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[DAVID L., ANDERSON (CABN 149604) | Acting United States Attomey FILED BARBARA I, VALLIERE (DCBN 439353) hie Crna Baton : Fe ~4 2009 SUSAN. so0NG KIMBERLY HOPKINS (MABN 668608) oe Assistant United States Attoey vot Diop SAG “450 Golden Gate Aver, Box 36085 oie Ak San Francisco, Califo 94102-3495 i : Telephone: (415) 436-7200 ‘ Fax: (115) 436-2234 Kimberly. Hopkins@usdo} gov Astorneys forthe United States UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT Lp NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO DIVISION 3 19 70176 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ) Case No. Pint, } unirep stares MovION 70 seat }. SUMMONS AND COMPLAINT AND ¥ ) [PROPOSED] ORDER ) JOHN. FRY, : ) UNDER SEAL Defendant. } ea } MOTION To SEAL 10 n 2 B uw 15 16 1” 8 19 20 | a 2 23 24 25 2 28 The United States hereby moves the Court for an order sealing tis Motion and Order, Summons, and the Complaint asthe investigation is ongoing. However, the government Further requests that it be allowed to provide a copy ofthe Sammons and Complaint to the defendant's attorney for the purpose of the defendant obtaining legal advice Date: February \_, 2019 Respecflly Submited, DAVID L. ANDERSON United States Attomey Ki ‘Y HOPKINS Assistant United States Attorneys [PROPOSED] ORDER Based upon te foregoing request, the Court hereby ORDERS tht this Motion and Order, the Summons ed the Complain forthe defendant's arrest sal be filed and kept under sal by the clerk of tse Court until futher onda ofthe Court. The Court hecsby fisther ORDERS that any representative of he United States Attomey"s Office or the US, Department of Treasury, Treasury Inspector General for "Tox Administration (“TIGTA"), shal be allowed to obtain a copy ofthe Summons and Complaint for he defendant without further onder ofthe Court. The Court hereby further ORDERS that the defendant's atomey shall be allowed to obtin a copy ofthe Summons and Complaint for the defendant ‘without further order ofthe Court Dust: Eetory “2019 a HONTAORE BEELER Unie States ite ge Motion TO SEAL FILED 4091 (0409) Coil Comp UNITED STATES DisTRICT COURT SUSAN Y. SOONG fete uQERG US see Suet ‘Norhem District of California (ORTH ISTIC OF CAFO Unie States of Ameren ) % } ae — Le 3} 3 19 70176 4 ae Bina a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT 1 the complainant in this as, state that he following ste tothe best of my knowledge and belie, On oraboutthe date(s] of _fomMay2018 to June 2018 __ inthe county of _San Francisco inthe the defendant(s) violated: See attachment Norte District or cat Code Sction Offense Desription a1Us.c. § 522219) Unauterized disclosure of suspricus activ report ‘Approve ast orm Prem opines 5 This criminal complaint is based on these fics ‘See stlachad AFFIDAVIT in supprt of erminl comin Continued on the stacked sheet. Compl et Linde Clesiek, Special Agent TIGTA, Som treme nid ny es paw: Bboy W201 4 : iG jam “hag ae (City and state: ‘Sen Francisco, Calfomis Hon, Laurel Bool U.S. Magistrate Jusoo