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Website’s Name Website’s URL Description of

Interactive Learning
Fun Brain Fun website for students
in grades K-8th grade.
Students are allowed to
practice all their skills
including math, reading,
and spelling.
Fact Monster[0]=addition&level=1 This activity challenge
student’s math skills
under a set timer.
PBS Kids On this game, students
will create an
environment and also
learn more about animals
living habits.
Multiplication This game allows
students from all grades
to practice multiplication
skills under different
Starfall This is a great website for
Pre-K-1st grade students
who is learning math,
how to tell time, and read.
ABCYa Students can learn the
difference in antonym,
synonym, and homonym
while matching the
correct words under the
given selection.
E-learning for Kids Truck stop is a thoughtful
game to help grades K-
1st determine different
shapes and sizes.
Interactive Sites This is a musical game
that helps students
identify important
musical instruments.
Education Fun game for students in
grades Pre-K-K which
helps them visually know
the letters of the alphabet.
IXL This activity challenges
students to know the
directions of states using
a compass map.