my brother and I. I grew up in Allentown. Biology. hard to have a social life when your nose is buried in a book all day. large city. While I would study in my room. it ended. One day. because before I even emerged from high school to start my life. Calculus. like I didn¶t do that enough to myself. It was quite the place. I barely remember even attending. I didn¶t have any friends. I stayed at home studying into the late hours of the night. We were twins. doctors or lawyers. We all chase this dream. who were always busy being kids. ACT. he didn¶t care about school or a proper education. Chemistry. I was always reading and learning from whatever textbook I could get my hands on. getting drunk or high. it was always a school book. Didn¶t help that none of the books were leisure books. Outside of school wasn¶t much different. I didn¶t have time for any of the athletic sport. and Literature books kept my attention. She had high hopes that I would fulfill her childhood dream of attending Princeton. tons of people and plenty of things to keep someone occupied. I sat in my room with books piled open over my computer desk. so I could start a Computer Programming company. home of the famous hiding place of the Liberty Bells during the Revolutionary War. High school went like a blur. While many people go out to party late at night. I was jealous. If I wasn¶t studying. SAT. I fell into the category of those who had their dreams taken from them. they would have taken away from my studying. Unlike most students at Parkland High. It didn¶t matter much to him. Mom would always check on me. Notes from one book here. Pennsylvania. She would push me to study more. James. I was taking a test or completing homework.Prologue Some people grow up to be teachers. I didn¶t hate him for that way of thinking. I myself had dreamed of obtaining a business degree. I was always studying. but not the caring kind of way. he was always out partying with his friends. Engineering. . a point she failed at when she got pregnant with me and my brother. an IV League school that was only a few hours from here in New Jersey. I didn¶t have the chance to give it my all. with my notebooks and pens sprawled across the large space. Physics. That is unless you are already occupied with cram sessions to get into Princeton. notes from another book there. until something happens to stop our chances of obtaining that dream. but we were night and day.

Even toddlers knew the value of Christmas. Gifts were the primary reason for the hype. It was a cold December day in Allentown when it all happened. All were music for my thoughts. rain intruded in the sky causing everything to freeze. Then there is the nonreligious notation. only there wasn¶t any end to the pain. who didn¶t love getting a new Xbox or a shinny guitar. with propaganda of how their product would solve all their problems. My dad is a story lost like some chapter of a book. mainly because of the religious notation that was attached to the season. who would whine whenever they saw a small toy they wanted to obtain for the soul purpose of destroying it.When he got home. another way the world casted me out. Families talking about how to sneak presents behind the back of those they were ment for. Every Christmas I just . capitalism. The sound of the various shops in the downtown area created a symphony of music. James mentioned that he could remember dad as a tall dark figure. I just continued along the sidewalk. he was happy. The birth of Jesus and the journey of the three wise men. He was never around. no texts. such as the mother and daughter clamoring on about how their father would never look inside one of their purses. and newest gadget or toy or gift. clearing my head for the entrance exam for Princeton. The snow hadn¶t started falling yet this year. I was never one for this particular holiday. not even a phone call. I wished I could have been happy at some time. I would always get evil looks as I told people my view on religion. Instead. weaving in between the mass of bodies that seems to never end. which had receded into the closet of my mind to wait for me to use them again. Shopkeepers bargaining with their customers held to vocal part of the symphony. shiniest. We never heard anything from him. which added a base-like rhythm to the masquerading music of downtown Allentown. no letters. just how being underwater made all the surface noises disappear. The cold wind cut at the skin like a sharp knife. then you weren¶t in the ³Holiday Spirit. religious babble that inspired a cult. There was something about wandering the streets filled with people that just made it easier for me to focus. but I was always stressed or tired. Snow had a calming feeling to it. As far as I was concerned. He smiled all the time. If you didn¶t buy the biggest.´ So what if it was when gifts were given to Jesus. not real music but a weird modern day opera. my father didn¶t exist. a fact that I hated. we didn¶t celebrate Washington¶s Birthday or any other important figure¶s birthday. I was walking around. Christmas was always a major holiday. There was even the shuffling of footsteps against the cold sidewalks. Noise was never a distraction for me. which was always late. like nothing bad ever happened in the world. no e-mails. I think mom and him got divorced when my brother and I were young. all he could remember. just as it was anywhere in the United States. it made my rambling thoughts cease long enough to complete whatever task I was currently doing.

Now I knew something was drastically wrong. He turned to me with a menacing smile. He wore a long black cloak that moved flawlessly with the wind. especially since his stare seemed to hold me in place. a backpack with some textbooks and my wallet with my license. tossing a glare at the woman that spoke. As they moved into positions. the one emotion that prevents you from taking any action. ghost-like figure of me was caught on the tip of the blade. As I rounded a corner. ³So. the air suddenly dropped in temperature. As I tried to assess what was happening. but I couldn¶t tell what. looking around for something.´ he told a black figure to his left. His skin was pale white. held me a prisoner as I realized something horrible was about to happen.´ the man said. striking me in the neck. made my life seem odd. they¶re about to catch up.´ One of the figures hissed. ³Seems we found him. the sinister voice sounded female and old. Although I was wearing a heavy coat with a scarf I felt myself shivering and clattering my teeth. His hood flew off and I saw the crimson red eyes that were encased in his head. but I couldn¶t run. The blade passed through me. just barely dark enough to cover his bones. . they moved swiftly so I didn¶t catch any details. It seemed like he was searching for something. She shoved me and I fell onto my off foot to keep my balance. what shall we do first? Split the soul and enjoy the pieces or rip ³Just get it over with. I could feel something was weird about this situation. let alone trying to walk beside each other. It seems I am out of time. yet I fell for his trick so easily. Instead of lopping my head off. he probably could catch up with me. my brother and I could barely be in the same house. but I was still standing. It wasn¶t like I had anything on me. Mom. The weapon solidified just as he swung the weapon. It didn¶t matter if I tried or not. The man who changed my life and made me what I am now. a silver.´ the woman responded. nothing happen.´ the man said. Silverwhite hair draped down to his shoulders. If it weren¶t for the doors to our rooms. our little family would be tearing at each other¶s throat. where it hung loosely. Instead. I was trapped. ³It¶s him. the man just examined me. and his cold voice matched the climate perfectly.wandered around. ³O well. it was to be normal and be able to enjoy a holiday like any normal family. One gift that could never be given. Fear. If there was one wish I wanted. I saw him. ³This is him? He seems so«weak. Even if I did manage to escape. as a scythe materialized in his hand. The laughter of families. The two shadows moved to trap me in a triangle. watching people shopping for gifts and enjoying their time together. real families.

³Well. I saw a sword being warped from the ghostly figure of myself. that I couldn¶t tell the temperature it was outside. as I started to fall to the ground exhausted. All of a sudden. I was drained. As I fell to the ground. The cloaked figure that didn¶t talk caught me before I hit the ground. it seems he is destined to be more. my body grew cold. the firm hands holding me gently. As the world began to fade into the darkness. .´ the man said. So cold. My feet collapsed and my body went limp.

as the woman with blonde hair laughed and walked to his side. ³Nothing that wasn¶t ment to be. I just was the activator. the light in the building almost blinded me. ³this is Emily. and a woman with light brown hair looked over with concern.´ he replied causally. I couldn¶t tell where I was. This time I managed to stand. heavy and cold. the man that had tried to kill me. who just laughed with her. crimson eyes and pale skin. . and why is he talking to me like I was a friend. doesn¶t anyone think of anything else?´ Emily asked Zak.´ as he nodded towards the brown haired woman. From my guess. I tried to stand. how come I am still alive. he was pacing around the room and checking the windows. the two were a couple. An introduction was not the answer I was looking for. The name¶s Zak. and I recognized one immediately. I landed on the floor with a thud. without success.´ the man said. Three figures walked around the large room where I was laying. as I tried to get up again. why was it hard for me to move. ³Everyone always asks that question first. My body felt like it was under a ton of rocks. ³and this is Rene. I wanted an answer. Why did my body feel cold and lifeless. you¶re awake. as if he was trying to hide from someone.CHAPTER ONE: Lessons When I woke up.´ he pointed to the blonde that stood beside him. but keeping my balance took all my concentration. ³What did you do to me?´ I demanded. Silver hair. ³Finally. Instead of watching me like a hawk. I was in an old abandoned house.

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