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WARTSILA REGEN cos systoms WARTSILA BIOGAS LIQUEFACTION PLANT EGE BIOGASS, OSLO, NORWAY a ae eo ag 1. STORAGE TANK AND EXPORT STATION SOE Tce Lame 2, LIQUEFACTION UNIT Sree eC Cur cua om where one single MR compressor and one aluminium plate-fin heat exchanger (PX) are the main components in the system. Raa ee The gas pretreatment system reduces carbon dioxide (CO,) ‘concentration down to the required level of 50 ppm and water (H,0) to 1 ppm, in order to avoid freeze-out in the liquefaction es Pm eU MeL) Astandard glycol chiller (pre-cooling unit) is incorporated to Pee Mein coed the mixed refrigerant process. EAT The control system is automatic, robust and easy-to-operate. SMALL SCALE GAS VALUE CHAIN | USING DIFFERENT KINDS ; OF GAS SOURCES N LA li. a =e ~ = UPGRADE - y he oe | I~ SS &, A LNG/LBG STORAGE ~ =~ _REGASIFICATION REMOTE LOCATION oes == BI SS fecastreo LNG/LBG ap LNG/LBG DISTRIBUTION LOCAL GRID BIOGAS AS FUEL CASE: OSLO 1 KG FOOD WASTE PRODUCTION b = 0,13 L FUEL = Py: Ma ites = FUEL FOR 135 BUSES i i i i i i i E i i i Qe HEGG 50,000 TONS OF FOOD WASTE A YEAR RESULTS IN ALBG PRODUCTION OF 4000 TONS / YEAR. Aen > REDUCED ITS FOSSIL CO, EMISSIONS BY 1 3% J REDUCED EMISSIONS: 4B Gevtisiierseremnarerys, —NOwCO,NOSEAND Rg) ip. ', < I > '*. l _———§ rl %e. == 7 oO HEGEEDEETERG HEPEEDEEEERG HEGEEGEGTERG HEPEEDERRERG HEDREDEGTERG HEPEEDEEREGG HEDEETEGTERG HEPEEGEEUERS HEGEEDREDERG HEDEEDEETERG . INDUSTRIAL ~.< CUSTOMERS os or St gg! ¢ Peg) oe TRANSPORT SECTOR LNG/LBG