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Oral Communication I lesson plan

1. Rakuto Senior High School

2. Michael Giordano and Futamata-sensei
3. Oral Communication I
4. International studies course students
5. Half of the class is fairly advanced (conversational English level). The rest of the
students have varying levels.
6. May 18th 2011, 3rd and 4th periods
7. Language Lab
8. Voice OCI textbook, Lesson 3: Making Plans
9. Objectives: Introduce and review useful expressions for asking about and inviting
people to do things.
Time Procedure AET JTE Students
5-10 Journal Asks questions relating to the Clarifies and 3-5 students read
Mins. presentation student’s journal simplifies, if their diaries while the
and listening presentation needed. other students listen
comprehensio in preparation for the
n oral “quiz”.
5-10 Describing Shows 1/2 of the students a Walks around Students are in pairs.
Mins. the Item picture. Then walks around the room 1 student looks at the
Warm-up the room assisting in assisting in picture while the
game pronunciation and sentence pronunciation other covers his/her
creation. and sentence eyes. Then the first
creation. student has to
describe the item in
English without using
the name of the item.
30 Textbook AET assists JTE by telling Using the LL Work in pairs and
Mins. Work students which expressions room, we go practice expressions.
are actually useful and worth through the Etc. (This is pretty
remembering. Also teaches important typical OC work.)
additional expressions which activities in the
are more common in textbook.
modern/popular English