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nger- grrrrrrrr

 An argument, yelling, being annoyed, frustrating situation, unorganized meeting, getting told off, someone is in a bad mood, receiving punishment, competition, emotional outburst, stubbing your toe, the picnic is cancelled, being pushed around, revved up, mind your tongue, verbal fireworks, seeing red, heated discussion, energetic The Zigeuner ANGER card
- an image of a young lad getting scolded by an older gentleman who is wearing an apron. It looks like the lad is being told to get out of the room into the darkness by the doorway. The Biedermeir ANGER card 
-has a scene of a young boy getting his ear pulled by an older man. There is a knocked over chair on the floor of the room.
 The Art Deco ANGER card 
-portrays a waitress coming through a doorway with a pile of dishes in her hands. A few plates have fallen and one has been broken by her right foot.




Indicates mental confusion. Heated words. Impulsive or aggressive response. Flying off the handle. Provocation. When the Anger card appears in a layout it signifies a profound negative emotional reaction around the person or situation card depicted near it. If you can remember a time when you were really angry about something, the essence of that anger is contained within this card. Pay attention to the surrounding cards to pinpoint what is the cause of this unpleasant response. At times, people have this reaction because they are functioning from fear and think they having no control.



Something will happen today to tick you off. Anger is a great motivator when you get to the point where you need that emotional fuel to get something done. It doesn’t always have to be a bad thing that is traced with venom. For the most part it will be reaction to what a person has said or done that is not in compliance to what you would have done. Today you could find yourself at the receiving end of some cross words from another individual. Maybe you deserve it and maybe you don’t.

3 The other person is revved up and you happen to be there. It is a good idea not to get behind the wheel if you are in an enraged state because your mood can escalate if the person in front of you is driving too slow or cuts you off. Count to 10 during the course of the day and evening if you feel anger welling up inside of you. It’ll blow over quicker. If you are prone to having a short fuse anyways stay away from difficult people. There could be an outing to a sports event where there will be lots of screaming and yelling, like a baseball, soccer, and hockey game. This would be a great emotional outlet.



1. Personality card, Current situation
 The ANGER card will tell you that the person getting the reading is in a mood that can change suddenly. They are wired for some reason and slightest thing will set them off. For one reason or another their emotional state is in an upheaval. Did they just argue with someone? Cross currents in the present circumstances. On edge for sure. Something or someone has provoked you to the point that you have these unhealthy emotions. You may have been on the receiving end of someone else’s wrath. Who is the hot head?

4 2. In money matters
 A dispute or argument over money. There isn’t enough to spend on frivolous items. The additional money you were counting on is delayed and this infuriates you. You get overcharged on a purchase and get into a yelling match. Breaking or busting a valuable item.

3. Communications, Transportation, Siblings
 Any type of conversations you have will be in a combative style. There will be no reaching an agreement without a fight. Your brother or sister gets mad at you for something you said. There could be problems in your neighborhood with noisy neighbors. Be nice to the policeman that stops you for running a red light and bite your tongue.

4. In matters of the family & home
 The domestic scene will be strained. People are generally high strung and get on each other’s nerves. Familiarity breeds contempt. Go out for a walk to cool off. Bumping heads on an issue involving your home, children or parents. An agreement won’t be reached until everyone calms down. An unwanted guest comes over.

5 5. In matters of love & luck & creativity
 It’ll be a hot affair with intense feelings. Wild times in the bedroom. If you are a screamer at least shut the windows. Sexual tension but in a good way. Best not to gamble because you will blow a fuse when you keep losing. You become passionate over a creative project. Now is the time to channel the TEMPER energy into a creation of any kind. 6. Matters of work, well being
 Letting off steam about work. Minor problems arise that ruffle your feathers. Getting asked to cover for someone because they were a no show. As if you don’t have enough to do. A customer is biting off your head when you tell them you have sold out of the product that they drove clear across town to get. Heated discussions in the lunch room.
 Time to get the blood pressure checked especially if you have been upset lately. 7. Partnerships, Marriage 
If you are married it would be a good idea to just nod your head without speaking if possible. Your partner has come home fit to be tied. The storm will pass eventually, but it will pass. In business relationships there will be major conflicts of interests not easily solved. Negotiations will be difficult. If you are single, you will stay single until you learn to control your temper. No one likes a walking volcano.

6 8. Endings
 The parting is not amicable. Things will end with nasty language. Telling a person you never want to speak to them again is not the way to inform them that you feel hurt and wish they had not done what they did. Walking out during an argument with the intention of not coming back.

9. Travel, Education
 You missed the deadline on the ticket sales. You arrive at the airport late. Your trip is cancelled and you are off work on a scheduled holiday. Using the energy of the Temper card to do physical activities such as climbing mountains and going hiking through the trails. Now is the time to go to that workshop or seminar. Taking a course in anything to do with the physical body. An interest in Martial Arts. Excitement for study and learning.

10. 3-months Future Situation, Achievements
 With a lot of hard work, drive and aggressive talk you will succeed. Using your energy to accomplish the unthinkable. Having the passion to start a new career. Important not to quit pursuing your objectives...........

7 ......The next three months will be filled with all kinds of restless energy. You will have many projects on the go. You will feel frustrated because you can’t finish everything you started, even though a majority of what you set out to do will be accomplished. Dealing with an irate person. Getting a verbal black-lash.

11. Friendships, Community
 A close acquaintance does not see eye to eye with you on a matter and this displeases you very much. A community function that starts good turns into a battle of wits. A humanitarian cause touches you emotionally.

12. Past situation, Spirituality Unresolved anger issues from the past. In recent weeks dealing with an aggressive person. It is challenging to get closure when there is charged up emotions involved. The kundalini energy has been activated. Hopefully you know how to handle it? Be careful or you will get burned or burned out. A profound interest in the history of Christianity. http://seaqueen.wordpress.com December 31, 2007

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