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Pit Track GPT

for maintenance
Well-maintained systems are key to running a
successful railway. It is crucial to build pit tracks
with reliable and resistant materials.

The all-in-one solution

for embedded &
anchored pit tracks

The GANTREXTM Pit Track multi-component

system includes clips, pad, electrical
insulator, steel column and grouting
material. This Gantrex’ engineered solution
responds to market demands in terms of
easy installation and compliance to safety
Railway expertise
Exclusively designed for your technical needs and requirements

Bespoke solution
Gantrex adjusts its pit track system to your needs in
compliance with the latest standards.

FEA designed
Everyday, our engineering department faces new challenges to
optimize systems to offer you a customized applications whilst
reducing costs. We also provide calculations for fatigue and
seismic conditions.

Technical expertise
In addition to the materials and assembly & layout drawings
for the tracks, Gantrex also offers a full calculation report.

Boltable Weldable
clips clips

Our products

• Large lateral adjustment of the rail with

the GANTREX® welded or boltable clips.

• Electrically high insulation thanks to the

GANTREXTM insulator. Greater insulation
with the GANTREXTM DT membrane.

• High lateral load capacity

cylindrical square IPE/HEB

tube tube



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