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BOOMERANG ICE CREM - COIMBATORE” is done to understand the
consumer satisfaction level toward Boomerang ice cream.

A manufacturer should study the consumer’s in relation to their needs, desire

satisfication and design and make products to match the taste of the consumer. While
buying , a consumer is greatly influenced by his image of the brands of various
competing sellers. The brand images are products personalities. For instance design
,colour , package ,price etc. ,can be a strong influence in determining a brands image .

The survey was based on formal interview with the customers directly and the
responses are collected through questionnaire. The sample size for this research is only
fifty respondents and the area selected to do the study is Coimbatore. Here convince
sampling method was adopted to conduct the study.

The main aim of the study is to find out the level of customer satisfaction and
suggest them the means to improve the satisfaction level which will help them to
increase their sales. It suggested to the company that they have to provide more designs
and also they should give offers to their customers to attract them.