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G simple present and continuous, action and nonaction verbs

V food and cooking Do you drink

P vowel sounds a lo t o f coffee?
Yes, b u t I'm
tryin g to cut down

righ t now.

Mood food

1 V O C A B U L A R Y food and cooking 3 L IS T E N IN G & S P E A K IN G

a Take the quiz in pairs.
FOOD QUIZ 1 Is there any food or drink that you
couldn’t live without? How often do you
C an y o u t h in k of...?
e a t/d rin k it?
o n e red fru it, o n e yellow fru it, o n e green fru it
2 Do you ever have
tw o kinds o f food th a t some people are allergic to
a ready-made food?
th r e e kinds o f food th a t come fro m milk b take-out food? What kind?
fo u r vegetables th a t you can p u t in a salad 3 What’s your favorite
f iv e containers th a t you can buy food in a fruit?
s i x things th a t people som etim es have fo r breakfast b vegetable?
Are there any that you really don’t like?
b > • p.152 Vocabulary Bank Food and cooking. *4 When you eat out do you usually order
meat, fish, or vegetarian?
c 14))) Listen to these common adjectives to describe
□ What food do you usually eat
food. Do you know what they mean? Then say one kind
a when you're feeling a little down?
o f food that we often use with each adjective.
b before playing sports or exercising?
canned fresh frozen low-fat raw spicy take-out c before you have an exam or some
im portant work to do?

2 P R O N U N C IA T IO N vowel sounds a 16))) Listen to five people talking. Each

person is answering one o f the questions in
a Look at the eight sound pictures. W hat are the words and sounds?
F ood & Eating above. Match each speaker
squid chicken 5 sausage roast with a question.

1 1 spicy grilled "rr chocolate box [T\ Speaker A [__] Speaker D

I I SpeakerB Q SpeakerE
beef steamed 6 ®5"p\v pork fork
2( p beans breakfast \ boiled pour L J Speaker C
b Listen again and make notes about their
grapes salmon 7 () cook sugar
answers. Compare with a partner.
lamb cabbage ’Mqu pudding food

margarine carton 8 llj spoon zucchini c Ask and answer the questions with a partner.
44*@ "©
r jar warm ( C ljj fruit duck W hat do you have in common?

b Look at the words in each list. Cross out the word that doesn’t
have the sound in the sound picture.

c 1 5))) Listen and check.

d > - p.166 Sound Bank. Look at the typical

spellings o f the sounds in a.
4 R E A D IN G
a Are the foods in the list carb o h y d rates
or p rotein s? W ith a partner, think o f four
more kinds o f food for each category.

cake chicken pasta salmon

We live in a stressfu l world, and daily life ca n som etim es
W ith a partner, answer the questions below m ake u s feel tired , stressed , or depressed. Some people go
with either carb o h y d rates or proteins. to th e doctor for help, oth ers tr y alternative therapies, but
What kind o f food do you think it is better th e place to find a c u re could be som ewhere completely
to eat...? different: in the kitchen.
• for lunch if you have an important exam
or meeting D r. P a u l C layton, a food expert from Middlesex University, says
“The brain is affected by what you eat and drink, just like every
other part of your body. Certain types of food contain substances that
• for breakfast
affect how you think and feel."
• for your evening meal
• if you are feeling stressed For example, food that is high in carbohydrates can make us feel more
relaxed. It also makes us feel happy. Research has shown that people on
Look at the title o f the article. W hat do you diets often begin to feel a little depressed after two weeks because they
think it means? Read the article once to are eating fewer carbohydrates.
find out, and to check your answers to b.
On the other hand, food that is rich in protein makes us feel awake and
Read the article again. Then with a partner, focused. Research has shown that schoolchildren who eat a high-protein
say in your own words why the breakfast often do better at school than children whose breakfast is
following people are mentioned. lower in protein. Also, eating the right kind of meal at lunchtime
Give as much information as can make a difference if you have an exam in the afternoon or a
you can. business meeting where you need to make some quick decisions.
In an experiment for a TV show, two chess players, both former
1 Dr. Paul Clayton
J champions, had different meals before playing each other. Paul
people on diets had a plate of prosciutto and salad (full of protein from the red
schoolchildren meat), and his opponent Terry had pasta with a creamy sauce (full
Paul and Terry of carbohydrates). In the chess match Terry felt sleepy and took
much longer than Paul to make decisions about what moves to make.
Swiss researchers
The experiment was repeated several times with the same result.
Find adjectives in the article for the verbs
Another powerful mood food could become a replacement
and nouns in the list. W hat’s the difference
fo r some medications doctors prescribe fo r stress. In a
between the two adjectives made from stress? study, Swiss researchers discovered that eating one dark
stress (noun) (x2) relax (verb) wake (verb) chocolate candy bar (about 1.4 ounces) had beneficial
sleep (verb) power (noun) benefit (noun) effects on highly stressed people. Not only did eating
the dark chocolate help reduce stress, it was also shown to
Ask and answer the questions with a improve mood and reduce high blood pressure.
partner. Why does chocolate make people less stressed? First, it
causes the body to reduce the level of the stress hormone
1 What time o f day do you usually eat protein
cortisol. Second, it reduces the “fight or flight” hormone—a hormone
and carbohydrates? How do they make
that makes people want to start a fight or run away when they are very
you feel?
stressed. In addition, it contains other compounds that lower blood
How often do you eat chocolate? Does it pressure and improve your mood. These three things, along with its
make you feel happier? delicious taste, make chocolate a powerful mood changer.
After reading the article, is there anything
you would change about your eating habits?
M ood food - w hat th e e x p e rts say
• B lueberries and cocoa ca n ra ise concentration levels for up
to five hours.
• Food th a t is high, in protein helps y ou r b ra in to w ork more
• F o r relaxation and to sleep better, eat carbohydrates.
• D ark g reen vegetables (e.g., cabbage and spinach) and oily
fish (e.g., salmon) eaten regularly cam. help to fight depression.

Online Practice 1A
5 L IS T E N IN G & S P E A K IN G
a Ask and answer the questions with a

1 How often do you eat out?
2 What's your favorite...?
a kind of food (Chinese, Italian, etc.)
b restaurant dish
3 How important are these things to
you in a restaurant? Number them 1-4
( 1 = the most important).

[ 1 the food
] the service
] the atmosphere
] the price
4 Have you ever tried English food?
What did you think of it?

b 17))) Read the text about Steve Anderson.

Then listen to P a r t 1 o f an interview with
him, and number the photos in the order he
mentions them.

c Listen again. W hy does he mention

each thing?

d 1 8))) Now listen to P a r t 2 and answer the

1 What does he say is the best and worst thing
about running a restaurant?
2 W hat’s the main difference between British
STEVE ANDERSON has always had a passion for
and Spanish customers?
food. He was first taught to cook by his mother, who is
3 What kinds o f customers does he find
half Burmese. A fter studying physics in college, he got a
difficult? summer job helping with a cooking course in Italy, where he
4 How does he think eating habits in Spain met several famous chefs. One of them, Alastair Little, later
are changing? hired him as a trainee chef. Two years later, he moved to
Valencia in Spain and opened a restaurant, SeuXerea, now
e W hat about you? Answer the questions with
one of the most popular restaurants in town.
a partner.
1 What was your favorite food when you were
a child?
2 Is there anything that you like / don’t like
3 In your country, when people eat out would
they usually tell the chef what they really
think about the food?
4 Do you know anyone who is a “difficult
customer” in restaurants?

6 1A
simple present and continuous, action and nonaction verbs
a 19))) Listen again to some o f the things Steve said .(C ircle) the form o f the
verb he uses.
1 This week for example, I cook / I ’m cooking nearly every day. We usually close /
are usually closing on Sundays and Mondays, but this Monday is a public
2 The British always say / are saying that everything is lovely.
3 Actually, I think I prefer / 1am preferring that honesty, because it helps us to
know what people like.
4 Unfortunately, 1think they get / they're getting worse. People eat / are eating
more unhealthily.
b W ith a partner, say why you think he has chosen each form.

c ^ p.132 Grammar Bank 1A. Learn more about the simple present and the
present continuous, and practice them.

d Make questions to ask your partner with the simple present or continuous.
Ask for more information.
On a typical day Right now / nowadays
- What / usually have for breakfast? - I need to buy any food today?
- / drink soda? How many glasses / - / want anything to eat right now?
drink a day? What?
- Where / usually have lunch? - I take vitamins or food
- What / usually have for lunch supplements right now?
during the week? - / try to cut down on anything
- / ever cook? What / make? right now?
- / prefer eating at home or - I the diet in your country / get
eating out? better or worse?

7 S P E A K IN G


1 Men are better cooks than women.
2 Both boys and girls should learn to cook at school.
3 Cheap restaurants usually serve bad food.
4 On a night out with friends, where and what you eat isn’t important.
5 Not all fast food is unhealthy.
6 Every country thinks that their cuisine is the best in the world.

a 1J13))) Listen to two people discussing sentence 1. W ho do you agree with

more, the man or the woman? Why?

b 1 14))) Listen to the phrases in the Useful language box. Copy the intonation.

Useful language: Giving your opinion (1)

I agree. I’m not sure. For example,...
I don’t agree. (I think) it depends. In my opinion...

c In small groups, say what you think about sentences 2 - 6 . Try to use the
U sefu l language phrases.

Online Practice 1A 7
G fu tu re forms: present continuous, going to, w ill / won’t Are you seeing
V fa m ily adjectives o f personality No, I’m going to
your grandparents
P sentence stress, word stress, adjective endings stay home. I'll
this weekend?
probably see them

next weekend.

Family life

1 V O C A B U L A R Y & S P E A K IN G
a Look at some photos showing family members.
W hat’s happening in each one? W hat do you think the
relationship is between the people?

b With a partner, explain the difference between

each pair.
1 a father and a parent
2 a mother and a stepmother
3 a brother and a brother-in-law
4 a grandfather and a great-grandfather
5 a nephew and a niece
6 a child and an only child
7 your immediate family and your extended family
c Read Changing—f o r the better and try to guess what
the missing percentages are. Choose from the list.

11% 43 % 60 % 67 % 75% Changing -

d ly 15))) Listen and check. Do any o f th e statistics
surprise you? Which ones do you think would be very
d iffe re nt if the survey was taken in your country?
for the better?
am ily life is changing in th e US, bu t not in th e way
e Work in small groups. Say what you think and give
F we m ight th in k . The re su lts of several d ifferen t
US surveys expected to find th a t fam ily relationship s
w ere su fferin g because of th e d ecline in trad ition al
D o y o u t h in k th a t...? fam ily stru ctu re s.
• families should have a meal together every day However, some o f th e re su lts w ere very su rprising...
• children should leave home as soon as they can
afford to of young of adults 30-34
• parents and their teenaged children should spend adults under still live at home
a lot of time together 25 and with their parents.
• parents should be friends with their children on
social networking sites, e.g., Twitter
• elderly parents should live with their children
when they are too old to live alone of families eat together every day.

Useful language:
Giving your opinion (2)
We often use should + verb to say what we think is the say they have the TV on during
right thing or a good thing (to do), e.g., dinner.
I think families should have dinner together every day
I don’t think parents should be friends with their children think a new baby in
on Twitter because... the family brings more
2 G R A M M A R future forms
a 1> 16))) Listen to three dialogues between different family members. W ho is
talking to who (e.g., brother to sister)? W hat are they talking about?

b Listen again and match two sentences with each dialogue (1-3).
A I I I'll make you a cup o f tea. D [] I’m staying overnight there.
B I__I You'll drive too fast. E [__ | I'll drive really slowlv.
c D I'm not going to go to college yet. F Q It's going to be cold tonight.
c W ith a partner, decide which sentence (A -F ) is...
] a plan or intention [__][__] a prediction ’_] an offer
I I an arrangement Q
d V p.133 Grammar Bank IB . Learn more about future forms, and
practice them.

3 P R O N U N C IA T IO N sentence stress

P Sentence stress
An important aspect of speaking English is stressing the words in a sentence
th a t carry the information, and not stressing the other ones. This will help you to
communicate better and to speak with good rhythm.

a 121))) Listen to the rhythm in these three dialogues.

1 A Are you coming home for dinner tonight?

b No. fm going out with my friends.
of adults are happy 2 A What are you going to do in the summer?
and enjoy their lives
without a lot of stress. b we re going to rent a house with my sister and her husband.
3 a do you think they'll have children soon?
b ı don’t think so. Not for a few years anyway.
of adults are not happy
and have a lot of stress b Practice them with a partner. Copy the rhythm.
or worry in their lives.
c Ask and answer the questions below. Give as much inform ation as possible.

of teens feel close to ARE YOU...?

their family. • having dinner with your family tonight
• or is anyone in your family getting married soon
• doing something with a family member this week
of teens want to spend • visiting a relative this weekend
more time with their ARE YOU GOING TO...?
• have a new nephew or niece soon
• have a big family get-together soon
• go on vacation with your family this year
of parents stay
• buy a present for a member of your family this month
connected with their
children on social DO YOU THINK...?
networks. • the number of people getting divorced will go up or down in the future
• the birthrate will go up or down in your country
of parents worry about
• anyone in your family will live to be 90 or more
what their kids post on
social networks. • you will move away from (or back to) the area where your family lives

of elderly women
live with a relative
such as a daughter,
4 1 22 >)) S O N G O ur H ouse
daughter-in-law, or
grandchild. Online Practice ■ IB 9
5 R E A D IN G Younger brother only child?
a W hich do you think has more advantages,
being an only child, or having brothers and
sisters? Why?
b Work in pairs. A read The Younger Brother,
B read The Only Child.
Rivalry between brothers is normal, but
c Tell your partner about 1 and 2 below. there was a special reason for the tension
W hose childhood sounds happier? between us. 1 was very ill when I was born,
1 other family members who are mentioned and spent three months in the hospital
with my mother. My brother did not see
2 how the writer’s experience as a child
her at all during that time because he
affects him / her now
went to stay with an aunt. When our
d Look at the highlighted words in the two mother returned home, it was with a sick
texts. Try to figure out their meaning newborn baby who took all the attention.
from the context. Then match them with No wonder he haled me (although if you
definitions 1-12. ask Jeff, he will say that he didn’t - we
remember things differently).
1 ____________ adj ill
2 ____________ it’s no surprise that My brother and I were completely
3 ____________ noun competition between different. We shared the same bedroom,
two people but he was neat, and 1 was really messy.
He was responsible; I was rebellious. He
4 ____________ noun the time when you were
was sensible; I was emotional. I don’t
a child
have any positive memories of our childhood together,
5 ____________ norm a meeting o f people, though there must have been good moments. Je ff says we used to play
e.g., family “Cowboys and Indians,” but I only remember him trying to suffocate
6 ____________ norm people who are fully me under the bedcovers.
My relationship with Je ff has influenced my attitude toward my own
7 ____________ adj knowing about or being four daughters. If the girls fight, I always think that the younger child
conscious o f something is innocent. But the good news about brothers and sisters is that when
8 ____________ noun a school where children they get older, they value each other more. Je ff is now one of my best
can live during the year friends, and I like and admire him greatly. For better or for worse, we
9 ____________ verb think that somebody or share a whole history. It is the longest relationship in my life.
something is important Adapted from T h e T im e s

10 ____________ verb divided something

between two or more people
11 _____________verb try to hurt somebody else
12 ____________ noun a group o f friends
I went to boarding school when 1 was seven, and the hardest thing I
m each other found was making friends. Because I was an only child, I just didn’t
When brothers and sisters get older they know how to do it. The thing is that when you’re an only child, you
value each other more. spend a lot of your time with adults, and you're often the only child in
Use each other to talk about an action a gathering of adults. Your parents go on living more or less
between two people or groups of people, e.g.,
the way they have always lived, only now you are there, too.
I don’t get along very well with my father. We
don't understand each other. I found being an only child interesting because it gave me
a view of the world of adults that children in a big family
e Talk to a partner. Do you have brothers and might not get. And I know it has, at least partly, made me
sisters, or are you an only child? Do you feel the kind of person I am - 1 never like being one of a group,
positive or negative about it? for example. I f I have to be in a group, I will always try to go
off and do something on my own, or be with just one other
person —I’m not comfortable with being one of a gang.
My parents are divorced now and my mother lives in the US
and my father in the UK. I feel very responsible for them - I
feel responsible for their happiness. I’m the closest relative in
the world to each of them, and I am very aware of tiiat.
10 IB Adapted from T h e G u a rd ia n
adjectives of personality
a W ithout looking back at T he Younger Brother
text, can you remember who was neat,
responsible, and sensible and who was messy,
rebellious, and em otion al? Do you know what
the adjectives mean? Would you use any o f
them to describe yourself?

b > - p.153 Vocabulary Bank Personality

c W rite down the first three adjectives o f

personality that come into your head. Don't
show them to your partner. Now go to
> - Communication Personality p.108.

word stress, adjective endings
a 1 26))) Underline the stressed syllable in
these mulitsyllable adjectives. Listen and a W hat’s your position in the family?
check. Are you the oldest child, a middle child, the
youngest child, or an only child?
1 jea lous an xious am bi tious
ge ne rous re bell ious b 1 27))) Look at the cover o f Linda Blair’s
2 so cia ble re li a ble book. Now listen to a journalist talking
about it on a radio program. Complete the
3 re spon si ble sen si ble
chart by writing four more adjectives o f
4 com pe ti five tal ka five personality in each column.
a ggre ssive sen si tive
Oldest children Middle children Youngest children Only children I
5 un friend ly in se cure
sensible relaxed outgoing self-confident
im pa tient i mma ture

b Listen again and answer the questions.

1 Is -ou s pronounced /aus/ or /as/?
2 Is -a b le pronounced bb\l or /eibl/?
3 Is -ib le pronounced /obi/ or /ibl/?
4 Is -ive pronounced /ov/ or /iv/? c Compare with a partner. Then listen to the four sections one by
5 Are -ou s / -a b le / -ib le / -ive stressed? one. Check your answers. W hat reasons or examples does the
6 Are un- / in- / im - stressed? journalist give?

d Look at the completed chart above. In pairs, say...

...if you th in k it is tru e fo r you - and if not, w hy not?

...if you th in k it is tru e fo r other people you know
(your brothers and sisters, friends, etc.)

> - p.113 Writing A d escription o f a person . W rite a description o f
a friend you know well.

Online Practice IB 11
Practical Engli Meeting the parents

■ < IN T R O D U C T IO N ■ < R E A C T IN G T O W H A T PEO PLE S A Y

a Look at the photos. Describe Jenny and Rob. a 1 29))) Watch or listen to Jenny introducing Rob to
her parents. W hat bad news does Rob have for Jenny?
W hat good news does Jenny have for her parents?

o American and British English

mom = American English
mum = British English

b Watch or listen again and mark the sentences T (true)

or F (false). Correct the F sentences.
1 Rob left the chocolates at the office.
2 Rob’s desk is usually very neat.
3 It's the second time that Rob has met Jenny's parents.
4 Sally has prepared a big dinner.
5 jenny’s new job is managing director.
6 jenny is going to be Rob's manager.

b 1 28)}) Watch or listen to Jenny and Rob talking. Fill

in the blanks.
Jenny Zielinski and Rob Walker work for a 1
called New York24seven. She’s American, and he's
2__________ . Rob came to New York a few 3__________
ago. He had met Jenny when she went to 4__________ on
a work trip. They got along very well, and he was offered a
job for a month in 5__________ . Later he was offered a
6__________ job. Jenny helped R o b 7___________ an
apartment, and they are enjoying life in the US, although
Rob misses his friends and 8__________ .

O American and British English

apartment = American English
fla t = British English

c 1 30))) Look at some extracts from the 3 ■ < H A R R Y F IN D S O U T M O R E A B O U T ROB
conversation. Can you remember any o f the
missing words? Watch or listen and check.

1 Jenny Don’t forget the chocolates.

Rob OK. Oh,________ !
Jenny I don’t ________ it. Don't tell me you
forgot them?
Rob I think they’re still on my desk.
Jenny ________ kidding.
2 Jenny Mom, I’m really sorry - we bought
you some chocolates, but we left
them at the office.
Sally What a _________. _________mind.
3 Jenny But I also have some good news.
Sally ________ ? What’s that?
4 Sally So you’ve got a promotion?_______
Harry That’s g re at________ !
5 Sally Let’s go and have dinner.
Jenny What a ________ idea!
a 1 32))) Watch or listen to the after-dinner conversation. Does
d 1 31))) Watch or listen and repeat the the evening end well or badly?
phrases in the chart below. Copy the rhythm
b Watch or listen again and answer the questions.
and intonation.
REACTING TO WHAT PEOPLE SAY 1 What school did Jenny go to?
2 Is Harry impressed by Rob’s job? Why (not)?
What you say when you hear...
3 What does Harry like doing in his free time?
something surprising You’re kidding. 4 Who are most o f the photos in the dining room of?
1don’t believe it.
5 Who are Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Wynton Marsalis?
something interesting Really? 6 What surprises Harry about Rob?
some good news How fantastic!
c Look at the S o cial En glish ph rases. Can you remember any o f
That’s great news!
the missing words?
What a great idea!
some bad news Oh, no! Social English phrases
What a pity. Harry How do you______ your career?
Never mind.
Rob N o t______ . I’m more of a writer.
Rob Oh, you know, interviews, reviews,_______like that...
O How + adjective, What + noun Rob I_______, I like photography.
We often use How + adjective or What + noun to Harry That’s ______ most of them are of Jenny.
respond to what people say. Harry How_______!
How interesting! How awful! How amazing! Rob Well, he's a really nice_______.
What a pity! What a good idea! What terrible news! Harry Go_______, son!

e Practice the dialogues in c with a partner. d 1 33))) Watch or listen and complete the phrases.

f mm V C om m unication How aw ful! How e Watch or listen again and repeat the phrases. How do you say
fa n ta stic! A p.104 B p.109. them in your language?

^ Can you...?
react to good news, bad news, unexpected
news, and interesting news
introduce yourself and other people
use phrases th a t give you time to think,
e.g., you know, I mean, etc.

Online Practice 13
G present pe rfe ct and simple past
Have you
V money
paid th e phone
P th e le tte r o
bill yet? Yes, I paid it

2A Spend or save?

1 V O C A B U L A R Y money
a 1 34))) Listen to a song about money. Fill in
the blanks with phrases A -G .
A a material world
B comes with a fee
C foot the bill Educated, 1____
D for free H e’s well-dressed
E paper or plastic N o t funny
F shopping sprees
A nd n o t much to say in
G with money
M ost conversations
b Listen again and read the lyrics. B ut he’ll 2____ in
W hich phrase (A -G ) m eans...?
A ll situations
1 rich ’Cause he pays fo r everything
2 cash or credit cards
3 you have to pay for it
G irls do n ’t like boys, girls like cars and money
4 pay the bill
Boys w ill laugh at girls when th e y’re n o t funny
5 that you don’t have to pay for
6 buying a lot o f things at one time
7 a consumer society
D o n ’t m a tte r
c W hat do you think the song is saying?
She’ll have it
Do you think it is ...?
• very cynical
A nd 4____
• sad, but sometimes true
These are a few
• offensive to women (and men)
O f her favorite things
d > • p.154 Vocabulary Bank Money.
She’ll get w h a t she wants
If she’s w illing to please
His typ e o f girl
Always 5____
Hey, now, th e re ’s nothing

G irls don’t like boys, girls like cars and money

Boys w ill laugh at girls when th e y’re n o t funny
A nd these girls like these boys like these boys like these girls
The girls w ith th e bodies like boys w ith Ferraris
G irls don’t like boys, girls like cars and money

A ll o f these boys, yeah get all o f these girls

Losing th e ir souls in 7____

2 P R O N U N C IA T IO N the letter o
a Can you remember which word rhymes with m oney in ARE YOU A SPENDER
the song Girls & Boys?

b Look at some more words with the letter o. Put them in

the correct column.
1 You go shopping and you see som eth in g very
clothes dollar done honest loan money go expensive th a t you really w a n t, b u t can ’t afford.
nothing owe shopping some sold won Y o u ...
a buy it w ith y o u r c re d it card. You can w o rry a b o u t the
bill n e xt m onth.
b already have some m oney in th e bank and plan to
save fo r a couple o f weeks and then buy the thing
you w ant.
c b o rro w the m oney and agree to pay back a small
a m o un t every week.

c 1 38))) Listen and check. 2 You g e t $100 fo r y o u r b irth d ay. Y o u ...

a spend some o f it and save some,
d Look at some words with the letters or. How is or b go straight to a shopping mall and spend it all.
usually pronounced when it’s stressed? W hich two are c p u t all o f it in y o u r bank account u n til you k n o w w h a t
different? you w a n t to spend it on.

afford order worth organized mortgage store work

3 D o you always kno w how m uch m o n ey you have,
how m uch m o n ey you have spent, and on what?
e 1 39))) Listen and check.
a Yes. I'm ve ry organized and k n o w exactly w h a t I have
f Practice saying these sentences. and w h a t I've spent.
Let's go shopping for clothes. b N o. I have no idea. W h e n I have money, I usually just
Can I borrow some money? spend it.
c I usually have a rough idea a b o u t w h a t I spend my
He won a million dollars.
m oney on.
They can’t afford to pay the mortgage.
I work in a store. 4 You b o rro w e d som e m oney fro m a frie n d , b u t
I've done nothing wrong. you d o n ’t th in k th a t you’ll be able to pay it back
by th e tim e you p ro m ised to . Y o u ...

3 R E A D IN G & S P E A K IN G a d o n 't w o rry a b o u t it. H o p efu lly y o u r friend w ill fo rg e t

a b o u t it, to o !
a Read the questionnaire and choose your answers, b figure o u t h ow much m oney you have and h o w much
you ow e. You speak to y o u r friend and explain the
b Compare your answers with a partner. Say why.
situation and o ffe r to pay th e m oney back in small
installm ents.
c > - Communication Spender or saver? p.108. Find out if
c ta lk to y o u r friend and prom ise th a t you'll pay him /
you are a spender or a saver.
h e r back, b u t it m ight take a little longer than you
fir s t tho u gh t.

5 You have a frien d w ho o fte n borrow s m oney
a 1 40))) Listen to six people answering the question Are fro m you and never pays you back. H e / She
y o u a spender or a saver? How many are savers? w ants to b o rro w $50. Y o u ...
a lend him / h e r the money. You can afford it, and it
b Listen again and match speakers 1 -6 with A -F. W h o .. .?
doesn't m a tte r if you d o n 't get it back,
AQ always has money in the bank b say no; he / she owes you to o much already,
B [_I often ends up with no money c lend th e money, b u t explain th a t it is th e last tim e,
C □ thinks h e/she is careful with money, but not cheap u n til he / she has paid back this loan.
D [_] enjoys spending money on his / her hobby
E can save money if he / she needs to
F L J prefers to live now than worry about the future
Online Practice 2A 15
5 G R A M M A R present perfect and simple past e In pairs, interview each other with the
questions. Ask for more information.
a Read the conversation. W hat are they arguing about?

b 1 4 1 ))) Read the conversation again, and put the verbs in the HAVE YOU EVER..
present perfect or the simple past. Then listen and check.
• bought or sold something on
eBay or a similar site

• lost a credit card or

your wallet

• saved fo r something fo r a What?

long time

• wasted money on something

you've never used

• won any money

(e.g., in a lottery)

• lent money to someone

who didn't pay
you back
• bought something online and then
discovered th a t it was a scam

• been charged too much in a restaurant

David 11haven’t seen (see) those shoes before. Are they new?
Kate Yes. 12__________________ (just buy) them. Do you like them?
D They're OK. How much3____________th e y ____________ (cost)?
K Oh, not much. They4______________ (be) a bargain. Under $100.
D You mean $99.99. That isn’t cheap for a pair o f shoes.
Anyway, we can’t afford to buy new clothes right now.
K Why not?
D 5____________________ you____________________ (see) this?
K No. What is it?
D The phone bill. I t 6_____________________ (come) this morning.
And w e 7____________________ (not pay) the electricity bill yet. How
K Well, what about the iPad you8______________ (buy) last week?
D What about it? / What
K You9_____________________ (not need) a new one. The old one happened?
10__________________________________ (work) just fine.

D But 111______________________________ (need) the new model.

K Well, 112___________________________ (need) some new shoes.
Have you ever bought or Yes, I sold my
sold something on eBay? old computer.
c Do we use the present perfect (PP) or simple past (S P )...?
1 for a completed action in the past ______ Who did you sell it to? How
2 for recent actions when we don't ask / say exactly when ___ much did you sell it for?

d > - p.134 Grammar Bank 2A. Learn more about the present
perfect and simple past, and practice them.

16 2A
6 R E A D IN G & S P E A K IN G
a In pairs, answer the questions. Give as much
information as you can. TO SUCCESS!
1 Think o f two people you know personally or John DeJoria, an American billionaire businessman, owns several
companies, including John Paul Mitchell Systems, a successful
have heard o f who are very rich. Did they...?
brand of hair products. However, DeJoria was not always wealthy.
a earn their money (how?) He was the second son of immigrant parents and grew up in a
b inherit their money (who from?) very poor area of Los Angeles, California. Before forming his hair
c win it (how?) product company with only $700, he was a street gang member
2 I f they earned their money, was it because...? for some of his youth, he then worked at low-paying jobs including
encyclopedia salesman, janitor, and insurance salesman, and he
a they were very lucky
was homeless twice. DeJoria's selfmade rise is an inspiring story.
b they worked very hard
c they had a special talent As a child, you were fairly entrepreneurial, weren’t you?
My first job, at 9 years old, was selling Christmas cards door-to-
b Now read an interview with a billionaire. How did door. At 10 years old, my brother and I had paper routes. We got
he become so rich? Why is his success surprising? up at 4 o’clock a.m., folded the papers, and delivered them, and
W hat does he do to help homeless people? then got ready for school.
As you got older, you continued to work. Is that right?
c Now read the interview again and number the
The job that was one of the most influential experiences you can
events in the order in which they happened.
imagine was door-to-door selling encyclopedias. Doors literally
A L?| He was homeless again. slam in your face— maybe 30, 40 doors before the first customer
B [_I He delivered newspapers. will actually talk to you and let you in.
C Ld At1investor didn’t give him the money he You’ve been homeless, haven’t you?
had promised him. Twice. Once, when I was about 22 years old. The other time was
D [_] He sold encyclopedias from door-to-door. when I started John Paul Mitchell Systems in 1980. I wasn't
getting along with my wife at the time. So I had left and had
E Q He left his wife.
given her all the money. We had a backer for John Paul Mitchell
F [_] He was homeless. Systems putting in a half-million dollars. That money was
G \T\ He sold Christmas cards from door-to-door. supposed to arrive that day. I never got a penny. So I just slept
H Q He started a hair product company with $700. in my car. And I slept in my car for the first two weeks when I
1 Ld He was able to pay his bills on time. started the company. So we started with humble beginnings.

d What do you think you can learn from John’s story? Do memories of the streets motivate you?
It sure makes you very appreciative of what you have in your
e Look at the highlighted words and phrases life. Those who are homeless— like people with kids who are
related to money and business. W ith a partner, homeless— I really have a heart for. So I participate in a lot of
try to figure out the meanings from context. charitable organizations that take the homeless off the streets.
What are the biggest problems you’ve faced in business?
f Complete the questions with one o f the The biggest problem is rejection. Any business you start, be
highlighted words and phrases. Then ask and ready for it. The difference between successful people and
answer the questions with a partner. unsuccessful people is that the successful people do all the
1 What brand o f hair product do you use? How things the unsuccessful people don’t want to do. When 10 doors
are slammed in your face, go to door number 1 1 , with a smile.
long have you used it?
2 Do you know anybody who sells encyclopedias or When did you know you had made it?
other products_______ ? What does he / she sell? I was in business two years, and we were able to pay every
Does he / she enjoy his/ her job? single bill on time. We had a couple of thousand dollars
in the bank— $4,000, to be exact. And we said, “ Man
3 If you needed a _______ to lend you money to
we made it; it’s all downhill now.” It was really hard.
start a business, who would you ask? Why? It took a couple years.
4 Have you ever experienced______ from a boss,
What was the first thing you bought yourself at
Adapted from E ntre pre neu

a teacher, etc.? How did you feel?

that point?
5 Do you know anybody who has tried to I went to a restaurant. This is the first
succeed in a difficult career (like acting), but time I said I’m going to order off the left
who hasn’t ______yet? Is he / she still trying, side of the menu, not the right side. The
or has he / she given up? right side is where the prices are. Carne
asada, guacamole, whatever I wanted.
I didn't even look at the prices. That,
to me, was a pretty big deal.
Online Practice 2A 17
G present pe rfe ct + f o r / since, present pe rfe ct continuous How long
V strong adjectives: exhausted, amazed, etc.
have you been
P sentence stress, stress on strong adjectives Fora
working here?
longtim e!

2B Since 2001.

Changing lives

1 L IS T E N IN G d 1 46))) Now listen to P a r t 2 . Correct the wrong information

in these sentences.
a Look at the photos. W here do you think
they were taken? W hat can you see in 1 Jane’s son chose the name Adelante Africa, which means
each photo? “G o forward, Africa” in Spanish.
2 The new school opened in 2012.
b 1 4 5 ))) You are going to listen to an
3 Today the school has 75 children.
interview with Jane, talking about a trip she
4 Adelante Africa has also been trying to improve the
took in 2 008. Listen to P a r t 1. Where did she
children's English.
go? W hat did she decide to do after the trip?
5 They are building a home for the teachers.
c Listen again. W hat does Jane say about: 6 Two o f Jane's children have been helping in Uganda.
1 her normal job 7 (ane says the school has changed children’s lives because it has
2 the vacation to Uganda given them an education.
3 what happened when the lorry broke down 8 Jane thinks that she gives more than she gets.
4 the condition o f the school 9 The website has a video jane's daughter took o f her teaching
the children.
5 the children
6 what the headmaster asked her for e Compare your answers with a partner. Then listen again to check.

G lo ssa ry f Do you know anybody like jane who does a lot o f work for a
holiday BritE for vacation
lo rry BritE for truck
charity? W hat do they do?
18 headm aster BritE for principal
2 G R A M M A R present perfect + for/since, 4 S P E A K IN G
present perfect continuous a Look at the circles, and
a Match the questions and answers. write something in as
many as you can.
1 How long has Jane been a writer?____
2 How long has A delaide Africa had a website?____
3 How long has she been working for Adelaide Africa?

A Since 2008.
B For about 22 years.
C For four years.
b Answer with a partner.
1 Are the three questions and answers in a about... ?
a a period o f time in the past
b a period o f time from the past until now'
c a period o f time in the present
2 W hat’s the difference in form between the first two
questions and question 3?
c > - p.135 Grammar Bank 2B. Learn more about the
present perfect with f o r / since and the present perfect
continuous, and practice them.

3 P R O N U N C IA T IO N sentence stress
a 1 49 >)) Listen once and try to write down the stressed
words in the large pink rectangles.

How long learning

French ?

3 ?

5 ? b Compare circles with a partner.

Ask your partner at least three
6 questions about the things he or
she has written. One question must
be H ow long have y o u ...?

b Look at the stressed words and try to remember what How long have you
the unstressed words are. Then listen again to check For about a year.
been using Twitter?
and write them in.
Do you write things on it or do you
c Listen again and repeat the sentences. Copy the ju s t read other people's tweets?

d 1 50))) Listen and make questions. Why did you buy Because it's small,
a Nissan Juke? and it ’s very “green/'

It's snowing. How long has it been snowing? How long have you had it?

Online Practice 2B 19
5 R E A D IN G & L IS T E N IN G
T V host’s Amazon
a In your country are there charity events to raise money
for a good cause? Have you ever taken part in one? H elen Skelton h o p es to b e c o m e th e firs t
W hat did you do? How much money did you raise? w o m a n to k ay ak d ow n th e A m a z o n R iv er.
Helen Skelton is a 26-year-old TV host of Blue Peter, a
b You’re going to read an article about Helen Skelton, show for young people. She has never been afraid of a
who agreed to kayak down the Amazon for charity. challenge. Last year, she became the second woman to
Read the introduction and answer the questions. complete the 78-mile Ultra Marathon in Namibia, running
the three consecutive marathons in 23 hours and 50
1 What did Helen do last year for charity?

A dapted from The T elegraph website

minutes. But when Blue Peter decided to do something to
2 What is she hoping to do this year? raise money for the charity Sports Relief (which sponsors
3 What is dangerous about the trip? projects around the world), Skelton said that she wanted
4 What experience does she have? an even bigger challenge. So they suggested that she
kayak 1,998 miles down the Amazon from Nauta in Peru to
c Before you read the texts o f Helen’s first three phone Almeirim in Brazil.
calls, imagine what kinds o f problems you think she This is a very risky trip. There are no roads and no towns,
had on her trip. Then read and check. Were you right? only rainforest and the river (which is sometimes more than
24 miles wide and infested with crocodiles). If she gets
d 151))) Read Ph one calls 1 - 3 again and fill in the sick, it will take around 11 hours to fly her to a hospital.
blanks with the correct word. Then listen and check.
1 a in front b behind c back
2 a freezing b hot c boiling
3 a exhausted b angry c lost COLOMBI A
4 a down b up c over
5 a long b wide c short
6 a ice cream b coffee c chocolate
7 a sleep b paddle c rest
8 a boring b interesting c worrying
9 a being b feel c feeling
10 a sick b well c hard PERU
e 1 52))) Now listen to the rest o f Helen's trip down the
Amazon. Did she manage to finish? Phone call 1
£ £ Everything went wrong. I only managed half
f Listen again. Then answer the questions. a day on Wednesday, the first day, and on
Phone call 4 Thursday we started late, so I'm already 1____ ;.
1 Why hasn't she had any music for three days? I've been suffering from the heat. It's absolutely
2____ , and the humidity is 100% at lunchtime.
2 What does she do to pass the time? I went the wrong way, and I had to paddle against
3 Why didn't she celebrate reaching the halfway point? the current. I was 3____ ! They asked me, ‘Do you
want to give 4____ ?' but I said, ‘No!' Because I've
Phone call 5
also been having a wonderful time! There are pink
4 What have been driving her crazy this week? dolphins - pink, not gray - that come close to the
5 What wildlife has she seen? boat. I think that if I can do 62 miles a day, trten
6 Why is she starting to feel a little sad? I can make it.

T he 6 :0 0 news
7 How many miles did she do altogether?
8 How long did the trip take?
9 What did Helen miss?
10 What is the first thing she is going to do when she
gets home?
g Tell your partner about an adventure sport you've done
or an exciting experience you’ve had. Was it a positive
experience? W hy (not)? How did you feel?

20 2B
challenge 6 V O C A B U L A R Y & P R O N U N C IA T IO N
strong adjectives

p Strong adjectives
Some adjectives have a strong meaning, e.g.,
I had to paddle against the current. I was exhausted! (= very tired)
Ive had a fantastic time! (= very good)
With strong adjectives you can use absolutely or really, but NOT very.
I’ve been suffering from the heat. It's absolutely boiling. NOT very-boiling.

a Complete the sentences with a regular adjective.

1 A Was Lisa's father angry about the car?
B Yes, he was furious!
2 A Is Oliver’s apartment______ ?
Helen has only been kayaking once before in B Yes, it's really tiny - just a bedroom and a living room.
her life, so she has been training four hours a
3 A Are you______ o f flying?
day. Last week, she arrived at the Amazon in
B Yes, I'm terrified! I never fly anywhere.
Peru. After two days of kayaking, she made the
first of her phone calls. 4 A Was the food______ ?
B Yes, it was delicious.
GUYANA 5 A Are you very______ ?
B I’m starving! I haven’t eaten all day.
6 A Is your parents' house______ ?
B It’s enorm ous. It has seven bedrooms.
Almeirim 7 A Was i t ______ in M oscow?
B It was freezing! Minus 20 degrees.
8 A Was Jack's kitchen______ ?
B It was filthy. It took us three hours to clean it.

BRAZ I L 9 A Are your parents______ about the wedding?

B They’re excited. In fact, they want to pay for everything!
10 A Was the movie______ ?
B It was hilarious. We laughed all the way through.
P h o n e c a ll 2 11 A Are you______ you locked the door?
66 I’ve been on the Amazon tor a week now, B I'm positive. I remember turning the key.
and I've been paddling for six out of the 12 A Were you______ to hear that Ted is getting married?
seven days. The river is incredibly 5____ , B I was absolutely am azed! I never thought it would happen.
and it's very hard to paddle in a straight line.
The water is so brown that I can't see my b 1 53))) Listen and check. How are the strong adjectives
paddle once it goes under the surface. It pronounced? Practice the dialogues in pairs.
looks like melted 6____ . I start at 5:30 in the
morning, and 1 7____ for at least 10 hours, c > - Communication Are you hungry? A p.104 B p.109.
from 5:30 a.m. until dark, with only a short
break for lunch. My hands have been giving d Ask and answer with a partner. Ask for more information.
me problems - I have big blisters. I now
1 Have you ever been swimming in a place where the water was
have them bandaged in white tape.
absolutely freezing?
I'm usually on the water for at least 10 hours; 2 Is there anything that makes you furious about car drivers or bike
it's 8___ at times, and exciting at others. I listen
riders in your country?
to music on my iPod. I've been listening to Don’t
Stop Me Now by Queen to inspire me! 3 Are there any animals or insects that you're terrified of?
4 W hat’s the most delicious meal you’ve had recently?
5 Is there a comedian or a comedy series on TV in your country that
P h o n e c a ll 3 you think is absolutely hilarious?
I haven't been 9____ very well this week.
The problem is heat exhaustion. They
say it’s because I haven't been drinking 7 W R IT IN G
enough water. I've been traveling 62 miles a
day, which is my target. But yesterday after
> - p.114 Writing An inform al em ail. W rite an informal email to
52 miles, I was feeling 10____ , and my head thank somebody you have been staying with and to tell him or her
was aching, and I had to stop and rest. what you have been doing recently.
Online Practice 2B 21
1&2 Review and Check
(Chxle)a, b, or c. a (.Circle)the word that is different.
1 My sister______ fish or seafood. 1 shrimp mussels duck squid
a doesn't like b don't like c doesn't likes 2 lamb crab beef pork
2 I have a quick breakfast because______ in a hurry. 3 cherry pear peach beet
a I usually b I usually am c I’m usually 4 raspberry cucumber pepper cabbagi
3 I ______ TV when I’m having a meal. 5 fried baked chicken roast
a never watch b don’t never watch b W rite the opposite adjective.
c am never watching
1 honest ______ 4 hardworking ______
4 I usually drink a lot o f diet soda, hut right now
to cut down. 2 cheap ______ 5 quiet ______
a I try b I'm trying c I’m triing 3 selfish ______
5 ______ any brothers or sisters? c W rite verbs for the definitions.
a Are you having b Are you have c Do you have 1 to spend money on something that is not necessary______
6 W hat______ when you graduate from school? 2 to receive money from somebody who has died ______
a you are going to do b are you going do 3 to get money by working
c are you going to do
4 to get money from somebody that you will pay back______
7 I can’t see you this evening because______ some 5 to keep money so that you can use it later ______
a I'm meeting b I meet c I’ll meet d W rite the strong adjectives.
8 A Would you like something to drink? 1 tired ______ 3 cold ______ 5 an gry______
B Y es,______ some orange juice, please. 2 hungry ______ 4 d irty ______
a I have b I'm having c I’ll have e Complete the phrasal verbs.
9 A I can’t open this jar.
1 Let’s eat______ tonight. I don't feel like cooking.
B ______ help you.
2 I’m allergic to milk, so I have to cu t______ dairy
a I'll b I’m c I'd products from my diet.
10 That's a pretty dress. W here______ it?
3 We live______ my salary. My wife is unemployed.
a have you bought b did you buy
4 I'll lend you the money if you promise to pay m e_____ .
c did you bought
5 I took $ 2 0 0 ______ o f my bank account.
11 ______ good at saving money.
a I've never been b I haven't never been
c I’ve never P R O N U N C IA T IO N
12 I got $50 for my birthday, but I ______ . (Circle)the word with a different sound.
a didn’t spend it vet b haven’t spent it yet
c yet I haven't spent it 1 ( j) peach steak beef steamed
13 I've had this computer______ .
a for about three years b since about three years
c for about three years ago
21 money shop positive honest

14 A How long______ in Paris? 3® roast sociable owe account

B Since last March.

a is he living b has he living c has he been living
4i filthy bill tiny chicken

15 ______ the same gym for five years. 5 afford pork worth organized
a I'm going to b I've been going to c I go to b Underline the stressed syllable.
1 sal mon 3 i mma ture 5 sen si ble
2 in vest 4 de li cious
a Read the article once. W hen did Bill Morgan's PEOPLE?
luck change? 1 54))) O n th e s tre e t Watch or listen to five people and
answer the questions.

When bad luck becomes

good luck!
You’ve had a lo t o f bad luck in the past— a bad accident
and some frightening health problems. Does th a t keep
you from doing things in the future that involve luck, like Max Andrew Samantha Zenobia Skylar
buying a lo tte ry ticket? 1 Max says he______ .
nyone who has bought a ticket for the $500-million a often made brownies for his sister in the past

A US Powerball jackpot can only dream of having as

much luck as Australian truck driver Bill Morgan. In
case you've never heard of Bill Morgan, his story actually
b doesn’t mind sharing his brownies with friends who
are also feeling down
c hasn't eaten brownies in a long time
begins with some very bad luck. First, he was almost crushed
2 Andrew likes Asian restaurants because______ .
to death by a truck accident at work. The accident did not
a he doesn't like cooking
kill him, but it did leave Bill with a heart condition. When
b it's cheaper than eating at home
he was given medication for the heart condition, Bill had an
allergic reaction that caused a powerful heart attack, which c he can't cook that type o f food at home
left him clinically dead for 14 minutes. After being revived by 3 Samantha and her brother______ .
doctors, Morgan slipped into a coma for 12 days. During this a talk to each other a lot b don't like each other at all
time, his family was advised to unplug his life support system c don't like each other as much after spending a lot of
not once, but twice. Bill's luck began to change when he time together
unexpectedly woke up from the coma without any permanent 4 Zenobia buys a bag______ .
damage. Bill's bad luck was ending and his heartwarming
a if it’s cheaper than usual b every three months
story was just beginning.
c if she needs a new one
After getting better, the 37-year-old Morgan found a new,
5 Skylar took part in a charity event______ .
higher-paying job, and asked his long-time girlfriend, Lisa
Wells, to marry him. Lisa said yes. A week later, Morgan a when she was 15 b for people who are sick with cancer
bought a scratch-off lottery ticket at his local newsstand. c that raised money for captains
Adapted from c e le b r ity n e tw o r th .c o m

Bill scratched the ticket off and realized he had just won
a brand new car! A local TV news station was so amazed
by Bill's story that they sent a crew to do a human interest
story on Bill and his lucky streak. The news crew thought it Do the tasks with a partner. Check ( / ) the box if you can
would be fun to re-create Bill's buying and scratching off the do them.
ticket right on camera. No one could have predicted what
C an yo u ...?
happened next. The ticket Bill bought for the re-enactment
ended up being a $250,000 winner! And the best part is, it all 1 describe your diet and the typical diet in your
happened on live TV (almost causing another heart attack). country, and say how it is changing
2 □ agree or disagree with the following statement, and
say why: Ourfavorite fo o d is usually something we
b Read the article again. M ark the sentences T (true),
liked when we were children.
F (false), or D S (doesn't say).
3 □ describe members of your family, saying what they
1 Bill had a dream about winning the lottery. look like and what they are like
2 Bill's heart condition was caused by the accident.
4 __] describe some of your plans and predictions for the
3 Bill was in a coma for 14 days. future (e.g., your education, your family life)
4 Bill's new job was in an office.
5 □ ask and answer the following questions:
5 The news crew bought Bill’s lottery ticket for the
• Have you ever won any money? How much did you
win? What did you do with it?
6 Winning $ 2 5 0 ,0 0 0 did not cause Bill to have another
• How long have you been learning English?
heart attack.
Where did you first start learning?
c Choose five new words or phrases from the article.
Check their meaning and pronunciation, and try to Short movies Goodwill Industries
learn them.
VIDEO Watch and enjoy the movie.