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Mid War Monsters

Army Lists
Each player may bring a 2000 point Mid War company. Each player must bring at least one platoon of
Mid War Monster tanks. The event organizer can theme the event or attempt to balance both sides so
to offer a fair and fun event for all.

Special Rules
Battlegroup Morale (Firestorm), Prepared Positions (Rulebook) and Total War Reserves

Preparing for Battle

(Please refer to table layout located on page 97 of the Firestorm Bagration Campaign book)
1. Decide on a start and ending time for the game. You will probably need half an hour plus an
extra half an hour for every 1000 points on a side. Make sure you have an extra hour available
after the end time so you can finish both players' turns.
2. Mark out the center line on the table.
3. Any player bringing a company that comprises of more than one Mid War Monster platoon
must nominate one Mid War Monster platoon as the target platoon.
4. Both sides now roll a die. The side with the higher score chooses one side of the center line to
attack from. The other side defends from the opposite side.
5. Starting with the attackers, both sides place an objective on the attackers' side of the center line
at least 12” from the table edge and the center line.
6. Starting with the defenders, both sides place an objective on the defenders' side of the center
line at least 12” from the table edges and the center line.
7. Starting with the attackers, both sides place an objective within 6” of the center line.
8. The attacking side now has up to five minutes to plan their strategy and an additional 20
minutes to deploy their entire force including Independent teams, but excluding
Reconnaissance Platoons.

They may deploy anywhere on their side of the center line as long as they are at least 12” from the
center line.

All teams in a Combat Company must deploy within 32” of their Company Command team.

The attackers may chose to keep any platoons they wish in Reserve. Any platoons not
completely deployed within 20 minutes must be held in Reserve. All Mid War Monster
platoons must be held in Reserve. Players that have more than one Mid War Monster platoon
only need to hold their target platoon in reserve.

9. The defending side now deploys under the same conditions and restrictions, but must also
deploy any Reconnaissance Platoons that are not held in Reserve at this time.
10.The attacking side now deploys any Reconnaissance Platoons that are not held in Reserve.

Reconnaissance Platoons may deploy up to the center line as long as they are at least 16” from
all enemy teams.
Beginning the Battle
1. Both sides start the game in Prepared Positions, so their troops are in Foxholes and Gone to
2. The attacking side has the first turn.
End the Battle
The battle ends as soon as both sides have had the same number of turns and the agreed upon ending
time has passed. If the game has reached a critical moment and both sides want to see what happens
next, give each side another turn or two to find out.

Deciding who Won

At the start of a side's turn when you normally check victory conditions that side gains one Victory
Point for each objective that it holds. An objective yields a Victory Point to the side that has taken it
every turn that they hold it.
It is a good idea to keep a running total of Victory Points scored as you play the game. At the start
of each turn add up the Victory Points you score this turn, and add them to the running total.
A side starts the game holding all objectives in their deployment area. They hold any objective that
they have taken (even if all of their troops have since moved away) until the enemy takes it back or
contests it by having troops that could take it within 4”.
Each Mid War Monster tank destroyed gives up 1 Victory Point. The definition of destroyed is if
the tank fails an armor roll and either is destroyed in the assault phase or the opponent successfully
rolls their firepower.
Each Mid War Monster tank captured gives up 2 Victory Points. Any tanks that fail a motivation
test due to a double bail or platoon motivation test are captured. If tanks are bailed out during the
assault phase and the platoon falls back the bailed out tanks are considered captured if within 4” of the
Mid War Monster platoons that are holding objectives in the opponents deployment zone are worth
2 Victory points instead of one.
The side that has the most Victory Points at the end of the game wins.

Historical Re-fights
Kursk, 1943: Germans vs. Soviets
El Alamein, 1942: German, Italians vs. British
Kasserine Pass, 1943: German, Italians vs. Americans, British, French
Flames of War
US and Canada
Mid War Monsters
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