hoeopathy http://rapidshare.com/files/223060610/www.studytemple.com.part1.rar http://rapidshare.

com/files/224231146/www.studytemple.com.part2.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/224235464/www.studytemple.com.part3.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/224240580/www.studytemple.com.part4.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/224626932/www.studytemple.com.part5.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/224631701/www.studytemple.com.part6.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/224634572/www.studytemple.com.part7.rar

Books by John Henry Clarke & Henry Clay ALLEN nosodes Homeopathy Pro is a professional computer program for those who practice classic al homeopathy. Labels: HOMEOPATHY

Homeopathy Pro combines the advantages of time-proved case taking methods with a dvanced features of up-to-the-minute software. In other words, now you can work EXACTLY as old masters did - only much faster a nd without any paperwork! >> >> >> >> >> Take case notes in a friendly, convenient environment. Enjoy most natural repertory search. Get correct results from repertorization books by recognized authors. Read various Medica sources to feel confident about your prescription. Save time and preserve quality of your work.

Features of Homeopathy Pro Can you find the needed repertory rubric in a blink without even knowing it's th ere? Or, view all remedy symptoms without searching through dozens of Materia Me dica volumes? Or, have all case history at your fingertips in a single convenien t case file? You surely can, now that you have a copy of Homeopathy Pro. The software we are offering is a universal information center for a classical h omeopath, homeopathic student or even a layman who helps his friends and family to overcome acute conditions. The key thing about Homeopathy Pro is its focus on the patient and symptoms of the case, the totality that leads you to successful prescription. Our mission is to provide you with a professional, inhouse, all-in-one solution. Homeopathy Pro can boast of unique case management system, classical symptom-ru bric arrangement, innovative appearance of repertorization table and infinite tw eaking abilities. Feeling unsure about your current case? Just take it with the help of Homeopathy Pro and see whether you end up with something astonishingly c orrect.

with a single click.html Radar 9. for the first time ever you can combine vital information from Synth esis and The Complete. the former goes well with Boenninghausen's repertory while the latter i s ideal for Kent's. Now. 125 remedies proved and described by Hahnemann.along with the highly respec ted Complete Millennium and Complete Universale. .com/files/141747322/thisishmpro1.With our program.0. And now you have the ability to search through all Repertories simultaneously. You can even get immediate tool tip help with a simple touch of your mouse. the whole program has gone through a dramatic usa bility enhancement. ????: Study Temple-All kinds of Study Material Homeopathy Pro v1.Homeopathy Medical Medicine software Reactions: RADAR set the standard for homeopathy software. Already homeopaths who have been testing the beta version s in their practice are reporting increased success through using these two repe rtories together .0 Build 51010 Kent's method. peculiar and uncommon symptoms for an artistic prescription advocated by Kent and his followers. both these repertories can be turned into Mater ia Medica with a click of the mouse.0. This means. The arrival of RADAR 9 brings major new features and a host of streamlined adva nces that take homeoapthic software to a new level of excellence! New Repertories The foundation of RADAR 9 is the new Synthesis 9 database. you can now find synonymous or related rubrics directly from the r epertorization chart. Should you have a problem with the program or just want to clear up a function or technique. feel free to browse our site to find any information you might be intereste d in. 650 remedies including the small ones introduced by this great ho meopathic artist. http://rapidshare. It's one of 20 new re pertory databases you can access with the program . Outstanding Usability With RADAR 9.0 . you can instantly change the number of rubrics included into r epertorization. We suggest that you should begin with our Help Center that will give a det ailed explanation on what can be done with the help of Homeopathy Pro. giving you the most detailed set of symptom s available from classical authors. For your convenience. Use this approach to make a purely classical homeopathic prescription. we equipped the program with Materia Medica by Boger and B oericke. Homeopathy Pro offers you two types of repertorization techniques: Boenninghausen's method. and now the best is even better. 3000 ge neral rubrics that can be combined into an infinite number of symptoms. we're here to help. play with the weight of small rubrics. 68000 symptoms that cover all aspects of human body and mind.solving cases that they weren't able to before. Operations that required several screens in previous versions are now available to you from just one place. And. perform sophisticated rep ertory search and find the necessary Materia Medica article in a mouse click. In fact. What's more.zip.0_build_51010. last but not least: we are providing our users with fastest and most profes sional free lifetime support. Use it to find rare.

part04. and Art Explained. With Dr. http://rapidshare.com/files/223060610/www. Spinal Correcting Techniques Applied Build Your Own Family Correcting Table.com.rar Home Chiropractic Video 3:51 AM 0 Posted by shehzaib ejaz Labels: HOMEOPATHY Links to this post Reactions: The course showing the family how to apply chiropractic in your home.com/files/128024947/DEMO_RADAR_ENG_iso.com/files/128021071/DEMO_RADAR_ENG_iso. install it in the exact loca tion where u installed Hompath it will be replacing those 3 icons that I mention ed.com.part3.part2.studytemple. Getting Acquainted with Feeling the Spine.http://rapidshare.rar http://rapidshare. image CD.rar http://rapidshare.part02.part4. Contents The purpose of this and Video Chiropractic Philosophy.rar Hompath Classic 8th version 3:54 AM 0 Posted by shehzaib ejaz Labels: HOMEOPATHY Links to this post Reactions: Archives.studytemple.com/files/224240580/www.part03.com.com/files/224235464/www. H olmquist's 100 minute Video you'll see how easy Home Chiropractic can be. classic. Science.part1. Those replaced icons will work others wont.rar http://rapidshare.* If icons in desktop is not working find the replaced new icons from folder in which u installed Hompath and send th em to desktop. Homutil will work Install Hompath first and then open the CD by right click There is another set up file named crack in the CD.studytemple.studytemple. Basic Anatomy of the Spine.com.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/224231146/www.rar http://rapidshare. Family Maintenance Correcting .com/files/128433623/DEMO_RADAR_ENG_iso. Please inform if facing any problem.

3) Cholera. M. Diarrhoea And Dysentery : Homoeopathic Prevention And Cure.rar http://rapidshare.part3.part2.When to see a Professional Chiropractor and How to Chose One.rar Books by John Henry Clarke & Henry Clay ALLEN nosodes Labels: HOMEOPATHY 1) The Prescriber John Henry Clarke PDB 873kb (Exclusive in studytemple) 2) A Dictionary of practical Materia Medica Pdb 5.com/files/232561452/Sunhchir.D.88 MB By John Henry Clarke M.part4. The Innate Mind and The Life Principal of Chiropractic. 4) CONSTITUTIONAL MEDICINE With especial reference to The Three Constitutions of Dr Von Grauvogl. by John H. PDF 512 KB By J. The Educated Mind.com/files/232560277/Sunhchir. 6) According to Dr John Henry CLARKE .rar http://rapidshare.com/files/232561206/Sunhchir. Clarke M. Four Essential Body Requirements and The Effect of Positive or Negative Emotions .6 MB By John Henry Clarke. D.rar http://rapidshare.D. DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.H.part1. Clarke PDF 824 KB 5) HOMOEOPATHY EXPLAINED PDF 1.com/files/232562511/Sunhchir.

RECONSTITUTED about NOSODES and SARCODES according to Dr John Henry CLARKE. Sarcodes PDF 627 kb 9) H. M.Raj DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.85 MB DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare. Talley. PDF 573 KB 10 books 1 link 9. 7okb pdf 10) The Materia Medica of the Nosodes.Dr.html Examination MedicineBy Nicholas J.com/files/227455678/clarke_www.com/files/43014479/avoid_heart_attack_strokes.a m ust for all ayurvedic doctors and students .The Plant Nosodes PDF 102 kb 7) According to Dr John Henry CLARKE.and prevention . May 19. Materia Medica of the Nosodes (Only Key-Notes). By Henry Clay ALLEN.M.etiology.studytemple.rar ayurveda ebooks collection 3:33 AM 0 Posted by shehzaib ejaz Labels: HOMEOPATHY Links to this post Reactions: heart attacks complete information on heart attacks its pathology. Simon O'Connor Tuesday. The Animal Nosodes PDF 515kb 8) According to Dr John Henry CLARKE.pdf.M. D. 2009 4:15 AM 0 Posted by shehzaib ejaz .com_Exclusive.

print. rather. teacher. Conta ining more than 100 distinct pieces of interactive media accessed via a simple a nd easy to navigate menu structure.Our product is not designed to be additive to GP's current workflow practices.pdb 3D Clinic Professional (ISO) 4:10 AM 2 Posted by shehzaib ejaz Labels: HISTORY TAKING OF MEDICAL CLINICS Links to this post Reactions: 3DClinic Professional is a sophisticated educational tool designed specifically for use by doctors in communicating with patients in the clinical setting.????: Study Temple-Al l kinds of Study Material Examination Medicine By Nicholas J. New Zealand and South East Asia. The book is also widely used by senior medical student s throughout Australia. New artwork to enhance the format New Chapter on Imaging for the Physician DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.The unique sellin g point of 3DClinic Professional is our ability to facilitate a better patient o utcome via a healthcare professional's communication of 3D interactive imagery. With the unique advantage of draw-on-screen. The book will consist o f Long and Short cases with updates to occur throughout. The new 5th edition wil l be significantly updated in order to keep up with changes in the examinations and medicine. It is the intent of 3DClinic to take a competitive position throughout the world in any market segment where a healthcare professional. the examination and investigations it will remain signifi cant to those undertaking the FRACP examination process. Examination Medicine 5E will continue to highlight key facts the c andidate must understand for the fellowship examination. 3D Clinic Professional replaces traditional analogue media (such as medical illustration books and skeleton models) used by doctor to converse with patient. Written by two well-known and respect ed authors. ty pe-on-screen. Talley. email and save-to-disk functionality. A new chapter on Imagin g for the Physician Trainee is introduced. is not only designed to improve patient compliance. simply replace the use by doctor of analogue media he/she wo uld traditionally use to educate patients about their condition.com/files/28647889/Talley___O_Connor_-_Clinical_Examination_5t h_2006. Clinical Examination 5th edition will continue to provide students w ith a good reference point for performing clinical methods. Simon O'Co nnor Now in 2-colour New design of overall layout offering greater accessibility for readers.Labels: HISTORY TAKING OF MEDICAL CLINICS . medicine and health via communication of 3D interactive imagery. filled with information about history taking. medical books Links to this post Reactions: Product Description: Examination Medicine is a very successful and highly used b ook among FRACP candidates preparing for the Royal Australasian College of Physi cians Part 1 Examination. parent or other individual wishes to achieve an improved educational outcome in the area of ana tomy.The software fea tures: Simple menu structure for ease of navigation Health topics that provide a 3 D interactive journey from a healthy to unhealthy state. The core value of our first product developed for use in general practice is a better pat ient outcome. but also lower malpractice risk. A 3D library of anatomic .

It all adds up to a definitive.com/files/190508564/3D. Page after p age. much of it publish ed here for the first time. FEATURES. new.rar http://rapidshare.Professional_funbox. More than 50 complete chapters on common and challenging clinical questions and patient presentations.Clinic.rar 4:09 AM 0 Posted by shehzaib ejaz Labels: HISTORY TAKING OF MEDICAL CLINICS Links to this post Reactions: The Rational Clinical Examination: Evidence-Based Clinical Diagnosis (Jama & Archives Journals) (Paperback) by David Simel (Author). Drummond Rennie (Author) Product DescriptionThe ultimat e guide to the evidence-based clinical encounter.Professional_funbox.Professional_funbox.part2. The Sensitivity and Specificity of Each Key Result. Going far beyon d the scope of traditional physical examination texts. the high-yield content of The Rational Clinical Examination is signif icantly expanded and updated from the original JAMA articles.com/files/190508665/3D. and result s from physical examination maneuvers and other diagnostic studies.rar http://rapidshare. The JAMA series ?The Rational Clinic al Examination? was created to bring the principles of evidence-based medicine t o the diagnostic process. reflecting the way clinicians approach the practice of evidence-based medicine . .. . . and previously unpublished information from the origin al JAMA articles . . . All the expert perspectives on the application of evidence-based medicine princi ples-with all the authority of the pioneering JAMA series. and the Clinical Bottom Line. making it an incomparably practical resource that you'll turn to again and again. Im portantly. Re solution of the Case Presentation. Research and Statistical Methods Used to Fin d the Evidence Presented. completely updated with ne w literature analyses. you'll find a focus on actual clinical questions and presentations. Featuring specific clinical questions. Packed with updated.Clinic.Clinic.Professional_funbox.part4. In the tradition of the famo us Users' Guides to the Medical Literature. including: Case Presentation. Now for the very first time in book form. this invaluable resource compiles and presents the evidence-based meanings of signs. clinically relevant approac h to the use of evidence in the content of physical examination. Standardized template for every issue covered.com/files/190508722/3D. The Rational Clinical Examination . Email (for referrals) & Save these images for future reference Links to patient education materials provided by reco gnized professional associations DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare. the RCE series was an inst ant hit. Real-world focus on a specific clinical question in each chapter.part1.. here is a uniquely practical. symptoms.part3.Clinic.com/files/190508628/3D. Completely updated with all-new literature searches and appraisals supplementing each chapter. ready-to-use clinica l exam sourcebook that no student or clinician should be without.. Why the Issue Is Clinically Important.rar http://rapidshare. Full-color format with dynamic clinical illustrations and images . and precise summaries of available evidence. .al images of the human body Draw and Type features that enable you to 'personaliz e' imagery for your patient Ability to Print. numerous case e xamples.

su ch as revisions to be included in DSM-V. Washington. The book has it all: theory.rar Cassate clinics EXAMINATION videoes(Abdomen) 4:04 AM 0 Posted by shehzaib ejaz . with the concepts of specificity and sensitivity applied to the p atient encounter.. Professor of Psychology. and interactions necessary for the effective clinical interview. Amherst. The text provides excellent coverage of the basic skills involved in clinical interviewing.. President. University of Massachusetts. Ph. DC "Thorough. Director of Clinical Training. OH. and informat ive and amusing anecdotes. ABPP. and the material is brought to life through an engaging literary style." David A . Co-Director of Clinical Training. Rita Sommer s-Flanagan (Author 4:07 AM 0 Posted by shehzaib ejaz Labels: HISTORY TAKING OF MEDICAL CLINICS Links to this post Reactions: ReviewPraise for 2E: "This book...com/files/174672450/race. cas e material. The authors do an ex ceptional job of describing mundane--but critical--details of learning to interv iew while still capturing and articulating the essential "big picture" aspects o f contemporary clinical interviewing. Ivey. numerous case examples. Cleveland. Jobes. and the essential "how to's". ABPP. University of Iowa for APA Review of Books) --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.rar Clinical Interviewing (Hardcover) by John Sommers-Flanagan (Author). summarizing many contemporary issues and controversies.represents a thorough and well-written present ation of the strategies. Catholic University of America. Also available: JAMAevidence. It is hard to imagine a better book for beginning clinicians. and documentation according to HIPAA standards. Inc. Overholser.. their writing is clear. DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare. Microtraining Associates . such as informed consent. Professor Eme ritus.. and this book will be enjoyed by students and faculty alike.D. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy "It is a delight to see the 4th Edition of the Sommers-Flanagan's excellent work." James C.." (Albert B. Ph. They understand counseling and therapy." Allen E.com/files/174243526/newview. processes.D.highly recommended. Case Western Reserve Universit y.. a new interactive database for the best practi ce of evidence based medicine DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare. Ed. and wellwritten. ABPP. confidentiality and its limits. Hood. The authors also confront important ethical issues pe rtaining to clinical interviewing.Not-to-be-missed coverage of the principles of evidence-based medicine and physi cal diagnosis.com. Profes sor of Psychology. The review of the l iterature is current. research..D. all presented in an accessible and liv ely format. Editor-in-Chief. thoughtful. Review"Th e fourth edition of this classic by John and Rita Sommers-Flanagan is simply a t riumph! This book has both extraordinary depth and breadth. John and Rita Sommers-Flanagan do an outstanding job demonstrating the scientist-practitioner model in action.

comA new editorial team drawn from hospitalbased as well as general practiceAddition of three major new chapters covering: the Reproductive System including pregnancy.Expansion of ENT examination into a new chapter.The final sec tion covers the specialized areas relating to young children and the criticallyill patient.Starts with a general overview section on history taking and the general e xamination that provide the framework on which to hang the detail.nr__.Closely l inked to its sister publication..Now with access to full text online plus many other extras via www. 22/e 2007 by: 3:53 AM 0 .nr__.rar http://rapidshare.studentconsult.anastomosis.part1. Davidsonâ s Principles & Practice of Medicine .co.com/files/27987774/MCEXAM.rar Macleodâ s Clinical Examination 4:01 AM 0 Posted by shehzaib ejaz Labels: HISTORY TAKING OF MEDICAL CLINICS Links to this post Reactions: Product DetailsBook Publisher: Churchill Livingstone (20 June.co.nr__. 2005)ISBN: 044307 4046Book author: Graham Douglas.The systematic examination section documents clearly the relevant history.Labels: HISTORY TAKING OF MEDICAL CLINICS Links to this post Reactions: http://rapidshare.rar http://rapidshare. Fiona Nicol.com/files/96458239/Abdomen_www.rar Hutchison's Clinical Methods: An Integrated Approach to Clinical Practice.rar Part2 http://rapidshare. which complements the information in this text. inv aluable for students starting clinical medicine as well as for more senior stude nts and junior doctors.anastomosis.com/files/95327001/Abdomen_www.com/files/27992580/MCEXAM.This text provides a clear description of the fundamental skills of pati ent evaluation and examination.Closely linked to its sister publication. which complem ents the information in this text.co.part2.com/files/95559138/Abdomen_www. the examination of Babies and Child ren and the examination of the Critically Ill including shock and coma.part1.Most major system chapters start with a s ummary outline figure diagram of the core clinical examination points.Addition o f 28 Clinical Examples as used in modern OSCE examinationsNew key points include d throughout emphasizing good practice methods and procedures.A wealth of new il lustrations including line drawings to demonstrate good examination technique an d superb new clinical photographs illustrating signs in common disease. Davidsonâ s Principles & Practice of Medicine.In full colour throughout and highly illustrated. Colin RobertsonAmazon Rating:Book Description:This is a book at the heart of learning how to be a good doctor. answering the cunning questions which arise from this. examination and spe cial investigations as well as giving advice on their significance.anastomosis. reminding them of the procedures involved in clerking a patient.part3. Tags: Physical Examination DOWNLOAD Part 1 http://rapidshare.part2.

improve exercise capacity and quality of life. risk of mortality. Progressive exercise traini . first published over a century ago. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of the doctor-patient re lationship.com/files/115296289/Hutchison_sClinicalMethods-AnIntegratedApp roach2ClinicalPractice-22ndEd. It seeks to teach an integrated approach to clini cal practice. the essential skills needed for clinical examination. The te xt is organised so that both system-related and problem-oriented chapters are in cluded. as well as reduce hos pitalization and.rar part 2 http://rapidshare. Francesco Cacciatore& Claudio NapoliClinical consequences of heart failure are fatigue. so that new methods and investigations are grafted onto establishe d patterns of clinical practice. dyspnea. Full size images embeded.5 Total Reviews: 2 Book Description: Hutchison's Clinical Methods.rar Mechanisms by which exercise training benefits patients with heart failure 3:50 AM 0 Posted by shehzaib ejaz Labels: MEDICAL JOURNALS Links to this post Reactions: by Ettore Crimi. In patients with stable heart failure. rather than added on as something extra. Regular exercise training is associated with health-improv ing effects. Number Of Pages: 560 Publication Date: 2007-04-20 Sales Rank: 540943 ISBN / ASIN: 0702027995 EAN: 9780702027994 Binding: Paperback Manufacturer: Saunders Ltd. Ignarro. Studio: Saunders Ltd.part2. is the classic textbook on clinical examination.com/files/115296350/Hutchison_sClinicalMethods-AnIntegratedApp roach2ClinicalPractice-22ndEd. exercise training can reliev e symptoms.Posted by shehzaib ejaz Labels: HISTORY TAKING OF MEDICAL CLINICS Links to this post Reactions: Michael Swash.CHM Form atTOC in TriPane. Louis J. Average Rating: 4. and for planni ng the appropriate choice of investigations in diagnosis and management. Michael Glynn. Publisher: Saunders Ltd. to some extent.part1. It provide s an outstanding source of learning and reference for undergraduate medical stud ents and postgraduate doctors. Removal of links in HTMLRAR 1x100 + 1x65 MB part 1 http://rapidshare. and progressive impairment o f exercise tolerance.

Ignarro. cardiovascular. Louis J. This Review focu ses on current knowledge of mechanisms by which progressive and moderate exercis e training can have sustained beneficial effects on patients with heart failure.ng is associated with pulmonary. ????: Study Temple-All kinds of Study Material Mechanisms by which exercise trai ning benefits patients with heart failure by Ettore Crimi.com/files/220352089/nrcardio.8.pdf . and skeletal muscle metabolic a daptations that increase oxygen delivery and energy production. Fra ncesco Cacciatore& Claudio Napoli DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.2009.

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