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19¢8=2758 Go 448 44% TMMEDIATE sesumieeg A Al Li ** INFORMATION INDICTMENT RETORN F TR DEFENDANT I RERMAGNUENS DATE 453173 Robert Kelly 001 03/08/2019 FBI-377900xR5 SBK:Male -RACE:Black ——-_-00B:01/08/1967 19B-34620040 ‘Add:1 Meroe Lene, Olympia Fields, I 60461 one) CHWMEMT AT ARR Arrest Ag RD/AR-Ho190842 © Arrest Unit: Arrest Date:NO ARREST DL State: #** Dug: +8 gt 3195 Byes:Brewn True Bill 02/22/2018 ASA: Nancee A Hofhetner 002 AGGRAVAY'ED CRIMINIAL SEXUAL ABUSE/DURING FELONY 720 TLCS $/12-15 (a) (6) 0011272 Ciasa: 2 Ba cliHY 22 246100 nous A. 0¥00 Gd. NO, 448 GENERAL NO. 19CR-275@ CIRCUET COURT Of COOK COUNTY ‘COUNTY DRPARTUENT CRIMINAL DIVZSTON. FEBRUARY 2019 The People o: f the State oF ¢ a Sites ORIGINAL 7 OPY Robert Kelty Pe TE CONE @ INDICTMENT FOR § = AGGRAVATED CRTHINGS. SEXURI, ABUSE A saug Brn Forman of the Grand Sary WITNESS: 4g Detective: Mourean Hanrahan, StartZ0565 d 3m 328 — : cn 1e_.m™ <5 aA%2a \ 282 yes 04 pand! 8h STATE OF ILLINOIS) ) 88. COUNTY OF COOK ) The FEBRUARY 2019 Grand Jury of the Circuit Court of Cook County, ‘The Grand Jurors chosen, selected and sworn, in and for the County of Cook, in the State of Illinois, in the name and by the authority of the People of the State of Tllinois, upon their oaths present that on. or about February 18,2003 at and within the County of Cook Robert Kelly committed the offense of AGGRAVATED CRININAL SEXUAL ABUSE in that HE, KNOWINGLY COMMITTED AN ACT OF SEXUAL CONDUCT UPON L.C., TO WIT: ROBERT KELLY TRANSMITTED HIS SEMEN ONTO L.C.'S BODY, FOR THE PURPOSE OF ROBERT KELLY'S OR L.C,'S SEXUAL GRATIFICATION OR AROUSAL, BY THE USE OF FORCE OR THREAT OF FORCE, AND THE CRIMINAL SEXUAL ABUSE PERPETRATED DURING THE COURSE OF THE ATTEMPTED COMMISSION OF ANY OTHER FELONY, TO 4IT: CRIMINAL SEXUAL ASSAULT, BY ROBERT KELLY, AND THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS, FOR THIS PROSECUTION IS EXTENDED PURSUANT TO 720 ILLINOIS COMPILED STATUTES ACT 5 SECTION 3-6 (4) (2000) IN THAT L.C. REPORTED THIS OFFENSE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT WITHIN TWO (2) YEARS OF THE COMMISSION OF THE OFFENSE AND THIS PROSECUTION COULD HAVE BEEN COMMENCED WITHIN TEN (10) YEARS OF THE COMMISSION OF THE OFFENSE, AND THIS PROSECUTION MAY BE COMMENCED AT ANY TIME PURSUANT TO 720 L COMPILED STATUTES ACT 5 SECTION 3-5: (a) (2) (2009) IN THAT ROBERT LLY'S DNA PROFILE WAS ENTERED INTO A OWA DATABASE WITHIN TEN (10) YEARS OF THE COMMISSION OF THE OFFENSE AND L.C. REPORTED THE OFFENSE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT WITHIN THREE (3) YEARS OF THE COMMISSION OF THE OFFENSE, IN VIOLATION OF CHAPTER 720 ACT 5 SECTION 12=16(a) (6) OF THE ILLINOTS COMPILED STATUTES 1992 AS AMENDED AND contrary to the Statute and against the peace and dignity of the same People of the State of Tllinois. COUNT NUMBER 1. CASE NUMBER 19CR-2758 CHARGE ID cope: 0011272 £ f “yg % Jy,