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Emergency Order of Protection (Page 1 of 3) (Rev. 07/08/16) COG N80LA INTHE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS a | cme _ 20915626 —Micumee Dp. Serton er |_on behalf of ‘phindependent Proceeding STs Ml Sertensor=_Metnalateainseeyt 3 One Cul Poeding Specify. Criminal Proceeding 5 O Juvenile Proceeding eeu Court David Keupe Respondent Me amor? Sr | — i | “Paw UPA zs Gog [Sher [Rangan [Ecos ists Fy ere | [oan Peo [RES Gen EMERGENCY ORDER OF PI CTION B i ANY KNOWING VIOLATION OF ANY ORDER OF momdnor & FORBIDDING PErySiGAA ABUSE, NEGLECT, EXPLOITATION, HARASSMENT. INTIMIDA~ ‘TION, INTERFERENCE WITH" YERSONAL LIBERTY, WILUPUL DEPRIVATION, OR ENTERING OR REMAINING PRESENT AT SPECIFIED PLACES WHEN | THE PROTECTED PERSON 15 PRESENT OR GRANTING SHCLUSIVE OSSESION OF TR RESIDENGE OR HOUSENOLD, PROM TING ENTERING OR oie core ana a aes a one ne Tse ry ore or onan ner, uy roar {ECAL CUSTODY OR PHYSICAE CARE OF A CHILD OR PROABITING REMOVAL OR CONCEALMENT OF A'CHILD MAY A.A CLASS 4 FELONY. ANY WL screen mn re eo cones ono ee ee i ee pay. 750 ILCS 6o/a20 (f) “The following peesons are piotecred by this Oder, a in SpminT yay Seema g eq Fame Saale oh S “The minor children’ referred co herein are: = “The following animals are protected by this Order (Of il the animals by name, type and description): Dare, time ane ‘for further heaping: ue / pe LGB. caoniCsatey 29 2 aT ia : So aiGmn ear apimncioet paras tina 21 days $50 + herbie on 46-0. I ‘THE CIRCUIT cour F COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS ge 1 of 3 wee oom ase | SO SET aie oe semamae eR Emergency Order of Protection (Page 2 of 3) (Rev. 12/19/18) OCG NSO B ape rn er EEC RET pax. 750 ILCS 60/220 (f) BASED ON THE FINDINGS OF THIS COURT, C] WHICH WERE MADE ORALLY FOR THE TRANSCRIPTION, Ok CO) wHtid# ARB S2T OUT IN A SEPARATE, ee cee ee ae eee eae ‘igh ister oman naar 1. Wik pet wal Pree Pon, Retphdeng poked fom coming the longs Eirmclten Pranein | Mester iene Slots of pnd fal deprivation; CI Neglect; ‘BLExploitarion: ‘stalking Petitioner is granted exch remain in the housegld of premises located st : tpis remedy dees nok efit te fo property 4 Respondent i ordered to stay away, fom Petsionerand other protected persons, including but not limited ro Pee Ay serene feats Ae Respondent is probbie from fen or remaining | | Gc. Respondents llowed aces to tht residence om (dase) came), | edons ed eau byt Rependenr and oh tens flows ae ‘while any Protected Person is present and/or 2 (Gime) in the presence of| ‘tw reinove items of dlothing, personal adornments 4, {Remedy not available for Emergency Orders of Protection.) 5. Qa. Petitioner is granted physical care and possession of the minor child/ren; andor Db Rependarbeneetss | 1 returothe minor citl/ren to the phytical cate of + andlor not remove the minor children : _ from the physical care of Pecdoner ot . i 6. Remedy not available for Emergency Onders of Protection.) G7. G1 a. Respondent is awarded visitation tights on the following dats and times or under che folowing conditions or pparamecers: [No order ‘alm ‘a the etm ‘Reasonable visitation’) ab Bonded von ed lows | Gc Respondent’ visitation is reservedilenied (Ptiioner may deny Respondent feces tothe mint children if when Respondent arives for visitation, Respondent is lauder he nfluenes of rags or alee and consis creat the fey and wel-eng of Petiuoner or Ptoners minor child/en or is behaving in alvolent or abusive manner) : 8. Respondents prbibited om removing ht mine chid/en fom inl or concealing them within iol, 9. Respondent is ordered to appear in Courtrodm/ Calendar = locared at os a ‘um/pamay with/without the minor children 110, Pestioner is granted exclusive possession ofthe fllowing personal property and the Respondent is ordied ro prompely make ‘valle Redon ld propery thar hid Respndet poner or carol oi a q (Tis remedy doe ot effete wo proper] DOROTHY BROWN, CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS Page 2 of 3 cuern__T7Op “T3626 Si) lel Fe cae te Emergency Order of Protection: 3 of 3 Pages (This form replaces CCG96-01) (Rev, U2T/I1) COG N8O1 C | Ang rt of roto ich wou xpi. rt balfy sal ted 7%, norte eet 7. case, a Ye: rte pang ins ein nin tem: be ii i watt [ey escllae.. : exeept as explicitly authorized bythe Court, Farther, Respondent sprouted rom inpropriy sing he nana oroher resources ofan aged member fhe aor onal the Prot oradvaniage of Respondent or any ste pean, C115 Petitioner is granted exclusive care, custody or ai of the following animals (Detail the animals by name, type and description): | With respect toa protected animals Respondent i ordred to stay away and to refrain fom taking, tansferving, eeambering conceal Inpbarming others denoget teal 12. (Remedy ot avaabfor Berne Odes of Ppetn 13. Remedy nt arabe een Orders ot Paeton a aati aati houtehld ot residence lsted at ‘while under the influence of alcohol oF drugs and so 145 See separate Warrant for Seizure Order, ~@ 15, Respondent Is denied access to school and/or any er ‘records of the minor child/ren and-is protibited fron inspecting, obtaining, or attempt Ineoapec ore sch ends 19° Deny taal Emereny Orders ot etton) 17, Respondents further ordered and/or enjotied as folows: No Cowrrer— | - 18. The relief requested in paragraph(s). | of the petition is (DENIED) (RESERVED), because: “This Order of Protection is enforceable, even without registration, i all $0 states the District of Cohummbia, tribal lands, and the US. territories ‘pursuant to the Violence Against Women Act (18 U.S.C, 2265), Violating this Order of Proteétion may subject the Respondent to federal charges ond Punishment (18 U.S.C. 2261-2262).” NOTICE: Upon 2 days notice o Petitioner, or such shgrter notice as the Court may prescribe, a Respondent subject tan Emergency Order of Protection issued under thie [OVA may appear and petition the Court to re-hear the original or amended petition, Respondent's petition shall be ‘vetted and shall allegg lack of notice anda meritorious defense. Atty. Ne ‘Attorney (or Pro Se ‘Address: State/City/Zip: Tues Judge's No. ‘Telephone: DOROTHY BROWN, CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK,COUNTY, ILLINOIS Copy Distribution White: 1 ORIGINAL » COURT PLE Blu: 2. LEADS Grees:3, SHERIFP/LAMT ENFORCEMENT RETURN Canty 4 es Pluk: , PETITIONER Gl: 6 STATE'S ATTORNEY,