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I. Subject Matter
Thick and Thin Music

Reference : Grammar Essentials

II. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, with the use of Speaker,Visual aids and pictures,
85% of the students will be able to:

A. determine the difference between adjectives and adverbs;

B. appreciate the importance of studying adjectives and adverbs in
our daily lives and
C. Fill in the blank the correct modifiers.

III. Instructional Materials:

Visual aids, Pictures and Speaker

IV. Procedures:

Preliminary Activities

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity


John please led the prayer. Let us

all stand and pray In the name of the Father and of
the Son and of the Holy Spirit

Good morning Class!

You may now take your seats. Good morning Sir Arjona!

Thank you Sir Arjona!

How are you today?

We’re good teacher

Checking of Attendance

Who is absent today?

No one teacher!

Very good!

Classroom Rules

I have prepared class rules for you

to follow.
Yes teacher!
Lets read the first classroom rule

Listen, when the teacher is talking in

front of the class Am I understood?
Yes teacher!

Next is Cooperate, During group

activity. Am I understood?
Yes teacher!
Last is Respect one another not only
me but also you respect your fellow
classmates. Am I understood?
Yes teacher loud and clear!
1. Motivation

I have prepared a picture

Do you know who is she?

Please raise your hand if you want to

Yes Carl?
She is Liza Soberano teacher!
Very good Carl.

Please read the sentence that

describes her.

Liza looks beautiful

Liza pose beautifully

Let’s move to our next picture

Do you know who is she?

Please raise your hand if you want to

Yes Anna?
She is Sarah Geronimo teacher!
Correct Anna.

Let’s move to our next picture

Please read the sentence that
describes her.

She’s a beautiful singer

She sings beautifully.

Let’s move to our next picture

Do you know who is he?

Please raise your hand if you want to

Yes Axel? He is Usain Bolt teacher!

Very good Axel.

Please read the sentence that

describes him.

He’s a very quick runner.

He can run very quickly.

What have you observed in each

sentence? Underlined words teacher!
Very good! So what are those
underlined words?

For example in the first picture

Liza looks beautiful.

What is the function of the word

beautiful in the sentence?
It describe Liza’s looks teacher!
Very good! So it describes Liza which
is the noun, so what parts of speech
beautiful belongs?
It belongs to adjective teacher!
Very good! In the second sentence
what does it mean?

Liza pose beautifully.

The pose of Liza is beautiful
Very good! We use the word teacher!
beautifully to what?
To describe the pose of Liza
Very good! What parts of speech
beautifully belongs?
It belongs to adverb teacher!
Very Good class!

Do you have an idea about what is

our topic for this morning?
Yes teacher, we think it’s all about
adverb and adjective teacher!
That’s right class!


Our topic for today is Distinguishing

between Adjectives and Adverbs

2. Discussion

Let’s define what is Adjective

- an adjective is a word or set of

words that modifies (i.e.,
describes) a noun or pronoun

Let’s define what is Adverbs

- A word used to modify a verb,

an adjective, or another
adverb and often used to
show degree.

Adjective and Adverbs adds level of

description to a sentence by
modifying, supporting and
strengthening other words

Let’s go back to the pictures earlier.

Now let’s determine the differences

between the two.

Liza looks beautiful.

The underlined word is?

Beautiful teacher!
Correct! And beautiful is an?
Adjective teacher!
Very Good!

We use beautiful to describe Liza as


Beautiful is an adjective because we

used it to describe a noun which is

Next sentence

Liza pose beautifully.

The underlined word is an adjective

or an adverb?
Adverb teacher!
Very good! It’s an adverb because we
use it to modify a verb.
Which word is the verb there?
Pose teacher!
Very good!

Let’s go to the third picture

Please read.

Bolt can run very quickly.

Bolt is a very quick runner.

Which in the two sentences uses an

adjective first or second?

Second teacher!
Correct! Which word is the adverb
Quickly teacher!
Very Good! Why?
Because we used it to modify the
word run
That’s right!

In the second sentence which word is

the adjective?
Quick teacher!
Quick modifies the word?
Bolt Sir which is a noun
Very good!

The difference between the two is

that we use the word adjective to
modify a noun or pronoun while we
use an adverb to modify a verb,
adjectives and other adverbs.

Did you get it class?

Yes teacher!

The things we need to remember

using adjective and adverb is :

Adjectives describe and modify

So basically Adjective modifies

Adverbs do not modify nouns

We need to remember it the Adverb

never modify a noun
They do modify and describe:
-Other adverbs
And Adverbs usually end in –ly
For example

Who can give me sentence using an


Yes Ken? Angel is happy. Teacher!

Is he correct?

Very good! The adjective is happy

and the noun is Angel

Who else?
Yes Kendra?
June is handsome. Teacher!
Very good! Handsome is the
adjective and June is the noun
How about an adverb?
Yes Miko?
Rose is happily eats her food.
Very good!
Now did you understand the
difference between the two?
Yes teacher!

Class what are adjectives again?

A word that modifies an noun or
How about adverbs?
A word that modifies verb,
adjectives and other adverbs.
What is the difference of the two?

An adjective only modifies a noun

or a pronoun while adverbs never
modify a noun and only modifies
verb, adjectives and other adverbs.

Very good!

Are there any questions about our

topic on this morning?

5. Valuing

Why do you think the importance of

knowing the difference of adjectives
and adverbs?

Please raise your hand if you want to


Yes Carla? The importance of knowing the

difference between the two is for us
to have better communication and
proper way of writing.

Very good! It is important because

one mistake of choosing the right
modifier might conflict or
misunderstood the reader what we
trying to say. Am I understood?

Any questions?

6. Application

Class lets have an activity

I will divide the class into three
groups. Each group will write three
sentences with modifiers and
determine what modifiers they used.

Am I understood class?
Are you done class?

Let’s check your answer!

Very good class!

7. Evaluation

Direction: Fill in the blank the

correct modifier that will make each
sentence correct. Write your answer
before the number.

______1. Our class organized a

swimming party last month. The
weather was (fine, finely) that day.

______2. Some of my classmates

arrived (promptly, prompt).

______3. As always, our class

president was (promptly, prompt).

______4. We waited for our class

president (patiently, patient) because
she came late.

______5.I brought fruits for all of us.

They were all (fresh, freshly).

8. Assignment


Write a poem using the modifiers. Do

this on your assignment notebook