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We’ve found that certain stakeholders still value and appreciate a printed report, while others prefer online copy. So this year
is a transition year. We’re still offering a summary report that reviews and highlights our progress, but we’re building richer
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Reporting Period
This annual corporate responsibility report covers fiscal year 2009, from February 2, 2008, through January 30, 2009 (unless
otherwise noted). In this report, references not preceded by “fiscal year” or “FY” are to calendar years. References to dollar amounts
are to U.S. dollars.

Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

March 2010 included hyperlinks on Dell By the Numbers. March 2010 added Progress to Goals page.

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2 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Content Overview

Corporate Responsibility: Committed to Being a Responsible Corporate Citizen

In fiscal year 2009, Dell made great strides in its commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.
While we’re proud of these activities, we also realize there’s more we can do to meet the expectations of our
customers, employees and other stakeholders. Dell will continue to inspire, innovate and be involved.

Page 4 Letters from Michael Dell and Gil Casellas

Page 7 Meaningful Milestones and Dell by the Numbers
Page 9 Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2009
Page 12 Goals for Fiscal Year 2010 and Beyond
Page 13 Communicating Our Progress

Environmental Responsibility: Aspiring to Be the Greenest Technology Company on the Planet

At Dell, environmental responsibility is being embraced throughout the company. In fiscal year 2009, we
addressed the challenge of defining what makes us green and determining how we can measure it. Our
answer was Enviro 2.0 — the 2.0 indicates that we’re building on our efforts since last year’s report.

Page 15 The Business Case for Going Green

Page 17 Climate Leadership and Sustainable Operations
Page 19 Product and Packaging Solutions
Page 21 Global Recycling
Page 23 Engagement and Empowerment
Page 25 Services and Solutions
Page 26 Environmental Responsibility: Challenges Ahead

Corporate Accountability: Acting with Integrity, Inspiring Trust

Being a trustworthy company — and inspiring others to be principled as well — is the focus of our efforts in
corporate accountability. Integrity and trust don’t just happen; you have to take measurable, transparent actions.
In fiscal year 2009, through our actions we built trust with our employees, customers and supply chain.

Page 28 Financial Year in Review and Governance

Page 30 Stakeholder Voice
Page 32 Ethics and Compliance
Page 33 Global Citizenship and Ethical Sourcing
Page 34 Supplier Diversity and Challenges

Social Responsibility: Making a Meaningful Difference Today — Inspiring a Better, Connected Tomorrow

For Dell, making a meaningful difference is about seeking innovative ways to help others through our
technology, resources and employees by partnering with non-governmental organizations to address
key issues facing our world. Through this collaboration, we hope to build a better, connected tomorrow.

Page 36 Global Giving

Page 39 Employee Community Impact
Page 40 Wellness
Page 41 Commitment to Positive Work Environments
Page 42 HIV and AIDS
Page 43 Global Diversity and Inclusion
Page 46 Our Future and Challenges
Inspire & Innovate — Our View of Corporate Responsibility
A Message from Michael Dell
Dell has a full-time commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. It’s
a commitment driven by the types of goals, strategies and accountabilities
that characterize every part of our business. And it’s one that persists
through all business cycles.

Our customers, our partners and our people appreciate Dell’s leadership
in this area, and we’re proud of our accomplishments. Among our recent

 We remain determined to be the greenest technology company on

the planet, and last year we achieved carbon neutrality in our global
operations. At the same time, we raised the standard Dell has set for IT
Michael Dell, CEO
consumer recycling. With innovative new products and services, we’re
“Dell has a unique ability to quickly
helping customers significantly increase energy efficiency, along with
performance, in their data centers. And Dell Green Teams around the
learn, adapt and evolve to ever-
world are educating employees, promoting awareness and inspiring
changing customer requirements.
positive actions for the environment.
We showed that again in fiscal
 We became a charter member of the Business Ethics Leadership
2009, even as we were transform-
Alliance, and, at the request of Dell stakeholders, are releasing
ing our own business. Our solid information about Dell’s Tier 1 suppliers.
operating performance in the first
 As part of how we make a difference in our global communities and to
two quarters was muted by the soft our employees, we started the Dell YouthConnect program for digital
global economic environment in inclusion in emerging countries and, within the company, reinstated the
the second half of the year, which Global Diversity Council that I’m proud to chair.
caused many customers to defer I invite you to read more about Dell’s corporate responsibility efforts in this
technology purchases. Even so, report and at, where you will also find detailed policy information.
customers who continued to invest
We will continue to innovate, inspire and make things happen in the
in technology increasingly asked
corporate responsibility arena. That pledge recognizes that for all we have
Dell to help them reduce the cost
done, there is much more we can and will do — so that you can count on Dell
and complexity of IT. Within the today and always.
company, we turned our focus to
Thanks for your interest.
increasing efficiency, ensuring prof-
itability and carefully managing our
balance sheet and cash flow.”

Read more from

Michael Dell at

4 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

A Message from Gil Casellas
Welcome to Inspire & Innovate: Achievements in Corporate Responsibility
2009. This report features Dell’s key accomplishments in the areas
of environmental responsibility, corporate accountability and social
responsibility and is filled with examples of inspiring activities of dedicated
Dell employees around the globe. Our employees are the essence of our
innovation, as evident in their work with products, with people and in caring
for our planet. Throughout each section of this report, we highlight the
actions our employees are taking to advance corporate responsibility.

Fiscal 2009 brought global economic challenges that continue to change

the corporate landscape. This is a period of intense change for our
employees and our company, and we have not faltered in our commitment Gil Casellas, Vice President of
to corporate responsibility as Dell continues its transformation. Michael, Corporate Responsibility and
the Dell Leadership Team and the Board of Directors are actively engaged Chief Diversity Officer
and briefed as we put corporate responsibility principles into practice. In
“At Dell, in any economic
addition, the Corporate Responsibility Team works with numerous teams
throughout Dell in addressing key initiatives in corporate responsibility. It is environment, we consider diversity
through their support, engagement, collaboration and leadership that we are and inclusion, sustainability and
able to share our progress. employee engagement integral
parts of our business strategy. By
Moving forward, the support of our customers, employees and
stakeholders is more important than ever. We welcome your feedback continuing to drive these initiatives
on this summary report, its new format and the accompanying content at throughout the company, we’re able We appreciate your guidance in producing to harness each individual’s full
this report and ask that you continue the conversation with us through our potential, drive innovation and
social media tools, such as Direct2Dell, as this is an ongoing partnership. become a better place to work
— ultimately ensuring that we’re
providing the best customer

To read more from

Gil Casellas, see

making a difference cr-letter-gil.aspx.

acting with integrity

protecting our planet
Corporate Responsibility Overview



We live in an increasingly complex world. That reality, combined

with the financial downturn of the global economy and the issues
facing our planet and our communities, means business as usual
is not enough. To make a meaningful difference, we must
inspire and innovate.

During times like these, we must continue to build trust with

customers and stakeholders by demonstrating our positive impact
on society and the planet and developing meaningful measures
for reporting our progress. Corporate responsibility is a critical
component of Dell’s overall business. We are committed to being
a responsible corporate citizen.

6 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Corporate Responsibility Overview

Meaningful Milestones for Fiscal Year 2009

Dell focuses on the ideals of environmental responsibility, corporate accountability and social
responsibility because addressing these issues supports the attainment of financial goals and can be
critical to long-term corporate success. Corporate responsibility is not a passing trend, but a business
imperative. Listed here are some of the key milestones from our fiscal year 2009 corporate responsibility



Framework for
1st in 100%
Completion $24.5 $2.5
Tech Industry
to go Rate in
Million Million
Operationally Ethics and
Company in Global in U.S.
Carbon Compliance
Giving Grants
Neutral Education

1st 1st
Tech Company Billion
to Offer
Dollar Work/Life
Carbon Survey


Global 1st
Diversity TIme on
Free Dell/EICC Council Working Mother
Consumer Supplier with Michael 100 Best
Recycling Audits Dell as Chair Companies List
Corporate Responsibility Overview

Dell by the Numbers (Key Performance Indicators)

Unit of
Focus Measure Measure FY07 FY08 FY09 Comments
Corporate Net revenue Millions $57,420 $61,133 $61,101 See Dell’s 10-K for more information
Employees (total) 91,500 88,200 78,900 See Dell’s 10-K for more information

Suppliers Percent of Tier 1 suppliers signatory to — 80% 100% Included in Master Purchase Agreements
Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) with our suppliers

Number of Tier 1 suppliers audited NA 20 46 FY08 first year of reporting

Diverse supplier spending Millions $2,100 $2,400 $2,500

Manufacturing Process hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) Metric tons — — — Very low or none
and Operations
Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions Metric tons — — 3.7 No process VOC emissions

Scope 1 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions Metric tons 7,000 35,128 30,780

Scope 2 GHG emissions Metric tons 385,000 400,035* 375,472 Before subtraction for green electricity

Scope 2 net GHG emissions Metric tons 377,000 386,504* 313,837 After subtraction for green electricity

Scope 3 GHG emissions Metric tons — 93,382* 65,076 Global-business air travel only

GHG emissions intensity Metric tons/ 6.84 7.12* 6.65 Calculated from Scope 1 + Scope 2 total
million $ GHG emissions

Electricity (total) Million kilowatt- 622.4 638.2* 619.9

hours (kWh)

Green electricity Million kWh 12.9 22.8 122.7

Other energy use Million kWh — — 123.6 Includes heating, back-up generators and
small vehicle fleet

Process wastewater generated Cubic meters — — — No industrial wastewater from Dell’s own

Hazardous waste generated Metric tons — — — Not reported — very low or none

Nonhazardous waste generated Metric tons 84,372 90,655 100,159 Manufacturing and fulfillment facilities

Waste recycling and reuse rate 94.4% 95.1% 95.4% Manufacturing and fulfillment facilities

Water Cubic meters 904 1,347 1,683 Manufacturing and selected

(1000s) administrative locations

Number of sites reporting water use 27 32 64

Recordable injury/illness rate Cases per 100 0.63** 0.47** 0.41 Calendar years 2006, 2007, 2008

DART*** rate Cases per 100 0.31 0.29 0.36 Calendar years 2006, 2007, 2008

Recycling Worldwide recovery Million kg 53.4 58.0 61.3 Includes product takeback

Audits of Tier 1 environmental partners 33 39 34 Worldwide Tier 1 reuse and

recycle vendors

Free Dell-branded Takeback Program Countries/ 57 71 72

expansion territories

Dell Giving In-kind, cash and grants, including Dell Direct Millions NA $16.2 $24.54 Includes Dell Company, Dell
Giving match Foundation, Dell YouthConnect

Employee in-kind volunteer hours Millions NA $1.9 $2.5 Estimated value of paid employee
volunteer hours

Employee Direct Giving pledges Millions $7.2 $8.3 $8.5

Percent of pre-tax profit Millions NA NA .74%

Employee Employees volunteering more than approx. approx.

Volunteerism 34,000 30,000 28,000

Percent of employees volunteering 35% 35% 36%

*Restated to adjust for more accurate data

**The FY07 and FY08 recordable case rates are corrections to the data reported last year. Read more at
***Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (due to workplace injury/illness). The DART rate is a
more comprehensive metric that replaces the lost workday case rate shown in previous reports.

8 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Corporate Responsibility Overview

Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2009

Focus Commitment Delivery Moving Forward
Product Design for Energy Efficiency Design for Energy Efficiency Design for Energy Efficiency
and Packaging • Grow portfolio of energy-efficient • Offered 14 ENERGY STAR desktop • The ENERGY STAR standard for
Solutions products and services configurations computer servers was delayed to
• Reduce GHG emissions from Dell • Offered 14 ENERGY STAR notebook systems, May 15, 2009; Dell anticipates posting
products by 25 million tons through including four mobile workstations and one servers in 2009
improved product performance and consumer system • Provide additional ENERGY STAR
systems preconfigured with Energy Smart configurations in Dell Inspiron and
• Added six Dell Inspiron and four Studio
operational settings Studio, as well as maintain ENERGY
ENERGY STAR configurations
STAR configurations across all business
• Offered five ENERGY STAR workstation
clients in FY10 (ENERGY STAR stan-
dard upgrades to 5.0 in July 2009)
• Offered 32 high-efficiency power supply
units (PSUs) certified as 80 PLUS, including
three Bronze-designated PSUs, nine Silver
and two Gold; in addition, added 23 server
power supplies (one Bronze, 12 Silver and
10 Gold)
• Added 41 monitors and offered a total of 89
ENERGY STAR monitors, 12 multi-function
devices and 14 ENERGY STAR printers

Chemicals Management Chemicals Management Chemicals Management

• Transition to mercury-free notebooks • Met lead and BFR reduction goals for FY09 • Continue tracking lead- and BFR-
• Eliminate all remaining uses of brominated • Effective December 15, 2008, two-thirds reduction goal achievement
flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl of Dell Latitude and E-family laptops were • Deliver all Dell-branded notebooks with
chloride (PVC), including TBBP-A in circuit shipped with mercury-free light-emitting mercury-free LED as a standard backlit
boards, as acceptable alternatives are diode (LED) back light display by 2010
identified that will not compromise prod- • Removed target date of FY09 for elimina- • Identify opportunities to expand BFR
uct performance and will lower product tion of BFRs and PVC, as there are limited and PVC reductions
health and environmental impact BFR- and PVC-free solutions that have been
qualified for high-volume applications across
Dell products, in particular the components
and cables that are the basic building blocks
for Information Technology (IT) equipment

Packaging Packaging Packaging

• Reduce product packaging and • Introduced air-filled cushion (EMEA), • Continue to investigate
shipping materials by 20 million pounds molded paper-pulp cushion, and recycled environmentally preferable
for desktops and by 10 million pounds for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) thermo- alternative packaging materials
notebooks by 2012 formed cushion materials in our packaging
• Commit to 3C strategy for notebooks and • Achieved 9.5-million-pound reduction in
desktops by the end of 2012: product packaging
— Cube: Reduce package size by 10%
— Curb: Achieve 75% curbside
recyclability of packaging
— Content: Increase sustainable content
in cushioning and corrugated
packaging by 40%

Sustainable Climate Leadership Climate Leadership Climate Leadership

Operations • Fulfill operational carbon-neutral • Increased green electricity purchases in Dell • Continue making energy efficiency
commitment in 2008 operations to 19.8% improvements to equipment and
• Reduce operational carbon intensity 15% • Engaged external auditors to review GHG
by 2012, based on 2007 levels emissions calculations • Continue to offset remaining emissions
to be operationally carbon neutral
• Further reduce worldwide facilities’ GHG • Completed 88 projects to reduce or avoid
emissions 40% by 2015 4,300 tons of annualized GHG emissions • Further increase green electricity

Learn more at
Corporate Responsibility Overview

Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2009 (continued)

Environment (continued)
Focus Commitment Delivery Moving Forward
Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Transportation and Logistics Transportation and Logistics
Operations • Sustain GHG emission reductions • Continued to use SmartWay-certified partners and • Continue to optimize our
(continued) through SmartWay Transport other partners to provide timely and damage-free inbound and outbound
Partnership carriers deliveries transportation networks, such as
shipping lanes, that are focused
on using the most efficient
modes of air, land and ocean

Manufacturing and Operations Manufacturing and Operations Manufacturing and Operations

• Recycle or reuse 99% of waste from • Recycled and reused 95.4% of nonhazardous waste • Continue to make environmental
manufacturing operations by 2012 from manufacturing operations improvements to our facilities
• Improve building Leadership in • Completed 88 projects to save 17 million kWh of
Energy and Environmental Design annualized electricity use
(LEED) scores by 2012

Forest Stewardship Forest Stewardship Forest Stewardship

• Achieve 20% post-consumer waste • Achieved an average of 45% PCW in catalogs • Migrate direct mail and insert
(PCW) for paper used in our U.S. • Achieved an average of 30% PCW for copy paper in pieces to higher recycled-
catalogs the U.S.; in January 2008 began using 100% PCW copy content paper sources
• Maintain current minimum average paper at all Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee,
of 28% PCW for copy paper used in campuses
U.S. operations

Recycling • Promote and drive producer- • In the U.S., worked with governments in 11 states to • Measure global, free and
responsibility legislation pass producer-responsibility-based consumer reuse convenient takeback programs
• Recover 125 million kg of discarded and recycling legislation; expanded our takeback • Advocate for producer-
product by FY10 through asset portfolio by launching a trade-in/exchange program responsibility legislation
recovery programs • Exceeded 125 million kg takeback commitment • Publish electonics disposition
• Publish electronics disposition • Engaged partners, stakeholders and customers in standard in Q4 FY09 and revise
standard by Q4 FY09 electronics disposition standard development in Q2 FY10
• Leverage existing and envision new
proactive programs worldwide

Engagement • Promote ReGeneration to customers • Launched new ReGeneration Web site • Engage in thousands of
conversations with customers

Services and • Develop new services, solutions and • Launched Greenprint Advisor and Virtualization • Continue developing portfolio of
Solutions tools to help customers increase the Services new services and solutions
efficiency of their data centers

Corporate Accountability
Focus Commitment Delivery Moving Forward
Governance and • Appropriately encourage and hold • Embedded accountability language into the • Continue using internal policies
Compliance employees, managers and leaders Performance Direct welcome page and protocols to educate and
accountable for ethics and • Attained 100% completion rate in Ethics and inspire employees
compliance performance Compliance education (annual training) • Create leadership council
• Ensure that employees understand
ethics and compliance expectations
• Strive to meet ethics and
compliance program effectiveness
standard of the U.S. Federal
Sentencing Guidelines and align
with our business strategies

Learn more at

10 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Corporate Responsibility Overview

Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2009 (continued)

Corporate Accountability (continued)
Focus Commitment Delivery Moving Forward
Suppliers • Increase supplier engagement in • Partnered in third-party-facilitated case • Mentor projects with key suppliers in sub-tier
supplier environmental responsibility study with key supplier to focus on their management, wastewater management, and
• Increase supplier audits internal supplier environmental responsibility health and safety
(SER) system • Continue to build our audit program with
• Build supplier capability
• Hired additional SER staff in China for additional focus on sub-tier suppliers
• Sustain diverse spend and mentor
supplier audits/follow-ups and to build • Partner with suppliers to build management
supplier capability systems to address findings
• Increase supplier transparency
• Completed 31 Dell SER audits in China and 15 • Continue participation in EICC shared audits
shared audits with EICC
• Increase sharing of best practices between
• Conducted workshops for suppliers in labor, suppliers and Dell
environment, and health and safety
• Build focus on environment
• Achieved Billion Dollar Roundtable status
with more than $1 billion spend with diverse • Continue to maximize opportunities for and
suppliers mentor diverse suppliers

• Disclosed names of top suppliers in this • Encourage Tier 1 suppliers to publish a

report; conducted Tier 1 case study on CR corporate responsibility report in FY10
management systems

Stakeholder • Conduct ongoing stakeholder • Conducted one international and one • Participate in stakeholder working groups
Engagement engagements and incorporate domestic stakeholder engagement and two and roundtables on material issues globally
feedback into business socially responsible investor calls • Complete multi-part environmental strategy
• Obtain external verification of report • Expanded content on stakeholder session
no later than FY12

Social Responsibility
Focus Commitment Delivery Moving Forward
Employee • Achieve 36% employee participation • Attained 36% employee participation in 27 • Continue to engage employees year-round in
Engagement during Global Community Involvement countries in volunteer events community involvement efforts
Month • Conducted annual Tell Dell survey and • Continue to develop and refine employee
• Gather employee feedback through achieved 85% employee participation feedback mechanisms, taking action on
Tell Dell • Attained $8.5 million in pledges, with Dell feedback
• Pledge $8 million in Direct Giving matching $7.8 million in Direct Giving • Sustain Direct Giving program and consider
Campaign expanding to one international region

Diversity and • Create a Global Diversity Council • Selected Michael Dell as chair and appointed • Hold regular Global Diversity Council meet-
Inclusion • Promote a diverse and inclusive work- seven key executives to serve on Global ings, develop strategy and accountability
place through retention, recruitment Diversity Council goals, and share that information with
and development efforts • Coordinated numerous cultural awareness employees and business partners

• Expand use and awareness of flexible and employee networking group activities; • Sustain previous year’s activities and expand
work solutions launched Taking the Stage; attained place on internal awareness and marketplace activities
Working Mother 100 Best Companies list • Increase participation to 25% of employees in
• Launched first flexible work solutions survey second annual flexible work solutions survey

Social Issues • Support HIV and AIDS prevention and • Continued as a proud (PRODUCT)RED TM • Sustain (PRODUCT)RED partnership
treatment in Africa partner; signed Global Business Coalition

Positive Work • Work with socially responsible entities • Expanded nondiscrimination policy to • Participate as member of EICC Extractives
Environments that comply with all applicable laws include gender identity, pregnancy and Work Group
and regulations in the locations where HIV status
they do business • Improved working conditions at suppliers
through audit process

Corporate • Attain charitable-giving aspirational • Launched Dell YouthConnect in India, Brazil • Expand Dell YouthConnect to Morocco, the
Giving goal of 1-percent of pre-tax profits and Mexico United Kingdom, France, South Africa and
by FY12 • Provided $2.5 million in Dell Foundation China
• Define a global giving structure Equipping Youth grants and awarded 83 • Increase giving as a percent of pre-tax profit
• Establish global giving governance organizations Equipping Youth grants • Measure and report impact of giving
totaling $2 million
• Implement global giving policy
• Established Global Giving Council with
representatives from every major Dell region
and Paul Bell, president, Public, as chair

Learn more at
Corporate Responsibility Overview

Goals for Fiscal Year 2010 and Beyond

Corporate responsibility is more than a business initiative. It’s a commitment to our
customers, employees and other stakeholders about how we choose to operate in a global
economy. Outlining our plans is an important part of our effort to inspire continuous
innovation in our work with products, people and the planet. Listed here are Dell’s goals
for fiscal year 2010 and beyond in the areas of corporate responsibility, environmental
responsibility, corporate accountability and social responsibility.

Corporate • Increase communications about corporate responsibility to customers, stakeholders

Responsibility and employees
• Add dynamic, online links to within the summary report for additional content

Environmental • Advance our strategy to become the greenest technology company on the planet through
Responsibility our Enviro 2.0 business platform
• Increase takeback volume worldwide totals to a cumulative one billion pounds of collected
• Reduce operational GHG emissions intensity by 15 percent by 2012, and commit to carbon-
neutral operations for five years
• Further reduce worldwide facilities’ GHG emissions by 40 percent by 2015
• Make laptop and desktop products 25 percent more energy efficient by calendar year 2010
• Produce mercury-free laptops by 2010
• Continue expansion of far-reaching collection networks
• Eliminate 20 million pounds of packaging by 2012
• Sustain stakeholder engagements
• Increase employee engagement by seeking commitment to living green
• Recycle or reuse 99 percent of manufacturing nonhazardous wastes by 2012
• Strive for zero waste in operations (reduce, reuse, recycle)

Corporate • Complete 45 Dell audits at Tier 1 vendors for compliance verification

Accountability • Engage 35 suppliers in eLearning training to build supplier capability
• Update the Dell Code of Conduct through innovative employee input
• Increase EICC and Dell audits of our suppliers
• Sustain Billion Dollar Roundtable achievement through spend with diverse suppliers
• Enhance development of new and existing diverse suppliers
• Participate in EICC Extractives Work Group and Mineral Traceability Study
• Encourage all Tier 1 suppliers to publish a corporate responsibility report

Social • Enhance and expand Dell YouthConnect to impact more students, particularly in Morocco, the
Responsibility United Kingdom, France, South Africa and China
• Maintain Human Rights Campaign perfect score for sixth year
• Increase retention of women globally and African-Americans and Hispanics in the U.S.
• Double Employee Networking Group participation rate
• Promote strong, visible leadership commitment and accountability for diversity through Michael
Dell’s engagement with employees
• Measure flexible work solutions progress with second annual survey, increasing participation to
25 percent
• Maintain status on Working Mother 100 Best Companies list
• Launch new employee value proposition to drive employee engagement
• Increase executive-level participation in diversity efforts
• Sustain commitment to HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment
• Increase employee volunteerism from 36 to 50 percent of employee population
• Aspire to achieve a 1-percent of pre-tax profits charitable-giving goal

For more information, see

Visit page 12A for information on our progress toward these goals.

12 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Progress to Goals: March 2010 Update

Corporate Responsibility
Goals Status
Increase communications about corporate responsibility to customers, In progress
stakeholders and employees Adds new content to on a regular basis
Examples include US Chamber of Commerce perspective and recogni-
tion of Working Mother list.
Add dynamic, online links to within the summary report for Completed
additional content Inspire & Innovate: FY09 Achievements in Corporate Responsibility
online report features dynamic links

Goals Status
Advance strategy to become the greenest technology company on In progress
the planet through our Enviro 2.0 business platform Enviro 2.0 business platform underway with engagement and spon-
sorship from the Sustainability Council
Increase takeback volume totals to a worldwide cumulative of one In progress
billion pounds of collected equipment Highlights include the expansion of the Goodwill Reconnect program
Reduce operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity by 15 In progress
percent by 2012, and commit to carbon-neutral operations for five
Further reduce worldwide facilities’ GHG emissions by 40 percent by In progress
2015 Coordinating internal projects such as installation of solar panels in a
Round Rock parking facility
Make laptop and desktop products 25 percent more energy-efficient In progress
by calendar year 2010
Produce mercury-free laptops by 2010 In progress
Effective December 15, 2008, two-thirds of Dell Latitude and E-family
laptops were shipped with mercury-free light-emitting diode (LED)
back light
Eliminate 20 million pounds of packaging by 2012 In progress
Dell working toward goal through strategies such as slip sheets server
Multipack and 1U server pack reuse
Achieve 75 percent curbside recyclability of packaging components In progress

Increase sustainable content in cushioning and corrugated packaging In progress

by 40 percent
Participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project Completed
Participate in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Completed
Sustain stakeholder engagements Completed
Hosted three stakeholder engagements to review the CR report
Increase employee engagement by seeking commitment to living In progress
green In celebration of World Environment Day asked employees to pledge
Recycle or reuse 99 percent of nonhazardous manufacturing wastes In progress
by 2012
Eliminate all remaining uses of BFRs and PVC by 2009, including Goal reset to all newly introduced products will be BFR- and PVC-free
TBBP-A in circuit by 2011
In line with our Chemical Use Policy and the Precautionary Principle
and with consideration for Chemicals for Priority Action identified
by the Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of
the Northeast Atlantic (OSPAR), our goal is to eliminate the use of all
brominated flame retardant (BFR) chemicals and polyvinyl chloride
(PVC) plastics in our products worldwide.
Dell Inc. pledges to reduce global GHG emissions by 15 percent per In progress
dollar revenue from 2007 to 2012, and to achieve net zero global GHG
emissions by 2008 and maintain that level through 2012.
Reduce GHG emissions from Dell operations and products by 25 mil- In progress
lion tons through improved product performance and preconfigured
systems with Energy Smart operational settings
Implement server-managed power management for customers world- In progress
wide to avoid 40,000 tons of CO2 emissions between FY08 and FY12
Double the number of Bronze power supply units (PSUs) available to In progress

12 A
Progress to Goals: March 2010 Update (Continued)

Corporate Accountability
Goals Status
Complete 45 Dell audits at Tier One vendors for compliance verifica- In progress
Engage 35 suppliers on e-Learning training to build supplier capability In progress

Update the Dell Code of Conduct through innovative employee input In progress
After significant employee feedback through EmployeeStorm, focus
groups and individual feedback, new Code of Conduct to be released
in early 2010
Increase Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) and Dell audits In progress
of our suppliers

Sustain Billion Dollar Roundtable achievement through spending with In progress

diverse suppliers Trend line for diverse supplier spending on track
Enhance development of new and existing diverse suppliers In progress
Participation in key industry events help to recruit new diverse sup-
Achieved #1 rating from
Participate in EICC Extractives working group and Mineral Traceability Completed
Study Participated in all EICC activities
Encourage all Tier One suppliers to publish a corporate responsibility In progress

Social Responsibility
Goals Status
Enhance and expand Dell YouthConnect to impact more stu- Completed
dents, particularly in Morocco, United Kingdom, France, South Launched Dell YouthConnect programs in Morocco, United Kingdom,
Africa and China France, South Africa and China by January 2010 serving more than
340,000 youth
Maintain Human Rights Campaign perfect score for the sixth year Completed
Achieved perfect score
Increase retention of women globally and African-Americans and In progress
Hispanics in the U.S.

Double Employee Networking Group participation rate In progress

Measure flexible work solutions progress with second annual survey, Completed
increasing participation to 25 percent Achieved 28 percent participation in survey with an 11 percent in-
crease in program work-life awareness
Maintain status on Working Mother 100 Best Companies Completed
Achieved inclusion list
Launch new employee value proposition to drive employee engage- In progress
ment Launch of Dell’s new branding and stakeholder initiatives in January
Increase executive-level participation in diversity efforts In progress
Michael Dell hosted a town hall with more than 300 employee re-
source group members to discuss diversity and inclusion. Executive
panel on flexibility featuring chief financial officer (CFO) Brian Glad-
den was a global webcast with 220 participants
Sustain commitment to HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment In progress
Sustained membership in Global Business Coalition and inclusion of
Product Red
Increase employee volunteerism from 36 percent to 50 percent of Achieved 42 percent global employee volunteerism
employee population
Aspire to achieve a one percent pretax charitable giving goal Completed

Corporate Responsibility Overview

Communicating Our Progress to Customers,

Employees and Other Stakeholders

Dell is committed to ensuring that pertinent Materiality and Verification

information about its progress on corporate
How do we determine what content is
responsibility matters is publicly available.
presented in the summary report and what
This year, we’re enhancing our strategy
content is presented on This
for how we communicate our progress.
report is intended to cover the corporate
We’re redefining what is published in our
responsibility issues that we believe are most
report, expanding content on
material to Dell, highlight our achievements,
and designating an area on for
share our challenges and outline our key
corporate responsibility reporting.
performance indicators. The report isn’t
intended to tell the entire story of each
Making the Source topic, but rather to provide a high-level
for Content overview.
We believe that is the simplest
For detailed information, see
and most accessible way for anyone to find
information about Dell. Moving forward, will become our primary source for In addition to performing our own internal
delivering corporate responsibility content. peer-review audits, we targeted key portions
Printing a summary report allows us to of the report for third-party verification and
reduce operating expenses, while online validation. We used well-respected industry
delivery opens new avenues for interaction auditors for the following topics:
with our stakeholders and allows for
 global recycling and end-of-life
dynamic, real-time changes and additional
 supply-chain global citizenship

Emerging Issues  GHG emissions estimates and

Emerging issues, like all business issues,
move through a business-opportunities  Electronic Product Environmental
life cycle that has six phases: awareness, Assessment Tool (EPEAT)
learning and observing, emerging, executing,
For more information, see
sustaining and resolving. Dell addresses
issues in all phases of this life cycle — each
with a different focus, resource allocation
and priority. We will keep stakeholders
informed about emerging issues on

For an update, see
Environmental Responsibility



June 2009 marked the second anniversary of CEO Michael Dell’s

announcement that Dell aspires to be the greenest technology
company on the planet. In the past year, we’ve made great strides.
We’ve dared to inspire by engaging with others and sharing what
we’ve learned. We’ve strived to innovate by improving the
efficiency and design of our products.

Possibly our greatest innovation is in our leadership. We realized

that a top-down management strategy wouldn’t fulfill Michael’s
goal; nor would it propel his vision into the everyday workings of
our business. Now each Dell business group owns the charge to
go beyond just implementing the “greenest” goal — they must
define in detail what “greenest” means.

14 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Environmental Responsibility

Our Sustainability Plan shrinking their own operational footprint to

making their data centers and technology
Ownership of the “greenest” goal by our Dell
more energy efficient. Dell believes that one
business groups represents an important
of the new competitive standards is being
paradigm shift in addressing our goal of
green and responding to the requests of our
being the greenest technology company.
customers. In addition, the next generation
We call this initiative Enviro 2.0 — the
of chief information officers, consumers,
2.0 indicates that we are building on our
employees and regulators are acutely
efforts since Michael’s initial announcement. Dell has been
aware of the environmental impact and
After more than a year of internal vetting
consequences of not protecting our recognized by the
and development, and then another four
planet. In short, we are focused on our U.S. Environmental
months of validation with our customers and
Enviro 2.0 strategy because we know Protection Agency
environmental stakeholders, we’ve identified
it makes a difference to our employees, (EPA) for its
six focus areas for our Enviro 2.0 framework:
customers and other stakeholders.
leadership in green
 Climate Leadership
Because we believe that the following power. In the July
 Sustainable Operations
elements are essential for a good 2008 EPA Fortune
 Product and Packaging Solutions sustainability plan, we are incorporating 500 Green Power
 Global Recycling them into our Enviro 2.0 framework:
Challenge rankings,
 Engagement and Empowerment  engaging with stakeholders we improved our

 Services and Solutions  prioritizing issues position to No. 3

 developing internal partners to from No. 12.

The Business Case for implement programs
Going Green
 combining our efforts into a
Why are we focused on building an sustainable brand
Enviro 2.0 strategy and engaging with our
 creating an aspirational goal to inspire
business partners to bring that strategy to
and guide others’ work
life? We simply believe it’s good business.
 reporting true and verifiable data
Investing in efficiencies and renewable
 helping customers understand the
energy is great for business from an
complexity of sustainability and
operational perspective. By optimizing
attempting to clarify the confusion
consumption of energy, we can reduce
around labels
costs and shrink our carbon footprint. Plus,
we can help our customers do the same. To learn more about Dell’s commitment
Dell is seeing an increase in customers who to environmental responsibility, visit
pay attention to green issues, ranging from

Our consumers can access far-reaching

collection networks that are
among the best in the world.
Environmental Responsibility

Dell’s Leadership in Addressing Climate Change

Extends Beyond Direct Operations


Dell’s impact on the environment stems from its supply chain, products and operations.

We believe that responsibly reducing our carbon impact depends on empowering our customers
and encouraging the supply chain to reduce overall electricity consumption. Our focus is on
these three key areas:

Product Efficient, Carbon- Supply Chain

Energy Efficiency Neutral Operations Accountability

Demonstrate operational Raise supplier Quarterly

Provide IT as a solution
accountability Business Review requirements

Customer benefits: Dell commitments: Supplier expectations:

• Maximize product performance • Reduce the energy use and GHG • Report emissions via
per watt emissions from our operations standardized registries
• Facilitate efficient deployment (buildings and on-site activities) • Set goals for GHG improvement
• Provide decision tools and • Maximize green power purchases • Set sub-tier requirements to
technical support • Responsibly offset the remaining manage and report GHG
GHG emissions from our emissions
operations and business air travel

Figure 1: Dell’s Key Focus Areas for Addressing Climate Change

Figure 2: GHG Emissions Intensity Figure 3: GHG Emissions

*We calculate our corporate-wide emissions using the GHG Protocol and the Climate Leaders GHG Inventory Guidance.

Scope 1 refers to the direct GHG emissions associated with Dell’s buildings and activities, such as from heating, cooling and use of
company vehicles. Scope 2 refers to indirect GHG emissions created during the production of the electricity that Dell purchases for its
buildings and on-site activities. Scope 3 refers to all other indirect GHG emissions, such as emissions created by suppliers, service
providers and customers.

16 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Environmental Responsibility

Addressing Climate Leadership by Reducing

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In 2007, the United Nations Intergovern- Figures 2 and 3 on page 16 show our Scope
mental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions for fiscal years
asserted in its fourth assessment report that 2007-2009.
“… continued greenhouse gas emissions at
During fiscal year 2009, Dell focused on
or above current rates would cause further
the following initiatives to address climate
warming and induce many changes in
change leadership:
the global climate system during the 21st
Since 2004, our
century.” IPCC concluded: “… developed  energy efficiency in Dell operations
countries, as a group, would need to reduce U.S. investment in
 green-power purchases
their emissions 10 to 40 percent below 1990 green power and
levels by 2020 and 40 to 95 percent below  responsible offsets
renewable energy
1990 levels by 2050, even if developing For more information, see certificates —
countries make substantial reductions.”
including solar,
wind and gas-
Our Goal Success and Next Steps
energy conversion
We support the scientific consensus We met our goal to fulfill our operational — has grown from
on climate change — as evident in our carbon-neutral commitment in 2008. For
12 million kWh to
commitment and actions. We support 2009 and beyond, we intend to continue to
more than 112
reducing emissions to levels guided by improve energy efficiency in our operations
science and are actively focusing on energy and to purchase more green power, helping million kWh.
efficiency and transitioning to cleaner us to attain our 2015 absolute reduction
and renewable forms of electricity in our and intensity improvement goals. We’re also
operations, as shown in Figure 1 on page 16. evaluating options for on-site generation of
low-carbon power. We aspire to obtain 100
We’ve pledged to reduce our own
percent of our operational electricity needs
operational emissions, maximize green-
from clean and renewable sources of energy.
power purchases from utilities that serve
our facilities and responsibly offset the We can have an even greater impact on
remainder — that is, to be operationally GHG-emissions reduction by looking outside
carbon neutral. In 2007, we announced our own operations to those of our suppliers,
a goal to further increase operational customers and communities. We require our
efficiency by reducing global GHG emissions primary suppliers to measure and publicly
by 15 percent per dollar of revenue (a report their GHG emissions, and we ask
carbon-intensity measurement) from 2007 them to set improvement goals of their own
to 2012 and to become carbon neutral and set expectations for their suppliers.
in our owned and leased manufacturing Our product-efficiency improvements
and facilities operations worldwide. We help to reduce the electricity used by our
recently expanded our goal, committing to customers. We also work with our customers
further reduce our global operational GHG to make their data centers more efficient.
emissions 40 percent by 2015.
For more information, see
Environmental Responsibility

Creating Sustainable Operations

Managing our own operations in a certification in manufacturing operations

sustainable way is a core component of our worldwide. Our global product
aspirational goal to become the greenest development and recycling/takeback
technology company on the planet. programs also are certified to ISO 14001.

We strive to use water, energy and forest  Safety: We’re proud of our site-safety
products responsibly wherever we do record. Dell continues to maintain
In April 2008, Dell business, and we aspire to meet a target workplace safety and occupational
began powering its of zero waste. We also continue to focus health levels that are better than
on forest stewardship by streamlining our industry averages.
global headquar-
ters in Round Rock, packaging and reducing our paper use.  Greener building: We continue our
Texas, with 100- progress toward greening our buildings
Major components of our commitment
and operations following LEED guidance.
percent green include:
During fiscal year 2009, we initiated or
 Green electricity: We continue to completed 88 improvement projects,
increase the percentage of green with a projected annualized savings of 17
As part of our
electricity purchased for our facilities. million kWh.
commitment to
become carbon  Responsible resource use: The energy  Regulatory compliance: Dell facilities
conservation program within Dell are periodically subject to routine
neutral, the 2.1-
operations has the added benefit of regulatory inspections, such as
reducing our carbon footprint. those for environmental compliance.
campus receives Inspections may result in minor findings
 Waste recycling or reuse: In fiscal year
40 percent of its or improvement notices; these issues
2008, we committed to recycle or reuse
power from Austin are typically corrected immediately and
99 percent of nonhazardous waste from
Community Land- do not require further investigation or
our own manufacturing operations by
fill’s gas-to-energy inspection. In fiscal year 2009, Dell paid
2012. In fiscal year 2009, we improved
a fine (approximately $5,400) related
plant. The facility’s our recycle rate to 95.4 percent.
to safety and human resource issues
remaining power  Forest protection: Our two-pronged originally disclosed in the fiscal year
needs are met by approach reduces the use of virgin tree 2007 report.
existing wind farms. fiber and increases the use of forest-
friendly paper. For environmental metrics related to Dell
operations, see “Dell by the Numbers” on
 Logistics: In fiscal year 2009, Dell
page 8.
partnered with the best logistics and
transportation providers, who are For more information on our forest
focused on providing our customers stewardship, see
with timely and damage-free deliveries
For more information on our
and who also operate their businesses transportation and logistics, see
within the principles of environmental
For a detailed overview, see
 Environmental management systems:
Dell maintains ISO 14001:2004

18 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Environmental Responsibility

Developing New Product and Packaging Solutions

We recognize our opportunity to support OptiPlex 960

our customers’ environmental goals, too. The OptiPlex 960 desktop system combines
We can help them use energy responsibly our highest-efficiency desktop power-supply
through our innovative products and technology and power management. And
services, and save them money in each one is made with 10-percent post-
the process. consumer recycled content in chassis plastic
(equivalent to three bottles). All Dell Latitude,
Green and Energy-Efficient
OptiPlex and
Product Development LED Laptop Displays
Precision systems,
We set a goal in 2008 to make our laptop We have committed to transition to as well as all
and desktop systems 25 percent more LED technology by 2010. Dell’s 15-inch
displays, printers
energy efficient by calendar year 2010. To LED display consumes an average of 43
achieve our goal, we’re taking an innovative and projectors,
percent less power at maximum brightness
“green by design” approach for all of our compared to cold cathode fluorescent have power
products, using the most energy-efficient lamp (CCFL) technology, resulting in management
components, integrating ENERGY STAR and extraordinary cost and carbon savings. enabled in the
Energy Smart, and meeting or exceeding The company estimates customer savings factory. Factory-
energy and environmental standards. of approximately $20 million and 220 enabled power
The bottom line? Our products can be million kWh in 2010 and 2011 combined —
management also
a difference-maker for our customers’ equivalent to the annual carbon dioxide
environmental goals and their bottom lines is available for
emissions from the energy use of more than
(see Figure 4). 10,000 homes. some Vostro
products and
Dell subscribes to the EPEAT registry, which For information about our EPEAT, Energy
is a system to help purchasers evaluate, Smart and ENERGY STAR products, see Inspiron and
compare and select electronic products
based on their environmental attributes. Studio systems.
For more information on how we help
Here are two examples of our energy- our customers save energy, visit
efficient products.

OptiPlex (Desktop) Latitude (Laptop)

GX620 Legacy- 755 1st 960 2nd D620 Legacy- D630 1st E6400 2nd
Base Model Generation Generation Base Model Generation Generation
Annual Energy Used 276.83 kWh 140.44 kWh 79.13 kWh 85.38 kWh 67.58 kWh 55.21 kWh
Annual Energy Cost* $27.67 $14.03 $7.91 $8.53 $6.75 $5.51
Annual Energy Savings - 136.39 kWh 197.7 kWh - 17.80 kWh 30.17 kWh
Annual Energy Cost Savings - $13.64 $19.76 - $1.78 $3.02
Annual Percentage Savings - 49% 71.42% - 20.85% 35.34%
Estimated CO2 Emissions Avoided - 0.09 Tons 0.13 Tons - 0.01 Tons 0.02 Tons
Auto Travel Avoided** - 224.23 Miles 325.02 Miles - 29.26 Miles 49.59 Miles

*Calculations based on current electricity cost (assumed to be $0.10/kWh) for an 8-hour workday for systems with similar configurations. (The Dell Client Energy
Savings Calculator Methodology Paper can be found at:
**The energy savings indicated translates to the number of miles saved when not using your vehicle.

Figure 4: Typical Energy Consumption Improvement for Dell OptiPlex and Latitude Products
Environmental Responsibility

Responsible Actions for  polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs)

Greener Products and polybrominated diphenyl ethers
(PBDEs), including Deca-BDE, for all
Dell believes that if reasonable scientific
grounds indicate that a substance, or
group of substances, could pose significant  all other BFRs (including
environmental or human health risks, then tetrabromobisphenol-A and
the substance is considered a substance hexabromocyclododecane) in
of concern. mechanical plastic parts for desktop,
laptop and server products as well as
Dell has adopted precautionary principles, TCO-certified displays and Blue Angel-
and we strive to eliminate substances of certified printers
concern in our products by:
 PVC in mechanical plastic parts and
 maintaining a banned and restricted product packaging
substance program
In 2008, we removed our 2009 BFR- and
 choosing designs and materials that
PVC-elimination deadline because of the
avoid the use of substances of concern
lack of viable, high-volume BFR- and PVC-
 contractually limiting supplier use of free alternatives within the global supply
these substances chain. Dell and industry partners are actively
 substituting viable alternative working to help the supply chain develop
substances the capability and capacity to use viable
BFR- and PVC-free alternative materials.

Materials Leadership In 2008, Dell introduced several mainstream

Dell has implemented robust compliance- products featuring halogen-free laminates
assurance processes to ensure that its entire and chassis plastics, including Dell
supply chain adheres to Dell’s precautionary UltraSharp 2009W, SP2009W, E2009W,
chemical-use policies. E2209W, SP2309W and 1909W monitors,
Dell’s Studio Hybrid desktop and the Dell
Elimination of Brominated Flame Latitude E4200 laptop. (The Latitude E4200
Retardants and Polyvinyl Chloride system fan housing and impeller also are
We currently avoid the use of brominated constructed using halogen-free plastics.)
flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl
In January 2009, Dell announced the G2210
chloride (PVC) by using plastics that can
and G2410 LED monitors that are free of
be flame retardant with nonhalogenated
PVC, BFRs, chlorinated flame retardants
compounds and by using design strategies
(CFRs), arsenic and mercury. (PVC-/BFR-/
that reduce the need to use flame-retardant
CFR-free cables are available only in North
plastics. If alternatives are not yet viable,
America, Japan and EMEA, excluding Israel.)
Dell works with its industry partners to
promote new industry standards and the
Challenges in the Elimination of BFRs
development of reliable, environmentally
sound and economically scalable technical Today, limited BFR- and PVC-free solutions
solutions. have been qualified for all high-volume
applications across all IT products, in
Our current BFR and PVC restrictions particular the components and cables
include prohibiting the use of: that are the basic building blocks for IT

20 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Environmental Responsibility

equipment. Because these are standard Packaging Innovations

parts that are used across the IT industry,
Dell leads the industry in packaging
Dell has initiated projects in major trade
innovations — creating the cube, content
associations (such as the International
and curb metric (the “3 Cs”) to capture the
Electronics Manufacturing Initiative and the
benefits of smarter packaging. In December
High Density Packaging User Group) to help
2008, Dell committed to eliminate 20 million
develop viable solutions and enable supply
pounds of packaging by 2012 by shrinking
chain conversions.
packaging volume by 10 percent (cube),
For more information on our materials increasing to 40 percent the amount of
use, see recycled content in packaging (content),
and increasing to 75 percent the amount
Post-Consumer Recycled- of packaging material that is curbside
Content Plastic recyclable (curb).
Dell has launched multiple displays Packaging consists of the box and the
(E207WFP, E1909W, E1909WDD, E2209W, cushioning. We can help our customers
E2009W, G2210 and G2410) that contain by selecting the right packaging materials
25-percent post-consumer recycled and using less packaging. In our effort to
content in chassis plastic and one desktop accomplish the “3 Cs” goal, we’ve introduced
(OptiPlex 960) that features 10-percent new packaging, such as air cushions in
post-consumer recycled content in chassis Europe, and other cushioning material, such
plastic. In 2008, we shipped more than 1.1 as a thermal-form HDPE cushion.
million pounds of post-consumer recycled
plastic, equivalent to recycling more than We strive to provide new packaging
three million water bottles. This volume is materials that are curbside recyclable, are
projected to increase in 2009. designed for higher cube utilization and
incorporate recycled material.

For more information, see

Leading in Free and Convenient Global Recycling

We’re committed to the environmentally owner. We promote whole-unit reuse and,

responsible reuse and recycling of our when that’s not possible, the responsible
products when our customers are finished recovery of the resources in our equipment
with them. To facilitate this process, we’ve to keep them out of landfills. We set, met
established and continue to invest in and, in fiscal year 2009, exceeded our goal
far-reaching and well-utilized collection to recover 275 million pounds of materials
networks for used consumer equipment through our takeback programs. (See
throughout the world. Figures 5 and 6 on page 22.) Our global
product development and recycling/
The last step in a product’s life cycle is
takeback programs are certified to
when it will no longer be used by its current
ISO 14001.
Environmental Responsibility

Takeback — The Consumer Exchange Program

Solutions In the U.S., customers in the consumer
We designed our consumer recycling category who want to cash in on the
program to be free, easy, responsible remaining value in their systems can choose
and convenient. to exchange them. When we receive their
equipment, we send them a Dell card with
Because everyone has a different definition the amount they can put toward future Dell
of convenient, we’ve created a portfolio of purchases.
solutions for locations around the world.
Some of these programs are highlighted For more information, see

Consumer Recycling Challenge

Residential Collection
Dell is continuing its efforts to expand
If you have something with a Dell logo on it,
takeback on a global basis. However, Dell
even if you didn’t originally buy it or aren’t
believes that effective policy in emerging
buying anything new, we’ll take it back. In
economies must be led by prerequisite
most places where Dell does direct business,
conditions that include adequate
you can go to to
infrastructure and a recycling framework.
find instructions about how to get a product
Additional discussion with stakeholders
back to us. It’s all free — we pay the shipping
is needed.
and processing, and we make sure it’s
recycled properly.

Figure 5: Worldwide Recovery — by Region

Figure 6: Worldwide Recovery —

by Collecting Program

22 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Environmental Responsibility

Leading by Example Equipment must be tested and certified as

“working” prior to export.
We want to lead in product recovery, too.
In May 2009, Dell became the first major Dell supports current efforts by some
computer manufacturer to ban the export members of the U.S. Congress to place
of nonworking electronics to developing reasonable restrictions on the export
countries, as part of its global policy on of nonfunctional electronic products to
responsible electronics disposal. developing countries that lack sufficient
recycling and disposal infrastructure.
Dell’s electronics-disposition policy now
exceeds the requirements of the Basel By 2014, we want to take back one billion
Convention, which bans the export of certain pounds of material. Our innovative, free,
electronic waste based on its material or easy, responsible and convenient approach
chemical composition. By expanding the is about setting the highest standards
definition of electronic waste to include all in product recovery and responsible
nonworking parts or devices, irrespective disposition.
of material composition, Dell aims to help
For more information, see
prevent the unauthorized dumping of
electronic waste in developing countries.

Achieving Our Commitment Through

Engagement and Empowerment

We rely on the talents, dedication and ideas technology company, we need to engage The Dell Environ-
of our employees — from global Green in policy advocacy and help promote active mental Health and
Teams to individual volunteer efforts — as participation in industry solutions. Our policy Safety team in
we work toward achieving our commitment advocacy supports: Penang, Malaysia,
to become the greenest technology
 Recycling: promoting the principle that created a project
company on the planet.
producers of electronics should take to recycle the silica
back their own product to be recycled at desiccant gel that
Employee Engagement no charge for consumers
Dell uses to
Volunteering to work on green initiatives
 Materials use: monitoring proposed absorb moisture in
at work and in their communities, sharing
restrictions of materials contained in
ideas and best practices and participating our packages and
electronic devices to ensure, where
in carpooling and telework programs are manufacturing
possible, that such regulations are based
just a few of the ways our employees operations and
on sound science
share the responsibility for protecting our have it reused for
environment.  Energy efficiency: reducing the power
cat litter.
consumption of electronic devices in
standby and off modes
Policy Advocacy
For more information on engagement
Dell recognizes that as we pursue our
and empowerment, see
commitment to being the greenest
Environmental Responsibility


Dell and Goodwill are partners in taking back equipment. Dell values this business relationship and also is
proud of the additional benefits of helping to create jobs for individuals like Ray C.

Ray was a young chef in training at a restaurant in April 1985 when his spine was injured in a drive-by
shooting. The restaurant was willing to modify his work area to meet his needs, but his doctors told him
that it would be too dangerous. For years, he battled depression, unemployment, financial hardships and a
lack of education.

Ray was looking for a hand up, not a handout. In April 2008, he joined Goodwill’s ComputerWorks “Learn
While You Earn” program — a Dell Reconnect program for demanufacturing computers. He worked side
by side with experienced team members, gaining skills that ultimately led to him being selected to work
with customers as a cashier and sales-floor team member. Ray has gained a wealth of knowledge about
computer functions, processor speeds, modems and many other computer-related issues that
customers ask about as part of their buying process.

Ray says that working has raised his self-esteem and that he feels productive. He doesn’t have to worry
about how he is going to pay his bills or put food on the table. He knows that he can make it in this world.

Learn more about our partnership with Goodwill Industries at

24 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Environmental Responsibility

Industry Solutions mission is to expand policymakers’

understanding of the role of information
Dell participates in several organizations’ and communications technology (ICT)
efforts to address industry issues. in improving the energy efficiency of the
 Dell collaborates with iNEMI, an industry- broader economy.
led consortium of approximately 70  Dell is a founding member of the EPA’s
electronics manufacturers, suppliers and Low-Carbon IT program. We began
related organizations whose mission is to implementing and deploying power
identify and close technology gaps. management worldwide throughout
 Dell is also a member of the Digital Dell’s facilities last year.
Energy Solutions Campaign, whose

Enabling Progress Through Services and Solutions

To assist our customers with their own approach not only reduces the amount
environmental goals, we’ve created a series of equipment needed, but also decreases
of services and solutions that helps IT power consumption, cooling requirements
professionals assess their operations and and data-center square footage. Dell
identify ways to improve them. helps ensure that customers’ transition to
virtualization will be smooth and efficient
The following tools can be found at
by tailoring a solution that makes sense for
their budgets, staffs and businesses.
 energy-efficiency calculators
 Greenprint Advisor Energy-Smart Data-Center
Optimization Assessments
 data-center capacity planner
Dell helps customers achieve energy
Here we highlight virtualization and data- efficiency in existing facilities and newly
center optimization, two examples of Dell acquired data centers. We perform
Services. comprehensive assessments and develop
customized remediation plans to reduce
Virtualization Solutions energy use in heating, ventilating, and air
Organizations large and small are turning to conditioning (HVAC) and power-delivery
virtualization as a means of consolidating systems.
to fewer, higher-performing servers. This Learn more at
Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable Business Responsibility

Senior executive support for Dell’s quarterly to review sustainability-related
sustainability efforts is critical. The Director risks, opportunities and associated actions.
of Sustainable Business reports progress and Dell business owners who are working to
results to the Governance and Nominating address risks and opportunities are invited
Committee of the Board of Directors, to provide updates and to seek approval for
which adjusts and confirms the company’s resources and strategies.
sustainability strategy.
To learn more, see
Our Sustainability Council, consisting of

leaders from key business functions, meets

Environmental Responsibility: Challenges Ahead

While we are proud of our achievements,  global infrastructure for proper handling
we are aware of issues that we still need to of waste materials and end-of-life
review and analyze. These issues include: electronics

 minerals and extractives

 carbon-based labeling
 embedded carbon values

Continuing to Build Our Framework

So why does Dell aspire to be the greenest framework is the culmination of much effort,
technology company on the planet? listening and thought.
Because we think we can make a difference
As we build on and implement our
— for our customers, for ourselves and for
framework, we hope to inspire others
the planet.
with our efforts to reduce our greenhouse
Since Michael Dell’s initial announcement gas emissions, with our global recycling
of our vision to be the greenest technology solutions and through our engagement with
company, we’ve made progress. During the others. In addition, we’ve demonstrated
past year, we’ve engaged stakeholders in innovation in our products and packaging to
open and direct conversations to help us reduce energy consumption and the use and
define our strategy. Our Enviro 2.0 volume of unwanted materials.

Learn more about our Enviro 2.0

framework at

26 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Corporate Accountability



Dell customers from every corner of the world want and expect
great products and service. The expectation of greatness is truly
inspiring for us. We value the diversity of ideas within Dell and our
partnerships with diverse suppliers.

Our business thrives when we earn the trust and respect of our
customers through our actions and our innovations.

At Dell, the importance of people drives our priorities — from fair

and equal opportunity, to personal health, to each person’s financial
security. We have built ethics and integrity into our key corporate
growth initiatives, encouraging people to accept responsibility and
enabling them to take action.
We believe the secret of corporate accountability at Dell is the pride
that our people take in our company. For us, it’s more than simply
meeting compliance requirements and following the rules — it’s
creating a culture in which people can and want to act with integrity.
Corporate Accountability

Financial Year 2009 in Review

Our characteristic discipline others. SMB consists of sales of Percentage

in managing costs, generating complete IT solutions to small and of Total FY09
Business Segment Net Revenue
profitability and cash flow, and medium businesses. Consumer
Large Enterprise 30%
conducting business to best consists of sales to individual
Public 25%
manage our products and services consumers and retailers around
Small and Medium 24%
gives us a distinct advantage, the world. Business
especially during a difficult Consumer 21%
For more information, see
Figure 7: Percentage of Net Revenue
During the first quarter of fiscal We began managing and reporting by Reportable Business Segment
year 2010, we completed a on our new business segment
reorganization from our geographic structure in the first quarter of Percentage
commercial segments — Americas of Total FY09
fiscal year 2010 and, subsequently, Product Category Net Revenue
Commercial; Europe, Middle East revised our fiscal year 2009 Mobility 30%
and Africa (EMEA) Commercial; operating business segment results Desktop PCs 29%
and Asia Pacific-Japan (APJ) based on our new structure. Figure Software and 17%
Commercial — to global business 7 shows net revenue by business Peripherals
units — Large Enterprise, Public, segment for fiscal year 2009, and Servers and 11%
and Small and Medium Business Figure 8 shows net revenue by Networking
(SMB) — reflecting the impact of product category for the same year. Enhanced Services 9%
globalization on Dell’s customer Storage 4%
base. This realignment creates a We offer our worldwide customers
Figure 8: Percentage of Total Net
clear customer focus, allowing a comprehensive portfolio of
Revenue by Product and Services
us to serve customers with hardware and software products as Categories
faster innovation and greater well as services to store and protect
responsiveness. customer data. For more information about
our products and services,
Our four global business segments see
Political Disclosure and
are Large Enterprise, Public, More information about our
Accountability Policy
SMB, and our existing Consumer financial performance is
segment, which combined Dell’s political disclosure and available at
Dell’s EMEA and APJ consumer accountability policy addresses
businesses with the U.S. consumer employee and corporate political
business effective the first quarter activities.
of fiscal year 2009. Large Enterprise For information, see
includes sales of IT infrastructure
and service solutions to large global
To learn more about Dell’s
and national corporate customers.
commitment to corporate
Public includes sales to educational accountability, see
institutions, governments, health com/corporateaccountability.
care organizations and law
enforcement agencies, among

28 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Corporate Accountability

Redefining Our Priorities and Strengthening

Our Governance

For fiscal year 2009, with each part of Leadership as of February 2009
the global commercial business managed
Paul D. Bell, president, Public, leads this
regionally, Dell prioritized five growth
globally integrated organization with a
initiatives: laptops, enterprise technologies,
focus on answering urgent IT challenges
consumers, small and medium business, and
in government, education and health care.
emerging countries.
Previously, Paul served as senior vice
As announced in December 2008, we’re president and president of Dell Americas.
Paul D. Bell
now organizing around the strengths of
Stephen J. Felice, president, SMB, leads
those priorities with four customer-centered
the creation and delivery of SMB-specific
global businesses: Large Enterprise, Public,
solutions and technology to the more
SMB and Consumer. We‘ve already tried this
than 72 million small- and medium-sized
approach in the Consumer segment and
businesses globally. Previously, Steve was
found this newly evolved structure better
senior vice president and president, APJ.
meets customer and partner requirements
through direct relationships. The structure Ronald G. Garriques, president, Consumer,
also enables and encourages innovation leads the organization that has already
without ties to costly, complex legacy proved that an integrated business unit
Stephen J. Felice
technology. Now, we’ll apply the lessons can move with greater agility to unleash
learned in our Consumer business unit innovation to respond to the changing needs
to our commercial and public segments. of customers. Ron is responsible for Dell’s
The immediate and ongoing result of portfolio of consumer products, including
this relationship model is more direct desktops, laptops, software and peripherals,
accountability to and by employees, our including product design and sales. Prior to
supply chain and customers. joining Dell, he served in various leadership
roles at Motorola.
These four business units are more than
just a new corporate structure. They will Stephen F. Schuckenbrock, president, Large
help us respond to the feedback flowing Enterprise, leads the delivery of innovative Ronald G. Garriques
from Tell Dell employee surveys and and globally consistent Dell solutions and
from the meetings our leaders conduct services to the world’s largest corporate
around the world. Customers will get a IT users. Previously, Steve was senior vice
more unified global account management president, Global Services, and Dell’s chief
team. The streamlined, more responsive information officer.
organizations facilitate a culture of corporate
More information is available at
accountability and focus our strengths on
growing a profitable business.

Stephen F.
Corporate Accountability

The Value of the Stakeholder Voice

We make it a priority to engage with Sometimes we agree, and sometimes we

a range of our stakeholders on their disagree, but this discussion always results
corporate responsibility initiatives. From in an increased understanding on both sides.
our formal sustainability group with Ceres, We value this process and the stakeholders
to our involvement with Business for Social who give their time to work with us.
Responsibility, to our connection with
Ideal stakeholders are those who are
socially responsible investors, engaging with
subject-matter experts on material issues
stakeholders is vital to the development of
that affect Dell and who participate in open,
our corporate responsibility initiatives.
candid and effective discussions. Advice,
During fiscal year 2009, we were heavily guidance and constructive feedback from
engaged with our various stakeholder our stakeholders allow the Corporate
groups and partnered with them at various Responsibility Team to speak intelligently
locations and forums. In partnership with and earnestly to the Executive Leadership
Business for Social Responsibility, we hosted Team about Dell’s responsibilities as a global
an international engagement in Berlin, corporate citizen.
Germany regarding our environmental
Dell engaged with Ceres and a team of
strategy and one domestic engagement
external stakeholders, selected by Ceres
in Boston, Massachusetts. These sessions
and focused on sustainability, to review this
focused on providing feedback on the fiscal
year’s corporate responsibility report. This
year 2008 corporate responsibility report.
team is an independent group of individuals
In addition, through our formal sustainability drawn primarily from the Ceres coalition and
stakeholder group with Ceres, we held seven representing a range of constituencies that
stakeholder feedback conference calls on have expertise in environmental, social and
these topics: governance issues. In reviewing this report,
the team considered whether the company
 global recycling
adequately reported on its sustainability
 climate leadership/sustainable performance and key impacts, including
operations goals, targets, systems, data and initiatives.
 employee engagement and
Dell also worked with key partners in our
global giving and diversity and inclusion
 services and solutions areas. Through this review process, these
 product packaging and stewardship groups provided Dell extensive feedback,
which was considered in the preparation
In partnership with the Dell Investor
of the final version of this report. Figure 9
Relations Team, we also held two socially
shows high-level feedback from stakeholders
responsible investor calls covering our
as well as our response. Dell cannot address
financial performance and corporate
all of the feedback provided and has
responsibility initiatives.
prioritized key issues that align with
Discussion with stakeholders is the business objectives.
method we use to vet our internal plans, More information is available at
identify gaps and address misperceptions.

30 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Corporate Accountability

Stakeholder Input Dell Response

Explain Your Business Case • Included information about what makes a good sustainability plan in the Environmental
for Sustainability Responsibility section of the report

• Enhanced language that describes sustainability and corporate responsibility as issues

that affect Dell’s bottom line

Address in More Detail • Added content about challenges in BFR elimination and recycling to the Environmental
Key Challenges in Responsibility section of the report
Environmental and
• Added challenges in each major section
Supply Chain Areas
• Added a human rights section in the Social Responsibility section of the report

• Included information about EICC Work Group and challenges of responsible extractives

Note: For FY10, Dell will explore adding more content about supply-chain management
plans beyond how many audits are conducted in a region.

Be More Specific in • Continued to enhance our transparency in terms of progress against goals through
Sharing Your Data “Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2009” on pages 9-11 and “Goals for
and Goals Fiscal Year 2010 and Beyond” on page 12

• Incorporated responses to specific requests for certain data in the report, such as
including more detailed information about the composition of our work force

• Added list of Tier 1 suppliers

Provide More Information • Provided year-to-year results in our key performance indicators (see “Dell by the
on Results and Numbers” on page 8)
Note: While many stakeholders request recycling data compared to our sales numbers,
at this time Dell does not disclose this information.

Enhance Your Global • Attempted to incorporate a global dimension in key metrics, examples, challenges
Perspective and successes

Note: We recognize that we have an opportunity for increased communication in this

area in the future.

Share More Information on • Added more information about public policy in the Environmental Responsibility section
Your Public Policy of the report because policy changes so fast it is difficult to publicly address issues

Note: Dell will consider adding increased content about policy and advocacy in the
FY10 report.

Feature More Success • Featured a success story or profile of a Dell partnership in each section of
Stories and Partner Profiles this report

Note: More profiles are available at

Figure 9: High-level Stakeholder Input to the FY09 Corporate Responsibility Report and Dell’s Response

Learn more at
Corporate Accountability

Ethics and Compliance: Ensuring Integrity

Throughout Our Business

In our global business environment of business and to the internal rules defined
varied cultures, we’ve got to go beyond in our Code of Conduct. Effective and
simply following the law — we must act aligned compliance programs are even
with integrity. Dell’s Ethics and Compliance more important during times of economic
program provides guidance to help us meet uncertainty. Now, more than ever, our
this goal. We must act legally and ethically shareholders and other stakeholders expect
In December 2008, to create a common denominator of trust us to run our operations profitably, safely,
Dell was invited by within and across cultures, and to create legally and ethically.
the Ethisphere Insti- a solid foundation to ensure sustainable
tute to help launch business success. Credibility with Stakeholders
the Business Ethics Credibility is about making sure our
Our focus is on three key components:
Leadership Alliance culture, compliance and credibility. customers, employees, shareholders and
(BELA). With a other stakeholders know and recognize
mission to reinforce Culture of Integrity Dell’s commitment to ethical and legal
behavior. By binding our ethics and
ethical principles We actively foster a culture where
compliance efforts to our overall business
and priorities, BELA employees can be confident and proud that
goals, we strive to inspire trust and aspire
aims to strengthen they act legally and ethically. We achieve
to be a role model in the business world.
worldwide confi- such a culture by aligning the Global Ethics
We continue to learn from the many
and Compliance Office with Global Human
dence in free stakeholders whose lives and businesses we
Resources and other internal partner
enterprise. affect. We’re proud of our leadership role in
organizations. Continuous attention to
these organizations in fiscal year 2009:
our Code of Conduct, and to the policies
and procedures that flow from the Code,  Business Ethics Leadership Alliance
helps us set behavioral expectations for our  Open Compliance and Ethics Group
employees and business partners so that we
can maintain focus in our evolving business Our participation magnifies Dell’s successes
environment. by sharing our own best practices and
consolidating efforts throughout our
Compliance with Laws and Rules global business.

For Dell, compliance is about adhering More information is available at
to the local laws throughout our global

Our focus is on three key components:

culture, compliance and credibility.

32 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Corporate Accountability

Taking Global Citizenship and Ethical

Sourcing to the Next Level

Dell’s Worldwide Procurement Supply Chain continue our conference calls with socially
Supplier Environmental Responsibility responsible investors (SRIs). On these calls,
Team works with regional Tier 1 suppliers we highlight recent achievements, which for
on Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition fiscal year 2009 included hiring additional
(EICC) Code of Conduct compliance in the auditors outside of the U.S., improving
areas of labor, environmental, and health and the comprehensiveness of our Quarterly
safety management systems. As part of our Business Reviews (QBRs) and expanding our
In fiscal year 2009,
corporate accountability commitment, we supplier workshops.
Dell experienced
excellent supplier
Key Suppliers
response to green-
As part of our commitment to transparency, we’re disclosing this list of more than 95 percent of
our suppliers as measured by our spend. Because various stakeholders worldwide requested this house gas emission
information, we worked with our partners to make this disclosure possible. targets, with 85

AMD Micro Star International Co., Ltd., Taiwan percent of suppliers

Amtek Group Microsoft Corporation either meeting
APC (American Power Conversion) MiTAC expectations
Astec Nanya Technology Corporation or well into the
Au Optronics Corporation NMB
process of making
Chunghwa Picture Tubes LTD Pegatron
CMO (Chimei Optoelectronics) Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions
Compal Electronic Inc. Qisda
Coretronic Corporation Quanta Computer Inc.
Darfon Electronics Corporation Samsung Electronics
Delta Products Samsung LCD Displays
EMC Sanyo
Flextronics Seagate Technologies
Fujitsu SERCOM
Hitachi Simplo Technology
Hon Hai Precision Industries (Foxconn) Sony
Hynix Semiconductor Inc. Sony Corporation, Chemical & Energy
IBM Business Group
Innolux Display Corporation Sony NEC Optiarc
Intel Corporation TEAC
Kingston Technology Top Victory Electronics
Lexmark Toshiba
LG Philips LCD Co Ltd. Western Digital
Lite-On Group Wistron
Logitech Wistron Displays
Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic) Xerox International Partners

Learn more at
Corporate Accountability

Supplier Diversity: Building Partnerships

for Better Business

Supplier diversity nurtures the connection to maximize the use of diverse suppliers and
between our employees and our customers. maintain a pipeline of diverse suppliers that
More than simply considering minorities can scale with Dell over the long term. As
by population, we search for and include we consolidate our spend to fewer original
Dell’s Direct Talk the many qualified businesses whose design manufacturers that can support
program was ideas might otherwise not be represented. our scale, we must constantly develop
designed to Their ideas help Dell raise the bar for great strategies that create opportunities for
connect qualified, products and service. diverse suppliers. For us, supplier diversity
is more than simply meeting compliance
diverse-owned Our Supplier Diversity Team is committed
requirements — it’s smart business in an
companies with Dell to providing equal access to procurement
increasingly diverse economy.
representatives to opportunities for qualified small, minority-
discuss purchas- and woman-owned businesses in the U.S.
ing opportunities We audit and tie compensation to supplier
diversity. Beyond driving spend with our In fiscal year 2009, Dell became a member
available in the next
diverse suppliers, we offer supplier coaching of the Billion Dollar Roundtable, an
six to 12 months. organization that brings together businesses
and an Executive Mentorship program to
One year after we further support the growth of our diverse that achieved spending of at least $1
launched the suppliers. billion annually with minority- and woman-
program, 50 per- owned suppliers. The Dell team increased
Challenges procurement spending with small, minority-
cent of participants
owned and woman-owned suppliers.
have been recruited During an economic downturn accentuated
to participate in by streamlined operations and consolidation Learn more at
across a global supply base, our challenge is
the Request for
Quotation process.

Acting with Integrity, Every Step of the Way

Corporate accountability at Dell is about you. Our culture is one of self-improvement

creating and improving open communication achieved by accepting responsibility and
throughout the stakeholder path — from taking action to avoid and correct problems.
employee to supplier to customer, essentially For us, corporate accountability is the best
anyone affected by our business. We’re path to superior products and services, an
continually streamlining our organizational inspiring workplace and the sustainable
structure to enable innovation, not only in growth of our business.
our products but in our transparency with

34 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Social Responsibility



Meaningful difference. Two words, so simple. But what do they truly

mean? As a global leader in the industry, we make it our priority to
contribute positively to the communities where we live and work.
Our approach is based on building lasting relationships with our
neighbors and customers and staying in touch with the concerns,
issues and desires of our local communities.

It’s about creating change that inspires others. It’s about getting
involved and doing what we can, where we can, with the knowledge,
skills and innovation that we’re able to offer.
We are proud of our contributions and are honored to work with
so many gracious and dedicated people around the world to build
stronger communities, create a supportive workplace, and
promote diversity and inclusion inside and outside our workplace.
Social Responsibility

Giving: Building Stronger Communities

Just how serious are we about making a Dell YouthConnect

meaningful difference in the community? In
This year we introduced Dell YouthConnect,
2008, we committed to a goal of becoming a
our signature program for digital inclusion
1-percent company.
that promotes education in math, science,
What is a 1-percent
literacy and technology skills for young
company? Becoming a 1-Percent Company people (up to age 17) in emerging countries.
We’re stepping up This is an aspirational goal, and we’ve
With an initial focus in India, we partnered
designed our giving program with a strategic
our giving game. with non-governmental organizations to
approach and a supportive leadership team.
We’ve set an develop programs for tomorrow’s connected
Our plan includes:
aspirational goal generation, teaching them how to use
of increasing our
 Implement a centralized, online solution technology, providing access to the right
for capturing data on giving (dollars, technology resources, and encouraging
global giving efforts
in-kind donations and volunteer hours) — students from all backgrounds to reach their
to achieve 1 percent
recording impact and sharing measurable full potential through technology.
of our annual pre- results.
tax profits by 2010. In its first year, Dell YouthConnect has
 Form a Global Giving Council made up of
contributed more than $2.7 million in financial
executives from China, India, the United
and in-kind donations. However, it’s not just
Arab Emirates, Mexico, Western Europe,
about the financial donation; this partnership
Brazil and the U.S. to guide giving efforts
has a deeper connection. The Dell Giving
and ensure that they are applied in
Team is highly engaged with its nonprofit
targeted areas.
partners to ensure that we continue to
 Focus giving on youth in the areas of meet the ongoing needs of the receiving
education, digital inclusion and the organizations — for example, by providing
environment. green technology to help sustain their
In fiscal year 2009, we increased the amount technology needs.
we gave from 0.42 percent of annual pre-tax
With the success in India, we’re ready to begin
profits to 0.74 percent, an increase of more
similar programs in Brazil, Mexico and China.
than $8 million. Figure 10 shows our donation
of dollars and volunteer hours for the year. Building relationships with community
partners and actively supporting our
Learn more about how Dell is making a
neighbors is a major priority. As a corporate
difference at
and citizen, we also support many U.S. programs
through the Dell Foundation.

Global Dell Donations in Fiscal Year 2009 Amount

Total in-kind, cash and grants, including Dell Direct Giving Match $24.54 million
• Dell Direct Giving Match (includes Dell’s employee match for U.S.
and Canada Direct Giving campaign, the Can Hunger Food Drive and
Global Disaster Relief) – $7.82 million
• Employee Direct Giving pledges – $8.53 million
Employee volunteer time: 145,000 hours $2.5 million in economic
impact (estimated)
Figure 10: Dell’s FY09 Global Donations

36 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Social Responsibility

Giving Around the World

It’s no secret. The way people are As part of our effort to improve
connecting and communicating today digital literacy, Dell provided a grant
is changing our world. To reach our to expand the Dell Learning Center at
1-percent aspirational goal, we’re the Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Children’s
working to close technology gaps in Association of Penang. A new network
emerging countries by focusing on server and 10 additional Dell computers
education, digital inclusion and green expanded learning opportunities in
solutions, enabling all to participate in the classrooms; this new equipment
our newly connected world. was added to the 20 Dell computers,
printers and assistive-learning devices
Bridging the Technology Gap already at the center.

In Brazil, Dell sponsors The Digital

Citizen Project, a social initiative The Dell Foundation
developed by Pensamento Digital For more than a decade, the Dell
Foundation whose goal is to use Foundation has focused on helping
technology to help youth from low- children by equipping them for the digital
income populations gain marketplace world. The Foundation aims to proactively
skills. address fundamental requirements
for children to learn and excel in a
In China, to help bridge the digital gap
connected global economy. Through
between the children of rural migrant
grants to organizations addressing health
workers and the Internet Age, Dell
and human services, education and
has donated computers to schools in
technology access, the Foundation assists
Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Hangzhou,
the primary communities that Dell calls
Tianjin, Xiamen and Chengdu. By the
home — Central Texas, Middle Tennessee,
end of 2008, 19 Dell Learning Centers
Oklahoma and Northwest North Carolina.
were established.
Learn more at
w ww
w.. d
dee l l .c
c o m //c
c o rpo
poo rra
a tte
e re
r e ssp
p o n s ib
bii llii ty
Social Responsibility


Dell Canada employees Dell IT employees in

supported the fight Limerick designed and
against breast cancer with built a Web site for
a technology donation the Limerick branch of
to the Princess Margaret Down Syndrome
Hospital Foundation’s Ireland.
Pink Snowflake event.

Dell Bracknell employees

Dell employees rebuilt a wild garden at
donated more the Ascot Heath Infant
than 14,000 School.
pounds of food
and $62,000 to
the Can Hunger Dell helped to launch
U.S. food drives. the HK Dell Learning
Centre at the HKFYG
Lee Shau Kee Primary
School in China.

Dell employees
volunteered for
the Oklahoma City
During the month of Ramadan, when
Memorial Marathon
all Muslim families share the “ftour”
and won the “Most
(a meal when they break their fast), Dell
Spirited Award” for
Casablanca employees prepared this tradi-
the fourth year in
tional meal for some local elderly citizens.
a row.

Through the LIVESTRONG Dell Malaysia employees raised

Challenge, Team Dell $65,000 in pledges for the third
raised $102,000 (largest annual Dell Champion Run/Walk
amount for a U.S. team). benefitting the Malaysian AIDS
Foundation’s Pediatric AIDS Fund.

Through the Adopt-a-School

program, Dell employees in
Brazil provided social and
educational support.

38 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Social Responsibility

Employees Working for Positive Community Impact

We’re committed to giving back to the in team-building volunteer activities. “We value the effort
communities where we live and work. The funds are paid directly to the that Dell and its
In fiscal year 2009, Dell, together with organizations for which the groups employees make
its employees and the Dell Foundation, volunteer.
to help the com-
contributed more than $24.5 million to
Dell employees in the United Kingdom also munity. It’s a good
nonprofit organizations globally.
participate in an annual charitable-giving example for the
campaign and have raised thousands of
corporate world.”
dollars for charitable organizations.
— Representative
A key goal for fiscal year 2010 is to for an Austin, Texas,
explore how to expand these programs nonprofit
appropriately to the global employee

More information is available at

One Dell : One Community

Disaster Relief “We are so
The rallying spirit of our employees is a
As a true community partner, we come appreciative of the
driving force behind our commitment to
together in times of crisis to help those in opportunity for our
the community. Through our One Dell : One
need. Through the Direct Giving program, organization to be
Community campaign, our employees align
our employees have the option to give
their passions with a charity of choice and involved with Dell
to specific causes. For example, after the
share their talents and time. In fiscal year employees.
Sichuan Earthquake in China, our employees
2009, more than 36 percent of our global
in more than 20 countries donated nearly THANK YOU!” —
employees participated in September’s
$1.4 million in cash and 300 boxes of goods, Representative
Global Community Involvement month.
weighing six tons, to help affected citizens. for a Nashville,
Despite the current economic downturn, our Tennessee,
Working quickly to provide immediate aid is
employees understand the impact they have nonprofit
critical, and we continue to stay in contact
on their communities and are excited to help
with employees, customers and emergency organization
make a difference through volunteerism,
response organizations to help rebuild the
team-building events and direct giving
communities where such disasters have
— taking advantage of Dell’s matching

 In the U.S. and Canada, Dell matches up In the U.S., the Dell Foundation made a
to $5,000 per employee annually for the donation of $25,000 to the American Red
employee’s nonprofit organization of Cross of Central Texas to support Hurricane
choice. Ike evacuees temporarily sheltered in
Central Texas.
 The Team-Building Match program
offers a financial match of $125 for Dell More information is available at
U.S. employee groups that participate
Social Responsibility

Wellness: Creating a Healthy Workplace and Community

By providing our employees and their In addition, we provided resources to help

families with simple and convenient influence a healthy lifestyle change for the
resources, we aspire to create good hundreds of contractors who enter Dell
consumers who make healthy decisions facilities daily.
for themselves and their families. We’re
Of course, some resisted the new policy at
proud of the role we play in building healthy
first. Blog traffic increased, and employees
communities. It’s another way in which we
were extremely vocal about the impact
hope to make a meaningful difference.
— both good and bad — of the new
policy. Once the policy took effect, many
Smoking Cessation
employees shared their difficulties in kicking
It’s an alarming truth that tobacco use is the habit, but ultimately were grateful for the
the leading preventable cause of death in encouragement and resources that inspired
the world today. It makes sense to help and helped them to create a healthier
our employees who use tobacco products lifestyle.
create healthier lifestyles — extending
life expectancy and reducing the cost We congratulate the 959 employees (of
implications and environmental impact on the 6,127 tobacco users in our system) who
our planet. have committed to our Well at Dell QuitNet
program to date and the more than 955
Inspired by our Panama and India campuses, employees who have graduated from the
our U.S. facilities became tobacco-free in program.
January 2009.
We are encouraged by the positive results,
Knowing how difficult it can be to quit using and we continue to reach out to smokers
tobacco, we helped prepare our employees by offering ongoing tobacco-cessation
for this change by providing free tools and programs.
resources, including:
To learn more about Dell’s
 a three-month supply of tobacco- employee benefit programs, visit
cessation prescription drugs to help
reduce cravings
 personalized coaching and tips through
an online resource and by telephone
 membership to a Well at Dell health
center’s tobacco-cessation program
and access to 24/7 relapse support
for encouragement and guidance to
overcome temptations

40 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Social Responsibility

Commitment to Positive Work Environments

As stated in Dell’s Code of Conduct, from trafficking. This partnership created

we’re committed to working with socially a computer-literacy training center in
responsible entities that comply with all Hyderabad where students are trained
applicable laws and regulations in the in basic computer skills, matched with
locations where they conduct their business, an internship and then assisted with job
embrace high standards of ethical behavior, placement upon completion.
and treat their employees fairly, with dignity  Dell is an equal opportunity employer
and respect. We avoid working with entities and prohibits discrimination and
that do not adhere to laws regulating wages, harassment of any kind. This year our
hours and working conditions. Entities must nondiscrimination policy was updated to
demonstrate a commitment to the health include gender identity, pregnancy and
and safety of their employees and not HIV status.
use forced or indentured labor, or use raw
materials or finished goods produced by
 In partnership with the EICC and our
supply chain, we improved working
forced or indentured labor.
conditions at our suppliers through our
audit process. The results of this fiscal
Human Rights
year’s audits are shown in Figure 11. We
In fiscal year 2009, we made some recognize that audits are not the only
important contributions to protect human way to demonstrate our human-rights
rights: efforts, but this is where we need to
 Dell provided a monetary grant to start. We will continue to improve in this
an India-based non-governmental area, not only through additional audits
organization to help provide digital but through working sessions with
education and training to children of stakeholders, supplier training and a new
sex workers and young women rescued Dell Code of Conduct in fiscal year 2010.

FY08 FY09 FY09 FY09 FY09

Actual Goal Actual Total Actual Initial Actual Follow-up
No. of Dell Audits 0 30 31 9 22
No. of Noncompliances (NCs) NA NA 703 136 567
No. of NCs Closed (Verified) NA NA 248 0 248
Close Rate NA NA 35% 0% 44%

Action Plan
• Build supplier capability

• Work with global commodity managers to

drive corrective actions

• Collaborate with EICC to address common


• Continue to follow up with suppliers

Figure 11: Dell’s FY09 Supplier Audit Results, Noncompliance Types and Action Plan
Social Responsibility

Challenges improvements in these areas is most

In the area of human rights, the challenges effective when we engage with the supply
are many, as the violations around the world chain that is more directly within our sphere
are egregious and widespread. The topic of influence; however, stakeholders are
itself is overwhelming, even to a multi-billion looking to the IT industry when governments
dollar company like Dell. Labor challenges alone are not able to quickly address the
such as working conditions, wages, and situation. In some cases, we’re being asked
health and safety are cross-industry and to implement policies that violate the laws of
not region-specific. Our ability to make certain countries.

Addressing the Global Issue of HIV and AIDS

Recognizing that we have an opportunity We renewed our membership with the Global
to influence and accepting our role as a Business Coalition, and we added a walk-in
global citizen, we commit to partnering wellness center, that offers HIV testing at the
with our industry counterparts through the corporate offices in Round Rock, Texas. We
EICC and stakeholder working groups to continue to evaluate our HIV strategy globally
improve conditions in the countries where our to determine how we can have further
employees — and our suppliers’ employees impact.
— live and work. One example is our work on

World AIDS Day,

HIV and AIDS. Partnering with (PRODUCT)RED TM
observed around Joining the fight against AIDS in Africa,
Fighting HIV and AIDS Dell signed a multi-year commitment to
the globe on
For many of us, the reality of AIDS is partner with (PRODUCT)RED. Partners create
December 1, brings
portrayed only on the big screen, but this (PRODUCT)RED branded items and services,
attention to the
life-threatening disease is the harsh reality contributing a portion of the profits to the
AIDS epidemic.
for millions of people around the world. Global Fund. The Global Fund uses 100
2008 marked its Striking from Manhattan to Mumbai — with a percent of this money to finance HIV health
20th anniversary. prevailing presence in Africa — this disease and community support programs in Africa,
On this day, CEO has no prejudice. with a focus on women and children. So far,
Michael Dell signed (PRODUCT)RED products and events have
Recognizing the tragic impact of HIV and
generated more than $125 million — enough
a new company AIDS on our employees, communities,
to provide more than 760,000 people with
policy supporting customers, suppliers and other stakeholders,
life-saving medication for one year.
the intolerance CEO Michael Dell — together with the
Global Business Coalition, in which Dell is a More information is available at
of discrimination
corporate member — has made it a priority to
against employees
provide access to medication and education.
with HIV and AIDS.

42 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Social Responsibility

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion. Diversity. Two words that often Michael Dell and seven other executives from
have the same connotation; however, each across the world review policies, action plans
has a very different meaning. and progress to make sure we continue
to maximize diversity as a competitive
It’s about Inclusion advantage and integrate it throughout our
Diversity is an irrefutable fact. With a large
global employee base, we’re a collage of To achieve our vision for an even more
races, ethnicities, religions, ages, disabilities, diverse and inclusive global company, we
backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures. established a global diversity strategy. This
Inclusion is about embracing, respecting, strategy, reviewed regularly by the Global
honoring, recognizing and leveraging our Diversity Council, is focused on: “Diversity and
differences to build a better community, inclusion are
workplace and world.  strong, visible leadership and clear
expectations on accountability for
At Dell, we’re committed to building a diversity and inclusion cornerstones of
diverse environment that is reflective of a our global business.
 genuine commitment to diversity and
diverse global marketplace and an inclusive Employing a
inclusion built into our business practices
culture where everyone is engaged. We diverse work force
strive to ensure that each employee is heard
 thorough integration of these behaviors
that reflects our
in our talent and performance
and valued and that personal strengths and
management customer base
perspectives are assets to the company,
provides us more
rather than left at the door. To help make our vision a reality, Michael Dell
perspective and
and our Global Diversity Council promote
Global Diversity Council drives the best
diversity and inclusion policies, practices and
leadership throughout the company. possible value for
CEO Michael Dell is personally committed
to the company’s diversity and inclusion our customers.”
Learn more at
programs. Why? Because making diversity
— Michael Dell
and inclusion a business imperative depends
on leadership.

Driving Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

As Dell continues to undergo a significant talented, committed and reflective of our

transformation, we know that diversity and global customers. We are an open and
inclusion provide an important foundation inclusive workplace. Inclusion covers not
for our success. only differences in race, gender and sexual
orientation, but also in geographic location,
Our definition of diversity and inclusion
education, work and communication styles,
is simple. It’s about helping Dell succeed
and ethnicity, among others.
with a global work force that is highly
Social Responsibility

Employee Networking Groups Work Force Composition

Dell Employee Networking Groups are We’re committed to a diverse work force. As
an incredible force focused on building of January 30, 2009, more than than 36.7
a greater level of involvement in our percent of our U.S. managers, 29.7 percent
global diversity practices across our of our U.S. vice presidents and 33 percent of
business. Employee Networking Groups our independent Board are diverse (women
connect employees who share common or people of color). At Dell, 33.1 percent of
ethnicity, gender, nationality, lifestyle or our 76,500-plus global work force and 25.1
sexual orientation. They provide personal percent of managers are women. Figure
and professional development through 12 shows a snapshot of our U.S. equal
mentoring, volunteerism and community employment opportunity numbers.
We respect the involvement.
In fiscal year 2009, Dell was involved in a
unique differences
Dell Employee Networking Groups serve class action filed by a handful of individuals
and similarities of
as advocates for inclusion and are active in involving claims of gender discrimination
our employees. supporting, piloting and implementing several in pay and promotions. This case is in the
We believe in an programs aligned with the company strategy. process of being resolved.
inclusive work force To demonstrate this alignment, we will rebrand
where everyone Employee Networking Groups as Employee Talent Development
Resource Groups in fiscal year 2010.
can equally succeed With a commitment to develop and invest
— no matter their in our employees around the globe, Dell
Work/Life Effectiveness provides many opportunities for employees
race, gender,
Life happens, and we recognize that each to learn and excel — enabling them to
sexual orientation,
employee experiences the inevitable maximize their talents and inspire the next
circumstances and exciting adventures that generation of Dell leaders. The following are
location, education, life brings all of us. Through creativity and some examples.
ethnicity or innovation, our managers work with their
communication teams to build ideal working solutions that Taking the Stage
style. serve the best interests of the business and Taking the Stage is a mentoring program
our most valuable asset — our people. designed by women, for women. Our women
leaders use this forum to teach, mentor
Providing options ranging from flextime to
and build relationships with future women
teleworking to job sharing to compressed
leaders of Dell.
work weeks, and even remote working, we
remain committed to providing flexible work
arrangements for all of our employees.

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Snapshot

2007 2008
Managers Total Managers Total
Male People of Color* 596 6,183 418 5,636
Male Caucasian 2,386 14,059 1,766 13,339
Female People of Color* 244 3,224 169 3,061
Female Caucasian 822 5,472 526 5,296
Total 4,048 28,938 2,879 27,332
*Hispanic/Latino, African American, Native Hawaiian, Asian, American Indian and Two+ Races

Figure 12: Equal Employment Opportunity Snapshot (U.S.)

44 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Social Responsibility

MentorConnect global leadership model — Accelerated Our Employee

We have a new Web-based tool to help Development Programs — based on input Networking Group
promote mentoring — MentorConnect. This from our leaders and employees worldwide. for Hispanics,
online portal connects mentees with willing The Accelerated Development Programs aDellante, partners
mentors, broadening the geographic reach — Leadership Edge, Leadership Excel and with Dell’s Executive
of mentoring opportunities and crossing Emerging Leaders — enable participants Briefing Center to
functions and boundaries. to heighten their performance, capabilities provide subject-
and contributions. Participants are
Networking Group Leadership Series matter expertise on
expected to take a proactive role in their
key topics in Spanish
The Networking Group Leadership Series is own development, teach others and
or Portuguese for our
a six-month program that provides current serve as role models of Dell leadership
leaders a platform to share their expertise globally. Participation is by nomination customers visiting
and learn from others by challenging from our key talent pool. This year’s from Latin America.
conventional thinking, while building diverse representation in the Accelerated This initiative targets
leadership capabilities. Development Programs was 29 percent; one of Dell’s key
women globally represented 19 percent
growth priorities —
Accelerated Development Programs of total participation, and people of color
emerging countries
The success of Dell’s business strategy in the U.S. represented 16 percent of U.S.
— and provides many
requires appropriate behavior from our participation.
direct and indirect
leaders. Knowing this, we created a Learn more at
benefits for the

Driving Diversity in the External Marketplace

Dell understands that with a diverse and  National Urban League

global customer base, we need to actively
 Out and Equal Workplace Advocates
reach out and engage with key partners to
advance our commitment to diversity
Talent Development
and inclusion.
Hiring and keeping the best and brightest
talent is a business imperative. Our
Diverse Partnerships
relationships with diverse partners and
Dell creates mutually beneficial partnerships sponsored events in the U.S. help us with our
with U.S. civic organizations, professional talent goals. Among these partnerships are:
development organizations and multicultural
business and community groups. Such  National Association of Black
partnerships include: Accountants

 Asia Society
 National Society of Black Engineers

 National Society for Black MBAs

 Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

 National Society for Hispanic MBAs

 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

 Society of Women Engineers

 Human Rights Campaign
Social Responsibility

Planning for Our Future

We all share a responsibility to build and  The Global Diversity Council regularly
retain a diverse and inclusive team. So it’s reviews the progress of our diversity
important that we, as a company, provide initiatives using Dell’s diversity scorecard.
the essential foundation and appropriate
tools and resources to inspire our global Addressing the Global Challenge
team members to simply be themselves and of Making a Difference
bring their best to the table.
Dell’s commitment to making a difference
in our global communities has been a
Measuring Our Progress longstanding tradition for both the company
To measure our success and progress in and our employees. As the business
these efforts, diversity and inclusion are transforms and we expand our efforts
integral parts of companywide assessments globally, Dell is working with customers,
such as: employees and other stakeholders to
address these challenges:
 Tell Dell is our annual employee survey
in which employees are encouraged to  effectively communicating global issues
speak candidly about the programs, and concerns, such as digital inclusion,
policies and management of the protecting our planet and making a
company. In 2008, 85 percent of our healthier world
employees participated in the survey.  ensuring adherence to all compliance,
 Organizational Human Resources regulatory and financial regulations
Process (OHRP) is our people-planning  aligning business goals with key
process that helps us ensure that we social issues
provide fair and equal treatment to all

Committed to Making a Meaningful Difference

So, it’s simple. Meaningful difference is the world, and by embracing the talent and
about: energy from our diverse work force, we’ll
make a meaningful difference — together.
 building stronger communities
 creating a healthy world As we move forward, we hope to continue to
inspire our employees and customers to join
 embracing diversity and inclusion
us in creating positive change for today, and
These are the goals we strive for. Our for tomorrow.
1-percent commitment is just the beginning.
Learn more about the different ways in
With this commitment serving as our which Dell is making a difference:
launching pad, we’re working toward making
a bigger difference in our communities
around the world. Why? Because our
investment in social issues can help change

46 Dell Corporate Responsibility Summary Report 2009

Our Inspire & Innovate: Achievements in Corporate Responsibility 2009 report features Dell’s key
accomplishments in the areas of environmental responsibility, corporate accountability and social
responsibility. However, this report is only one element of transparency in our reporting. To learn more about
what we’re doing in each of these areas, see the topics and Web sites noted in the following topic index:

Topic GRI Index Topic GRI Index

Business Recycling EN1, EN22 Finance, Governance
(U.S. ARS) and Management
Carbon Intensity EN1, EN3, EN4, Flexible Work
EN16 Solutions
Carbon Offsets EN3, EN5, Forest Stewardship EN1, EN2
EN16 Global Reporting
Chemicals Management 4.11, EN1 Initiative
Climate: GHG Audit/ EN1, EN3, EN4, Hazardous Material EN1
Inventory EN5, EN16, Releases
EN17 Health and Safety
Climate Strategy EN3, EN4, Health and Wellness
EN5, EN7,
ISO 14001
Code of Conduct
Composition of Our
Material Safety Data
Work Force
Sheets (MSDS)
Corporate Accountability
Material Use
Corporate Responsibility
Model Takeback
Corporate Reponsibility
Our Customers and
Employees in Action
Dell by the Numbers
Dell Difference
Plant a Forest/Plant EN1, EN12,
Dell Foundation a Tree EN13
Dell Giving Political Disclosure
Dell YouthConnect and Accountability
Dell’s Commitment to Reconnect (Goodwill EN1
Making a Difference Recycling Partner-
Disaster Relief Giving ship)
Diversity Recycling
Diversity and Customers Recycling FAQs
Diversity Partnerships Regulatory
Diversity Training
Road to Carbon
Diversity Work Force
Eco-Labels 4.12
SmartWay EN7
Electronic Industry Code
of Conduct Solid Waste EN1
Emerging Issues Stakeholder
Emissions and Discharges EN1, EN4, EN16
Supplier Audits
Employee Benefits
(Health/Mental Health- Supplier Diversity
related) Supplier
Employee Involvement Responsibility
and Giving Supply Chain and
Employee Resource Climate
Groups Sustainability Life
Energy Efficiency EN1, EN4, EN5, Cycle
EN6, EN7, Sustainable EN1
EN16 Operations
Energy-Efficient Products Tier 1 Suppliers
Environmental FAQs Tools You Can Use to
Environmental Policy Environmental Reduce Your Costs
Performance Transportation and EN1, EN2,
Management Logistics EN5, EN6,
Approach EN7, EN18
Environmental Standards Water Use EN1, EN8,
EPEAT 4.12 EN9, EN10
Ethics and Compliance
EU Recycling Legislation
Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Report Application Level
Dell has self-reported this report to be at a B level. GRI has checked this report against the criteria for the GRI Application
Level B and has qualified the report as Application B GRI-checked. To see our GRI Index, visit

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