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Prof. Dr.

John Meewella
“Triple-helix global expert integrating: academic-research, business-industry, & governmental-community initiatives.

John currently serves on multiple roles as:

1) CEO, ‘Mini Silicon Valley’ entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nanjing, Fuzhou & Shanghai Regions in China:
focusing on entrepreneurial accelerators for Nordic innovations to be commercialised.
2) President & CEO of ‘Belt & Road Infrastructure Resources Limited’, in Hong Kong: focusing on Chinese
mega projects deployment globally.
3) Board Member, President & CEO, ‘Nanjing WINNOC Technology Management Co. Ltd.’, China:
focusing on drug sensitivity medical diagnostics in blood cancer chemotherapy, experimental & Chinese
medicine applications.
4) Board Member, President & CEO, ‘MiNiSV Sweden AB’, Sweden: focusing on Nordic-EU innovations &
technologies being commercialised into China in the form of Joint Ventures.
5) CEO, Accelerated Drug Development AB, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
6) CEO, Akinion Pharmaceuticals AB Sweden
7) Professor of International Business Practice & Managing Director of Global Expansions at the Oulu
Business School (AACSB Accredited), Finland
8) Faculty Champion & Managing Director, Oulu Business School Finland & Babson College USA Collaboration &
9) Advisory Board Member:
a. i3L Indonesia International Institute of Life Sciences, Indonesia
b. SIST, Spectrum Institute of Science & Technology, Sri Lanka
c. NiBS Nobel International Business School, Ghana
d. Kasvupolut Training Institute, Finland
e. Seeview Financial Services (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka
f. Seeview Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka
g. Meewella Land & Development (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka
h. Seeview Heavy Machinery (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka
i. Seeview Property Developers (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka
j. Meewella (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka
k. InfynIT Training Solutions, Sri Lanka
l. Lak Nippon International Co, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
m. Meewella (Pvt) Ltd, Australia;

Previous responsibilities include


i. Group CEO responsible for global operations of Accelerated Innovation Medical Group based in
Karolinska Institute, Karolinska Development, Karolinska Hospital Solna,,, Sweden
ii. CEO, Accelerated Innovation Europe AB Sweden
iii. CEO, Accelerated Innovation Global Advisory AB Sweden
iv. CEO, ITH Immune Therapy Holdings AB Sweden
v. CEO, TLA Targeted Immune Therapies AB Sweden
vi. CEO, ITH Personalised Cellular Therapies AB Sweden
vii. CEO, Immune Diagnostics AB Sweden
viii. CEO, Meewella Pty Ltd, Australia
ix. Country Manager, Australia – Seeview Construction Group WhatsApp/Mob +358 406 724 222 Email. 1

x. 2Vice President (VP) & Chief Operating Officer (COO), i3L Indonesia International Institute of Life
xi. Dean & Board of Management of IPMI International Business School, the pioneering business school
in Indonesia set up by strong support from HBS & INSEAD since 1984
xii. Managing Director, OEC Oulu Entrepreneurship Center
xiii. Professor of International Business/ Entrepreneurship/ Supply Chain Management at the Oulu
University of Applied Sciences
xiv. Co-Founder & Managing Director of Emirates Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the Gulf
xv. Faculty, College of Business & Economics, United Arab Emirates University
xvi. His previous qualifications include multiple Executive Leadership and Development Programs, PhD
and DBA specialising in Management and Strategic Global Entrepreneurship, six Masters level
degrees and several Bachelor/Diploma/Industry level qualifications
xvii. John serves on several academic journal review boards such as IJTE, IJBEX & WREMSD and
research centers and several other corporate Boards of Directors
xviii. Founder & CEO, Aspire Solutions Group: a social entrepreneurial consulting group based in
Australia, UAE, Sri Lanka and Japan
xix. Founder & CEO, Vision United Warriors (Altruistic Volunteers) Pty Ltd, Australia
xx. Founder & CEO, Vision United Warriors (Innovative Entrepreneurs) Pty Ltd, Australia
xxi. Invited Speaker: Harvard University, Babson College, Duke University, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT), Boston University, Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, University of
Waterloo and University of Connecticut (UConn), NiBS, Hanken, Vaasa, Oulu, SIST, UAEU …
xxii. Explore partnerships: Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter's Inc500 project;
Knowledge@Wharton project at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Center for Clean
Water & Clean Energy at the MIT; Center for Energy, Development and Global Environment
(EDGE) at the Fuqua School, Duke University; Entrepreneurial Intensions-Experiences project with
the University of Wisconsin; and Konarka Power Plastic - Enviromena Power Systems GCC
xxiii. In line with Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision of creating a knowledge-based-economy and fostering
entrepreneurial spirit within the UAE society, John was a key player in the establishment, execution
and growth of Emirates Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ECIE) between 2007 to 2010.
Within a couple of years of taking on the position of Managing Director, he helped create a
member/staff base of ~2,000 in training, consultancy, start-ups, incubation support, innovation labs,
expansion and multi-disciplinary projects.
xxiv. As a token of appreciation of John’s contribution to entrepreneurial developments in the Gulf Region,
he was awarded the “Most cooperating-supporting individual” status by His Highness Sheikh
Mohamed (Dubai) during 2008-2009 Mwarid Finance, Tamaiaz Entrepreneurial Challenge and in
2010 Akoun Entrepreneurial Award by Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development

i). CEO, Mini Silicon Valley Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, China: [EU, Nanjing, Fuzhou]
This is a typical entrepreneurial ecosystem based in Nanjing, with branch offices expanding into Shanghai,
Beijing, Fuzhou and others. The idea here is to provide full silicon valley experience for niche selected target
industries for primarily Nordic/ Scandinavian/ EU based technology, medical tech, eco tech, clean tech,
healthcare, defence, artificial intelligence, smart city, green tech, industry 4.0 and similar companies to be
established and supported in the Chinese local markets. Considering the high quality high innovative EU
based such companies and combined with highly economical production capacities, economies of scale of
growth market such as China ... it is a powerful combination of both quality and cost at its highest value
offering benefiting the customers. Nanjing city is ~25 million population & its nearby ecosystem caters for
~300 million people. Thus, it is a large enough domestic market on its own for EU companies to gain access
to large markets, penetrate their technologies into global market using Mini Silicon Valley ecosystem as a
'pilot hub'. Last 6-12 months we have been meeting with and preparing around 50-100 companies out of EU
both small and large and some world's top technologies to be housed in Mini Silicon Valley in the coming 12-
36 months in this set up. Overall the idea here is to combine the INNOVATIONS from EU and foster those
spirit. WhatsApp/Mob +358 406 724 222 Email. 2

iii). President & CEO, Belt & Road Intercontinental Resources Holding Limited, Hong Kong: [China,
Scandinavia, SEAsia, Gulf, West Africa]
This company is set up with strong partnerships in China with multiple state owned corporations and high
network individuals. We are focused on bringing in Chinese technologies (originating from China as well as
joint technologies partnering with EU for example) into the global arena as a combined power of both 'quality
and value for money'. This powerful combination of both high quality and high value in areas of healthcare,
defence, high speed trains, fisheries, and multiple other innovation areas; we aim to primarily share with
below selected regions/countries as our first starting point for mutual synergy.

• China (Nanjing, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Beijing)

• Nordic/Scandinavia/EU (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Brussels, Germany, Spain)
• South East Asia (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia)
• West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria)
• Gulf (UAE, KSA, Qatar)

John often acts as a Mediator/ Arbitrator, Peace-maker & a Global-Connector of various academics, business
leaders, and governmental circles. He has been actively engaged in the Asia Pacific, Gulf & MENA Region as
well as West African region in co-founding and initiating multiple academic, corporate, entrepreneurial,
policy and related partnerships/ projects. He is a regular speaker at public forums and academic conferences
and possesses extensive global experiences in academic, corporate, entrepreneurial, governmental and other
settings at the most senior positions. His personal and professional network expands across the world in
parallel projects engaging with global community on a weekly basis, with ~300 ‘flight sectors’ annually
across Asia, Gulf, Africa, Europe, USA & China. He usually is picked for the so called ‘impossible and
extreme’ jobs and when required under extreme pressure conditions is physically capable of continuing to
work for several days at a stretch with no sleep and travel in and out globally with no jet lag. Throughout his
life he has made ‘friends with multiple failures’ and developed an extreme level of mental capacity to stand
against so called ‘inhuman’ corporate, academic, social and other contexts – always envisioning the ‘learning
opportunity’ in every problem/challenge positively.

Born to a Buddhist Sinhalese father and a second-generation European descendant Roman Catholic mother in
Sri Lanka; and as the eldest son of a large family business group operating in Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia, Gulf
and several other parts of the world; John was originally destined to lead a family business group: Meewella
Group and Seeview Group. He wrote his first individual Life Plan at the age of 9, which has today turned into
10 column and 12 row Life Plan. John has always been known as crazy, brutal, innovative, risk taking, daring,
bold, extremist, living life at bleeding edge … and many other similar remarks. What you hear, see and feel
about him is exactly what you get, he definitely lives up to those expectations and does not know the meaning
of giving up. John has unlimited amounts of energy, passion, perseverance, persistence and does not believe in
second best in anything – in striving to be the best he can be in everything he does in life. In everything he
does in life – he believes in unleashing all potential surrounding him to build the highest performance teams
and ‘bull dozes’ his way forward through any and all obstacles along the way.

He is not driven by pure monetary values or materialistic desires in isolation; rather strives to engage in an
integrated harmony of deep sense of societal, academic, philosophical, spiritual and economical endeavours
holistically. He received his first Village Development Project Award at the age of 9, Help Age International
Award at 10 and has continued this journey to include 100s of similar awards in academic, social, community,
and governmental and corporate settings. At the age of 16, he departed from Sri Lanka and family business to
be independent and to see the world for himself where he grew up in Australia for the most part of high school
and university education, & then in many other parts of the world including Asia, Gulf, & Europe. Since then
he has excelled in many fields across the world.

Recently John launched his personal brand as - integrated with John Meewella
Facebook Page & LinkedIN. He is currently focusing on transformational and leadership programs for
stakeholders globally within MiNiSV China: i). JMS, John Meewella Sales Army; ii). MFG, Muscles For
Growth; iii). NSB, Navy Sales Boot-Camp. WhatsApp/Mob +358 406 724 222 Email. 3