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An Evaluate of Post accident event on Sani Ekspress bus Operation.

Research Objective

The propose of the report is to determine ways to attract more passengers to enroll using Sani

Ekspress bus services.

Problem Statement

Sani Ekspress was establishment at 2006. After three was operation on transportation services

Sani Ekspress having faces to attract more passengers to using Sani Ekspress services. This is

because one of accident was happen at 26 December 2009. Newspaper, Berita Harian, 26

December 2009 showed 10 passengers dead by the accident, while two of passengers get injured.

Others get tragic of this tragedy. This tragedy was reduces of Sani Ekspress reputation. As a

newest company of transportation in Malaysian Sani Ekspress cannot keep loyalty of customer

caused transportation in Malaysian is very competitive.

Sani Ekspress try to maintain their bus services facilities and do any promotion for their value

customer but then the effort is not really successful caused all of Malaysian know about the

tragedy. Customer was tragic and trauma with what was been happens. Moreover, the accident

cause by sleepy driver that shown how poor of Sani Ekspress management.

Based on the tragedy Sani Ekspress was penalty by LPKP Lembaga Perlesenan Kenderaan

Perdagangan Malaysia, Berita Harian, 2009. Permit bus number WSX 5010 was been postpone

by LPKP, all of license of new application for maintenance of management company drivers be

postpone for one year. Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, 2009, said this is penalty will be conduct for all of

transportation company and make them more careful for the future. There are four aspect must
be smart by transportation company like drivers management, vehicle management, services

management and risk of services. If transportation company cannot applied the propose

management of their operation license government not allow their to provides any of services.


Competitive and Services

To examine the services and loyalty of customer of Sani Ekspress after service and upgrading

instance of drivers management, services management and safety and risk management. And

evaluate Sani Ekspress management promotion compare with others transportation company.

Sources and Methods of Data Collection

Primary Sources

Primary data is a firsthand information like experiment, observation and surveys. And for this

case study I have been interview owner, workers and customers of Sani Ekspress. Do

observation and surveys opinion of customers or users by questionnaire papers and get of fifty

respondents for this surveys.

Secondary Sources

Secondary data are information already created either published or unpublished like printed

material that available at the library and internet. For this topic pamphlet, brochures, newspaper

and internet web sites was been used.


Syaharom Abdullah, 2009. A process Approach. Writing Business Reports. Aug 2010)
Source of Data

A) Primary sources

Surveys, observation, interview.

B) Secondary sources

Brochures and pamphlets, Newspaper, Internet websites.

Scope of Work

A) Services and Product

B) Competitive and Promotion


Syaharom Abdullah.(2009).Writting Business Reports. A Process Approach.