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FEBRUARY 22, 2019

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Transmissions, Engines, Wheel Alignments, AGENT
Custom Exhaust, Air-Conditioning, Oil Changes, 403-934-0420
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Five blooms for
in Bloom
Family Day fun Times Editor

Strathmore Communities in Bloom is hosting a

spring 2019 workshop/presentation on March 2 that
Page 13 will focus on recognizing and treating diseases in
trees and shrubs.
The workshop kicks off Communities in Bloom’s
year, following a very successful 2018 in which the
program received five “blooms” from judges after
Communities in Bloom (CIB) is a Canadian
non-profit organization committed to fostering civic
pride, environmental responsibility and beautifica-
Timbit tourney tion through community involvement and the chal-
lenge of a national program, with focus on the en-
hancement of green spaces in communities.
In early August, CIB judges visited the community
and rated it based on several criteria.
Offering IV Sedation “Our overall grade was 82 per cent with our
strengths being floral displays, environmental ac-
Dr. Ashkan Hamzehi DDS
Dr. Arzy Kafrouny DDS tion, tidiness and urban forestry. Our weakest areas
Dr. Sharif Faizi DMD were in heritage conservation and landscapes,” said
General Practice Family Dentistry
Rob Pirie with Strathmore CIB during a presentation
100 Ranch Market, Unit 105F before Strathmore town council earlier this month.
Strathmore, AB 403.934.5292 “In the overall summary, the judges were impressed
with (Strathmore town) council for its transparency
(and) its planning, in particular the downtown re-
Strathmore CIB was formed in 2005. Since then,
the group has hosted judges periodically to view
and rate the town on criteria set out by the national
Last year (2018) was the first time the group re-
ceived five blooms, the most a community can re-
According to Pirie, the judge’s summary page out-
lined observations and recommendations for the
Look on Page 4 for
group to consider going forward.
Town of Strathmore
“Many of the recommendations are already be-
Municipal Notices ing acted upon,” he noted. “For example, the judg- Westmount Chief Council Inauguration
Contact Us Today! es suggested more waste containers and you may
know that many more were put out last fall. Lack Westmount School’s Chief and Council is now official after a swearing in ceremony was
403.934.5589 of weed control on some of the commercial lots held at the school on Feb. 15. Guests at the ceremony included dignitaries from Siksika Nation, Golden Hills School Division and Westmount School. Siksika Nation Chief Joe
was noted as well, but the new city works program
Weasel Child congratulated Kaylynn Black Horse after she was sworn in as student which you invested in will help.” Chief. Doug Taylor Photo
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104 - 3rd Avenue,
Strathmore $124,500 $414,400 $244,900 $579,900 $167,500 $307,500
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February 22-28, 2019

Glass James McAvoy,

Bruce Willis,
Anya Taylor-Joy,
Sarah Paulson,
Spencer Treat Clark


For Movie Listings call 403-934-3057

or go to

We are family Commercial | Farms Industrial | Investment

No amount of snow could keep residents

away from the Family Day Unplugged event
Bob Sheddy C0-Owner/Commercial Broker
on Feb. 18 at the Strathmore Civic Centre, 403-324-2222
ag grounds and Strathmore Aquatic Centre.
The event featured a Strathmore and Chea-
dle Lion’s pancake breakfast, kids carnival, KaraLee Foat, MA Co-Owner/Broker
skating, fire pits, hayrides, and popcorn and 587-390-0596
hot chocolate by REPs Remax First. The
day finished off with a free family swim. The
event was also sponsored by the Town of 403-983-2121
Strathmore, FCSS, Strathmore Child, Youth 123 2nd Ave,
Strathmore, AB
and Family Hub, 5 for Life Early Childhood
and Stella Jones.
Miriam Ostermann Photos

Denture Clinic
Terry Grant Denturist
• Complete / Partial Dentures

• Same Day Relines & Repair

• Custom Mouthguards

• Custom Night Guards

• Natural Teeth Whitening

413 - 3rd St. Strathmore


Call 403-934-5589

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

900 Westridge Road, Strathmore

15 % $ 15
Parts & Labour on any OIL & FILTER
Repair over $500 SERVICE
With this coupon, expires February 28, 2019 With this coupon, expires February 28, 2019
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Next Regular
Council Meeting:
March 6th, 2019

Next Committee
of the Whole
March 13th, 2019

For more information on the facility visit:

Notice of Public Hearings


March 6, 2019 at 7:00pm - Bylaw #19-02




Bylaw #19-02 proposes amendments to


Land Use Bylaw No. 14-11. The proposed


amendments include updates to the definitions


and regulations of Cannabis Production


Support Group

Council will be holding a Public Hearing at
Individuals with PD, care partners, family
680 Westchester Road, Strathmore Alberta in members and friends are all welcome!
Council Chambers on Wednesday, March 6,
2019, commencing at 7:00 pm to consider the Learn up-to-date information on
Parkinson's, share tips, resources, make
proposed Bylaw for adoption. new friends, gain knowledge, and get the
support you need.
A copy of the proposed Bylaw may be inspected
from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday at

the Town Office. The proposed Bylaw will also be 1st Thursday of each month
posted on the Town of Strathmore website at: 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Hope Community
BylawsUnderReview Covenant Church
245 Brent Blvd,
Written submissions must be submitted to Strathmore
Cameron Thompson at Cameron.thompson@ Call: 1-800-561-1911 on or before February 26, 2019
@ 4:30pm. Please note, all written submissions
will become public documents once submitted
to the Town, unless otherwise requested.
680 Westchester Road, Strathmore, AB T1P 1J1 • 403-934-3133 • Office Hours: M - F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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Speed limit concerns

To the Editor • streets with residences on both sides such as Cen-
Last fall a test project was implemented to reduce tre St. have a 40 km/h limit Unit D,
the speed limit on Centre Street and Cambridge Glen • streets with residences on one side such as Thom- 202 Canal Court,
Drive from 50 km/h to 40 km/h. A survey is now be- as Dr. have a 50 km/h limit
ing conducted to assess the public’s feelings about this • streets with no residences fronting the street, such
Strathmore, AB
speed reduction. I have heard complaints about the as Klaiber Tr., have a 50 km/h limit
loss of valuable time. • main roads such as 817 and Freeman Tr. have a 60 403.934.6044
Here are some interesting calculations: the distance km/h limit
from Centennial Drive to Parklane Drive via Centre • industrial areas have a 50 km/h limit
Street is 0.5 mile or .805 km. If this distance is driven I expect there will always be drivers exceeding the
without stopping at exactly 50km/h it will take 58 sec- posted limit. However, if a person is driving at the
onds. At 40 km/h it will take 71 seconds. If one feels posted limit on a two-lane residential street then ev-
the loss of these 13 seconds are impacting their day
then I suggest you may wish to depart one minute
eryone immediately behind them will be driving at the
same speed or less.
Water Softeners, Iron Filters
earlier and bank your saved time. & Drinking Water Systems
I encourage our town council to undertake imple- Alan West
menting speed limits in town as follows: Strathmore

Snow and blowing wind brings out snow angels

To the Editor Like other municipalities, SFCSS have given out snow
I can’t say enough how I appreciate the brave souls angel request posters for those in need to hang in their
that go out and shovel snow off their neighbour’s windows, with the expectation and hope Strathmore
walks in Strathmore. residents will step up and help seniors and those with
There is someone on Greenview Crescent that quiet- heath issues; but sometimes expectations aren’t ful-
ly removes accumulated snow, sometimes without be- filled and hope has a long wait.
ing seen! Not only is the sidewalk in front of the house Having no recourse, as sometimes hired help is too
cleared, they often remove drifts from garage doors expensive or unavailable, the elderly and handicapped
and roadway parking slots. As a needy beneficiary of try to remove the snow on their own that may cause
this help, it has helped me to attend appointments, get them injury. Many see getting out of their homes and
out for groceries and pick up prescriptions on many having others visit as a necessity. Without the help of
snow-filled days. snow angels life may be just a little more hazardous.
I often ask neighbours if they were my snow angel, According to a study done by Public Health Agency
and they either don’t admit it, or really haven’t seen of Canada, 16 per cent of senior’s falls have snow and
the caring arms that heave all that snow into piles. So ice as a factor.
since there never seems to be the opportunity to thank A study published in the Canadian Medical Journal
them, this is it! I am sure there are others in Strathmore showed that one-third of heart attacks occurred the day
experiencing similar blessings from good neighbours. after snowfalls and severity was related to the amount
I have said it before and emphasize it again, I am so of snow being moved. This was more prevalent in the
thankful for the community spirit in Strathmore that male population of the study.
has one person caring for another’s welfare. It is rare This is also a caution to those snow angels and oth-
in some communities and in an age where self-interest ers removing snow to assess their health before tack-
is so promoted. A caring gesture is enough to bring ling those drifts. The Canadian Centre for Occupational
light and warmth to another, reinforcing that there is Health and Safety website has some tips on snow re-
goodness in human’s nature. moval ergonomics. Some of techniques suggest using
With the discontinued snow clearing services from your knees, not loading the shovel too heavy and tak-
Strathmore Family and Community Support Services ing caution to not over twist your body movement.
(SFCSS), snow removal can mean the difference of be- Sharon McLeay
ing shut in or not. Strathmore

SNC Lavalin affair

MARTIN SHIELDS cover up a scandal. There is presently one investi-
Member of Parliament Bow River Riding gation underway, which is being conducted by the
Federal Ethics Commissioner (this is the fifth time
The last two weeks in Canadian politics have this government has been subject to an ethics in-
been explosive. Almost every day, new bombshell vestigation).
developments have come to light in the SNC Lava- However, Canadians need answers now. The Lib-
lin affair. erals have stonewalled our investigative attempts
Allegations against Justin Trudeau’s Prime Minis- at every opportunity. My Conservative colleagues
ter’s Office were first published in the Globe and on the Justice Committee called for a probe of the
Mail. The initial claim was that the Prime Minis- affair. Incredibly, the Liberal MPs on the commit-
ter’s Office attempted to pressure Jody Wilson-Ray- tee blocked any meaningful investigation by refus-
bould, who was then justice minister, to intervene ing to call key witnesses including Jody Wilson-
in the prosecution of Montreal engineering and Raybould herself and the Prime Minister’s Principal
construction giant SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. Secretary, Gerald Butts. I asked the government di-
Jody Wilson-Raybould was later fired from her rectly in Question Period what was discussed when
job. The question is: did the Prime Minister relieve Gerald Butts met with SNC Lavalin. I received noth-
Wilson-Raybould of her duties because she refused ing but generic talking points in response.
to intervene in the criminal case? The Prime Minis- Conservatives will now explore legal and law
ter initially claimed that because Wilson-Raybould enforcement options to hold Justin Trudeau ac-
was still in cabinet, she had full confidence in the countable for this coverup and get Canadians the
government. answers they deserve. We will not allow the Prime
Then, Wilson-Raybould resigned from cabinet. Minister to sweep this scandal under the rug.
Canadians need to know the facts in this unprec- I can be reached in Ottawa at martin.shields@
edented case. Yet the Prime Minister has respond- My Brooks office can be reached at
ed only with vague statements and legal jargon. 403-793-6775 or, and
The Prime Minister promised his government my Strathmore office at 403-361-2980 or martin.
would be the most transparent in Canadian history. Please don’t hesitate to
Needless to say, this is not transparency. These are

contact me about any federal issue.
the actions of a government desperately trying to
STRATHMORE 21 Westview Circle, $279,900,
Mario Prusina Publisher Kristina Bezic Financial Manager 4 beds, 2 full baths,
Janet Kanters Editor Brady Grove Reporter Adelle Ellis Reporter / Office Manager
Incredibly well taken care of.
Quick Possession.
Rose Hamrlik Advertising Jody Schneider Production Manager
Contributors: Doug Taylor, Sharon McLeay, John Godsman, Steve Greene, Laureen F. Guenther, Manny Everett, Miriam Ostermann

123 2nd Avenue, Strathmore, Alberta T1P 1K1 • 403.934.5589

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Epcor sponsors
The 2019
sports centre
spring REVS Epcor is the newest sponsor of the Strath-
took place at more Motor Products Sports Centre with the
the Strathmore announcement at Strathmore’s town office
Civic Centre on on Feb. 13. The Epcor sponsorship includes
Feb. 13 with the five shower rooms and three water filling
many associa- stations. From left to right, Strathmore town
tions and pro- councillors Bob Sobol, Jason Montgomery
grams offering classes presenting their information. Although attendance and Lorraine Bauer, GHSD trustee Rob Pi-
was lower than that of previous years, many residents found information that rie, Kevin Visser (senior manager of regional
interested them. Lilian Richards (6) and her big sister Annabelle Richards (8) operations for EPCOR’s Water Canada Divi-
were inspired at REVS to join Wheatland Society of the Arts for their kids sion), Andrew Reid (site manager of Strath-
nights. more water and wastewater operations),
Manny Everett Photo
Mayor Pat Fule, and councillors Melanie
Corbiell, Denise Peterson and Tari Cockx.
Strathmore Legion Branch #10 NEWS Manny Everett Photo

By Irene Knappe. For further information, please call the Legion at 403.934.5119
• Last Friday, we had a fuller than full house at the Legion. Last week I said that I was
told by the organizers that it would be won. Well, it was! $3,000 was won by a young lady who
Plant diseases focus of spring workshop
was in total shock afterwards. A new game will be starting either next weekend or the week Continued from Page 1 way was acknowledged by the judges
after. Due to there being so many people there, our meat draws were a huge success and the as a challenge. Pirie said he believes
50/50 draw made our bar stewardess, Tracy, $289 richer!! And she wasn’t even working that
night! Chef Pat must have been totally exhausted after feeding so many people! Thanks to
Pirie also said buy-in by business and commercial partners there are a few things that could be
everyone who came out! It was truly an exciting night, which we hope to repeat at the end of will be needed in order to achieve a better evaluation in the done by the town and businesses to
the next Chase the Ace. future. enhance welcome signs and overall im-
• Regarding our Executive. Elections will be held on Tuesday, March 12th, at 7 pm.
You will be voting for a new President, First Vice-President, and Treasurer. These are very
Strathmore CIB has reached out to the Chamber of Com- pression of the town.
important posts, and we would ask that when nominating from the floor, you must consider merce and will be looking to them for their leadership, and In addition, “bylaws may need to be
that the person you nominate is both willing and able to fulfill the position to their best ability. improving commercial landscaping and weed control. developed to protect and enhance ur-
Sometimes it’s more than a part-time job, and can also be time-consuming, as a few of us who
have done it for many years can attest to.
“Council support of Donna McCallum means that we’ll ban forests, (and) bylaw enforcement
• The next General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 26th, at 7 pm. I hope there have a tree inventory and we’ll have tree maintenance on may be needed so there’s no unsightly
will be quite a number of people coming out to see how the Legion is doing. We have close to a cyclical basis, both of which will improve our grade next properties in town,” he noted.
500 members, and, believe it or not, it would be a treat for us if only 50 members find time to
come to the meeting.
time,” said Pirie. Pirie said the judges were impressed
• Our bingos, held every Wednesday, opens at 5:30 and usually ends at about 9:30. We He added there are things town council can consider as with the Western District Historical
have a lot of fun, a lot of winners and our attendees range from 40 – 50 people, all ages, male well. “Heritage conservation will require council to consider Society app but suggested more signs
and female!! It’s a great evening, and should anyone be bored and want something to do on a
Wednesday, come to the Legion and play bingo!!!
what strategic planning will be needed to preserve both nat- should be located at strategic points of
• We have a new Entertainment person on our Executive, Barb Butler. She is doing a ural areas and heritage buildings.” interest in the downtown, and that the
bunch of different bookings that may interest many of you as they come about. Please keep The town entry and corridor along the Trans-Canada High- app needed to be promoted.
checking for upcoming events.
• Please remember that our Legion has two halls, a large main hall on the main floor, “Communities in Bloom will examine
and a smaller one upstairs, both available for various events; weddings, receptions, meetings, ways we can work with other commu-
funerals, etc. All you need to do is contact our people at the bar and book an appropriate date nity groups in encouraging volunteer-
and time.
• Chef Pat is also available to cater to parties at the Legion, large, medium or small. His ism and pride in our community,” he
kitchen is closed on Sunday and Monday, but he’s there for the remainder of the week. Come added. “I would argue that Strathmore
on in and meet with him to talk things over. You definitely will not be sorry you did! is doing a tremendous amount right.
ALL YOU WILL BE DOING DURING THE COURSE OF YOUR DUTIES. SALUTE! doing more of and that is telling our
He cites as an example the commu-
Thought for nity of Sherwood Park where tree beds
commemorate things such as sporting
the Week events and conferences.
“I saw signs on baseball diamonds
Sooner or later saying they’d been used in the 55-Plus
the world breaks Games. I saw benches, trees and out-
everyone, but door art with signs indicating they had
been donated to honour everything,
those who are from retirement of community leaders,
broken are opening a sports field, family reunions
strongest in and graduations,” said Pirie, who vis-
ited the community last year. “I would
broken places. suggest that everything they are doing
Hamingway we are doing. The difference is they are
making sure the community and visi-
tors are aware of it.”
Your BBB* Serving Southern Alberta and East Kootenay presents: The CIB committee has decided not
to be evaluated this coming summer “in
BBB Tip of the Week: order to allow council, town staff and
us to work out our deficiencies noted
Beware of RRSP Scams in the evaluation.”
However, Strathmore CIB will use the
The RRSP deadline is March 1, 2019 and while it can 2018 evaluation for future planning. In
be tempting to seek out lucrative RRSP addition to the spring workshop on
investments, BBB is urging people to pay heed March 2, the group has plans to identify
to suspicious investment offers to avoid being the first heritage tree in Lambert Park.
scammed out of their Registered Retirement In addition, “we’ll be working with
Savings Plan funds. Wheatland Elementary and George
Freeman Elementary to build garden
Here are some of the most popular boxes to further our commitment to ur-
RRSP scams: ban agriculture,” said Pirie. “We’ll also
be planning our birth forest on June 1st
• Tax-free withdraws: Consumers are promised a $10,000 cash return and we will continue to work on our
for a $20,000 investment (from their RRSPs) in an“RRSP–eligible company,” project in north Lambert Park.”
but once you hand over your earnings, the company will more than likely Last summer, CIB paid for a sign to
close its doors leaving you empty-handed. be installed at the entry of the park to
• Offshore investment: Fraudsters promise investors a high return acknowledge the historical significance
from an off-shore investment while avoiding taxes. If you hand over your of the site, the former location of the
money to a stranger in a foreign country, you may never see it again and Strathmore CPR station. Strathmore CIB
you run the risk of owing the government money in back taxes, interest and applied for and received a $6,000 grant
penalties. from Waste Management’s 2018 Think
Green Grant program. The money will
be used to enhance the park.
The Strathmore CIB spring work-
shop/presentation goes from 10 a.m. to
noon on March 2 at the Lambert Centre
Learn more at (Strathmore library).
February 22, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 7

Strathmore RCMP is
investigating the Theft of a
Travel Trailer that took place on
December 2, 2018.
United We Roll convoy The Trailer is described as a
passes through Strathmore White Travelaire Rustler with
The United We Roll Convoy for Canada passed license plate Y91180 Alberta and
through Strathmore Feb. 14 on its way to Ottawa.
The convoy of trucks is making the trip to create the decals on it appear faded.
awareness for the oil and gas industry, said event
convoy manager Glen Carritt. “The purpose is to
show our concern to the current government that If you have any information that
we oppose bill C48 and C69,” he said. “We are in could help locate this Trailer,
favour of pipelines to move our products in the
oil and gas sector to the rest of Canada as well
please contact
as the rest of the world. We are opposed to the Strathmore RCMP.
current format of the carbon tax as well as the
UN impact on Canadian borders.” The convoy
File: 20181794883
arrived in Ottawa Feb. 19.
Janet Kanters, Doug Taylor 1-800-222-TIPS
and Rose Hamrlik Photos
SAEWA gets provincial grant for tech studies
SHARON MCLEAY host it,” said Vice Chair and project lead Ryan met several times with Energy YOUR AD
Times Contributor
Paul Ryan, who also represents the MD Minister Shannon Phillips and supplied
of Bighorn. “In the near future, I will be the ministry with lifecycle analysis re-
The 52 municipal partners of the
meeting with councils for the prospec- ports and a Pembina Institute review,
Southern Alberta Energy from Waste
tive locations, to help them understand as well as updating the minister on the
Association (SAEWA) have been lobby-
the process and site requirements. In project’s progress.
Contact Rose 403-934-5589
ing to get a clean energy from waste
(EFW) facility up and running.
the right location, an energy from After the technical reviews are com-
waste facility will not only produce dis- pleted, the next step for the associa-
They were pleasantly surprised this
trict energy, but can also provide the tion is meeting with stakeholders from
month, when news of a $400,000 grant
necessary infrastructure for enhanced the potential host sites and evaluating YOUR WEEKLY
from the Alberta Community Partner-
ship (ACP) fund came through.
recycling of plastic and paper products
that we can no longer send to China.”
which of the various sites meet the cri-
teria set out for the facility.
“We are very pleased with the sup-
port from Alberta Municipal Affairs,”
said SAEWA Chair and Wheatland
County councillor Ben Armstrong. “Not
Gord Morck
only does this project have the poten- Pharmacist
tial to provide a long-term alternative
to landfilling, it can also reduce our Capsule Comments
members’ GHG (greenhouse gas) emis-
“Vaping” products are problematic in today’s youth.
sions by just over seven million tonnes About one in four middle and high schoolers in Canada
for the life of the project, or 236,000
tonnes per year. Some of our members’ Enjoy A Coffee & Peace Of Mind have said they have tried e-cigarette products and about
one in three who smoke cigarettes, started out vaping.
Many of these products contain nicotine, an addictive
garbage trucks travel 800 kilometres
just to put waste into a landfill and we
believe SAEWA can cut that in half.”
This February substance known to cause attention and memory
problems in young people. As well, sucking smoking
and vapour into the delicate tissues of the lungs is not
The money will be used for geotech- good for people of any age.
nical studies that screen and evaluate There is some controversy in the U.S. and Canada
engineering for construction and site about the restricted release of a new opioid drug
conditions for the facility. Criteria will (sufentanil) which is 10 times more potent than fentanyl

be evaluated on economic, legal, public and 1000 times stronger than morphine. Although the
health and safety, environment, social, drug (OK’d only in the U.S.) won’t be available from
pharmacies, it will be used only in surgical rooms,
cultural and community factors, and
emergency departments and for military injuries.
technical considerations.
Witch hazel solutions are astringent (skin-puckering)
“We are excited to move forward to 1 Year RSP or TFSA in nature and were used historically by the Native
identify an appropriate site for the en- Term Deposit* Americans and adopted by Early Puritan settlers in New
ergy from waste facility. Normally you England. It is used even today to treat hemorrhoids,
need a judge to decide where to put bug bites and stings and some say it helps soothe
one of those things, but in our case sunburn. There can be some people who are allergic to
it so try it on a small area of skin first.
we have six municipalities that have
Since the chemical structure of vitamin C was
stepped up and said they would like to
discovered in 1928, it has been recommended for
everything from healthy skin to wound-wound-healing
We’ll Make You Get a to cancer. We need only about 90 mg daily for our body

to function but many people take much more than that.
Smokers do need about twice as much. Use of high-

2.75% * 3.00% *
doses for cancer is not recommended if it replaces
proven treatments.
M-F: 9 - 7 pm • Sat: 9 - 6 pm
1 YR. RSP or TFSA 3 YR. RSP or TFSA Sun & Holidays: 11 - 5 pm
Please call 403-934-9681 TERM DEPOSIT TERM DEPOSIT
to schedule your appointment Strathmore 132 - 2nd Ave.
Dr. Elizabeth Robinson • Dr. Leanne Lesniak Strathmore


#11 - 55 Wheatland Trail, Strathmore
Talk To Us Today. Ph: 403-934-3122
Fx: 403-934-6474 Get the latest new products, special
savings, contests and more sent directly
to your email. Sign up today for the
Value Drug Mart E-letter.
*Offer Ends March 2, 2019. Terms & Conditions Apply.
Page 8 • Strathmore TIMES • February 22, 2019

Thank You
The Strathmore Ladies Curling Committee would like to extend their Cold weather keeps
overnight shelter busy
sincerest appreciation to the following businesses and the countless
volunteers who helped make our 2019 Ladies Bonspiel another successful event!
Platinum sponsorship Chinook Financial Performance Electrical
11 Eleven Liquor Pizza 249
JANET KANTERS Saturday, March 9. Individuals inter-
A&W Ready to Rock
Times Editor ested in participating are asked to raise
Assist Business Centre Real Canadian Liquor Store
pledges/donations, and all funds raised
ATB Financial Rhonda’s Place
The Strathmore Overnight Shelter go directly to the shelter, to help pay for
Bangles Hair Studio and Spa Roadhouse Restaurant
opened Sept. 11, 2018, and during this utility bills, maintenance and upkeep,
Big K Welding Sacred Winds
frigid winter, it’s been a welcome ref- and some foods and laundry supplies.
Booster Juice Shari’s Sweet Sheets “We’re doing (the walk) to raise funds
Canadian Tire Sole Discretion
According to Elizabeth Karp, execu- for the shelter; and also so that people
Debbie Murray (CIR Realty) Speargrass Golf Course
tive director with the Strathmore Over- can gain an understanding of what it’s
EC Gregory Professional Corp Storage Solutions
night Shelter (SOS), the shelter has seen like to be out there at nights when it’s
Enlightened Soles Strathmore Flooring Concepts anywhere from one to seven people really cold,” said Karp. “We’re going to
Epicure – Jennifer Saunders Strathmore Florist stay overnight, depending on circum- do (the walk) no matter the weather be-
Gregg’s Distributors LTD Strathmore Home Hardware stances. cause, well, that’s the point.”
Hidden Secrets Strathmore Station “A lot of our home- The SOS continues to
Image Works Photography Strathmore Times less people are outside work with other pro-
John Deere Studio 86 most of the time, ob- grams in Strathmore as
Joyland Theatre Target Welding LTD viously, finding shel- well as in the surround-
Kaleidoscope Travel The Red Carrot ter by ATM machines ing communities and
Kalon Medical Aesthetics Thirty One (Dahrlyne Knaus) or wherever they can Right now, Wheatland County, to
Love Bug Creations (Janice MacLeod) Tim Horton’s (Shell)
Magnum Cementing Services Tim’s Glass
find warmth,” she said. our greatest help its clients access
“We’re open from 7 some of the help they
Nutrisource Town of Strathmore p.m. to 7 a.m., and we need is more need, whether it’s hous-
Oriental Grill Travelodge send them off with a volunteers ing or employment or
Origin Malting Value Drug Mart lunch. If they’re hun- funding or counselling.
Pampered Chef (Dahrlyne Knaus) gry when they come for intake. “It’s working together
Special thanks to the Legion #10 Ladies Auxiliary for their outstanding catering and to in, we feed them.” with the entire commu-
Mike Smith DJ for providing the nights entertainment. The SOS can accom- nity is really what it is,”
modate 10 adults (men said Karp.
Thank you to all the teams who entered the bonspiel,
and women; they can- The shelter is based
we couldn’t have done it without your support. Elizabeth Karp in the Harvest Healing
not take in children),
and the RCMP and Centre Church. Karp
hospital are key in said the mandate of

helping the homeless the church is based on
find their way to the shelter. James 1:27, “to look after orphans and
Volunteers are integral to keeping the widows – and the homeless. So that’s
Brentwood shelter running, and Karp said about really the heart of the whole matter.”
15 volunteers are currently helping out. Those interested in participating in

Elementary OPEN HOUSE

They do laundry, clean, do intake and the SOS Cold Night Walk fundraiser on
stay during all-night shifts, and help March 9 can obtain a registration form
with myriad other tasks. and pledge sheets by calling 403-619-

School “The volunteers are fantastic,” she 9279, or visiting strathmoreovernight-

noted. “We couldn’t run the shelter
without them. Right now, our greatest “We’ll start the walk at the shelter and
need is more volunteers for intake.” finish it off at the shelter,” said Karp.
The shelter is always in need of fund- “Registration is at 4 p.m. and the walk
ing as well. To that end, the shelter is will start at 5 p.m. There will be stew,
hosting the SOS Cold Night Walk on hot chocolate and refreshments.”

Library seeking funding

JANET KANTERS brary will host the silent auction from
Times Editor March 4-15.
The silent auction idea was spurred
Strathmore Municipal Library is ex- by Natalie Dannett from Custom Hand
periencing a budget shortfall and, as a Crafted Furniture. Donations will be ac-
result, will be hosting a silent auction in cepted until Friday, Feb. 22, and can be

February 27, 2019

Please join us to find out more early March. dropped off at the library. For pick-up,
On Jan. 28, the Strathmore library re- contact Natalie at chcfurniture0713@
about our rich and nurturing
6:00 - 7:00 pm
leased a letter to the public explaining a
Kindergarten and French Immersion budget shortfall and the need to reduce To learn more or to view some of the
programs. hours and programming, and increase auction items already donated, visit ‘I
For more information about our love my Strathmore Library: Communi-
exam invigilation fees.
OPEN HOUSE, please contact ty Silent Auction’ Facebook event page.
Meet the teachers, tour the school, “These fee increases and cuts to ser-
the school at (403) 934-5013 or vices go against the very reason that The library recently cut its library
and see first hand what it is like to libraries exist: to build community, hours as well, citing the funding short-
be part of our school community. fall as a reason. New hours are 10
promote literacy, innovate and provide
universal access,” stated a letter from a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays and
Kindergarten children must be 5 the library board posted to the library Thursdays; 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednes-
years old by February 28th, 2020. website. days; and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays and
To help mitigate the shortfall, the li- Saturdays.

Lost Matinee Added! March 10

Found In the midst of a drought, a search to locate a new well A whimsical reminder that searching

Wingfield on Wingfield Farm ensues. Is it the end of farming for

Walt and Maggie, or can the precious water be found?
can turn up more than what’s lost and
teach us the value of what’s found.

Evenings: March 8 & 9 Matinees: March 9, 10 1-800-267-7553

February 22, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 9

A celebration 80 years in the making

SHS Chief Council Inauguration The Strathmore Lions Club held their 80th anniversary charter night on Feb. 16 at the Strathmore Civic
Centre. The evening hosted 275 people in the largest charter night celebration in Alberta’s history of
Strathmore High School (SHS) held a swearing in ceremony for their first ever Indigenous Chief and Lion’s societies. Along with the usual dinner and speeches, the Strathmore Performing Arts Festival
Council at the school on Feb. 15. Guests included dignitaries from Siksika Nation, Golden Hills School society and the Zuzuki Talent Education Society performed for the crowd. In addition, Judge Brian
Division and, of course, Strathmore High. A total of nine student Councillors and a student Chief were Stevenson, past international Lions president, attended and gave a speech.
sworn in at the ceremony.
Doug Taylor Photo Photo Courtesy of Bruce Bishop

SPAF youth performers

The Strathmore Performing Arts Festival (SPAF) presented “A Taste of the
Festival” as part of the entertainment portion of the Strathmore Lions Club
80th Charter Night Gala on Feb. 16. The performers pictured range in age
from 10-19 and will be participating in the upcoming inaugural Strathmore
Performing Arts Festival running from March 29 to April 9. They performed
a varied program consisting of piano and vocal solos, duets and trios for
a very warm and appreciative audience. Pictured from left to right back
row: David Klassen, Shelby Laycock, Rayanne Laycock, Veronica Slemp,
Janet Ying and Julian Wiley. Front row: Elizabeth Muller, Parker Riou, Ga-
briel Muller. The SPAF has fundraised over $14,000 in the last month and
has close to 210 entries.
Photo Courtesy of Strathmore Performing Arts Festival

Wheatland Industrial Park runoff plagues landowners

Times Contributor development.” property,” said Reeve Amber Link.
There was some discussion whether it was Rocky Ron Warrick, who has historical knowledge of the area and
Wheatland County has had storm water runoff View County’s problem, or Wheatland County’s, farmed the area, stated there is a problem and said it seems
issues in the Highway 1 Wheatland Industrial Park as the area is within intermunicipal boundaries. like there should be a simple remedy. He stated in the 1970s
for many years. Their property is along Boundary Road but falls there were a lot of trees along the adjacent property that may
Harold and Elvira Boldt appeared before county within Rocky View County. Rocky View County skew the findings of the report, as they are no longer there
council on Feb. 5 to encourage them to address directed them to Wheatland County for a solution. to take up large amounts of water. He also said there wasn’t
the problem. The Boldts also said the positioning of a few salination at that time, or the former nursery that was there
“We are here to appeal to you for some help new culverts after road construction has caused wouldn’t have planted trees in the area. He verified the de-
and direction to mitigate the flooding action by pooling runoff onto their land. The landowners velopment has made problems worse.
the industrial park adjacent to our property,” said had tried to remedy the grade of the land by top Councillor Tom Ikert said council would be open to work-
Harold Boldt. dressing measures, but were asked for a $20,000 ing with Rocky View County on solutions and they needed
The Boldts have been experiencing flooding on environmental study prior to approval. They esti- to have staff look into runoff solutions. Boldt urged council
their property for over 12 years. They had sub- mate a personal loss of at least $75,000 in labour to ensure the property owner met the original development
mitted concerns at the original public hearing for and crop losses to date. requirement, by developing a storm water retention pond on
the industrial park and gained assurances at that They asked for the right to top dress the land, the industrial park’s property.
time that water runoff would be contained within the county to fix the culverts, address runoff “Right now, we need to continue to work with the develop-
the confines of the park. The Boldts also included from the Wheatland Industrial Park, mediate with er to put that in place,” said Alan Parkin, Wheatland County
copies of the original projections and references Rocky View County the costs of the environmen- chief administrative officer.
to studies used by council to approve the park. tal review and set up a meeting with all affected Council accepted the information and would discuss their
Some of the original approval conditions have not stakeholders. involvement in regard to the issue at the planning and prior-
yet been met. Mike Ziehr, Wheatland County’s transportation ity meeting.
Storm water runoff concerns for that area have and infrastructure manager, said the County has
come before council several times in the past. The been dealing with the problem in that area since
Boldts presented pictures showing the downhill 2008. He said with the number of wetlands, mov-
slope to their property from the industrial site and ing the water around in the flat topography would
various views of flooding that occurred. They pre- just divert the problem to another area. The origi-
sented historical information that indicated early nal plan called for a pipeline to divert water to
on that the runoff had caused some small pud- Hartell Creek, which empties into Weed Lake. He
dling, but it was predominately handled by the said building a pipeline to Hartell coulee, which
ditch system along Range Road 270. They said is many miles away, would be expensive. With
they could still farm the low-lying regions. the development of a regional storm water plan,
With development, they said increased runoff which may be 10 years away, the county hopes to
causes flooding of the land at least twice a year shunt water through that system via a pipeline. STRATHMORE COMMUNITIES IN BLOOM
and often overflows the ditch on Range Road 270, “Someone else is using our land for their storm SPRING 2019
and the berm that was raised in hopes to contain pond and it isn’t right,” said Elivera Boldt. “Some- WORKSHOP/PRESENTATION
the runoff is not working. In the past, they were body has to do something somewhere. We are sit-
told a 35-acre retention pond on the park’s land ting in a swamp. It is not stopping.”
would be needed to curtail the flooding. This has Ziehr said that in the short term, “we have put SATURDAY MARCH 02, 2019
not been constructed. They said they suspect the restrictions on any new developments that go in 10:00 AM - NOON
removal of topsoil and leaving the clay base dur- there, to ensure they retain some of the drainage
ing construction of the industrial park may have on their own parcels.”
eliminated the area’s ability to absorb water. County council studied a professional agrolo-
They said the excess water is affecting their land gist/biologist review and aerial photos of the
The Strathmore Communities in Bloom Committee (CIB) invites you to our
with spots of salination showing, which affects area, during both spring and fall. Precipitation in spring workshop, where you can learn about recognizing diseases in our
farming practices. both wet and dry years was measured. The results local trees and shrubs, as well as learning how to deal with those.
Presentations by:
“The system has failed us in a number of key showed the wetlands had periods of increased • Donna McCallum, Town of Strathmore horticulturist
areas,” said Harold Boldt. “There has been no in- water retention in 1970 and 1974, prior to the con- • Anita Heuver, Eagle Lake Nurseries
Your questions for the speakers about any landscaping matters are
termunicipal communication between Rocky View struction of the industrial area, and the engineers encouraged. There will be various packages of free seeds to take home,
(County) residents regarding Wheatland County felt the runoff was not a contributing factor in in- as well as draws for some doorprizes!

developments. It appears there is one set of rules creased water levels.

for us that we are expected to follow, but no one “While I am sympathetic to what you are ex- FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK AT @ STRATHMORE COMMUNITIES IN BLOOM

holds Wheatland County or Wheatland Industrial periencing, to council it has been demonstrated
Park accountable to manage the water on their that this is a historical issue that has been on the
Page 10 • Strathmore TIMES • February 22, 2019


Wheatland County Subdivision and Wheatland County Council Chambers March 5, 2019, at 9 a.m.
Development Appeal Board (SDAB) Members
Wheatland County will consider the following applications for Public
Wheatland County is seeking a representative from Division 5 and Division 6 to Hearing at the regular Council meeting on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019.
sit on the SDAB. If you reside outside of these Divisions and still wish to apply,
please submit your application for consideration. The following public hearings begin at 9 a.m. and proceed until all ap-
plications have been heard:
The SDAB deals with subdivision and development appeals in accordance with
the provisions of the Municipal Government Act; and shall exercise any other Bylaw #: 2018-39
powers, duties, and functions as assigned by Wheatland County bylaws or poli- Legal Description: County-Wide; LUB Specific Use Regula-
cies. The SDAB meets as necessary during the day or evening. Members of the tions – Garden Suite Amendment
SDAB serve a three year term and must obtain provincial training.
Proposal: Am end Land Use Bylaw 2016 -01 to update Sec-
Deadline for submission is March 15, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. tion 8.6 Garden Suite which includes amendments to the specif-
ic use regulations, name, and definitions section of the LUB.
Please direct questions and applications to:
Comments may be forwarded in writing to Wheatland County or in person at
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Clerk the above meeting. The application files may be reviewed in the County Office
Wheatland County during regular office hours – Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Any com-
Hwy 1 RR 1, #242006 Range Rd 243 ments provided will become part of the public record in accordance with Sec-
Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1J6 tion 40 (1) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act. Any personal information on submissions made regarding applications is col-
lected under the authority of the FOIP Act Section 33 (c) and subsequent

Development Permit Decisions

versions of the Act.

Notice is hereby given that the WHEATLAND COUNTY Municipal Planning Commis-
sion has approved or refused the following development permit applications on
February 12, 2019:

 File: DP2018-099
Approved with Conditions
Legal: SW 12-24-24-4
Proposal: Variance Request – Existing pump house to side yard property line

 File: DP2019-004
Approved with Conditions
Legal: SE-26-23-25-W4M
Proposal: Garden Suite with Variance Request (Setback from Primary Resi-
dence, Maximum Size)

 File: DP2019-007
Approved with Conditions
Legal: Plan 1465 AD, Block L, Lot 12-22 – Gleichen
Proposal: Parks and Playground Area

Any person who deems they may be affected by the issuance of the development
permit(s) may appeal to the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB) 21
days after the date in which the written decision is given. Each Subdivision and
evelopment Appeal to the county must be accompanied by a $200.00 non-
refundable fee and an appeal application form, to be filed with the SDAB Clerk of
Wheatland County at 242006 Range Road 243 or mailed to: Highway #1, RR #1,
Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1J6
Dated this 22 day of February 2019.


Wheatland County Administration Office March 5, 2019 Upcoming Meetings and Closures
March 5
9 a.m. - Council Meeting
Instruction will consist of classroom sessions, PowerPoint course presentation & exercises. The 70 question
written exam is included with the course registration fee. Lunch is provided along with coffee and sweets.

Class will be taught at the Wheatland County Administration Building

7 Km east of Strathmore off of Hwy #1 & RR 243 March 12
1. FARMER PESTICIDE APPLICATOR CERTIFICATE COURSE (one day) 9 a.m. - Municipal Planning Commission
Includes: a hot lunch and manual (with multiple choice exam at end of the day).
2. RECERTIFICATION ONLY - Certificates expire after five years $100 + GST
$60 + GST - No manual March 13
Please register through Eventbrite by February 28th, 2019. 7 p.m. - Annual General Meeting at Lyalta Hall
Registration is limited to 25 participants. Agenda packages and minutes are available on the website
on the Agendas and Minutes page.
More information available on our website’s events page

Address: 242006 Range Rd 243 Phone: 403-934-3321 Mail: Hwy 1 RR 1, Strathmore, AB, T1P 1J6 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
February 22, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 11

Who let the dogs out?

restated there have been complaints and for safety fac-
Times Contributor
tors it should be dealt with. Councillor Ben Armstrong
said legal costs may take up an equivalent amount in
Wheatland County is working with Siksika Nation to order to get the owner to clean up the property, and
try to solve the stray dog problem in the Gleichen area. once the property was cleaned up it might have better
Stuart Larson, Wheatland County’s emergency, protec- sales value.
tive and fire services manager, said he met with Siksika
justice administration to coordinate some solutions to WADEMSA FEE INCREASES CONSIDERED
the dilemma. County council is considering raising the amount of
“Apparently the situation is a little worse further south money per capita that is transferred to Wheatland and
of the border (Wheatland County and Siksika reserve), District Emergency Medical Association (WADEMSA) dis-
closer to the tail end,” said Larson. “We are making a patch.
commitment to work together and try to solve the prob- “The fees historically were $2, ever since dispatch start-
lem.” ed. Since we were acquired by Alberta Health Services,
Cecil Express Peace officers were encouraged to find some new non-
lethal alternative capture methods. One idea is the use
they don’t fund our dispatch anymore. After a lengthy
Strathmore resident of 20 years, Cecil Rampersaud, cel-
review by the board, to keep our dispatch and to pay for
of net-guns, which fire a net to capture animals. These it would cost about $8 per cap,” said Deputy Reeve Glenn
ebrated his retirement from working for the City of Calgary
types of guns are widely used in wildlife and research Koester. “The biggest draw is it is a local dispatch. Our
as a Calgary Transit bus driver for 31 years. Rampersaud
has also volunteered his time with the Strathmore Citizens operations. dispatchers know (the area and residents) and they are
on Patrol, learned Spanish from the Wheatland Further “The dogs are getting smarter, so when they see the also now getting first responders out. We were having is-
Education Society and has volunteered as a Spanish tu- cars they are taking off,” said Larson. sues with Alberta Health Services getting first responders
tor with The Strathmore Language Group and has been Siksika administration is moving forward to require li- out in a timely manner. We are tracking that and the only
a member of Strathmore’s Royal Canadian Legion since censing for owned dogs on the reserve. way we can do that is through our dispatch.”
2016. To celebrate his retirement, the City of Calgary com-
missioned the “Cecil Express” bus to pick him up at his Koester said other municipalities in the county were
WHAT TO DO WITH THE OLD CLUNY HALL? contacted on the increases and supported the raise. He
home in Strathmore and drop him off at his retirement
party at the Strathmore Legion on Feb. 16.
County council approved moving forward with ac- emphasized that the issue is not just about money, it is
quiring the old Cluny Hall that had been up for bidding also about the quality of service for ratepayers.
Photo Courtesy of Amanda Rampersaud
through negligent taxation rules. The county stated there
had been a few complaints about the abandoned prop- SAFETY CODE CONTRACTOR
erty, so staff did an environmental assessment. Some of Wheatland County’s business goes to contrac-
“There was a very low risk that there could be an en- tors who supply service to the county. One of those is
vironmental hazard on it,” said Brian Henderson, Wheat- safety inspections on construction activity in the county.
land County’s corporate and financial services general Park Enterprises Incorporated of Lethbridge was chosen
manager. “So with this property, there is a vacant building from the tenders for the new contract. The contract runs
on it that will need to be demolished and taken away.” for three years, 2019-2022.
The cost for the demolition would be $33,500. If there Councillor Tom Ikert asked about the criteria for choos-
are contaminants found in the demolition process it may ing the company from the applicants.
require additional funds. The building is not viable for “Staff went through a number of requirements. Pric-
restoration. ing was one of them, but not the only one. There was
Love at first sight “What happens if we don’t do this?” asked Councillor also qualifications of the staff, the system they use that
Pet Valu hosted an adoption weekend in partnership with
Tom Ikert. “This is $35,000 and the guy that owns the complies more to what our system is, experience and of
Happy Cat Sanctuary from Feb. 15-17 in celebration of property now doesn’t want to spend the $35,000. With it course reference checks,” said Alan Parkin, Wheatland
National Adoption Weekend. Several cats from Happy Cat being in Cluny, if we hang on to it, in 30 or 40 centuries County’s chief administrative officer.
were on hand for people to play and cuddle with, and ap- it will be worth $35,000 for that lot.” There were 174 development permits received and re-
ply to adopt. The other option was to leave it as it exists. Henderson viewed last year.
Rose Hamrlik Photo

Strathmore Times 5x7.5

Improving to serve
you better in a n
JOIN US FOR OUR BIG Thank you to everyone who helped
with the Wheatland Kings
Tuesday, March 12, 2019
11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. “Night Out with Drew Gregory.”
STRATHMORE UFA FARM Your help keeps the Kings going!
58 Slater Rd. • 403-934-6684 Cervus • Westcor Construction
Country Living & Garden Center - Okotoks
Chem-Aqua • Crystal Ridge Dental
Rocky Mountain Equipment • Tri-M Design
Sarah Vander Ploeg • Origin Malt & Brewing Co.
Sherry & Kevin Tyson • Original Joes - Strathmore
UFA - Strathmore

Special thanks to MC Natalie Johnstone, Strathmore Now

Drew Gregory and Sirroma Music
Leela Aheer for donating the 50/50 back
Tammy Hoff for the fantastic meal plus
Shantelle and Jamie for bar service

The Kings family, as well as regular seasons sponsors,

too many to list...
© 2018 UFA Co-operative Ltd. All rights reserved. 13298

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Page 12 • Strathmore TIMES • February 22, 2019

Town Hall Meetings

Tuesday, Feb. 26th Wednesday, Feb. 27th

6:00 pm- 8:00 pm 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm

Strathmore Legion Carseland Community




to all our Sponsors & Fans
for all you do to support the

Y Strathmore Kings this season!

See you next season! Michelle

FEBRUARY 22, 2019

Strathmore Black Knights vs Airdrie Jets Strathmore Blue Thunder vs Airdrie TimBits

McKenna Husband won gold during the Special Olympics

Alberta Winter Games Calgary 2019.
Photo Courtesy LeeAnn Praud

Local wins gold at

Strathmore Yellow vs
Purple Hurricanes Strathmore Red vs Okotoks Oilers

Special Olympics
Times Editor

Twenty-one-year-old McKenna Husband is a

gold medalist after placing first in a figure skat-
ing competition during the Special Olympics
Alberta Winter Games Calgary 2019.
Strathmore Blue Thunder vs Airdrie TimBits Husband, from Strathmore, received gold in
the Level 1 Free Skate competition.
Strathmore Red vs Okotoks Oilers “I’ve been figure skating since I was six or
seven,” says Husband. “And this is my first gold
at provincials.”
Husband started skating with the Gleichen
Skating Club, but at the age of 10, her family
moved to Strathmore and she joined Calgary
Special Olympics where she has since honed
her talents on the ice.
Getting to the provincials is no easy feat. Hus-
band trains once a week at the Calgary Olym-
pic Oval between October and March. She also
swims at SAIT and participates in track and
field competitions in Edmonton and Ponoka.
So, what’s next for the star skater?
“We’re going to wait and see what my results
Strathmore Yellow vs are because we’re not sure if I’ve made enough
Strathmore Black Knights vs Airdrie Jets Purple Hurricanes
points for me to be qualified for nationals,” said

Tremendous tourney
Her mom, LeeAnn Praud, added they’re not
quite sure when they’ll hear about next steps.
“McKenna is still training, and then she’s go-
ing with the Special Olympics skating team to a
The four timbit teams in Strathmore Minor Hockey hosted their annual tournament on Feb. 18 at the Strathmore Family Centre. Over the
competition in Airdrie in March,” she said.
course of the entire day, the Strathmore squads hosted teams from Southern Alberta.
Doug Taylor Photos

Our office is located at
122 2nd Ave. Strathmore, AB
Fax: 403-934-4800
Nancy Stairs Steve Farran Alisa Wurz Ashley Newbon
(403) 934-1625 (403) 901-9335 (403) 934-7903
Unlicened Assistant
(403) 934-3900
Residential • Acreage • Commercial
32+17+2 yrs of Award Winning Experience Visit our Website to find your DREAM HOME @
Page 14 • Strathmore TIMES • February 22, 2019
February 22, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 15

Pass the Salt

“THE TIMES THEY ARE my people make. They are
A CHANGIN”* being treated cruelly by the
Egyptians. I’m sending you to
Yes, they certainly have Pharaoh to bring my people,
and they certainly are. My the People of Israel, out of
grandmother was born in Egypt.”
1901 and passed in 2003, just Moses was shocked! “Who
before her 102 birthday. She me? Why me? What makes
saw revolutionary changes in you think I can do this? I’m
the automobile, the airplane, not eloquent. Find someone
the telephone, kitchen else!”
appliances, clothing styles, Each time God answered,
education … almost every “You can do this because I
aspect of life. Life changed. will be with you.” “I will give
How do we cope with such you the words to say.” “I’ll be
changes? right there with you, teaching
Moses was married with kids. you step by step.”
He was a sheep-herder in God is the one constant we
the land of Midian. All noble can count on in this life of
Silver and bronze Star finishes callings. One day while out change. Sometimes God
The Strathmore Skating Club took part in the Central Region STARSkate Invitational at Rocky Mountain House on Feb. 8-10. tending the sheep, he saw a calls us to make changes
Olivia Beardsell (l-r) captured a bronze medal in Star 4, Taylor Ryan skated to silver in Star 3 and Paige LaBossiere won a silver
medal in Star 3.
bush that was on fire yet not but reassures us that his
Photos Courtesy of Kathleen Beardsell consumed. presence will be with us,
God saw that he had stopped enveloping us, encouraging
to look and called from the us, loving us and blessing us
bush, “Moses. Moses. Take along the way – always. God
off your sandals. You are with us. Thanks be to God.
standing on holy ground. I *Bob Dylan, 1964.
am the God of your fathers,
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Rev. Pamela Scott
Team Garnett com-
I have heard the cry for help Strathmore United Church
peted in the Boston
Pizza Cup 2018 for a
chance to win a ticket
to the Brier. Skip Scott
Garnett (l-r), third Tyler 105 Main St. Carseland Holy Cross Collegiate School Gym
Lautner, second Craig 403-934-9337 709B - 2nd Street, Strathmore
Bourgonje and lead Pastor: Kevin Enns 403-934-2641
Matthew McDonald. Pastor: Fr. Wojciech Jarzecki
Photo Courtesy of Sunday Worship: 10 am Masses: Saturday 5 pm • Sunday 10 am
103 - 227 3rd Ave.

Team Garnett in limbo after provincials

(1 PET. 2:9) 587-727-0649
322 A 2nd Avenue, Strathmore
403-714-2283 Rev. Malcolm Kern
BRADY GROVE Cup at the Medicine Hat Qualifier on Jan. 12. Pastor: Sunday Adeola Sunday Morning Worship 10:00 am
Times Reporter The team is facing an uncertain future as Lead Sunday Worship: 10:30 am “Becoming fully alive in Jesus Christ”
Matthew McDonald will be leaving the team to Wednesday Bible Study: 7 pm HOPE COMMUNITY
The Strathmore and District Curling Club was focus on being a father to his new second child. COVENANT CHURCH
represented by Team Garnett at the 2019 Boston “I got another little one on the way at the end STRATHMORE FULL GOSPEL CHURCH 245 Brent Blvd, Strathmore • 403-934-2424
Pizza Cup Provincials with aspirations of qualify- of April so that was kind of my swan song,” said 50 Maplewood Drive • 403-934-2225 Pastor: Heidi Wiebe
Senior Pastor: Rev. Les Fischer Worship Service Sundays 10 am
ing for the Brier, but things didn’t go their way McDonald. “It was definitely a little emotional for
me to know that I’d be stepping away from the Youth Pastor: Rev. Kyle Lomenda
as the club was eliminated by Team Harty 8-5 on
Feb. 8 in Edmonton. game.” 9 am - 4 pm • Tues - Wed - Thur 325 1 Ave • 403-934-3543
“We beat them (Harty) down south to get to pro- According to McDonald, one of the strengths of Worship Service: 10:30 am Corner of 1 Ave & Wheatland Trail
vincials but then they rallied off two wins against the team is the camaraderie the guys have with Children’s Church & Nursery in Service Lead Pastor: Mike Wiebe
us,” said Skip Scott Garnett. “We just couldn’t get each other, and it helps them stay competitive Extending Grace - igniting hope Associate Pastor: John Duerksen
anything going.” and work well together. Youth/Worthip Inter: Connor Hyde
Team Garnett came ready to play against Team Garnett and McDonald have known each oth- LORD OF ALL (NALC) LUTHERAN 10:00 am Worship Service
112 Lakeside Blvd. • 403-934-2374
Harty and scored three points in the first end to er for about 12 years. McDonald’s leaving didn’t
surprise Garnett because he knows how time- Pastor: Dawn Nelson
put their opponent behind the eight-ball. But STRATHMORE UNITED
Worship Schedule Wheatland Trail & 3rd Avenue
slowly, throughout the remainder of the game, consuming curling is and it costs a lot of money Thursday Evening 7:00 pm
which can be a big barrier for some athletes. 403-934-3025
Team Harty inched their way back in it and took Sunday Family 10:30 am Rev. Pamela Scott
the lead with a four-point third end. Team Garnett “It’s a hard decision to make at this point in my Christian Education Sunday Worship 10:30 am
wouldn’t score another point until the seventh career; I’d like to keep curling but I’ve already For All - Ages 3-103 Sunday School 10:30 am
Sunday at 9:30 am
end and Team Harty managed to shut them down got a two-year-old at home and another one on Nursery Care Provided
Join us in Praising our Lord, Jesus Christ! Wheel Chair Accessible
in the final two ends. the way, and I’d like to spend at least a year with
Loop system for the hearing impaired
Team Garnett started the tournament against them,” said McDonald. STRATHMORE SEVENTH-DAY
Team Harty in the A event and suffered a heavy Garnett, third Tyler Lautner and second Craig ADVENTIST CHURCH HARVEST HEALING CENTRE CHURCH
defeat, 9-3. However, they began to pick up Bourgonje don’t have any children which gives Meeting in the Lutheran Church 102 Canal Gardens
112 Lakeside Blvd. 587-227-6956 403-901-0893 / 403-880-3171
momentum, winning two close games; first 8-6 them more flexibility. According to Garnett, Mc- Pastor: Donald Pierre
Donald brought a lot of experience and stability Pastor: Elizabeth Karp
against Team Leach and then a 9-8 nail-biter Services held every Saturday Pastor: Dave Mackie
against Team Sluchinski. The club was one game to the team. Sabbath School: 10 AM Worship Sundays 10:30 am
away from the B event qualifier for the Brier. Free agency has now started for most curling Worship Service: 11 AM Youth Tuesdays 7 pm
teams in Alberta and according to Garnett, the
“Rattling off two wins was great. It was a bum- Come Join us for a spirit-filled time of worship
mer not to make playoffs,” said Garnett. “For us team is taking a breather before deciding what
to expect to make playoffs at this stage of our to do in the future, whether that’s starting a new
careers is a bit silly, but it’s definitely something I team or filling in McDonald’s place.
have ambitions to get to in the future.” “It was a great season. We felt we learned a
The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
Making the Brier has been Garnett’s curling lot and we continue to improve,” said Garnett. 60 Maplewood Drive | Bishop Justin Hansen |
dream, but qualifying for the Olympics has also “But at the same time, you see that two of the 403-983-2746 | | Worship Service Sundays 10 a.m.
been in his mind and winning at provincials is the top teams in the world are in your province and
first step to achieving those goals. This was Team you’ll see teams start to split up so that together


Garnett’s second time at provincials. According to you can take on those top teams.”
Garnett the team struggled early in the year at the Garnett sits on the board of the Strathmore and
qualifier matches and had trouble closing. District Curling Club and wants to get more kids
“Getting into qualifying games is always a chal-
lenge to do,” said Garnett. “Finally, we pulled
together four wins in a row at southerns and it
in the community playing the sport. One thing
Garnett did was took brooms to the Boston Piz-
za Cup and got them signed by some of the top
Call 403-934-5589
was pretty exciting to come through and get to teams, including curling legend Kevin Martin, for
another provincials.” the Junior Bonspiel in Strathmore on Feb. 22-23
Team Garnett qualified for the Boston Pizza which teams can win.
Page 16 • Strathmore TIMES • February 22, 2019

Playoff bound
Despite a 7-1 loss to Rockyview on Feb. 8 at the Strathmore Family Centre, the Strathmore Storm
midget-A female team is preparing for their playoff series versus Okotoks beginning on Feb. 24 (4 p.m.)
at the Family Centre. Doug Taylor Photo

Spartans girls lose nail-biter

in finals
Times Reporter

It all came down to the last two min-
utes of play, but the Strathmore High
Despite a solid regular season, the Wheatland Kings were ousted by the Medicine Hat Cubs in the first School (SHS) senior girls Spartans lost
round of the Heritage Junior B Hockey League playoffs. The Kings fell 2-0 on home ice Feb. 12 before 42-39 to the Cochrane High School Co-
losing 5-2 in Game 2 on Feb. 14 in the best-of-three series. Doug Taylor Photos bras in the finals at the SHS basketball
tournament on Feb. 16.

Kings swept
“I’m disappointed that we lost but
I’m happy with where we are at. I
think our kids are competing with
every team now,” said Spartans head

out of playoffs
coach Kyle Larson. “Even though we’re
really young I’m pretty excited about
it. I didn’t know we would be at this
point this year.”
The Cobras were on point in the
first quarter and found every hole
BRADY GROVE but the puck just wouldn’t go in.” and opening in the Spartans defense,
Times Reporter “They’d get an odd man rush and and held a comfortable 18-5 lead. But
put it in,” said Kings Captain Cole things turned around for the Spartans
The Strathmore Wheatland Kings Busslinger. “Whereas us we’d hit the in the second as their full-court press
season came to an end at the hands of post, or their goalie would make a re- started to yield turnovers and points.
a bitter rival in the Medicine Hat Cubs, ally good save.” The Spartans found themselves trailing
who beat the Kings in two straight The Kings ended the regular sea- 24-19 at the end of the half.
games in a best of three series. son with an 18-17-3 record, finishing The Spartans continued to inch
The Cubs beat the Kings 2-0 on Feb. fourth in the southern division. They closer to the Cobras in the third and a
12 in Strathmore and completed the were ninth in goals for with 154, and couple of big threes from ace shooter
sweep with a 5-2 win on Feb. 14 in seventh in goals against with 148. Ac- Kennedy Shiner and the skilled Justine
Medicine Hat. cording to Muenchrath, a local player, Larson had them within two points.
“I think we just came up against an playing in front of the home crowd It was back and forth between the
older, veteran Medicine Hat team,” said was a big plus this year. clubs, with Justine Larson making a
Kings head coach Joel Robinson. “I “Our crowd every night is just crazy. free throw to take the lead with two
give kudos to Medicine Hat. They re- Best crowd by far in the league and it minutes remaining. But it wasn’t meant
ally dug deep and came out and really just makes it so fun because you know to be for the Spartans at their home
wanted to show us that they were will- everyone and it’s just a great atmo- tournament as the Cobras countered
sphere,” said Muenchrath. quickly and scored a couple of quick Veteran Spartan Kennedy Shiner lets the mid
ing to play with us in the series.”
range shot go during the SHS basketball tourna-
In Game 1 of the series, the Kings Several of the Kings leadership group baskets, retaking the lead and the
had home advantage and Kings goal- played in their final junior B game championship. Brady Grove Photo
ie Brett Willan made 37 saves to give against the Cubs, including Busslinger. Cobras head coach Randy Peron
his team a chance to win. But they “You get this sort of pit in your stom- counted on his team’s experience to COBRAS BEAT SPARTANS BOYS IN
struggled to get any offense going and ach because you know you’re never guide them through the final minutes, BRONZE MEDAL GAME
didn’t really find their game until the going to go through that again,” said and it paid off. The Spartans senior boys co-host-
final frame of the period. Busslinger. “I wanted to play competi- “When we had to stop them, number ed the tournament with the girls and
The Kings outshot the Cubs 13-5 in tive hockey for as long as I can, and 7 (Larson) in particular, our team de- found themselves facing off against the
the third and had two quality chances I’ve always played all of my hockey in fense, our Grade 12s stepped up and Cobras in the bronze medal game at
to tie it. Star centre Lucas Muenchrath Strathmore.” defended like there was no tomorrow,” Crowther Memorial Junior High School
fired a laser beam of a wrist shot that The Kings are now taking some time said Peron. “That’s a true sign of an ex- on Feb. 16.
rang off the crossbar from the top to decompress and evaluate their sea- perienced veteran team versus a very The Spartans fell 105-69 to the Co-
circle, and leading scorer Isaac Ben- son. According to Robinson, it’s still good opponent who’s still young and bras as the Cochrane club had the
oit was robbed by Cubs goalie Brett too early to say for sure who will be they’re going to get better in the next Strathmore club’s number on the
Vanderveer with a couple minutes re- back next year because the players and two years.” weekend.
maining. staff need to make decisions on mul- According to the Spartans head “We kind of thought we wouldn’t
The series shifted back to Medicine tiple things, such as school schedules coach, the club was beaten badly by have to work too hard and we would
Hat for Game 2 and the Kings struggled and job opportunities. 25 points by the Cobras earlier in the still win,” said Spartans head coach
to get going early. The Cubs scored a However, Robinson stressed to his year. Making it this close was a huge Matt Laslo. “It was a positive learning
single goal in the first and added two players at the end of the year that they improvement for the club. experience no matter what. Even if you
more halfway through the second. The were a young team and they could The Spartans beat HJ Cody 69-44 in lose a game you can learn something
Kings made it 4-2 by the end of the build on this season. Strathmore also their first game to stay in the winners from it.”
second, but they just couldn’t find a has a plethora of AA players coming bracket. They defeated Bow Valley 52- The Spartans won their first game
way to get the puck past Vanderveer up which can be used by the Kings. 39 to advance to the championship decisively 79-24 versus Canmore. They
in the third who took the first star of “You give it two or three years and game. were beaten in their second game by
the game. I think we’ll have a championship in Meanwhile, the girls have a chance Brooks.
“All series we just couldn’t get any Strathmore,” said Robinson. “We are to make it to the league final if they The Spartans are off for a week and
bounces,” said Muenchrath. “We’d hit going to be a force to be reckoned can get past Holy Trinity on Wednes- then they will head into league play-
crossbars and get our opportunities, with.” day, Feb. 27. offs and zones.
February 22, 2019 • Strathmore TIMES • Page 17
Braves on both Obituary Obituary
US. Business planning, train-
ing and advisory services
available. Flexible and af-

Mary-Annabelle Arnold Leon fordable loans. Call CF Wild TIMES!
(Ornburn) September 11, 1926 Rose or 403-934-5589
March 8, 1924 – February 6, 2019 for more information.

~ February 11, 2019 Arnold passed away quietly at the age of 92, on Feb. NOTICES
After a fall a year ago, Annabelle had struggled with 6, 2019 at Breton, Alberta.
Times Reporter Arnold was born in Calgary and raised on the family

her health residing in the Drumheller Health Centre/
farm near Standard, Alberta. The Farm meant a great
Gleichen & District
Continuing Care where she passed away peacefully
It was a tale of two stories for the in her sleep on February 11, 2019 at the age of 94 deal to him and he was always welcomed “home” for Community Association
Wheatland Braves as they lost 7-1 to the visits by his dear nephew Brian Rasmussen (Shelley)
Lethbridge Hurricanes Red on Feb. 15 in Annabelle was born March 8, 1924 in Calgary, Alberta and family. Arnold had a fine intellect and success-
fully applied his outstanding mechanical aptitude and
Hussar, but rebounded for a 7-3 victory to Floyd and Julia Ornburn of Standard, Alberta. She
over the Okotoks Oilers Green on Feb. trained as a teacher and graduated in 1943 and then ingenuity to a multitude of projects, business ven-
taught school at the Two Bar School in Wintering Hills tures and farming. If a machine that he needed didn’t
16 in Strathmore.
from 1944-1946. Annabelle met Buster (William) exist, he’d design and build it. He also contributed
The local double-A peewee team out-
Armstrong when he was playing guitar at the school greatly to his brothers’ racing endeavors, from the Monday February 25, 2019
shot the Hurricanes 30-28, but they just dance and they were married December 28, 1946. track on the farm to the Indy 500. He loved his pets 7:00 PM
couldn’t find the back of the net enough Annabelle was a very community minded lady, she and enjoyed his long time in the Breton area.
to remain in the game. Braves forward did many things; wrote the weekly column for Hus- He is survived by Gail, his loving wife of almost 39 Gleichen Community Hall
Luc Trevors was the lone goal scorer for sar for fifteen years in many newpapers including the years and by the children from his first marriage: Val
the local club. Drumheller Mail, she also wrote a column for garden- Rasmussen, Gerri Rasmussen (Ulrich Hofer), Janet
The Braves peppered the Oilers goal- ing for a few newspapers, she was an avid gardener Rasmussen (Frank Albus), Brenda Scott, Blaine Ras-
tender in the next game, outshooting since childhood, travelled commercially for Fuller mussen and Bev Brown (Gerry), 11 grandchildren and
Strathmore Minor Ball

Brush, & Rawleigh companies, volunteered with the 9 great-grandchildren.
their opponents by 18 with 11 different Arnold is also survived by his sister Lois Paulson and
church in many capacities including teaching Bible
Braves players finding the score sheet. Study, involved in many community events. Anna- brother Eldon Rasmussen (Dianne), as well as numer-
Braves goalie Connor White made 24 belle will be sadly missed by her family. ous nieces and nephews.
saves for the win. Annabelle was predeceased by her parents Floyd & Arnold was predeceased by his brother Gordon Ras-
The season is winding down and the mussen and sisters Dagny Anderson and Lucille For-
February 28 @7pm
Julia, her husband of 35 years Buster, her second
Braves head into their second last week- husband Alvin Slattery of 6 years, her daughters Pat, tier.
end with a record of 14-10-5, sitting Susan Anne, great granddaughter Emma, sisters; At Arnold’s request, there will be no service. The fam-
fourth in the south conference. Rose, Lila Mae and Dianne. ily would like to thank the staff at Breton Long Term
Care where Arnold spent his last few months after a
Chuck Mercer Room
Annabelle’s legacy at the time of her passing included
They will face off against the Airdrie
Lightning Red on Feb. 22 at 7:30 p.m.
three sons; William Armstrong, Ben (Terry) Armstrong, long, healthy adventure of a life. Memorial Contribu- Strathmore Civic Centre
Rick (Harriet) Armstrong, four grandchildren; Mamie tions may be made to Breton Long Term Care, 4919
at the Strathmore Family Centre and Anne (Phil), Chris (Krista), Clay(Colleen), Jamie(Lisa) 49 Avenue, Breton, Alberta T0C 0P0.
then head on the road to play against and their families, eight great grandchildren; Kylee, Photos, memories and condolences can be shared at
the Central Alberta Selects on Feb. 24 in Cort, Orrin, Olivia, Maren, Nathan, Myja, Riley, three Serenity Funeral Services: CONTACT
Lacombe. sisters; Hazel Calahan, Pat Wheeler, Peggy Thomson,
and numerous nieces and nephews.
Funeral Services were held on Saturday, February 16,
NING STREAK 2019 at Our Saviour’s Lutheran Community Church ACCOUNTING AND
The Wheatland Chiefs are starting to
roll as the season comes to an end. They
in Hussar, Alberta. The family invited all to attend and
have a time of fellowship and light refreshment at the Obituary BOOKKEEPING SERVICES
Hussar Community Hall following the church service.
picked up two wins on the weekend;
first, 5-1 against the Central Alberta Se-
If friends so desire, in lieu of flowers, memorial dona-
tions may be made to Our Saviour’s Lutheran Com-
SACKETT, Colby 403-453-7835
On Thursday, February 14, 2019,
lects on Feb. 16 in Hussar; and second, munity Church or Hussar Cemetery. Courtney-Win-
Colby Scott Allen Sackett, at the age
ter’s Funeral Homes are in care of the arrangements. With a dedicated, highly trained, professional team
3-2 against the Taber Golden Suns on of 18, was tragically lost to us just that works closely with you, our main goal is to
Feb. 17 in Taber. outside of Beiseker, Alberta. take care of our clients through sound balancing
The wins have pushed the local dou- Colby is survived by his parents, Scott and Kerry of their books. Offering full bookkeeping, payroll,
ble-A midget team to .500 with a 14-14-3
record, which puts them in fifth place in Obituary (Grabo) Sackett; his brother Jaxon; Grandparents
Rod and Pat Grabo, and Glenn and Donna Sackett;
personal and corporate tax preparation for various
types of corporations and small businesses.
the south conference. uncles and aunts Derek and Raegan Grabo with chil-
The Chiefs have a pair of home games GROENEVELD, Peter dren Kloee and Wren, Dean and Monica Grabo with “Keeping your numbers in order so you
(Andrew) Peter Groeneveld passed children Mikayla and Melyssa, Kathy Sackett with her
coming up: the Golden Suns get a chance daughter Allena; “framily” Kevin and Lynae Kiers with
can relax, that’s our job”
at revenge on Feb. 23 at 4:45 p.m.; and away suddenly and peacefully after a
short illness at Peter Lougheed hos- children Barbara and Bethany; and his girlfriend, Julia
the Okotoks Oilers will visit on Feb. 24 Self.
pital in Calgary Alberta on February
at 4:15 p.m. Besides his family, Colby was loved by a large ex-
14, 2019. He was 82 years old. Billie, his wife of 44 Western IrrIgatIon DIst
years, and his son Matthew were by his side. He is tended family and great group of close friends. His Box 2372, 105 - 900 Pine road, strathmore,

WARRIORS ON LONG small childhood community of Beiseker-Levelland

survived by his wife and son, his two grandchildren FORM 5
UNDEFEATED RUN Cedar and May Rose, his brother Les, and his sisters played an immeasurable role in making him the Irrigation Districts Act
(Section 85/86)
amazing person that he became.
The Wheatland Warriors have been
one of the top teams in the league this
Elsie and Teresa. He was predeceased by his parents
Nellie and Andrew, his younger brother Bernie, and Colby was most recently attending Parkview Adven-
tist Academy in Lacombe, Alberta. The impact of his
year and continued to prove why with a son Scott Andrew. Irrigation Districts Act (Sections
TAKE NOTE54, that 58, 59) have been received by
Peter was born Feb 8, 1937 at the High River hospital. life and passing has been greatly felt by all that knew the Western Irrigation District to change the area of the Dis
4-1 win against the Airdrie Lightning on Local Authorities Election Act (Section 26)
He was the eldest of 5 children. He spent his life as him. Applications to remove parcels consist of:
Feb. 15 at the Strathmore Family Cen- Along with the Beiseker and Lacombe communities, Western Irrigation District
a dedicated farmer raising pigs, cattle, and grain at
tre and a 4-2 road victory against the different times in his career. He was a lifelong con- Colby was shaped by the many friends and faculty in the Province of Alberta
Okotoks Oilers on Feb. 16. tributor to the community, serving over 50 years as in Strathmore, Alberta during his 11 years at Brent-
Notice is hereby given that nominations are open
The local double-A bantam team a Carseland Lions member, holding many different wood Elementary, Crowther Memorial Junior High,
and Strathmore High Schools. The memorial, as from the date of this publication until 4:00 pm
is now riding an eight-game winning positions within the club. on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 for the election
Peter was forever an optimist, even in hard times. His mentioned above, will have a concurrent live-stream
streak. They have a record of 28-3-1 and of candidates for the following offices and will
smile and laughter will be missed by all who knew shown at the Strathmore High School, where all are
sit in first place in the league. welcome to attend. be received at the location of the office of the
They will wrap up their regular season him.
Colby had been accepted to the criminal justice pro- Western Irrigation District set out below:
Memorial services was held on Wednesday, February
next weekend against the Olds Grizzlys gram in Lethbridge, which was the first step towards
20, 2019 at the Carseland Community Hall at 1:00 Office(s) Number Division
Any person wishing to complain is required to submit a written com
on Feb. 22 in Hussar and the Red Deer p.m. with lunch after. his hope to be an RCMP officer. The character, em- of Vacancies
Western Number
Irrigation District at Box 2372 105-900 Pine Road, Strathm
Steel Kings on Feb. 24 at 1:30 p.m. at the To send condolences, please visit Peter’s obituary at pathy, and kindness that would have qualified him to T1P 1K3 within 30 days after the date of the publication of this

Strathmore Family Centre. that task are not only tributes to the family and com-
munities that raised him, but were the same quali-
Director 1 1
Jim Webber, P. Eng.
General Manager
Western Irrigation District
Director 1 4

ties that we watched pour out of his young life for 18
Thinking years. Colby will be so greatly missed.
A memorial service was held on Thursday, February
Ways 21, 2019 at the College Heights SDA Church in La-
Electoral Division 1 which comprises Townships
to 21, 22, 23 and 24 in Ranges 20, 21 and 22.
Recycle combe at 1:00 p.m. A live stream of the service was
shown at Strathmore High School. Electoral Division 4, which comprises Township
To send condolences, please visit Colby’s obituary at 24 in Ranges 26, 27 and 28 and Townships 25, 26
We are too and 27 in Ranges 25, 26, 27 and 28.
Thirty percent of the
recycled newsprint is Nominations must be in the form prescribed by the
used to create paper for
more newspapers. Irrigation Districts Act and can be obtained from
Recycling one ton of
newspaper saves three
Western Irrigation District;
tons of wood pulp. location being 105 - 900 Pine Road, Strathmore.
Book Your
Book Your Classified Ad Today!
That’s 19 trees!

CLASSIFIED AD Today! DATED at the Town of Strathmore in the Province

of Alberta, this 7th day of February 2019.
recycle this
403.934.5589 • Fax 403.934.5546 Call the Strathmore TIMES David McAllister, P. Eng, MSc, MBA
Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association – recognizing the efforts of community newspapers
Email: 403.934.5589 Returning Officer

“Our Doors are Always Open”

Page 18 • Strathmore TIMES • February 22, 2019
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MENT? Other medical condi- for 12-15 cow/calf pairs for
tions that lead to restrictions LOCATION LOCATION 2019 grazing season and be-
in walking/dressing? $2,500 LOCATION. Commercial
yond if possible. Please call yearly tax credit. $40,000 rental. Warehouse for (403) 650-7165. WESTMOUNT DR.
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vote, at 7 pm on March 12th! THIS IS VERY COUNTY SETTING MODULAR in adult only building
Any person who is directly affected by the appli-
IMPORTANT!! Thank you all!
We are looking for an experienced -
cation may submit a statement of concern, within HOME near Strathmore. 2
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our day-to-day accounting requirements. SD Incl. elec. & gas. Pet ne- For more information
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Handy Kinda Guy Cover Up Painting

• Painting • Plumbing
• Small Renovations FREE ESTIMATES
• Decks & Fences INTERIOR / EXTERIOR
• APPLIANCE Mason Walstra
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All Decked Out AB BRO-TECH

MM Tile Installations
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INC. backsplashes, fireplaces.

General Contracting • Hotwater Tanks

• Renovations
• Furnaces
• Hydronic Heating
• Bathroom remodeling
• Tub to shower conversions
• Service Work • Gas Fitting • Demo
Kitchens, Bathroom Renos • New Construction • Sewer Cleaning/
• Commercial Sewer Camera Murray Merkel
Basement Developments PRESTON & DYLAN CARL Tile Installer/Owner
Additions, Roofing LICENSED JOURNEYMAN Like us on Facebook 403.807.9700
Fences & Decks 403-983-7671

Aluminum Rail

Residential - Commercial - Industrial

Vinyl & Composite Decking
Farm & Yard - Bucket Truck Service Bill Evans 403-901-8875 www.
Master Electricians Wes Breault 403-999-7097 ROOFING
Phone: 403-934-7188

Serving Southern Alberta Since 1999
Home Sweet Decks
Specializing in Insurance Claims • Private one on one tutoring for your children in
Your Complete Exterior Finishing Company
ELECTRICAL the comfort of your own home for $35 per hour.

McNeill’s Inc. & More Ltd. Experts in Vinyl Siding, Soffit and Fascia
Continuous Eavestroughing • Windows & Reroofs
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Aluminum and Smart Board Batons • Better than any learning centre.

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING Cell: 403-968-9211 • Work: 403-934-4334

Fax: 403-934-4422 • Email: UPHOLSTERY
Dennis McNeill - Master Electrician
Dennis 403-934-7249
McNeill - Master Electrician Vinyl & Composite Decking For a FREE QUOTE Call Tom
Ace Custom
403-934-7249 Aluminum & Glass Railing ROOFING Repair, Build & Upholstery
Strathmore, Alberta
Strathmore, Alberta Windwalls/Privacy Walls Strathmore AB

• R.V. Interiors

• Golf Cart, Bike, ATV,

R Snowmobile Seats & Boat Tarps

Over 25 Years Experience • Free Quotes
• Equipment and Vehicle Fronts
Have a ‘Home Sweet Deck’ kind of day!!
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Prairie Home Roofing Ltd.

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Prairie Home Roofing Ltd.
Get the job done right the FIRST time! WATER SYSTEMS
Get the job done right the FIRST time!
STRATHMORE’S www. Prairie Home Roofing
Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Residential Roofing • Roof Repair
Metal Roofing

Get the job done

Metal right••the
Roofing Siding
FIRST time!
Fascia •• Eavestrough

Services! HEAVY DUTY MECHANIC Residential Roofing • Roof Repair

Calgary• 403-796-5381
Metal Roofing 403-796-5381
Soffit & Fascia 403-901-7484
• Eavestrough
Strathmore 403-901-7484
Calgary 403-796-5381
Strathmore 403-901-7484
Kelly Camden
403.991.6192 FREE ESTIMATES

Specializing in:
• Tractor & Combine Repairs
• Acreage Equipment
FB Boersema & Partners Ltd. • Lawn & Garden
Designers and Builders of Energy Efficient Homes
From “General Maintenance” 3rd Generation of Quality Service
“Let us put YOUR thoughts on paper to “Major Overhauls”
and build it to your satisfaction.” Shop located 10 minutes east of Strathmore
Certified I.C.F. Installers
403-934-1888 Murray 403-540-8264 403-934-2675 403-934-4271
Box 1 Site 22 RR 2, Strathmore AB, T1P 1K5
Serving the Foothills since ‘78. Proudly Serving Wheatland County and Area Since 1988 Email:
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See Why 1 in 3 Visitors are Reserving Theirs!
RESERVATION: We Honour Your Price, Home and Lot
for Possessions in 2020 and 2021

Coldwell Ranch

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Us Now 403.934.5355

CR Coldwell Ranch
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North on Agents
Wheatland Trail
Saturdays & Sundays
West on Road 244 Noon - 5 pm Welcome

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