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Arch 5009 Architectural Project 5 Fa Wi Su YR _____

Interim Submission Part2.2 – Prelim Const. Set w. Floor Plans + Elevs. +++

As prepared and agreed upon within the Parts Contract. Submission #4 - Part 2.2 will be due:
Per FOL at Class 1 during Week 13.
Submission of Part 2.2 includes a full progression set of all Final drawings requirements. The
requirements of the interim set will be review for progression towards “permit / pricing”
considerations for the Final Completed Construction Set, including all its parts. All “in progress”
construction plans will be plotted as reductions and will be submitted in two formats. Printed
sheet reductions of full size Arch D sheets (36x24”) will be provided on “reduced 11x17” sheets
for all construction project drawing requirements. The preliminary construction set printout will
include all plans (Floors, Arch’l Site, Site Engineering), details, sections and elevations. Refer to
the preliminary construction list provided at the beginning of ARCH 5009 (See FOL). An
electronic submission of all drawing files will be submitted to the appropriate FOL Dropbox by the
deadline as well.

Advancement of any previous interim submission is expected for the Part 2.2 submission.

Specific submission Guidelines for the floor plans are as follows. Inclusion of all, but not limited to
the information presented below. All items should be shown on the appropriate plans according
to the directions provided in the course lectures and by discipline of plan:

1. Construction FLOOR PLAN (S) DRAWINGS Requirements:

1. Plans Required - Clarified

i. M000 + L000 – Basement Fl Pl w. Mech Included Cut 48” A.F.FL L000

ii. L100 – Entry Level Plan [Partials] @ BA / SA
iii. L200 – 2nd Floor Plan Cut 48” A.F.Flr
iv. L300 – 3rd Floor Plan Cut 48” A.F.Flr
v. L400 – Penthouse Floor Plan full with Roof Cut 48” A.F.Flr

2. Elevations Required

i. Elevations (2) per sheet, From Footing through upper most parapets

3. All other Plans, Sections and Details

with upgrading where required per evaluations