Buffy, the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon FADE IN: EXT.

MEDIEVAL VILLAGE - JUST BEFORE SUNSET We see an Italian village at the height of the plague. Funeral processions, decrepit houses with their windows boarded up... the stench of death all around. TITLE: EUROPE. THE DARK AGES

Through the filth a KNIGHT walks his horse. He is weary but not so dingy as his surrounding; a stranger in these parts. He comes to an inn, where a boy takes his horse round back. He enters the inn. INT. INN - SAME TIME The inn is dark and almost empty. A couple of patrons drink silently at tables. Behind the bar stands a slovenly BARMAID, dark-haired and lazy. She scratches at her shoulder, on which we see a birthmark. The knight approaches the bar, throws money down. KNIGHT A tankard of ale, wench. The barmaid pours him a cup of ale. moment. He drinks deep, stands a

KNIGHT (continuing) Some plague we're having, huh? CUT TO: INT. INN - UPSTAIRS HALL/BEDROOM - NIGHT The barmaid leads the knight, by candlelight, upstairs to his room. The door opens inward. The knight stands in the doorway, places a hand on the barmaid's hip. She pauses a moment, then breaks free of his grasp, starts down the hall. He laughs a bit, resignedly, and closes the door. A VAMPIRE stands behind it. Not two feet from the knight, grinning at him. His eyes are skull-hollow and dancing in his

head, his bloody smile full with teeth. His skin is gray, and peeling. The knight turns slowly and sees him. KNIGHT Oh, my god... The vampire licks his lips. He is on the knight in a second, pushing him backwards into the middle of the small room. The knight struggles but is no match for the vampire, who buries his face in the knight's neck. The knight screams. ANGLE ON DOOR It suddenly flies open, the lock shattered. The vampire turns like a frightened animal. In the doorway stands the barmaid, a SLAYER. In her hand is a wooden stake. The vampire drops the knight, who crabs backwards into a corner. The Slayer and the vampire come at each other. The Slayer spins and kicks; the vampire flies back. Snarling, he comes back at the slayer. They struggle; he slips free and is out the door. For a moment, the Slayer remains still, crouched on the floor. The knight watches her. She seems to be making a decision -perhaps even knows what is going to happen. She runs at the window. CUT TO: EXT. IN FRONT OF THE INN - SAME TIME The few the and vampire comes running out the front door. Before he is a feet from the front of the inn, the Slayer SMASHES through upstairs window and lands on him. They both hit the ground, she plants the stake right in his heart.

After a moment, we hear a voice: AMILYN (O.S.) The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away. Ashes, ashes... She looks up. AMILYN (continuing) ... All fall down

There are ten or more vampires walking slowly toward her in the otherwise deserted street. At the front, maybe ten feet away, is AMILYN. Amilyn is a grinning jackal, a servant to the Vampire-King. His garb is a rotted approximation of a courtier's livery. He ambles toward the Slayer, giggling, as she stands. Behind her is LOTHOS, the Vampire-King. His skin is deep white, and smooth. He wears a long coat -- his dress is not of any era. He is practically upon her before he speaks. LOTHOS You must forgive Amilyn. to drool before supper. She turns. He smiles, almost lovingly. SLAYER Lothos... LOTHOS You people will never learn. She swings at him but he grabs her arm. Amilyn laughs obnoxiously. Lothos grabs the back of the Slayer's head, brings her to him in a loving embrace. LOTHOS (continuing) We can't be stopped. world now.

He tends

This is our

He pulls her head back swiftly, snapping her spine as her head hits the back of her legs. Lightning flashes. CUT TO: INT. ENGLISH CASTLE - NIGHT Lightning flashes outside the window. It is torrenting rain. An old MAN speaks to a hysterical GIRL of sixteen or so. They are both obviously noble of birth. GIRL I can't! MAN You know you must. There is only one. Now you are that one. It is time. GIRL

He sends his legion in the shape of men. They are a plague upon us. Ones with the strength and the skill to kill them. the next is called. He hands her the stake. MAN You are much more. You are the next to be called. elaborately carved wooden stake.. The man unravels a satchel of cloth. One dies. Satan. He pulls aside her blouse to reveal a birthmark on her shoulder. GIRL I don't understand. he followed: the serpent. From it he pulls an MAN (continuing) But as long as there have been vampire. GIRL I'm just a girl. MAN (continuing) The mark of the Coven. She feels the fit. MAN (continuing) One dies. to breed his Hell on our earth. the next is called. an awareness and sense of . to feed on us. there has been the Coven. As she grips the stake more tightly. to find them where they gather and stop the swell of their numbers.Why? Why me? MAN She has died. Why do you think you were sent to me? Trained as you were? You bear the mark. MAN Ever since Adam and Eve first left the garden.. identical to the barmaid's. the line of Slayers.

Jeffrey looks over at . They clap and break. and she's good at it. ANDY. and very gracefully athletic. She obviously enjoys what she is doing. not a stake. but a pom-pom. the crowd enthusiastic. HEMERY HIGH FOOTBALL FIELD . Grueller. COACH Come on. She is blonde (in nature as in name). The hemery football stadium is just that.A HAND She lifts the stake over her head. guys.. led by BUFFY. Beside them the COACH. close the pocket. come on! He hits Grueller's helmet. watch out for thirty-five. With her on the squad are JENNIFER and NICOLE. quarterback. and GRUELLER. Buffy and the crowd wince as Andy is sacked for a nine-yard loss. a real stadium. On the sidelines are the Hemery cheerleaders. The hand is lifted high. wide receiver (and Buffy's boyfriend). On the field are JEFFREY. The stands are pretty full. ANDY (continuing) Grueller! Fill that hole! They were all over me! Okay. two of her best friends. not just makeshift stands on grass. the one from the book! Where you make it go forward! The players huddle.DAY Opening CREDITS OVER: It holds A football game in progress. As they line up. Let's run twenty-two. run the post. EXT. Jeffrey. Thompson. but it is not the girl's.power sees to fill her.. do the play! The one where. right. SETON. go up the middle and run around like a chicken. pretty. CLOSEUP . The scoreboard reads HEMERY VS. the huge left tackle. wide out.WIDER SHOT . ANDY All right. yelling at the players.

NICOLE You got a C-plus? I can't believe I cheated off you. Like I'm ever going to Spain anyway. I get a C-plus on the test and he tells me. BUFFY Mr. Howard is so heinous.Buffy. very suave. but mainstream and uninspired. BUFFY AND CHEERLEADERS Jeffrey! Jeffrey! He's our man! If he can't do it We don't want it! On the hike. Not trashy. TITLE: CALIFORNIA.particularly Buffy. Esprit. Nicole. they've done a good days work. impressed. Ooh! . Jeffrey runs in circles like an idiot (and not unlike a chicken).' I have no sense of history? He wears a brown tie. 'You have no sense of history. COACH (looking around) Is that good? Was that a good thing? CUT TO: INT.AFTERNOON The mall is typically busy. BUFFY Excuse me for not knowing about El Salvador. He's always giving me a hard time. The crowd goes wild -. Jennifer and KIMBERLY can bee seen making their way through it. Nicole looks at her. Andy drops back and looks for a receiver. He winks. THE LITE AGES The girls pass by stores. vaguely window shopping. She smiles at him. They are all dressed very similarly: bright colors. a lot of white and pink. waving his arms until Andy sails him the ball and he breaks for a touchdown. Buffy smiles at her. All of them carry shopping bags. THE MALL . giddy. Buffy. who does an impressive standing backflip.

Please. BUFFY Please. NICOLE They don't even have Dolby.A dress on a rack outside a store has caught her eye. Wouldn't I look just edible and nutritious in this? Kimberly and Jennifer catch up to them. what's the sitch? She I'm bored. Buffy puts it back. where? JENNIFER Omniplex? NICOLE Nee sitch. GIRL Oh. They show previews for foreign movies. KIMBERLY Guys. BUFFY No THX. BUFFY (continuing) Mmmm. takes it and holds it in front of her. KIMBERLY Beverly Center. No way. BUFFY (modeling the dress for Kimberly)) What do you think? KIMBERLY It's so '91. KIMBERLY What are we doing? BUFFY Why don't we see a movie? KIMBERLY Well. .

They all have diet sodas. The girls continue walking. This is MERRICK. turns to stare after them. however. His look is intense. almost as if he expected something to strike at him. as they continue to talk ceaselessly.DAY The film is in progress. in a wrinkled black suit and a black shirt. he is dressed shabbily. BUFFY (continuing) Excuse much! Not rude or anything. The man stops. walking the other way. We're thinking Pavilion. KIMBERLY (calling back) Nice ensemble! NICOLE What a homeless. arms close to him. Looks at them. He somewhat resembles a priest. And the ushers are like. looks at it. slightly worried.NICOLE AMC? KIMBERLY/BUFFY Bogus corn! KIMBERLY Totally stale. INT. NICOLE . the acne patrol. BUFFY What's playing there? A stranger. This has no effect on the girls. his face somewhat haggard. We're going Pavilion. He pulls a picture out of his coat pocket. Sitch? BUFFY Sounds toasty. A man of about fifty. JENNIFER Excellent. Intelligence shines through his eyes. MOVIE THEATER . He holds himself stiffly. doesn't stop. bumps into Buffy.

(to Buffy) So. You're so lucky. KIMBERLY He is so bald. son' NICOLE Oh. I'm gonna die a virgin.when Pike speaks. (and not currently attending high school). God. Sometimes. Seated a few rows behind the girls are PIKE and BENNY. is Jeffrey really spending the night at your house? BUFFY That's the plan. I guess. Pike is long and lean. it's with surprising wit and reserve. She even does the shopping network. Pike and Benny throw popcorn at her. Doc Martins for both. opts for a shaved head and suspenders. NICOLE Good enough! JENNIFER Your parents are always going away for the weekend. KIMBERLY What did Jeffrey's dad say? BUFFY 'Just remember you're in training. please? BUFFY It could happen. The are fairly punked out. PIKE . Benny is clearly the more belligerent of the two -. has short hair spiked and a taste for long coats and black. PIKE Will you guys shut up. BUFFY (maybe not) Yeah. Benny is somewhat stockier. JENNIFER My mom doesn't go anywhere.

PIKE No. God! KIMBERLY Like we don't have rights too? BUFFY Ignore them. The boys stare at her.Booo! BENNY Suck! PIKE Wrong answer! No prize. who finally kills the monster with a machete but it's not really dead. sits in the back behind Jeffrey and Andy.THE MOON Fat and yellow. THE MOVIE THEATER . howling. we didn't.NIGHT Jeffrey pulls into the parking lot in his BMW convertible. BUFFY Everyone get horribly killed except the blonde girl in the nightie. behind the clouds. But I still want to know what happens. paid money to see this. BENNY Oh. Grueller. EXT. . They park and hop out. JENNIFER Oh. my God. yeah. We hear a long HOWL. We Probably. BENNY I can't believe these people. head toward the entrance. NICOLE Take a chill lozenge. Is that true? BUFFY What movie is this? CUT TO: ANGLE .

before pike and Benny turn and walk off. Okay. GRUELLER Later for you. then. sucking. . Pike and Benny emerge from the theater. and barely tap heads. I'm booked. Pussy-whipped. guys. you would spend less time on the field. not quite in the direction Grueller took. Gonna spend some quality time with the little woman. Andy. At the same time. JEFFREY You guys are pathetic. ANDY (continuing) Later. we gotta do something tonight. almost growling. Party. GRUELLER Later. ANDY You know. head through a park.GRUELLER Look at that moon! It's huge! Come on. ANDY AND GRUELLER (coughing it into their hands) Pussy-whipped. Anyway. ANDY No. eyes locked. JEFFREY You were a bone out there today. grimacing. if you would spend more time at home sleeping. I'll hitch a ride with Jeffrey. They pass Andy and Jeffrey and the two pairs circle each other. Grueller walks off. Buffy. ANDY Headbutt! Andy and Grueller bring their foreheads together with painstaking slowness. you coming? I'm blowing.

stops again. Buffy CUT TO: EXT. but can I borrow her? BUFFY Andy! JEFFREY No way. No one. He hears something. he looks almost normal from afar. BUFFY Nice game. Starts forward. what you got. GRUELLER (continuing) Come on. maybe just the BUSHES RUSTLING. Nothing. In marked contrast to the older vampire in the prologue. RUSTLING. honey. He's an animal. nerdy. Maybe his name. He turns on his heel. heads straight for Jeffrey and they kiss massively. come out here. repeating phrases . But his inhuman eyes and his uncommon pallor mark him as a vampire. Jennifer and Nicole come out right after. BESSEL is right behind him. He looks about him. GRUELLER (continuing) Forget this. small. Wally is freshly undead. I don't mean to sound sexist or anything. enters an enclosed clearing of grass.SAME TIME Grueller walks through the trees. You'd get her dirty. (off her look) He would. and recently undead. stops. GRUELLER Yo! Who is that? Don't mess with me man. hesitantly. in fact. And the way he speaks is unearthly. Hollow. I'll rip your head off. He still has fat on his face. almost detached.Kimberly. ready to drop all show and bolt. WALLY Let's see Wally is a ninth grader. THE PARK . ANDY Jeffrey.

GRUELLER Good. GRUELLER (continuing) What the. You think . quietly hissing.. GRUELLER (continuing) Bessel! What are you doing here? WALLY Hi. He lets Wally go. Wally remains two feet in the air. GRUELLER You think so? WALLY Could be. you little worm. lightning quick. just like I did last year.. Wally smiles even more broadly. made somehow more grotesque by the fact that he also has braces. He has long fangs. He smiles at Grueller. Grueller's eyes go wide. Wally's feet dangling two feet off the ground. I could beat your head to a pulp for you. Grueller grabs Wally by his shirt collar and readily hoists his small body up. GRUELLER What are you grinning at? I was scared? WALLY Could be. you got that? You got that? WALLY (repeating) Got that. GRUELLER Listen.sometimes almost as though he had never heard them before. Grueller. Wally's hands vise onto Grueller's head.

I'm okay. BUFFY'S LIVING ROOM . you had to be there.. Buffy is still in the kitchen. but a police spokesman issued a statement. Andy howls back at Grueller. saying that the situation is not out of hand.The fourth such disappearance in less than two months. NEWSCASTER -. ANGLE .NIGHT We see another full moon.JEFFREY'S CAR Speeding by. JEFFREY You okay? BUFFY I. The girls are looking at him. Buffy winces slightly.. ANGLE .ANGLE ON TV . A NEWSCASTER sits at his deck.Grueller screams.. this one on the TV screen. He settles back. The lights are off in the living room as Jeffrey enters from the kitchen. turning and listening.. In the front seat next to Jeffrey. Jeffrey flicks the remote. yeah. "Dracula" I'm fine.PIKE AND BENNY Crossing a street.. a super of a teenage girl behind him. ANGLE . everyone packed into it. The sheriff was not available for comment. making corn.. ANDY It's um. sits down on the couch holding a bag of munchies. mistaking his intent. is on. ANGLE . in mid-broadcast.THE FULL MOON CUT TO: INT. changes channels. CUT TO: .THE TV The movie is replaced by the local news. Lugosi's original.

mom entering on his heels. Kiss noise. She actually makes a kiss noise at her daughter. BUFFY'S DAD We're gonna be late. BUFFY I know. BUFFY'S DAD Have fun be good stay away from the Jag. KITCHEN . I knew it.INT. that's everything. And he's out the back. number's on the fridge. but not looking at her) Now. also with luggage. Buffy's mom heads out the door as Buffy heads into the living room. Bobby! JEFFREY Bye! (to Buffy) They think my name's Bobby? BUFFY .SAME TIME Buffy's FATHER walks purposefully into the kitchen holding a suitcase that he plops by the front door. He crosses out again as Buffy's MOM crosses in. as dad comes back in. LIVING ROOM . BUFFY'S MOM (to Buffy. BUFFY 'Bye. BUFFY'S MOM Well. INT. we'll be back on Sunday. She's already out again by the end of this.SAME TIME BUFFY'S MOM (calling out) Bye-bye. don't drive the Jaguar and tell Consuela my underwear does not go in the dishwasher.

Well. there are. He starts kissing her about the face and neck. it's possible they think my name's Bobby. She leans submissively back on the couch as he works his way on top of her. Buffy sits.. Who's in it? (off his look) I know what it is. She leans back.. JEFFREY I just want to see the basketball scores. on the remote.THE TV .' Hugh.. Jeffrey leans in toward her. JEFFREY Real 'quality-timers. BUFFY (over a handful of popcorn) Mmmnkay. Buffy sneaks another handful of popcorn into her mouth. If they want to leave you alone in the house. by accident. As he is burrowing about in there. It's important. It's what's on instead of the movie. BUFFY Oh. ANGLE . BUFFY Something like that.. all helpless and vulnerable. then works over to her ear.. He gives her a long kiss on the mouth. JEFFREY Of course. other considerations. Buffy. squints disapprovingly at the screen.. JEFFREY Hey.. BUFFY What show is this? JEFFREY It's the news. it works for me. She has a bag of microwave lite popcorn and is spraying diet butter substitute on it..

It is a pool of blood. is Lothos. A young Chinese Whore sits on a bed. he throws his payment on the bed. the Girl hears a NOISE in the dark corner. LOTHOS Soon. an upscale joint. Oh. CUT TO: INT. Alone. shoulders and shaking her. but it leads nowhere but a dead end. grasping. Jeffrey is holding her by the JEFFREY Buffy! Hey. He settles back down. Oh. SAILOR You never touched my heart. waiting for her. She stares at it. BUFFY Oh. wow. He smiles at her and we see she is now Buffy. what's the sitch?!? Wake up! She wakes. CUT TO: INT. her eyes melting into focus on Jeffrey's face."Dracula" reappears. and scummy.NIGHT Not.. wearing little enough that we can see the telltale birthmark on her shoulder.. wow. and almost instantly begins to fall asleep again. cramped. Looking disgusted. Approaches. A repulsive British SAILOR is dressing.BEDROOM .EARLY MORNING Buffy is thrashing in bed. his arms around her. Dark. wow. a wet RUSTLING. . A hand She runs out into the hall. the bed is littered with popcorn. reaches out of it. Standing there. Slowly she gets up to see. his business finished. 18TH CENTURY CHINESE WHOREHOUSE . He leaves. BUFFY'S HOUSE . terrified. For some reason. by any stretch. JEFFREY You were having a nightmare.

we TRACK AROUND him. Cold stone floor and in the foreground.. CUT TO: INT. nor a vacuous. lit torches clamped to them. LOTHOS' CHAMBER . JEFFREY Come on. As he speaks.SAME TIME Dark. He holds his hand over the surface of the blood. over and fervently kisses it. CLOSEUP . Just as we said. BUFFY The environment. Kimberly and CASSANDRA.. . AMILYN (continuing) Soon. A figure steps up to the pool. a dark pool of blood.AMILYN'S HAND A hand shoots out of the pool and grabs Amilyn's. rubies dripping from our lips.JEFFREY (continuing) What'd you dream about? BUFFY Nothing. what was it? BUFFY It was just a dream. SCHOOL YARD . Cassandra is not quite in the same league as the other girls -for one thing. A HUM. untold splendor. and kneels before it. Amilyn leans Nothing. and we thrive. possibly a chant. she studies. Just as I promised. his voice an urgent hiss. CUT TO: EXT. his back to the CAMERA.walls hewn from rock. fills the air. We thrive. Jennifer. She's not as glamorous. You will awake in a new world. see that it is Amilyn. AMILYN You have brought us here.DAY Buffy sits with Nicole. cavernous -.

JEFFREY Hey there. JENNIFER Are there any good sicknesses that aren't too depressing? BUFFY Guys. The environment. Jeffrey straddles Buffy from behind. we could al die. it's totally key. ANDY Whatchya guys doing? NICOLE The winter dance. please. JENNIFER (shyly) Hi. I'm telling you. She snuggles in his grasp. BUFFY Hi. .. possible thought. Sting's doing it.. 'Our Friend. up with a theme. KIMBERLY Try new Clue-flakes.. sit. KIMBERLY I thought he was doing Indians... We need to come JEFFREY The senior dance? How about. Jeffrey. NICOLE The homelesses? KIMBERLY Oh. Jeffrey and Andy arrive.. The earth is in terrible shape. and besides. the Beer?' ANDY 'Putting Out for Fun and Profit'. wrapping his arms around her.They consider this a moment.

KIMBERLY Okay. Cassandra likes it.' JEFFREY|ANDY Downer. CASSANDRA So.' NICOLE Environment. waiting to see what the come up with. That's cool with me. Cassandra obviously knows the answer. honey. 'Thing. but regards her friends silently. what are the most immediate threats to the world environment right now? Cassandra has paper and pen. my suggestion. BUFFY I still say the environment. That's CASSANDRA It is a pretty crucial subject. like a socially conscious theme. um.. (to Buffy) Sorry. Cassandra's I like it. JEFFREY Well. CASSANDRA (reading from a memo) 'One that reflects the students' growing awareness of and involvement in the world around them. BUFFY See. is poised to make a list of suggestions. litter? ANDY . The other all look at each other uncomfortably.. ANDY Can I be your friend? JEFFREY Stay away from my thang.BUFFY It has to be. my friend.

guys. how about the ozone layer? KIMBERLY Oh. come up to the kids. That's GARY MURRAY. GARY MURRAY .Litter.' JEFFREY We're having a very important discussion here. JENNIFER Okay. did you? The first bell was saying. GARY MURRAY I don't suppose you kids heard the first bell. CASSANDRA (helpfully) Okay.' In about thirty seconds the second bell is going to be saying. JEFFREY (to Cassandra) Write that down. a well meaning but pompous little administrator. what else? NICOLE Forest fires? ANDY Communism? BUFFY Bugs. yeah! Everyone but Cassandra is impressed by this. yeah! NICOLE Right! BUFFY We gotta get rid of that! right. it's time to go to class. 'Start going to class. He's kind of like Charlie Brown: you always say his whole name. 'Already be in class.

Be there or beware.Why do I have trouble believing you? JEFFREY Something from your childhood.. Gary Murray walks off. you gotta come. KIMBERLY Let's meet tonight. NICOLE Cool.. They get up and start heading to class. History report. JENNIFER It's 'cause he's so tiny. too. ANDY Yes. CASSANDRA Can't. We can figure decorations and stuff. maybe? GARY MURRAY Button it. BUFFY Blow it off. okay? BUFFY Where? KIMBERLY Cafe Blase. BUFFY He's got a. it's pretty . Kramer. but what he lacks in height he makes up in shortness. and the Saxons. Besides. BUFFY Cassandra. What do you call it? A Napoleonic Code. Classes are starting. ANDY Man has a complex. The Normans Bogutude. CASSANDRA I really can't.

BUFFY (not harshly) You're weird and I'm afraid of you. there's a lot cooler things you could be doing than your homework. Pictures of Frankie and Annette. THE CITY . TREES RUSTLE. we have a Maryanne clause? Maryanne Can't . CUT TO: INT. Jennifer and Nicole are sitting at the end of the counter. Buffy. Buffy smiles.interesting.NIGHT We see SHOTS of the deserted city at night. diner. NICOLE If we don't invite all the seniors we can't use the school funds. It's a small. it's the senior dance. Kimberly. CASSANDRA Like what? BUFFY Like my homework. KIMBERLY I don't see why we have to invite everyone. Suburban streets. bright lights.A. shadows flicker. CUT TO: EXT. No one is out. at the corner. businesses. Seriously. CAFE BLASE . you know that. those same tired Fifties standards playing on the JUKEBOX. BUFFY Kimberly.NIGHT A classic faux-Fifties L. but the curling mist is the only visible presence. and a few more depressed areas. Cassandra. trots off. boarded up houses. KIMBERLY Can't they make exceptions? Heinel? She's such a scud. upscale town.

.50. possible coffee. man. PIKE (continuing) Come on. fork up the scub. No trouble. It comes to about $2.NICOLE Well. come on. look who's here. PIKE (earnestly) We have to learn to let go. as they approach the counter. As they pass the jukebox. PIKE (continuing) It's coffee. Benny gives it a kick and the music stops. BENNY That's it. GIRLS' POV Pike and Benny have entered the diner.. . That's the whole story. okay? PIKE We just want to eat. They sit next to Buffy and begin pooling their money on the counter. heavy with pennies. PIKE We're looking at a dog. WAITRESS Hey! BENNY The Fifties are over. quite drunk. BENNY Amazing! KIMBERLY (to the other girls) Smell of booze much. A few people look up. He digs and produces a quarter from his pocket. WAITRESS Don't give me any trouble. annoyed.

NICOLE Nice much. BENNY . We're the Drunks. please. PIKE (continuing) The don't. What's your name? BUFFY Buffy. we're drunk. You kind of wish they would.. PIKE I'm sorry. PIKE Hey. wait a minute. medium rare. PIKE Do people ever call you 'Buffy the Buffalo?' I'm just wondering. Buffy gives him a look. BENNY Figures. and a cup of joe? BUFFY You guys are thrashed. PIKE (to the waitress) Can we have a hot dog. KIMBERLY Wit-tay. KIMBERLY Pike isn't a name. though. JENNIFER (to Buffy) What are you talking to them for? BENNY (to Buffy) What did you say? PIKE Yeah. I'm Pike. This is Benny. It's a fish..

you hungry? something for you. The SOUND RETURNS. KIMBERLY I am so sure. shocking. BENNY (continuing) Hey! She wasted my dog! PIKE (smiling) It was I got Buffy looks at Benny. almost a twitch. she seems to be hypnotizing him. letting go of the knife exactly where it was. The other girls look down and shriek. ANGLE . His hot dog has been sliced neatly down to about an inch. Buffy looks away. too. real sarcastic. The waitress brings the hot do. Benny looks down. Buffy. Buffy is still looking at Benny. He is shocked. looks at him in the eye. PIKE So you have to ruin the movie for us? You know. Benny takes it out of the bun and holds it over his crotch. . NICOLE You just snuck in anyway. phallus-like. Buffy shifts slightly. other people have feelings. PIKE (continuing) You guys were way rude. The NOISE in the diner seems to FADE AWAY for a moment. and maybe even herself.You're the guys from the movie! PIKE (good naturedly) We hate you guys! The girls all make sad noises. and the spell is broken..BUFFY'S HAND It closes silently around the knife at her place. BENNY Hey..

and you'd sleep with them. Pike produces a bottle of Mezcal from his coat pocket and takes a swig. a little surprised herself.NIGHT . They're a plague.. PIKE Oh. Buffy looks off. PIKE You didn't like them. isn't it? You don't even like them. CUT TO: INT.NIGHT Pike and Benny have left the diner and are walking down the street. man. they're not even human. hand it to Benny. PIKE Well. They've gotta be stopped. DINER . What's that all about? BENNY I got a news flash. God. they're just. A shadowy figure appears behind them. and then you'll never call me.. Please. I hate them. STREET . yeah. another shot of this and I'll have sex with you. PIKE Would you sleep with them? BENNY Yes. Definitely. BENNY Rich bitches. BENNY They're all the same! They're so stuck up. there it is. They continue walking. following. CUT TO: EXT. They continue to pass it back and forth. Definitely.Bummer metaphor.

. spinning. NICOLE It's like when we took gymnastics in eighth grade. . on We Snapped. and the beam broke. it's not a big deal. you know. coach said she could have been in the Olympics -but she was doing a routine. I just cut the stupid hot dog in half.. Buffy makes a face. KIMBERLY I can't believe they still ate it. NICOLE Buffy was. that was so weird. JENNIFER You're kidding. I'm gonna tell Jeffrey you were playing with another man's Hebrew National. JENNIFER What happened? NICOLE Buffy was on the uneven parallels -she was really good.The girls have all finished their sundaes.. I just. KIMBERLY Buffy. HOLD on her as Nicole tells it.. it's not weird. BUFFY (uncomfortable) What. NICOLE Come one. She doesn't want to hear this story. JENNIFER (to Buffy) Where'd you learn how to do that? BUFFY I didn't learn. BUFFY (annoyed) Get a boob job.

you know. It'll be totally cherry. green tree. and they come to the edge of a steep incline overlooking the valley. an engine. and I swear to God she went across the room. They're really bombed now. And I go up to her and she turns and looks at me and she's like this -She makes a hyper-intense face. my God! quit. BUFFY I was just scared is all. What were you thinking about? CUT TO: EXT. we see the same shadowy figure moving behind Pike and Benny as they continue to walk home. They are somewhere in the hills now.the upswing. the ape-woman. She landed on her feet. NICOLE It was mondo bizarro. They stand below a thick. NICOLE Seriously. that's the thing. KIMBERLY Buffy. A waist-high concrete wall is built into the side of the earth. That look was way twisted. NICOLE (continuing) -. PIKE I'll have it running in a week. break pads. STREET .NIGHT Perhaps in answer. It's be beauty. and some wheels. It just needs new shocks. No. JENNIFER Ouch! No wonder you Oh. The others laugh. Buffy. NICOLE Well. Perm over heels.like she's gonna kill me. . Didn't even sprain a toe.

PIKE Don't worry. pulls Benny up to face him. The figure is a few feet away from him when a hand shoots down from above and grabs Benny's face. Benny is in shock. ANGLE . Ralf. Benny. He wears a motorcycle jacket and sunglasses. Hundreds of beans. hangs his head down. Pike passes out. you.IN THE TREE Amilyn sits on a low branch. Let's bail this town. Amilyn has changed his manner of dress drastically. PIKE (continuing) I'm here for you. CLOSEUP . There is a moment before they hear it SHATTER.BENNY Still waiting to throw up. He leans over the side of the wall. The figure approaches slowly from behind him. His hair is punked out. PIKE You think? Split? BENNY Utterly. PIKE Our own world. I'm here for . BENNY I think I'm gonna ralf. let's bail. Benny wavers. as Amilyn holds him easily by his shirt collar.Pike finishes the bottle. eats the worm. It's getting. BENNY When you get your car together. Pike falls over backwards. catches hold of Pike. where we could live and grow beans.. man. Let's go somewhere where there aren't any rich bitches. I don't know. and chucks the BOTTLE over the side..

BUFFY Don't tread on the earth? .. You know. Nicole and Jennifer and another cheerleader are practicing. I never learned it right.all the way back.. "Happy Birthday. I don't think. The two are already lost in the dark mist. pulls out a cross and a stake. the man from the mall. stained picture. he stands by Pike looking out at the night. They do it together for a minute. I was thinking. NICOLE Thank you very much.THE PICTURE It is a ten year old girl about to blow out the candles on her birthday cake. ANGLE . We see them fall out past the wall just as the shadowy figure reaches it. The cake reads. looks over. looks about him. lays it on the railing.AFTERNOON Buffy. for the dance. He digs in his pockets. Merrick turns around. what about a big sign that says 'Don't Tread On Me'. JENNIFER Hey. CUT TO: EXT. Buffy shows her. holds them tightly.AMILYN You wanna go for a ride? Amilyn leans back -. While digging he pulls out an old. He runs to the side of the wall. Stake and cross in hand. The one from Thursday. and a picture of the earth. BUFFY That is so cool. It is Merrick. JENNIFER What was the step after. BUFFY Nobody is even gonna look at the game. Buffy". FOOTBALL FIELD . falling back out of the tree and pulling Benny with him.

BUFFY B'bye. NICOLE Cassandra's really smart. She's gonna help me with my history. tentatively. uncomfortably. flies into an extraordinary series of gymnastic flips and cartwheels. Buffy is alone on the empty field. though. You coming? BUFFY You guys blow. your prince will come. She's okay.. BUFFY (continuing) Don't worry. NICOLE I guess. JEFFREY Are you going out with Jeffrey tonight? BUFFY Jealous? Jennifer laughs.NICOLE I don't get it. you kind of have to. Let's go. BUFFY Yeah. The other girls leave. just make sure you do first. She starts doing a routine. Jennifer. I'm waiting on Cassandra.. NICOLE I gotta bail. BUFFY How do you not tread on the earth? I mean. guys. Someday NICOLE Yeah. She looks around her. JENNIFER I never thought of that. Then she runs toward the middle of the field and jumps. .

your birthright. BUFFY My birthright? You mean. His accent is clipped -. MERRICK I'm sorry. She screams in surprise. tumbling. That was impressive. where the hell did you come from? You scared me to death. Are you looking for someone? MERRICK I'm looking for you.. about three inches from Merrick. BUFFY Why? MERRICK To bring you. BUFFY Am I in trouble or something? MERRICK Not at all. actually. a perfect ten. My name is Merrick. and lands. . You should have been taught... I should have found you much sooner but there were. BUFFY What? Oh. steps back.She rolls into one final flip. a huge one. like a trust fund? Merrick looks at her.. complications.. The.. I was sent to find you some time ago. BUFFY What are you talking about? MERRICK I've searched the entire world for you. BUFFY (continuing) God.British. prepared. I used to do gymnastics. Buffy.

You have BUFFY Chosen to go to the graveyard? Why don't you just take the first runner up. You must come with me while there's still time. and I spent it on shoes. my boyfriend is gonna be here in about thirty seconds. BUFFY Wait a minute. To stop the BUFFY Let me get this straight. MERRICK Wait! BUFFY You're one of those skanky old men that. Forget you. attack girls and stuff. like.BUFFY (continuing) I had a trust fund my greatgrandfather. My. You're like. um. and there's vampires. and I have to go to the graveyard with you 'cause I'm chosen. . MERRICK You don't understand. and he's way testy. been chosen. It's much too late already. MERRICK You must come with me. My birthright is in the graveyard? Later not. this greasy bum. vampires. okay? MERRICK You must believe me. BUFFY Time to do what? MERRICK To stop the killing. 'cause he's dead. or maybe it was an inheritance. You must come with me to the graveyard.

MERRICK (continuing) The mark of the Coven! where's the mark? There is no birthmark on her shoulder. like. A . And. Maybe. BUFFY Does Elvis talk to you? Tell you to do things? Do you see spots? MERRICK I don't have time for your prattling. one.. revealing her shoulder. I have proof. knowing about my big old mole isn't proof of anything except that it's way past medication time. BUFFY You mean that big hairy mole? Excuse me: eeyuu. You bear the mark. okay? MERRICK Did you ever dream that you were someone else? Buffy stops. BUFFY Everybody does.MERRICK Yes. The -- He looks at the other MERRICK (continuing) The mark of the -.. MERRICK In the past. This obviously registers with her. BUFFY (continuing) Just stay away from me. He steps forward and pulls the neck of Buffy's shirt aside. A girl. Buffy pushes his hand off her.wait a minute. She starts to walk away. I had it removed.

BUFFY (continuing) I had a dream once where I was.Magyar peasant.. knights in it. BUFFY I don't know.. It was.. There was a big gram or something. was fighting.. my God. MERRICK In Virginia. like channeling or something... CUT TO: ANGLE . BUFFY Oh. BUFFY I was a slave.. And I. And there's a guy. I'm always fighting. and I worked in this bar. and he's always.THE SUN . I remember the one about the peasant. I'm like a prostitute.. Is this. An Indian princess. I never told anybody about this. And there's one.. MERRICK Lothos. A slave. The name has an obvious effect on the girl. There was like.. He's not always there. all white. BUFFY How do you know all this? MERRICK I have to show you. but he's horrible. The last one hits the mark.. too. MERRICK China. God. trying to kill me. Merrick rolls his eyes. there's a bunch..

tearing -. Merrick reaches into his jacket.Thick and orange. Extensive tissue damage -. MERRICK (continuing) Robert Berman was killed three days ago. tell everyone I'm crazy. EXT. pulls out a stake and a cross. hands the cross to Buffy. You sit her. MERRICK This is it. The body was found in the bushes out by the canal.1990. MERRICK Why didn't you ever tell anybody about your dreams? BUFFY Oh. Buffy sits and leans against another stone. searching for a particular grave. BUFFY (continuing) Ow. Coroner thinks it's a dog. He points out a plot of ground about eight feet from the foot of the grave. sinking beyond the hills. MERRICK Cramps? BUFFY None of your business. Beauty ida. BUFFY I can't believe I'm doing this. yeah.at the neck and shoulders. 1972 . The headstone reads: "ROBERT BERMAN. Buffy stops. . Buffy is standing on a freshly dug grave. winces slightly. GOD IS AT HIS HEELS". GRAVEYARD . God. I can't believe I'm in a graveyard with a strange man hunting for vampires on a school night.SUNSET Merrick leads Buffy.

of digging.BUFFY Wait a minute. OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL . fingers break through the ground and hold stiff in the open air. CUT TO: EXT. have to do anything. somewhat more articulate.THE GRAVE Finally. you to watch. BUFFY Do you have any gum? ANGLE . You won't I just need All right. GRAVEYARD . MERRICK Just for protection.SAME TIME Buffy sits fidgeting. listening. She looks at her watch and gives up. crouches by it. BUFFY What do we do now? MERRICK We wait for Robert to wake up. Merrick A low. darkness increasing.SUNSET The last red glimmer disappears behind the hills.of WOOD SPLINTERING -. Buffy and Merrick wait. The SOUND is followed by the SOUND of FINGERS SCRAPPING wood -. she hears a RUSTLING behind her. The moan becomes a triumphant HISS. Looks slowly around. Buffy sits up straight. The MOAN becomes louder. almost a scream. Merrick goes over to the other headstone. The fingers .SAME TIME Cassandra stands waiting for Buffy. The sun is down. heads for her car. ANGLE . Her key in the door. becoming eerier. CUT TO: EXT. almost inaudible MOAN come from under the ground. Playing with her fingernails. holds the cross to her. The moaning continues. stays in the position.

preparing to bite him. her face still smoking. ROBERT BERMAN pops halfway out of his grave like a jack-in-thebox. Buffy screams lustily. They grab her and pull her to the ground. stretching as to a mother's tit. BUFFY 'Bye now. He falls and dies. planted in his back by Buffy. Buffy sticks it in the vampire's heart. It burns and the lady lets go. A stake suddenly pops out of his chest. Merrick falls to the ground. MERRICK Where's the other one? BUFFY She -It leaps at her. and pulls himself out of the grave. as Merrick produces another stake and throws it to her. his face dirty and dead-white. and Robert throws him off. Buffy pulls herself out of the girl's grasp. raising the stake. and his stake goes flying. screaming and falling to the ground. She dies. She throws it off. At the blood. Buffy remembers the cross in her hand. A pair of arms shoot up from the ground right under Buffy. immobilized. Merrick drops down behind Robert and grabs him. and struggles to break free. Buffy looks at herself. spins and holds it to the vampire's forehead. Merrick is momentarily distracted by this. emerges grinning from the crumbling earth. the face of another vampire. ANGLE . Buffy watches.clutch at the ground. screaming. Buffy runs.MERRICK AND ROBERT They are struggling. starts running away. He sees Buffy in front of him. several feet away. screaming. Robert grabs Merrick by the shoulders and picks him up. blood spurting onto Buffy. but the girl grabs her. a YOUNG WOMAN. and he bobs toward her with a crazy grin. Next to her face. CUT TO: .

Buffy goes inside. Buffy looks a sight.. FRONT OF BUFFY'S HOUSE . BUFFY All right. Merrick stops. . This is important.SAME TIME Buffy shuts the door. MERRICK Go to school tomorrow.. Merrick moves on. She is silent. She stands. Is that true? MERRICK It's true. looking very confrontational. right? Unless you invite them. you won't be hunting them anymore. Don't let anyone know what's happening. BUFFY (continuing) They can't come in.NIGHT Merrick walks Buffy to the door. turns to go up to her room.FOYER . BUFFY I have cheerleading squad. When the vampires find out who you are. She almost screams. arm akimbo. and stands uncomfortably in front of her mother for a moment. slow. Try to act normal. BUFFY Merrick. Merrick starts back down the path. BUFFY'S HOUSE . CUT TO: INT.EXT. He hands her a piece of paper. She is startled by someone standing in her path. It's her mother. Buffy nods. MERRICK Skip it. MERRICK Meet me at this address after school.

Finally. She tries to get the blood off with fierce intensity. BUFFY'S HOUSE . BUFFY'S HOUSE . Her mother gone. Jeffrey. She heads upstairs. around ten? Mom taps her watch. (calls out) Honey. come on. looking at his watch pointedly: she's late for class.. SCHOOL HALL . she lies back on the pillow.NIGHT She sits in the middle of the bed in her pajamas. He moves on. BUFFY'S MOM (continuing) You pay a fortune for something. going the other way. CUT TO: INT. washing her shirt. Lothos is beside her. She is near tears. it is not clear.of relief or frustration.NIGHT Buffy stands at the sink. CUT TO: INT. Gary Murray comes up next to her. we're gonna be late. stops next to her. baby.BATHROOM . BUFFY'S MOM I knew this thing was slow.DAY Buffy walks through the hall slowly. CUT TO: INT. You look ..BEDROOM . She cannot sleep. annoyed. how ya doing? beat. the blankets pooled around her. She crosses out of the room.. Buffy lets out a small sigh -.. JEFFREY Hey. obviously the worse for last night's wear.BUFFY'S MOM Do you know what time it is? BUFFY Uum.

Buffers. She is lying by a pool of what looks to be dark water in a large cave. You know -training and all. Jeffrey moves off to class. She bumps NICOLE Hey. She tries to get up and finds it difficult. staring with growing horror at her hands. Torches burn around her. She Oh. She pulls herself up to the side of the pool and splashes water on her face. It's blood. JEFFREY Where were you last night? I called your house like four times. obviously from being knocked out.I do? BUFFY I guess I do. I think I have the flu or something. BUFFY I went to sleep. Jeffrey backs away from her. BUFFY Thanks. You look thrashed. then remembers. No. CUT TO: INT. She blinks stupidly. BUFFY 'Bye. LOTHOS' CAVE . She starts. into Nicole. Buffy walks on a bit. I'm gonna be late. NICOLE You and Cassandra get anything done last night? Buffy looks confused for a moment.CLOSEUP OF CASSANDRA'S FACE She is waking up. JEFFREY I can't get sick. . BUFFY She never showed. looks around.

the greed. I'm sure they do. Honestly. He .. Cassandra turns. perfected. this Mecca of consumption.does not even see the figure rise from the pool at first. The city of Angels. LOTHOS Yes. LOTHOS (continuing) What are we? We are man. CASSANDRA What. The perfect place to spread my empire... bares his fangs at Cassandra... He wears no shirt. are you? LOTHOS Are we so strange? So alien to you? I've seen this culture. To feel their souls coursing about me. LOTHOS I find it restorative. Amilyn. but it's nothing compared to this. sleeping in the life-blood of so many.. It's livened up a bit in the past few years. No blood seems to touch him as he rises. Eastern Europe was so dead. It's Lothos.. He looks at Cassandra with an almost sleepy lust. it's truly heartwarming. Amilyn stands behind her. the wealth. the waste. only white trousers and boots... the style maybe Nineteenth Century. This place is everything you said it was. CASSANDRA What's happening? What do you want? LOTHOS (smiling) So very much. grinning. hisses. the Communists just drained the blood out of the place. CASSANDRA My parents have money. He steps right up to her.

We exist to consume. Amilyn bites the card. his eyes to the ceiling. CASSANDRA Here. He rips out her throat. Amilyn snatches it from her. LOTHOS I wish you wouldn't mention him. or whatever. Really. I can learn. twists. LOTHOS Really? CASSANDRA Swear to God." . not as sybaritic. Maintenance Only. She's useless... this one. My gold card. As she descends we see. Almost thoughtful. I can be dumb. LOTHOS She has a certain quality. AMILYN I don't think this is gold. I'll never report it. Or mean. or do we just drain her? Cassandra pulls her gold card out of her wallet. It's your. stenciled on the wall. dies. He's heard this a hundred times. tearing at it with his teeth as blood gushes around their faces and she wriggle.. AMILYN So? Do we change this one. I'm useful. He hurls her into the door and wipes blood from his mouth.. wait. look. looks it over. On the world "to consume" we see Amilyn mouthing the words with Lothos. "Hemery High School. Slowly Cassandra slides down the wall. CASSANDRA No. her eyes glazing over. LOTHOS Not as single-minded as the others.

reading the newspaper. I'm not even sure where to start There's so little time. Buffy enters hesitantly.CUT TO: INT. dusty and long since abandoned.. puts down her bookbag next to a pile of Merrick's stuff. BUFFY Why do you keep saying that? MERRICK Do you know what a Vampire-King is? BUFFY A Vampire-King? You mean like Dracula? MERRICK Oh. picks up a world of dust. practically caked with dust. Merrick looks up at her. She holds up her finger at Merrick. BUFFY Fire the help. BUFFY (continuing) What. Lothos. She repeats it not with attitude. but it does suit our purposes. Sunlight pours in through the large windows. She runs her finger along a crate. And the man from your dreams. She crosses to him. Merrick sits on a crate. but a dull wonder at her connection with this strange man. yes. BUFFY Our purposes.. . No kidding.AFTERNOON Grey. um. including a rolled-up sleeping bag. MERRICK It's not pretty. Old crates are stacked here and there. This is definitely not her turf. bits of manikins leaning on one or two. What do we do? MERRICK There's a great deal I have to show you. WAREHOUSE .

was I born here because. But for some reason. nobody here seems to be paying any attention. and his buddies? MERRICK In a way. They travel about. You were difficult to trace. MERRICK Yes. make it their own. BUFFY I still don't get how they happened to come to my town.BUFFY Oh. Usually this goads a community into some kind of paranoid frenzy. I mean. him. do I have to take notes on this? MERRICK (put down his paper) We're going to have the work hard. BUFFY (not paying attention) What? MERRICK (annoyed) We'll cover it later. BUFFY Great. You'll need some excuse for staying out. now I've got a fate. and I think the process has gone a lot further than I'd anticipated. Your fate is inexorably connected to them. The vampires find a community and they feed on it. Hey.. BUFFY Not a pressing issue. usually with one or two of their followers to lay the groundwork. . because they were coming here? That Lothos guy. yes. Buffy laughs. First I have a birthright. For your parents..

MERRICK All right. just you They're a look.the mighty oak. But you stopped... sporting events.. the best thing I can do right now is find out more about you... What's your best subject? BUFFY Uh. MERRICK Yes.MERRICK I tell you. It's way cooler. Everything. your likes. yes? BUFFY Sporting events.. It would be interesting.. yes? BUFFY Well. MERRICK Cheerleading. yeah.. everybody says. It's not MERRICK But you enjoyed it. What your strengths are. yes. doing a cheer. it's kind of dorky.. gym. a bit awkwardly.. you used to do gymnastics. have ever seen a gymnast's legs? like -(indicating huge) -. Why? BUFFY Well. For. I mean. I do cheerleading now. A nice cheer. Buffy starts. . Why don't you show me a cheer? BUFFY Here? MERRICK Yes. BUFFY Okay.

hands behind his back. I do MERRICK Oh. Merrick is thrown off by this reaction. He palms it. inches from her face.BUFFY (continuing) Who we gonna beat? MERRICK (pathetically following her motion) Who we gonna beat? BUFFY (stops) No -. Oh. what the hell is wrong with you? You threw a knife at my head! MERRICK I had to test you. more complicated as she repeats the verse. She catches it. BUFFY But you threw a knife at my head! . CLOSEUP .. She starts again. Buffy gets more into the cheer. Then bursts into tears. it. you lead me -BUFFY You don't do anything. BUFFY Oh. Stops dead. In the middle of her routine.MERRICK'S HAND We see a knife slip out of Merrick's sleeve. he hurls it at her. reflexively. The steps become Good.. BUFFY Who we gonna beat? Who do we defeat? Who will we be pulverizing Into cream of wheat? Gradually. No.you don't have to -MERRICK I thought.

Physical. lands on his back. MERRICK (getting up) Don't you see what's happening? You're changing. He goes flying a good ways. Sorry. so you throw things at me! She is coming at him now. mental prowess you've never dreamed of.. this hurts. His nose bleed merrily. ... and. BUFFY I don't want to be the chosen one. BUFFY (realizing) Last night. marry Charlie Sheen and die. go to Europe. MERRICK It was necessary. and then I'm a member of the hairy mole club. You've got powers you've only just begun to tap. didn't you? MERRICK I don't think you understand the full implications of -Buffy punches him in the face. but I think it's swell. You knew I was sitting on a fresh grave. I've administered a few shocks to your system to start the adrenaline working. I'm sorry I have to take so many shortcuts in the training process. okay? I don't want to spend the rest of my life chasing after vampires! I just want to graduate from high school.. And then you come along. BUFFY Oh. It may not sound too exciting to a sconehead like you. He begins to back up.MERRICK And you caught it! Only the chosen one could have done that. Buffy stops. (pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket) God.

DAY Buffy charging some books: Lawson's Treatis on Demonology. CUT TO: INT. swinging on vines.NIGHT . WAREHOUSE . Psychological Interpretations of Vampirism. Accumulates a few more holes in her ears. etc. Her style of dress loosens a bit: a little punkier. would you have even hit me? Let alone so powerfully? BUFFY No. Buffy looks at the knife in her hand. MERRICK Two days ago. CUT TO: EXT. You're becoming something extraordinarily powerful.DAY Buffy arriving late for class. Stops dying her hair blonde and her roots start showing. The Book of the Dead.NIGHT Buffy doing a series of gymnastic flips. You're changing. BRENTANO'S . I guess I would have gotten Jeffrey to hit you. we. The MUSIC COMES UP and CUT TO: A SERIES OF IMAGES AND INTERCUT SCENES Buffy's period of training.. Over the difficult course of it.. SCHOOL .BUFFY Put your head back. she is obviously becoming more self-possessed. and The Complete Garlic Cookbook. EXT. THE WAREHOUSE . MERRICK Exactly.. CUT TO: INT.. more at ease.

As they cavort. MERRICK Your turn. Merrick tees off. Not really flying. another embarrassment for the teabag. CUT TO: EXT. sweating with concentration. She starts off. No bats. . reading the obituaries and circling certain entries. shoots BUFFY (as announcer) Ooh. CUT TO: EXT. anxious to get going. MELROSE CLOTHING STORE ("ROCK STAR") . Between the toes of one is a nail brush. the CAMERA TRACKS behind the counter. CUT TO: INT. occasionally.NIGHT Amilyn and a few of the old-world vampires are on a spree..AFTERNOON Merrick and Buffy are playing. where we find the clerk.. slumped on the floor. Buffy positions herself. They. The CAMERA TILTS up to reveal her feet. bloody and dead. Buffy stands on her head. SCHOOL . comes back and plants a big ol' on his lips one last time before splitting. with which she is very carefully painting her toenails. float. horribly. BUFFY What about bats? bats? Do they turn into MERRICK No.Merrick sits on a crate. trying on various leather jackets. no flying. while the chosen one is still well under par.DAY Buffy kissing Jeffrey goodbye after school. during which she pulls away. lingering kiss. MINIATURE GOLF COURSE . A long.

Franklin Pangborn. Tees off: another hole in one.DAY Buffy late again. CUT TO: INT. Gary Murray watches her from the hall.. but he easily trips her up. like. She considers this a moment. She gives a little 'isn't that funny' kind of laugh. What do you study in history? BUFFY My nails. working their way in between the "trees. Lucretia Borgia. You've heard of the emperor Caligula. Joseph Mengele. are any of those names familiar? BUFFY If I say 'no' does that make me a bad person? MERRICK Good Lord. She glares at him from the ground. SCHOOL ." She is his superior in speed and strength.. WAREHOUSE (LATER) He doesn't Buffy and Merrick sparring. . MERRICK All right. famous vampires? MERRICK Oh. several. respond. BUFFY Oh. perhaps? Or Jack the Ripper? BUFFY They were vampires? MERRICK Same one.BUFFY Toasty. CUT TO: EXT. shaking his head. Were there ever any.

PRIEST Well. CUT TO: INT.CUT TO: EXT. .. "uh-huh"ing and obviously not paying attention.. maybe I can help. The silence holds. ROADSIDE . doodling in an open notebook. my child? Is something troubling you? BUFFY Well. LOTHOS' CAVE .NIGHT Merrick is lecturing Buffy. he with his eyes far far away. looks around. the still pool of blood. her draped across his lap. the torches lit. or the look in her eye. BUFFY Excuse me. reminiscent of Michelangelo's "Pieta". PRIEST Yes. Buffy is sitting. At the far end sits Lothos. Lothos belches massively. sort of.. WAREHOUSE . A red convertible pulls up. She holds up a six-pack of Perrier. Blood stains her neck and yet the image is poetic. with a beautiful blonde behind the wheel. In his arms is the body of a dead girl.all right! They can't see her teeth. They are both perfectly still.NIGHT We see the entire cave.AFTERNOON Buffy walks in.EVENING Two college-age guys stand hitchhiking. CUT TO: INT. Could you bless these? She approaches a PRIEST. CHURCH . CUT TO: INT. Yeah. The guys look at each other -. BUFFY Um..

MERRICK . jumps back a good two feet and lands on her butt.. MERRICK (continuing) . who is staring down at her notebook. but he is still a vampire. is extremely powerful.. No reaction. and vulnerable to the same. Buffy screams.LATE LATE NIGHT . he's been difficult to trace.. His power has increased with age.. BUFFY (angry) What!?! MERRICK Try to pay attention. WAREHOUSE . Nope.. CUT TO: INT. He looks at Buffy. That will scatter the rest of them. He looks at her. Is she listening? MERRICK (continuing) Daylight is still his enemy. The stake can still find his heart. Is she? MERRICK (continuing) I have huge antlers growing out of my buttocks..BUFFY'S NOTEBOOK Merrick slams a stake right through the middle of it. We'll be lucky if we can get him to leave the area. It will be a long while before you are ready to face him." ANGLE . to lie low for awhile. Lothos is. just another "Uh-huh.. Lothos was probably born in the eleventh or twelfth century..

the leaf perfectly pinned. party guy! Happening dude who can talk to the young. Gary moves about his desk. isn't it? CUT TO: EXT. waiting.AFTERNOON Buffy stands under a tree. taking a test. Tell me. neck craned. watching.DAY Buffy in class. Silently. GARY MURRAY'S OFFICE . there's nothing to be nervous about. Buffy. I just hoped maybe we could talk. GARY MURRAY Well. I think we can safely say that something's going on with you. Buffy stands very still. asleep. leaning on it. SCHOOL . CUT TO: INT. knowing she has hit the target.. trying to cheat off her when she falls forward onto the desk. Merrick stands a ways apart. SCHOOL HALL . FOREST . CUT TO: INT. Blindfold still on. A FLY BUZZES annoyingly about his head. you're not in any trouble.ANOTHER TREE The knife stick deep into the trunk. ANGLE .DAY Buffy being ushered into Gary Murray's office. Buffy smiles. Think of me as Gary Murray.DAY Buffy sits in his chair. trying hard to stay awake. Don't think of me as Gary Murray. Buffy drinking coffee. sitting behind it. CUT TO: INT. blindfolded. Now. It wafts gently down. administrator. knife at it with easy precision.. It's drugs. Me and you. Merrick looks at it.Merrick talking. talking to her. she turns toward Merrick and walks Buffy hurls a . a leaf falls. Listening. It's open. Nicole leaning over.

DAY Buffy at the mall with Kimberly.SAME TIME Gary Murray is crouching on his desk.. Something in the next store catches Buffy's eye. Nicole and Jennifer. For the first time. GARY MURRAY .I did some acid in the Sixties. the late Seventies. maybe I am a toaster.into a branch. I'll tell you the truth. I did a lot -. Well. actually. THE MALL . and that scared me.. cool garb. continuing. GARY MURRAY'S OFFICE . The FLY still BUZZES. FLY still BUZZES. GARY MURRAY Hey. she wanders off. falls heavily backwards. CUT TO: INT. and my friend Melissa. in the chair. her head looked like a big party balloon.. expressionless. too. and I thought. it was bright red and electric. It was at a Doobie Brother's concert. They stop to look at some dresses. GARY MURRAY'S OFFICE . and I felt like a big toaster. CUT TO: INT. holds it.. Believe me. we really see how she stands out against her friends. Buffy still sits. The As Gary talks. Buffy surreptitiously puts the push pin in her mouth. Buffy picks up a push pin from the table beside her. CUT TO: INT. there's nothing to be afraid of! I know where you're coming from. . I've had my drug experiences. I started to freak out. and I could see the music flowing into me. Buffy still sits. and less makeup. we're all molecules. while they still sport the same dainty shit from the beginning.DAY The same session. She is wearing much more functional.

The FLY BUZZES on. Outside the first floor window. notice Buffy is not with them. Buffy smiles at Gary. it will stay in this office. Everybody's got a secret. Buffy spits out the push pin. really. BENNY Pike. Buffy puts back the chain saw she was looking at.CUT TO: INT. "Help Yourself" by the Posies blasts from Pike's STEREO. They spot her in the next shop. WAREHOUSE . Well. PIKE'S BEDROOM . GARY MURRAY I guess you're surprised. the stake at his solar plexus. The BUZZING STOPS. . it is dark night. slowly fading up to the pane.. follows them. I'm your pal. This time she ends up pinning him. What you say in this office. or opened her mouth. CUT TO: INT. there's more to most people than meets the eye.NIGHT Buffy sparring with Merrick again. Gary Murray now sits behind his desk. THE MALL . Pike lies on his bed. CUT TO: INT. Through the window we see Benny approach. you know. He moves the point to where his heart would be.NIGHT The room is a shambles. As he looks away for a second.) He scrapes his fingers on the glass. He's floating.DAY The other girls are moving on from the dress shop. I just want you to know that you can always share your secrets with me. She holds a stake.. (He's a vampire. CUT TO: INT.DAY Buffy hasn't moved. GARY MURRAY'S OFFICE . urge her to come on.

. Pike. but this window is burnt -Pike gets a good look at Benny for the first time.. PIKE You look like shit. pretty. BENNY It burns! The sun! It burns! He laughs at his impression. presses his slimy forehead against the glass. PIKE Benny. I almost did a Jimi Hendrix! BENNY Let me in. man. BENNY I. . brown spittle caking the window. I passed out. Why don't you just go and cool out and I'll see you in the morning or something. What's wrong with you. Pike! I'm hungry! PIKE Get away from here. He goes to the window.. PIKE Hey. but I think you're on something nasty. PIKE No offense.. turns down the music. BENNY Invite me in.. I'm trying. Benny. man. Benny grins. BENNY (continuing) Let me in. It's stuck.Pike sits up. feel. man? BENNY I'm fine. PIKE Wait a minute. where you been? You bailed on me. begins to try to open it. man.

BENNY I'm hungry! I'm hungry! Pike backs away. BUFFY (continuing) Hello. What a dark night. BUFFY Sure is cold. la la la la feelings'... She is about halfway down when a rat scurries out from the cans and down a drain. Pike looks at the window for a second. The vampire takes a step. At the entrance to the alley stands a vampire... Boy. She moves slowly down the alley toward the noise. then bolts out of his room. another SOUND.BENNY I'm hungry. keeps walking. They stare at each other. PIKE I mean it. Benny appears at the door's little window. BUFFY (continuing) Yeucch. Behind her. She passes an alley and there is a RUSTLING amid the garbage cans. He runs to the front door. trying to appear nonchalant. I'm hungry! . She turns slowly. moves suddenly out of sight. BUFFY (continuing) 'Feelings. I'm helpless. some thirty feet away.NIGHT Buffy walks slowly down the street. Nice night for a walk. Benny smiles. but looking about her a lot. She moves back a step. frantically hooks the chain. banging and scraping the glass. DESERTED STREET . She whistles some. CUT TO: EXT.

flipping it and hurling it against the wall at the end of the alley. sinks to the ground. an old Dodge Dart. trapped. Very simple. BUFFY Fine. OUTSIDE THE WAREHOUSE . still rolling. If they'd come at you in force you'd be dead now. Buffy looks out for trouble while Merrick unlocks the door. MERRICK And the alley was a mistake. hissing. Never corner yourself like that.NIGHT The two exit Merrick's car. driving the stake all the way home with her foot. Buffy looks about her frantically. BUFFY (continuing) Toaster-caked him! CLOSEUP . Buffy throws a roundhouse kick. This is obviously their routine. triumphant. The vampire screams. As they talk.A STOPWATCH A hand stops it. The stake punctures the startled creature's chest. MERRICK He was slow. Buffy. they make their way into the warehouse. It is Merrick. who steps into the alley and CUT TO: EXT. Buffy turns. One vampire is a lot easier to kill then ten.BUFFY (continuing) What do you want? It floats rapidly at her. won't all be that easy. It hits her at top speed and she instantly rolls onto her back. As it hits. stares at Buffy. Before he can so much as grab it. BUFFY Does the world 'Duhh' mean anything to you? They . produces a stake from her jacket and throws it directly at its heart.

MERRICK A what? BUFFY A wet! Didn't I just kill that vampire? I think I did. MERRICK It's natural. My secret weapon is PMS. A reaction to their presence. didn't you? The cramps. You were too busy playing 'Beat the Clock'.SAME TIME They unload their stuff as they argue. wonderful. unnaturalness of it. They enter the warehouse. THE WAREHOUSE . BUFFY You are such a wet. I felt 'em a little. That's just great. CUT TO: INT. MERRICK You'll get used to it. but I ain't due for two weeks since you're so excited about the subject. I didn't see you killing any vampires.. It's part of how you are able to track them. BUFFY Aren't I. Thanks for telling me. to the.MERRICK You felt a little sick. like the chosen one? The one and only? The Grand High Poobah . BUFFY Nice conversationalist! Yeah. BUFFY Oh. MERRICK Don't start with me again. I'm more worried about your tactical mistakes..

MERRICK Do you know how many girls I've trained to be Slayers? Five. Five properly prepared girls. Buffy. MERRICK What did you think..' BUFFY Oh.and doesn't that mean you have to be nice to me? Like. ever? MERRICK Buffy... who worked hard to become women overnight -harder than you've ever worked in your life -. that being able to jump about and hit people makes you a Slayer? Buffy looks at him a bit. I just want to give you a great big hug. girls who faced their responsibilities.. fuck you! Merrick turns on her. It's totally not your color. you're so special. oh I'm just having a warm fuzzy. BUFFY And why are you always wearing black? It's so down. I don't think you have a color. Do you want to live? Do you? BUFFY I. .and I saw them ripped apart. BUFFY Five? MERRICK Five. MERRICK What do you want? Encouragement? (in bad American accent) 'Gosh.

right? MERRICK Not if you're careful. don't start thinking of me as your friend. BUFFY I wish you would. BUFFY I'm curious... right? . I thought so myself for a time. basically. and it.. BUFFY How can you keep doing this? MERRICK It's what I was raised to do. is all. the Watchers.. I'm not supposed to. near Stonehenge. BUFFY Watchers? MERRICK There's a small village in Hampshire. MERRICK Buffy. BUFFY And it makes it worse when I die. I shouldn't go on like this. when I was younger.. There's a small cluster of us. most of the neighboring villagers think we're just a bunch of harmless old loonies.. That's where I was born. It interferes with the work.. don't. I've got the life expectancy of a zit.. about finding the Slayers. near a bunch of big rocks... (stops himself) I'm sorry.. reading the signs.. MERRICK It isn't important. My father taught me about the training. really. a few families. There aren't many of us left. (sees she doesn't know it) .BUFFY So...

. do you want to lie down? I know it hurts the first time. and Jennifer are walking down the hall. illegal or something. MERRICK As for example. MERRICK Vampires of the world. SCHOOL HALL . what? BUFFY Well. I'm not gonna kick so easy.DAY Buffy. JENNIFER . CUT TO: INT. for one. JENNIFER So they found Cassandra's body out by the railway tunnels. but they think she was involved in something. Are you okay. I mean. there's my keen fashion sense. BUFFY Dying. In spite of himself. Merrick smiles. Like dealing. What do you suppose she was doing out there.Silence. BUFFY (impressed) Merrick. Nobody's saying anything. KIMBERLY Well. JENNIFER Probably was. Nicole. I've got a few things the other girls didn't have.. beware. I hope so. you know. like. Kimberly. You made a joke. BUFFY (continuing) Well.

Coach said I had to work on my 'ab's. I don't actually need any right now. ANDY (continuing) Whoa! Whoa! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. BUFFY . Buffy flips Andy over and pins him against a locker. You going? JEFFREY I don't know. Coming from the opposite direction are Jeffrey. They're suited up and heading for the gym. ANDY (continuing) Got to get some! Unthinkingly.' ANDY Coach knows what abs are? They pass Buffy. I'll pop you one. keep your mitts off my thang.. okay? ANDY I see now the error of Absolutely. (to Buffy) Did he scare you? Jeffrey puts his arm around Buffy but she shakes it off. ANDY . my mistake. Andy and some of the other football players.Eeyuu.. JEFFREY Yeah. JEFFREY (to Buffy) What's with you? BUFFY Don't grab me. And they're having some memorial service or something tomorrow. Andy stops and grabs her from behind.

I guess. JEFFREY (continuing) Nice to feel needed. anyway? .DAY A mod. Bright colors reign. ANDY Let's move out! JEFFREY (rallying) Yes! The lads move off. talking to Merrick as he changes inside. Kimberly and Jennifer. inspecting her fingernails. brightly lit store. Buffy is standing by a dressing stall. Buffy goes off by herself. who have been watching the whole exchange. They're not supposed to be a challenge.. Jennifer is feeling sorry for Jeffrey. but not Melrose either. CLOTHING STORE . but sometimes he gets kind of. MERRICK But it's in the back. 'Me-Tarzan'ish.I can take care of myself. Jeffrey. most of the time Jeffrey's really sweet. Why are we wasting time with this. A little hipper than your usual mall fare. Boy does she want him.S. BUFFY We call them zippers. CUT TO: INT. you know what I mean? Lately it bugs me. We see Nicole. BUFFY I mean.) (from inside) I can't work this. Nicole and Kimberly are obviously disdainful of Buffy's behavior. Jeffrey watches her. JEFFREY So I noticed.. (no response) Merrick? Are you still breathing? MERRICK (O.

' Honestly. BUFFY (doesn't like it either) Okay. The important thing is not to panic. Pike works for him. He wears multi-colored parachute pants and an equally loud T-shirt. He picks up a battered guitar case and stuffs it into the car.. . Pasadena. you look like something out of. You're Merrick comes out of the booth. just gonna have to trust me. ZEPH stands watching him. which is filled with all his belongings. Pike finishes. ZEPH'S AUTO REPAIR . Buffy looks at him -. ZEPH What nasty bug crawled up your bungus and where the hell are you going? PIKE I'm leaving. This place has gotten way too hairy. shuts the door.he looks at himself. good-natured. I mean you might as well go around with a sign. PIKE You said you'd have the part by two! Christ. man. Merrick. MERRICK I want to die. 'Slayers trained her. you're on my turf now. I'm bailing town.. CUT TO: EXT. Zeph is about forty-five. BUFFY Well.BUFFY Because you clash. MERRICK My clothes have always been perfectly serviceable. greasy.LATE AFTERNOON Pike is hurriedly working on a part in the hood of his beat-up Dodge. slams the hood. You clash with everything. it's almost dark.

Zeph watches him go. Pike gets in the car.. CUT TO: INT.ZEPH Where am I gonna find another mechanic stupid enough to work for my money? PIKE Hey. PIKE'S CAR . PIKE I am. starts. Benny? PIKE Run. PIKE I don't think so.. ZEPH Ah... man. It sputter.. ZEPH What should I do if I see Hey.THE SUN burning down.NIGHT . Sell this place. Take care of yourself.. have you seen Benny lately? ZEPH No. Something real weird. Something's going on here. Pike peels out. you'll be coming back. ANGLE . ZEPH That's my guitar. You want me to give him a message? PIKE You should think about leaving. ZEPH All right. I don't know. too.

ANGLE . Come on.INSIDE THE CAR Pike spots a tree with a low branch and heads for it. laughing. He fights off the hand and tries to control the speeding car. Pike continues to bullet down the street as a hand suddenly punches through the roof. car careens along. come on. Pike straightens up slowly. ANGLE . Pike waits for a second. The headlights trap the hungry scowl of the vampires as Pike pops the car in reverse. we see there are two more behind him. ANGLE . Make He turns the key again and the car ROARS to life. fresh like Bessel and Benny. me proud.INSIDE THE CAR Still The . slowly. Pike finally hears the SCRAPING OF HIS FEET as he approaches the car. and Pike hears a THUD as Amilyn lands on the roof of his car. It can't be done: he goes off the road and into a park.On the edge of town. hurt but not killed. Don't leave me. his hand on the key. ANGLE . his head down as he listens to the rasping ENGINE. Amilyn appears in the street in front of the car. It gets closer.INSIDE THE CAR Pike races at Amilyn. They all approach. breathe. he aims at the branch. but he leaps up as Pike reaches him. baby. The car has stalled at an intersection. ANGLE . and as the rear view mirror comes INTO THE FRAME. grabbing at him. Pike is hunched over the wheel. PIKE Come on.ON TOP OF THE CAR Amilyn looks up. They are both high-school age. fighting. smashing into the back two vampires. PIKE (continuing) This is for the money. They both go flying. baby.ON TOP OF THE CAR Amilyn ride it.

They pass under the branch and we hear a TEARING THUD. arm stiffens and falls into Pike's lap.


The car hits another tree dead on. Pike slams into the steering wheel. The guitar case flies right through the windshield and lands on the grass. Pike pulls himself slowly from the car. He is bleeding, but not badly. Just shaken. He hears a low, seething WAIL from a few yards back and turns around. Amilyn is getting shakily to his feet. PIKE Oh, give me a break. Amilyn hisses at him, then turns and races away, snarling, clutching what's left of his arm. One of the other vampires nears him. Pike tries to run and his knees buckle. He lands on them right next to the guitar case. As the vampire nears, he pulls the guitar out of the case and swings it, hitting the vampire in the head. He hits him again. The vampire bats away the guitar and grabs Pike. Brings his face to Pike's as Pike squirms. A blasting kick in the head from Buffy. The vampire is flung to one side, falls. He starts up at Buffy and she nails him with a stake. Pike stares at her. She pulls a walkie-talkie from her pocket. BUFFY (into walkie-talkie) I'm on the east side, near the playground... all right. She puts the walkie-talkie back. BUFFY (continuing) Hi. PIKE Hi there. BUFFY Is that your car? PIKE It was. I think it's pretty much ready for the -The last vampire hits Pike from behind. Without missing a

beat, Buffy picks up the guitar and snaps the neck off. She and the vampire meet in the middle -- the creature barely moves before she buries the guitar neck in its chest. It falls. Merrick runs up. He is wearing black jeans and a windbreaker. He is more modern than he was before, but subtly. He sees the decaying bodies, one with a guitar sticking out of its chest. MERRICK Interesting. BUFFY I kind of had to improvise. (to Pike) Sorry about your guitar. PIKE That's okay. Umm, listen, I'm not.... I have to fall down now. Pike's eyes glaze over slightly as he collapses into Buffy's arms. CUT TO: INT. BOILER ROOM - CLOSEUP ON AMILYN - NIGHT Thrashing about the room in hysterics, screaming and snarling, banging his one fist on the boiler tank. It booms hollowly. Lothos grabs him, throws him up against the wall. LOTHOS What's wrong with you!?! AMILYN He took my fucking arm! LOTHOS You let him have it! Amilyn still fumes, quietly.

My arm!

Shut up! Lothos lets Amilyn go.

LOTHOS (continuing) You reckless imbecile. This place is ours for the taking and you let yourself... twelve hundred years old and you act like a child. AMILYN I had him in my grasp. LOTHOS

Cheer up.

You may still.

Only Lothos smiles at the joke. Amilyn raises his stump, looks at it. The tattered end of his jacket covers the grossness of it, but it still isn't good. AMILYN (forlornly) I look horrible. LOTHOS The other two -- the new ones. Where are they? AMILYN I don't know. But the boy, he couldn't kill them. LOTHOS (thoughtfully) No... Not a boy... (gathers himself) Find out if they're dead. And do something about that arm. Honestly, I don't know how you made it through the Crusades. He turns toward his chamber. LOTHOS (continuing) Let me know about our little recruits. I'll be in my chamber... On his way through the door he passes a box on an oil drum. He plucks a large kitten out of it. LOTHOS (continuing) ... having a snack. CUT TO: INT. BUFFY'S HOUSE - NIGHT Buffy and Pike walk in, Pike still a bit unsteady on his feet. BUFFY How are you doing? PIKE Oh, I'm good. I'm good. miss my knees, though.

Kind of

is this like a hobby? BUFFY Not exactly. BUFFY Where are you gonna go? PIKE Well. stay here tonight. BUFFY You had a car full of stuff. Tomorrow morning.BUFFY You want some water or something? PIKE Okay. you leaving? Were PIKE Yeah. Buffy hands Pike the water and they move back into the living room. Pike curls up in an armchair by the window. Buffy begins stripping off her bloody clothes. PIKE (continuing) Do you do this kind of thing a lot? I mean. God! Vampires. I've always wanted to see . weren't they? BUFFY Yeah. PIKE Thanks. PIKE Unbelievable.. I'm gone. PIKE They were vampires. Bad scene. he's really vampire. I'm on a bus. I guess. leaving on a tank-top and jeans. well.. and he's really. I have a friend. BUFFY Well. Water. They move into the kitchen. I was bailing.

Oxnard. PIKE (continuing) Hey. She sits down. in a good way! I can just keep talking till you strike me dead. 'Prison' came up a few times. BUFFY . jeez are you okay? hand? You need a BUFFY It's nothing.. PIKE (continuing) I'm sorry. PIKE (almost awed) Who are you? Buffy doesn't look up. but nothing about undead. It doesn't hurt. I just mean. PIKE I'll back that up. I didn't actually think about anything.. BUFFY Things are kind of confusing. As Buffy strips down to her tank top. or. well. She even fights back tears. Buffy smiles at this. But. Pike jumps up to help as she pats it down with her shirt. My guidance counselor never mentioned anything about vampires. but it's fairly impressive... PIKE I know. It's not bleeding much any more.. though still upset.. BUFFY Three weeks ago all I thought about was. well you seemed like such a flake. The questions seems to upset her a great deal. Pike looks at her a moment as she wraps her shirt around it. she notices a gash on her arm. I definitely didn't expect this.

you saved my life. BUFFY You sure? PIKE Oh. She starts up the stairs. to the playground -I used to hang out there all the time. (collects herself) I'm sorry. Buffy. the whole place. PIKE Hey... He watches her go.It's weird. looks . Make sure the sun comes up and everything. I'm babbling. I went back and it was so tiny. heads upstairs. head to the stairs. And I just wanted to say. I couldn't even fit on the swings. got my window. You can stay in my mom's room if you want. I went back to my old grade school once.. Almost.. Got my chair. PIKE I think I'll just hang out here. you're not. playing on the swings and stuff. out the window. But she stands anyway. BUFFY I'm kinda beat. BUFFY Yeah? PIKE You know. I'm great.. I'll be fine.. Everything just looked so small. PIKE No. I forgive you for talking during the movie. She gives him a look. BUFFY Mmkay.

to a hysterical Man. OUTSIDE SCHOOL . If I'm not there for the Barber game tomorrow everyone's gonna talk.MORNING Buffy and Merrick are walking along the path to the steps of the main building. PIKE'S POV The streets move by. On one there is a Police Officer talking Next to them is a body. I've missed three practices already. . BUFFY Make time. MERRICK All right. looking comtemplative. Afterwards we can kill and kill until there is nothing left. We see Pike through the window. Football. but again.CUT TO: EXT. Your fate. BUS TERMINAL A bus is pulling out. Come on. sheet. MERRICK There isn't time. Merrick is wearing casual California gear. BUFFY Why because it's not my fate? It's not in the Book-of-AllKnowledgefullness that I'm gonna be cheerleading at the Barber game? MERRICK Sooner or later you're going to have to accept it. He watches the terminal disappear. very subdued. It's not right. okay? You're the one who told me to act normal. BUFFY I'm pretty much learning not to accept anything anymore. arguing. Merrick. MERRICK Another distraction. covered by a CUT TO: EXT.

incredibly slowly. JEFFREY So that's your tutor. it's gonna be a great game. Fans fill the stands. FOOTBALL FIELD . like. okay? Act like a fan. You should come. enjoying herself as they all rally the crowd. MERRICK None of the other girls ever gave me this much trouble. but you're learning. He is wearing another new outfit -- . BUFFY You're learning. MERRICK (being a fan) Football is my life. Slowly. huh? What is he. I'll be there all right. I'm not letting you out of my sight. where Jeffrey is waiting for her. your boyfriend now? BUFFY Projectile vomit. CUT TO: EXT.BUFFY Toasty. We see Buffy with the other cheerleaders. BUFFY And where are they now? She smiles at him and runs up the steps. They enter the building together. Jeffrey. She's really into it. MERRICK Oh. BUFFY Try and be inconspicuous. We see Merrick taking a seat. She turns to go. He looks at the departing figure of Merrick. The scoreboard reads "Hemery vs Barber".NIGHT Right before the game. Not till you're ready.

Maybe you dog just died or you've suddenly found that you're attracted to other men. I say. I say winning is having more points. whose face we cannot see. . COACH Some people say winning is a state of mind. He has binoculars around his neck.. He takes his seat amidst the teens. I don't care! 'Cause we're a team. Maybe you're worried about your grades. full of fire.in here. What that? TEAM Winning! COACH And how do we win? TEAM By putting the thing in the place!! COACH So let's go!! TEAM Yeahh!!!! They run out. So I don't care about your minds. COACH Right. Maybe you're tired. Real inconspicuous. And there only on thing that matters to a team.SAME TIME The coach is giving players his pep talk. winning isn't a state of mind. the ball over the. AMILYN End zone. And how do we get point? By putting the thing. in the place. CUT TO: INT. Can't win out there if you don't win -(point to his head) -. The coach turns to one player. LOCKER ROOM .a letterman jacket and baseball cap.

um. Jesus! You know these steps.SAME TIME The players run out toward the field. yelling. Coach heads out. Fourth quarter. GRUELLER Rah. CUT TO: EXT. CHEERLEADERS Two! Four! Six! Eight! Who do we emasculate! Barber! Barber! Yay!! On the sidelines. can I borrow your binoculars. Go team go. FOOTBALL FIELD (LATER) Go team. ANGLE . You're benched till the fourth. the fourth part. He passes Buffy and she winces slightly. A TEEN nudges TEEN Hey. NICOLE Buffy. BUFFY Sorry. STADIUM TUNNEL .COACH There you are! You missed practice again. The last of them is Grueller. He floats behind them slowly. .MERRICK He is watching Buffy through his binoculars. a player hobbles out and coach pushes Grueller in. Now get out there. him. smiles after him. It messes up the routine and Nicole practically falls over her. It's Grueller. The player turns around. Fifty seconds left. Buffy starts cheering again as the players huddle. Barber: 21". The scoreboard read "Hemery: 17. again as if he were repeating words phonetically. CUT TO: INT. grinning and speaking in a passionless voice.

Buffy. TEEN She's had sex. a little perplexed. Grueller gleefully trots back to the huddle. ANGLE . man.BUFFY Watching the game. As he is carted off the field. Grueller. All right. MERRICK Knows what about her? The teen leans closer. "You know what I mean". back. TEEN You're checking out the cheerleaders. ANGLE . smiles at the player facing him.man? MERRICK (without looking around) No. man. The player looks worried. The carrier gets a few yards. MERRICK What about her? TEEN Everybody knows about her. at left tackle. He nods at Merrick. ANGLE . the player that had been facing Grueller is unconscious. MERRICK I'm on the wrong bloody side.THE STANDS . growls. When the pileup on the line of scrimmage peels apart. Merrick does turn. ANDY Twenty-three! Thirty-two! Merrick turns Hike! The players scramble as Andy hands off.THE FIELD The players are lined up.

turns to her neighbor. complaining to no one in particular. toward the end zone. Jeffrey is way open. listening to Andy call the play. Barber players are rushing at him. And Grueller is coming at him too. Jeffrey looks a little worried. He waves a pennant. The The clock's The snap.Merrick watches Buffy.THE SIDELINES The coach yells at the players. KIMBERLY Are they so brain-dead? Her neighbor smiles at her. looks behind him as he runs. Grueller on his heels. ANGLE . He bolts down field.ANOTHER SECTION IN THE STANDS Kimberly sits. He catches it easily.GRUELLER Smiling.. ANGLE .BUFFY She sees something is definitely wrong. ANGLE . . KIMBERLY What are they doing? running out! (shouts) Throw the ball! She sits back. VAMPIRE FAN Rah. and he speaks in the same monotone that Grueller used.. go towards the guy! Come one! Throw the thing! ANGLE . COACH Come on! Do the thing! Where you. ANGLE . throwing other players right and left. Andy drops back and lobs it to Jeffrey.THE FIELD The players are lined up again. other team is really worried about him now. Grueller is drooling. He is a vampire.

before he is swamped again.MERRICK He stands. ANGLE . Grueller. one. Grueller makes his way out of the throng and up into the stands even as everyone else is rushing onto the field. ANGLE .. Jeffrey is triumphant. his eyes following Buffy.. She sees Jeffrey is all right. Everybody rises to their feet and cheers as Jeffrey makes it to the end zone. VAMPIRE FAN Party hearty. hungry with bloodlust. Oh.MERRICK He tries to make his way through the crowd. She passes him right by and continues after Grueller. ANGLE . zero. wow. In a flash.THE CLOCK Two. Buffy sees ..THE FIELD Grueller hits Jeffrey a second before he is enveloped by other players. she races onto the field. NICOLE Buffy! JENNIFER What is she. confused. ANGLE . heads up the stands. Buffy races for the crowd.. ANGLE . He looks after her. ANGLE .KIMBERLY She also see Buffy. KIMBERLY She's really lost it. He sees Buffy running for him and raises his arms.BUFFY Jeffrey.TOP OF THE STANDS Grueller reaches them and leaps over the back. is confused by the exultant crowd. snarling at people.

stops in front of her. grabs a branch about halfway down. Buffy sails down like a diver. The biker smiles. smoke puffing from twin pipes. dives off herself. Still holding the broken branch. runs up and without hesitation. already Merrick appears at the top of the stands just in time to see Buffy take off after Grueller. She looks around for Grueller. The stands reach some thirty feet off the ground. MERRICK Wait! BUFFY (calls as she runs) He knows who I am! She continues to race after Grueller. she completes a perfect flip and lands on her feet. ANGLE .. but she can't keep up.THE BIKE . She comes up to the side of the road and tentatively sticks her thumb out. STREET . several yards away. He is booking out. ANGLE . She swings like a gymnast and the branch snaps. behind the bike. babe. come for her and without stopping or even turning she twirls the branch and sinks the broken end in his heart.THE BIKE Ground level. ANGLE . we see its engine revving. BIKER Hey. The vampire fan is on the ground behind her. She spot a BIKER tooling along the street on a Harley. You want to get some real power between your legs? Buffy looks at the biker a moment. making his way through the dispersing crowd to the nearest exit. CUT TO: EXT.SAME TIME Buffy is still following.him.MERRICK Running back down the stands.

it boils up from hell. She hits the trouble getting up. She navigates the streets with less ease than determination.The same angle as before.WHEEL spinning CLOSEUP . Her eyes follow him violently bumpy and finally hits a pile bike. she rolls into it but has . Buffy takes off at top speed. His voice is no longer off the road and she steers the bike on a erratic course through the site. ground level. what did they do you? He brings his face right next to hers. body lands in front of CAMERA CLOSEUP . Buffy roars into view behind him.) Grueller.S. God. Seconds late. She of bricks and is thrown headlong from the ground hard. GRUELLER Fall down go boom have to see the nurse. GRUELLER They killed me. RESUME SCENE He grabs her and hauls her up. BUFFY'S POV Grueller's smiling face appears over her. passionless. BUFFY (O. BIKER Dyke! You're a dyke! the world! Suddenly the biker's I'm telling CUT TO: EXT.HAND revving the engine. CONSTRUCTION SITE (MOMENTS LATER) A RUSTLING in the trees signifies Grueller's flight.

chooses a nasty shard of wood. surrounding her. . embarrassed by their touching. jumps into a series of flips. He smiles again and leans toward her neck. breathing hard. plants the stake in its heart as they topple onto Pike. BUFFY I didn't expect to see you. yelling. knocking her over. GRUELLER (continuing) You know. his kingdom. Then they get up awkwardly. PIKE I didn't mean it! it! I didn't mean Wooden shard in hand. They all three swarm over her. Buffy. She turns on Grueller. the vampire at his heels. The two hold her in front of Grueller. Pike and Buffy lie on top of each other. He falls backward. Buffy instantly flips the other one over onto Grueller.BUFFY No kidding. She lands with her legs around the vampire's shoulders. I've always wanted you. She takes one on as the second hits her. shocked and dead. Behind him stands Pike. she dives for a pile of discarded lumber. meeting her kicks with raking claws. For a moment. impaling him as well. GRUELLER The Master walks tonight. (and by their slight arousal). One of the other vampires stupidly goes after Pike. Pike runs more or less in a circle. who runs away. who is smiling again. She head-butts him with enormous force. This is They rush her. sending him staggering back. The stake that pops out through his chest is as much a surprise to him as it is to Buffy. There are two more Vampires approaching her. Buffy sprints toward them. Before he can recover. now.

I don't think you're up to this. I really do want to help. The biker is still there. BUFFY Thanks. Even the score. these guys are dag nasty. and somewhere my best friend is out there. ANGLE . but she keeps driving.. MERRICK Did you see a girl come by here? . It's an eyebrow-raiser.SAME TIME Merrick runs up to the street where Buffy took the Harley. PIKE (continuing) Listen. They start out of the site. this isn't exactly the kind of thing you can run away from. You know. I kind of thought I ought to be here. He has shed the raccoon coat. see Buffy with Pike. standing in the road trying to thumb a ride. BUFFY Pike. I. You gonna tell me you don't need help? CUT TO: EXT. I mean. Oxnard sucks. I don't know. PIKE I think I could help.PIKE I know. I'm good with damage. STREET . Do some damage.KIMBERLY'S CAR She drives by. PIKE Besides.. and I'd like to. BUFFY Why'd you come back? PIKE I don't know.

like soil. Lothos' hand firmly locked around his throat. wheels. How long ago did -The CAMERA PAN back with Merrick as he turns to the biker.. Merrick slowly reaches for a gun stuck Bitch took my . MERRICK Wheels? BIKER My bike! She's a lesbian. BIKER Yeah. like blood. too.THE BIKER On his knees. LOTHOS It's a beautiful night.BIKER You don't mean. a cheerleader? MERRICK Yes. He looks at the night. The CAMERA PANS with Merrick as he takes a step in that direction. Can't watch over her. Darkness writhes under my eye. Merrick and Lothos look at each other a moment. MERRICK Which way did she go? BIKER Down there. like. my God. MERRICK Idiot girl. I saw her. ANGLE . He points. leaving the biker behind (and momentarily OUT OF FRAME). She told me. He cannot move or breathe. Not five feet from Merrick. MERRICK Oh. but in his place stands Lothos.. To me the black is so thick with life. I have never understood the human tendency to equate darkness with emptiness.

The names. they all melt together.ANGLE ON BUFFY . I think it's PIKE Who? BUFFY (not answering) Merrick. She's out her. God.. there really is no difference. Buffy? Oh. ANOTHER STREET . the faces. as well. Who is it this time? What offering have you brought me? EXT.. Buffy ups and runs in the direction of the noise. BUFFY (continuing) Stay here. After a time. LOTHOS (continuing) I know who you are. MERRICK This one may surprise you. STREET . LOTHOS It doesn't really matter. CUT TO: EXT. Calls back . PIKE What's wrong? BUFFY It's him.SAME TIME She is crouching on the ground.SAME TIME Lothos lets him go and he falls. begging for me to suck on her clotted heart.in the back of his pants as Lothos continues. isn't she? Another Slayer. to Pike. holding her stomach and gritting her teeth. One more pathetic bitch.ANGLE ON THE BIKER . She runs out of sight. dead. him.

ANGLE . LOTHOS I rather doubt it.CLOSEUP . far away. Do you think she's ready to face me? Or perhaps you can stop me with that gun. if she was raised here. MERRICK Perhaps. A small. between the trees. MERRICK'S POV Buffy appears. whips out the GUN. After you've served me for a hundred years. Merrick looks out at the trees nearby. So small. She looks about LOTHOS Look at you. .THE GUN Merrick holds it firm behind his back. I think you'll have a little more perspective. Lothos rushes suddenly at Merrick. Lothos growls. but: LOTHOS (continuing) Where is she? I can't wait to meet her. her for a weapon. holding Merrick's spurting corpse. involuntary noise escapes Buffy. MERRICK I don't think so. Merrick looks at Lothos. He laughs. stopping some twenty yards away. Buffy's eyes go wide. so full of fury. Merrick steps back. his feet just off the ground. You pathetic thing. finger on the trigger. hissing. afraid he will notice. He doesn't appear to have noticed the gun. and SHOOTS himself without hesitation in the head.BUFFY Approaching.

He looks at the blood on his fingers. daily break.. terrified and shocked. I don't know.JUST BEFORE DAWN Through the dark mist Buffy appears. looking out into the street. fading back into the dark. She is still wearing her cheerleader outfit. kingdom come. She does not stop. STREET (LATER) Pike is standing by the trees where Buffy stood before. GRAVEYARD . She is alone. he tastes CUT TO: EXT. A WOOD . She stands at the foot of the grave. Buffy is kneeling quietly by Merrick. . BUFFY Ummm. starest Buffy walks slowly. hallowed be Thy name. I don't even know if you're religious.MORNING On the outskirts of the graveyard. After a moment. LOTHOS Fool. it. Uhh. He spins and stares. Disgusted. carrying Merrick's body in her arms. CUT TO: EXT. CUT TO: EXT. our Father. before. PIKE'S POV The same angle as Buffy's. tries to think of a prayer. Listening. he lets him drop. holding his head in her lap. But you're dead. Who art in Heaven. Lothos turns back and looks at Merrick dead in his hands. Buffy finishes filling in Merrick's grave under an old tree. you know. at CAMERA.LOTHOS Even twenty yards away. duhmm.CLOSEUP . You probably are. Now Lothos is gone.. now caked with dirt. he hears. silently backward.

Didn't I say you'd be back? Ha. . He fires into the tire of a truck. ha! You're sitting in your old car saying 'Nope. ZEPH'S AUTO REPAIR . handmade wooden shaft. He places it in the crossbow. Zeph cracks up. popped it flat. it is the beginnings of a cartridge-load crossbow.. and rubs it with garlic.. Just like I told you. I'm never coming back. Zeph watches. ZEPH Hah.' Hee. Pike pays no attention to this babbling monologue.. looks down for a moment.. ha. BUFFY (continuing) ... and. You were the one who. didn't even look.DAY Pike is at work on a contraption. ZEPH (continuing) Hah! Shot the damn tire.You're just totally dead. Hee! Like you got anywhere to go.. behind him.. You're so stupid! How could you be so stupid? What am I supposed to do without you? You son of a bitch! She stops. and I don't know what to do. That's what I said. Built out of scraps and parts. ya bonehead. The tire pops flat. I'd knew you'd be back. slightly thicker than an arrow. Over the course of it he takes a slim. dumbass. 'I'm never coming back' But I knew you would. BUFFY (continuing) Amen. She sits heavily on his grave. take aim in front of him. I don't know if the training was over. CUT TO: INT. just going around shooting things. I don't even know if I passed. Birds got to return to the nest sooner or later.

They stop laughing. unloading and stacking hundreds of styrofoam cups.DAY We see a banner stretched across the central beam of the ceiling. What .Pike. or did I blink? NICOLE I'm. Jennifer crosses by them. KIMBERLY You were supposed to be here at three. KIMBERLY Oh. should I do with it? KIMBERLY ("you idiot") Throw it out. Nicole and Kimberly are stetting up the drinks table. JENNIFER I got all the plastic stuff. A half dozen inflatable globes dangle from the ceiling. Buffy. Jennifer crosses out as the two resume their conversation. They laugh. BUFFY I forgot. It reads "THE EARTH IS OUR HOME". BUFFY Hi. Jeffrey!' Way mental. JENNIFER Hi. yelling at her. like. NICOLE I really was way way too too. continues to work. CUT TO: INT. GYM . please! When she ran onto the field in the middle of the game? Was that the most out-of-it thing ever. looking cleaned-up but still ragged. 'What are you doing?' And she's going 'Jeffrey. Jennifer is the first to see Buffy walk in. guys. still not listening. carrying an armful of plastic wrappings and containers.

BUFFY Pike.. I met this guy -KIMBERLY Oh my God you're having an affair.KIMBERLY Buffy. people disappearing. people turning up dead. KIMBERLY/NICOLE Eeyuu.. BUFFY No. NICOLE You're having a fling with him? JENNIFER He doesn't look fifty. he's like fifty. a while ago.. This is an old guy. You see. it's too weird. That's what I wanted to tell you guys about. NICOLE What are you talking about? KIMBERLY Weird? You mean like you hanging out with that homeless. a lot's been going on. BUFFY Look. no.. I need to tell you. BUFFY . Poke? I saw you last night after the game. what is your sitch? You're acting like The Thing From Another Tax-Bracket. Haven't you guys noticed how weird things have gotten around here? Like. NICOLE Cool! JENNIFER Does Jeffrey know? BUFFY It's not that at all. Listen.

NICOLE Like you've got a grip. KIMBERLY Oh. KIMBERLY You're so out of it. It's a stupid dance with a bunch of stupid kids that I see every stupid day. NICOLE Except for Prom. KIMBERLY Okay. Guys! Reality pulled out of her five minutes ago. You've blown off cheerleading. The earth is BUFFY Kimberly. It happens ot be the last dance of our last year. thank you very much. just because you're having full-on wiggans doesn't mean you have to drag us into it. it's a dance. This isn't just any dance. you've blown off dance committee -BUFFY Excuse me for having something important to do. NICOLE So. JENNIFER And Spring Fling.Guys. NICOLE And the January Semi-formal -KIMBERLY . we're stupid now? KIMBERLY You know. KIMBERLY Right. KIMBERLY This isn't important? our home.

She stops. rinsing a glass for way too long. BUFFY Listen to you. honey? BUFFY (wanting to talk) Yeah? BUFFY'S MOM Have you gained a few pounds? it's that outfit. What language are you speaking? KIMBERLY Get out of my facial. we'll be back by twelve. NICOLE Well. with Jennifer. I really do. Her mother breezes THROUGH THE FRAME.. Buffy. She storms out. Maybe .Okay! Look. BUFFY Nicole. I think you ought to spend a little time prioritizing. stay away from the Jag... small amidst the streamers. BUFFY'S MOM Dinner's in the fridge. She also leaves. seems to notice something about Buffy. BUFFY'S KITCHEN . BUFFY'S MOM (continuing) Buffy. You want to play house with the unwashed masses.. staring. Buffy stands alone in the room. that's fine. But personally. I guess you got what you came for. CUT TO: INT.EVENING Buffy stands at the sink. NICOLE Later for it.

BUFFY Maybe. BUFFY'S MOM What's Bobby gonna say? BUFFY I don't know, Mom; I've never met Bobby. BUFFY'S MOM (laughs) Aren't we the chatty ones. noise. And she's out.


Buffy looks at her clothes, herself. CUT TO:

EXT. MALL PARKING LOT - NIGHT Pike drives slowly between the cars. He sees Buffy walking toward the mall. He pulls up by her, parks. Gets out of the car. PIKE Buffy, hey, I've been looking all over for you. Buffy doesn't stop. He paces her.

PIKE (continuing) I been working on some stuff for you. What'cha doing? BUFFY I'm going shopping. stop me.

Don't try to

PIKE Cool. I could actually use a couple of Allen wrenches. What do you need? BUFFY A dress. PIKE Dress, huh? What for? BUFFY

For the dance. PIKE Come again? BUFFY I'm going to the senior dance. PIKE (charades) Second word... sound like 'dance'. She stops. BUFFY I'm going to the dance. PIKE What for? BUFFY In order to dance and to drink punch and to be with my friends. Comprende? PIKE I don't believe this. The world's under attack by the legions of the undead and you're going to a mixer? BUFFY It's not a mixer. It's the senior dance. And it's important. You wouldn't understand. PIKE You got that right. I thought you wanted to kill vampires. BUFFY I don't want to kill anybody, and I don't want to talk about it anymore. PIKE Listen, I know you're bummed about your friend, and I'm really sorry... BUFFY (offhand, almost disdainful) He did what he was supposed to. PIKE But, Buffy, you're the guy, the

chosen guy. BUFFY Right. I'm the chosen one. choose to be shopping. PIKE I should have known. Buffy raises her fist at him; he starts back, involuntarily. BUFFY Leave me alone. PIKE Benny was right. You guys are all exactly the same. Buffy walks away, leaving Pike alone. PIKE (continuing; calls after her) I'm not disappointed, I'm just angry. As Pike walks off, the camera TILTS UP the lamp post behind them. Benny is perched upon it. BUFFY Buffy? CUT TO: INT. BOILER ROOM - NIGHT Vampires are gathered around. is beaming. Lothos stands with Benny. Benny

And I


LOTHOS Buffy... Lothos laughs, long and hard. CUT TO: INT. THE MALL - NIGHT Buffy looks at dresses, most of them fairly tight and fairly out there. She holds one in front of her, looks in a mirror. CUT TO: INT. ZEPH'S AUTO REPAIR - ANOTHER NIGHT

ANGLE . ANDY Looking tasty. are both wearing slinky little black dresses. They Buffy! . She passes Andy.NIGHT The party is underway. chatting. CUT TO: EXT.Pike sits. tables by the windows. who is moving away from Gary Murray. and a cross. Kids pour inside. it looks like. ANGLE .NIGHT Buffy lays her dress on the bed. We cannot see exactly what She stuffs some blood-stained clothes into a duffel bag along with some stakes. but very conservative for this crowd. There is a setup in one corner for taking prom pictures. Buffy enters the gym. as students enter. CUT TO: INT.BEDROOM . THE GYM . BUFFY'S HOUSE . it came with the tux. THE GYM . She is wearing a long white strapless gown. looking around her for Jeffrey. leading to the house (it's closed) and one leading outside. Couples dance. fiddling with his crossbow.J spins the tunes. on guard. Looks out the window. Gary Murray stands by the outside door. She tosses the bag in the closet. Every shade of black is represented. a D. CUT TO: INT.PROM NIGHT Dozens of limos pull up. discontented. Over her shoulder is a purse that goes with the dress. She enters hesitantly.PUNCH BOWL Nicole and Kimberly stand by the punch bowl. He is looking disdainfully at Andy and holding a flask he has confiscated. Laid out next to him we see wooden shafts.THE DOOR There are two: at one end. Streamers everywhere. It is lovely. ANDY Well. garlic. The kids are all very elegant and hip.

BUFFY Have you seen Jeffrey? But Andy has moved on. I thought he might be here. NICOLE It's amazing what you can do with a parachute and some starch. KIMBERLY I like your little outfit. BUFFY Oh. KIMBERLY As long as there's room for three in it. What. Nicole and Kimberly look at each other significantly. BUFFY Have you guys seen Jeffrey? The limo never showed.Thanks. sees Nicole and Kimberly. BUFFY (tries again) You look way pretty. KIMBERLY (miss sarcasm) Yeah. NICOLE Hi. good to see you. BUFFY (continuing) I'm glad you guys are here. Kim. guys. They stop whispering real quick. whoops I came. NICOLE I haven't seen him tonight. didn't you bring your . It's I know. Buffy works her way through the crowd to the punch bowl. BUFFY (continuing) Hi. She picks up a glass of punch.

new friends? Buffy is startled by this attack. BUFFY I guess you guys are mad at me. Buffy.who is practically hyperventilating. . I told you about all this. JEFFREY I'm here with Jenny. I've got needs. Buffy is shocked. When? JEFFREY Didn't you get my message? BUFFY You broke up with my machine? JEFFREY You weren't home. -. too. arm. Kimberly is in serious giggle. come on. checking it out. as everybody assesses the situation. I'm sorry. Jennifer is apoplectic with embarrassment. doing a slow fade to hurt. BUFFY No. I've got to move on. JEFFREY Oh. Like always. Nicole giggles. Nicole a bit more restrained. you didn't. Jeffrey is uncomfortable. You know what's going on. I mean. It's not working out at all. Jennifer is on his I -- She stops. BUFFY I don't understand. BUFFY (continuing) Jeffrey! There you are. JEFFREY Buffy. what are you doing here? BUFFY I thought we were meeting here. pulling at his arm like a dog on a leash. I've been really -Jeffrey suddenly appears between them.

She flees. Tears are forming in Buffy's eyes. looks toward the door. PIKE That's me. Finally she turns. Kimberly finds it all pretty funny. spilling bright red punch on Buffy's chest. she bumps into Buffy's arm.BUFFY You left me a message? JEFFREY I'm out of here. then without hesitation dumps some punch on his lapel. and in her haste to get away. as she wipes futilely at her dress. They leave the gym. He wears a leather jacket and baggy old tux pants. and does turn a few heads. PIKE Yeah. Jeffrey in tow. Pike picks up a glass of punch as he notices the stain on Buffy's dress. Nicole is silent. toward the wall. earring and unlaced Doc Martins. BUFFY I'm glad you came. A soft BALLAD come on over the SPEAKERS. PIKE I crashed your party. matching stains. He looks great. Jenny. He looks about him a bit. BUFFY Pretty shallow of you. He walks directly toward Buffy. walking in on his own. PIKE (continuing) Will I get the shit kicked out of me if I ask you to dance? BUFFY I don't actually think Jeffrey's . At the mention of her name Jenny jumps. you look like you're having a swell time. Buffy turns away. accented by chains. BUFFY'S POV Pike is there. Buffy smiles at him.

A couple of students run for the inner door but it is locked shut from the other side. vampires appearing all around. closer and closer... The window SHATTERS by her head. she watches Buffy dance disdainfully. a vampire's hand reaching for her. PIKE Yeah. help me! . well. BLOODY STUDENT They're out there! They're vampires! God.KIMBERLY Sitting by the window with her bovine date. whispers almost weakly in his ear. not too close. you're the one I'm afraid of. BUFFY Yes. KIMBERLY I can't believe it. ANGLE .OUTER DOOR A STUDENT runs staggering in. We see couples dancing. They dance for a while. ANGLE . Gradually the party stops as everybody becomes aware of the situation.gonna notice. They vaguely herd to the middle of the room. Gary Murray watching them. holds him. assessing the situation. starts back. you're not like the other girls.BUFFY AND PIKE Looking around. gee-whizzically) You know. kissing. I am. Other windows shatter. They begin slow dancing. Buffy pulls him closer. She screams. ANGLE . PIKE (continuing. blood spurting from his neck.

Then one of the students starts toward the body. checking the lifeless body and listening as a number of figures begin to lumber toward the door through the mist. Buffy steps back as three 17-year-old vampire come to the door. You wanna dance? PIKE (to Buffy) Looks like you're busted. Nobody moves for a second. BUFFY The first thing we should -1ST VAMPIRE Buffy. 1ST VAMPIRE Send . They can't come in unless they're invited. her out. a few feet in front of the doorway. 2ND VAMPIRE We want her! We want Buffy. hair spray.. 1ST VAMPIRE It's party time. ANGLE . Buffy does instead. She fits the stakes in. hands them to Buffy.He falls to the ground. defensively) They're seniors! Pike reaches into an inner pocket and pulls out a number of small stakes he has made. BUFFY Don't worry! They can't come in here. KIMBERLY (continuing. She opens her purse. BUFFY Don't go near the door.INSIDE THE PURSE Cosmetics. KIMBERLY I already invited them. Everyone looks at her.. etc.

Andy intervenes. BUFFY What? KIMBERLY They'll kill us! She's the one they're mad at. are you kidding? kill her! KIMBERLY They'll kill us! PIKE (moving toward Kimberly. Pike crosses to his bag. Trains it on the others. SENIOR GIRL Send her out.Or we come in. Two guys move toward Buffy. (to Buffy) What's going on? PIKE Looks bad. sitting by the door. holding his custom made cartridge-load crossbow. Pike looks out the window. They fade back. But other students have picked up the cry. GARY MURRAY All right. They quiet down. More are gathering. Buffy. I'm not afraid to use them. fist raised) You want some punch? GARY MURRAY I got detention slips here.. SENIOR BOY Send her out! Yeah! GARY MURRAY Everybody be quiet! ANDY What. everybody stay calm. PIKE They'll . almost out of sight. Pike steps in front of Buffy.. are clamoring to sacrifice Buffy.

She looks out the door. bag. angry. Buffy? There's a hundred of them out there. They'll rip us apart. this is crazy. moves off. begins to rip the hem of her dress. Andy looks at her a moment. Buffy stands up. She kisses Pike very hard on the lips. Her friends. starts pulling out stakes. or something. PIKE You say that like it's a bad thing. Buffy goes to Pike's BUFFY (continuing) Good thing one of us was prepared. there's no way you're going out there alone. Buffy looks at the partygoers. She kneels down. PIKE Buffy. BUFFY Don't piss me off. PIKE Are you nuts. start breaking up some chairs. BUFFY I'm going out the front. CUT TO: . ANDY Buffy. scared. If they don't this place is gonna turn into a total stain. They stare back at her. (before he can speak) Some of them might not come after me. Back at her friends. You'll need weapons.There's gotta be a back way out of here. guys want? What do these BUFFY Andy. BUFFY You're staying here.

In one hand she holds his crossbow. Screaming. Her torn dress now comes to just above her knees.EXT. CUT TO: INT. They circle her. The door shuts behind her. apprehensive.SAME TIME PIKE Yes! Others are watching as well. punches. and the . She waits. THE GYM . some vacant. in her other hand is a cross. CUT TO: EXT. searing the inner circle. She sprays it all around. they clutch their faces. THE GYM .SAME TIME Buffy is defending herself in an astounding blur of gymnastics and martial arts. A figure appears in the doorway. hands some to Pike. Pike looks out the window after Buffy.SAME TIME The vampires move closer and closer. She wears Pike's leather jacket over it. OUTSIDE THE GYM . THE GYM . throwing kicks. CUT TO: INT. swirling about the feet of the undead who stand clustered about it. They wait. the vampires slowly begin to close around her. half-conscious with bloodlust. walking slowly out. Leaping. Andy comes up with some chairmade stakes. Some have keen and eager expressions. move. As she steps further away from the doorway.SAME TIME Kimberly and some of the others are anxiously barricading the door.NIGHT We see the doorway to the gym. She wears her purse strapped across her chest under the jacket. A mist has risen around the entire house. When they are about eight feet from her she whips out a bottle of Perrier. CUT TO: EXT. THE GYM . PIKE (to himself) Come on. Buffy.

He looks one last time outside. CUT TO: EXT. CUT TO: INT. CAMPUS LAWN . CUT TO: INT. grinning hugely. she manages to scatter them enough to make a run for it. GARY MURRAY Let's get away from these windows! Find something to cover them with.SAME TIME Everyone is watching through the windows as the vampires follow after Buffy. THE GYM . THE GYM .SAME TIME . KIMBERLY I think they're going It's okay! after her! CUT TO: EXT. Andy and some others drag a table forward. THE GYM . then covers it up. NICOLE There's nails and stuff we used to put everything up.odd stake.SAME TIME Almost as if it heard that. Pike helps hoist it up against the window. PIKE Get 'em. Students start mobilizing.SAME TIME PIKE (to Kimberly) I'll bet you feel stupid. PIKE Bring round the table. It and at least half the others turn back toward the easy pickings inside. one of the vampires turns toward the gym.

Close behind are the undead.CAR Jeffrey and Jennifer are in the back of his parked BMW. making heated. ANGLE . Buffy zooms IN and OUT OF the FRAME behind the car. BUFFY (pissed) That was quick! (looking up) Oops! She books out again.SAME TIME Jeffrey looks up and out the window. JEFFREY Buffy? JENNIFER (whining) Jeffrey! JEFFREY'S POV Vampires swarm about the car in pursuit of Buffy. Jeffrey goes wide-eyed at the sight. JENNIFER Yes! JEFFREY Oh. We can see them through the window. JEFFREY'S CAR . After a second she walks back INTO the FRAME. the horde on her heels. She passes a line of parked cars. staring at the two of them. clumsy love.Buffy runs. CUT TO: INT. She heads toward the nearby cluster of school buildings. Jennifer and into the driver's seat. yes! Make me a As they are spouting this nonsense. baby! JENNIFER Make me a woman! Yes! woman! Oh. JEFFREY Starts climbing off .

the vampire grabs Nicole instead. CUT TO: INT. A vampire crawling in is spiked by Pike. and they swarm over her. Another makes it in and is smashed on the head repeatedly by Andy. PIKE Stab them in the heart! The heart! Andy manages to shove the two-by-four in its heart just as it gets its fingers around his throat. A student pounding in nails is caught. Are you done? JENNIFER No -JEFFREY Okay. THE CAR . Suddenly. fights it off but doesn't kill it. she is almost out the window before Kimberly can react. It staggers. pulled out the window. CUT TO: INT. and all Kim can do is scream.SAME TIME Windows and the boards covering them begin to smash inward.SAME TIME The car roars off. She shoots the last crossbow shaft at it. Andy and Pike make it to the window too late. let's go. JENNIFER But -CUT TO: EXT. starts pulling the vampire's hands off her. THE GYM . Shucks the bow away as another reaches her. One of them has hold of her. Off balance. and turns toward him. starts pulling her out the window. TUNNELS . I'm done. CUT TO: .SAME TIME A vampire catches up to Buffy. Kimberly screams.(terrified) Well. Nicole runs to her. smilingly. Moves on as more approach. Nicole is pulled out. She wrestles with it.

THE RECORD PLAYER A junior vampire has snuck behind it and is going through the records. THE GYM . CUT TO: EXT. A few vampires are about to follow Buffy into the building when a hand is suddenly raised before them. another vampire grabs Kimberly and starts dancing with her. Runs inside. The door is locked. ANGLE . CUT TO: INT. It is Amilyn. He stops. stopping the. Hearing the music. He smiles at the other vampires. lending it a surreal and dreamy quality. THE GYM . She screams a lot. Pike? Isn't it great? Finally got those bitches on the run. Pike turns from the dying vampire and is face to face with Benny. MUSIC: "Teen Angel". Shhhh... some twenty of them. or two have gotten in. finding one he likes. Pike is frozen for a moment. OUTSIDE SCHOOL BUILDING . sends him flying . are several feet behind her. "Teen Angel" has been replaced by some hard rock.CLOSEUP ON A TABLE . and raises his fingers to his lips.SAME TIME Pike is slammed down onto it. The vampires One She smashes it in with her shoulder. He hoists Pike up and backhands him in the jaw.SAME TIME Students are still holding most of them at the windows. and starts to put it on..SAME TIME Buffy approaches the nearest building to the gym. It wafts over the carnage in the gym. Slowly they start fading back.INT. BENNY Isn't this great. It's about to plant one on her neck when Pike stabs it in the back. Benny's face inches from his.

Blood trickles down his forehead. holding a board against a window as vampires pound on it. arms enough to draw blood.against a wall. no longer smiling. He expresses confusion and dismay when his image does not come out in the photo. the stubs of its broken legs sticking up at the ceiling. Benny grabs him with hateful force. who is approaching him.THE PHOTO SETUP A vampire is clutching a helpless girl as another vampire takes their picture with an Instamatic. ANGLE . BENNY (continuing) I was gonna change you. yells in her face. Pike shakes his head as Benny comes at him again. raining glass on his head. turns back to Pike. never get busted. yelling orders at student. man. and look who you're hanging out with! He turns suddenly and grabs a girl. Pike is getting shakily to his feet. The exposed part of the window above him shatters.ANOTHER WINDOW Gary Murray. BENNY (continuing) I don't want girls with good taste. I want a girl that tastes good! She faints and he drops her. Never get kicked around. passes an overturned table. ANGLE . His fingers dig into Pike's Pike BENNY (continuing) It means never having to say you're . BENNY Never die. I was gonna give you life! Do you know what that means? ANGLE . BENNY (continuing) Of course I'm angry! I leave you alone for five minutes.PIKE AND BENNY Pike is backing away from Benny.

sorry! And you blow it all off for that slut?! What about my needs?! Pike suddenly grabs Benny, holds him tightly in a brotherly embrace. Benny is thrown slightly by this. Still holding him, Pike pitches onto the table, driving the leg-shard through Benny's back. Pike still holds Benny as he twitches and screams, dying. Finally, he lets go, gets up. He looks a little dazed, a little lost. A window shattering far behind him pulls his eyes back into focus, and he goes to help. ANGLE - KIMBERLY Sitting by a wall, tiny and silent amid the carnage. CUT TO: INT. HALL - SAME TIME Buffy moves quickly along, crouching near a window and peering out. Nothing. She looks about her, waiting for an attack. She checks her purse. ANGLE - BUFFY'S PURSE Cosmetics and hair spray. A small cross. No stakes left.

Muttering under her breath, she moves swiftly into a classroom. CUT TO: INT. CLASSROOM - SAME TIME Still moving cautiously, she heads for the window and pulls down the shade. She crouches behind the teacher's desk and pulls the chair down to her, laying it on its side. BENNY (cattily, to herself) 'Ooh, make me a woman, Jeffrey... oh, Jeffrey, you're so atheletical... I love you...' She slams her elbow down on the chair leg -- very controlled, efficient motion -- and snaps it off. Looks around to see if anyone is around to hear as she picks up the leg, now a weapon. She goes softly to the door, peers cautiously out. CLOSEUP - BUFFY

Looking out. looking out.

Amilyn's face appears right next to her, also

AMILYN All clear? Buffy screams, turns, and Amilyn decks her, sends her flying back into the classroom. The stake flies out of her hand. It lands on a desk by the window. Buffy does not land nearly as well, crashing into a pile of desks and twisting her leg badly. Amilyn laughs repulsively, advancing. AMILYN Pleased to meet you! guess my -(kicks her hard) -- name?

Won't you

BUFFY (defiantly, through the pain) It wouldn't be 'Dick,' would it? He kicks her again. BUFFY (continuing) 'Lefty'? AMILYN You're a fool, bloodbag. fool and go to hell!

Die a

He grabs her by the neck with his one arm and pins her against the wall in the corner. She reaches for the stake but it is just out of reach. He is squeezing the life out of her, his face inches from hers. AMILYN (continuing) The chosen one. You're just another bloodbag -- not even fit to die for the Master. When will you ever learn? Buffy looks about for succor. ANGLE - THE WINDOW SHADE Buffy eyes the bottom of the shade, the pull dangling aimlessly.

BUFFY (with difficulty) I do know... one thing... AMILYN What? BUFFY I know... what time sunrise is. She pulls down hard on the shade pull and lets go. AMILYN No! He turns in horror, letting go of Buffy, trying to catch the shade. The instant he releases her, Buffy grabs the stake and in one swift motion, buries it in Amilyn's back. The shade goes up, flapping loudly as it spins. It is still pitch black out. Amilyn stare, wide-eyed and silent, at the night as he dies. BUFFY It's in about four hours, Dick. Amilyn spins, dying rage in his eyes. He grabs her. His strength is formidable even as his body begins to smoke. Suddenly screaming, he forces her over suddenly with such power that the two of them go crashing through the floorboards. CUT TO: INT. LOTHOS' CHAMBER - SAME TIME The two of them fall through the ceiling directly into the blood pool. Amilyn's body surfaces first, now just a husk. Buffy pops up from the waist-deep blood, soaked and wounded. She stays a moment, breathing hard. Suddenly her eyes go wide. BUFFY Oh, god, no... not yet... Lothos rises from the pool, smiling. by fear. LOTHOS I knew you'd come. Buffy is clearly paralyzed

I'll pull out your tongue for that. He was careless. grabbing her by the hair and throwing her to the ground.. LOTHOS' CHAMBER . turning to run. dreaming. always. She grabs at the stake in what remains of Amilyn's chest. I have lived in the shadows. away from him. waiting to feed me. Lightning quick. Buffy is suddenly galvanized into action. Lothos closes his hand around her and squeezes till the stake splinters and she screams with pain. . BUFFY (breaking the spell) Have you ever thrown up in the front row of a Richard Marx concert? LOTHOS What? And she is up. didn't you? All your life. A thousand years. not a single breath. my fool is dead. I have conversed with the worms that fed on my corpse and I have bathed in the blood of emperors. but it is hard enough for her to make her way through the thick gore.THE BOILER ROOM . and his face darkens. Lothos contemplates Amilyn's corpse. She throws a few punches at Lothos. and more. She starts moving backward. but he takes them without flinching.SAME TIME But he is on her the moment she emerges from the chamber.He moves toward her. in the pulsing filth behind men's eyes. LOTHOS (continuing) Ah.. too. (coming toward her) Don't you understand? I've killed you a dozen times. He knocks her back on her ass. Still. He is thrown momentarily by CUT TO: INT. LOTHOS (continuing) You knew it. Your life is not a blink of my eye. her insolence.

Hey. CUT TO: INT. letting her go and backing up. then grabs it. LOTHOS This? This is you only weapon? Your puny faith? BUFFY No. BUFFY . BUFFY (continuing) . a gesture both lustful and disdainful.. She pulls out a small cross.. holds it in front of him.HALL . The cross bursts into flame. his head is on fire! Buffy turns and hobbles away. He kneels over her prostrate body.. head all aflame. CUT TO: INT. till he finally pitches into the pool. LOTHOS' CHAMBER . LOTHOS' CHAMBER . That is a sin. BUFFY I think you've forgotten something.. my keen fashion sense. She squeezes it at him. He screams. his hand around her. the spray catching fire form the cross and whooshes a jet of flame right into his face.LOTHOS You waste time.SAME TIME Lothos stumbles about. With her other hand. LOTHOS (continuing) You're even weaker than the others. He runs his hand along her body. He holds her hand onto it. Buffy holds up her hair spray. moving as fast as she can. He snarls at it.SAME TIME Buffy comes out of the boiler room and hobbles along. She is reaching frantically into her purse.

KIMBERLY Don't let her in! Don't let her in! Pike and the others see her.SAME TIME We TRACK rapidly through the cave. that we are almost surprised when it screams! CUT TO: INT. through the boiler room. GYM . It is so inhuman looking. Buffy is still working on the heavy metal door. CUT TO: INT. LOTHOS' CHAMBER . Pike and Andy run to her to help. wide-eyed. We're moving much too fast to be running. BUFFY Oops. CUT TO: INT. KIMBERLY (continuing) They'll kill us! Get her out! Gary Murray stops in front of Kimberly. For a moment there is silence.LOTHOS' POV .Authorized Personnel Only".CLOSEUP ON LOTHOS . Everything stops. at the SOUND. LOTHOS' CHAMBER . takes her face in his . Puts her shoulder to it.SAME TIME The SCREAM fills the hall.SAME TIME As he pulls himself out of the pool.This is the suckiest party I have ever been to. It's not even a contest.HALL . LOTHOS' CHAMBER . She reaches a locked door that says "Gymnasium -. She turns. It is charred and torn almost beyond recognition. Buffy gets shakily up.SAME TIME Buffy pulls herself up through a trap door in the corner. we are treated to a good look at his new head. CUT TO: INT. the hall.

racing toward her. as Lothos grabs him by the face without even looking at him. ugly and crazed. There is nothing wooden. Buffy looks. his feet just skimming the ground.. LOTHOS (continuing. drop. PIKE Are you okay? BUFFY Get away from me! She pushes them away. palm at his chest. inside it is a plastic pen case with pens and pencils within. nothing sharp.hand and lightly pops the back of her head against the wall. Lothos crashes through the trap door behind her. which opens. to Buffy) I'll rip the flesh from your stinking bones! Squeeze Andy's head until we hear something crack. Pike tries to stop him. by this time. like Superman stopping a train. within reach. LOTHOS (continuing) I am a God! A God! BUFFY I am so sure. She thrusts her palm forward and stops him. Cross-eyed. She props herself up as best she can. like shit. she slides back down into comatic silence. She hits a locker. on her feet in a flash. Lothos roars. He picks her up. Furious. cold. The binder falls open. spilling out someone's notebook. he charges Buffy. floating a good two feet off the ground.. but is too late. violently fast. LOTHOS (continuing) You would challenge me? Andy charges Lothos from behind. looks about her. Lets him . upon her. one quick motion. Looks around at the cowed students. She spins. LOTHOS You bitch! He hurls her the length of the room.

staring at Buffy. stricken. running out after a vampire. Silence. night. Survivors say some . hurt.. as much as I had imagined. the gym. Buffy looks directly into his eyes. It was at the Senior Prom five days ago that the school was beset by a roving gang of crackcrazed gunmen. REPORTER (V.. He gets up.) The death toll now reaches twelve and a half in the tragedy of Hemery High School. Turns and walks out. Lothos stops.. One by one the vampires. slip out into the ANGLE . as he looks down at his chest. Everybody is looking at Buffy.EARLY MORNING We see the direct aftermath. and walks toward what's left of Lothos. The expression on his horrible face seems to have changed to one almost of respect. GARY MURRAY Just a minute.Silence.O. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. people helping the wounded. almost wide-eyed. warily keeping his eye on the spot.PIKE Kneeling by Andy's body. He steps back. He's dust before he hits it. THE SCHOOL . you! I'm not finished with you! Pike kneels by the pile of dust with a pencil in it. She stares back at the students who cast her out. police cars. and a #2. Her look is unfathomable. LOTHOS It doesn't. Over this is the voice of a reporter. graciously.. Sticking out of the middle of his chest is a small eraser. Lothos smiles. the mad rictus of his face. In the background we see Gary Murray. Pike follows her. He falls gently to the ground.

Said one administrator. mean it. CAMPUS . CUT TO: INT.DAY Students window shopping. JENNIFER She was even crazier after that. falling asleep. KIMBERLY'S BACKYARD . All year. Kimberly wrinkles her nose in distaste. EXT.DAY Students walk. you wouldn't even have recognized her. Jennifer and a boy and girl we don't know. laughing. the blue water FILLING THE SCREEN. JENNIFER She didn't even hardly talk to anyone in school. comes up on the other side. with fluorescent zinc on their noses. 'Things here will never be the same.two hundred of the ruffians laid the school gym under a kind of siege. claiming several lives in the process. She didn't even go to the prom. DISSOLVE TO: ANGLE . CUT TO: INT. Kimberly dives gracefully into it.DAY Kim climbs out and joins Jeffrey. JEFFREY I .DAY Students passing notes. yawning. holding their books talking. They are all in bathing gear. sucking on slurpies. KIMBERLY Buffy? Jennifer nods. THE CLASSROOMS . THE MALL .A POOL SHOT FROM ABOVE.' CUT TO: EXT.

Skirt and sneakers. We just have to check it out. boss. I just thought maybe we should wait. It is to vomit. A COURTYARD . I mean. Pike. but disarming.her parents were gonna send her to the Bahamas for graduation. We can't really tell where they are. Buffy leads the way. and she refused. She turns to . Jennifer glares at him.I heard she got straight A's. JEFFREY (continuing) That's what I heard. BUFFY Don't be such a fraidy-cat. PIKE I didn't say it was a bad idea. BUFFY We've come all this way. cool. BOY Well. PIKE Who's afraid? Besides me. She is confident. elaborately carved door.this is true -. at ease. Casual. KIMBERLY The worst is.LATE EVENING Buffy and Pike are walking up the elaborate stone drive toward us. She carries a knapsack. She wears a large old sports jacket. where is she now? CUT TO: EXT. a baseball cap pulled backward. I got a hunch. hills in the background. but there are trees. We could maybe wait till later. She said she didn't want to go. I just said the timing was off. Buffy stops at a large. her parents -. PIKE You're the boss. True story.

Standing lonely on the craggy hill. terrifying. THE END . Archetypal. ANGLE . drenched in the light of the rising moon. ringed through a gargoyle's mouth. BLACK OUT.THE CASTLE The castle. And on the boom of the knocker.BUFFY Trust me.DOOR KNOCKER Buffy grabs the large metal knocker. turreted. we see: WIDER ANGLE .

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