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Ah fom ud (re) o| Gyproc Ee World's No.1 in Gypsum Well and Ceiling Fate Bong 000 Ta sain 4 09 INVOICE No, Fox Soomnzan e798 see: ‘reseapyem Sor ven Date of bby order an on account ‘of Messers SSN 4 MHA OMT TERA. 38, STREET NO.. HIER P HO GAT MEN, bby the undersigned Wark&We. Qty Unit Description WetWeight Kgs Price Amount ‘GYPSUM BOARD AND GYPSUM PLASTER 18 THE WOMARKS 3,272.00 RCS, Gyproc Cassi: SEZ 7x1220:2¢40rr.Im 33,962.40 Kos “$90.00 FCS. Gyproc MoistureResistant SE 9x1220x2440re.Im 9,108.00 Kgs 625.00 FCS, Gyproc FirsStop RE 12.7x12202440rm.Im 3831050 Kgs 800000 KGS. _ ACCELERATOR H.R.A (1 TON/BAG = 8 TONS) 800000 Kos 7346,00 PACKAGES. 65,580.50 Kos FOB LAEM CHABANG, THAILAND FopuseD County of Origin = ‘Thadand Net weight 69,3800 Kos Gross weight «= ¢ | TAA7S.34 Kos ‘Thai Gypsum Products Puble Company Urited [MS.WIMONRAT RITTIVORACHART {EXPORT CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER) Tnomends SEE Eaeraecnamats sonmone A Saint-Gobain Company ‘a ies ase or Gyproc BAL” suc-cous INVOICENO, 0017102077 (CERTIECATE.OF QUALITY ‘TOWHOMLITMAY CONCERN eset We MERE EATFY THAT THE Gos SHIPED To SANT-COBAN VIETNAM LMT . + voce No.& PACKING LST NO. 9017102077 ATE eset *BILLOFLADINGNO. _1mKOs1960 DATE Set? * DESCRIFHON OF G0ODS : Profuaon dite / St 1.27200 PS. prec Caste SE1274122012440mmim o-Septr = 1090 PCS, GyprocMlatureesistant SE r1220:2440mmim ase - £6200 PCS. Gyproc Presto RE1271022012440mmn Mayr - {800 BAGS, ACCELERATOR HRA (1 TON/BAG =BTONS) 2a Ser 7 18,0 50 17 ‘ARE MANUFACTUNED BY THALOPSUM PRODUCTS PCL TO MEET. SEN 2/204 & TON BSCROORASTH.C OCB (STANDARD SPECICATION 0 GYPSUM CONG BARDS) & ENI063 (sxok SePcFeATION oF sors COMPOUNES AND JODT TAPES) "RY ARE UARARTEED TOBE FREE FROM AL MARUFACTORING DEFECTS AND SRUTLY MBE HE AVE STANDARDS. "SsuD wy THE Thal Gypsum Products Pl. pen weer on 878 ra rare ora ee gt Mae a, i) lone Chetorg Pont: S710 Moo 5, Lam Chaban Waa ae 8 Rocha, Chon But 020 ars. Te} 28 Fe 8 47