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Application Instruction


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PROLYMER T450 Heavy Duty ™ – is a waterborne thermal insulation barrier, energy preservation coating developed for
insulation all type of surfaces at recommended application temperatures.
PROLYMER T450 Heavy Duty ™ consists of high-quality emulsion of silicone resin on water base and hollow
microspheres with special additives.
Purpose: High heat resistance, Chemical resistance, Corrosion resistance, Energy saving, Protection against
condensation, atmospheric precipitation. Once dry the surface does not require any extra protection against physical
impact or corrosive environment.
Surfaces: metal, brick, concrete.
1. Preparation of the surface:
• The surface to be coated must be clean, dry and free from dust contamination.
The surface must be inspected and treated in accordance with ISO 8504:2000;
Steel: abrasive cleaning up to the degree Sa2,5, or mechanical cleaning to the degree St 2.
Steel with old coating: remove old coating and any crambling fragments. Damaged places should be cleaned to the
degree PSa 2,5 or PSt 2;
Galvanized surface, aluminum: cleaned of dirt, oil, grease and corrosion.
2. Preparation of PROLYMER T450 for Metal™ for application:
Open the bucket and add water: 5-7% of the total weight (please ask regional manager for calculation) of
PROLYMER™. Viscosity of material is regulated depending on surface temperature, carefully mix manually or by drill at
a rotation speed of 150-200 revolutions per minute until smooth;
3. Application of PROLYMER T450 for Metal™.
Apply the product on dry, prepared surface at recommended temperatures:
the coating is applied with a brush (brush should be made of natural bristles, length - from 5 mm), spatula/trowel (with a
small pile) or an airless machine, high pressure sprayer; apply layer by layer consistently of 0,5 mm with intermediate
drying of 24 hours;
4. Finishing coating:
When the coating PROLYMER T450 for Metal™ have completely dried, apply water based façade paint, decorative
plaster, etc. Previously apply base coat on a prepared surface (recommended).
Application conditions:
PROLYMER T450 for Metal™ is applied layer by layer up to 1 mm at the outside temperature from +7С° to +40°С to a
surface temperature of substrate from +7С° to +40°С. Once the layers are completely dry, the surface can be used within
the temperature range of -60°С to +450°С. The drying time of one insulating layer is 24 hours at air temperature not less
than +7°С and air humidity no more than 65%. On ready surface you can apply water based paint or other building
• The recommended thickness of PROLYMER T450 for Metal™ - is determined by heat engineering calculation.
• The flow rate of PROLYMER T450 for Metal™ is 1 liter per 1 м2 with the layer thickness 1 mm.
• The color of the coating once it is dry is white.
Safety requirements
• When working use protective gloves, safety glasses.
• Avoid skin or eye contact. Upon accidental contact with skin or eyes - wash it away. Consult a doctor.
• Does not contain organic solvents. Non flammable.
The following restrictiones must be observed:
Only apply the coating when the substrat temperature is at least 4°С above the dew point;
Do not apply the coating if the substrate is wet or likely to become wet;
Do not apply the coating when the weather is clearly deteriorating or unfavourable for pplication or curing;
Do not apply the coating in high wind conditions.

1. The working composition shall be applied to a clean and defatted surface no later than 12 hours if the objects
to be protected are in the open air, and 48 hours if the objects are in the room. Regardless of the chosen method
of applying the composition to the prepared surface, welded seams, as well as places that are difficult to access
with paint equipment, should first be painted with a brush.
2. PROLYMER® material can be applied to the surface to be treated with a brush, a roller, and a spray gun.
2.1. Brushing:
Brush should be made of natural bristles, clean from dust and other contaminants. Dilution of PROLYMER® with
diluents under standard conditions is not required.
2.2. Application by roller:
The roller should be made of a material resistant to organic solvents, clean from dirt, previously used paint. The
dilution of PROLYMER® in standard conditions is not required.
2.3. Pneumatic spray application:
The equipment should be clean from contamination, previously used paint. The dilution of PROLYMER® is carried
out, if necessary, with water, if necessary, in a ratio of up to 5% by volume. The air pressure is 0.2 - 0.3 MPa (2 -
3 bar). The nozzle diameter is 2.0 - 3.0 mm.
2.4. Application by airless spraying:
The equipment should be clean from contamination and/or previously used paint. The dilution of PROLYMER®,
if necessary, is carried out with water in a ratio of up to 4% by volume. Pressure 14 MPa (140 bar). The nozzle
diameter is 0.015 to 0.025 inches or 0.38 to 0.63 mm.

- The material is applied layer by layer. Each layer should dry for 24 hours.
- The number of layers is determined by the technical analysis (is determined by heat engineering
- After applying the last layer, the whole "cake" of insulation should dry for 48 hours.
Next action: Final rejection.
- The final rejection is obtained by baking the entire layer of applied material at a temperature of +250 °
C for 24 hours.
- During this process, the material is thermally fixeing, during this period, physical / mechanical impact
on the material is forbidden!

Can not be touched!

It can collapse - it becomes soft, it hardens with time - thermal fixation.
This process also depends on the thickness of the insulation