 2010–11 15–17 December 2010 15–22 July 2011 (excluding weekends) www. Students eligible to graduate at the forthcoming round of Degree Congregations should confirm their attendance via the Student Portal. After logging on to the portal students > > should select the > MyProgress> tab and follow the on-screen directions to the Online Invitation Service. your certificate will be posted to you shortly following the Degree Congregations. a Graduand Information brochure will be posted to you in November (for a December congregation) or May (for a July congregation). Providing that you meet the appropriate invitation submission deadline.

We also produce the Birmingham Magazine and Alumni Newsletter which will keep you up-to-date with the latest University research breakthroughs as well as the benefits and services that we offer to alumni.bham.96 Student Handbook 2010–11 Staying in touch The University aims to develop lifelong relationships with its students and alumni which means that we would still like to remain in contact with you once you have We attend a number of student events throughout the year and so we hope to meet you during your time on campus.000 contactable alumni worldwide. visits to academic departments. www. professional networking events and international . Join us on Saturday 7 June for campus Our new online alumni community. Head of Alumni Relations University of Birmingham Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 7278 Email: alumnioffice@contacts. much more. your. will also help you to keep in direct contact with old friends. register for a University of Birmingham alumni email forwarding address. talking about their career paths or recruiting from our student body. class Before you leave the University.alumni. www. giving guest lectures.bham. The Development and Alumni Office aim to keep all former students (alumni) in touch with the University and each other. We run an extensive programme of alumni events including nights at the www. you may see alumni acting as ambassadors at recruitment Alumni also provide crucial support to the University and we are very grateful to them. post jobs for other alumni and much.alumni. During your time on campus.bham. please provide us with your contact details so that we can stay in touch with you and you can join our community of 145. Alumni celebrating the 10th. 35th and 50th anniversaries of their graduation this year are invited to a special reunion. a reunion lunch for your class and more. Alumni also make gifts to support the University and your student

Exit counselling will be provided by the Student Funding Office before you leave the University but you can view the information at any time at www. If you are struggling to make a repayment then a number of options should be open to Preparing to leave the University American students Your rights and responsibilities including repayments and your options for delaying repayments were printed on the supporting document attached to your Master Promissory Note (MPN) when you took out each loan. either through Pay as You Earn (PAYE) or self-assessment. The Student Loans Company will work out your repayment and issue a repayment schedule. Repayment thresholds are based on destination Working in the UK Your repayments will begin the April after leaving University. This means repayment is determined by income. Your lender should write to you to confirm your repayment schedule once they become aware that you have left university. You will need to repay the loan directly to the SLC.studentloanrepayment. Learn more www.000.bham.Student Handbook 2010–11 97 Managing your money after graduation Repaying your loans Once you have left University you will need to start repaying your loan(s). UK and EU students Students who took a loan after 1998 have what is known as an ‘Income Based Loan’. You will need to pay 9% of your salary above £15. you will need to complete an Overseas Income Assessment form. You will have a six-month grace period (for Stafford loans only) before you have to start making any repayments but it is important that you make your repayments and that they are on time. Repayments are made through the UK tax system by HMRC. Working overseas If you will be working overseas for a period that exceeds three .as.

direct. .98 Student Handbook 2010–11 Financing further study There is no government support available if you decide to continue your studies at postgraduate level. Tier 1 (Post-study work) p For those who have obtained a UK recognised bachelor or postgraduate degree p A UK Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) or Professional Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) p A Higher National Diploma (HND) from a Scottish institution Tier 2 For jobs where no one in the resident labour market can be recruited. Special loan schemes are available but you should contact high street banks for more specific Visa and immigration advice If you are an international student and hold a student visa (or residence permit). You may wish to: p Apply to extend your student visa for further study as a Tier 4 student p Apply to switch to another visa category to stay and work in the UK The following are routes to work in the UK after your studies. Tier 1 (General) For those with degrees and work experience and prior earnings at a certain level. and occupations where there is a shortage of qualified The government can provide information on financial assistance to support your leaving. Learn more www. This replaces the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme. You will need to finance your studies yourself either through a private loan or sponsorship. you will need to consider your immigration status when you leave the University. .uk/visas Learn more www.Student Handbook 2010–11 99 You can get further information about visa requirements and the application process from the International Students Advisory Service website (ISAS) (see page 25)


Maps and directions The Edgbaston campus University locations The Selly Oak campus Directions 102 104 105 106 .

North Car Park. Pritchatts Road Car Park B9 and Vincent Drive Car Park.location. Oakley Court Medical Practice and Dental Centre Pritchatts House Level access entrance Steps P Key Student Handbook 2010–11 Public car park Hospital 24 hour security Bus stops Library Museum Sport facilities First aid Food and drink Retail Toilets ATM G21 key Y2 Building name Information point Level access entrance Steps H 24 P Public car park Hospital 24 hour security Bus stops H 24 15 m s inute Library Museum S SOMER First aid Food and drink RO AD ET ROAD Canal bridge Sculpture trail Elms The Day Nursery T To the Vale e Vale Sport facilities average walk time G20 from Chancellor’s Court Tennis Court Ashcroft Retail Pritchatts Park Village RQ 13 Pritchatts Road The Spinney BIR MIN ATM S RO GH AM FA CA NA Toilets PR Pritchatts Road Car Park UH AR Park House L G19 CE ST Canal bridge Sculpture trail AD AN D ER WO R H ITC P G18 Priorsfield Conference Park Peter Scott House ED T AT GB AS G17 G16 RO TO G5 N PA Lucas House B8 average walk time s inu fromteChancellor’s Court 10 m G4 B6 G1 G3 G2 RO AD RK Garth House G14 AD Conference Park G15 Westmere House B7 BR AIL SF O RD DR IV EL M S E G6 G13 G7 G8 Hornton Grange B4 B5 HO SP ITA L DR IV E G12 Winterbourne Botanic Garden B3 QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL H VE Running Track M HA G NA CA L North Gate G9 G11 PRI RI C P M BIR IN B2 ol ool dical cho Med a Sch O W ES RC B1 R TE D AN P Munrow Sports Centre R25 G10 TC N T D IN 5m inutes E V North Car Park P R20 HA TTS RO AD R21 P ER University Station S IT Y A RO EST D W Main Library R22 R18 R17 R19 R26 R27 R23 R16 West Gate UN P IV R28 point Library Museum Sport facilities First aid Food and drink Retail Toilets ATM Canal bridge Sculpture trail average walk time from Chancellor’s Court 102 Edgbaston campus Car parking The University has a ‘Pay and Display’ system operating on the Edgbaston campus.bham. There are parking spaces for visitors on the South Car To Jarratt Hall it To c y ce ntre D Sports Pitches Grange Road Gate Pedestrian access only South Gate A38 BR OL IS T RO AD To Selly Oak Campus . and visitors are advised to have change available.30 R24 R15 Y16 Y9 Y17 Y8 Y2 Y10 Y1 Y12 Y11 Y13 Y3 Y4 Sport and Exercise Sciences 24 The Barber Institute of Fine Arts R14 KING EDWARD’S SCHOOL R2 R1 UNIV ERSIT Y RO AD EA R3 R4 R13 CHANCELLOR’S COURT ST East Gate MAIN ENTRANCE R8 R9 ED The Guild of Students O3 GB R5 R6 R7 R12 R10 O1 O2 ON AST PA R O4 R IN Y14 Y5 Y6 G ROA D SOUTH R11 South Car Park A K RO P Maps with more detail can be Y7 Y15 found on the University’s website at www.

Student Handbook 2010–11 Red Zone R1 Law R2 Frankland Building R3 Hills Building R4 Aston Webb – Earth Sciences R5 Aston Webb – B Block R6 Aston Webb – Great Hall R7 Aston Webb – C Block R8 Physics West R9 Nuffield R10 Physics East R11 Medical Physics R13 Poynting Building R14 Barber Institute of Fine Arts R15 Watson Building R16 Arts Building R17 Ashley Building R18 Strathcona Building R19 Education Building R20 J G Smith Building R21 Muirhead Tower R22 Main Library R23 University Centre R24 Staff House R25 Munrow Sports Centre R26 Geography R27 Biosciences R28 Learning Centre Blue Zone B1 Medical School B2 Institute of Biomedical Research B3 Wellcome Clinical Research Facility B4 Sir Robert Aitken Institute for Medical Research B5 CRUK Institute for Cancer Studies B6 Research Park B7 90 Vincent Drive B8 Henry Wellcome Building for Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy B9 Medical Practice and Dental Centre Orange Zone O1 The Guild of Students O2 St Francis Hall O3 University House O4 Elm House Green Zone G1 32 Pritchatts Road G2 31 Pritchatts Road G3 European Research Institute G4 3 Elms Road G5 Computer Centre G6 Metallurgy and Materials G7 IRC Net Shape Laboratory G8 Gisbert Kapp Building G9 52 Pritchatts Road G10 54 Pritchatts Road G11 Winterbourne House G12 Winterbourne Botanic Garden G15 Westmere G18 Priorsfield G19 Park House G20 Elms Plant Laboratorium G21 Park Grange Green Zone Conference Park G13 Hornton Grange G14 Garth House G16 Lucas House G17 Peter Scott House Yellow Zone Y1 Old Gymnasium Y2 Haworth Building Y3 Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Y4 Terrace Huts Y5 Estates West Y6 Maintenance Building Y7 Grounds and Gardens Y8 Chemistry West Y9 Computer Science Y10 Alta Bioscience Y11 Chemical Engineering Y12 Biochemical Engineering Y13 Chemical Engineering Workshop Y14 Sport and Exercise Sciences Y15 Civil Engineering Laboratories Y16 Occupational Health and Environmental Medicine Y17 Public Health 103 Maps and directions .


Student Handbook 2010–11

University locations
Directions to the Dental School The Dental School is located in Birmingham city centre. Detailed directions can be found on the University’s website at: Maps of the area can also be found on: Click on the link to ‘Maps’, type ‘Birmingham’ in the destination city with the postcode ‘B4 6NN’ and the address as ‘St Chad’s Queensway’. A separate map for the Dental School is available from: School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham, St Chads Queensway, Birmingham, B4 6NN. Tel: +44 (0)121 237 2763 Fax: +44 (0)121 625 8815



School of Dentistry and Children’s Hospital NHS Trust The Beeches Hunter Court The Vale Village Conference Park Edgbaston campus Medical School Jarratt Hall Selly Oak campus Pritchatts

Maps with more detail can be found on the University’s website at

Student Handbook 2010–11


The Selly Oak campus
Key key

Maps and directions

SY2 Building name
Level access entrance Steps
To City Centre and Edgbaston Campus St Andrew’s Hall


Public car park Bus stops Food and drink Toilets

Crowther Hall



The Oaks Day Nursery

A3 8





Selly Oak Visual Arts Centre


The Close

Archibald House

BBC Drama Village Chapel

BBC Car Park


To Northfield, Longbridge and M5, junction 4

Green Zone SG1 Hamilton Building Reception for the School of Education SG2 Frank Price Building SG3 Brooksbank Building SG4 Mary Burnie House SG5 Orchard Learning Resources Centre (OLRC) – OLRC Teaching Centre SG6 Alan Geale House SG5 Rendezvous Café

Yellow Zone SY1 Elmfield House – Graduate Institute of Theology and Religion – General Cadbury Hall SY2 George Cadbury Hall SY3 Charles W Gillett Centre

Maps with more detail can be found on the University’s website at





Student Handbook 2010–11


By Motorway Approaching from the NW or SE along the M6, leave at Junction 6 (signposted Birmingham Central) to join the A38(M). At the end of the motorway, keep to the right, go over a flyover, then through three underpasses to join the A38 Bristol Road. The University is on your right, two and a half miles from the city centre. Approaching from the M42 North, leave at Junction 8 to join the M6 northbound and follow the instructions above. Approaching from the SW, leave the M5 at Junction 4 (signposted Birmingham SW) to join the A38. The University is approximately eight miles from the motorway. From the M40, it is easier to turn south on the M42 and leave at Junction 1, heading north on the A38 Bristol Road. The University is approximately eight miles from the motorway. Further information University of Birmingham Railtrack (rail) Telephone: 0345 484950 Virgin West Coast Customer Services (rail) Telephone: 0870 010 4490 Travel West Midlands (bus) Telephone: 0121 200 2700 National Express (coach) Telephone: 08705 808080 08705 747777 Birmingham International Airport Telephone: 0121 767 5511 Birmingham Tourist Information Office Telephone: 0870 599 2244

Student Handbook 2010–11 107 Index A Academic duty and attendance Academic and Student Administration Access to Learning Fund (ALF) Accommodation services Active Lifestyles Programme (ALP) Advice and guidance for international students Advice and Representation Centre (ARC) Appeals Art gallery – see ‘Barber Institute’ Attendance 72 18 44 23 82 23 30 67 83 72 D Data protection Dental care Disabled students – see ‘Students with disabilities’ Discipline 74 34 21 73 E Effective learning English language support English language support for international students Equal opportunities Examination dates Examination procedures 60 60 28 09 62 62 B Barber Institute 83 C Careers and Employability Centre Chamber Choir Chaplaincy Choirs – see ‘University Music Society’ Complaints procedure Computing facilities Continuation fee for doctoral research students Copyright and photocopying Council Tax Counselling and Guidance 51 89 35 89 73 54 40 75 41 20 F Fees. residential accommodation Fees. tuition Final examination timetable Food and drink Full-time Sabbatical Officers 40 40 62 80 29 G Graduation Guide to Effective Learning (GEL) Guild Council Guild of Students 95 60 28 28 H Harassment Health and safety Health care 10 10 33 .

108 Student Handbook 2010–11 I International students 45 International students advisory service 23 P Payment of residential accommodation fees Payment of tuition fees Permanent withdrawal Philharmonic Orchestra. University Plagiarism Point-based immigration system: information for visa-national students 40 40 94 90 65 J Job Zone 31 L Learning funds – see ‘ALF’ Learning Library Services Lost property 44 48 57 77 24 R Regulations and procedures Religious observance during examination period Representing and supporting you 71 63 30 M Map – Edgbaston campus 102 Map – Selly Oak campus 105 Map – University locations 104 Medical certificates for illness during examinations and at other times 66 Medical services 33 Meningitis 34 Mitigations 65 Mitigation and appeals 73 Music in the University 89 S Sabbatical Officers Scholarships Security Sport St Francis Hall – see Chaplaincy Statements and transcripts Staying in touch Student Funding Office Student groups Student Mentor Scheme Student portal Students with alternative examination arrangements Students with disabilities Student Charter Supplementary examinations Symphonic Wind Band Symphony Orchestra. University 29 44 77 81 35 68 96 20 31 31 55 63 21 13 63 90 90 N Nightline Nursery 33 35 O Obtaining outside employment Orchestras 45 90 .

53 W Welcome to the Guild of Students Where to get help. Symphonic Winterbourne House and Garden 28 30 90 88 . advice and representation Wind Band.Student Handbook 2010–11 109 T Temporary withdrawal Thesis submission Training – Information and IT Skills Transcripts Tutorial arrangements 94 68 59 68 49 U University Choir University legislation University Music Society University Philharmonic Orchestra University Singers University Symphony Orchestra 89 72 89 90 91 90 V Volunteering 32.

110 Student Handbook 2010–11 Key contacts .

Student Handbook 2010–11 111 Notes . B15 2TT. Printed on a recycled grade paper containing 100% post-consumer 4590 © University of Birmingham 2010.bham. United Kingdom . Edgbaston.

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