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FIN 6770 Spring 2019

Final Project
Congratulations – you have made it to the end of our Financial Modeling course! While you have been
introduced to some financial models and various Excel skills, we still have only scratched the surface of finance
topics, Excel skills, and potential models. Now is the time to impress me.

Think back on all of your finance/business classes, internships, jobs, and exposure to real-world finance
problems and questions. Is there a question or finance problem that was raised in the past that you can now
easily solve through an impressive Excel model?

What to Do:
For your final project, you will choose a topic from a list passed around in class. You will then identify a
problem/question that could arise related to that topic and create a model to solve that problem. If aren’t
able to come up with a question to address that relates to your topic, come see me prior to the end of class on
February 16th 2019 and I will help make sure you have a satisfactory topic. You final project will be comprised
of three parts.

Please do not replicate any of the projects covered in the course. Instead, think of real-life cases where you
may be able to use Excel to solve a problem. This could be applying a problem mentioned in a different class,
an issue raised at work, or a personal finance problem that you wish to make a helpful model for. You final
project will be composed of three parts plus participation and should be completed INDIVIDUALLY.

Part 1 (30 pts)1

Part 1 will be a Word document and include:
1- A least a paragraph providing a background on the topic you are creating the model for (tell me about
that area of finance/problem you are addressing in your own words)
2- At least one paragraph on when the model is appropriate to use
3- At least one paragraph with instructions related to properly using the model
4- A paragraph highlighting the various Excel skills used in this project
Note: Be sure to use proper citations if you use any outside sources (Investopedia, textbooks, etc.)

Part 2(40 pts)

Part 2 will be your model created in Excel. You model at minimum must include:
1- A graph/chart
2- An If Statement or Vlookup/Indirect Function (or both). (When turning in your project, please highlight
the cell(s) yellow with the functions, so this requirement is easy to find)
3- A macro
4- Inputs and outputs clearly labeled
5- Your model should be well formatted and be easy to use.

A paragraph should be at least 4 sentences
FIN 6770 Spring 2019

Part 3(25 pts)

Part 3 will be your individual class presentation. The presentation at minimum must include:
1- Presentation must be completed using no notes (you may use PowerPoint and/or Excel). The
presentation should professionally done and last between 5 and 7 minutes. The presentation must be
at least 5 minutes to be eligible to receive full credit.
2- The presentation must cover at minimum
a. The model you created, which finance topic it pertains to, and what problem it solves
b. How to use the model. Clearly describe the inputs and outputs.
c. How use incorporated the Excel skills mentioned in part 2.
3- You presentation should be well-organized, professional, and easy to understand

Participation (5 pts): Students will provide feedback on other student’s presentations. You will need to attend
class and complete the feedback to earn this credit. If you miss any presentation or are doing any work while a
presentation is taking place you will not receive these 5 points.

You may not use any project already covered in this class. You may not use a pre-created Excel template (all
work included in the final project should be your own). The final project should be completed as an individual
not as a group and be an original Excel model.

What to Hand In:

Deposit a copy of your spreadsheet in the Final Project DropBox for this project on D2L and deposit your Word
Document in the Final Project DropBox for this project on D2L. Note: Your project write up will be run through
a plagiarism check. Make sure that both of your files are named FinaProjectXXXXX where the XXXXX will be
replaced with your last name.

Your Final Project is Due on February 23, 2019 at the start of class (you may also submit your final project
any time prior to this deadline). Presentations will take place in class on February 23, 2019.