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Hayden P.

5672 Prosser Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45216
(513) 207-0343 |
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio Fall 2014 - Present
College of Engineering and Applied Science Expected Graduation: May 2019
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Cumulative GPA: 3.83 | Major GPA: 3.94
Research Assistant - University of Cincinnati CFD Research Lab, Cincinnati, Ohio July 2018 – Present
• Exploring the state of the art on burn rate modifying methods for solid rocket fuels and writing a review paper,
Parameters Influencing Regression Rate of Solid Rocket Fuels, to establish a basis for a custom rocket fuel design
Research and Development Co-op - Etegent Technologies Ltd., Norwood, Ohio August 2017 – Present
• Manufactured, performed dynamic stress analyses, and developed thermal response calculations for new ultrasonic
temperature probes for integration into a turbofan engine test
• Analyzed vibration data in MATLAB from two turbine engine tests that utilized Etegent’s engine health monitoring
sensors to develop automatic threshold for failure of the engine bearings which detects bearing defects sooner
than current methods, thus increasing the safety of aircrafts
• Designed a high frequency shaker table through material selection, Solidworks modeling, modal analysis in ANSYS,
and stress evaluation in ANSYS to ensure the table will be reliably controlled within 1kHz; which is double the
controllable frequency of most commercially available high frequency shaker tables
Design Co-op - Kinetic Vision, Cincinnati, Ohio May 2015 – May 2017
• Designed surgical devices to client specifications and requirements then prototyped the designs using CNC mill,
laser cutter, lathe, and outside vendors
• Created Solidworks animations of surgical device mechanism designs to improve clarity of our ideas to clients
• Manufactured and designed fixtures for interacting with products during CT scanning to evaluate internal behavior
of fluids, mechanisms, or deformations for clients to validate products during operation
• Created design and utility patent drawings in DraftSight for innovative medical devices and aerospace components
which often involved creating a 3D model from a client sketch to prove feasibility
President - Fly UC December 2018 – Present
• Lead and guide the sub-teams (electrical, structures, etc.) towards achieving the team goal of designing, controlling,
and building a personal VTOL aircraft
• Organized agreements between the University and Go Fly to ensure our teams ability to compete in the Boeing
sponsored Go Fly Competition
• Present the project at conventions, events, and senior capstone proposals to promote interest in STEM and our
Propulsion Team Lead - Fly UC August 2018 – December 2018
• Managed the design and testing of a thrust test stand and safety enclosure for a contra-rotating propeller set
• Designed and prototyped a half scale version of the personal VTOL aircraft that the club is currently developing
• Lead a Solidworks demonstration for students with limited 3D CAD experience to learn proper modeling technique
and Solidworks basics with the intent of helping them better communicate and prototype their ideas
• Started and oversee the FlyUC Senior Capstone project which works to develop a variable pitch mechanism for
propeller blades that can maintain blade pitch during maximum propeller speed
Structures Team Member - Hyperloop UC July 2018 – Present
• Designed structural components such as power transmission, battery enclosures, chassis, and shell dismounting
mechanisms in Solidworks then performed structural and modal analysis in Abaqus of the parts to ensure the parts
will survive under static loading and expected vibrations do not align with resonances
• Lead a professional and academic development seminar to teach undergraduate students how to write effective
resumes, interview well, succeed in their majors, and learn more about applying to graduate school
• Project lead for the Hyperloop UC Senior Capstone project dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and
demonstration of a scale levitation pod to use as promotional tool for visualizing the future of Hyperloop
Mentor - Harrison High School Robotics December 2014 - Present
• Guided FRC Robotics Team 4521 through the engineering process required to design, prototype, and build a robot
in six weeks for the FIRST Robotics Competition
• Brought in guest speakers to give advice and share their engineering experiences to encourage the students to stay
involved in the STEM fields and pursue higher education
• Gave safety courses on how to properly use woodworking tools and CNC milling machines
Honor Societies
• Pi Tau Sigma – Mechanical Engineering honor society November 2018 – Present
o Attended the 2019 PTS National Convention to represent the University of Cincinnati Eta Chapter
• Alpha Lambda Delta August 2015 – Present
• Osemwengie O, Abdallah SA, Morgan HP, Fanegan JO. Parameters Influencing Regression Rate of Solid Rocket Fuels.
Int J Aeronautics Aerospace Res. 2019;6(1):164-170.
• Solidworks • Solid Edge • Autodesk Inventor • CATiA • NX
• Creo Parametric • DraftSight • ANSYS • ABAQUS • SprutCAM
• Keyshot • MATLAB • XModal

Machining and Other Experience

• CNC mill • Manual mill • Manual lathe • Surface grinder • Laser cutter
• 3D Printing • MIG welding • TIG welding • Bandsaw • Soldering