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Filing and Security V

Primary Case: 80-LA-240337 Case Title: (U) MEDIA RELATIONS

Serial Number: 732

Serialized: 10/31/2008

Initiated: 07/31/2012

Details V

Serial #: 732 Type: EC



Approval Date: 10/31/2008

Classification: U


Precedence: ROUTINE Date: 10/31/2008

To: Los Angeles

From: Los Angeles

CT Division
Contact: SAC Steven L. Gomez,|:| b6

Approved By: Gomez Steven L

Drafted By: Gomez Steven L

Case ID #: 188A-LA-224327 (Pending)

80F—LA-228393 (Pending)
80-LA-A239988 (Pending)
80-LA-C239992 (Pending)



10f5 2/11/2019 8:28 AM



Synopsis: Listing of SAC Gomez's liaison meetings, speech

events, community outreach efforts, and management activities for
October 2008.

Details: This communication details SAC Gomez's liaison

meetings, speech events, community outreach efforts, and
management activities for October 2008.


On 10/01/2008, SAC Gomez visited the Ventura RA and met

with Ventura CT personnel and local officials from the law
enforcement community.

On 10/02/2008, SAC Gomez visited the Santa Maria RA and

met with Santa Maria CT personnel. SAC Gomez and CT SAI:I b6
met with the Central Coast Terrorism Working Group,
Santa Maria.

On 10/03/2008, SAC Gomez hosted the CT Case

Coordination Meeting with the CT/FBILA staff and officials from
various law enforcement agencies in LAHQ.

On 10/03/2008 and 10/09/2008, SAC Gomez and the staff

met with cast members of the FBI-related film "Unthinkable" to
lend authenticity to their film.

On 10/06/2008, SAC Gomez participated in a Press

Conference which related to ERT body recovery assistance to the
LAPD (body recovery of Roger Dale Madison) in Ventura County. In
summary, the following matters were discussed at the Press
Conference: Introduction and our role in and support of LAPD's
efforts; ERT and its mission; identification, collect, and
preserve; support law enforcement partners; 40 employees;
specially trained/equipped for evidence collection as
introduction in court; today's ERT trained in human remains
recovery, photo and explosives, and crime scene processing;
trained for outdoor crime scenes; time/manner of death, identify
victim; ERT deals with large, complicated scenes or S/W in
various jurisdictions; we are committed to assisting our partners
in this investigation.

On 10/08/2008, SAC Gomez met with AUSPl:| b6

regarding FBI-USAO investigations at the U. S. Attorney's Office.

On 10/08/2008, SAC Gomez attended an official screening

of a law enforcement feature film at Warner Bros. Studios,

On 10/09/2008, SAC Gomez attended the LAPD's First

Planning Meeting regarding the 2009 Intelligence Conference at
the Police Department, chaired by Deputy Chie b6
Los Angeles.

20f5 2/11/2019 8:28 AM

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Wing and gums? V

primary fiam: §L1A323f¢ Came ‘F‘étisa: {LS‘ MES ANfiELE-IS

Swim mémber: 43;:

Sfirésmzed: "39"‘0‘95336

S'nitiafsat’i: QSH‘NZS‘EQ

meme; W

Sefiai 22?: 4363 Tygm: EC

m: L053. “xNGELz’c Tm: LOZ‘‘x‘NKZ‘Ef-Ei.fE-ES

Qaaumaz‘st ‘f‘itise: ANN; CH“ 53 RC SOMEE’S UNSON MEETENSS, SPEECH

Agfirsvm Saks; 853133308



Pssixxasdésna2a: RERWENE Sam: 18,53132068

Camaaj: 'AC 3§evs=n L~ Gmneal:l b6

Approved {ax-g: {I‘scm‘iez Steven L.

{Emma 8y: {jfliTiéfii view 3.»

Case i=2} #: “SSSALAQMEE? {Feming}

oCFLAzQSSQ {Pésm'imgg}
;> '0
38- LEN-fix .GSé‘Qufi {Pimct'ing}
SG~LA~CZ3Q§E2 fiendmg)




: {11191151353 {11‘ SAC {Emma‘s {@3911 Thiefif‘ééi'IQSk, 52513-51311

111111311111: 3231:1523 :1“. 81611111, 22:11 11131131333331" 5:21.:

33113 331:3 1111111111 unicaissri céeiafis SAC ”1.0121821 iiaésm‘:

meesztéms, smash events. son‘mmnéi‘: msis‘each eficn‘s‘z. 311:1

\ \ ~ .
‘§€:ii)2.»"2<.‘}{}:3, 1,!12‘3 {31111183 155233313 {he ‘ .: 1-1-3115: RA and
312-31t 33111121 Maria {37? persmmaii 53,5132 1:11:22: 111113 (I? 33:31: b6
{1193i thie- 1313511511 ($01181 Tiarr‘fltxm kfingg Gregg
‘» 1-. < ~
3.131413 P11321121.

3‘ «xv-«1".» -.\\ \ .. ..
\JS :{u’bfifaufig‘ hfi-‘si; {150333c i". ‘-

{Iwrtfimtéw Meetmg wfih me {3' 1111:3311

wasimsss ism esnfmaxefiifiufi agxaehcéas; m LN-EQ

831‘. ‘1'121- ‘ , '"'- ' I: 1; . ~ 3110' she si’zsfi‘

' "Li:11§,in§{8hi13" 11.1

{3‘11 1i};'{}ESi2{EC§-E~L SN: 33:11:32: nasréécépaiad m a §3ffi$$

{Zimmerenca 11:3‘1'1Ci1 remeu' 1:: E2}??? Lind}: {mg-11:31:; 355351211112»: {c.1113
- \
1 {3301“ :§:t::2s:§ss1: m Rage: {331 91112393155113} érz‘xiamma {3:323:11}: in
smmnmw. {he wwwéng matters: wens msmsse‘c} a§1t1e~~resss
' ' 1:111 :1" LAP ‘e‘s

‘e; supggfi aw gums-”413311391parkwers. xii? 12113110112533.

83:12:83}; {refine-11.533123113131911" 1‘11: aaviajemma «zefieaa31ézm 2:11
1‘s11r‘Cé-fizrfiis1n its 1:11-1:11; {misay‘zs Ea??? trained in human rama‘ms
.GESW‘EBfi i=3: 31d mime? 1133:1115 prasmsseisug;
marine: :5? (5:33:11. 1138112113,:
wig-x1111: ER? fizz-3R; 1111?: 1111" 3 wmgficafad :zzfies :1: 81.911111

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11': Ms ismssitk.51 mien.

On "311553152032 SAC Camel swat with 1311553211: b6

. 11; 1.1. M 1,
i351 EL~'Q&;£(§E}8\ am, 13:11:. -.
Sawing ?1-“:13€3§:‘f3§ i“3i“=afdi.. "‘5 imeiiigefficfié Canifisesnc; 511
511311»; {3mm b6

September 24, 2008


Senator Films
9000 Sunset Boulevard, 16th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069


- This letter is to acknowledge in—depth discussions the FBI has had withl:|of
_”ChubbCo Film Co. regarding the motion picture Unthigkqgle. We understand the movie is"about the
SOUS. Government's attempt, through torture, to stop a terrorist from unleashing four nuclear bombs in
cities across the country. as inquired whether the production team may visit FBI facilities,
receive assistance with props and costumes, engage in consultations with current FBI personnel, and b6
use the FBI Seal in the motion picture.

Accord'n l the FBI’s Office of Public Affairs has reviewed the script and has had numerous
exchanges wit land the IBoth gentleman have agreed to
address concerns regarding the FBI 5 posrtion on torture and the protection of civil, rights.

The FBI will support this production, to the extent possible given its ongoing investigative and
operational demands, assuming heretofore promised changes to .the script have been addressed.

The FBI plans to provide access to the FBI Los Angeles Field Office and meetings with FBI Los
Angeles personnel to necessary production personnel and crew within acceptable limits and guidelines
and subject to the availability and schedule of appropriate FBI personnel. Additionally the FBI will
. make available for purchase certain official FBI apparel, mementos and desk supplies to facilitate
realistic props, set decoration and costumes.

In exchange, and as discussed, the production team will respect the FBI's culture, our g
commitment to upholding the Constitution and civil rights, and our efforts to eliminate weapons of
mass destruction by incorporating the recommendations previously agreed to by e—mail and phone

I ask that you work with me and|:|in the Investigative Publicity and Public Affairs b6
Unit in Washin ton DC. for all approvals, and coordinate Los Angeles activity with Supervisory
Special Agentl:lin our Los Angeles Division. , 7 .. . ,

33 We believe that this movie will depict a loyal, well—respected and hard working female Special
on Ag t and a dedicated FBI workforce supporting her along the way and we are looking forward to
“N WW0 'ng together. .. . . .
bi Please note that when your staff designs hand props to be carried by actors portraying
FBI Special Agents, you must not replicate the FBI badge or credentials and any depiction
of such must not be confused with actual badges or credentials.

1 _| I .3 b6
AD-LES_._ ' '
sst.Dir.:.__ 1 _ F116
Adm. Serv.
Cmerrorism__ .
Crim. lnv.__
Cyberm w' . .’ . ' ‘
Info. Res.
lnv. Tech.
Off. ofCong. Affs._
Off. of the Gen.
Conn. .
Off. of Intel]. -
orr. Pub. Affair” H b6
Off. of Prof. Resp. _
Rec. Mgmt. Z6 ' {’D
Security_._ ‘ . r
Training ‘ ,Ai‘j/ /V/\
ff; of E5967: . MAIL ROOM
I:l2 be

Regarding use of the FBI Seal, I am pleased to inform you that the FBI name and Seal may
be used in your sets. This letter may serve as our formal permission. The authorization to use the
FBI Seal in your set decorations is valid only for the movie described above, and includes domestic
and foreign distribution in all media known and unknown in perpetuity. It will be necessary for you
to request permission to use the FBI Sea] in other endeavors. As well, the FBI Seal may not be used
in advertising or promotion; such use would be a violation of the federal statutes and regulations
prohibiting its commercial exploitation.

Your interest in an accurate portrayal of the FBI is greatly appreciated. If you have any
questions, please telephone me atI | b6

Sincerely yours,

nit 1e
Investigative Publicity and Public Affairs Unit
Office of Public Affairs

As we discussed, We coordinated our meetings with SKE throughl

this morning and he is going to be out of the picture for a few daysl be
As such, is taking the lead on organizing this Baltimore trip for the production and
should be used as your POC to to schedule a day/time next week to meet you at the field office.

Office of Public and Congressional Affairs
FBI Los Anoeles b6
office '
(310) 996-3345 fax
| |
—————Oriqinal Messaqe-----
From] I
Ser t: Monday, December 18, 2006 4:59 PM
Subject: 'Unthinkable' from: at SKE

As per your conversation with|:|last week, he has asked I send you a copy of latest draft of
‘Unthinkable.’ He looks fon/vard to your comments.

Please let me know if you would prefer a hard copy mailed to you.



Office of 1:6
9460 Wil51ire Blvd., Ste. 500
Beverl Hills CA 90212
Ph:| I/ Fax:| I
I had an assignment to assist this roup last fall, along with|:|on the first draft of their
script. With my knowledge,|:|met with them and helped them smooth out some details. I
then closed the assignment out for me.
Sidne Kimmel Entertainment now is ready to move toward, and the attached is the latest draft
|:y_|has of the script. The script is 120 pages; load paper!

In this e-mail,|:|is notifying Media Rep I:Iof Baltimore of plans by SKE

people to come to Baltimore as soon as next week to talk since the movie would be filmed there
in part, or at least based there. Sort of like Lakeshore and Portland on “Untraceable.”

Please O&A this to yourself, due 9/28/07. I do not know when any filming will be done, but you
will coordinate things from the CPA perspective.

Please callI |(i dealt with him before on this), let them know
you will be the CPA contact, assist as needed, work with as needed, do the release
letter. At this time, I do not think you necessarily need to go to FBI Baltimore unless
would like you to be there as well. Offer.

-----on in lM
From a i
Sent: Thursday, March 01 2007 3:21 PM MM
Subject: FW: 'Unthinkable' from at SKE

Good talking to you over the pho and thank you for entertai in the request for an office visit
and meeting with the folks fromfine ' l Entertainme Attached is a copy of the
scriptf " nthinkable". We've met with them twice, and the writer is hard at work making
changes t reflect our commitment and integrity with respect to the oath we took to uphold and
defend the Constitution and civil rights, and the compromising position their female character is
placed. They are also re-working a scene on the front end where their principle male
character/interrogator, kills two agents who attempt to execute a warrant at his residence, and we
are asked to turn a blind eye and sweep it under the carpet because he is a highly sensitive
government asset. They've been impressed that this would not happen and the killing of two
agents would not be "swept under the carpet".

Anyway, here is a short list of some of the folks we've had meetings with. I'm not sure who all will
be traveling to Baltimore next week, but would imagine these folks for certain:


| |"Unthinkable" 80-HQ~1077659 / 1m 0
{Ema GL3 3 $1333}


Pretexfienne: EQUTENE mm:

{33! £35,! 260’?

Ta: Baitinmm

Frau: Baitimem
Squad 1 b6
{Ema-tact: VSA

swpwwafi By: Chaim Wimam I}

Erafted By; 333.0
v t‘.

flaw in #2. 80»~BA-1f35183 f" {Pcnfiing}


Syna§$§m T0 éacument variants mamas with) the mafia, m mama interview

rqea‘ts, pmsa confersmces, and the distributwn 0f megs releasw far the. time
pie-mad 02! 18/283“? thmugh 933'031280?


Dietaflm in additien to the daily .respangibilitiefi {Jf the media cmrdinatarg 311d
congrassionafi affairs fiufies, the foiimwing fist. nmmoz‘iefiims varieus significant
mmfiacts with the media, including intemiaws requfistfid and mnfiucmci arid
ether Iiaismn afforta: during the p-srimi 02} 18,! 23G? {hmugh pmscnt:

8222QIEQG? x
§§§§E§§§§§§fgg§g SAI ‘ weaved numsr ms nhmne n“ qmfles ire-m but}: 106
print am} te2eviswn media re at" n the. arrest of m .ksiy an 1070
unsuh imawn 0:113? as far hank m}: nary] has been 13713
charged with awe mbberzes, but is exyecmd :0 be, charge Wit ‘3 up :0 {linemen
addiiiunfil bank robberies,

gaggifiiigflfimgefiwst? , Sam Ffiefii'vfid a @6333 30m: Camii

Cnunty sm, Wastmmster, my and, asking to Intsrvww fine at} our“ Razmat b6
sgxecéaiists regarding 0m“ ms muse U; a terrmtiszm attack» Sflfimwfie 1°70
arrangemsnts far SS ‘ Ito partpate: in thfl mtsrvmw 101‘ t as awry.
This will be. a :33s stem? 01‘ t e: RflL

Mefiiginquisy. SAI Ire-ceivefi an. inmziry fi'eml I Infa b6

Worm, mgm‘ding the guilty pkea afl | 1370
| SAI ladvised (1 call} an: Delaware US Atmmey‘s WE
(Kiwi: bgcause at" tin: pending San ‘encmg Schschfiad far May 18, 268?;
Maxim Efiqufiw: 82%| Irmeivecfi numerous i.
v b7C
M's-ms Va :18, a {iiv'sicxn at“ {301133 Nasty, regatfiing the;
that because: this is stifl an nagging invamigatim} b7E
- dwised
1'10 In arm Minn. cauid he fligcusssed.
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1101111 1311 1111111111313 1111111311 :33 12111}?

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SAC. Wiiiam .13. 131111.111; 111311.11 11.1311: 111.11- "113111:s 1131 21 1111113: 1111:1111: b6
11111 1111111813 1111111: 311:: 12111 in 1111‘: 13111111111, New 113111: 13111111111111. After 11111111111111111311
11:11:11 E11111. ‘1‘ EA: 111111111111" 11111“ 1311111111; 1111112111} 131113111- 131" "1111. (21.111181: 1:1:

$111111 Engmggz 8’1 :Immiveé e111 1119 19111111111-k
1131-3113 P0111; 113gm‘dé11g 1.13 111111111 (117 11111111: 101113151 7‘ 11115 Gamma}
11.111111111110111 111111. Frfififirick {311111113311111113111111111 S 1111111111
111% 1111111111111 111 31181113121811 11:1 1:111: EEmiiamcl 1. {21111111151 rabbarias 111: 111111
11111; yet 11131111 (:1 11.1511: 1311311311: 110 1111111111111111‘1 131111111. 1311 11113118111 1:11; 1111111 111111.
1111111111 1111111111111: 81 rccaivsci 111111115111; b6
11111 111111 11113111111111,1111211111 11111111 .1111; 1.11.12 11.111111 131‘ b7C
1111, 1111-1111123 111" 11111111311111.1111 131‘ 12111111 13131111139111.1111". 11A Icnnfirmeii b7E
1:1 1: 11111111 131111 1:01:11. 12111113111 1:11:11 1111 {1111:1111 11111111111111.1111 1211115 111, giwm 111111111-

Mafia 31111111111111 11A| 1111111111 11111111111118 131111111 1131111111131 11mm "11111311 b6
1111111. 11-111 1111111311311. 1111111111. 1111111 113111131, 1111111111111 1:111:51 1131111111191111, 111g11111111g 1.111: b7C
| 11151111111111, 1:111 1111111111111} 1111111811 3., 3913?. b7E
8111 1111111111: 1111 13113.11 11: 1111: 111111112 1:111:31c {3:311:11}? 11313111311 13131131111111“,
111111 1111111111111211 1.11111 1-1.1. this 111111: 11. 111111: 1.1 111111111111g‘11111111133111.1111 113: 111111
13.111111111711111} 111111 1511111 11111: 13111111111311: F131 was assifiiing 1111 111113111211.
1111;111:1111: SAI I111:1:111111 1111111111111.11111111111: 1111111111: 1111111121113 11:: b6
11111111111111 11111113 1113 1111.11: 1 1'“ 113.2161 .‘ <3" * 1 “‘ ' 1 .11 1111111111 1 13.1111 111111.151:
might 131111111. SA SA 111113. SA
11111111211111115-111 1111: 1111111111111. '
11:1 111:112111111“ ,
M11111 111§1111°11111 SA] Ire-1331111311 1113;3113ximamiy 11713111511111:- 111113111: b6
1111311111118 1113111 11111111. 131.1111 111111 11111211111311 1111111111 1313111 1131.11.11 11a1m13 111111 b7C
11111311111111311111, 11g11111111g 1:11.13q. 11111111311111.1111} 11131 b7E
11111111131113 11111111. ’2, 121.117}? 11 |111£12111ié1 1111 1311111113 1111:. 111111111: Gemgm
(11111111321 131311131: 13131311111151.1111, 111111 (21111111111111. 1111-11: 111: 1.11111 1.11111:- 11. was 11 821111111111g
1.11.1111111g11111m 1:13: 111111. {Rpm‘tmaz’fii 1.1.1111 1111211 13111111111311: 13131 1111.11 1111111311111g at.
11211 1111211111 11111111111 {13111-1111 1
11111111111 11111111111111: SA 131111111111 11111111113118. submissimm 1111" 11111 b6
FBEHQ 1111121 111111111111.

{13; 135 j 213%?

11111111 1.3111111111111111: $111 Iv111111111i1111111 1 11111111111. 11111111111“ 1111111 . b6
1.1116111911111111 11321113111111 81111111113111 1171212111111 1131‘ 113;) 111 12111113, 1113121111111: 11110111111111311.

To 2 SaltimArA Exam: BaltimAEJA-z
RA 80~E§§3Q338§. ‘H;J5"J3*
FAAA'AAAI“ Awardmg AA AAgAiAg b6
iAt’AAAAt 13A AtAx‘iAA AAAAA .iiiAAz‘AAt AAE‘AA‘ m: {13.11. .i‘fifi. WEAK; wmfié AAA. EA AA b7C
{ATEEAAAAA Atmiezs AA A. Qflnfifluing basis. T. AA Wiii AA a. AAAi‘AvA .Aituatimx far the.
Baifimm‘m FEE AffiCA.

Qfiffilffiifiifi? .
{Emili‘ty TAAAA,VWAAAAAA AAAA, Mmyiami, regartfiiing the death Af EAAiAA SémmAAA, b6
A juAAAfiA whit: AAA been A AAAiAAAA AA AAA. jAVAAAA fAAfiity £3AAA§A§§ BAAALA ' b7C
AAAiAA {AAA the: F3} is maxiimring {AAA AAAA but A
fAAAA}. mfiAAAtigA‘tiAA AAA AA: AAA AAAAAA AA {if yet.

fififigfiifififiifii 83%| AAAAEAAA an inquiry {mm b6

BAEAWAIA UAAAA, :‘AgAA mg ' _ A' ifl‘JfiStigafizfin {AAA the A??? AAAAA " A: b7C
EBAEAAAAA. SAI:I AAAiAAAI that. fiiiiS is an Si‘igOiflg

AV’i‘fi WAAfAAAAAA with FBAHQ; SA. IpAA‘tiAigaz-amfi in the GAAAA ’? b6


MAAAA EAgAigg: $3XI:|.?AC€§RF3{§ A :‘AAAAAt A‘Aml:| A I’AAAAAA
fmm MAAiAAA WiAAAAAm "AI" AA iAtAWiAw AAgAAAiAg A Away AAAAA fgiiivA
I _ [WE‘RE AAA} been pmfiliefj} AA A AAiA AAA-A AA A Ema} NBC b6
AEAAAA. 3.",t Aim}; EAAEAAAA A A .. A ‘n V . if) A pAAA-ibiA Aisghiim: amig‘ar et‘mAAAAiAA b7C
AA” A fAfiAwmA AtAry {31‘ AiA 16388} 93%.}.361" A? :AA AAA A. AAAAAA Amt};
Attic: “ A.

gigggggn MAggiggg SA I:I met with EagArAtAWA E33}; PAAAAyEVAAiA Sig-AAA
Tffifiyfirfig AAA. FEE EagifffiéééifitéitiVfiS {mm BA. {ERG AAA. Rims-"burgh, FAAAAAWAAAA,
regarding flame AAEA eAAeA Af AhiEA AbtiuctiAA AAA AAAAAE AAAAAEAA, A12 i'inkAd A3? b6
DNA. HagArAitAwn IP31} 31A EtiqufiStifig AAA €3630§§Fat§§3fl i371 AAA-Arm {AAAEA AttAmgiAA b7C
is?) AAA AAAAA in AAA ”Agape. Aha: the AAAAA (3s be AAEVAA. SA iA
AAAAAAAAAA Wit}: A1} Ekai‘fiiligianfifi AA. AA AAA AAA: AA‘AAAA A? AAAAA, AAA is;
AAAAAAVAEA §E€inn§flg A mAAiA biihi? AA Ami} (3, 238*. TEAA AA}: AA A AAAA‘A’A Amm
{A}: IAAAE CE§S WAX C. AAAAA}. 3.3, regam‘éing ”AAA AAAA AA .
afivififld that: AAAAAAA thiA 1S. A3 _ an. {mgamg EAAAAti.gAfi€.A‘1 AA
AAR‘AA by Lea AAgAEAA {)fiixriAiAA. AAA} FEEEAQ AA SESSiSt SKA: ?3“A€3AAA<:2AA, A. b6
C€3i11§33§ {mm RQEEEWQGd, Cziiifi}mia, Whfl .iA AAAfiAfiVAEy ffiming £1:k finfified
“REAAfgjn'AAAEA, "' by giving; than} A AAA: Af the EAEtimAm GffiAA, AAA EAIZSWt‘fiI‘iIlg
AAAAAAAA may might have AAAAAAiAg the 3‘31. Aftar AAAAAiAAAAg AAA};
(Rev. max—2003;


Precedence: ROUTINE Bate:


To: Baltimore

From: Baltimore
Squad 1
Contact: SA I

Approved By: Chase William D

Drafted By: mc
11: {:3
f ..

Case m #: so-eaaosrss ” (Pending)


Syoogxsis: To document various contacts with the media, to include interview

requests, press conferences, and the distribution of press releases for the time
period 03/04/2007 through 03/31/2007


Details: In addition to the daily responsibilities of the media coordinator, and

congressional affairs duties, the following list memorialiaes various significant
contacts with the media, including interviews requested and conducted and
other liaison efforts during the period 03/04/ 2007 through present:

Medxainemriea received numerous calls (approximately
eleven) from l: t u. 11: .l. national, and international
regarding the Maryland. SA
confirmed that the Baltimore Office had offered any assistance needed to the
investigating agency and then referred all calls to the Prince Georges County
Police Department.
Film Industry Assistance and Cooperation: SAI:Ireceived:
from the Maryland Film Office, along with severe members of SKE
Pro uctions, Hollywood, California, who are in town for a pro-shooting scout
trip for anfllmovie (Unthinkable), for a tour of the Baltimore Field
Office. SA conducted the tour, introduced the guests to the Executive
Officers, an answered numerous questions regarding protocol and facility
related issues. SA Ibelievesthe tour had a positive effect or} the
eventual outcome 0 t e i m which Wili portray the FBl in a positive way SA
offered any assistance the company might need in the future
regarding the film.
Malia inquiry: SAI [received a call from: AP, about b6
the confession ofl a serial bank robber who was arrested recently by b7C
our Bank Robbery Squad. EA] confirmed the arrest, but directed the b7E
caller to public record concerning lS su jest and the number of robberies
Sentinel Working Copy |b7E

Filing and Security

Primary Case: 80-HQ—1077659 Case Title: (U) PUBLIC AFFAIRS MATTERS
Serial Number: 12195
Serialized: 04/18/2008

Serial #: 12195 'm EC

Document Title: TO REPORT OFFICIAL TRAVEL or SA|:|T0 b6

Approval Date: 04/18/2008

Classification: U


Precedence: ROUTINE Date: 04/18/2008

To: Director's Office Attn: Investigative Publicity and

Public Affairs

From: Chicago
Squad CE-9
Contact: SAI I b6

Approved BV: Grant Robert D

Case ID #: 80—HQ—1077659 (Pending)



Synopsis: To report official travel of SA: to

Milwaukee Division in support of the motion picture Public
Enemies .

Details: I b6
other production personnel specifically requested SA
provide technical assistance and firearms training during pre—
production and filming of the Universal Studios' motion picture
Public Enemies. Chicago Division SAC Robert D. Grant authorized
SAEto provide this assistance in his official ca acit .
Investigative Publicity and Public Affairs Unit Chiefl I
and Public Affairs SpecialistI |were notified
of and concurred with this assignment.

requested SAEprovide on set b6

consultation during the filming of the Little Bohemia shooting in
Wisconsin. SAC Grant authorized SA :to travel to
Wisconsin in his official capacity for this assignment. The
Milwaukee Division was notified and concurred. As such,
anticipated that SA will be on-set in Wisconsin from
04/21/2008 to 05/02/2008. Please note that as the production
schedule is fluid, actual dates may vary slightly. The sets will
be located in or around Minocqua, Wisconsin and Madison,

S€ll0\ lalQS
lof2 5/21/2015 10:01 AM
Sentinel Working Copy



Approved by: GRANT ROBERT D

2 of2 5/21/2015 10:01 AM

lg‘flgxg OFqgfiy nonn '
FD-1036 (Rev. 10-16-2009) :35! ' nap 0", :.;~ N'tn
I. . ‘


Import Form

Form Type: EMAIL Date: 02/07/2013

Title: (0) Email from:

Drafted By: I I K b6



Synopsis: (U) Email request froml IMcLarty Associates,

on behalf of] [seeking FBI assistance.



Serim H818
Page 2 of 3

Sent: Tue Sep 06 14:29:57 2011
Subject1:|’Southeast Asia Piracy Request

I:| ..
We have another request for assistance froml Istarted his career as a
I land subsequently becamel IPublic
Enemy). We, the FBI, worked with him on the 2009 motion picture Public Enemyl |
where we provided script and technical assistance during the filming.

Oftentimes, the FBI will receive a request from motion picture writers or producers who are working on a
project that will feature the FBI. (Kingdom, Might Heart, Breach). We have found that offering our experts
up for background interviews have helped the movies not be so grossly inaccurate. Most of the time,
Hollywood writers do not seek our input and oftentimes they get it wrong. So when given the opportunity
to educate the writers/producers we have found we are in a better position to possibly have them portray
the FBI in a positive light and with accuracy, or fairly close to accurate.

He will be in DC the week of September 12th and is requesting to meet with some experts in the Criminal
Division as part of his untitled motion picture on piracy in southeast Asia. He is also currently writing
another movie with a cyber heist theme and recently met with representatives in the Cyber Division.

He is specifically asking to talk to an expert at the FBI regarding maritime security and piracy in
Southeast Asia. I’m writing to find out, 1) if we have such an expert who could discuss maritime
investigations/issues in Asia and 2) would he/she be available next week to talk to off— he
the—record. The purpose of this meeting is to educate him and to ensure he gets our role in maritime
investigations accurately. These background briefings are not for attribution.

Any questions, please give me a call. Thanks.

Office of Public Affairs

Ser t: Tuesdav, Se tember 06, 2011 11:36 AM
Subject: Meeting request-~Southeast Asia piracy

My name is: and I’m a Research Assistant at McLarty Associates in Washington DC. I received
your contact information from my colleague|:|whom I believe has been working with ou on a
project involving cyber security. lam reaching out to you on behalf of Ambassador|:|whom lam
assisting with another project. My apologies for this out-of—the-blue appeal, but we wanted to contact you
regarding a meeting request with someone from the F.B.I. on the subject of maritime security and piracy in 105
Southeast Asia. _ b7E

Page 3 of 3

One of the many sides of our firm’s business involves consulting in film and media production projects — the
”behind the scenes" in Hollywood in an effort to make sure stories ' re informed. a "curate, and
politically/culturally sensitive. At the moment, we are working with on a new film project built b6

around piracy in and around Indonesia] IALI,

have worked in the past and has repeatedly proven that he understands the value in solid research.

While he realizes that this is very short notice, he is planning a trip to Washington DC next week with the hopes
of bein led through the worlds of piracy and counter-piracy in Southeast Asia. Really, this is a chance for
do ask questions of people who know the field best and explore how he can craft a story that is true,
honest, avoids cheap simplifications, and takes most people into a world about which they know little while b6
allowing those who are familiar with it to walk away satisfied that they got the story right.

Might you have the contact information of an F.B.|. representative in the Washington DC area with whom you
feel it might be helpful for to meet? Of course, we will respect any ground rules you need to set or
whatever confidentiality boundaries are requested, and he would be more than happy to speak off the record.
Should you have any questions surrounding the project or the type of questions they may have, I will gladly do
my best to answer them directly.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

“mmmmm'w‘w b6

900 17th St, NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC. 20006



5/14/2015 b6
From: I —|
Sent: ' h 04,2005 6:14 PM b6
To: '
Subject: PUBL'C ENEM'ES V @ g a Q a MIL
Dear |:|
Per our discussion, I am writing to request the FB files listed below in conjunction with
the research we are doing for our project entitleaipLIC ENEMIES. While the files are
available in part online, we are hoping to look at the ful files. Please let me know if
you need any additional information from me in order to move forward.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards;

* isher Films ‘ b6
phone .

Barker/Karpis Gang —— 76,159 pages
a. Hamm Kidnapping —- 5,249 pages
b. Edward Bremer Kidnapping —— 70,910 pages

Barnes, George "Machine Gun Kelly" —— 8,748 pages

Bonnie and Clyde (summary) —— 3 pages

(Additional 461 pages, mainly newspaper articles, most of which illegible.)

Dillinger, John (Gang) —- 36,952 pages

Floyd, Charles "Pretty Boy" (see Pretty Boy Floyd and Kansas City Massacre
summary) —— 15,786 pages

Kansas City Massacre (see Floyd, Charles "Pretty Boy")

Karpis, Alvin —— 2,360 pages

@RflbflMAEn mm .
, » .» saw/mas VIGjH imam:
fAllM7€fld EALUU J

bZ 2| d L- avw snuz

.fl lj> CIR/“3038

80-HQ-1077659 Va“ i0fi 1

E 1 O
From. I:|
Sent: 1:30 PM
To: _ b6
Subject: FW: "Public Enemies"

Please 0&A to[:::::] due 2/28.

Please handle as we have been discussing.

————— Ori inal Messa e—————

Hamil .
Sent: Wednesda , February 07, 2007 1:24 PM ' b6
Tozl I
Subject: FW: "Public Enemies"

FYI: New project: |:| "PUBLIC ENEMIES" movie 1 |.

Sent: Wednesda February 07, 2007 1:13 PM

Subjec : re: 19 Enemies"
u »-—~,e

Thanks for getting back to us so quickly. My name isl II'm working with
I |"PuQ%駧§ggmi§s" which was
published in 2004. As you know, it is about the FBI "war on cri e against Dillinger, Baby
Face Nelson, Karpis, etc. We are focusing the film on Dillinger and Melvin Purvis. What
keeps asking for, and what we need help with, is any sort of forensic or
SCientiiic investigatory tools that would have helped Purvis get Dillinger. A art from
setting up a network of informants, what else would have helped them? What is
specifically interested in are early wiretap methods. Who had phones in those days? How
would the early FBI have tapped phones? Any specific details is what he is looking b6
for...he wants this scene to be very authentic ..... from setting up the equipment to the
retrieval of the information, how would this have worked? I also mentiOned to you that we
need this quickly, is hoping to have a finished draft in the next few weeks. My
apologies for making our deadline an issue, since I know you are swamped! Any help would
be greatly appreciated.

All best, |:|

gum-1077659 #2332;

Sentinel Working Copy

Filing and Security

PmnmyCasm 80-HQ-1077659 Casefiflm (U) PUBLIC AFFAIRS MATTERS

SefialNumben 12157

Sefimhem 02/26/2008
Inmamd: 06/11/2012

Serial #2 12157 Type: EC


Approval Date: 02 / 2 6/2 0 08

Classification: U


Precedence: DEADLINE 03/13/2008 Date: 02/26/2008

To: Chica o Attn: SAC Robert Grant

Media Repi:l
Milwaukee Attn: SAC Richard Ruminski
Media Rep
Labfltn: A/ADDI I
SSA b6
Operational Technology Attn: AD Marcus Thomas

Human Resources Attn: AD John Raucci

From: Director's Office

Investigative Publicity and Public Affairs

Raucci John G


Case ID #: 80—HQ—1077659



Synopsis: OPA approves official and unofficial cooperation,

subject to Division Head approval of activities by Bureau b6
personnel consis ‘ ' ‘ssion
priorities, with] land Forward
Pass Productions personnel in the Universal Studios' motion
picture Public Enemies. This approval is made consistent with
OPA mission interest in developing the public image of the FBI
and ensuring an accurate portrayal of FBI personnel, past and
present, in order to encourage public cooperation with the FBI
in performing its mission. This approval allows Division
Heads to authorize the official capacity provision of
historical and technical assistance to the motion picture and
to allow outside employment activities by FBI personnel in
their private capacity to act as extras (background) in the
motion picture as described below.

Seriol 16067
lof6 5/21/2015 10:01 AM
Sentinel Working Copy .b7E

Background of Project

In February 2007, the current motion picture project

was in the "screenwriting" phase.| I b6
E::::::]scriptwriter4 I requested FBI assistance
with information on FBI wiretapping abilities as she adapted
Public Enemies, into a screenplay.

In December 2007, OPA reviewed and provided a copy

of the completed script to FBI Historian,E:::::::::::::]OPA b6
concluded that in his script, fictionalized
historical timelines so that events fit within the time period
his movie encompasses, but that, generally speaking, the
motion picture is an interesting and entertaining examination
of the 1930's gangster era.

Overall, the historically—based script is a

reasonably accurate, believable, and fictitious portrayal of
the gangster era, that will ultimately educate the public
about the FBI's role in investigating crimes committed by and
capturing 1930's era criminals like John Dillinger and "Pretty
Boy" Floyd.

However, the FBI Historian,[:::::::::]notes that b6

portrayal of the FBI and Director J. Edgar Hoover
"heightens the image of the FBI as an agency seeking to win by
whatever means necessary," not necessarily a flattering
portrayal. (The Office of Public Affairs discussed the
aforementioned historical variations wit while he
was in the Washington, D.C. area. indicated that the
script was not finalized and that he could make changes to
minimize this impression before production completed this
Spring.) OPA will continue to work with project managers to
make sure that any historically and substantively inaccurate
details are corrected—~and that the motion picture producers
understand our official cooperation hinges upon an accurate,
although not necessarily flattering, portrayal of the FBI role
in criminal investigations of the Era.

In February 2008, project coordinator[:::::::::::] b6

worked in conjunction with Operational Technology Division AD
IMarcus Thomas, Laboratory Division Media Representative
and Training Academy Public Affairs Specialistl
to facilitate briefings at Quantico and a shooting
demonstration at the Training Academy's firing range for
| |
| FBI Special Agent Melvin
Purvis in the movie.| I
continues to be the overall GPA project
coor inator in this production.


Forward Pass Productions staff and other contractors

working on Public Enemies contacted FBI's Office of Public
Affairs and FBI Chicago for assistance with props,
photographs, location advice, and weapon demonstrations in an
effort to provide authenticity for production filming in
Chicago, Illinois, and in "Little Bohemia" in Wisconsin as
well as other parts of the greater Chicago area, with actual
filming set to begin in March.

OPA found no negative information concerning the

production company, writer or others associated with the
proposed film in FBI records or during a thorough indices
check. OPA has no substantial objections about the nature,
scope, technical details or historical accuracy that would
preclude continued cooperation with Ior Forward Pass b6
Production personnel. It is noted tnat OPA has worked

20f6 5/21/2015 10:01 AM

Sentinel Working Copy '
successfully in the past with[:::::::::]production team on
the movie, The Kingdom. OPA hereby approves the above-
mentioned limited official cooperation and personal
involvement to the extent that resources, employee
availability and other operational considerations permit.
This approval has been coordinated with HRD.

OPA has instructed Forward Pass Productions to

notify all FBI personnel involved in Public Enemies that all
correspondence should be sent to OPA project coordinator[:::::] b6
in addition to Field Office media representatives. This
will ensure that IPPAU is aware of and has the opportunity to
review all requests for assistance to ensure they coincide
with this approval.


Should the Office of General counsel and the Office

of Integrity and Compliance Ethics attorneys concur, OPA
hereby approves the following official guidance in support of
this motion picture, and recommends Division Heads involved
consider lending the following support to this project:

A. Research/Photographs for Props and Sets

Forward Pass Productions has requested research

assistance and photographs to accurately represent
J. Edgar Hoover's office and
desk, Chicago and Washington, D.C., FBI
(or their predecessor) facilities, office signage, the FBI
Seal and Badges, office decor, posters (identification
orders), typefaces/fonts used, FBI files and paperwork,
wiretapping equipment, wires, recorders, guns, gun lockers,
and weapons storage.

OPA encourages the FBI Historian, FBI Laboratory,

Operations Technology Division and Chica 0 Field Office to
work with project coordinator[::::::::::f]to provide Public b6
'Enemies personnel with digital images (and original images
where available and/or appropriate) of requested information
in adherence with FBI handling of unclassified information.

OPA will ensure the motion picture producers are

aware, however, that the use of the FBI Seal and Badges are
protected by law, and that any use other than as film
background (e.g., the use of the Seal or a Special Agent Badge
on the product label, on advertising posters or promotional
materials), is not authorized by this cooperation.

If the production company requests the use of actual

FBI property for props in this film, the request must be
coordinated by the local media re resentative and through OPA
project coordinator[:::::::::::::f:]before approval. OPA will b6
coordinate with Security Division to ensure any property use
will not unnecessarily compromise physical security of our
offices or personnel and will balance the use of the property
for other than its intended purposes with the benefit the FBI
is likely to attain by the accurate depiction of FBI personnel
and facilities by the public viewing the film.

B. Use/viewing of FBI Chicago Firearms, Training Range and


OPA recommends the FBI Chicago Media Representative,

with SAC concurrence and subject to non—interference with
official requirements, organize a production team visit to the
FBI Chicago gun vault to view Thompson sub-machine guns and
other period weapons.

[::::::::]also desires to have the movie actors visit b6

the FBI range for training, using their own weapons and blank

30f6 5/21/2015 10:01 AM

Sentinel Working Copy 1 |b7E

ammunition (or ammunition that does not have a projectile),

and that FBI firearms instructor(s) assist with proper FBI
weapons handling technique. OPA recommends FBI Chicago
facilitate this visit, that such visit is arranged
consistent with FBI policy b6
as it pertains to sensitive law enforcement
information, and that a certified firearms instructor(s) be
present. OPA will ensure that[::::::::]understands all
activities on the FBI range will be under the direct
supervision and control of the FBI firearms instructor and
that the production company proves they have liability
insurance that will cover the activity in the event of injury.
OPA requests Media Representative[::::::::]keep a
log of project activity to be shared with OPA upon project

C. Featurette/"The Making Of..." and Requests For Interviews

has advised OPA that they will likely b6

create a "The Making of...." featurette "documentary" for
inclusion in the DVD version of the motion picture. This
documentary will likely be an "extra feature" of any DVD
release of the film, and will also be available for FBI
training and public relations use.

On a limited basis, and at the discretion of the

SAC, OPA would concur with allowing FBI subject matter experts
to be interviewed on official time for this purpose provided
that they are only discussing general topics in their own
areas of expertise such as FBI history, period firearms, etc.
At no time may any FBI personnel make a statement that would
be construed as an endorsement of the movie project, or that
discusses any particular non-public case, law enforcement
sensitiva, classified or privacy information. As FBI employee
involvement in the featurette as interview subjects would be
on official time, moreover, no employee may be paid a fee by
the production company for this activity.

To ensure that there is no issue with cooperation,

OPA will ask the production company for a list of questions to
be asked in advance of any interviews, and will provide to the
participating FBI personnel, with OPA's public affairs
guidance, as necessary. Also, OPA will ensure that final
editing of all provided interviews will be subject to OPA
approval before their use in any part of the project.

Recently, OPA met with the Office of Integrity and

Compliance to receive guidance regarding if, how, and when FBI
employees may be used as extras or be filmed/interviewed in
"The Making of..." featurettes that are placed on the DVD.
The following guidance is offered:

Consistent with security procedures, OPA authorizes

use of the FBI Field Office and common areas for the
purposes of a backdrop for the featurette. OPA advises
that while interviews in FBI space are permitted for the
featurette, FBI space and personnel may not be utilized
for any re-enactment of a specific case.

Film crews are permitted to shoot "B—Roll" footage

before or following a videotaped interview. B—Roll is
defined as filming an interviewee walking down the hall,
walking into an office, sitting at a desk, interior and
exterior shots of the office building. However, B—Roll
does NOT include and must not, in any way, give the
impression that FBI personnel are re—enacting a scenario
making it appear as though actions or conversations are
occurring in the present time. For example, a production
company is not allowed to videotape an FBI employee
pretending to make a call or have a conversation to
discuss a case/subject by name.

4of6 5/21/2015 10:01 AM

Sentinel Working Copy b7E

D. FBI Employees as “Extras" in the Film

This EC approves Division Head authorization for FBI

outside employment to act as extras in the film, again subject
to availability and meeting primary mission requirements.
Such involvement may only be authorized on a voluntary basis
by employees and they may receive remuneration for their
efforts. As this activity is "unofficial" in nature, any FBI
employees involved in this activity must be on personal time
(either performing the activity during non-working hours,
consistent with comprehensive time or flex time as authorized
by FBI policy, or while on annual leave).

If any FBI Special Agents or professional support

employees desire to serve as extras or appear in background
scenes, they must first submit appropriate paperwork (FD—331,
enclosure 1 and 2 to this EC) to obtain approval for outside
employment. This EC constitutes HRD approval for purposes of
Special Agent outside employment, and the final approval
authority for any such outside employment will be at the
discretion of the employee's Division Head. A copy
approved requests shall be forwarded to OPA (attn: b6
E:::::]and to the Em 10 ee Assistance Unit, Human Resources
Division (Attn:[::::f::f:::::::::], with the original document
saved by appropriate Security personnel, as outlined in the
Ethics and Integrity Manual. (See section of the
Ethics and Integrity Manual at:
19M.pdf> for further information.)

Before final approval, the requesting employee's

Division Head shall ensure that the employment activity does
not conflict with the employee's official duties, mission
accomplishment, employee availability or raises other basis
for denial. For purposes of completing the attached forms,
OPA has already performed an indices check of the companies
involved in the project, and this should be annotated on the

OPA Point of Contact

Questions about any official or unofficial

involvement in the Public Enemies project may be forwarded to
project coordinator,| I b6


Set Lead 1: (Action)



OPA requests CG coordinate production team requests

regarding the gun vault and firearms training as outlined;
include OPA in any contacts requesting assistance with this
motion picture; and share a log of project activity at the
conclusion of production.

Set Lead 2: (Information)



Please note that the motion picture may be filmed in

parts of Wisconsin. Should OPA receive requests for assistance
relevant to the Milwaukee FBI Field Office, OPA will contact
the media representative directly.

5/21/2015 10:01 AM
Sentinel Working Copy b7E

Set Lead 3: (Action)



Please provide OPA project coordinator[:::::::::::] b6

with information and photos of historic guns or equipment, as
appropriate, to share with Forward Pass Productions.

Set Lead 4: (Action)



Please notify OPA project coordinator[::::::::::]of b6

additional requests for assistance and provide CPA with photos
of historic equipment to provide to Forward Pass Productions,
as appropriate.

Set Lead 5: (Action)



Please note any FBI Special Agents or professional

support employees wishing to serve as extras or appear in
background scenes have been advised to first submit
appropriate paperwork (FD-331) to obtain approval for outside
employment, that this EC constitutes HRD approval for purposes
of Special Agent outside employment, and the final approval
authority for any such outside employment will be at the
discretion of the employee's Division Head. Parties
interested in such outside activity have been instructed to .
forward a copy of requests approved by their Division Head to
the Em lo ee Assis;ance Unit, Human Resources Division Attn:
I and project coordinator with b6
t e original document saved by appropriate Security personnel,
as outlined in the Ethics and Integrity Manual. Should HRD
have any questions or concerns about such approval,
procedures, and or activity, please contact pro'ect
coordinator by e-mail or by callingi:::::::::::::]

— b6
— File

Drafted by:

Approved by:

6 of6 . 5/21/2015 10:01 AM

an) (FBI)


Pram: |:|
5'3"“ WM—
Subiact: FW: Robe-n Reward mm “THE COMPANY YQU KEEP"

Eeiuw is me airmail fawn ma gfimdumun mmpany‘ for the meme “The {tamper}? mu may." Aisha Murrayg‘uai dailies} me
and E mm: her you wwifl he the paint in” tarmac: “Em this manager. Nana wifi m: semfing me? an emaii short}? and wfii
fmwfird mm. mm m gem: St) 5:33 ME: have hm {‘ontacir ias‘natim}.


5mm: ' b6
Sent: Thursda Au ‘ust 11, 2011 18:3? AM b7C
Su aject: Fw: Robert Redfm‘d fiim ”THE CO?‘~1PANY YOU KEEP"

Frans: Dean E‘fieri‘son | |

Sent: Wed Aug 10 122.325? 2311
Subject: Robert Redfurd fiim 'THE COMPANY YGU KEEP“

u |:l
. .
‘ l b6

"I‘hank you 1hr taking my cal}. today.

,»-'5\.§amt Mun‘a}? it?» mu" Iegai‘s‘aiem‘ames perscm hart:- and will in: our point permn at this anti

Alana will in: sending gm: my Emitter ofi.1'm‘(.x<:-im:ti0n and. $ymiapgis sintmly.

In thf; mean iims: I've asked our \r‘arricaus dapartmezms to prepare their lists; Miguestinns which Mama Wm fi'n‘ward
on far ystm‘r :‘epiy.

Beat .1'agards,

Bean Eikzrtsm


Prop- Masmr b6
mi! km:
| (£30) (FBI)
7 b6
uesdav‘ Amps? ‘38 2911 9f? AM
Ta: |

Ha? man,

it"s mm m megs: yam Fm mamas} W33? {Grimm}! "mg 3638;: has some to U5 {m ass§5ianca WE ewes; bringing :‘eaiiam and
accuracy {a thaw Wm was}: 5:5“.

i’éié £39 year {mini af- cm'stact gmject mgr-mafia, iuca§ Malaya, techniiai wm‘éinatim and aswihmg else‘ was might nemti
disarm {mm €t $1332.

i 190?: ferward to Wiping yam?

Weiss)»: {m frag :0 mi? any téme. and Shara my mutant. mists with camera.


83% fimdquamfirs
{Effice as? man: m‘fairs
investigative Pubéiaity amfi mimic skfi'aérs UME
Waai‘sing‘im‘g 8C
From: Dean Eilex‘t‘iaifl I
To: be
Sent: Wed Aug 10 12:23:33? 2011
Subjeet: Robert Redfmd film ‘THE COMPANY VOL! KEEP"

Thank yam for mking my {:32} mday.

Nana Murray is (my mgaiiclearzmccg {tarsus} hers: anfi wifl be an? mint person a: this and,

Alana ME 532. gaming, yum 0111‘ 1mm Gf immc‘iuctiz‘m and synupsis Shmfiji.

in \the. 11mm: time. I‘ve asked mu‘ varmus: dcpumnems m prepare their iiSts (if quegtians Whig-i1 Alana wiil ibrward
am far your reply.

Best s‘agmfig,

Dean E-i'iertgmn

'E‘HE C(‘k’M’PAN ’32" YO U ML?

Pmp Masstsr
km) (F813 7 7 7 :52;
From: Aiana Murray] I
Sent: ' .si 163 201 ‘i 833%- PM
To: .
Subject: warance on F8? images — The Company You Keep

! am the. cicm‘ance cmn‘iifiatm‘ m The (Tammany Wm Flam}. i amiamtand yam have. 3159 hem in touch with our
Pniqnsmaster {32311 Eiiertsml.

A quick sym‘qfissis:
“I’m: (Swipe-m}? Yam Keep" chnmigties the Sits-@0173 {limiter Weather Um‘iergmumi miiitaut wanm‘i by {bit FBi
for '30 31mm, whu must go {m the: mm when hi5 true identify it: expused by a y‘mmg, ambitious reporter Mikhail:
am making a mama for himseifl Redfbrd plays- that fbrmer radicai a: the Gamer of‘thia natiunwidfi manhunt and
1,3839% the dctemfimgd journaiist daggedh; chasing him and his: Stu-1'31."

Gas! In dam: Rabat: Radfiérfl, Susan Sarmildnn, Shia L-cBmmf, .hflie{;ZT§11'i$tie,.Richard Jenkins,

3 was smaking x\-‘ii'hl:|_i‘i*mn ihfl Miriam! nfiice 133% Thursday. She was wing in 53d mm the b6
7) " , . . q ‘k, : b7C
53;:a (M yen maewe it: I thmk [Man 13 bus}! highlightu‘ig a}! the P Bi Scams tur you and W111 ennui yuu
anmher one,

Wmfit‘} if he: efiriggm ifsomenne fi‘im‘i our cmtume department CGRWCTCL‘} you”? in the interest" Camccuracy; f'm sum
they wuuid imnf: same. phmi'ms and the. oppm'mnily to speak with yum.

Once yau have. read. the scrip! and the Eaga usagfi: is approved {Fmgm‘s cra‘mssad}, {WEN fbrward our Mum, fim’n
m gm: far Signature.

E-Eav‘cfi: a great d 2139,


Mama Pv‘i'un‘ay
{Sim mince 3: Product ‘il'iacemfint Cmordinamr

1:124”) Hi :1 ._ 15”“ R :3 k-v m" ‘rw Rat:

:I (m) (a 2 :52;
From: Karin Nowiia
Sent: W25 18', 2011 1:08 PM
Ta: '
Suhiect; *‘Tha {tam paw You Keep“ costume dept.
Attachments: FBi quxfiationacwk {WPLpdfi ATmmmm

(390d marningmrm the Asst £435m Designer on "The Campany Yam Keep“ and have campiied a Heat of questions
regarfiing cimthing worn by F8: agent; Am; time yuu hams a mamem in gm through them wauld be greatly appmciated
—at Shawn’s arrest weutd Senter Agent Cerneltus be in a suit or cesuet ptainetothes’?

mount e senter agent wear a nylon FEE jacket with a suit? weutd he weer it instead of hie ‘
gasket Ot‘ would the emit jacket be removed?
tie the junior agents dress any differently than senior?
~are the Fat navy jackets different lengths er e. standard jacket? whet fabric are they? is
there a variety et jacket options?

~ere there F‘Bt reguietieon garments ie. pate shirts! sweatshirts, tJ-eeeeetl cape etc?

~t have notieed some jackets have. FBt in white and eemetimee in yerlow——ts this due t0 the
job they are en? whet are the dtmeneien‘siptecement at the tettere?

ere there reguiatione err plainetethee‘?

-de they wear ttek iackete and if so when? woutd they be ever or under shirts?

ere e31 agents armed?

~ie there a, GSA centect we can eelt fer a tmtferm description ”.3


~Wflutd the agents be tn suite r3: eeeuel pteinctethee?
what do tech agents weer?

«would there be a mix at suite and caeuei etethes’?

«what is the uniferm?
:IWHFB‘) , 77 2%
3am: Thursday fiugust 18v, 203‘? 5:22 PM
Tn: Dean Eiier‘tson
Subject: giarificafii’efi an Far pracessingr‘huiding area“


Same rm affirm {13:} have smari "pracewng" {areas ‘ . . . an area with g: (3003‘ ryps‘carw eff main inbby, that says
“Aurmrized éiazrsannei flaw”. is? ssmemr: is arreszred this is where they wiii Ear-r rakm tar get phatographed, firrges‘grir'ated,
EMA, rte. E? is iarge enough to harm a ""ta§;gr§ra” m" maritime suagerzrs i think {.33 to 30x “r‘here are benches: firsited {as
firm-1r, arrrjg'rrr a bar mam m the waii, m which gramme can be hamicufreai. An Entm‘egtmg facmid i reamed mafiay‘ , . for
each Crés'nis'zat mere must he '3. agents,...50 if was take dawn 2s”) arrrairsais, there need its hr}. 21% agents: in we
mam? fimrausiy if threw is: a: hanger grunge rhea; might- be {has a few hmrrs, .r’xf‘te wards rhea; wmfidi Em. transmrted ts the
Emmi jam.

Frwrl:l - b6
Sent: Weénesday, August 1?, .2811 35¢? PM b7C
T0: Dean Eirert'scm
Subject: ”THE COMPANY YGLJ KEEP“ answerS

Hi Dear

E haw: garrwéded answers in yam miss-Mus below. SW warm rg; my way thrasugh the scrim Er} give feeébaxx an your
highéightasd ECQHQSffl‘EfiQQUE“ A §ew {i‘aéaéis r‘n‘ rm? aeriaén and m: waiting far :5: Emma: Agent to weigh in. Thrsre. rare a few
$28,083 ‘rmare E knew acmraxy andr‘mr rang—hem myrhs are a r issuer, but é’m ml: sure: 319w fiaxébia your ream g gasflg {a :33
ac: xihange 1hr: scans beecause rhea smipir‘wrirer is cirsariy Wing; 2:: Mid a point of vém‘rremparhyr‘mmrmersyfexmfiremen?

Let, me. knew i? anything eése traumas: it} the surfaca. Harps your {naming with Mr Rmfim-fii mam: weié.

Samara: &

Office of Wbfia Mimi‘s

. The: entry sacurity wha pmvides it, are they privaier‘camramed security officera or FBI personner? What

A privare cnmpany contracted through the Gamma: Servizzszss Administraiim, prevides antry securiry for the Albany
office. The guardsr unifarms are camprised of dark brown pants and a Eight brawn Shirt.

a Are visrmrs given a visimr badge?

Yeas. Visitors Wm must be asserted mm the buiiding raceive a white hariga. Unascarted Waiters (those on tha
wearer} security fist s9 F85 Empioyma mmraciora athar iaw erzfurcamsn: agencies 3 receive badges cf various
caters {differem coiors mean differem things; but those detaiis are cfiassifiedm }

a if a Federai Agent from anoiher agency ccmesv Knit; rhe buiiding, what is screening procedure. What if they are
armed? What abmut a visiting Speciai Agem from anothar FBI Office. Haw does hex‘she get in?

Evaryone goes through the meta! detector and shows :heir identification. If the: federa! agent from another agency
is a W enforcement agent harsher can bring a fireefirm into the building; they cannot, imwevver. bring in {wraps or
cameras‘ without prior ciearance. (3:253 phones with cameras can be retained by the Waiter: but the camera ferns

must be coveted with sin/er security tape. The name prunedutes appiy in Spentai Agents or empioyees from
other FBi nitines.

it a fugitive Di‘i the run far 38 years is arrestedi where is hunting taken? What is procedure? Bruught hack in ofiine,
pr eisnwhere? it ninewnere, where?

it a 33-year fugitive is arrested“ the generai practice wnuiti be in hiring the subject back in the uiticew Mirandize
him and canduct an interviaw. The subject may wish in tutti tor a icing time , or they may nut say anything
~— but.
an interview would tin attempted to determine how the fugitive hict far that tength at“ time, whn neiped him, etc. At
the and oi the interview the subiect wnuin be brought eitner to the $3.8. Margnai’s affine at the tederai courthouse
{it it was during at work {in}; and the. court scnnduied an arraignment) or to the Aibany County iaii {ii it was an
meaning nr weekend}

The Aibany Cuunty Sheriff's ilepaitment maintains tedetat prisoners; wnn have not yet been: t0 their initiat
appearance before a federal iticign, and the Sheriti’s Department is reimbursed tut this semice‘ The FBi wouid
pick up the inmate the next business day to bring him in the tederni caurtnausn for his initial appearance. fitter
the arraignment anti "the nsianiisnment at the ‘Ciuurt’s iurisdictinn over the inmate, the. inmate wpuid be pinned in
the custody at the US. Marsnai.

ii the name is being investigated in Deimit anti the: fugitive was picked up in Ainanyr and she needn in QC: back in
Michigan tut an arraignment, where is she hnici?

tithe case is in Detroit. but the subject was arrested here. the subject wuuid be brought batons a iocai ieuerai
magistrate beinre the subject cnuici be itanspntted t0 Dnt‘mit. The Marshai’s. (Minn (inns not have iurisdictiotn in
transmit a subject untii she has been arraigned by a tecterai iuu‘ge, so the first Sifitp wnuici be tor the Fat to arrnst
the subinct and bring them in mud {see prewous tesponse}. The mun would conduct an arraignment and,
determina whether they have the right persnn they may need to conduct an identity hearing, {it the subject cuuid
waive it. Untii the court ordered the subject transported by the Marshai’s (lifting {Which cuuid be neveiai days}, the
subject would he neid Epcaiiy. Aibany does not have a. federai detentinn center, so the subject pinbapiy woutd be
new at the: Aibany Countyiaii.

Where are fugitiven “twin” the Script has them being iieici at FBI atticei...

We d0 nut have a hniding net! and cannot board prisennrs tor inure than a few hnuts. usualiyjust tong ennugh
to tnku fingerprints, mug stints, DNA swans and to unnotuct an interview.‘ it the mun cnuici scheduie an initial
appearance the day at the arrest, we wouid bring the fugitive in the courthnuse, and the Matsnai‘s Office wouid
keep the Stings-ct in a ceii uniii his court appearance. Technicaiiy, the Marsnai cities not have iurisdictinn over a.
subject. uniii after the arraignmnnti 3-1:: the subject technicaiiy is being nun-sad by the arresting agency; heweven
the Marshal has hoiciing units and guards at the courthouge and wnuici take custody pi that subjects for just tong
enough in get them in front at a judge. Againt ii the fugitive’s initiai nppnarancn cnuid not be sche‘duied for the
day of the arrest (n.9,, an evening or weekend arrest} and the fugitive: needed it) be heist overnight, inn Pat has an
agreement with the Aibany County Sheriti‘n Deputimeni tn Muse our attusteus at the n‘ibany Gaunty iaii untii the
nunject can be brought peters the gaunt.

Sent: Monday, August 22. 2(2)“ 11:33 AM

T8: 'Dean Eiiefison“

Hi £3888.

i had 8 {8888* up discussion hfiff'fié, and 8888 twm 88588818 8: 881‘888588888‘3gg QUQfiimnS from $888183 835882888.

:8} Yes, fish-81mm; 888.88% in: it is. 88.88858 thai ‘ihib U3. mmmey 888888 take 8'88 genskfiaratmn, that 588
Slifi‘el‘sfifis‘fifi 888 8&8 nut 8888888. «3 flee. fiaf'té'cuiariy if- she cmperatfisfi and provia‘led m8 gflvemmam mm 88
her CEsiEe-flgue fugétwesg. i188 US: Mmrney {588158518 398$} 80883 {$88 58:88 wax; is} gi‘flifi E’EEY credit far that in 888.8
garmeedingg Howewr, :‘F the: .88: 8888; 88:8 wag 518823 20 mm $163338??? in. we wouitfi Ni)? 3E'F'issi' her Qfi h??? way to
tum 8821388 8: ‘ - that 8888183 88 888858 88 (my p'éifi: and 8; just W'fltiéifff‘i hapfifin.
Regarsfiing {fifiiy’s 88888 E88. 8‘ 8:8 New 388?. he was 58808885; {88838388 and using the 88888 :8 888n {m 38.8

frlfidffli’ (3868888,; (If the. maréuana, YES: i? is possiifia that 880? t8 the 58888 in {'88- ficrigfl, if £88 {353: i188! momma
cause, we 8mm!“ Cfifivifiie a judge it: give us a "rifle 3 {8:88:88 888885888} 88 his; 8888.8. 538: ,8: E188 ‘iD he ciear
that, 88 was {3:33:86 :88 88888 {88' the 8338:8888 §){§§ini§5$.

8888 “18353558” twu paints. trim??? 88358 $35885 far was and? gib‘fi 8m: 8. way to Ciiri‘i‘et't m8 diaiague. {E 858 80%. write. 8888;} E88
first .898 88:88 8.818 jein8i§ US F8888, wmfid‘ YQU‘ 838838 888.35% it to me? 3828838

We 2388 E18888 :8 $881}: at the next iteration 8f :88 5C?'§§3t, 8883 fam'her «cmsider Qii‘s‘i‘fiifision {8 use {he efficéai $8; $88? in set

Fm b7C

{)ffém 8? 8888-: 888288

m: Dean Eulefisun {maiito b6

Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2X. 11 18:88 W? b7C

Ham's “if: Strip}; (with high Eights) hmptzfuiiy i have hi g1: fighim‘i 8x8” 588m: imsoikr‘ing {”138 FBI. ‘I’Qu’m right
reading 8 script rm 88188.8. is $10? the BESiflS-t Ming t0 do.

i am 8388 5.8181 uding my firm few (imitations that really pertain to $881388: 2 thru 76. i will have. m'hcr quaxtions i8.
1888:8818 in 88. 58311881 of Ben‘s; apfififiim‘fl as we already diswssed.

E38811); {he read :58 WEICDHN aheai‘d!

- ,3 3
Em (F3!) b6

From: {Jean Eiiefiscnl I

Sent: Wednes Aggust 241, 2011 1:43 PM
Subiect: The Company Y’au Keep

Hi |:|
Just had number script meeting :0 gm we: uniibrm dermis cm. and i have a maple FEE relate-d. quésiimxs {m 3261:.

Sc- “$53 Ext. Emu. .Arbm‘ (Sammy C(mrimuse

As mu? F81 agentis exit wank“! they have flmir sidcm‘ms? Cautfi’;Hussein-mxpmns Fm thinking, NOT.

— Sc. 3m] Ext. iiieiipad

Is there an FBI Mike in Run Asher ifnm when: cit}-'.s’stmc’2’ Thsy are about to head up In Dnmummd
{giand in Chippewa County Michigan.
W'ou‘ld that FBI have access in their (mu helicopter ifnm‘ would 1?: beIm‘lg it) say the Michigan Stats

i think that'g it far new,

Bean, Eilertmn MC


Pmp Mastm'
|— km) (35:) 7 23¢
Sent: WE a w " t , 182M PM
Subiect: Re: The Campany Yam Keep

Rh“ the handguns, mam agents. W'Quifi have? them wim mam. Whéie most courthouse& (in no? perm? weapms ingide the
cmmhmma. meg usuaiiy have me flexes; near the entrance m the Caurfimuge nuiifiing fm :aw enfsmemani offécm's m 503i»:
up iheir weamns whiie they are: in court. Same exiting; the: munmuse buiidmg. the iaw efifomemeni efficm‘s retrieve the
weamns {mm {he Sack. haxeg.

Were is an FEE affine in 5mm Arbor. Michigan. ii. is: a Beams-m Agency Gui of the {Detroit Fiefid Office.

A few Maid amass have heiimmafis: though E’m not? Sure if Dgtmit zines] IWa 1°71“:
(5i) smmefimeg ma aux aircrafi t0 iranspmt agents to a Eacatéon. So. it weua'd not he unamuaé :50 have a bureau aircrafi.
Encmtfing‘; a heiicaptm‘, be used 10 transpor? agents somewhené.

it reaiiy depends an haw quiskéy they need :0 be there and it? me weeific agents flying meets? in: be there.

From: Dean Eilertsanl 'b6

To; 1070
Sent: Wed Aug 24 13:42fi8 2013.
Subject: The Company You Keats

Just had another scrip? n‘wci'irzg to gun m—‘er unifimu (“Emails etc. and I have a utmpic‘: PB! reial‘efi questims for you.
« (3.153 Ext. Ann Armin“ {Imam}; Cmmhcmse

As m1? FR} agm‘xts exii W'OHM {hit}: have their Swearing? COMxfiumsefweapaims I'm thinking NOT.

~ Sc. :68 Ext. Hehpfld

ls thaw an F Bi {‘fl‘finc in Ann Arbor if nut Whéfl‘fi: city’state‘? They an: album in head up to Drummnnd
island in (Ifhippewa (K1L5111.t};-‘Px4ichigar1.
Wouid the F131 haw anus to their awn heficepter ifs wouid is 13:3]:n to say {ha Michigan State

i think {hi-1ft; it far now.

, .. . b6
Dean ,{ivxiermm b7c


Prim Master
Sent: Tuesday, August 31}, 2011 4:44; PM
To: 'Dean Eiiertscn’
Subgect: Bomb scene ~ F81 iwwtime video fink, etc ........

1n raviewing the 51:93:15 333111, 5 {mice {31111 the N‘EPD 5613111913 Shaw 1113111111 15 UfiéiWEéi'sE :31‘ 1116: F851 pregame 5111.15
1111111131313 1-11 61358522111151 131135 1111311111. 1n the r9211 warm, 5111112 138E 3111511 lead 011 a fintWa and 1335131111»: him 11:: be
ts‘aveiing toffiwough a {art-{111131311 may F81 weuid aiert 1119. 111111213 mat they; are on 311 active wpmatmn in the PETS
mama: 511 mm m: ccn'npéigatiam; arise”... anal amid $111311i {01111111111111 far 115521315111“? . 5:1 in the msmnae 058113
21111111} threat @1008 C2113. ‘lhfi NWE} might wefi fiireasdy knew that the £8: has; get 1.1;} as 100111 311% mm m catch the:

89$}; {'gi‘mgs- $‘h$ maMimm uimaé I b7E

For 9x31111139. § rrzfiemi‘y hm a {iiicussifln

with sun‘iesne Wm wag in a Haiti Qfficrg Spgcia‘i 1351918150115: 6111115251 at the time 111‘s: 619113921 fituaéian {111113.119 the rim:
Eimiia. «‘1: she (359301119121 it. the {3113 Caster hm] .
|evewnne 11': this {31353131111113 Cenfar 1:231:31? hear the agent as: waii 11$ £131
backgmamd migea «11:11:11 1111311111 {weanmng Ward 1.5111. shouting. shuffling and 1711;111:1131 sheofirzg. M11213 FS: 5t {11:1
aiming: m rescufis 1t 131031113165.

The {11111; scamm in 1t¢§1 my»: wouisfi hrs any Eiveutime video 11f a 1.115191112111111 wwid he;

1} if ti‘e-‘a F83 ham gigmfimm advance 11min: where the: mmma: wafi gaging 13:1 Eadge $016111 night, anti weak}? saw-1131111
wsfh apgzrapréafe iagai parmmsions. 11111311111215: room wmsid be set up wish surremame in advanm ii} gamer
viifiasu Eviijzz‘race 11H 18 1:11:1111131 mmmittmg 11 {time after has checked in
,3} if {319112 was a 111131111111 gétuatim that §a§ted mare than as few 3101155 11115111111111 FER mum {yam-skate? an {En-Q16
Mamie Cummand {grate (11315161 11111 1331211‘1111111‘ 311 1: 5a 2:11:12; 3111111113.
tommamier 3115:1113 11111 mmmanfi center might haw ‘JiffiEQ camh‘iiw fmm imide the Canter
3} 1? SEWS camera cream Mama} 111111 011 {he police saanney ant! came 11) the area 30 1.5111! wuifi 1111x111 31121:.- from
{amide the hmaé.

This {hawk 1mm iike the answgsrs gem: wem §Guk§ng $111: 111:? witham Hiking to you. Em mt mm 11111111 eke ta 5113511131...

Sent: Tuasday, Augusat 3!}, 2L 11 5:55} FM b7C
Subject: The Cbmpany Yam Keep

We had -1 1.12s mm 9101111911911 2111212213113; y‘egtm‘day and My. Redford was cancen-xed that the. Scene. at the Hare}.
was not giving any 1-13l dues hack to the FBI Sitting in that "situatim 1‘110111".(this has to (311 with Sc. 4‘? mm
“.52 {he {11111111 scam scum} £13} 11113:; are gat‘ii’ng back are mmsmisgimzs m—‘er' the mama 1111121115 are 133};n thmugh
at the him}.
151 it. viabie :0 think that them could be mare of .21 11:2 3 timc‘: visual fin}: heiwem the agmtg at the huts} and
Cm‘lmlius 11931033 1111111: FBI. offica in Aibany ‘3'
km) (FBI) ‘ 7 53¢
From: Dean Ei§ertson| I
Sent: Wednesdai gutember 07" 301*? 3:45 PM
Ta: _
Subfiect: Re: Th5 Cnrhgany You Keep


No new pflg"3 yct just runwurs that new pages are cumming,

I win {Ema-1nd them 1:) gym as smm as theyhecmm:2n-‘ai1::1hi€n

in the mean time I will i'bz‘ward yaiaur aim-35E 11} am" pmducer and 13% .AD in hupeg

that your question wili spew up the pram-€35 hem.

, 7 b6
imam 1:11 icrtsm MC

THE. (133.5% N: YOU KEEP

Prop Masts:

rim 2021mm, a: 11:33 AM,I:|\-\='rote:

“ ‘. b6
erasiengs, Dem: m

is mare any furthrzsr word 0:} a s‘miam script? § wean: m make wre that? we can make a deters‘niz‘satim m
355% the F8? imfiidg in i3 iimefiy manna? €123? yum woafiuctian team to §abriczet£~1 and fifim.

Pram: Dean Eiziertsan {m aatC

Sent: Magda Au ust 30, 2i 5:14 55M
Subiect: The Company Yeu Keep


We. had a page: tum pmductiuu {naming y‘efisrday and Mr; Rewind was cmlcermtd that the seem:
at the fame] was 110% giving any vi‘sual (zines back m the. FBI skiing in their "sifuatiun rmm".{fhis
has: in du with Sc 4‘? thm ‘?3 {he hamb mare some} M? the}; am getting back are transmisgians
Over {he radios agents an: ialking ihruugh at ‘1}161u‘1tei.
is it viabie to think that then: cmfld he more at.” a ma} time Viguai fink beiwaen the agenis at {he
hate} and Cornelius whm is at the F B}: affine in Mbany ‘3
rm) (FBI) 23c
From: Dean Eiiertsm
Sent; fl
- * emu-M1320“ 12:32 PM
Subject: T YR

La's film Biana will he going-.310 viSit OPR after a“, Sheff} he pulled {fifths case by {lumeiius.

Pmbabiy right. after Ber} intervimvs Shawn car when we get to the simmian mam.

Either 33-33-1116}? like the Risa and are HOW planning (m wnrking it in. t0 the: script asap.

When Waugh; it up with my AI) he immcxiiatefiy Eikssd the idea.

H0139. this mama-s your {133.

{333:1 .Eimlerimn b6


Prop Master
7 IQGHFBi) 7 b7C
Pram: {lean Ei£ertsonl I
Sent: ' ' r :11e 0.3, 291‘! 2:45 PM
Subgect: Re: M15; is, wagging Déama?


’l’mfiay \u. are a: day 32 {.3143 mopri'nciple pirmt‘ography, Sunday we begin the interim“ wnrk nftmr FBI 36:.

It‘s gone wail, My, Redfmni 32mm very happy with whai he i3 \,wetting and apparentiy the dailies leak fimtastic.
‘ , . . . , . ,. ‘ , b6
Our editors are workmg hard m Rem up With us 3 prepping, 1nd md mi $1133 of our Weather b'7C

wfi‘xich wiii play this warning 1&2w had 3 quastion: “416:1?c 22. 30 year 01;? case flit: bein a: binder with a case

{13‘ just in a fibe- fcider. m Semi ymu a maple pic-5 m“ wha: one. :31“ mm" files migm. kmk iike.

Dean Eilertvscsn


Prim Mafia

_ b6
Om 3-N0v—i L at 9:33 AM, wmts: b7C

Ms: shackmxgg m m see if yea: mig ‘1! be needing anYtEai'ag eége {mm F8: €132“ TCYK?

and curious iffwhen wis'migiie fiiming isg‘wfii $323 {ozz'ig328teg’d}.

Ham 355% 35 going weiie

F8! {Wise :3? mm: affairs
we) (Fat; . 52%:

From: Nana Murrayl I
Sent: flu": a? ' , A: ,
Sufism 63: who is piaying Diana?

Thanks far checking in. i. do have. a questim actuaiiy,

The various FBI Wanted pastas Mast Warltfld, Wanted and Seaking infbmmiiun (m Fugitive. 10 Most Wmmfi
Fugii‘ives etc. are. thugs {)kay m Shaw in our FBI uffice scenes“?

Diana 55 being. played by Anna Kandrfiukfi {that quastimz maid in»: fimm a previous 6111:1133 but it was in the:

Thanks again,
Mama b6

On Thu, Nm 2m 1 {£932 AMJ mate:

jug? Shaking 1.5: to gaze €35 3m: might be. ziace‘fimg amihing $2536 frank E55?“ {03' 'E”(.”‘.<’E§‘F

And curious ifP‘N-‘hsn princépic flimmsz‘ isza’xx-‘ifi fie: cuxtup‘iizmik'i}.

Pia-3pc 9.55 is guix'zg wait


.E‘Ei‘i Grime w: Whiz-u Afizms.

Nana Murray
(Havana: Cwordinamr
(m) (Far) f 23c
From: Nana Murray|
Sent: Thursday, Name mfier {1:3= 2811 10:02 PM
Subiect: He: win: is play m3 Diana?


Thanks far that. Haw can yuu tefi we am getting ready in film the“. FBI office scenes“?

New quvcstim: We vmuld iike m flan-1:3 pimm of your fliracmr heside a phom of Pras‘idmfl' Obama in the FBI
(3333:: set. As am appuinted (‘j'ifirficiai do we need spflciai pennission {hr this“?

Pimse advise thanks!

Alana b6
On Thu, NW 33 201 i £112.26 PM", I mute:
Use; fieeiy

,,,,,, .. 6
From: Nana Murray :7C
5e 1 1: UV _, 33223222011

Subject: Re: whiz is p£aying Diana?

The current (1113?- an yum wetwitc.

()n’!‘¥1u,?%\-‘3, 2011 a; .ZIGi PM, want}:

Which wamed posters”? 19mg (1r (3a
men 3; can our top ten web page?

Pram: Nana Mun-a | b6

To: '
sent: Thu Nev 03 M493? 2011 MC
Subject: Re: who 3S piaying Diana?

’I‘hanks for checking in? I {it} have: a questiun acmaliy.

T312 mriuus Fm Wannfl posters Must Wanted: Wanisd and Seaking lnfbm'latiim 0n Fugitiw, If} Mast
Wzmted Fugifivcs etc. are {base aka}! tn ShOW in 0111' PSI 0mm: scene-s”?

Iiiizma i3 Ewing flayed by Anna, Kendricks {that questiun wuld be 'fi'mm a previms mud! but it wax in the

'I‘hanksa again.
.A i ana

On Thu, NEW 3 2‘}! i 3% SEEP; AM, “TONS:

I130) (F78!)
Sent: 1 i aatune ta 901F‘i1'17’gfii’i
Subtract: min on Redfor‘ct's CQMPANV YOU KEEP mavie {per your mamas!)

The Comfinv You Keep; {unofiiciaiiy rumared in be “Signing“ in Octoger 2012}

c {Direction Robert Redfard
. Stars: Robert Redford, Shia LaBeauf.‘ Susan Sarandon‘ Nick Noita {tuii mast and gamma h-ni‘nw}
. Prop Master (nur main cantacti Bean Eitartaon
a Producar: Bit! Huiriarman {maria most of nur script changes}

The stcry centers on widower Jim Grant, a farmer“ Weather Underground militant, wanted for a bani; robbery and murder,
wnn bid from the FBt for aver thirty years: posing 33 an Aibzany attamay. He becomes; a fugitive when his identity is
exposed by an aggressive fitting renorter. He must find the one parsnn writ: nan ciear his name before the FBi catches
nim‘ white prciavcting his ti-year«otr:i (taugnter.

Hartford piays (Brant, the tapas-“tar is Shin Lafiaouti and Susan Sarandon and Juiia Christie may former Weather
Undergrnund members. ’i’errartce Howard ptays a gamer FBI agent on the case, and Brendan Giaason is the retired
Michigan Chief of Police wna had first investigated the bank rubbery. The tilm aiso features Sam Eiiiott, Nick Nuite, Brit
Meaning and Stanley Tun-(3i, among othars. Singar Jackie Evancho makes itar feature, titm acting debut as isabai, Grant‘s
ynung daughter. StudioCanag has acquired that UK. distributinn rights in the iiirn‘ ExtraTVanm stated that the fitm is
expected in be reieased in Octnber 2012‘

You can watch an it minute interview with Hartford, about his gnais, sociai versus potiitcat reasons for making the movie,
and, same scenes tram the movie here:
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A 3-minute: interview with Shin LaBr-mui is here:

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Pre-am‘ptiva arrest
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Surveiiianne procedures, surreptitinus nhotngraphy
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Necessity at a search warrant to Search a home
Myth that FBI has a itie nr access: tr: into an everyone instantaneonsiy even if no crime committed
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“is. How FBI agent weaparrs are handiad at nourtttause
16. FE! presence: in Ann Arbori Michigan {RA}
“i7. heiicepzers at eeeh fieid office
18. Buiieing security procedures
1g; Peiicy an armed {aw enforcement gamers; entering huiiding
20. Procedure when a 30~year fugitive is arrested
21. Pretocm if a fugitive is wanted em ef Detroit but captured in NY
22. Where fugitives are held and processed
23a FBI raid a: a hate:
24‘ Agent‘s dress
25. Raid gear
28. denier verses senior agents eehavior, dress
2?. Fiak jackets
28. When agents are armed
23. Bifference between a situet‘ien mom and CTCIC


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The fugitive—turnedlawger

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